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    1. 21 Feb: German crush from yesteryears, werewolfs in fortress and labyrinth hospital

      by , 02-21-2019 at 09:24 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      With Zilla and other people. Her German cousins are visiting. She tells me her cousin, for whom I had a crush, is this fat guy with a squeaky voice. He already has a daughter, he is very friendly, but it is a disappointment for me.
      We are at a fortified town and at night people go indoors and warn tourists about a werewolf, but tourists either don't believe or are excited with it. I am hiding at a high view point of the fortress, I notice some movement, some people are outside and sound the alarm and the creature climbs to rooftops and terraces and tries to escape. I follow it. Goes inside the castle where there is an event happening and people are still there. He attacks and a couple of persons are bitten, adding to the chaos, as at least one starts turning. I hide at a locker room where some ladies are changing, unaware of it, and then a few more people hide and lock doors. I don't want to stay put, as I find an exit leading to an old hospital. It is not empty, it is just quiet, cause it's night and some hallways are closed to the general public, but I dress as a doctor and wander around and no one suspects. Then I can't find a way out and becomes surreal. I hide from some female doctors in an area with rooms or apartments for doctors to rest. They sense my presence but I sneak out from room to room and they don't see me or just have glimpses of me and think are hallucinating. Then I find a secret door leading to a chamber and then another door to a toilet and god knows why, I have to climb inside the toilet and flush to open up a passageway to exit this place. But I hesitate, I am afraid of doing it and look for some normal exit. End up by the side of a bed where one doctor wakes up and sees me again but assumes I am in a dream, so I just lay down by her bed and pretend I am a character of her imagination and wait for her to fall asleep. I finally exit this place. Go to airport where the security stops me and I lose my plane.
    2. ďGrimmĒ Distortions

      by , 08-08-2018 at 02:08 PM
      Morning of August 8, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,860-05. Reading time: 40 sec.

      I enter an abstract sequence of thoughts. Silas Weir Mitchell (as on the ďGrimmĒ television series) becomes my preconscious effigy. However, no rendering of a proper dream commences. Instead, I get ďstuckĒ on precursory cycles. (Silas plays a character named Monroe, which is an association of where I lived as a child; North Monroe Street.)

      Over time, I am aware of a word or words I do not understand, which seem to be German. It sounds like ďStangunghausen.Ē My mind keeps cycling back to this term and trying to resolve its meaning. I come up with ďstage houseĒ a few times. I perceive it as ambiguously relating to the ďGrimmĒ series and something to do with a computer game or perhaps a board game. At times, I also recognize it as a dream metaphor, a stage being autosymbolism for the dream state itself.

      This ambiguous and abstract cycle seemed to last at least an hour. I fully woke about three times and kept sliding back into it.

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      Tags: german, grimm
    3. #212: Phasing through

      by , 09-22-2016 at 10:23 AM
      Itís daytime and Iím driving a white motorcycle in what appears to be an Indonesian city. Iím driving on the left side of the road. I decide to stop my bike on the side of the road. I think I may be dreaming, but Iím not sure yet and I donít want to take any chances, considering that Iím driving a motorcycle. I try to push my fingers through my palm and it works. I instantly realise that I am indeed dreaming. I decide to get up from the bike. The whole steering section has just vanished, allowing me to dismount very easily. I continuously re-push my finger through my palm and keep telling myself that Iím dreaming. I think of other things that I can do to stabilise the dream. Iím doing good so far. I might even win the challenge with werty52 to have a 5 minute long lucid. I decide to strengthen the dream by focusing on my senses. I drop to the ground and run my hands over the sand thatís on the ground. The sense of touch is very realistic. It feels awesome. Throughout the dream I feel some excitement, but I contain it.

      I am in a room somewhere inside. I have the feeling itís an Indonesian room somehow. I feel the need to RC (perhaps because I feel like Iíve had a FA, though Iím not sure anymore) so I try to push my finger through my palm and it works. I realise Iím dreaming again. I consider what to do for a moment. I donít have any real goals, any actions to undertake. I walk over close to a wall. Then I crouch down on the ground, placing my hands on the ground as well. I decide to let myself phase through the ground. I know that normally this is done with the wall, but ah, whatever. Without putting any conscious effort into it, I slowly start sinking into the ground. I wonder what will await me on the other side. I get about halfway through when I hear a sound that throws me off guard. I assume it to be from the waking world, though Iím not certain. Itís the sound of a mobile food vendor coming by.

      Iím in a similar, or perhaps the same room again. Iím seated in a comfy chair. Iím already considering that I might be dreaming again and perform the finger through palm technique. Iím not fully convinced by the results, because my finger goes through at the edge of my palm, making me doubt whether it really went through or just along the side. For some reason I canít make it out very clearly. A bit in the distance are two white people, a guy and a girl my age. They come over to talk. Iíve never met before. Now Iím performing the same RC over and over, while trying to have a conversation with 2 strangers and trying to make a good first impression. The guy is German and has me using my very limited vocabulary. The girl is from Australia. We talk for a bit more. Eventually I want to get this RC right so I ask the guy to touch index finger tips with me. I figure that this way I wonít be attempting to smash my finger through my hand like an idiot and if my finger passes through his, Iím dreaming. Yeah.. totally normal request to make. So much for a good first impression.
      lucid , memorable
    4. #140: Black / Korfbal / Tram / So many fragments

      by , 05-03-2016 at 07:20 AM
      Bed: 23.00
      Wake up: ~07.10
      Now: 07.35

      I'm in the setting of the movie How to Train Your Dragon. I'm in a stone valley. There's an alpha (level 10?) dragon which needs to be defeated. There are a lot of dragons around, but none are strong enough to challenge him. There's Toothless, the Night Shade, but he's not very big, whereas the alpha dragon is huge. There's quite a big dragon which might be a challenge to the alpha male. It has two long necks and two heads. It belongs to someone else though. The main character of this dream (I think I'm just spectating) sends a message on a scroll to the two people to which this dragon belongs to that he really needs their permission to use this dragon to defeat the alpha dragon. He doesn't get it, because the owners don't like him. Eventually he challenges the alpha male with Toothless. He wins.

      Not sure what I'm doing. I'm outside and one of my best friends makes a black joke. I consider seriously snapping at him cause I've had it with all the black jokes. Then I realise that this is the first black joke he's made in a very long time. Someone else has been making black jokes for so long that I've grown tired of it [in reality this is my housemate]. I decide not to lash out at him, but I do give him a note about how I value our friendship and that if he wishes to remain friends he should stop making black jokes. While he's reading it, I walk away, rounding two corners around a building that no longer exists in reality. There's 2 people doing something with horses in a trailer. I offer my assistance, despite me not having a single clue what to do. The only thing I do know is to stay away from the rear. Apparently one of the horses is pregnant. I want to assist, but she gives birth within just a few seconds. My friend joins me to tell me that he won't make black jokes. I'm relieved by it.

      I'm standing besides a bus. It's not a public service bus, but one of those touring rented ones. There's a small issue with regard to who will be sitting where. Eventually we leave, only to stop again shortly after because we've reached our destination. We park in front of a house. There's a kid that apparently holds the record for most amount of goals in one season of korfbal ever. At first I thought he would be a late teenager, but apparently he's even younger than that, judging from the photo.

      We're at a grass field. It's already dark out, but I can still see everything, I assume because of artificial lighting. I'm watching from the sidelines as other people are playing korfbal. There are 2 teams playing, but the way that they're playing makes totally no sense and it confuses me. It looks more like a sort of warm up. At some point a white girl of perhaps 3 years of age enters the field. She has Down syndrome. One of the players, an adult white male, scares her off the field by pretending to be a bull(?). He makes the same 'dragging your leg' movement that a bull does and it scares the girl. He follows her off the field. Her mom gets upset a bit about it. A bit later it all happens again. I think it's also kinda sketchy to frighten her.

      I'm sitting in the tram. There are a few teenagers (I guess) sitting just in front of me, talking. They're having a conversation about their sex lives, seemingly not caring that they're in public. Apparently a dentist didn't take one of their sex lives into consideration, because (s)he extracted a tooth from that person and that is now messing with her sex life. At some point these kids start messing around in the tram, dancing provocatively.

      Still in the tram, but I guess now with different people. They're talking about Indonesia, about the same university that I attended. I but in and say a few things about it, even though I don't know these people. The girl sitting closest to me asks me if I also want to go there. I explain to her that I've already gone and that I will go again.

      So many fragments
      Ľ I'm talking with a girl about going to the cinema. It seems like it will be fun. Another girl in the mean time tells me that I should let the girl I'm going with know that I've got a girlfriend, because apparently she thinks that we're going on a date. Fuck. I'm not sure how to smoothly mention that I've got a girlfriend without it sounding weird.

      Ľ I'm walking around a bit somewhere outside during the day. There's a weird architectural object in the middle of a black square. It's a sort of stairs which is ~ shaped if you look at it from the side (so going up, down, up). It doesn't have anything to hold on to.

      Ľ I'm walking around outside during daytime. It's supposedly somewhere in the Netherlands (I'm assuming Amsterdam). I might be with my girlfriend. There's a museum which you can basically visit or kinda observe from the outside. There are a lot of people and there's a tour guide. It's a white guy my age and he's talking in crappy German. I wonder if I could do that. My German is about equally crap.

      Ľ There's something to do with a train in the evening. I want to get home I guess, but I'm not getting anywhere cause of these trains. I think I'm around the Amsterdam ArenA area. I know there's more going on here, but I can't remember.

      Ľ I'm standing in front of my mom's house on the 2nd floor. I'm looking down towards the parking lot. There's an attractive Vietnamese or Thai girl doing something with her car. I think she was washing it. I take a step back so that she won't see me. Then she is doing something else. Eventually we end up talking. It's a bit flirty/sassy. The kind where you're flirting, but trying to out-manoeuvre each other the whole time.

      Just realised that when I am able to recall the race of people, most often they are white. I wonder if this is gonna change in the next few months, as I'll be moving to Indonesia and the number of white people in the city in which I'm gonna live is very limited.

      Also realised that every time that I'm taking a train in a dream, it's not getting me where I want to go.
    5. #82: Kaki lima / FA

      by , 02-01-2016 at 09:04 AM
      I went to bed around 00:15, woke up around 08:30 and it's now 08:45. I had more dreams, but I don't wanna spend a full hour writing it all down.

      Kaki lima
      It's almost midnight. My friend has parked his car in such a way that it's a major hindrance in case anyone would want to pass. As my friend is busy, I'm the one who has to take care of it. First I go inside a house though. The storyline changes and it's now my cousin's kaki lima [Indonesian mobile food vendor]. My cousin comes up the stairs, just as I'm about to head out. He tells me that his kaki lima already has a wheel clamp on it from the police. I tell my cousin that I think he's joking and he assures me he's not. Crap, well I guess since I was supposed to take care of it I'll just pay the Ä 30ish to get it removed. He then says he was joking.

      Standing outside, I pack up the stuff from the kaki lima. I white man, perhaps in his late thirties comes up to me. He immediately starts talking in Dutch and wants to order. I wonder how he knew that he could talk in Dutch with me. I tell him that we're closing up and that he can't order anymore. He keeps insisting and eventually my cousin relents, seeing the opportunity to get some money. The man orders noodles and I think a load of vegetables. Since my cousin doesn't have that, he asks another vendor for help, whose kaki lima is standing just in front of his. My cousin has now turned into one of my friends, who is trying to learn German. He starts talking in broken German to one of the two guys manning the other kaki lima, asking to make some noodles. Since I'm afraid the Dutch guy will understand German, I talk in Indonesian, but I don't remember what I say. One guy mentions [I forgot in which language] that someone should think of something, cause all he's got is regular cheap Indomie and he needs to find a way to make the Dutch guy think it's worth the money he's gonna pay.

      Had a FA where I took notes on my phone from one of my dreams. Either while taking notes or just after, I really woke up.
    6. Green Towers in Cloud Valley (NLD)

      by , 04-30-2015 at 07:18 PM
      Earlier: I heard about a plan for a new kind of TOTM on DV. Someone had come up with a single extremely complex and elaborate task that was broken down into about a dozen different steps, and the number of steps one was able to complete determined whether one got credit for Basic, Basic + Advanced, or Basic + Advanced + Bonus tasks. Someone who managed to complete the entire series would get credit as though it were a TOTY.

      Later: I was at some kind of large event like a conference, and passed by a counter with a placard advertising a program or game called "BRAinixity." A list identified the first three letters as standing for the following descriptors:
      ē Big
      ē Regular
      ē Alteration

      I gathered that "BRAinixity" was a kind of lucid dreaming program, and that these three terms described the magnitude of effects that practitioners might have on their dreams, depending on their level of accomplishment. I inwardly scoffed a bit at the idea that it somehow took a higher degree of effort or mastery to accomplish a "big" effect on a dream object as opposed to a minor "alternation," since I had time and again observed the lack of any such meaningful distinctions in the dream state, but I was nevertheless interested in seeing what the program was all about, so I decided to sign up.

      A woman with short light brown hair was currently signing up for the BRAinixity program, and I was standing next to her waiting my turn. Since we were going to be on the same team, we exchanged introductions. She had a strong accent that made me think she was from Germany, and said her name was "Lalla." She explained that it had originally been longer, but that she had shortened it when invaders had attacked the valley where she lived. I understood her implications: under the circumstances, a long name would have added brief but unnecessary delays to social interactions. "Yeah," I joked drily, "You don't want to be standing there waiting for someone to finish pronouncing your name when you should be running away."

      She finished signing up and the woman behind the counter began to take my information. I saw that I was on the "Cloud Valley" teamóall the teams were organized by fictional valleys of various names, each of which accommodated about eight team members, judging from the number of lines on the registration card. Each team member was assigned to "Towers" of a particular color. Only the top line on my team's card was still blank, and since I was the last person signing up, I didn't have any choice as to what color my towers would be. I looked closer to see what color towers I'd be getting and saw "Green" next to my name, which pleased me, since green was what I would have chosen anyway.

      "Green towers in Cloud Valley," I said aloud, liking how poetic it sounded.
    7. Lots of short dreams

      by , 12-14-2014 at 04:28 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 13, 2014

      More Boring than Homework

      I was in a crafts class or homework session of some sort, working on something. I finished the work early, and left. But it was boring, whatever I decided to do, so I went back to the class.

      What a Nice House

      I was in a foreign place. Or at least a different state. My family was on vacation there. An elderly woman was driving me to the house my family was staying in for the trip, and she said "Was fŁr ein schŲnes Haus." We pulled up to the house, which was in a large lot. The whole town seemed western-ish, but the house was so out of place.


      I had to call one of my old high school friends, K, to tell him something important. But he never picked up the phone. So I called like five or six times, and finally left a voice mail and as I was leaving it, he answered. I forgot what I told him, but his response was: "YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!?!" He asked what we would do next, and then the dream faded.

      Wrong Number

      My best friend from high school called my phone, and I was really happy because we haven't talked in a really long time. It turned out she had called the wrong number. I was sad because she sounded really disgusted or something. I asked her to wait a moment and we talked a little, though I'm pretty sure she didn't really want to talk to me at all.

      REALLY Don't Wanna Get Up.

      I had a false awakening in my room. I sat up, got out my iPad and started reading manga. My roommate walks in, sees me, and says, "wow Kestrel you REALLY don't want to get up do you?"

      Turkey and Peacock

      Here I actually woke up, fell back asleep, and had a longer dream. I was in a room with one of my students, who has ASD. I had the feeling of being responsible for him, and was trying to get him to fall asleep, for some reason. The room we were in was really bare, and had a dark blue-green feeling to it. It was a bit murky, or so,etching. He eventually fell asleep, and I stood up to leave. As soon as I opened the door, there were tons of people in the hall, leading into the living space. It was like a version of my apartment, but much bigger and with different flooring and walls. My brothers, cousins, some of my students, and other people ranging from age toddler to about 20, were all there. One of my cousins came up to me and said the adults were all out to a party of some sort. We older ones were all supposed to watch the younger ones for the night. Her hair was all curled and up in a prom-do, and when I commented on how pretty it was, she said it was always like this at school.

      Two of the people there were actually people I went to elementary and middle school with. They were playing some kind of epic battle game with some of the other boys there, and I tried to cross the "battlefield" without getting too much in their way.

      Once crossed, I was at the front door. The room had shifted to be like a larger and slightlyx different version of the Quaker meeting house I attended as a child. I was looking out the windows and big glass double doors, and one of the littler children suddenly said, "look, a peacock!" I hadn't seen one, but when I looked back there was a peacock right there. It was pretty, but also a little plain as far as peacocks go. I look a little to the left and see my craziest cousin outside, trying to get closer to the bird. I try to tell her she'll scare it away, but she is just being her usual wacky self, approaching the bird with weird motions. I see a little further off a turkey Tom.

      At first I thought it was all okay but the turkey and the peacock were looking like they were going to fight each other. I called my cousin to come inside, and we watched as the peacock flashed his beautiful feathers to look big and threatening. The turkey also puffed himself out to look bigger. The peacock started pecking amt the turkey, until it ran off. The peacock was alone now, but still looked like it wanted a fight, so I made sure to close the door firmly so it couldn't get inside and hurt any of the children.
    8. Better Beer // Blowing Up Houses

      by , 08-20-2014 at 03:20 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 15, 2014

      Better Beer

      All I remembered was something about flying over some beautiful, sprawling fields so I could make better beer. Or better something, I can't quite remember what it was.

      Blowing Up Houses

      I was with my family, but they lived in a different apartment. I had to go to class but they were not home (they had taken my car somewhere), so I drove their car instead. I first met with my advisor, and he told me I had a new class to take, about German movies. Apparently I was going to be the only one in the class who could speak German.

      I got to class late because I had to park the car in a garage further away from the building... I noticed that one of the 3rd graders I taught this summer was in the class as well. We were filling out a worksheet when I walked into the classroom. Then we had a break, and I realized I had to get something from the car. I walked out of the classroom and to where my car was parked, unlocked it, forgot what I was doing there, and locked it back up. When I got back to the class, the teacher was showing an example of one of the worksheet answers; it was mine. I had written something about a clip in Harry Potter where Harry, Ron, and Hermione blowing up Harry's old house so he could move out of it. We had to label the scenes in the movie, and that's the one I'd chosen.
    9. Tractor Ride

      by , 06-04-2014 at 07:20 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 17, 2014

      The backpacking group was getting ready for a new trip, and Ivan and I were in charge of arranging transport, and for some reason we thought it was a good idea to go by Tractor. And so, on the way to meet with some other people, we passed a barn, and he opened the door and offered me a genuine tractor ride. We got into the tractor, and started down the road toward the meeting place.

      But we got pulled over by a cop, who ended up being one of my friends, Tish. She spoke in a heavy northern Spain accented German (she doesn't speak German in the Waking world) and I was so surprised to see her, and started chatting with her. We talked in German and she told me she had only pulled us over because she saw me and wanted to mess with me. "I won't give you a ticket, but I will check your trunk, just in case," she said, winking. She walked to the back, opened the truck, and gave Ivan the thumbs up to keep driving. When we catch up to the others in out group, we drive past them in the Tractor, taunting them and bragging about our shiny red tractor.

      Then, we go to some sort of conference for Tractor drivers. The tractor had turned into a sort of Code Geass suit for two. We listened to a speaker, though I can't remember what the talk was about. This woman siting next to us asked us a really religious question. I was taking notes on a graphing calculator.

      Then I woke up.
    10. Dice fight

      by , 06-04-2014 at 07:10 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 15, 2014

      This dream is all fragments but it was so random.

      I was in a class and forgot my materials, but apparently that had happened many times before. I still got the answers right so I got to stay in class.

      One of my German teachers, Andy, was the teacher of that class, and we were all speaking German.

      After class I got into a dice fight with a classmate; he was my adopted brother I think?
      We were literally throwing huge dice at each other and swearing vehemently.
    11. Hot Tub Ice Cream Parlor!

      by , 06-04-2014 at 07:05 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 10, 2014

      The Backpacking group and I went to Vienna. At first, it was just Zukin and I watching a Miyazaki film; I was sitting on a dresser for some reason. Once the movie had finished (it made me cry, I remember), the rest of the group joined us and we went and roamed about the town. At some point later in the night, everyone else wanted to get Ice Cream, but I had to get back to my family; I was actually there with my family. My grandpa had bought a condo in Vienna and we were all visiting. The backpacking group had just happened to be there as well (because it's perfectly normal for 9 people to randomly all decide to go to Vienna at the same time right?)

      I knew where I was going, so I split from the group in a large, unlit parking lot that looked more like downtown Detroit than it did Vienna; I went right while they went more left. I remember it being a little scary at first, but then I came to a lit and busy, high-end street. It was the street my grandpa had his condo on, and so I turned left and walked up the street to get back to his place.

      As I approached his building, I ran back into the group; it turned out they had decided to go to a Hot-Tub Ice Cream Parlor on the ground floor of my grandpa's condo building (don't ask me what my sleeping mind thought was normal about a hot-tub ice cream parlor). You know how cafes often have tables out on the sidewalk when the weather is nice? Well this place had hot tubs right out on the sidewalk. I decided to join them after all since it was so close to my grandpa's place, and Stussy and Josh jumped right into an empty tub, clothes and all on.

      I told them I needed to go up and get my swimsuit, though, and went into the building. The bellboys recognized me and let me through just fine, pointing me to the elevators since I didn't really remember where they were (it had been my first time there in a long time)

      The elevator ride was fracking scary. It was a large elevator, like a freight one. My grandpa was on the 97th out of 100 floors, and around the 10th floor, the elevator started to jerk and shake. It was a long ride, and around floor 80, I thought the whole elevator would break lose and fall. I finally reached the right floor and ran out of the elevator. Then I had trouble finding the right apartment. For some reason, Ivan had come up and found me then. We both went off and eventually found Bob and Erik, and they pointed us in the right direction. We found the right room, and for some reason the key was a toothpick. I opened the door and greeted my family; my grandpa wasn't there yet, but one of my aunts from the other side of the family was, for some reason. My mom was in a hot tub in the middle of the living room (I think this part of Vienna had a weird obsession with hot tubs). I asked her where she'd put my suitcase, and she told me it was in one of the bathtubs (to which I was like WTF). I left Ivan out in the living room and went to change into my swimsuit. I woke up as I was pulling off my shorts and someone was opening the door. Who was it??

      We shall never know.

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    12. That Darn Cabbage

      by , 06-04-2014 at 01:50 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 12, 2013

      I had moved with my family into a new house, and I was clearing out my old room to move everything to my new room. When I got to the new room and was deciding where to put everything, I stopped for a moment to look around the room; it was an attic-style room, with sloped ceilings and a window-seat, but it was very bright. The walls were off-white and the floor was a light colored wood, though I'm not sure what kind of wood it was (I wouldn't have known in the waking world, either).

      My mom called me downstairs, since we were having a house-warming picnic type thing in the back yard, with our new neighbors and old friends. For some reason, Kristin's (my roommate) mom was there, too. She had a severe allergic reaction to something, and I had to get her medicine right away; so I got into my car, drove to the nearest pharmacy, and got medicine. I went back to the house, but someone had already helped her.

      Then, for some reason, people started asking me a bunch of favours; most of them involved driving places. It was as if I was the only one who had a car. One of the people asked me to drive them to their cousin's house to get something. Not wanting to disappoint people, I agreed to help them. When we got to her cousin's house, she went inside it and came back out with a large head of cabbage. She came up to the rolled down passenger window and handed me the cabbage, asking me to bring it back tothe picnic for her, since she had to stay at her cousin's place to help her do something.

      By the time I got back to the picnic, everyone had left, but my roommate's mom was still there. She frantically told me that the police had come looking for me, and that I should run away. I didn't ask any more questions and got back in my car and left. I still had the cabbage.

      Then, I watched a scene in another town or something; a 13-ish year old boy was in an old grown-over courtyard type area. There were broken-down statues in a circle surrounding a bird-bath type thing in the center. I think there were 12 statues in the circle, but am not totally sure, as I didn't count them. The boy was with his grandfather, and they looked like they were either searching for something or getting ready to leave the place.

      The boy was inspecting the fountain, and said, "I know what this place is..." and stood up straight to look at all the statues. He smiled and waved his hand, and a golden light filled the area as the statues were restored. The biggest one was a beautiful woman, and it started moving and floated in the air. I knew she was the boy's mother, and the boy's father was also in the circle, as well as his old friends and partners.

      It's hard to describe this because it was a feeling rather than a fact, but I'll give it a try: The woman and the rest of the things in the area were constructs of the boy's mind. He was projecting things he knew onto the statues; they weren't actually statues of his family and friends. He was manipulating the energy of the courtyard to be whatever he wanted, and what he wanted was to see his deceased friends and family, especially his mother.

      It all vanished when his grandfather warned him not to get lost in the fantasy. The boy nodded, and walked into one of the buildings around the courtyard. They were all abandoned. He dug a hole in the ground, since the floor had been stripped away from the building.

      Then I was back in my own body, but this dream sort of blended into a new dream; I had turned into a 12-ish year old girl, who was still on the run from the cops and still had a head of cabbage. Basically the only thing that changed was that I was no longer "Me."

      I was running bare-foot, through an abandoned area of town, and knew that the cabbage I held was why the police were after me. So I had to get rid of it somehow. I went into the closest building, and saw a hole in the ground where the floor had been stripped away. Even though I had just witnessed the boy digging the hole, I was ignorant of that whole part of the dream. I put the cabbage in the hole and started to cover it up, but the boy came into the room and asked why I was using the hole he'd dug. I almost screamed, but the boy was really nice and took my hand, leading me to his grandfather. They took me in, and again the courtyard lit up, to all of our surprise. The same woman from before told us that the boy and I were part of a prophesy and that we should stay together no matter what happened.

      Fast forward a year or two, and the boy and his grandfather and I had gained some acquaintances, though I don't remember anything about any of them. They were side-characters. We had also gained enemies, and we were infiltrating a cheese factory to get information on them; but it turned out they were also there, and so the boy and I split off from the group because we couldn't all stay together; we were too conspicuous.

      I was hiding behind a corner and looked through the half-opened double doors leading into a large room. Inside it, there were maybe five people, one of whom was in a Cheese mascot costume. He was getting angry and took off the costume, throwing it to the ground and shouting that he quit. He stormed out of the room and the people in it spotted me, and forced me to take the guy's place inside the cheese costume, because there was an event going on RIGHT NOW. I looked around but couldn't see the Boy I was with, and so I figured it would be best to be inside the costume because then no one would recognize me.

      I put it on and was led to a room filled with grade-schoolers. My job was to ask them questions about Parliament and give them candy when they got the right answers. They also got to put hats on me when they answered right (don't ask me why). After about ten minutes of that, I was given a DVD to show them; It was a short video jingle-riddle type thing. It was in German and it was about Gummy Bears. It went something like:

      These yummy bears
      were made at the Homeland
      but then the evil Westerners
      stole them away!

      I had thought, Oh, it's about Gummy Bears!
      And then I woke up.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. 9 May: books of revelations

      by , 05-09-2014 at 05:38 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am inside a house, become aware of the dream and go out to a large balcony. It stands over a large pateo with black, white and rose tiles. I dive into it and feel myself sinking into the ground, moving fast through the darkness. Until all is still and there's only clarity.
      In front of me appears a book, as clear as day light. It has a picture on the cover, of a palace in the mountains and a title with a long word, whose meaning I sense but don't know how to translate. I try to memorize it, but I can't. The pages open and I read it. More books follow. I realize they are written in german and italian, for some reason. I feel a connection with Switzerland, but the contents are universal. I give up trying to understand and memorize. It only seems to work well when I read without trying to comprehend. I feel that whatever I am "learning" will be imprinted, even if I don't understand consciously.
      I wake up briefly and go back to lucid dream. I keep on reading. This time the message is clear, it is about the Universe, our solar system, something very specific about Jupiter.

      I have a false awakening and I transmit to my mother the message I just received. Then I realize we're still in a dream.
      I finally wake up. Can't remember any detail about what I read, but I believe it is recorded in my unconscious memory.
    14. Fri Nov 23 (11:24-9:23)

      by , 11-23-2012 at 06:42 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Camera Project (7:06)

      My sister needs to borrow my camera ASAP for a class project which I assume is due this morning. I give it to her somehow and head to my own class, Discrete Math. On the way I get a text from Mom saying that my sister has gotten really depressed about this project, since now she can't get the pictures off of the camera. I feel stupid for not realizing that she would need the CD to install the camera's driver onto her computer. I'm not even sure where that CD is, nowadays. I might have packed it in one of those boxes I've been meaning to send home. It'll take a while to find it for her. But that's actually okay, I suddenly realize, because I don't have class this morning--it's Monday, and Discrete Math is on Tuesdays. Today I don't have class until the afternoon. Only, maybe the project was already due, in which case I can do nothing to help. On the off chance it will do some good, I head back towards my dorm.

      By means of a cutscene [or something], I see that Dad's given my sister a call, to say in no uncertain terms that he is totally unsympathetic to her plight. I also see that my sister is standing in a grassy lawn, crying, waiting for her boyfriend to come with roses and make her feel better. I think that's a bit of an immature thing to use a boyfriend for.

      Old Folk's Home

      I'm about to walk away from the building when I decide, regretfully, that I might as well go back there to practice viola. I don't like that building. That one weird professor lives in it, and it's basically an old folk's home. I turn around and walk back, noticing that there are a lot of string quartets and small bands rehearsing on the sidewalk, all in a row. Huh.

      Inside, I wander around the building for a while. There is a shallow spiral staircase to the second floor. I feel old myself as I climb them, since my recent sickness has left me lethargic enough that I have to put both feet on each step. This frustrates me, so I decide to challenge myself and try the other staircase: a much steeper one going up the middle of the spiral staircase, with golden steps that are individually suspended on ropes from the ceiling. It turns out to be very hard, since there's nothing to stop the steps from swinging back and forth like so many swings. I have to grab a rope to prevent myself from falling off. One of the women working at desks on the second floor notices my plight and demonstrates proper use of the staircase. She has no trouble walking all the way down. But there's not really a trick to it; you just have to be very coordinated. I can't believe anyone thought that this staircase was a good idea. It seems dangerous. In describing this staircase, later, I call it a "Margo Walk."

      Back on the first floor, I meet a nice old woman and her friend. As a test, the woman has us alternate numbers, counting to ten in German. It gets off to a slow start, because I was confused by her accent and I expected she was going to ask for Korean. Then I ask her how to say "forty" in German, because I only know twenty and thirty. [IRL: I didn't even know "thirty"; I was confusing it with "thirteen."] She seems confused, thinking that I should have asked how to say "forty-four," I guess because it's more fun to say. It's an interesting approach to linguistics, I suppose. She has to think a long time about "forty." Has she been speaking English for so long that she forgot her native language?

      Then it's time for lunch, and as a group we set off for the dining room. I wonder if the'll want me to sit next to them. I decide not to risk being unwelcome, and I sit at the end of the table instead. Then I notice that somehow my place doesn't have a plate with food, while almost everyone else's does. I decide I'll just be patient, but in the meantime I'm worried that some of the people here will start fussing over me, thinking that my not having a plate is a dreadful tragedy, or something. I look around the table at the old faces around me, trying to reconcile myself to the idea of old age. I guess for the most part they're good-looking, in their own ways.

      [I think I came back to this lunchroom on various other occasions. I began to feel a bit like a freeloader for eating lunch here almost every day, but on the other hand I would feel rude abandoning everyone just before the meal. And the food was pretty good.]

      Are We Watching Porn?
      Spoiler for sexual content:

      [I remember that I was lucid at some point in the night. I was looking at a natural landscape and appreciating the detail. Then I tried to look upwards, and the lights dimmed and I lost all visuals.]

      Stamitz Viola Concerto (9:23)

      I'm talking to someone in the entrance hall of an old-ish building. I hear a viola behind me, and suddenly I recognize the music as the theme from the first movement of the Stamitz viola concerto. Sweet! I look around at the player, who turns out to be a forty-odd, balding man. I notice that he's playing the accompaniment parts as well, using double stops. For that reason, he's playing well under tempo. Also, sometimes he has to break a long solo note into repeated shorter notes, since the accompaniment underneath is changing. Wow, this guy's good. I feel very inept in comparison.

      Ritual of the Children

      I'm sitting in a common room when a girl comes in from outside. She starts talking to some friends of hers, telling them about a meeting she just attended with a famous person, who actually just sent out a tweet about the meeting that involved a play on words on the girl's name. She's pretty happy about this.

      Later, I come back into the common room. The girl's already there. I sit next to her and try to start up a conversation. We talk about her name. Turns out her name is Sadie Hawkins, which is also the name of a type of school dance. I'm surprised I didn't make this connection the first time I heard it. I suppose that must be because I heard it in the context of a play on words. I try to explain this to her, but my explanation is something along the lines of, "Oh, I guess that makes sense, because . . . you know, it was . . . right?" Immediately afterward, I feel embarrassed for being so terribly awful at communication. I think I was afraid to explain it directly, because that would mean admitting that I eavesdropped on her conversation.

      Then a bunch of ten-year-old kids come into the room and start doing a ritual. Then it's time for lunch, but we have time to shower first, if we want. I do want to, so I try to head down the hallway to the bathroom. But the entrance is like two feet too short for my head. I suppose this hallway must be reserved for the ten-year-olds. They have their own hallway? This is weird. Whatever. I go down the hallway to the left, which takes me to the bathroom.

      It's dark in here, and crowded. I open the first door that I come to, but it's a toilet stall, not a shower. I keep looking for a shower, but instead I come upon a row of turnstiles in the right wall. The kids are lined up behind them, entering one at a time. If this is their entrance, then I probably went past the showers. And I'd better find one soon, because it will be even more crowded here before long.

      Tropical Island

      [I am awake at the beginning of this dream.]

      I know that it is almost time to wake up, but I decide to see if I can fall asleep into a dream landscape of my choosing. [Sort of like a WILD, I guess, but I didn't use that terminology at the time.] I decide that I will attempt to enter the dream quickly by visualizing myself falling from a great height. I picture a field of rolling plains, and in the distance there is a tall group of rocks with almost vertical sides. I am at the top of those rocks, I decide. The view starts to zoom in on the rocks. I still feel like I'm just picturing this in my head, not dreaming it, which frustrates me. Eventually I zoom in on myself, and then I fall backwards off of the cliff. [I can't remember the details of the event.]

      I've landed on a beach, in the surf, though it takes a few moments for me to get my bearings. Somehow this is not what I wanted to happen, but a voice tells me that I should be feeling very comfortable right now (seeing as how this is a tropical island), so I should try to enjoy myself. I wade into the water, but almost immediately I notice something floating in the water near me that looks like dog poop. Eww. I try to wade away from it, but a trick of the current seems to make it follow me. Once, I think I've gotten away from it, only to look again a moment later and find that it's back. Then I notice that there's a current under the surface that's making a lot of stuff collide with my legs on its way past me. Seaweed, perhaps. In any case, it's gross. This is not fun.
    15. Clock tower (Oct 13, 14, 2012)

      by , 10-14-2012 at 02:21 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      I am in a German village and I am walking to the clock tower. A woman is there and after some conversation she head up with me further into the tower.

      On the third floor just as I get over the stairs a hunched over spirit of a girl shining blue is there. She tells me or warns me of something then she vanishes from where she was. We continue until we reach the top floor.

      From up here the wind is blowing at my face. I look out the top and can see the whole entire village from up here. The woman grabs a key off of a pedestal and hands it to me. I take it and place in a chest just behind the stairs and the chest opens. I forget what's inside.
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