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    1. Sealing the Globe

      by , 06-26-2017 at 09:36 AM
      Morning of June 26, 2017. Monday.

      I am in a school setting, but it is completely unfamliar in regards to the school I went to in reality and I am unsure of the implied location. On one level, it seems vaguely bilocated with the area near Loomis and Gillette streets, though not the real-life school (that I never went to).

      I mostly spend time walking around with a young atypical version of Zsuzsanna, who seems more like a classmate around my own age. I give her love and attention, though in the background, there is the realization of many other students projecting an overall mindless nature in addition to a group mentality of no benefit to anyone, which she also seems aware of and does not want to be a part of. I refer to her as my “partner” when speaking to an unfamiliar male.

      After what seems a long time, the scenario changes. I have picked up a broken globe. The globe seems to have been made at least partly of glass and is only about twice as big as my fist. It is in several pieces. A male that reminds me somewhat of Zsuzsanna’s father is on the other side of the room (though I have never met him in reality and only talked to him on the telephone years ago).

      In a non-lucid state, I cause the broken pieces to hover in the air, with no effort other than basic thought. Soon, I decide to fix the globe. I cup my hands around the jagged variously-sized pieces after they are placed together. There is an incredible vividness of heat and steam flowing from the palms of both of my hands. I am clearly aware that this will reseal the globe, somewhat like welding, but more like melting the glass and then smoothly connecting all areas of the surface.

      The steam and hissing coming from my hands does not cause any discomfort even though my sense of touch is otherwise enhanced.

      The globe of the world is a smooth sphere again. The other male does not seem alarmed or even puzzled. This is somewhat unusual in that it is the reversal of typical dream cessation symbolism, though because of its vividness, is probably more about stabilizing my emergent consciousness factor in this case.

      This is one of a few dreams of this date that was directly influenced by looking back at a childhood dream from 1971, which had been influenced by seeing “Crack in the World” (a 1965 movie). This dream is more like the 1971 dream than the others. (In fact, many of the few hundred brief dreams of this sleep cycle’s beginning centered around the movie theme to some extent. The fact that I had only thought about the 1971 dream for a short time, and the fact I had not seen the movie for a long time, is puzzling in how much influence there is over a new dream which is otherwise completely unrelated to my present life status, and yet this is a very common occurrence.) Additionally, I now realize that I had also been looking at a photograph from a 1982 dream (“Apple Baby”), which is a close shot of a hand holding a large apple.

    2. Up and Down the Stairs and Skewed Science-Fiction

      by , 06-01-2017 at 12:30 PM
      Morning of June 1, 2017. Thursday.

      This dream is, in part, a sort of skewed carryover from another recent dream (“In a Science Group with Three Strangers”, from May the 31st, 2017). The same fictional characters appear, two unknown males and an unknown female. (Both the first part of this dream and the previous dream relate directly to studying the dynamics of sleeping and dreaming in real time, though while non-lucid.)

      This dream is too distorted to make much sense of. There is something about them hanging around where my mother is sleeping. It is an upstairs area. I remain annoyed at these people throughout this segment. I even kick one of the males so that he slides down the stairs, though he is not fatally injured. I do not go down the stairs myself (which sometimes serves as a lucidity trigger, though otherwise vivifies my dream, as the usage of a staircase in a dream relates directly to shifting one’s level of consciousness while in the dream state, just as it does in certain forms of hypnosis and guided meditation.)

      This scene shifts to a completely distorted and skewed continuity combining science-fiction with “real life”. I am in an unknown area and there is some sort of backstory of the world becoming too cold for people to comfortably live.

      I know I can help (without being lucid). Floating in the sky about ten feet above the ground is a very large holographic globe of Earth, which, for some reason, I perceive as the “real” Earth. (This of course makes no sense, as how could I be on Earth and also see Earth in the sky?)

      Captain Picard (as from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) in a Runabout, flies out from the holographic but “real” Earth to the right of it (in my perspective) and towards my direction (though there is no direct contact or communication). He seems concerned.

      I decide to “fix” everything by waving my right hand and creating heated air currents from a fair distance away from the floating transparent globe, which form in a presumed S-shape, top to bottom. (This is very similar to how I mentally repaint walls in non-lucid dreams). I stand in one spot, hoping that these patterns will correctly cover the whole world to make it warm enough for human survival (even though the globe is not rotating).

      It has become cooler here in reality. The holographic Earth comes from Zsuzsanna and I having just watched a couple episodes of “The Librarians” where a large holographic globe is featured. Many of my dreams are directly influenced by television (though probably not the majority) even though I do not watch it that much (certainly not nearly as much as others).

    3. A glass world

      by , 03-13-2016 at 07:21 PM
      While guiding a woman through a certain demon's territory, I make a deal with him for safe passage. I offer him what appears as a glass paperweight in the shape of a globe. It represents a world that's about to die, though the inhabitants aren't aware of that yet. Neither was the demon.

      He's sorry to hear it, he'd enjoyed that world - hence why I'm offering him my rights to it. It's the same sort of emotional tone you'd use for a game that's coming to an end. I'd hoped it would end differently, but it failed, which means now it's just another piece of territory for us to use as bargaining chips. He takes the deal.
    4. The World Is Yours

      by , 06-02-2013 at 01:09 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #100: The World Is Yours

      I'm flying high in the sky around what looks to be a computer-generated globe that's populated with little dots. I feel like I'm on a plane with Wife but I don't see a plane. It's just me and my floating perspective as we circle slowly and gracefully around this globe.

      I tell Wife, "This is a music video for a Phil Collins' song called 'Julia' from 1980."
      (Not true.) The song immediately starts playing. In it, Collins sings of how this globe is "not CGI" and that the dots represent people around the world. He sings that the dot he remembers best ("the one I best recall") was one of him over the ocean, flying on a plane to be reunited with his beloved Julia.

      As the song ends, I suddenly find myself falling downward out of the sky. I hope that this is a dream, I think, and
      of course it is.

      I immediately halt my fall and find myself hovering over a huge, vivid cityscape -- highways, skyscrapers, cranes, bridges, traffic jams, all arrayed for me down below. I want to fly around and explore this city, but when I attempt to fly, I'm unable to move. For some reason, I feel totally confident that I'll come unstuck. Stop asking, I think.

      I ignore what the dream is telling me and I imagine that I'm already flying Iron Man-style around the city. A second later, I'm flying effortlessly, cruising anywhere I like. I get briefly stuck a time or two, but I just ignore it, imagine that I'm succeeding, and immediately start flying again. Eventually, the little glitches stop.

      I see a tower that I remember from waking life -- it's one that I pass during my commute. I fly up to the top and circle around it. I glide low over roadways and high above a cluster of skyscrapers, then descend back to one of the bridges that spans a piece of some unfamiliar bay.

      My confidence is soaring, and I decide try some large-scale dream control. I put my hands out in front of me and then bring them apart like I'm performing the breaststroke. As I do, I rake cars off of the bridge in either direction and dozens of them go plummeting toward the water. I bring my hands back together and I watch as time rewinds and they return to the bridge, unharmed. I fly back toward the skyscrapers, select a pair of them, and then begin moving them up and down, one for my left hand and one for my right.

      I look to my left and see an enormous fire ogre (a la "Orcs Must Die") stomping toward me down one of the city streets. He towers over most of the nearby buildings, at least 100 feet tall. I wonder whether maybe I'll be fighting him later. I feel no fear at all. I reflect for a moment about what it would be like to have this much control and confidence in every LD. Nothing could stop me. What sort of things would I do if I had years of this kind of power?

      Leaving the fire ogre behind for now, I fly over my city for a while and just let my dreaming brain show me what it can do. I look out at the waters of the nearby bay and think about using all of this overflowing confidence for some Task of the Month parasailing, but
      the dream soon ends.
    5. Sep 12, 2012 -

      by , 10-10-2012 at 05:51 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      NOTE: Lotus

      Running. Forest. Some allies. Is there a battle? Time line. Globe.