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    1. 16-09-27 Dawn of Commercial Air Travel

      by , 09-29-2016 at 02:57 PM
      I was standing by the edge of a large river, one which ran through a city in Germany. The year was some time in the early 1900's, maybe the 20's? Early 30's? Commercial aviation wasn't a thing yet. Large crowds were gathered by the river to watch a massive air show, where the government and companies showed off experimental aircraft. Many of there were quite large (some craft were single-seaters, I think? Jets?), and were designed to take off from the river. One of the craft taking off was huge, had a strange shape, and had 6, perhaps even 8 propeller engines. It also had the German Cross on the tail (the Iron Cross, not a Swastika). I looked to my left, and saw my grandmother (on father's side). She was German and has been dead since '09. I remember thinking none of the people believed mass commercial air travel was feasible. Being from next century, I of course knew better. I thought these demonstrations had to change their minds.
    2. Hitler is Here. Now We're F--ked.

      by , 09-27-2016 at 11:34 PM
      I was at a retail store. I do not remember my purpose there but shit got real real fast. I was told of a plan orchestrated by an underground organization to resurrect Adolf Hitler and unleash his reign of terror over America. The goal was to incite fear among the American people so that they would be vulnerable to propaganda and fear mongering. They had already succeeded in raising Hitler from the dead now they were ready to send him to America. The plan was to have him swim across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to The United States. Once here he would be free to terrorize the American people. We had to stop him but it was too late. There was a stream the flowed through the store and connected to major rivers that flowed directly into the sea. As we moved to try and stop Hitler from getting here I saw him swimming up the stream singing what sounded like and old German tune.

      Now what were we to do? Hitler was here and now he was free to unleash his reign of terror. I watched as he swam up the stream and attacked a woman like a shark. It was brutal. This was without a shadow of a doubt the greatest threat to national security. We had to do something. I would never get a chance though. I woke up before I could stop him.
    3. Instant Travel to Germany for no apparent reason

      by , 03-18-2016 at 05:58 PM
      I just awoke from a bizarre dream. I went to DFW airport in a matter of seconds, then was on a connecting flight to Germany (which was instant), and then I was in Germany, however I don't know which city. I was then at a rather large house and my dad was with me. I was attempting to have a nice lady assist me with my passport or visa, and for some reason she couldn't help me without my brothers help. My brother lives in Dallas, TX and it was something like 3am when I called him and told him the situation. Well, next thing I know, my brother and my mother were at the house in Germany. After all of that effort, I had just missed the passport/visa lady because she had left. I remember feeling angry at the lack of communication. However the anger subsided and I remember the four of us walking towards a beautiful sunset or sunrise and we all felt happy. Dreams are so weird.
    4. #60: Pokémon / Football / Hebrew

      by , 12-21-2015 at 08:54 AM
      I went to bed around 23:30. I couldn't fall asleep for at least an hour, so I read a chapter in my book and then tried again. I woke up around 08:00. It's now 08:20.

      The way this dream looks is a bit like the Pokémon games on the GameBoy, so with a slightly angled top down view. I'm a Pokémon myself and I'm in Brazil. I'm walking around during daytime in a nature area. Lots of green and also some mountains / rocks. I've already fought quite a lot and I'm still being sort of chased by other creatures that want to fight me, though they don't really look like Pokémon. At some point I come close to a house. Two people are standing next to it. I can't enter, because there's a bush that needs to be cut first, but I don't know the move cut. One of the two people (Vegeta from DBZ?) offers me the move cut. Then both of them have to go inside because they have been called for dinner or something. I'm facing a dilemma. This Pokémon that I am has some awesome moves and I don't want to ruin it by teaching a lame move such as cut. I open the menu, which pops up the way it would with the older games. I go to my party and see a list of six Pokémon. I'm a level 43 Pokémon, though I don't know which one. At the bottom of the list is a level 42 Venasaur. The rest are really low level, because I'm doing all the fighting. I have an Exp. Share, so I'm considering who to give it to. It'll allow me to level someone up easily.

      I've fallen asleep on a cruiseship. I never actually see the cruiseship, I just know it has happened. When I wake up I wonder for a moment if I'm in Germany or in Brazil. Fuck, Germany. I wanna go back to Brazil. I suppose I could go back on the cruiseship again, but I won't just yet. From the looks of it I'm at a big brand clothing store, one with lots of wood. I exit, while simultaneously talking to my cousin. She sends me a message on FB Messenger, though it also feels like she was right next to me. She tells me she hasn't been accepted to Harvard. She doesn't look too bummed. Well duh... you're not smart enough. I'm standing outside now, exchanging messages with a classmate, also through FB Messenger. We're talking about where I'm gonna go. I tell her that I want to go back to Brazil. It's beautiful and I've already found an internship. Somewhere I feel a slight sense of incontinuity, but it's not strong enough to make me realise I'm dreaming. I end up with my mom in the car. We're talking about stuff, but I can't recall what.

      Somewhere in this dream I see a fullscreen view of a map of Java. It's oddly coloured, as if the nightmode is enabled and it's also shaped wrong. I zoom in on central / east Java. I've been told the part I'm looking at is east Java, but it looks more central to me. I'm looking at a few beautiful locations that I wanna visit. Amazing. All small but beautiful places. I'm not even there and I've got a wishlist already. Somehow Indonesia and Brazil are mixed in my mind a bit. Also somewhere in this dream I'm thinking about the idea of learning Portuguese before going back to Brazil, to enhance the experience.

      » Something about my mom's boyfriend. I think he was being a bit annoying.
      » There was another dream that involved my mom, but I can't remember what.
      » I think there also was a dream about my ex.

      I'm at a football match. It's the team of my student city vs.. dunno. At first I'm not bodily present it seems. I'm in a portable dug-out which is facing the wrong direction. The wall is facing the field, instead of facing the bleachers. I'm with two white guys in about their early twenties. Two white women of the same age come running up to the bleachers from the field. They have just played. The look of this dream is as I'm watching a bit of an older movie. A bit grainy. Also the colours are a bit off. The women seem to be the girlfriends of the guys. One of them takes her shirt of to change it for a clean one. She is wearing a black bra. The guy who is not her boyfriend stares at her in amazement for a moment. The other girl ends up going topless. I feel like everyone is a bit distracted now. At first the guys were talking about their keeper and complaining about him a bit, but someone has happened on the field that they haven't noticed. Now is the moment where I'm sure that I'm bodily present. I'm topless and I'm trying to put on a black pair of sweatpants. I'm trying to figure out how to do this by pulling them over my head. I kinda reach the conclusion that this is impossible, but I'm still not giving up.

      I'm again not really bodily present. The place looks like an old timey theatre. There's an older man and two women. All white. They're sitting at a small wooden table. One of the women asks the other to ask the man some questions, as he won't answer her questions. The other woman agrees and asks him in Hebrew to establish some trust [I wouldn't recognise Hebrew if a rabbi called me a dick]. I'm impressed by her. She also speaks Russian and some other important languages. That must be great. There's subtitling. The woman is asking about the time the man took 114 people into the city and a tragedy happened. In between shots a short but high stage with stairs on both sides has appeared next to the table and the other woman is standing on top of it.
    5. Me-House

      by , 06-18-2015 at 02:21 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 15, 2015

      I was with a group of my classmates, except that there were some other people there, too. One of them was a girl who was a year below me in high school, who is doing her undergrad in education at the same university as me. She was telling me how she was going to come back to do the same master's program I'm doing when she finished her undergrad studies. another of the people in the group was a guy from my high school.

      We were sitting, eating our lunch near a large building with lots of big windows. There were apparently a lot of illegal Asian students at the university lately, and the campus police were really cracking down on them. We could see through the huge windows that a young woman was running from a group of like five cops. She was carrying her books and had classes, she looked like a normal college student but much more modest. She eventually ran out of the building and past us. I was a little worried because one of the people in my group was Asian and I was worried about racial profiling. Three of the cops continued chasing the young woman, but two of them stopped and inspected our group. One stood back as the other confronted me first. He asked my name and major, I answered. He moved on to the friend from highschool, and asked him the same questions. But he was nervous and stammered, and the cop got confrontational and hostile, got up in his face, and then forcefully kissed him violently. I punched the cop in the jaw and yelled at him, telling him I was filing charges and that I had been recording the whole thing. The cop skunked off.

      Our group was moving on, to a secret garden type place, where we were going to meet Kali, who was apparently our field instructor or something. He told us we had to go to Germany for a final test, and that the university was paying for our tickets. I was so excited to be going back to Germany! We all packed our things, and somehow managed to get in the same car heading for a place we were going to stay in tonight, before the flight. In the car, I was looking out the window. The scenery couldn't decide what it wanted to be, and I thought this was funny... I had the inkling I was dreaming, so I checked my hands... I WAS dreaming!

      I was so happy to be lucid again after such a long dry spell, that for a while I just let the dream play out. We were still in the car, though, and it was still driving. I remembered the TOTM to find a house that represented yourself, and so I told myself that the car would stop in front of the building that was ME. Sure enough, the car did stop very soon after that. I phased through the door and looked. The building in front of us was a large-ish Greek looking place. It was really pretty, and Kali stopped to take pictures of all of us in different poses in front of the building. I opened the door to see what the inside was like. It was fascinating! It was all Winchester-y, with rooms in odd places. I could see most of the rooms at once, though, because it was all very open. Most of the things in the rooms were deep reds, dark blues/browns, whites and splashes of blinding bright orange. Zukin was sitting on a bench in the entry room, and stood up when she saw me. "Finally!" She said, grabbing my hand and leading me around the house. "I've been waiting for you for ages. Let's explore!" We looked through a lot of the rooms, but I knew there were more. We went up stairs and ladders, down some and through countless doorways. Somehow I still knew exactly where I was in the house! Usually I'm so directionally challenged. We heard the maid calling us down for drinks, and I decided to go talk to her to see what she knew about this building. But Zukin wanted to go find the Chinchilla Room.

      We split up, me going down and she going further up. When I reached the bottom, I was about to ask the maid what she knew about the Me-House, when the DC of the high school friend thanked me for sticking up for him earlier. He game me a drink in a "candied coconut shell" which was really delicious! I lost a lot of my lucidity and got horny, but the dream faded away after I walked onto a long balcony overlooking a cliff on the ocean. It was beautiful.
      Tags: germany, school, zukin
      lucid , task of the month
    6. Hooping, Food, and "dueling"

      by , 02-07-2015 at 06:50 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      February 07, 2015


      I was entering a sort of church with my mom and dad. It was in some foreign country, probably Germany or Austria. I knew in my dream that I had visited this church before, with Zukin, but she wasn't here this time. As we enter the first room, we spot Jeremy from Top Gear sitting in a chair at the far end of the room. He talks to us a little, but doesn't say much, and I can't remember what little we did talk about. I had the feeling I was a little scared of him, maybe it was more awe-struck. At the front end of the room, where we had entered, there was a table against the wall with two hoops on it. I had picked them up and was about to start hooping with one of them, when a young boy ran into the room and tackled me with a hug. We had met this boy last time we were here, and he said he had missed me. He asked where Zukin was, and I said she wasn't here this time. He then asked me to do that thing we had done last time. He meant a thing where Zukin holds a hoop in each hand and twirls them around. It's fascinating to watch and I've tried it before, it's pretty tricky to do. I told him, "It was Zukin who did that, I'm not very good at it." But he insisted, and handed me to lighter hoops than the ones I currently held. I gave in and attempted the trick. At first I was doing it all wrong, but I knew what I was doing wrong; my wrists were bending the wrong ways. I fixed it and was about to really get in a groove when I woke up.


      When I fell back asleep, I entered back into the same dream (I was trying to enter it lucid, but it was a normal dream). The boy was gone, and Jeremy was also gone. My mom and dad and I went through the big double doors at the end of the room and entered another large room with tables all over the place. there were people all over, too, and it turned out it was a potluck day. I was excited for food, and realized I was ravenous. The back wall of the room had tables against it, covered with main dishes and sides. I got a plate with the best looking chicken I had ever seen, some pees, corn, and some bread and potatoes with gravy. I put my plate down next to where my mom was, to save a spot while I went to the dessert room. There was apparently a whole other room for desserts.

      In that room, there were two or three tables all pushed together in the center, piled high with plates of cookies and brownies and cakes and whatever kind of dessert you could think of, basically. I walked around it once first, taking it all in and deciding what I would pick... There was a whole section of three or four different kinds of red velvet cookies. One of them was apparently red velvet but without the food coloring, and it had tiny chocolate chips sprinkled on the top of it. But I didn't get that one, I went for a more traditional red velvet cookie. I got two of those, and then I noticed a table at the corner of the room, and there was a bag on the table. The bag had two compartments; in one were smaller red velvet cookies with a weird looking frosting, and in the other were HUGE red velvet cookies with a delicious looking cream-cheese frosting or something. I took one of the big ones and put it on my plate. But now it was full, so I needed another (they were small plates).

      I got another plate, and looked at the layered goodies. There was a piece the size of my hand of this layered fudge and chocolate and either coffee or peanut butter stuff... It looked delicious, but I assumed it was a tiramisu and I don't like those, so I left it. Next to it, though, was a foot-and-a-half tall layered thing of chocolate and fudge and vanilla and soft cakes and mints and it just looked so good. So I cut a super thin piece (maybe about half an inch thick, because it was so tall and I didn't need a shit ton of the stuff) and had to kind of scoop it out into a messy pile on my plate. I started from the top and scooped out 4-inch parts at a time because I was worried that if I just took it from the bottom, it would all topple and get all over the place.

      I drab one more cookie, and then they announce that the food lines were going to close up pretty soon, so I left and found my spot next to mom. I realized I had forgotten the other plate, though, and tried to get back in. The door to the hallway leading to the dessert room was locked from my side, though. I waited for someone to come out, but no one was, so I knocked on the door. A young man peeked from around the corner (I was looking through the small gap between the double-doors, or there might have been a window in the door...) and tentatively opened the door for me. I thanked him with a hug, and went to find my other plate. It was on the table in the corner that had the bag on it. I grabbed it, went back to my seat

      And then I started to eat. And oh my god, it was amazing. the chicken was the most flavorful and amazingly moist chicken I have ever had. I moved on to that layered thing, and it was so good. It's hard to describe what exactly it tasted like, but it was EXACTLY what I was craving (and am still craving right now). Like, think of your favorite childhood dessert, and it was that taste, pretty much.

      I was sad to wake up from that dessert.

      Romeo vs. Me: "Dueling"

      When I fell back asleep, I dreamed I was in a car on the way to a small town in the mountains of Germany or Austria (there was a theme this night... I was thinking hard about castles and balls all day so I could increase my chances of remembering some tasks when I got lucid). We were almost there, I could tell, but there was still another mountain to get over first. Right now we were driving in a valley, with the mountain to our left and farms and scattered rural houses to our right... But the building were all torn down. It looked like there had been a tornado or some other really destructive storm... and so I was worried about the town we were headed for. I was hoping it was an isolated event and that everyone I knew in this small town was alright.

      When we got to the town, I got out of the car and walked to the main town square. Someone was breathing fire (it was sunset, getting dark) and this was so fascinating but weird that I did a reality check... My left hand's middle and ring finger were kinda webbed-looking...

      I was dreaming!

      I looked around and started rubbing my hands together because my lucids have not lasted long lately... I felt the dream getting stronger, and I also took note of my surroundings. I remembered right away the challenge task for week two, and shot into the air to hover above the town square. I looked around the town for a castle that looked like it was having a party; it would probably be the Capulet's ball.

      On the edge of town, on the hills leading to the mountains beyond, I saw what looked like a fancy villa or something, and there were lots of lights around it, lighting up the grounds and whatnot. I assumed this was the Capulet household, and was about to fly off toward it normally, when I remembered my last three-part task. I thought about how fast would count as "advanced" flying, and pretty much decided jet-speed would do. I'm not really sure that I did anything special, I just kinda expected to be going super fast, and I did. I shot off in a bee-line for the castle and was there in pretty much a second. It actually kinda reminded me of Lord of the Rings, when Sauron zooms in on things happening far away.

      I land at the front door and because I am a Capulet, I just walk right in. I was greeted by a servant at the door, and handed something to drink. It was in a fancy glass and looked bubbly, so I downed it and continued into the main room. It was beautiful, really. There was the main floor, which was large, and then there were stairs on either side leading up to an upper balcony level where people were milling about and talking. I looked around, expecting to see Romeo. He was supposed to crash this party, yes? And then I thought, "My teammates and the other team should be here as well." So I called out the names I could remember: OneUp, Pickman, StaySharp, Spellbee, FryingMan. Five young men walked toward me from the crowds, and I asked who each of them were. "Which one of you is OneUp?" The one in the middle raised his hand. Though he also raised his hand when I asked who was StaySharp, and so it was a little bit confusing about which ones were which people (but my subC pretty humorously inserted clues about who was who). I eventually sorted it out, and grabbed OneUp (he had an arrow on his forehead, a little like Aang, but it pointed up, not down), Pickman (he had a flower sticking out of his head and wore an all red suit) and StaySharp (he was pretty nondescript), pulling them to my side. "You three are Capulets, right?" They nodded. "And you two are Montegues, correct?" I asked Spellbee (he was buzzing the whole time so I'm pretty sure that was him) and FryingMan (he actually had a frying pan on a rope around his neck). They nodded, too, and seemed troubled.

      I was about to try to convert Spellbee and FryingMan, when Spellbee's buzzing got louder and he grabbed FryingMan's frying pan and tried to hit me with it. "Hey now. Be nice." I made the frying pan shrink so it was the size of a normal necklace now. "You two should totally join the Capulets. We have awesome parties." They both looked a little uncertain, so I kept going. "You will join the Capulets." I waved my hand, trying to use Jedi mind powers. They squirmed a little and then both said, "Okay," and stepped over to stand behind me. "Now let's find that Romeo guy." They agreed to help me find him.

      I was walking around, expecting that I would bump into Romeo eventually, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw the Face. "Do you know where Romeo is?" I asked him. He just shrugged and took my hand, taking me to the balcony. "Wait, I have to find Romeo," I said. He looked back at me, oddly silent, and just giggled a little, then disappeared. I watched the DCs around me, wondering which one of them was Romeo. Then I heard someone (I think it was Spellbee) say, "Oh, Romeo," behind me, and I turned to see who he was talking to. The young man I assumed to be Romeo had black hair and wore a fancy outfit, but beyond that I don't remember much about his looks. I approached him and said, "You're Romeo, right?"

      He looked at me, nodded, and said, "And who are you?" I told him I was Juliet (Romeo will obviously fall in love with Juliet), and he pretty much just leaves what he was doing, grabs my hand, and stands there holding my hand silently. It was like we were school kids playing date on the playground. I turned to him and said, "Romeo, do you love me?" He looked at me and smiled, nodding. "Don't you want to kiss me?" I asked, and he blushed, then carefully kissed me. Well, this should be enough for that task, right...? But I was also going to do the other option, which was to duel Romeo. "Romeo, I challenge you to a duel!" I said.

      He perked up a bit, grabbed my hand and lead me to a door. The DVers I had found followed us, whooping and yelling encouragement to me. Then it turned into this really weird sex battle. Apparently that's what a duel means here. Romeo pushed me down onto a bed and tore off his own shirt, and one of the DVers yelled "BULLSHIT!" I decided to let this kind of duel continue, and pretty much flipped Romeo on his back so I was on top. I think that was how you won. So yeah. We "dueled" for a while and I'm pretty sure I won because I was on top at the end and my DV following was ecstatic and jumping around and hugging each other as if their team had just won the superbowl. I was barely lucid at this point,
      and then I woke up.
    7. Visiting Germany and Greece DILD - Sensei's Competition

      by , 02-02-2015 at 10:26 PM
      I​ recommend reading my previous DJ entry first. Only 6 views and it is more eventful...(apparently DV only allows members to view DJ's now...unless it is a bug.)

      1015-1030? 238am-320am? for wbtb. leftist rally in Germany? German accent: "... ...in the mother fu**ing ..." was the name of event or rally. Night time. Familiar train station? Fragment.

      Greece LD wake from LD ~4:50pm
      I'm with brother in law E and brother-in-law B in the dream but we're meeting the former at a coastal cliff side house in some town in Greece. We are walking along the beach and up a path and we see beautiful views of cliffs all around. After we get to the home and visit for a little bit we're heading back to where we came, this time along with brother in law E on this return leg. He seems to know a shortcut and he's going around the other side of the cliff and the footholds are not very wide and they're going pretty quick ahead of me and I'm cautiously taking my time. They stop at a bend in the cliffs and look at a swimming spot down below. It is absolutely beautiful down there and a beautiful sunny day. They continue on, but the path seems too narrow and not worth the risk when I can just go back the way I first came earlier in the day along the beach. When I think about the earlier path along the beach it seems like it was a dream memory maybe from a previous dream and I realize that this is a dream right now. I float up in the air just enough to confirm as an RC. I then start to fly back towards the beach going slow and not with a lot of directional control at the beginning which is a little unusual for me. I go back and forth left and right to correct my direction flying over a rugged rocky area. It is beautiful and exhilarating being up in the air reminding me of my simulated flying last night while a passenger in a car going over various overpasses (for day practices)...but so much better! I am unbounded drifting across the sky. I still have not seen any DC's so I decide to turn around and see if I can find my brother in laws and surprise them or something on their trek along that narrow path by the cliffs. As I fly down that way back towards the cliffs I feel myself abruptly return to bed and the way I woke up and my level of rest seems to indicate I was at the end of an REM cycle. Too short but back to lucidity after too many dry days! Found motivation for day work and also did a number of "I'm dreaming" mantras during the day. Corrected monkey brain during SSILD. No.274

      Cafe epiphany NLD or semi: I'm modern me sitting outdoors at a cafe soaking in the moment. I see happy and sad faces on this beautiful day . "If you don't open yourself up to the world around you, you will miss out on so many experiences," I tell my companions. People who look sad look like they're walking around "in a bubble" with tunnel vision, seemingly oblivious to all the beauty around them.

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    8. Grocery Store House Tours

      by , 12-01-2014 at 06:12 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      November 30, 2014

      I was with my family in Austria or Germany, on a river bank of concrete. It was like a man-made canal or something, with lots of bridges. It actually would look a little more like Chicago's river, but there weren't huge buildings all around.

      We were going into a grocery store to get some food, and I was looking around for a specific pop. They didn't have it, so I picked out a chocolate milk instead. The grocery store was in someone's house, or something, and the owners offered tours of the top floors, where there was a lot of historical stuff and machines for sorting things. The stairs were in the center of the building, and the store was all around on the first floor. When we walked in, to the left were crates holding the drinks, like they had at the Kaufland in Germany when I studied over there (that picture's the best I could find to show what it was like. It was a culture shock to see everything out like that in the stores)

      As I walked around the store clockwise, I found the counter at the back, and around a bit more was a deli. I met my little brother there and had him hold my things because I needed to get something else and didn't have any money (I didn't tell him he was going to pay for mine). I walked past a man who was looking at some product, and there were whole arms sticking out of the ceiling above him. It was part of the tour, I knew (somehow). The hands went back up through the ceiling, and the man never really noticed.

      (I just remembered a few old dreams of rickety bridges through swamps and forests and fields at night, somehow... Not quite sure what the connection is there. Maybe I was on a tour in those dreams?)
    9. Hansel without Grettle

      by , 09-15-2014 at 11:03 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Walking along a sidewalk in Germany, I'm trying to find my hotel room. The whole time, I am squirting a bottle of crack sealant into the sidewalk cracks with precision accuracy as a way of keeping track of where I've been so I don't get lost. I tell myself Hansel and Grettle did it, so it must be an effective method. I miss the street I should turn down, and the road enters some magical woodlands. Vibrant green trees everywhere, and a field filled with puff balls - white and gold. I wish I had a camera, but instead, burn the image into my mind before turning back.

      Distracted by the crack sealant, I miss the turn again, and as I continue, the road takes me into a deserted desert town, with dry earth cracked all around me, and sand blowing in the hot afternoon under a very strong sun. I've definitely gone too far now, so I turn back again and go back up the road, still squirting crack sealant along the sidewalk so I don't get lost...
    10. Dogs in Germany and Failed Test // Poisoned the Wrong Guy // In the Mountains

      by , 07-31-2014 at 05:07 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 30, 2014

      Dogs in Germany and a Failed Test

      I was living in Germany, as part of my Masters in Education program. There was apparently a special set of classes abroad for people who spoke German. I was living in an apartment on a hill somewhere, it looked like it was near where I lived in Tübingen while I was there. My brother was apparently there, too. I was talking to him about how we would move all of our stuff to the airport. We had rented a car for the whole time we were there, and because we were in apartments, we had all this stuff we needed to either sell of take back home with us. I was under the impression that we were going to take it all back home. I'd also gotten two dogs while I was there. One teeny-tiny dog (which is so unlike me) and one very large dog. They've never been in the car before (I got them from a neighbor, so I didn't drive them to my apartment), so I was worried about how they would handle being in the car, and also worried about whether I would be able to get them on the plane and back home with me.

      As I was putting things in the car, and getting a space ready for the dogs, my aunt L was there, for some reason. She wanted to ride in the trunk, where I was going to put the dogs. She was very adamant about it and got in the trunk, and wouldn't leave. The car was an old hatchback, by the way.

      My friend Sammie was also living in the same apartment complex as I was. She was going to need an extra room for another month, so I offered her mine, and went to live at my host family's house for the rest of the time. They were gone on vacation, so I stayed at their place and watched the house for them. I was working out with Sammie all those details. I thought I was going to b there for another month, but it turned out my flight back was in a week. We somehow worked it all out, but I can't remember how.

      Then, I went to check my grades from the exam I had taken for my final class. I got the results, and found out I had failed miserably and would need to take supplementary classes. But I was leaving in a week, and couldn't get my flight changed to a later date. I was miserable, and since I was at the school, I went to one of the monitors on the wall where we could check our school information. I wanted to make sure they hadn't outright kicked me out of the program. I did THAT badly. I went to a wall, hooked two parts into a device, and pulled a lever. A wall of water came down and an image was projected onto it, and I used the water-wall like a touch-screen to select files and options and whatnot. A tour group of incoming students was watching me the whole time, with looks of awe on their faces, but I had my head pressed against the wall in dejection because I was so upset.

      (I woke up to loud music outside, and realized I had only been asleep for about an hour; it was 2:30 am... Fell back asleep, and stayed asleep until my alarm went off)

      Poisoned the Wrong Guy

      I was with Zukin in a classroom at one of the high schools in my hometown. It was apparently the office for the German faculty (though I don't know that they even have more than one or two German classes at that school haha). I knew I was at that school because of all the windows around us.

      Zukin and I made an iced tea and shared it while watching some of the other teachers. I think we were interviewing for some sort of tutoring position. We didn't trust one of the teachers; he wore a suite of armor that was white and blue; mostly striped but with other intricate patterns all over it, too. So we made a plan: Zukin would be my student and offer him some iced tea. But there would be poison slipped into it.

      But she went too far away and offered the poisoned tea to a different teacher on accident. Oops.

      In The Mountains

      I was in the mountains, on a train or bus or something going along what I think was either the northern or the southern edge of a valley. I looked out over the mountains, and noticed that they were green and lush at the bottom and in the valley, but the tops of the mountains were like the mesa biome in Minecraft; layered with orange, red, and yellow colored rock and sand, with the very peaks being vast and snowy. I don't remember what I was doing there, but it was beautiful and strange.
    11. The Cruise

      by , 06-23-2014 at 08:10 PM
      The Cruise


      I´m on a cruise in the caribbean sea. All my friends are there, german and american. We´re docking and go shopping in a big mall. I meet a guy I really dislike and beat him up. We return to the cruise ship, which now looks like a pirate ship, wooden and really big. I find out it has 3 floors. The machine room, the living quarters and a restaurant under the blue sky. I ask a guy how deep the water is and he answers: 44m/144ft. I look down and see a book laying on the ground but I forget about it quickly. I find out one of my friends cooperated with the FBI and I´m getting thrown off the ship.
      I wake up on the beach, stand up and decide to go find the ship. I meet two of my american friends, they tell me the hole story and I start swearing in english
      (from that moment on the hole dream is in english). I find my way back to the ship, and go straight to the captain´s room. It´s Chow from "The Hangover" and he does his weird laugh...I wake up.

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    12. LARPing in Austria

      by , 06-23-2014 at 05:17 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 22, 2014

      I was with a really mixed group of my friends; Zukin was there, as were at least two people from high school (my ex and Annie, one of my best friends), as well as some people I know from random times of my college career. We were all sitting at a table in some sort of large cafeteria-type place. Maybe a dorm's dining hall on campus? Now that I think about it, all of the people i nthe group, even the ones from highschool, went to my college, except for Annie.

      Anyways. I digress too much. We were sitting at a large table, deciding what to do for Spring Break, which was in a few weeks. Zukin and I suggested we all go to Germany and/or Austria. The group liked the idea of that, and so we loosely decided to make it happen. We all went our separate ways.

      About a week later (one and a half weeks until SB). I was walking around downtown, when i saw one of the girls from the group, a friend from high school (actually, from middle school! Wow. Known her a long time) was walking dwn the street with bright, bright orange hair. I asked her what was up, and she said she had gone to the salon to get her hair colored, and they'd told her she could walk around outside while the color set. She'd gone walking around, and forgotten to go back, and her hair had turned bright orange like this. She was skeptical about whether or not she would be going on the trip or not because of this. I told her it looked awesome (I love orange) and that even if she didn't like it, she could just re-dye it before the trip. She said she'd get back to me about it.

      Jump ahead about half a week, and I'm online, looking at flight prices. I found a super great deal, and booked it right away, then messaged everyone in the group about it. They all said they would get the tickets very soon...

      Jump again to the day before we leave for the trip; I am staying the night at Annie's apartment and for some reason my ex needed a place to stay that night, so Annie invited him, too. We all talked about the trip, and I found out that Annie had forgotten to get her ticket, so I was really worried that she wouldn't be able to go anymore, but we got online and found that tickets were still available for that flight.

      The next morning, we all met up at the airport. It's the same airport that's always in my dreams. This airport is... a bit hard to describe. It's got bits from all the airports I've ever been in, as well as some aspects of Grand Central Station in Chicago and some of the train stations Zukin and I went to in Germany (like the entrance of Stuttgart HBF) The airport is even more maze-like than most real airports, causing my dream self to have gotten lost multiple times... There are also two different runways that I've seen in this airport...

      Anyways, we got to Germany in one piece. I don't remember much about the plain ride. We got to Germany, and I got the rental car we'd arranged. Zukin and I went, by memory, to a campsite we had gone to in Austria before. But the road there was like the one in the beginning of Spirited Away. We were all in two cars, since we were so many people, and at some point the other car lost us. But at that point it was just one road and they couldn't go the wrong way without tearing through gobs of trees, so we didn't worry about them.

      Oh. Did I mention we were all in full larp gear? Well, we were. Apparently the campsite in Austria was having a special event for larpers. Zukin and I were trying to get them all into larp.

      We park the car when we reach the site, get out, and head toward the registration desk. There are so many people. It's more like a ren-fair than a larp event. At least, there were way more people than any larp event I've been to. We lost one of the guys in the group (oddly enough, the one person in the group that wasn't a person I know IRL)

      Mel (the one I've known since middle school) asked, "Where's Bret (or Brad. I couldn't hear too well over the noise of the larpers around us) Garrett?"
      "I dunno. The reservation is under his name though..."
      I waved my hand. "He'll be fine, and I can speak German so it's all good."

      We got up to the desk and I asked in German if we could check in. The women responded in English, with a pretty fake accent. "Name?"
      "It'll be under Bret (or Brad) Garrett."
      The woman, who was rather large but very very friendly looking, looked through some papers, and then handed them to me, adding, "You know, you can stay for free if you go into the woods, have a drink, and tell three strangers you love them."

      I went back to the group and told them about the deal. Everyone seemed pretty okay with it, and as we were heading toward the woods, Bret/Brad came hastily over, hiding behind us. "Those guys jumped out of nowhere and started singing weird shit at me...!" I turned and saw a group of young men, each with an instrument, singing love songs to Bret/Brad. I think the people from the other car were just joining us as I woke up. I was laughing at Bret/Brad.
    13. Hotel Rooms in Germany

      by , 06-05-2014 at 03:23 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 04, 2014

      I was with Zukin on a bus (in Germany, I think. But I'm not certain). We sat in forward-facing seats on the left side in the back half of the bus, and our bags were to our right in a row of left-facing seats that lined that whole side of the bus. Those seats were elevated by two steps. The bus seemed abnormally wide.

      The dream fragmented here. We must have gotten off the bus, and were now in a hotel room. We started talking about a reading assignment for a class we were both taking. We had to read part of a book I've already read (I get a very strong feeling that it was the Hunger Games), as well as the first 100-or-so pages of another book, which I'd never heard of. I hadn't known that we needed to read the other book, and the class was meeting tomorrow. It was already late, and so I asked Zukin to just summarize that book so far, but she refused to tell me what it was about.

      Another fragment; I had spilled something all over me, and so I went to the hotel room's bathroom to take a shower. Zukin asked me if I was going to "take a real shower in the morning," to which I responded: "This is my shower."

      After my shower I changed into my PJs and then I woke up.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Choke

      by , 06-06-2013 at 02:40 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #101: Choke

      I'm sitting in a car with Dad at a place that's a cross between Sonic and a Chinese take-out restaurant. We're pulled up next to one of those mic/speaker combos where you place your order and I'm debating whether to order sweet & sour chicken or just get a giant bucket of tater tots. (I don't actually eat like this. )

      A guy who looks like Mako Iwamatsu sticks his head out of the main restaurant building and shouts something about "three orders of sweet & sour chicken". I get out of the car and approach to hear him better. Then Mako makes some remark about our order and something about dreaming. It's semi-amusing, so I chuckle politely and look up at the night sky. The stars look artificially bright and the moon has been replaced by a flying saucer! "This is a dream," I say, and immediately start walking.

      I leave the restaurant parking lot, moving through an alley that dead-ends at an open door into a house. I go inside, exploring the house for a bit. It's nicely decorated and very realistic. I'm pleased with how vivid it looks -- classy carpeting, great lighting, really tasteful decor. I wonder why I suck so bad at decorating IWL if I can imagine scenes like this. It occurs to me that no matter how many LDs I have, part of me always thinks They can't really look that good, right? But they can and they do.

      I'm a bit lost in the house and as I turn down one hallway, I suddenly find myself in a noisy European street scene. It feels like Germany. The fast transition surprises me and before I can think to speak gibberish to these DCs for Task of the Month, I round another corner and wind up back in the house again. Well that was weird.

      For some reason this reminds me of my intent to get to the Alamo and meet up with Art. I decide getting outside will be the best way open up the map and get where I want. The closest internal wall of the house is brick (oddly enough), and without hesitating, I phase through it. There's nothing on the other side of the wall, though, and I wind up in the void.

      Rubbing my hands together, I continue walking through the void. I imagine that I'm walking along a street outside. I can feel the roadway underneath my feet (which feel like they're in nothing but socks.) I keep walking forward, waiting for the new scene to form. After a while, I see a pattern of squareish lights that coalesces into the window of my darkened childhood bedroom. I leave immediately, phasing through the window into the street.

      It's late at night and I'm outside on the street where I grew up. I try to figure out which way San Antonio (and the Alamo) would be from here... and totally get it wrong. When I look out at the horizon, I see a huge observation tower surrounded by some scaffolding, like it's under construction. Was there some kind of tower in San Antonio?
      (Yes, it turns out -- the Tower of the Americas.)

      I start to zoom-teleport to the tower but the moment I begin to move, I swallow my gum. Swallow my what?? Did I go to bed chewing gum? I try to remember, worrying that it's now lodged in my throat IWL and that I'm about to be in big trouble. I freak out and the scene goes black. I manage to calm myself at the last minute but the dream is too far gone and quickly ends.
    15. Lucid? Restaurant, Germany, graveyard.

      by , 02-25-2013 at 08:43 PM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      Well, the first thing I remember is [color="darkslateblue"]being at this one little shop that's close to my home. I was bugging the owner about getting me a summer job there, but he only told me that they don't need any help. I decided to stick around anyway, in case he changes his mind.
      The shop turned into a small restaurant, there was a staircase in the middle of the room and there were tables here and there, I saw a couple sitting at a table. The whole room was darkish, seemed like it was only lit by candles.

      I walked past the couple, on a trail that brought me to a high building. I heard German, I assumed I was in Germany. The building had this arch and under the arch there was some little sculpture. Giving the sculpture something of value apparently brought you luck.
      The grass around the arch was green, a very nice and vivid green. There were people sitting on the grass, chatting.

      I continued walking the trail, it brought me to a very small, dim room. The windows were slightly foggy, but I could still see the enormous graveyard surrounding the tiny room. I went closer to a window to read the name on a tombstone, but then I saw my reflection in the window and it made me jump. :|

      I left the room right away, went back to the restaurant. It was all grey and dark, no lights this time. No people either.[/color][color="seagreen"]
      I sat down on the..3rd or 4th step of the staircase and stared at the room through the handrail spindles. I was sort of angry, the dream was so boring. Just for the heck of it, I tried to use telekinesis to smash some large object into the fireplace.
      Nothing happened.
      I was bummed, I tried breaking one of the wooden spindles. I broke the first one. Then the second. I think I broke another one. After that I stood up and quickly made it to my kitchen, looking for a wine bottle to break. Checked if it was empty..[/color][color="darkslateblue"]and then changed my mind because it would make a mess.[/color] >__>

      Yeah nice going. You tried to smash something big into a fireplace, but breaking a wine bottle's just too much.
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