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    1. Placebo Effect with Gun Shots?

      by , 08-26-2014 at 09:41 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I upgrade my space ship to a faster one, but one with a smaller cargo bay. I can always just pack it tighter and fit just as much. The speed will help me get my job done quicker. I only make $900,000 a year right now. I have the day off, so I go visit some friends.

      Hanging out in a bedroom, the other guy leaves to go talk to the girl's parents about something. Before he does, he leaves two of his guns behind, forgetting the third in his belt. I hear their kid get really excited about the gun - exactly what he was trying to avoid. Then they go further from the door and I can't hear anything.

      Now I'm the girl, alone in the room. I decide to just get some rest. But feel more comfortable with the gun under my pillow, cocked back and dangerously ready to shoot. I get spooked a few times, and aim the gun at the door, but it's nothing. Laying my head back down, I hear someone at the door. They kick the door in really fast to surprise me. But the only reaction they get is a bullet to the face. It was my neighbor who had been stalking me for a long time. He had finally built up the courage to try and rape me now. Scary...

      My friend comes back into the room, really surprised that I had killed someone, because he only left plastic toy guns behind. Looking at the gun I used, it was indeed a toy gun. He tells me to follow him downstairs. We leave my room, go down the the main floor, and see my neighbor, with a definite scar where I had shot him in the head. Especially a big scar in the back of his head. He is acting quite stupid, and seems to be our servant now, taking laundry to the laundry room.

      We go to the bottom floor, and into another room where my friend plays a video that our neighbor filmed, sitting him in front of it as well to narrate it for us.

      In this video, he is in a small off-road go cart, with three of his friends, driving toward a massive building with huge double wooden doors. His mom is sitting in a chair watching them approach from outside, next to the building. They swerve and crash through the doors. Driving way too fast to safely navigate anything, they careen through the building, smash out through another set of doors, and go down the sidewalk as people and bicyclists dive out of their way. Skidding sideways just in time to stop before getting hit by traffic in the road, they turn around to come back the way they came.

      This time, they hit a bicyclist, who crashes trying to get out of their way. I assume the cyclist got out of the way in time. I don't see the cyclist in the video, but the mangled bike flies in front of the camera. Our neighbor comments to us, "Don't you see how covered in blood the bicycle is?" Looking at the footage, I actually see no blood at all.

      Apparently, this video is to explain to me and my neighbor (who doesn't seem to get it) that only what we believe appears to us. And that since we both believed I had a real gun, we both think I killed him, but since my friend knows its a fake gun, he's still alive.
    2. No Helmet, Hanging With Fame, Hailstones (29.7.14)

      by , 07-29-2014 at 12:54 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Record at 2:10am

      I'm at a road down linsell bull. I see a police officer and he catches me without a helmet while I'm on my go cart. He smiles and can't believe I'm not wearing a helmet. He walks over towards me and I think about making a run for it but expect that my go cart won't have quick enough acceleration. He sees that I've had a recent fine for the same thing and says that I only just for my license back as of today. I'm pretty pissed off as I knew the fine was going to be another $180. I start to think to myself that I hope this is a dream or I think that as I awaken.

      Dream 2
      Recorded at 8:10am

      It's night time and I'm at a stadium. There's a group of people who are the siblings of all sorts of famous people. They're all around my age in the mid 20's. They being led out of the stadium and I choose to follow and be apart of them. A small group goes one way and the other the other, I see that the small group is less famous and I follow them. I think they're related to the owner of tackle world.

      We reach a car and a group hops into the back of a wagon (the boot), which doesn't have seats, it's just a floor. We all cram into the car boot and head off to our destination. As we're driving, some asks me to search for something and I can't figure out how to spell it. I think I even try and write it and it's as if I have fat thumbs and keep pressing the wrong letters. We're all having a laugh about what's happening. I start to feel apart or the group and feel as if I can hang with them. I look look around the car and notice more famous siblings are crammed into the front seat. I think I can see Frasier but can only see the back of his head.

      Dream 3

      Im walking down Blaxland with Dad because we heard off my brother that Jamie Lonen was moving just down the road from us. We look at the house from the outside and seem to think it's alright. We go in for a closer look and see the owner of the house talking to someone at his front door. Dad walks up the drive way and tells the owner he's just having a quick look up the drive way. The owner seems to look as if he thinks Dad is being rude by what he's doing and I somewhat agree.

      We're back home and it starts to hail pretty heavy, to the point of where it is hailing inside the house which is crazy considering the small size of the hail stones. I see Dad on the couch but he doesn't freak out about the hail stones coming inside.

      We get a knock on the door and I think I expect it to be Jamie but it ends up being Luke Brey. He's got a pram with him with a child in it. The child looks too old to be still in a pram. Luke looks to be wearing clothes that are fashionable.

      Dream Fragment:
      Daryl mentions about a fruit that combats against fat. I think that he's probably seen an advertise on a website and thought it was legit.

      Side Notes:
      Very rarely I remember a dream within only an hour or two of sleep.
    3. Hatching of the triops/big guy, little car

      by , 07-12-2012 at 07:43 PM
      I am leaning over my triops tank and as I look in the grayish hatching dish I see triops, that have just hatched but are already somehow about half in. Long, I decide to feed them so I pick up the pipet wich already has some good mixture and I slowly drop some of it into the water.
      (in another dream)
      I am outdoors somewhere walking and talking , I say "I don't get the battle exe, it takes 2 hits to kill a creeper and it takes 5 diamonds, a diamond sward takes 3 hits but only uses 2 diamonds." then we walk up to a minivan and open the door, about 8 ft. From us we see a person pull up in a standard go cart on the dirt road, a large man who resembles shaqu gets in the back seat and they take off. My friend and I then get in the minivan and find a sit in the seats, prpareing to go to sleep. (the dream then fades out and I slowly wake