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    1. Disturbing Differences

      by , 05-08-2016 at 08:43 AM
      I cannot remember the context of this dream, but I remember its general theme, as well as the feelings I had about the occurrences. In the dream, I was listening to an album I'm quite familiar with; it was probably a Genesis album. Anyway, one great thing about Genesis (At least '70s era Genesis), is that they often had themes within songs that would resurface in slightly different forms on later songs on the same album, either as like a reprise or just something to help give a sense of circular closure to the album. This is one of my favourite things about them; it can make for some really powerful stuff (Just listen to Duke or Trick of the Tail and you'll see what I mean). So, in the dream, my sense of familiarity with whatever songs I was listening to was clear to me. The song began, and of course I'd immediately recognize it and know exactly where it was going. However, what happened in this dream was something surreal, and I can only imagine what it would be like in real life. Basically, a song that I knew well would start, but at some point during the song, a theme from a song from a different album would come about and somehow work with the music. It was ridiculously strange to me, but the weirdest thing about it was that it worked, within the context of the song. Somehow my brain was able to come up with a way of combining two completely unrelated Genesis songs into one, and it made musical sense. However, it was still pretty disturbing to me in the dream. I think it would have made more sense if my dream self just accepted the weird scenario, as often happens in dreams. But I couldn't really accept it. It was surreal to me in the dream, as it would have been in real life. I only wish I could remember the song and how it worked; I now cannot even imagine what it would have been. I've had similar types of dreams before, but usually with film. A film I'd be familiar with would begin, but changes to the plot and characters would occur, which would be unsettling for me. What could these dreams be indicative of? Do they have some sort of meaning? I feel like recurring dreams usually do...
    2. Genesis Myth 16/11/10

      by , 11-20-2010 at 01:07 PM
      Towards the very end of a long sequence of dream events, a story of the origin of humans in this world was told to me and I saw it. At the site of a large stone ‘platform’ sitting in a landscape of green it was revealed to me that this was the site of our few ancestors brought into this world from another reality already fully populated with these ‘proto-humans’. The unknown comic powers summoned our ancestral proto-humans onto this large stone ‘platform’ to which they were kept bound not to leave for a period of time unknown to me. On the edges of the platform the cosmic powers created two giant monoliths, each bearing an engraved symbol. One bore the likeness of a crook and flail, the other a representation of a single grape (represented as a perfect orb). It was told to me that our ancestors intense exposure to these two images had the consequence of them being deeply ingrained in the unconscious of all of the present humanity, us, their descendants, and all humanity throughout human history.

      After the required period of time had passed, the cosmic powers released the original proto-humans from being bound to the stone platform and were now free to inhabit the entire world. It was then mentioned to me that if now the cosmic powers were to choose to bring some more proto-humans from the other reality into this world at the present time, they would consequently mix with the present humans and the present humans would ‘become stranger’ – as during the time that has elapsed from the time of the original bringing of them, enough differentiation has occurred to make present humanity significantly different from the proto-humans, and perhaps the same would go for the proto-humans of the alternate reality.

      I cannot recall the identity of who was revealing this story to me.