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    1. 5th January 2017 Long Vivid Dream Turns Into a Memorable Lucid (with pics)

      by , 01-06-2017 at 04:13 AM

      I woke very exhilarated from this dream and had motivation to do an online DJ entry with pictures once again.

      Thu, 05 Jan 2017:

      Start in packed restaurant or similar, commotion outside, peek out blinds, 2 cars stopped yelling at each other, one with several Latinos and one several African Americans. They speed off down the street dangerously.

      I pull out my phone and have the description of one car: a turquoise Subaru hatch/wagon. Friend tells me I should text the info to (telephone #) instead of 911. I start to punch in the telephone number but then I realize I may be forgetting part of the description for the vehicles. Seems to be a campus security text #. Makes sense since 911 will be not go to local police directly. Shortly after we walk to a campus eating place with windows and all eating outside, safe? One of the guys says it is safe and that he actually works here sometimes , a campus job I guess. Girl Friday arrives.

      Transition to us walking in a dream neighborhood that definitely feels familiar from dreams, with neighbor house to the right. Also becomes (Current neighborhood)-like then dorm-like. Inside big house at some point.

      Girl Friday flirting, sweet, takes me in another room to show me some lime green clothing-something. She removes her outer shirt, should I turn around. I feel a little boldness to keep looking on and do so. Did she want to show me those socks that seem to be lime green? "A" arrives and shows me his T-shirt with a print on it and I notice my
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      Mr CL comes in and seems to greet us with a hug as we're in kind of a lounging position perhaps in bed or on a couch. Up and moving around the house, I can see clearly through neighbor's windows, a sexy neighbor lady. Maybe I can see something sexy as I see her across the way, walking around several different times during the dream, through their windows. We also have many windows looking out.

      3 neighbor ladies wearing outfits that are a cross between lingerie and maid costumes.

      I have an FA: I think to myself, I'll go back to sleep and be bold and lucid. Yep! Several different Asian college couples are having sex in different rooms. I warn my son who is walking in the direction of the couples having sex and say something like "they're doing what I guess you college kids do" and he laughed it off and keeps walking. Those 3 ladies from earlier are having some kind of sexy costume time interacting in flirty poses. I see a door between the two houses and
      I feel strong boldness and realize I'm dreaming and go through the door and when I get to the room the three ladies are lounging in bed, two of them sitting up near the front of the bed

      and before I go any further I do look at my hand for a little bit to make sure I am actually dreaming and not breaking into my neighbor's house. My hand looks normal at first so I look again and sure enough 6 fingers. I have the first lady on the left
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      (schema edit; nice mental control achieved) and then
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      Part way through I realize her
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      after considering just magically swiping them away and then continue
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      transitioned to this rectangular device. Many people and family are around and I think that this is a good chance to show how lucid I am but then I have second thoughts and want to be sure and do my hand RC again before doing anything cray in front of everyone. I don't recall much more after the RC before waking.
    2. September 5th to 15th 2015 - Starry Night!!

      by , 09-18-2015 at 12:12 AM
      Once again the pictures are mainly for me to quickly relive the adventures and I will add text for anyone else reading.

      Tue, 15 Sep 2015:
      Awesome!!! Not sure I remember anything else the rest of the night. 1054pm to bed. No waking noticed during night until LD is over ~525am 6.5hrs so no induction done.
      *Standing outside at night I look at the stars and I am astonished at how many are visible! I think this must be a dream but it feels so much like waking life!

      I look at my hand and at first glance appears normal but I start counting and get up to at least 7 fingers on left hand before stopping, fully lucid.

      I look back up at the beautiful sky and fly up into it joyfully. It is beautiful and I am feel myself getting more and more ecstatic and remind myself not to get over excited like a newbie...

      its just so beautiful, so many stars with some typically gray clouds as noticed at night. Having flown up quite a bit I decide to level out in altitude and scan the surface below. The light starts coming up though I see no sun per se.

      I noticed on the landscape below there is writing, map style, with text reading Louisiana Purchase and The River Authority.

      I look closer and land on ground. Open saloon style with Fraggle Rock like characters up to my upper stomach, soft spiking separated thick strands of fur!
      <but smaller nose, thicker hair that came out more like spikes narrowing to a point

      Cool! I interact, touch even consider alien sex but move on. Store aisles exploring.

      Rub hands furiously...better not too much or might activate sleeping waking body hands i think to myself. Cool, exploring once again but see Selena Gomez, irresistible, swoop off her clothes and we go at it.

      See younger sexy female and switch, Selena is upset. Younger hispanic,

      Spoiler for sexual content:
      feels like early night LD but is actually 6.5 hours in. #382

      Fri, 11 Sep 2015:
      Some dream where I produce something involving higher technology (virtual reality related?). I produce something to keep the person in front of me interested to continue.
      Something with real estate?
      *SSILD after longish period of browsing VR articles. Performing the cycles seemed a little bit hard to get the visual part at first because of all the screen viewing during WBTB. Finally was able to focus on the black backs of my eyelids and not all the color popping. The dream entry was wild style but I don't think I maintain consciousness all the way through. I am air swimming to enter the dream world fully from this Netherland I'm in. I begin to fly and I can hear sounds in the distance and I get inspired to find the stadium like I've been wanting to do and I tell myself after I turn it will be down and below me. it works on the second turn but everything is not clear yet . A stadium is down below in a slight fog when I head down there.

      I am flying around the stadium imagining awesome reactions from the crowd and seem to get some faint oohs and aahs. I also experiment with flipping through the space inside the stadium

      and it feels very realistic doing big aerial upside down circles later going down for cheerleaders but find an average looking female in short shorts, still awesome!

      Later false awakening and go back in DEILD style from inside dream realm I feel I never returned to my physical bed...and find girl Friday awesome again! So in this second entry I am confused at first that I may be waking up and writhing around in bed with my wife wondering what I'm doing or dreaming about, but I do my motion trick convinced enough with that to say I'm still dreaming and feel another dream forming. I feel around in the darkness of this still forming dream and know that I will reach out and find girl Friday and I do!
      <a representation of my Girl Friday
      I am so excited to see her and kiss her passionately and I remember how I plan to waste no time by removing clothes manually and instead just swooped them off her in a single wave of my hand.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      it feels very realistic! When I eventually wake up for real I can feel the difference and that's where I came up with the conclusion that those previous re-entries to dreaming were from a dream state and not from a partially awakening state. it makes me want to poll other people that are very experienced with DEILD. Almost forgot! One scene fade I could see myself up close just one side of my face and one eye due to proximity to myself it seems. Pretty accurate representation of me. Could I have been out of body, I ponder briefly. #380-381


      Wed, 9 Sep 2015 - SSILD, 2 aha moments: boldness and sex with multiple partners and then later with a caught FA caught of wife in bed when I knew she already left for the day. #378-379

      Mon, 7 Sep 2015 - *430-5am phone browsing. Very unfocused at first with intention to do SSILD. "As soon as I am inside a new scene I know that I'm dreaming." 2 aha moments. One was taking off flying over pews inside big empty 1.5 story church to catch up to something and the other was boldness..seeing some cute girls in the busy hallways outside of the empty auditorium of the church, I think it was at a church also. Hallways somewhere. I had sexual experiences with so many girls. There was a cute somewhat overweight white girl with smallish breasts but still sexy/exciting undressing her. A girl with sexy shorts on. Some I call out to them and they engage with me. Some I have to catch up to. All tons of fun. Towards the end I am carrying one lighter skinny sexy thing and alternate between cradling and holding her front and center
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      as I walk around.
      I wake affected. Felt like a longer, maybe 8 to 10 minutes LD, possibly more. I remember waking and being very satisfied when I had a longish LD without G. #376-377

      Sun, 6 Sep 2015 - I decide to go back inside the sports arena after leaving and it is quite far away and I get the idea to fly and do fly and fully realize I am dreaming. I speed up flying and when I get there it is a completely different place. Fun messing around with a DC sitting on picnic style table in a restaurant. #375

      Sat, 05 Sep 2015 - A Girl Named Snow!
      WBTB with SSILD. I come across three siblings that I have met before either as a false memory or in a previous dream. Two brothers and a sister. they can see I'm struggling to remember their names and one of the brother says her name is Snow. Oh yes I know, good to see you all again. Snow is very pretty and pure, innocent.

      We go off on our own. We like each other. I give her a kiss it feels so wonderful. I ask her if she wants to have sex and I realize I am dreaming. Start to remove her clothes unbuttoning her jeans and unzipping them and pulling them off and I think about just mentally removing them but I continue since I'm already half way done and remove my clothes too. visuals get a little weak but I continue and begin intercourse and visuals come in and out. I eventually wake smiling big despite turmoil IWL. #374
    3. May 29th, 30th, 31st 2015 Backseat, Wife, Half A Day With Girl Friday, Lucid Nap!, 2 Houskeepers Fun

      by , 06-01-2015 at 04:34 AM
      *Super brief notes*
      May 29th 2015
      -I see the dream forming around me and find myself in the backseat of a car which I will to drive around wherever it may.
      -Wife in bed with me but she has a particular younger woman's body. Wife's DC seems jealous at my interest in her modified body and I joke with her and say "but it is on you!" and laugh.
      -FA immediately recognized, think of finding Girl Friday, hear loud blender sound as I float down over the stairs and find my wife in the kitchen. Get frisky in the kitchen. As I reflect on the dream I think about how the stairs were on the opposite side and how I could have just made this a house which Girl Friday would already be in.
      -FA immediately recognized again, remembering my adjustment idea I turn away from stairs and towards a bedroom where I decide Girl Friday will be. I find her in the bedroom and we have a long romantic and sexual afternoon also bringing in another woman at one point. We leisurely hang out in the living room with much kissing as I lose myself in this dream world. When I wake I reflect back on what felt long half of a day spent with my Girl Friday and feeling like I am fully living and experiencing another world at night! My first experience with very strong time dilation. Count these as #332,333,334 ; 8mg G + 500mg C

      May 30th 2015
      Lucid nap with Girl Friday on my lap and the woman who joined us from the night before; sex. #335

      May 31st 2015
      -A scene forms around me outside of a motel and I go to a room with the door ajar and the sound of the shower running. I find two housekeepers in the shower and join them; sexual pleasuring; guys come in that want to attack me and I float up and send a blast of fire in every direction in what I perceived to be a mile wide ball of fire. #336

      -semi lucid with 2 girls kissing in front of wife and I at some club. We both seem to be turned on by it.
    4. March 28th through April 26th 2015 #301-318

      by , 04-26-2015 at 09:28 PM
      3/28 - WILD-style entry but memory gap before entry. Nudge vibrations. Sound I decide will be shower and dream girl inside. Roll out of bed and despite poor visuals I interact with dream girl sexually. First G use, 4mg + 250mg C (commit to use it no more than once a week). #301

      3/29 - DILD notice I am shirtless at a party in a library and realize I am dreaming. Float around vaulted ceilings above crowd. #302

      3/31 vivid apple juice dreams! DILD in which I use my time stopping stop watch and have a sexual interaction.#303

      4/1 FA caught DILD. Suspect sound of alarm being turned off is not waking life. Hall too dark - should mean this is a dream. See a sign on bottom half of home office door with moving visuals and know for sure I am dreaming. Phase outside and end up back inside later and stabilize by licking and touching wall. I decide I will find Girl Friday in the house and do under some blankets in a bedroom. Interact sexually! 304

      4/2 Day practices: This really could be a dream!
      I reach for a cat that fades away…aha DILD. Flying among interesting clouds as far as I can see. 305

      DILD Hose being pulled…by who? See no one and head to front door…it's ajar…break in? I bet I'm dreaming. Float RC, yes! Ends trying to stabilize rubbing the ground. 306

      DEILD Although I feel myself back in bed, I get the idea to imagine that I can still feel the ground I was rubbing and I can. Eye clench vibrations. Lots more ground rubbing. Eventually get classroom scene with cute blonde nearby and sexual interaction. 307

      4/5 DILD guard messing with me and I use dream actions to attack him in a van. Lower level lucid. 308

      DILD I go into my familiar hall bathroom but the toilet is gone..aha! Sexual interaction with Girl Friday and her mother. 2nd ever G experiment. Same 4mg/250mg G+C dosage. 309

      4/9 DILD guy pops out and I think whoop him like in a dream…I am dreaming! I attack him with multiple combinations and the move on to dream goal peg 1. 310

      4/10 DILD narrow stairs and black lady coming down them. Start to move aside and then realize I can just float over her…ah yes I am dreaming. Float up to next level and low head space and mostly crawl through interesting halls and rooms. Some interesting toys remind me of one of my favorite lucid dreams. Attempt dream goal peg 1. 311

      4/12 After some trouble getting to sleep and memory gap I have a WILD style entry. Dream started in bedroom and continued in house and bedroom with some involved stabilization on street. Completed dream goal peg 1 (subconscious question..should I..? Answer: "If you want to." Dream felt like 10 minutes. 3rd G experiment same dose 4mg+250mg. 312

      4/18 vibrations and WILD style. Sexy woman in short skirt. 313

      4/19 WILD style entry and maybe held onto consciousness throughout - remember thinking it is taking a while to get to sleep. Vibrations, ethereal experience, no visuals but feel I'm in my dream body. I remember my previous embrace of Girl Friday in a non-lucid, the warm hug and I start to feel her again. I rub my hands up and down her back to bring us both firmly into the same space. We have a very sensual, sexual interaction. Eventually vibrations and a fade back to bed. 314

      After some minutes of patience, which is unusual for my DEILDs, normally feeling that if it doesn't happen in a matter of seconds that it won't...so perhaps more WILD than DEILD. Involved some eye clenches to nudge the vibrations…guessing some waking eyes and some dreaming eyes doing the clenches. The rest here: http://www.dreamviews.com/tasks-mont...ml#post2156310 315

      Similar set of playing with vibrations and then backing off trying to let the vibrations ride on their own. So many voices. After a while I find myself at a busy conference. Rest at the same link above, TOTM. This was my 4th experiment with G + C and the first at a dosage of 8mg and 500mg. 316

      4/24 DILD running down this beautiful wide set of stairs I am easily able to jump down to the next flight and 2 flights on the next jump fully realizing that I am dreaming. Joyfully float down to a huge open lobby area. Later FA where I am telling someone about the dream. 317

      4/26 I seem to go in and out of lucidity for a good length of dreams with many sexual interactions and experiences. 2nd time with upped dose G + C 8mg and 500mg. 318
    5. March 25th 2015 The Girl Friday Experience

      by , 03-26-2015 at 06:47 PM
      Wed, 25 Mar 2015:
      1am(late game) 545 (4h45) skip apple juice not expecting much opportunity after tiring game. My #brother, #mom and #dad all #exchanging #gifts. Some gift that has been great for something since some past time period. Spending $90 for a gift seems like an odd amount and if it came up more than once.

      Ex KM's family, her mom was taking a rest after hosting me and now I am talking to P, ex's brother. It is great to see them. Occasion? Recalling if a trip dream sign involved: feels right.

      * this feels too real! But we're totally awake! These were the feelings when I started to question the dream when I start to question if I was dreaming! I'm with my wife and she is driving into like a grocery store parking lot and she tries to pull into one space but I say that that car is just pulled in really far and there's a car in front of him so there's already 2 cars head to head and you can't park there. another car is moving a little bit so we think he's about to pull through but no he's just adjusting his space and I also interact with one of the drivers who seems to be apologizing and I say no worries . We eventually go around and park down one of the aisles a bit further away from the store but as we walk back we see there are now three spaces close and for some reason we decide to move the car. It seems like we're in then the truck today. As we walk back to the car/truck I tell my wife I don't think it was this far down but she says yes we parked all the way over by such and such. but now we're walking out of the parking lot and down the strip of stores on the main street and she says "through here" and it's an old decrepit fabric store, looks like it's been shut down but maybe you can go through back into the parking lot from here. I'm looking at it and my wife is so willingly going in through this way that I start to doubt that maybe this is a dream. She is so clean-conscious and this place looks dirty that she would be worried about cleanliness plus it doesn't look very safe. but this feels so real this can't be a dream. I looked down at my hands to RC and I have trouble seeing my hand clearly but I keep looking and eventually I can see six fingers and I realize I'm dreaming! I start rubbing my hands together to get the visuals going stronger and the friction between my hands feels so real! That feels too real but yes I am dreaming! now I'm by myself in what looks more like the layout of a house and there are 4 bedroom doors or what I assume are bedroom doors and I go to them one by one opening them seeing what's inside by the time I get to the second one I'm already thinking about Girl Friday but nothing in the second or third room. so outside the fourth room I say Girl Friday will definitely be in there and I open it up and it looks like just an empty bed with a lot of big blankets on top and I tell myself oh yes she is definitely under those blankets and as I go to the bed and start to pull back the blankets the visuals start fading but I stay confident and calm and reach under the sheets expecting to feel her warm body and sure enough I feel her warmth and then her body and the visual start coming back. I tell her how she's been expecting me, and we are so happy to see each other and I start kissing her. we kiss for quite a while and I feel something a little bit strange with one of her teeth and I pull back to take a look and it is a small chip out of one of her front teeth it looks like she's a bit self conscious about it and to keep this realistic and like a real experience I tell her it's fine it looks very cute and that I actually have a small chip in one of my teeth as well.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      I then start to get up to take off my clothes and I think about the conversation on DV in the Lucid sex thread and I try to rip off my clothes in one swoop of my hand but I have to actually pull them off this time! I also told girl Friday to remove her shorts and her top completely while I'm undressing and she looks so gorgeous laying there!! She is lying on her back
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      Spoiler for possible schema poison side notes but with explanation to shoot down such schema:

      No apple juice, continuation of the "switch" in my mind allowing me lucid dreams and that they don't have to preclude taking care of my business, better day practices, late night after my game, but the key may have been being able to sleep in this morning that's when the lucid dream happened before waking about 9:20 a.m. Late to bed and late to rise does also seem to help in the past. Possibly just changing sleeping schedule what helps possibly? *Also, this dream reminded me that any moment could be a dream and made my RC's have more impact the day I woke up from this LD.
    6. Girl Friday Visits, Lucidity Challenges - Sensei's Competition Night 10

      by , 02-03-2015 at 07:30 PM
      1130? 353am wbtb
      This starts as a false awakening. I hear Girl Friday downstairs and coming up the stairs along with other voices and I realize how extremely unlikely it is that she would be here; I am dreaming. She has a way of sidetracking me. She is going up and down the hall in a great rendering of my home IWL. I feel invisible at first since she doesn't seem to see me. I keep trying to get in her line of sight and see if I can get her into sexual mode like so many times in the past and eventually it works when I am undressing and acting like I don't see her...now I have her attention! She is watching intently as I undress and
      Spoiler for Adult content:
      I proceed with certain actions and she looks so ready to pounce and she looks so sexy. More and more DC's come around which usually isn't an issue but this time it is some people from IWL who would be very unapproving it starts to have the effect of tugging at my last Saturday, basically raising doubt. And here's the interesting thing and something I'll need to work on with my RC's just in case doubt arises. Every RC was showing I was awake! Finger through palm looked slightly different with my palm lumping up a little on the other side but not convincingly and when trying it IWL previously I noticed the same thing can be seen a little.
      I tried to float up which is normally effortless but nothing happened and I'm starting to get nervous that I am running around naked IWL and the DC's of waking life loved ones are raising the ante. I even jump and not even a hint of floating or delayed return to the ground...felt like normal gravity! Darn FA's and unhelpful DC's but I know if my awareness were higher or I took better care of my lucid state at the beginning this probably could have been avoided. I believe this flowed into another FA where lucidity was basically gone and I ended up at a huge water pavilion built in the 50's with interesting architecture. There was some sense that this was all dream-like but I was kind of floating through the moment if that makes sense to anyone. The name of the pavilion had the designers name on a big sign but I can't recall his name...did seem like an Italian man's name. No.275

      Much better LD string here: http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/foge...night-3-63836/
    7. 10/30/14, 10/31/14, 11/1/14 Very Aware 2nd Half of Night, Girl Friday

      by , 11-01-2014 at 09:46 PM
      11/1/14 I feel myself back in bed and start getting a WILD-like transition. I feel myself floating just millimeters off of my bed with my wife's arm around me as if it is holding me from floating off. I am fairly sure her arm is also just part of the transition and will myself to float up further to make sure I am fully in the dream and not just imagining that I am feeling a little light. I then start willing myself to propel forward through the darkness and settle on attempting to arrive at my favorite grassy sea beach. I fly for a good while but eventually have a false awakening of my son making a good deal of noise downstairs. I have a good amount of awareness and memory and remember that he went to bed already and it is highly unlikely that he is having a loud conversation downstairs in the middle of the night and that I should be dreaming. I go out of my room and try to float down the stairs but maybe I kind of float inches above the staircase on the way down. When I get to the bottom I hear my wife coming out of the room upstairs and decide to do a float from my living room up into the vaulted ceiling with a view to the loft area to show off to my wife's DC (any doubt that I am dreaming is fully erased by this point). I hear more than one person in the family room and float back down to go in there and half expect to see my son and his college girlfriend and maybe have some fun with her. Instead, I see Girl Friday get off of the couch and my son is there also. I tell her to "come here, remember how you really wanted to (give me oral)?" She looks like she recollects the same and I whip it out and she starts doing an okay job with it in her mouth. I say "oh remember, you wanted to lick it" and she starts to lick it and it is very, very nice! I look over and say to my son "she is good" and my wife starts to come down and still fully lucid I tell her to check out what is happening. This eventually comes to an end and I wake. I then have a series of short dreams with continued good awareness, some lucid, some semi-lucid, some unclear as my recall wanes: cherry pie like treat, I pour milk over it and add cereal flakes; Outside my house and I note how realistic the trees look and how well the dream replicated how they look; re-coated aluminum pan at M Blvd, I start to write down my dreams so far (in the dream) first on the table cloth, then on an envelope (later did just that IWL) ; amusement ride, swinging boat, cameraman acting tough and taking video of guy in middle seats (less thrilling) yet he is also in the middle seats on the other side of the center of the boat; in the back seat of an SUV with a video game screen in the middle just behind the front seats; short dream with a distant explosion; lots of short forced dreamlets related to all of the beautiful women who will be at an even I am attending IWL. During this series of short dreams it felt like I was on the edge of wake/sleep in an unusual way and I was testing my state at times finding that I could transition out of a scene with my eye clenches with accompanying vibrations. Very odd and I felt much more on the dream side of things than when I am trying to do similar things after a WBTB or late awakening and getting more traditional dreamlets that seem to occur more on the waking side of the equation. Hopefully I was actually finding success in staying aware but away from my waking body at times when I would normally return to bed and wake up too much, hopefully bridging the gap between the now shorter gaps between REM periods. Possible reasons for good night of lucidity: repeatedly asking myself what was I dreaming (earlier in the night); daytime awareness work with more dream actions (like RRCIS); some playing with CanisLucidus' "looking for the dream" may have been key in getting good replications of my home featured in the Girl Friday lucid and the lucid moment outside of my house with the trees later. Will just count 2 lucids tonight. 223 & 224

      10/31 early lucid. Sexy women around. "If this were a lucid dream, I would...ah...I am dreaming." I interact caveman style with several women before focusing on one turning her on with dirty talk and actions before doing some float-flying. 222

      10/30 Exhilarating, romantic and sexual lucid with a younger woman with small breasts. I particularly enjoyed cupping her breasts much like early sexual experiences. 221
    8. 10/24/14 One LD DJ at a time I'll try - quick notes still

      by , 10-24-2014 at 07:01 PM
      (Not my son). A little boring for anyone but me probably. Leave College? classes (4 classes meet only once per week-must be College) to pick up "sick" son. Bring him back to school to get homework/assignments, nah...Chasing my now 'young again' son playfully running out of my car and darting behind a building into a very narrow alley...he turns into a girl and I think dream-like that I can squeeze into that tight alley no problem (that I wouldn't have a chance to in waking life). I see the gap opens up further down and can see the girl and several boys about to go into a doorway. I decide to float up and say to one of the boys that has approached "see, this is all a dream." (taking a dream-only action seems to be a way to make sure I pay attention to the realization that I am dreaming...no longer getting many "a-ha's!" but almost always now getting "Okay, this is a dream." The green part above may have been just such a moment.). Fully comfortable that I am not really about to lose my son since this is all a dream, I turn my back away from where he (turned girl) went and the boy that approached just before follows me and I float down to him and after thinking about knocking him aside for some reason, I think why...and instead put my hands on each side of his face in a caring way and resolve to just study his face. His face is very smooth like young skin but then I feel a few prickly spots like he has stubble in a few spots and I think that is odd for the dream to come up with. I decide to move on and float away and start to think if there were any pretty teachers in the school next door that I was in earlier. The boy wants to hold on to my hand though. I shake my hand gently but obviously and he takes a bite of my hand. I am patient knowing it is a dream but I still try different things like pulling my hand out from the grip of his teeth (not painful), giving in and letting him eat it off, prying his teeth apart with my other hand (the teeth felt very realistic when I reach in with my other hand), or just teleporting away. Scene goes gray and I just float in the void before my wife wakes me up. (for real, no FA unless I am still dreaming right now! It's always possible! haha)
      Not as brief as I planned. Earlier sweet dream with Girl Friday planning to spend the day with her and a number of times I was questioning the scenarios/specifics (not my car - who's is it, is that a family member?, ) in my mind. Also an adorable baby I was taking care of and trying to keep asleep. 220

      Getting more recall out of short naps with "bubble thinking outside of my body" both yesterday afternoon (less than 15 minutes nap) and the same this morning before starting my day.

      For my record...Things I have been doing lately. Day: RRCIS. Quick RRC with hand motion out and in + quick clear light + I am here! I am he who is aware of this awareness +occasional dream action imagined (since I affect everything around me) + what was I thinking or doing 5 minutes before. (sounds complicated but it is usually done in about 10-15 seconds / Intermixed (sometimes also do this or just do this or just do the previous) ... RC-really stop + simulate RC showing dream & slowing down observing, imaginatively taking dream actions. (can be longer depending on how long I continue the imagination).
      Night: pre-bed & wbtb... some quick combined SSILD cycles broken off and intermixed (however I feel like it at the time) with imagining being in a scene (sometimes specific, i.e. hotel) other than my bedroom as being a general dream sign and becoming lucid + taking a dream only action, but also reminding myself to motionless RC in bedroom for FA's.
    9. 9/12, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 27, 10/1 Quick notes mostly on LDs

      by , 10-05-2014 at 08:20 AM
      Paraphrasing most entries so no hashtags...some just cut & pasted from digital DJ.

      *Sexual content in many spots.
      10/1 DILD: I was so angry at people cutting in front of me at an elevator line that the emotion instantly lifted me about 1 yard/meter off the ground which immediately clued me in that I was dreaming. I let the anger carry over into my lucidity and was venting telling them how I can just fly to the top of the building...I don't need this f-ing elevator...and I can smack you around if I want to, rip off your clothes, so there it turned sexual and I ripped of a few women's clothes with TK floating above the crowd feeling omnipotent. It was quite fun but I should have moved straight to some goals and ended up waking up as my wife got out of bed (99% sure that wasn't an FA). 213

      9/27 I believe 3 separate lucid events and that HH's SSILD and visualization were the keys. After low key game. Waited 1 hour after waking to record dreams due to breakfast ready. The first one I went back to sleep trying to get more and I think I forgot too many details. I think it was the dream in the #shopping area and I'm #lookingFor #lostItem shopping bag I set down on this couch or chair and its missing when I go back. The lucid part is sexual with a sexy woman something about her curves and fine body. 210

      The second lucidity event I am walking past the #school that is having a big sports or Olympics day with all the students competing in different events but I paid particular attention to students playing #rugby. When I first look at them I wondered if they weren't wearing football pads but upon further examination or dream transitioning they were clearly not wearing football pads and I could see them doing a rugby scrum. This transitioned to me playing with them and narrator talking about how one of the ways to score is kicking the ball through the uprights and one of the guys kicks the ball forward and I leap up to catch it but a taller guy catches it first I continue running down the field leaping into the air and I realize that I'm dreaming I have a lot of fun bounding across the field. 211

      Third lucid event seems to start as a DEILD As I am visualizing in bed and I get the scene of a sexy woman and as I enter the scene there is a table, paper and a pointed plastic writing pen and ink that you dip it into and I write different messages to see how well I can write in a lucid dream. I forget exactly the first words I wrote but they came out pretty good but when I tried to write "dream" and it was very hard to read and I had more trouble with the ink getting more runny and not sticking to the writing device and the colors were getting too light to show on the white piece of paper. I've then start to remember that there was a sexy woman when I first came into the scene and I could see her sitting on the far end of the table. As I go to move towards her it gets a little foggy but I stay patient and focus first on her toes and her toenails painted with nail polish and slowly work my way up her leg with her body reforming. I reach under her dress
      and caress her sexy legs and butt and remove her underwear. I reach for her wonderful warm moisture before working my way up to her top before waking up. 212

      Stats from app: 12:15-10am xyz spikes113, 335 356 417 445
      [email protected] slipped away; 604 recheck [email protected] xyz: 658?dild 712?dild 805 840deild 908wife up audio+xyz spike, 920 925 952 (late more tossing and turning? Earlier c/b combo of my and wife's movements?)

      9/21 Lucid #sex with perfect, perky #Russian girl. Her breasts her butt! Her skin so soft after some hesitation from her I showed her she wanted me bad and she let me touch her everywhere. Thought about fingering her behind but afraid the dream might come up with a surprise there. Later sex with M, the friend of wife with twin sister. I told her it is okay...it's just a dream! She says "Your c*ck is so big! After exploding inside her my wife and I walk out of party and through a #shopping area with various #stores with groceries and #restaurants and my DC wife is proud of her stud "since it is all a dream" my new pick up line. I am scanning all of the DC's we pass. One lady looks interesting but I'm looking for a certain type since I already had 2 women so far this dream. 209

      9/20 Awesome vivid tsunami dream where I am calm and lead a rescue.
      WILD/LD 1: I thought I was just visualizing when a dream materialized. I hear Girl Friday downstairs and go down to hook up. Go semi-lucid as various people judge my interest in her but regain it when I see a girl in lingerie laying on the floor trying to seduce me. She is too young. I pick her up and hold her like a father would. 206

      LD 2: I think that I WILD again. I am laying in bed visualizing when I find myself in a scene laying under the stars. I remember the striking feeling and realism of opening my dream eyes wide to soak in the whole view with so many stars in every direction. It was extremely beautiful and felt like a spiritual experience. I remembered my personal goal that I tied into the TOTM. 207

      LD 3: Awake again visualizing and enter non-lucid dream at some point turned DILD.<snip> He leaves it unattended on oven to overflow and the oven starts to fill up with water like a clothes washer but it's open so the water would flow out onto the floor. I start to try to turn it off and then realize this is a dream the oven can't just turn into clothes washer. I fly up from there up out of the house but then I remember Girl Friday was there and I fly back down into the house but I seem to have messed up the visuals but I stay patient. I go into the living room in a bit of a fog I go sit down on the couch next to where Girl Friday was in the dream. I reach out for her and she seems to be forming back into my dream and I'm looking down at the floor and there's this round item rolling back and forth by itself that was cool. I think I'm forgetting a lot because I waited until the morning to record everything until I'm actually getting up. I did record the tsunami dream during wake back to bed which I'm doing shorter now. Factors for improved multiples? Vivid dream at beginning of night. DEILD focus. Visualization at each awakening. Stop and ask if dream. More frequent random natural self awareness. Back to lumosity. Adding a little fat back into my diet. 208

      9/19 LD 1: This whole thing, this whole discussion and scenario has all been a dream! Start to get naked then decide to do nose plug=can breathe but am I fully plugging it, do finger through palm and proceed to get naked. I call for Girl Friday to come in and as I hear her (or someone approaching) I wake up. 204

      LD 2: A noise (my wife leaving) wakes me up and I DEILD back into what looks like the same scene as my previous dream except I notice a mirror and look into it to see myself as a woman who looks like a thinner version of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I decide to open my blouse and check out my breasts. They are small but nicely shaped. I sit down and take off my pants with plans to check out down there but I transform back to myself with my normal junk down there and all. I fade back to bed and fade in and out of some dreamlets including one with a little Asian girl I felt drawn to protect named Ashikara. I am trying to find her again in the fog and a little blonde girl pokes her head around a corner and disappears. Possible NREM lucid but not counting this part after the LD with me as a woman. 205

      9/18 Examining source of smoke makes me lucid. Smoke coming from underneath carpet, pull it back, embers present, hole under carpet, look closer and hole gets bigger, think it looks like mouse hole and a mouse comes out. There are many orange ear plugs down this hole. Earlier I attempted the glottal RC and had trouble hinting a dream already but the above scenario confirmed it. Convincing FA. 203

      9/15 Standing over bed seeing fleas on bed made me lucid. Wife there also. 202

      9/12 I see Cameron Diaz and realize I am dreaming. I walk up to her and give her a kiss on the lips and then look at her again and she still looks mostly like her but with no make-up. I think FA after. Also DEILD focus bleeding into NLDs. 201
    10. 8/24/14 Busy, Windy Underground Highway - Taking Action DILD

      by , 08-25-2014 at 03:32 AM
      *The earliest part of the dream I remember, I think that I am either #lookingFor whoever I'm with or I have #lostMyWay. I come across a group of people including 1 guy with long curly hair and he seems to be coming after me #chasing for some reason and my first response is to just take off #flying. Ah, I'm definitely dreaming! I think what if he flies after me and sure enough the dream complies. I turn around and he is flying up behind me and I throw a right cross in a downward motion and slam him to the ground never to be heard from again. I fly a bit and then I turn to the left and find myself in some kind of busy underground #highway. This is very cool, there are so many things going on in here! There are big rig trucks and double-decker buses and so many DC's that I am just fascinated. Some of the DC's look at me amazed that there is someone flying above them and others don't seem to notice or care or look at me nonchalantly. I fly over one of the
      double decker buses and there are people on the top open air part of the bus and I'm looking at all the people and half way looking for some sexy women but this is quite a bit of fun just flying over so I continue. A lot of the people look like tourists. Oh and it is very #windy I remember as I'm flying amazed at all the wind that my dreaming mind is creating! I am mostly flying Superman style but also hovering, floating and some swim like moves to make slight changes to the left and right when hovering over the double decker bus checking it out. I also seem to be blown around by the wind a bit. By the way, I later surmise that all of this wind was likely brought about due to being at quite a windy place yesterday IWL. Anyway as I am being pushed around by the wind a little bit I think that I should check behind me every once in a while to make sure that I'm not about to get hit by a by one of the big rig trucks. On the last of these occasions I look behind
      me and the whole underground highway is quickly emptying out! Some of the vehicles exiting straight ahead some of them exiting to different exits on the right and left of this huge underground room. I decide to follow one of the vehicles that went through an exit on the right but I am the last one out and the door is closed but I smash through. The next room is like a huge long sound stage and I continue to fly towards the end of it and as I approach, the walls part a little bit as I go into another similar but differently colored sound stage. I continued through several more of these and they seemed a bit ominous but I don't seem to be scared at all knowing that this is just my dream and I can handle whatever comes up. Then I start getting directions from the dream in the form of arrows suggesting that I should go over to the right instead of the main opening straight ahead to the middle. There's a couple of openings that angle off to the right with
      flapping doors and the dream suggests that I take a hard right and take one of these exits but I instead take the one between that one and the one that's straight ahead basically up and to the right a little bit. As I enter into the next room it looks much larger than the already huge rooms I was in before and I think even though there doesn't seem to be a lot going on in this room perhaps I should land and examine things more closely. As I'm thinking this I
      fade back to bed. I lay still for a while recalling details of the dream and the other dreams before it not feeling like rolling over and writing it down at this point.

      Other dreams included being at a #waterPark that seems familiar, perhaps even familiar from another dream. I don't remember becoming lucid though. Another dream to do with the Los Angeles Dodgers moving and becoming the Dodge City #Dodgers #baseball. I also had a meaningful one involving my #highSchoolBestFriend meeting up with him for #dinner and as I look around the table I only see his kids. In the dream he has three sons but not so in waking life. Upon recollection, his wife seems to be substituted for my cousins wife, the boisterous blonde though there are some similarities between them. As I am wondering aloud where he is, he makes a grand entrance grabbing three huge oversized shots of liquor and bringing them to the table I give him a huge hug and he, my wife and a third person take the shots. I decide not to because I am driving but later noticed that I am finishing this bottle of some kind of #alcohol and I wonder how I could be so mindless. I
      think that this dream was created by subconsciously uncovering some high school memories while (in waking life) looking at my wife's cousin's son's sports trophies yesterday. #dayResidue It involved the same sport that me and my best friend enjoyed together and of tournaments we participated in together just like the ones that some of these trophies are for. I don't remember specifically thinking of those memories yesterday but I strongly feel that they were somehow uncovered subconsciously and brought up during the dream. It has been quite a while since I have dreamed about my old best friend who I haven't seen in person for decades. I also had a fairly strong #emotional dream involving sitting across from #GirlFriday at #dinner and the eye contact we made while she was talking about moving a good ways off to a different city. It involved me with a sad feeling and sad look on my face and her looking at me for my reaction as if she wanted to know how I
      truly felt about her.
    11. 8/12, 8/15, 8/23 Good Waking Memory Tested ; Women's Shower ; Shorter LDs

      by , 08-24-2014 at 06:23 AM
      August 23rd 2013 - Focused on RRC during the day. I have been slacking off on my daytime practices and it has been showing.
      11+ 410 At some function related to my #business with a #tall #sexy #Asian colleague. Another tall sexy Asian woman is there relating some mnemonic device that is supposedly commonly used to remember some rule related to the business. She stands close to me and I say that I always tease my colleague about how tall she is (false memory)...I guess I should tease you as well! I look at her face more closely and say "Damn you're gorgeous!" #boldness .. She really likes that and moves closer to me #flirting back. She calls someone on her cell phone and makes arrangements for us to go to some house together. Something about her kids who she's leaving behind tonight. We are now #driving to this house supposedly when she #disappears and some tracking device tracks her to...underneath the car! (I literally get goose bumps recollecting this detail while I write this during WBTB.) / let's take some pictures! #GirlFriday and her first pictures feature some under boob cleavage. I'm even so bold #boldness to touch the cleavage suggesting that I am semi lucid. I take some other pictures including a shot down from the top of her. / coach M and his wife A at some fundraiser giveaway event. I found them when I went inside the auditorium. There were other people there that I knew or I had a false memory of knowing. Possibly J's mom "J" - my son's old classmate's mom. I also have a bunch of stuff that I got from the giveaway and I see my eldest brother in law outside heading to his car with some stuff and I realize it's a good opportunity do not have to carry all this stuff. Someone like J comments on where am I going to put all that stuff in my house and I realize I have enough junk already. / *I wake up from the dream wishing that I had cut some of those details and became lucid but my dreaming mind threw me a little help in the next dream. I get a call from coach M it was featured at last dream and he asks me where I am. I tell him I'm on one of the main streets in the town where he lives and I am walking. I'm almost to such and such street. He says ok meet me in five minutes at the corner of X Street. When I get down to that intersection it becomes a dead end and it is not supposed to and at the same time I noticed there's a party at the house on the left and I can hear my friends voice, J from up north 90 minutes from here. I'm already suspicious and semi lucid to hear him here when I'm supposed to meet coach M. Logic tries to tell me that it may just be someone that sounds like J. So I look around in one of the rooms and sure enough there is sitting J. I say out loud this is a dream and he looks at me funny but I immediately start thinking about my goals. I remember reviewing DutchRaptors goals to test your lucidity and felt that the only ones that I hadn't tried specifically before were the week four goals. I thought about a future event and when I thought about this when I read the goals I couldn't think of any big events coming up even during the day! But then I thought of one. During the dream I thought of a completely different one coming up this coming Thursday. I named what it was (the one at 8:30am not 6pm). I've then thought about what I do during the day which was one of his other goals or tests. And I was able to name that exactly. I start losing the dream here. 193 But I think it may have just been the end of REM. / *earlier I had a super short lucid in which I was in a false awakening and I could hear my son making gasping sounds and I am running down the hall frantically looking for him to try to help him assuming he's choking or something. The scene goes dark on me and I realize that I'm dreaming and I calm down and realize that there's nothing to worry about, that my son should be just fine. I wake up. 192 / I have lots of dreamlets that go, on average, about 10 seconds each - full scenes and all and one of them feature
      2 sexy Asian girls like in my first dream but not tall and these two are twins in matching black dresses. As you can see I like women from all over the world! My only type is feminine and sexy!

      Quick notes 8/12 & 8/15 short LDs

      8/15 I am in a community shower setting like in a gym and I see this short Asian woman little heavy set naked walking in front of me semi-lucid. I feel as if I become lucid as I step into a big shower room with lots of naked women various ages I only notice attractive ones but not sure if that's just my focus. I can feel my thing swinging between my thighs and I reach for it and it is a good size
      Spoiler for X-Rated:
      I have a great time. I do it in a sexy way it seems and it is a lot of fun! I wa
      ke up to my alarm, smiling! 191

      8/12 scene turns dark...I fly slowly forward...hard to tell if actually flying. I just keep moving forward. 190
    12. 6/7 & 6/10 TOTM Kardashian Impregnation KILD-DILD + FA

      by , 06-11-2014 at 12:11 AM
      6/10/14* (short version, though not a super long LD; KILD=Kiss Induced Lucid Dream) I am getting on a commuter train and feel very tired. I think to myself what if I can lucid dream on the train but it doesn't occur to me that I'm dreaming yet. Seem to doze off quickly and I'm standing in a hall and three ladies that I think are supposed to be the Kardashian sisters are standing on the other side of the hall across from me. The shortest one (seems to be Kourtney) is in between the other two and is changing her top and I could briefly see her breasts and the other two sisters are trying to cover her up while she changes. I move my head to the left and get another view of her right breast facing me. I believe that I am semi-lucid here. Khloe walks over to me like she is going to set me straight and I grasp her and kiss her and she is into it and I fully realize that this is a dream and I think of the TOTM bonus impregnation task. My original plan was to do it with Girl Friday (and I still can) and then to summon a meteor to mark the occasion (perform the meteor task) and visit the meteor landing site. We take it to the ground after some standing foreplay which includes my common reach down for moisture. Anyway, the main thing is we get down to intercourse. I start imagining exploding inside her and can kind of feel it (I think about how it has felt way more realistic on at least one occasion) and I pull up a little and say "look...your stomach is growing" and it does grow taking her up to what must be like 6 months pregnant or less with multiple babies or something...who knows. Anyway this blends into a very convincing false awakening where I think I hear my wife calling for me from downstairs as if I am making her late and I notice I am having trouble rolling out of bed and getting up and think that I hear her coming up the stairs. I try to reach over and bang the wall to let her know that I'm awake and getting up and I am finally able to fully wake myself and I wake up only to find that the last part was all just a false awakening. 159

      Craziness has been keeping me from doing much with my day practices and no night time practices this night due to needing a good night's sleep but going back over exercise 4a from the Open Beta exercises yesterday may have helped. The exercise gave me the sense that everything is a dream (at least for a more extended period than normal) and I found more exciting about my waking world.

      6/7/14* DILD involved me driving on what at first seemed like a familiar road and then realizing that I did not know this road at all - I am dreaming. I fly up out of the car and end up in the void where I patiently summon Girl Friday and have her strip which was very hot, turned into a false awakening of wife coming into the room and her being pleasantly surprised by my condition down there. 158
    13. 5/25 & 5/27 I'm Scared Placeholder DEILD, WILD, DILD, +DILDx2 During 2 Part Nap

      by , 05-27-2014 at 09:01 PM
      5/25/14 DEILD, WILD, DILD between clear awakenings ~4am 7am 8:30am

      5/27/14 2 Nap DILDs between awakenings and NLDs- day off wake from each around 10am & 11am; shutters in odd place, good waking awareness

      I think the return of multiple LDs in a night is due to the self-hypnosis script that StephL posted and so far I have used only once but I think it was more effective for me due to the over 1 year of background work on self-awareness and other lucid dreaming fundamentals...I guess we'll see.

      I hope to fill in the details later but Girl Friday was there a lot.

      I'm scared that I may start to nap too much. I never had much success with naps and to have 2 DILDs in one 2 hour nap session this morning could draw me in to more naps.
    14. 5/19 & 5/24 Time Stopping DILD & Romantic Girl Friday Session WILD

      by , 05-25-2014 at 05:21 AM

      WILD! Very nice love making session with Girl Friday. I wake up after about 6 hours and I'm very tired but try to wake myself up more first with a little weirdness induction and then just thinking about lucid dreams & my recent boldness initiated lucid dreams. It takes me a little while 2 get back to sleep partly because I tried without my earplugs thinking I was still plenty drowsy and then put them in after a while. Yesterday I start to re-read the open beta exercises but didn't quite get to exercise 2 and I also did the self hypnosis script from Steph's posting about 30 minutes before bed. This is supposed to be quick notes. Anyway the WILD. I am doing my version of SSILD and periodically break off from it to attempt to drift toward sleep but returned to the cycles several times. Eventually I get the feeling of my wife moving in to cuddle from the back and not sure if it is HHs but I feel like I'm close and try not to engage with her physically IWL and I start to get vibrations, I was wondering where the vibrations have gone. I guess I haven't been focusing on WILDs. Anyway I start to nudge on the vibrations but then remembered my plan to remain patient through them and I can tell that they are the stronger kind, the pre-dream kind. At first I get the sensation of being in an ocean again and there is a light blue glowing all around me kind of like the ocean but more floating in the air than anything else with slight ocean sensations. It is quite nice! Like last time I decided I did not want to be in the deep part of the ocean away from shore but instead the scene fades back to my bedroom but I can still tell I am in dreamland. A female outline starts to appear and patiently watch as she materializes but she takes a couple of different forms of different women before finalizing on Girl Friday. At one point she looks like my wife and I went to caress her and start to remove her clothes with foreplay etc and I could see that she
      started changing again at first she look like generic version of Girl Friday and I think that's when Girl Friday started to materialize as I realized it looked kind of like her. We start to kiss passionately and slowly remove one item of clothing after another. When we get to removing our bottom underwear the excitement intensifies but I continue to take it slow and enjoy this realistic interaction...nothing else exists for the moment! I reach down and caress her moist flower. After enjoying that for a few moments, I insert while looking deep into her beautiful brown eyes and kiss her some more. She has a look on her face like she thinks I am too large and I ask if she is okay as I want to keep this realistic and romantic. She looks half worried, half excited. I say that it is okay if she is sore the next day as long as nothing and I stop myself from saying anything more or visualizing it lest it happens. We continue on and I think about my
      conversations about kissing and looking at the face at the same time during a dream and it is working just fine and enhances the experience as usual but this time I really think about it as I am doing it. As we are going at on the floor I can hear my wife back up on the bed moving around and I think about a dutchraptor style lucidity test and consider calling out to my wife to tell her what I'm up to and maybe have her join us...who knows, she might be excited by the idea...at least in the dreamworld...probably not advisable anywhere else. I then think, what if I end up talking in my sleep so I tell GF to tell my wife what we are up to and she does...she says "We are making love" in a shy voice with a look of love on her face. I feel a rush of romantic love-like feelings. Not long after I
      find myself back in bed and smiling big and my wife notices and I turn my affection towards her. 148

      5/19/14* Short version: walking in a hallway I have a boldness initiated lucid dream (DILD where I get the urge to be bold with a passing woman and realize that it is a dream). I immediately think of my time stopping pocket watch idea from a Twilight Zone episode and I commence to use it to do various depravities to various women. It only freezes the DC's in the immediate vicinity of me and sometimes I have to press down on the pocket watch twice for it to work. I also comically expose myself while flying by some of the ladies. Two ladies turn into like Barbie dolls with no features down there. I run into a family and the mother is only one that won't freeze with my special pocket watch and she chastises me and asks are you really going to do this and I do, pulling up her shirt and feeling on her breasts but I did feel kind of bad afterwards even though this is all a dream, it felt like she had a point. Perhaps I should just enjoy exploring like the two wonderful recent dreams I had but I feel like I should experiment with this time stopping technique again...maybe in preparing for a fight or deciding what action to take...hmmm... This one lasted maybe 5 minutes. 147
    15. WILD, DILD, FA DILD Sex, Sports & Sunshine!

      by , 02-16-2014 at 10:22 PM
      Quick entries...at least for now.
      Had a good vivid dream featuring my son about 12 years younger than now. So cute!

      Had all 3 LDs late in the morning after getting over the hump of short dreamlets and mostly dreamless period where my awareness usually starts to wane.

      Felt like a breakthrough on a new WILD technique for me. Similar to a few things I have tried before but with the addition of a kind of self hypnosis to put me in a relaxed but aware state. I was basically interacting with both HHs and actual stimuli. My wife moving around in bed I turned into Girl Friday getting into bed. That turned into the first lucid where I was in a bathtub with her we were both naked and I was feeling all over her and we were having intercourse I changed positions to pull her right leg over my left leg. She seemed to get smaller and her face became distorted as I focused on it. I continued kissing her though as we had sex.

      Second LD, DILD inside sports arena getting ready to play. Red John is on our team this time...unusual. I am late and they are starting to play and I think about going out there without all of my equipment and then I realize I am dreaming I can just go without or...and I end up just putting everything on instantly. Our team scores as I'm coming out on the field and I decide to fly up for some celebratory sex with a woman in the stands. I think this is fun! Next I will go out there and score fantastically and I do; it is so much fun! I fly back up into the stands and look for my type. She is sitting in a skirt with nothing on underneath and we immediately go at it! Fade back to bed.

      A bit later I have cool false awakening turned DILD where I am in a bedroom/office and I complete one last task and I look at the time and realized that I worked 38 minutes longer than I intended to. I turn around and the sun is shining blindingly through the window and I realize I am dreaming. The sun feels so vibrant on my skin but the light is a little too bright. I inch my way towards a bed just out of reach of the sun's glare and I restore my bearings. I turn around and there is another bed where the workstation just was. I look closely and see two feet overlapping each other but no one attached to them...at the head of the bed by the pillows! I find this cool instead of creepy and remove pillows to examine further. I touch the feet and they feel like feet, neither warm nor cool to the touch, maybe a little rubbery. I fade back to bed.

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