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    1. Technological Enigma

      by , 07-23-2015 at 01:23 PM
      Morning of July 23, 2015. Thursday.

      I am sitting at my computer desk as in real life though the room is mirrored longways (so that the open area of the room is to my left rather than to my right where the end of the desk is now against the opposite wall; however, the rest of the house, though I cannot see it, “feels” the same, as my oldest daughter’s room still, in in-dream “memory”, is to my left on the other side of the east wall). The room is mostly dark as I do not have a light on, and I assume it is nighttime.

      The more I type with my keyboard (though I cannot recall the nature of what I am writing, though I am fairly certain it involved in-dream affirmations), the brighter it gets, until it is just a “slab of white light” (originally though with a bluish glow). Even though I had not been looking at my fingers, I am somewhat annoyed as it eventually seems too smooth to tap keys correctly.

      Not only that, the computer monitor (the old large squarish type I still use that is about the length of my forearm) becomes black and blank and I cannot see what I am typing on the screen either. It almost reminds me of a large cloaked head (though not quite ominous).

      How do people cope with this nonsense? (This is what I am thinking for a time.)
    2. Glow Cat Glow

      by , 07-22-2015 at 01:22 PM
      Morning of July 22, 2015. Wednesday.

      This title is not that relevant - as the cat itself does not glow, but for some reason it just came into my head as the title (and who am I to “argue” with self-titling excursions into the surreal).

      Yet again my dream alters the features and layouts of real locations. This time our bed that is in real life in what would otherwise be the dining room (head to the west) is now in the front computer room, which is adjacent to our older children’s rooms; the head to the east (though feasible, not that likely to be as such - especially as our oldest son’s room has a window in his wall into the room). At the same time, the computer desk is near the window (where the bed was).

      I “realize” that I am at 611 North Monroe Street (in America), which I rarely dream about anymore, especially considering I have not lived there since early 1968 (before moving to Cubitis off Highway Seventeen). My cat Tiger (long gone in reality), an orange tabby, is walking about. I “realize” that I am about seven years old but am concerned that Tiger has stepped in paint and is tracking it around the room. He is hesitant and shaking each leg in rotation, just as in reality when a cat steps in questionable liquid. However, the footprints are like a light and almost like a “hole” as well, somehow.

      I “remember” after the tracks are giving off an annoying amount of light, that I can “turn off the footprints” (that is, anything glowing in the room) with a special light switch. I move my hand around to feel for it but cannot find it. I vaguely also recall (real memory) that there is a stack of about six or seven comic books on the left side of the toilet tank in the bathroom and am wondering if they will be knocked into the toilet as a result of the cat’s actions. I am trying to remember if this already happened at a previous time and if as such they had been there for several days thus far (which makes no sense of course).

      The cat walks up the wall, leaving an even pattern of footprints (which start to look more like upright five-pointed stars than cat paw prints), almost to the ceiling. “Come down from there,” I command. The animal comes down and starts purring very loudly on my chest but seems eventually to be my own breathing (and likely Zsuzsanna’s as well).

      My thinking falls into the slightly abstract. I realize that a “star pentagon” is not a pentagon at all but a decagon (as it has ten sides and angles, not five sides and angles). I feel a strange uneasiness over humanity being “wrong” yet again, then realize everything in the world is misnamed and misunderstood anyway, so it does not matter that much.

      I approach three (unknown) girls in somewhat plain dresses (sitting on the floor in the form of a triangle for the most part) who seem to be speaking Portuguese and involved in an occult ritual. There is unexplainable luminosity in the setting. Looking more closely, I see they are actually playing Jacks. However, looking again, I see the game box looks suspiciously like some sort of ritualistic system with the box shaped like a hexagon. I then confirm this by the fact that, even though they are playing Jacks, it is on a hexagram painted carefully on the floor. Then I get annoyed once again as I realize that the “hexagram” is actually a type of dodecagon, as it has twelve angles and twelve sides, not six angles and six sides.

      “No one knows what anything is,” I say calmly. One of the girls (to the left and closest to where I am standing) turns and looks at me curiously though smiles in understanding and seeming familiarity (with a vague thought she is my wife when much younger). She says, “A minha estrela guia” (“my guiding star”) and I am not sure if she means me or the game piece (Jack) she is holding. Then I realize she may not have said “A minha estrela guia” but “I’m in Australia”, which sounds the same (and it slowly dawns on me that this is yet another “missed clue” or “confirmation”, of millions, about finding Yin incarnate, yet I recall I already have).

      I feel slightly nervous and enter a more luminous state of “quivering” (where the foreground and background quickly shift inversely to each other) and see a large electric fan (all white, including the blades) where the rotary keeps changing in diameter, smaller and larger, but somewhat randomly. The fan blades sometimes curve out as if in attempt to touch or at least reach me (with a perceived sense of care and compassion, not as a threat). The imagery shifts in unusual ways. Every now and then, a small narrow crocodile head emerges (again, with no sense of threat, and the mouth remains closed) horizontally and evenly from the center and is seemingly pulled back in. Other things the spinning fan blades become is a cycad palm, a sunflower, and some sort of floral kaleidoscopic design. I watch it for quite some time (with a vaguely perceived buzzing) and eventually shift into a dream where Steve J (an old classmate) and I are walking just below rafters on roof support beams and ceiling joists in a large building. The rafter patterns become more and more complex. This last part, Zsuzsanna says she also dreamt of - though she was the one walking mainly on the hanging beams (without any actual reason or prior cause to dream as such, though this shared dreaming happens fairly often). (However, I did have a lot of similar dreams when about thirteen.)

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    3. An Old Book and Glowing Skin

      by , 07-21-2015 at 11:28 AM
      Morning of July 21, 2015. Tuesday.

      I am semi-lucid but do not rise to full lucidity and just let my dream render the settings and circumstances automatically (without any previous scripting). I first find myself with my wife and three youngest children, as they seem to be ready to go to a park, though I falsely “know” it is south of our home rather than north (something dreams do a lot). I am deciding if I should go with them, as it seems to keep “resetting” over time, even though, at one level, I know that there is no park south of us. (The orientation is mirrored rather than rotated, as the front door seems to the south instead of north as well, yet immediate surroundings are otherwise mostly correct.)

      In the next scene, I examine a very old large hardcover book (which is somewhat worn) which I was apparently sent in the mail recently. It is based somewhat on the concept of friendship books (FBs) from years ago that many people send on as they are supposed to, though there are always those who do not “get it” and keep them. The book seems to contain ghost stories and mysteries of perhaps a few pages each, and over many years from different amateur writers. I, as well, have a thought in my mind that I could keep the book, though I am not sure if that would be fair or right. Upon looking more closely, I see that several pages from a modern notebook (including the notebook’s cover) had been stapled on as the front cover (the real front cover seemingly missing), though it is partly coming off. I am trying to decide if it is just the notebook pages I should fill out (with my name and address) and send on after detaching the already loose staples, or the old book as well. Obviously, if each person is to add a story to the book, it needs to be sent on, yet the scene is somewhat ambiguous, especially as only the last few pages are blank. I already have the book, yet there is a statement on one of the first notebook pages expressing that you should write why you think your story should be included in the book, which contradicts why I received it in the first place.

      The first page of the book has about a hundred small signatures in various styles of handwriting going back to the late 1700s. I see the names “James” and “John” (though do not recall the last names) but do not attempt to focus on the entire long list. Each one had been an author of a story in the book. I remain perplexed and my dream shifts.

      I am then with my (deceased) sister on Loomis and Gillette and asking her about the changes that have occurred. I notice the area on the east side of Loomis looks very different. Instead of the neighbor’s house that was there on the corner, it appears to be an old church with all the windows sealed up with concrete blocks and the entire building painted over - which is actually like a real building across from my childhood (short-term) home on North Monroe in Florida, where people went a bit “off” and sealed the church possibly due to belief in “evil spirits”. (I am not sure of this, but I know that some people actually believe in such things, though I cannot imagine why.) She talks to me about it though it takes a little time to dawn on me that the whole area is not of the original buildings. There is also a strange “sign” made of three-dimensional letters (though I do not know the phrase as I am mostly perpendicular to it) that runs north to south along the east side of Loomis, that is, just the phrase sitting upright (vertically) over the lawns, somewhat like a miniature (but longer) version of the “Hollywood” sign, about chest-high. I do not bother to walk over and read it. Our conversation is not that vivid though my sister seems to be expressing puzzlement about my not knowing of the (fictional) changes, and my dream shifts again.

      Finally, I am with my wife Zsuzsanna in a mostly undefined setting. I notice that her face is glowing in a similar manner as when someone shines a flashlight from under their chin in a dark room, though in photographic negative, though with correct colors, so that the light both appears to come from inside as well as the colors rendered correctly (instead of with blue skin as would otherwise be the case). She is smiling intensely. “That’s sexy,” I say, though I am not sure of the dynamics of the setting (which seems indoors and outdoors at the same time) and my dream finally fades.
    4. Had a Chance

      by , 07-01-2014 at 03:36 PM
      Last night was the first time (in years) that I told myself, 'remember your dreams' as I feel asleep last night and actually did, some. Before I get into what I recall from my dream, I had spent quite some time poking around on this site yesterday and came across a Dream Telepathy forum that talked about looking for golden/glowing objects in your dream. So, not sure if this was just a coincidence from having read about those objects or if I was able to discern it more clearly because it had been brought to my awareness... Either way, I came across such an object last night but, being that I'm a novice, I had no control to look deeper or to distinguish that I was even dreaming in the first place.

      The first bits are somewhat fuzzy and come back to me more as feelings than visuals. What I do recall, however, is being with my mom, step-dad, and younger sister and I think we were in a room. I sort of have an image of my mom giving me an unpleasing stare. Next I remember walking out into a rectangular patch of field, perhaps in someones backyard, and it was fall since there were dead leaves and fallen branches. It was dusk and growing darker so I started to fidget with this small, wiry light which consisted of small lights at the end of the bendable wires, spreading the wires more apart so that the light would fan out some. I was setting it up to distract the bugs (mosquito's) from me while I worked. As I was placing it in the air, my old roommates dog was snapping at the air with his teeth as though trying to catch and eat the bugs. *I had also read in the DT forum that dogs make wonderful dream 'stalkers' to alert of things you should be paying attention to. Next, I picked up this tree branch that had fallen and was fanned out with the tiny branches and dead leaves so I could swat at the bugs and spiderwebs. I then noticed my younger sister outside with me and she warned me of a giant spider around me. I was swatting and swatting and then woke up. During the last few moments of being outside, though, I felt the presence of a man standing off to the side, watching. Perhaps, my step-dad? Perhaps, my boyfriend? Perhaps, someone else?

      Anyhow, I'm not entirely sure what any of that means but I look forward to seeing more glowing/golden objects (if that was such a one) and having the wherewithal to know what to do. Also, I welcome anyone who may have some insight on this to comment, thank you.

      Practice makes perfect, right?

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    5. Horn, hourglass, castles

      by , 05-23-2014 at 08:47 PM
      An earlier semi-lucid fragment - I'd been riding in a car someone else was driving, they took a turn much too fast and swung wildly into the next lane, and I was thinking to myself with some annoyance about how ridiculous dream driving can be sometimes.

      There's two women locked up in a circular stone room with no apparent doors and a ceiling so high it can't be seen, like a well or a small tower. I get the impression they're a couple. They're both blonde, one with darker hair and wearing purple, the other with hair so light it's almost white. Hovering around the one in purple is this sort of little glowing gold ball; she's leaning towards the other one, who's unconscious, but who starts to softly glow when that glowing ball gets close to her. They're rescued by people who break through the wall - an old woman and several people I think of as Hunters who've been doing something with a fountain in the center of the room on the other side of the wall. The old woman looks at the hovering glowing ball and calls to the Hunters. "Got one more for you - two!" she adds when she sees that the unconscious woman is also glowing. As they get both the women free, the woman lifts this fancy white horn and says to the woman in purple, "It's yours." And then she quotes a riddle or poem or something similar that led them to this horn - "With the wit, the way." Wit turns out to have been a pun on wet, something to do with that fountain in the other room, and it's those two women locked up who'd figured it out.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a man trapped inside something like an enormous hourglass, tied to a chair in the bottom half. It's slowly filling with this black liquid. I'm following this from the POV of a man outside the hourglass, watching. This is something like a form of brainwashing - the man in the hourglass is on the other side of some conflict, and a serious threat, and we're turning him to our side. But as a 3rd person observer, I'm aware this is going to backfire; we seriously underestimated how insane that man was to begin with, so making him loyal to us doesn't actually mean he won't still be a threat to us.

      Still as that same character who'd been watching the hourglass, I leave the room and go to meet a woman I work with for lunch. But just before we start eating, someone bursts in and stops us - the food's been drugged, something connected to that man I'd left in the hourglass. We leave with that person who burst in, and as we walk he's saying, "We all talk about the war, but does anyone remember what it was about?" We don't. He explains something to do with Skins - the gold or silver markings on our skin that remind the 3rd person observer side of me a little of circuits. Mine are gold, the woman I'm working with has silver; in earlier times, we'd have been on opposite sides of the war. We find this an uncomfortable concept.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm a young man walking around our castle at night with a girl from a visiting family. We're supposed to get married sometime in the next year or so if negotiations keep going well. Neither of us are supposed to be out of bed right now, but we both were sneaking around on our own and happened to meet up. Right now we're hiding behind a door, watching the leaders of our families talking in the next room. I'm thinking that the colors they're wearing make them both look like they're part of the same family; my family's colors are red, gold and black, but right now our patriarch's only wearing black, except for the sword pin at his throat, which I think of as "hardly red at all" - a dark red, nearly black.

      There are two women sneaking around a castle at night. They'd been intending to escape and then come back when the vampires are asleep and destroy them, but they've just now realized that the vampires never sleep; and on top of that, they've just realized that one of the vampire women here is the exact same woman written about in Quincey's journal. Reading this journal is the thing that made them realize their hosts were some kind of monsters - they don't know very much about vampires at all except what they've read in this journal. So it's a shock to discover that the women in this castle don't age or die, and the idea that the monster in Quincey's journal still exists makes them feel like they can't win. At some point Ephesia is mentioned, a woman's name, though I can't remember whose. One of them suggests giving up on their plan, since it seems hopeless, and tries to convince herself that becoming one of them wouldn't be so bad.
    6. A corrupted town and a glowing book

      by , 11-23-2013 at 11:15 PM
      I've just arrived on the edge of a cliff, out of sight, and now I'm following a path through the trees into town. I'm shocked by the state of the place. Although visually, I-the-dreamer didn't actually see anything that looked unusual - it was night, the streets were empty, there wasn't much to see but it seemed like an ordinary small town - I had the impression that I-the-character was looking at foulness or decay, something along those lines. I hear a conversation like a voiceover, it's not part of this scene - I have the impression it's something said later, as if what I'm seeing is a flashback related to that conversation. In the conversation, I'm saying, "I saw-" and someone else cuts me off, saying "No. You didn't 'see.' You corrupted." They sound angry. That is to say, whatever's wrong with this town is due to my presence, or at least the person speaking believed so. Visually, I'm still walking through that town, and a woman appears in the street, shining or glowing, wearing white robes, and after a moment I recognize Erana. I'm very relieved and run to her; she's not looking at me, she's looking around at the town, looking like she's mourning.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      That same town, relatively early in the evening, when there are still people in the streets. I'm walking together with a married couple. I'm looking at two shops next to each other, and I'm remembering when the man I'm walking with praised this town to me, telling me I should come and visit him and his wife here, talking about the brightly colored buildings and the many-colored tiles on the roofs. I'm looking at the faded paint on these buildings and trying to convince myself that maybe it looks better in sunlight, but I don't think so. I mention this to him, and he brushes it off, vaguely implying that I'm misremembering what he'd said, or that he'd exaggerated, and that it's not important. I start to press the subject, asking his wife about the state of the town.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm walking on a dirt road just before dawn, sky's bright. The ground to my right drops off sharply into a valley which at the moment is filled with rising mist, and I'm stopping to enjoy the sight. It's very beautiful.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A mother and daughter in their library, the mother is standing over a book lying open on a stand, and the daughter is behind the stand, trying to get a look at the book. She holds up a candle to try to read, but her mother tells her you can't read it like this. The mother puts out her candle, and all the other lights, and when it's pitch black the book starts glowing. As a 3rd person observer, I'm thinking something about how this makes perfect sense for a book about darkness. The mother is focusing on the book and saying "I shan't flee from you around here, mortal." The light from the book flares up so brightly I can't see anything else.
    7. Plane of old boards, dirt, and holes

      by , 11-11-2013 at 07:26 PM
      Night of November 11, 2013. Monday.

      I am wandering around on a fully-stabilized plane, having moved into the first manifestation that formed, becoming integrated into the new environment to more closely examine the domain. I soon notice it is mostly old boards, somewhat scattered at different angles, lying about on the mostly bare ground everywhere as far as the eye can see, although my vision is mostly oriented towards the ground, not to the horizon. Many of the old boards appear to be partially covering holes of various depths, but I never look down directly into them, and there is no concern at all about falling into one. Most boards are brown, with a gray one here and there. Many of the boards are of similar lengths, about arm-length or longer. I mentally will them to move about along the ground to see a slight glow coming from some of the holes. With subtle thoughts now and then, I mentally will the loose dirt to fly away from particular areas. The soil and particulates are not so loose as to bother my breathing, though, and it seems that the area is not as old as it would logically seem. At the time, I do not perceive that they are related to any type of closed mine, and there are no buildings or land features anywhere. I reach the highest state possible into pure vividness, looking around. No one else is around anywhere. At times, a gentle breeze also blows a bit of the loose soil about. There is a slight essence of yellow above other earthly colors. At one point, I do get a very vague impression that I am in the future and looking at the remains of the house we are presently living in. However, there would be additional features if this were actually the case unless the other materials were removed, leaving only the wooden pieces.

      I do not presently or immediately recall having been on this plane before. I mostly only focus on the local regions of where I am and do not move that far beyond. The only association I seem to make in afterthought is that perhaps (and it is only perhaps) someone had fallen down a well or a mineshaft somewhere and needs my help. However, that is only one lesser association. There did not appear to be any negative energy on the particular plane, and I found it very attractive and interesting.
    8. Glowing Keyboards

      by , 09-28-2013 at 01:28 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was in a dark room with some people. One of them was Tim (Big Brother Australia).

      We all had glow in the dark keyboards that were made out of rubber. Tim's keyboard turned itself off, and he didn't know how to turn it back on. There was a button on the keyboard that allows you to turn it on/off. Someone showed him how to turn it back on, but in a different way then I would do it. They basically ripped something out of the keyboard, as if they were stretching wires. Tim decided to grab something out of the back of my keyboard, and said to me that I wouldn't use this. I found it to be a bit rude, to assume that I wouldn't use it. He walked off to put it in a freezer.
      So I'm trying to Astral Project.-glowing-keyboard.jpg
      Glowing Keyboard

      He's mother was next to me and she said it was a glow stick. She was happy that Tim took it from me, because she wanted it, assuming Tim would give it to her (I remember seeing a red glow stick). I must have left the room and was laying down. I heard a convocation in the background about how I wasn't there anymore, so what's the point of him wanting to the glow stick.

      Tim came into the room I was in, and turned on the lights, it really scared me awake. I even think I made a bit of a AHHH noise as I woke up.

      So I'm trying to Astral Project.-tim.jpg
      Tim - Big Brother

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    9. Bolder Guys, Poltergeist, “Teaching” Poltergeists/Ghosts

      by , 09-24-2013 at 03:24 PM
      Morning of September 24, 2013. Tuesday.

      We are living in a different house, seemingly some sort of apartment that is somewhat like the King Street boarding house except that the area that would otherwise be the downstairs foyer is extended out into a much larger living area, oriented east and west.

      At one point, a light-haired young man comes in from his own entrance downstairs at the east side of the building, yet it seems the staircase is part of a larger room of our own living area as I am able to look up and see him walking up the steps. He yells really loudly to someone as he is walking up the steps and I hear his friend upstairs yell back. They are still talking at a ridiculous volume even when right next to each other. I am very annoyed. It reminds me of people in real life who talk as loudly as possible even though the other person may be close or even right next to them - have never made much sense of why people are like that (even when I was a child), and it is not when the person is angry, either. It is just another way to impose, while having no self-control or respect for others, I guess.

      However, I take an odd approach to how I confront them. One of them comes downstairs again. I say (not aggressively), “Could you please stop shouting? There are other people who do not want to hear it.” I seem to be implying to him that I personally do not mind all the yelling. Strangely enough, he does not get angry. We have a somewhat lengthy and friendly conversation before he continues out of the building. I seem to be in my own place, near the middle of the living room, and he is in his own place by his front door at the bottom of the stairs, even though we seem to be in the same general living area (even the same room), yet living in our own separate homes at the same time - a scene/environment that would not make any sense in real life other than perhaps as with an apartment building with a shared court or similar area for such as hanging clothes or parking or such.

      Time passes and things are picked up by an “invisible force” and thrown against the wall, including some of our children’s toys, such as Lego blocks. The furniture is not disturbed that much and I also feel a slight breeze as the curtains are swept back and torn somewhat, like as with larger claws - but I still do not feel very alarmed.

      I speak out so that my wife and kids (who are in other rooms) are aware of the events. “It’s a poltergeist,” I say, rather unemotionally, informatively, and with authority, but as if it is not that big of a deal at all. I notice that the other man has returned and is in my family’s living area now. There is also a (fictional) hallway that runs north and south along the east wall of the foyer. I now realize that the other two younger males are ghosts, but usually not all that mischievous. He (the one that had used the stairs) makes a comment about how he has “been like this for awhile” as if he is uncertain of his place in life.

      I look at the east wall of the hallway near where there is also a door. The other (dark-haired) ghost seems to be having problems getting through the wall downstairs just to the left of another actual door. His hands come out, glowing green, creating a somewhat interesting unknown emotion (not fear). I make a note of it to my family as if we are watching a performance at a circus or music venue. I go over and help him by pulling on his hands to help him complete his act of going through the wall. The two ghosts are thankful for my help. I even throw a few things around (not in any violent way, just sort of tossing a few unbreakable objects about) supposedly to help them gain confidence in knowing what to do in their apparent new roles as “bolder guys” (poltergeists) so that they can do more of what they are supposed to be doing as ghosts. I then hear some sort of instrumental music, sort of like a harpsichord, but it seems to be coming from an iPhone that one of the ghosts has(?) Eventually, I am aware there are words to the song but I only hear the first few lines, something about waiting at a bus stop and the weather being nice and sunny (from a ghost’s perspective or as light coming in through the window of an old dusty room) as I wake.

      Even though I was annoyed by their shouting at first, ironically, I come to “understand” that the poltergeists are normally less loud and annoying than living people in the neighborhood.

      Oddly enough, before I actually took any notice, the last three dreams on here (before mine - this being in reference to the dream journal site only) include some of the same scenes or details (not all of which I even included in this shorter entry anyway - but this has happened quite often before and I do not always comment on it):


      2 Dragonflies

      Grandmother’s Haunted House
    10. The adventure to the bar of ancient spirits

      by , 10-16-2012 at 12:46 PM
      This dream takes place in several different areas. It was kind of like an adventure and felt like i was learning about some history in the process. It felt like there were a lot of possibilities, some thinking, making decisions (more lucid), and some familiar faces from college.

      The dream started out at the college i was going to in read life. I noticed that it was snowing outside and wondered why.

      As I recall, i was near the upper parking lot on the right side or (the North side) of the residential hall that i was living at. When i looked up, the hill that i took the stairs to walk up, was much steeper than in real life and was loaded with several feet of snow. That was so random.

      I was aware of this because, as i climbed the steep snowy hill, a few college friends passed me. Talking may have been involved. This i am not certain of.

      As i got to the top of the steep snowy hill, i encountered a man who (not able to recall what his name was) seemed like he was lost, or that he was not aware of the below freezing temperature it was outside. This man, for reasons i am not sure of, jumped in a snowy wet trench or hold in the shape of a rectangle. In the process, he froze into an icicle.

      While the man froze in the trench, a yellow school bus was parked at the top of the hill in the parking lot. I was slightly aware that i made the decision to get on the bus. The bus left, yet i was not aware that i was moving.

      From what i remember, after i got on the bus, i noticed there was a lot of people. The bus took everyone to a bar-type place that had really tall stools and a tall bar counter, almost as tall as the ceiling.

      I do not remember getting off the bus, or seeing the bus leave the place i went, because, somehow, i was automatically in the bar area. The bar was in, what looked like a secluded area.

      I remember climbling the stool to sit down. It was similar to climbing a very sturdy ladder, because it was such a tall stool.

      When i got to the top of the stool, i met a young boy who did not speak. I am thinking he may have only spoke one specific language. From looking at him, it seemed like he was 8 or 9 years of age. After i glanced at him, i diverted my attention from the boy to a really tall shelf.

      In this shelf, there appeared to be historic documents and pictures of an ancient Indian tribe. One of the objects i noticed was a statue of an old Indian who may have lived near the bar that i was in. That was interesting to think about.

      During that period, my cell phone lit up. I was not certain why this happened. Something that came up in the dream included an ancient Indian spirit who had the last name "Tutrak" or "Turtrak" and a first name that faded after trying to regurgitate the dream situations.

      When my phone lit up, there was a fiery glow coming from the phone and directing its focus to the statue of the ancient indian. I was not sure what to think about it.

      Shifting from the focus of the glow, i directed my attention away from the bar (maybe in the same building), where i saw a picture of an Indian who was a part of the statue that i saw earlier.

      I felt like the picture i saw was vivid. A lot of what i experienced in this dream felt vivid.

      When i woke up, my body temperature rose, and i think i was sweating a lot.
    11. Cilinder power sorce

      by , 07-16-2012 at 08:37 PM
      All I seem to be able to recall is something about a glowin blue or green cilinder, about 4ft. Long being inserted one by one into some sort of machine in a panel.
    12. Pills packed with power, going shopping, handing out beatdowns.

      by , 05-16-2012 at 03:07 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 Pills packed with power

      Im in my 2nd home in my basement talking with some guys about dreams and taking certain things to enhance your recall and more dream control. One guy who reminded me of Justin Timberlake said..

      "Shiiiit, hook us up with some of that shit then man!"

      I shake my head and tell him..

      "No can do. Besides, only a select few can take those pills. I have my own but its gonna cost you."

      (Justin Timberlake looking guy talking)

      "Alright, how much?"

      "Your life."

      Everybody is looking at eachother and laughing then the Justin Timberlake look alike says..

      "So i have to die 1st in order to take the pills?"

      "No. But seeing as how no one in this room, besides myself is even close enough to defeat her, you all are better off dead before i hand these over to you."

      (A black guy talking)

      "Shit defeat who?"


      Dream #2 Going shopping.

      Im in a car with a woman who seems to be my wife. We head to a large mall and start looking around a bit. She asks me if i wanted to watch her try on some shoes. I told her sure why not. We head to a shoe store where she is trying on different heels and modeling them for me. I nod my head telling her which shoes look sexy on her gorgeous french pedi toes. We head to another area of the mall and glance at some wedding dresses. She tells me that her best friend is getting married in the next few days.

      Her friend calls her on her celphone, and they talk a while. Im over at a man department store looking in this display glass at a nice suit that i would like. My wife asks me if i want that suit, i tell her yes! She laughs and says she will buy it for me. (All i remember from there)

      6:40 - 6:50 am. Did plenty of subconscious training, and went back to sleep.

      Final dream. Handing out beatdowns.

      Im now in a neighborhood that i am not familier with. Some guys start trying to act hard in front of their ladies on the porch they talk smack, but i ignore them and continue walking. One guy actually tried tossing a plastic bottle in mt direction and said..

      "Hey man, you know where you at?"

      "No. I do not recall young man. Where am i?"

      "This fool must be trippin."

      His crew laughs and eggs him on even more yelling things to him like whup my ass or something like that. The guy starts walking closer and i reach in my pocket, and pull out a violet pill and swallow it.

      My whole body is glowing a violet indigo colour, and the guy starts looking at me wondering why im glowing that colour. He starts to swing at me, but im moving super fast and just end up grabbing his arm and swinging him around and tossing him to a garbage can where a cat was cleaning himself. A few more of his guys get off the porch and decide they want a piece too. I start being ganged up by a bunch of em, (atleast 5 or 6 of them) and start moving super fast around each of them seeing there punches and evading all of there strikes to me. I run up to a guy like a blur and punch him in his face. Another guy tries to swing from behind, i duck and back punch him, i see a guy from the side of me stretch his arm towards me, and i crack it. one guy is running towards me and i spin and go behind him and crack his neck. A few of them are hurt, i just look around at all them shaking my head and i wake up.

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    13. Trying to find a teacher

      by , 05-30-2011 at 01:13 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      This dream was enormous, I'm so annoyed I only remember parts of it! I wish these dreams would piece together, I'm sure my subconcious is working on SOMETHING.
      The dream was based around trying to find people who were extremely skilled at dreaming. I remember being at a pool table with an older man, Rob, from my hockey team. I recognise the room now, but I'm not sure from where. He had what appeared to be some sort of coral or a clam, which was the shape of an ocarina. It bit down on the pool cue, and he pushed on it and broke it, and this surprised me, it somehow showed he had great skill

      I clearly remember being in a restaurant, with one of my closer friends. We were definitely seeking training from something powerful, but I don't remember any details. I didn't see Jeremy or Brooke either, who I was planning on having a shared dream with.

      The dream ended at night, when one of the people I go to school with, Dylan was going to through out a tennis ball he had found, which was covered in some sort of chemical which made it glow. He ended up throwing it into a pond, and the glow spread.

      Throughout the dream I believe I was trying to wake up, but I just didn't quite get far enough. If I had RC'd at any point I would have had a clear and vivid lucid.
    14. The Glowing Lake

      by , 05-13-2011 at 03:16 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 09-13-10
      Length: 20 Minutes
      Vividness: 8/10

      I was sitting at a lake as the sun was beginning to set.
      I was with Dakota and another person who I do not remember.

      The lake was completely drained so we decided to go lay in it.
      By the time we got down there, the sun had gone completely down, and the lake had filled a little bit.
      The person who I don't remember swam to the ledge, and I followed.
      Dakota made a comment about how fast I swim.

      I looked around and saw a faint glowing ball in a little Cave of the lake.
      The person I don't remember and I decided to swim to it.

      As we started swimming, I got a feeling of being very scared of it.
      I stopped and started heading back, feeling more and more terrified every second.
      I woke up right after.

    15. The UFO is a Giant Firefly

      by , 06-23-1981 at 12:23 PM
      Morning of June 23, 1981. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 5,300-02. Reading time: 50 sec.

      I am in the Chipmunk Coulee region in Wisconsin, where I have not lived since I was about five years of age. I am in a clearing just outside a wooded area on a hill. It seems isolated, peaceful, and beautiful. I am unaware of anyone else.

      Eventually, it is nighttime. I see a big bright greenish-yellow light that I cannot identify. At first, I think it may be a spacecraft. As it comes closer, I see it is a giant firefly, about the size of a small airplane. It does not seem to be a threat, though there is a sense of puzzlement and wonder.

      [projected transitional vestibular system correlation]

      This event type, though always different in each sleep cycle, is a result of projected anticipation of the waking process itself and stems from the correlation of the imaginary physicality of the dream state with my legitimate physicality and orientation.

      Yellow (especially as light) is a factor of emerging consciousness associated with sunrise, often only discernible in the final stage of a dream.

      I anticipate the dream state as being unlike waking life. The result of my thought creates a UFO, but it resolves as the increasing mental energy of my emerging consciousness. The result is a positive and wondrous association.

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