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    1. Fraternizing with the Enemies

      by , 10-25-2016 at 06:15 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was Roy Greenhilt, from Order of the Stick. I was being interrogated by Redcloak, who had put me on a circle. With each push of the button more spikes protrude from it, around me, like I'm on a knife throwing wheel except the knives come from the back. He seemed unwilling to actually hurt me, though. I didn't actually know the answer he wanted and I convinced him that. Someone I also talked him into letting me go. We left what appeared to be a Mayan pyramid.

      My dream transitioned to me in a library. It was a small library. Supposedly I am in my accommodation's library (I was trying to contact the librarian in WL) but the surrounding suggested that I was in my elementary boarding school.
    2. #227 - Beach

      by , 04-11-2016 at 10:36 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It's a nice warm day and I've decided to go down to a small beach situated between two large rocky-cliff headlands. It's pretty vague about what I do here, I think I went swimming but I can't remember. I remember going back onto the beach and eating some fast food, after finishing I find another bag of fast food from the last time I was here. It still has 2 burgers in it, one is in the packaging and the other is half-eaten, which I seemed to remember biting into and putting into the bag whenever I was here before. They're still fine to eat since I remembered that McDonalds' food never goes off, I consider eating it but decide to leave it until tomorrow when I come here again.

      It's the next day and I'm back at the house, it feels like there's a few people that live here. I can't remember clearly but I think I was in my board shorts for some reason, and either me or this other person (who was a green goblin) suggested going to the beach for a swim. Hell yeh! The weather is absolutely dreadful, it's pouring down with rain outside and for some reason this is the best weather for swimming. We start heading out, just me and the goblin. We have a bag of something each, and I get the image of a little miniature castle that we each had.. As we're heading out we see the other residents and friends that live here. There was a bout 5 or more sitting around a rectangular table in a hallway. I strike up conversation with them and decide to invite them along out of courtesy, kind of doubting that they'd want to come in this weather. It might have been rude of me to do so, since I didn't ask the goblin if it'd be ok. I tell them that we'll be going on ahead and then walk off down some stairs. In my head at the time I felt like the goblin wasn't a goblin but instead a beautiful girl who might have wanted to be alone with me for some reason *cough*. But she became a goblin guy again later on.
      As I head to the beach I peer out a window and see that the rain has let up and there's a bright sun shining through the clouds. Hmm I guess we won't be enjoying the rain :/

      I've arrived at the beach, the goblin is 5 minutes behind me or something so I'm here alone. There's a dairy shop that's just opening up for the day, the store owner is a small old asian woman with short greying black hair and a scrunched up wrinkly face. The doors bang open as the wind catches them, I offer the lady a hand in locking them down so they don't move. I talk to her for a bit, probably about the weather. The conversation lulls and I turn to browse the merchandise, I think I woke up around this point.
    3. [06-03-2016]

      by , 03-06-2016 at 10:29 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was laying in my bed and watching tv. I tried to find anything interesting and I found an animated movie about a goblin fighting undead like skeletons, our skeletons with metal bones. He fought with a war hammer.
    4. Jan 11th to Jan 18th 2015 Super Brief Notes LD's #264 to 270

      by , 01-22-2015 at 03:29 AM
      I am keeping these recaps brief but if anyone wants more details, feel free to ask.

      1/11/15 epic night for me starting with a semi-lucid that felt like it occurred over a full day and I even had the thought "I keep getting back into the same dream!" I was on a trip and had 2 different sexual partners and my Wife didn't mind!

      Later dream/DILD: entering a dark hall I realize this feels like a dream scenario and become lucid and start opening a bunch of doors trying to influence what will be inside. #264

      late morning DILD: older DC kicking coins at me. I keep them and walk away and his friend follows me and I get dreamy thoughts it knock him out and realize this is a dream and knock him out. Fly around various things but not much control in stopping where I want to for a while. #265

      success bringing a dreamlet scene back! Late morning dreamlets. When a sexy one faded that I wanted to explore I told myself it was just a crowd passing in front temporarily blurring my view and instead of the typical new unrelated dreamlet, it came back! Not counting as a full fledged LD though.

      1/15 huge sky full of stars makes me lucid. So beautiful! #266

      fiddling with a broken gadget and a goblin?(short green creature) appears and I immediately realize I'm dreaming. Strip down and explore nearby DC activities and sex. 267

      2 sexual LD's with Wife but one may have been semi-lucid so count one. 268

      1/17 shoot up into the sky to escape collapsing house and realize I'm dreaming. Throw fireballs and fly. 269

      1/18 towards end of long exploring dream I am at a beautiful overlook and get the thought to fly down to my destination and realize I'm dreaming. Fly a bit before ends. 270
    5. Backlog, 12/26: "Drive with Wife," "Silhouette Goblins," and "A Lawnmower Car"

      by , 12-28-2014 at 08:53 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      5:55 AM: Close to lucidity a few times (in high school again, both with people my own age and people who are not). Finally, I am driving with my wife. Not sure how, but enough weird stuff occurs that I nose pinch. I am nose pinching, and about to say that it is not a dream, when I realize I can actually breathe. I look at my wife and say, "I can breathe!" She smiles and is RCing as well. I am still not sure. Jokingly, I say, "I am going to do one more RC." I then open the car door as we are speeding along. "If this is a dream, I can jump out and be OK." She doesn't say anything. I look at my hands. They are a little off, but otherwise normal. I look away and look back several times. Finally, I only have two fingers, and one of them is twisted up like an ugly tree root.

      "I've only got two fingers!" I say to my wife in a "this is ridiculous" tone of voice. "This is a dream." I then jump out of the car. I glide to a stop, as though the car was never moving at all. My wife gets out of the car too. We are in a wooded area, and there is a dirt cliff high above us. My wife easily flies up to this spot. I decide to follow, but can't fly after her. I begin practicing what I had told myself in WL: I'm flying, I think, I'm flying! It doesn't work, though, so I jump and start climbing up the dirt cliff. My wife extends her hand down to me to help me up. I
      wake up and then DEILD.

      I roll left (not normal) and fall through space. I am in darkness for a bit, but then "open my dream eyes." I am falling through some cavernous area, with Egyptian iconography. I see a sign that looks like an advertisement for the Discovery channel. I finally land in what I think was a ruin of sorts.

      I sense the gravity is low here. I moon jump through the house. Fun! I notice the house becoming more "house-like" and less ruin-like. In the bathroom, I look around the shower curtain to see who is there. Nobody. I look away and look back, expecting a beautiful woman to be there. Surprise! No, she is not there. I try this a couple of times, to no effect. I then see some shadows in the soap dish. The shadows begin to form into little silhouettes of goblins. I begin interacting with them, and begin to pretend to be mean. They respond by swinging little weapons around (I remember one swinging a tiny flail). I remember to give them positive energy. They really seem to hate it, as they begin screaming. I tickle them and they start dying. I
      wake up.

      MILD for a few minutes then return to sleep. I am driving along a mountain path and listening to a rock song. I think to myself how this singer has a melodious voice, when I suddenly wonder if this is real or not. I nose pinch but find it difficult to breathe. I stop the car by putting my feet down and lifting the main wheel up. I then look out over a cliff at the town below. I think of how I would love to jump from here, if I could just be sure I was dreaming. I sense for my WL body.Hey, there it is! but unfortunately I wake up.
    6. exorcist style hallucination

      by , 09-21-2014 at 05:18 PM
      I was dreaming about death. There was a room full of identical mirrors, I looked in one and i was suddenly awake. In the corner of my room was a green/transparent baby sat upright, it looked at me and then it's head spun 360 and it turned into a small doll sized girl with a blur. It gazed at me. I was sweating and I got out of bed and the girls face turned evil and goblin like. Its head spun around as i got face to face with it. I turned the light on and it vanished. Then my room made some odd click noises that it doesn't often do. needless to say i practically pooped myself.
    7. 01/15/13 Ratchet and Clank in Skyrim

      by , 01-17-2014 at 04:51 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am in a city I don't recognize. I look around to see if I can identify it. It looks like a city out of a fantasy RPG such as Skyrim or Oblivion. There are various people walking around and chatting, various races. I spot a couple orcs, several feline kajiit, and a small cluster of argonians among the more human like races. I decide since I know approximately where I am I need to find out why I'm there. In this kind of game one can often find information in a local pub. So I walk down the street, searching for an inn or a pub. I see some other shops. An apothecary, an armor shop, and a weapons shop, and then a pub. The pub is called the Drunken Troll. I know I've never heard of that particular pub in the parts of the games I've played, but that doesn't matter. Things don't always match perfectly. I go into the pub.

      Inside the pub it is relatively quiet. It is the middle of the day, and there aren't too many people in there drinking yet. Two khajiit are having an animated conversation in the corner, the merchant at the bar is a nord, and a small group of wood elves seem to be celebrating something at one of the tables in the main sitting area. The nord at the bar looks bored, so I go over to him. He asks what I'll have. He says he is fresh out of nordish ale, his shipment is running late. I wonder if that could lead to a quest. Maybe some bandits are causing trouble or something like that.

      I am about to ask something about it when a man enters the room, looking breathless. He is carrying a large crate which he sets on the bar. The nord says never mind... the nordish ale is here. The man who just entered looks like another nord. The delivery man says the merchant isn't going to believe what he just saw outside. The merchant laughs and asks what he saw this time, a khajiit kissing an argonian? The delivery man says nope. He saw the strangest looking miniature khajiit walking down the street talking to this little metal golem. The merchant just gives him a strange look. The delivery man adds that the little golem has wings like a bird of some kind. The merchant starts laughing. The delivery man says he is not into the skooma again, he has given up that stuff. I wonder what he has seen, so I decide to check it out. I get up and head out. The merchant calls after me that he doesn't sell skooma... he runs a reputable establishment! Come back! I tell him I'll probably be back after I check out this miniature khajiit. The merchant says the delivery man is just blowing smoke. The delivery man says he really saw it!

      I go outside onto the street. I look up and down the street to see if anything looks strange. I spot what is out of place right away. Walking down the middle of the road are a couple of individuals that I would never have expected to see in a Tamriel type world. Ratchet the lombax and Clank the robot. Wtf? They are looking around in a perplexed manner. I get closer to them and I can hear them talking. Ratchet is asking Clank if he has any idea where they are. Clank says there is no place in his databases that matches this place. Ratchet says an even better question is how did they get here. Clank looks at me strangely. He says he doesn't know that, either, but the locals are staring. Ratchet looks where Clank is looking, at me, and asks if I have never seen a lombax and a robot before. I say not in this dimension. Oh, and by the way, I'm not a local. And I am pretty certain that the people here have never seen either a lombax or a robot. And I am wondering how exactly this has happened... Is someone messing with dimensions again?

      A couple of people walk by, talking a bit too loud. One of them says look at the funny little khajiit. An actual khajiit looks at Ratchet and says there is no way that pathetic thing is a khajiit. Ratchet hears that and gives the khajiit a dirty look. Clank puts one hand on Ratchet and says not to start any trouble. The khajiit talks like a typical khajiit, says, "Urj'Jirr thinks that little one has an attitude problem." Ratchet looks around and says Urj'Jirr should say that to him directly instead of getting a pal to say it. The khajiit, Urj'Jirr, says, "Urj'Jirr just did. Urj'Jirr says the little one is not too bright." Now Ratchet just has a confused look on his face. He says there is definitely something wrong with the people here. Urj'Jirr looks annoyed and says, "Maybe Urj'Jirr should teach the strange one some manners." Urj'Jirr's companion takes his arm, however. Ratchet is annoyed again and says, "Well maybe Urj'Jirr should just try it... if HE has the balls!" Urj'Jirr starts to make a move, but his friend restrains him. His friend, an imperial I think, says no... he is absolutely not going to bail Urj'Jirr's ass out of jail again. The friend points at a couple of guards who are now watching us. Urj'Jirr says, "Urj'Jirr thinks the little one got lucky... this time." Urj'Jirr's friend forcibly pulls him away. Ratchet is muttering that he'll show that Urj'Jirr who was lucky... Clank tells Ratchet to calm down, they have to figure out where they are and how to get back home.

      I look and make sure Urj'Jirr is really leaving, which he is, though he seems reluctant. He and his friend go into the pub. Great... just what the city needs. A drunk, conceited khajiit looking for a fight. I tell Ratchet and Clank I have no idea how they got here, but I do believe I can help them out with getting home. Clank says that would be very helpful. I focus on opening a portal to get to Ratchet and Clank's home dimension. Nothing happens right away, but I don't have time to focus long before I see a nord dressed in armor coming down the street sounding an alarm. Most everyone is running for shelter. Ratchet and Clank are just watching him, I am there with them wondering what is happening. The guard comes over when he sees we aren't running and says the goblins are attacking, everyone who can't fight needs to seek shelter. Ratchet asks who said he couldn't fight. The guard pauses and then says no one. He says if Ratchet is willing and able to help, any assistance would be appreciated and surely rewarded as well as the guard is quite outnumbered. The guard pauses... then asks if Ratchet is a khajiit... he's never seen a khajiit quite like him. Ratchet says he's a lombax. The guard makes like he knows what that means, moves off a couple steps, then stops and says, "A what?" But Ratchet doesn't notice, he is heading in the direction the guard indicated the goblin attack is in. Clank follows after, jumping up into the air and somehow getting hold on Ratchet's back for a piggy back ride.

      I follow Ratchet and Clank down the street. We are going against the flow of the main crowd, but the crowd dwindles soon as we reach the edge of town. There is a wall there, and guards are closing the gate. Ratchet and Clank get through just before the gate closes. I just jump over the wall. The guards stare at that in surprise. I land next to Ratchet and Clank on the other side of the wall. There are large numbers of goblins running at the city. The guards, being quite outnumbered, are trying to hold them back. Most of the fighters are nords, but there are other races mixed in. I wonder if Urj'Jirr might be there somewhere since he had been looking for a fight. The goblins attack everyone equally. They don't care if their target is nord, khajiit, lombax, or robot... The goblins are many but not too bright. Ratchet throws a grenade bomb into a group of goblins. One of them picks it up and seems very interested in it right up to the point where it explodes in his hand and takes him out along with a few goblins right around him. No one pays the explosion much notice, as there are other explosions around caused by mages throwing fireballs. Ratchet jumps into the air, practically flying by using Clank as a jet pack and is dropping more bombs down among the goblins. I see one goblin actually try to eat one of them before it explodes. I form my arm into an Alex Mercer blade and enter into the fray, cutting a path through the attacking goblins.

      The fight is pretty chaotic, so I don't see a lot of details of what is going on. But I finally spot that there seems to be one person directing the attack… and for some reason it doesn't surprise me that the person is Robert de Sable. Robert is throwing balls of flaming dark energy at those who are fighting his goblins. He throws a dark fireball at a khajiit who has his back turned. The dark fireball is detonated by an energy blast that I track back to Ratchet's gun. The khajiit notices that and turns on Robert. That is my main target… so I head over there. I get closer and recognize that khajiit… it turns out that Urj'Jirr is there, and is now closing in on Robert de Sable. Robert is more focused on Ratchet right now and not paying any attention to Urj'Jirr. I get close enough for him to hear me. Robert says there is no reason Ratchet has to stay in one piece and prepares to throw a dark energy fire ball. Urj'Jirr is right behind him and says, "Urj'Jirr thinks the goblin lover should pick on someone his own size," and whacks him upside the head with a mace. Urj'Jirr then proceeds to pound Robert repeatedly with his mace. The mace isn't getting past a dark energy shield. Robert is laughing at the khajiit's attacks. He throws a dark energy fireball at Urj'Jirr. I use a biomass shield to block it, more of the blast hits Robert than Urj'Jirr. About three grenades land right in Robert's face and explode. Several arrows stick in Robert's back, I'm not sure where those came from. Yet Robert is still laughing. He says he is much too strong to be killed by such things. An aura of dark energy flames surrounds Robert. A blast of dark energy forces everyone in his near vicinity away from him.

      "HEY, ROBERT, YOU CHICKEN-WUSS!" I call out to Robert. He looks over at me and laughs some more. He just cleared the area around him, so I use the opportunity to use a ground spike attack on him from Alex Mercer's arsenal of attacks. Robert teleports over closer to Urj'Jirr, who attacks him immediately. Robert laughs at the khajiit and then says there is chaos here… his work is done. He disappears in a blast of dark energy that throws Urj'Jirr about 20 feet in my direction. " Urj'Jirr says Robert is a coward…" and then calls out, "Come back and fight, coward! Come back and face Urj'Jirr like a warrior instead of hiding like a cave rat!" But Robert doesn't respond. He is gone yet again. I run over to where he disappeared and focus on opening a portal to follow him. A portal opens and I jump through it. He is not getting away this time. Urj'Jirr follows right behind me. Wtf? That's the last thing I needed… some khajiit following me to some random dimension. On the other side I look around a forested landscape. I see no sign of Robert. Urj'Jirr is also looking around in a puzzled manner. Urj'Jirr asks where Robert has gone, then yells out again that Robert should come out and fight. I tell Urj'Jirr that Robert won't be coming out to fight… he really is too much of a coward. I know him well. And now I can't even follow him again, I have to take Urj'Jirr home. In fact, I shouldn't have followed him to begin with… I have to take Ratchet and Clank home.

      I curse to myself and open a portal back to the goblin battle. When I get there and Urj'Jirr follows me I see the battle is pretty much over. Without their leader, most of the goblins have turned around and headed back to their caves. Urj'Jirr looks around and then heads over to help out the imperial I saw him with earlier. I look around to see where Ratchet and Clank are. I finally spot them not too far off. I head over in their direction, at least they're ok. So it should be as simple as returning them home. I get over to Ratchet and Clank and tell them I can still get them back home. Clank is wanting to know how they got here in the first place. I tell him someone has been doing that a lot, though I'm not sure what his goal is… still got to find that out… or just take the idiot out… I focus on opening a portal to Ratchet and Clank's home world. A portal opens and I look through into a futuristic looking city. It looks like the right place. Ratchet and Clank finally go through the portal just before everything fades and I wake up.
    8. Lucid Twice Over

      by , 10-27-2013 at 06:18 PM
      The dream began in my bedroom. The moment I opened my eyes and looked around I knew I was dreaming. As usual I rushed to the window and climbed out (somehow this always seems the logical course of action o.O no doors for me). The landscape beyond my house was very different, so beautiful. The grass was lush and green, there were patches of tiny purple flowers everywhere and those patches are abundant with life, even the insects are a similar shade of delicate purple. I walk around the side of the house, there's a sharp wedge of land jutting upward like a ramp alongside the highest level of terrain. It's wonderfully green. There's a gap on either side of the ramp, so I have to climb carefully. I can hear someone moving around above. I'm curious and start to climb. It's too steep to walk upright, and I have to use my hands. There's a thick lacework of roots attaching the high level of terrain with the wedge of land I am on. I use the roots to steady my climb, and when I get to the top I think I see a gap large enough for me to pass through. Large trees line a lawn that someone is mowing. I pass to the other side of the gap, a trick of light making it seem like it's on the point of the wedge. When I realize my mistake and go to the other side, I realize there is no gap. I take the roots in my hands and try to part them, but they refuse and I only succeed in breaking them from the earth. I've put all my weight on the roots, when they come free I start to fall into the narrow gap between the cliff and the wedge. It is a very long drop. I tilt my head back and remind myself not to be afraid because fear would be admitting that some part of this is real, and if I believe it is real then the impact could hurt me. I close my eyes, feeling the air around me as I plummet to the ground, holding onto the roots, wondering when they will become taut. My feet hit the ground and I allow myself to crumple into a roll...

      My mind sinks to another layer of sleep. I get out of bed and try to turn on the lights, the switch feels like rubber and keeps collapsing under my fingers, the lights won't come on. Disconcerted I lay back down. Someone else goes to try the lights and I explain that the switch is broken. I hear something moving on the other side of my closed door and I have a slight shift of perception. My boyfriend retreats a step from the door and I get out of bed just as the door slowly swings open. I make the sun rise so daylight floods the room. The shadow in my door remains a shadow, all hard edges, the suggestion of claws and teeth and horns. It is tall, taking up the entire doorway, and is carrying a hatchet. It kills him before I can react. I cry out and rush forward, disarming the creature with a quick swipe of my arm and killing it with its own weapon.

      I'm a little unclear what happened next. I walked down the hallway and killed another shadow goblin. I end up in one of the houses I grew up in. I make the sun rise again so that the eerie dusk light is gone.

      I wake up and roll over and I find I want to return to the dream. So I do. It's a combination of the two, I'm in my bedroom. I make the sun rise. I tell my boyfriend to stay away from the door and pick up two knives that are laying on the floor. I open the door and kill the thing on the other side, saving my boyfriend's life.
      "How did you know it was out there?"
      "I've already done this. Since I knew what would happen I came back to save you."
      "Want to see something pretty?" I say, smiling. I hand my boyfriend the creature's hatchet and open the window. On the other side is the beautiful green terrain with patches of pale purple flowers. "Come flying with me."
      "We can't fly..."
      "Sure we can. Do you remember why?"
      "Because you're dreaming?"
      "That's right. Because I'm dreaming."

      I briefly remember returning to the wedge of cliff and my vision going dark and then being replaced by my room. I close my eyes and take a few breaths, I can still feel the dream. I can even still see a little green.
      I think "That was good advice they gave me about stabilizing the dream, just close my eyes and take a breath. Allow it to continue, don't force it to."

      I don't actually remember getting that advice, but it makes sense.
    9. Coughing up Roaches

      by , 03-28-2013 at 03:51 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Coughing up Roaches (DILD)


      I am in a classroom at my old high school with two annoying kids who were freshman back when I was a senior. I take a nap, and when I wake up the entire school has undergone some kind of demonic shift.

      My first sign that something is terribly wrong is when I begin coughing up roaches. I am coughing and hacking, with huge live roaches spilling out onto the floor. One of them crawls out of my mouth and scurries up my face to hide in my hair. I am disgusted, but not quite as disturbed as I should be.

      Some time passes and I am deep within the belly of the school, in a dungeon-like area filled with row upon row of drying racks. On the racks are the decaying corpses of goblins. I am travelling with a live goblin, and I feel sorry that he has to see all of this. The ceiling is very low, so we are walking hunched over.

      We make our way through the seemingly endless expanse of dead goblins, when the ceiling begins to collapse. We quickly evade the falling rubble until we come to an area where the ceiling is a bit higher. There are still rows and rows of drying racks in this area, but at least we don't have to hunch forward to walk anymore. Unfortunately, there are also Giants guarding this section. I imagine that they are on high alert due to the collapsing ceiling, so we flee the area as quickly and quietly as possible.

      Along the way, these red bamboo creatures called "Rod Foxes" begin chasing us. I lose my goblin companion, but I make it out of the drying rack area and hide from the Rod Foxes in a classroom. There are a few students in there who are former classmates of mine. One of them looks out the door and says that a teacher is coming. This is a problem, because all of the teachers have become demonized. My classmate says that if we just do as we're told, he won't hurt us.

      The teacher enters the room and tells us to sit in alphabetical order. We comply immediately. He then slams a putrid goblin head onto my desk and says that I must eat it, because it's "tea time."

      I refuse to eat the goblin head and end up slashing the teacher's throat with dual knives. (Not sure how I acquired these.)

      More time passes and my cockroach problem has gotten worse. I can't stop coughing, and the roaches are crawling out of me at an alarming rate.

      Somehow I manage to stop coughing. There is a painting of a castle on a nearby wall, and I
      become lucid while admiring it. I decide that I will go into the painting and explore the castle. I manage to get into the painting, but the night is so dark that I can barely see.

      I wake up shortly afterward.
    10. First LD

      by , 08-28-2012 at 12:44 AM
      I am standing in my room next to my bed. I know that I am dreaming because I had an instant transition from laying in bed to my current position.

      I run down the stairs past my cat (who is sitting in mid-air ) to the front door and look out the window. It is dark outside, but still light enough to see everything clearly. I unlock the door, turn the knob, and think, "What if I'm not dreaming?" which scares me and gets my heart rate up. I looked back out the window and noticed a motorcycle in the front yard (with only the rear wheel) which reassures me that I am dreaming, because we don't own one. I calm down and concentrate on a beach, trying to teleport there as I open the door. This doesn't work, which frustrates me. I see a short, hooded person standing in the yard (closest I can relate him to is a goblin) and ask him why I can't teleport. He motions to follow him, which I do - around to the side of the house. I see a large cluster of crystals. the "goblin" then pretends to throw one of them to the ground. I say thanks, pick one up, throw it to the ground, and yell "the beach!" as it shatters into a cloud of smoke. I am now at a beach, staring at the waves. I get so exited to have done it that I wake up.

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    11. Advanced TOTM (June 1, 2012)

      by , 06-01-2012 at 07:25 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Advanced TOTM

      I was running in through a desert that I think was somewhere out west. I was already in my black dragon form and lucid. I'm either getting better at becoming lucid at the start of a dream or there were other events before that I had completely forgotten. I'm not even sure what my objective was in this dream.

      From somewhere behind me I heard the sound of a train's whistle. For some reason the idea of riding a train came to mind. I ran over to the edge of a cliff that was to my right. I must have been on a mountain because there was a valley bellow. I saw some train tracks nearby at the bottom and knew the train would pass through any moment now. When the train was close enough for me to see it, I started to plan and estimate my jump. When the train got closer, I slowed down time so I could make a more precise jump. I made a powerful jump off the cliff and landed near the back of the train. I didn't really land on my feet though and somehow broke my right wing.

      I slowly rolled over and sat up. It hurt to move around a lot and I was worried about falling off the train. I placed my hand over the part that was hurting the most and started to use my healing magic. After about 5 minutes of healing I was finally able to numb most of the pain. It was still broken though and it hurt to move it around a lot. I was about to work on healing it completely, but I started hearing some odd noises from inside the train cars.

      I used my energy sense to try to take a look inside the train car below me. I could detect a bunch of people inside trying to open the doors, but I couldn't make a clear image. I pulled myself back onto my feet and walked over to the side of the train. I wasn't sure if this was the type of situation where I should help them get out or keep them locked in. It wasn't long before they broke the lock off and the door slid open. My energy sense started to become more focused and I could tell that their energies were more dark and sinister. I stepped back to the center of the train car and took a fighting stance.

      These monsters that reminded me of goblins started to climb to the top of the train from both sides. I decided to wait for them to make the first move because I wasn't sure of how powerful they were. For some reason it was hard to use my energy sense on them. One of them drew out a short sword and charged straight towards me. I deflected his sword with my claws and pushed him back. From this I figured that they were actually very weak unless in large numbers. I then focused my energy sense on the other train cars and learned that there were two more with goblins inside.

      I returned my focus to the goblins from my train car. They were carrying weapons like spears, swords, and maces. They had already gathered around me and prepared to attack again. As they charged towards me I focused poison magic in my claws and slowed down time. I managed to slash about 10 of them with my poison claws. A goblin with a spear came at me from behind and I barely had time to react. I quickly turned into a shadow cloud and the goblin went straight through me. The goblins then gathered around close to me because they knew I didn't have any place to run to and that my shadow cloud would wear off soon.
      I actually did have an attack planned if something like this happened however. I released the shadow magic around me all at once. It blasted all of the goblins off the train or into the air. I then released a lightning surge above me and zapped the remaining goblins.

      That one battle had already used up a lot my energy, so I decided to handle the next two train cars more strategically. I ran up towards the front of the train and stopped when I heard the doors of the second train car slide open. There was a rope hanging over the side of the train. It felt very out of place to me, but i decided to use the rope to my advantage. I grabbed onto it and swung pass the open door. As I did this, I shot out a powerful flame from my hand and lit the inside of the train car on fire. I swung back to the top of the train and ran towards the final car.

      By the time I got to the final one, the goblins were already on the top of the train and ready to fight. I remembered my wind element and figured that it would be more efficient here. Rather than fighting them directly I could just knock them off the train. I let the goblins surround me as I focused on my wind element. When they charged towards me I let out a blast wind in all directions. They were all knocked off the train and I knew they weren't coming back up.

      I started walking towards the front of the train again to make sure everything was taken care of. I looked out in front of the train and saw a bridge ahead over a canyon with a couple goblins on it. It looked like they were piling dynamite in the middle of the bridge. When the train got close to the center of the bridge, the dynamite exploded and left a big hole in the bridge. By this point I had already started running like hell towards the back of the train. I was running up the train towards the back as it was falling over the edge. When I got to the end, I had to jump up high to try to grab the bridge. I flapped my wings once to give me a boost. It hurt, but it was enough for me to grab onto the edge of the bridge and climb back up.

      I sat at the edge of the bridge and went back to fixing my wing. As I was trying to heal my wing I could tell that the dream was starting to destabilize.
      I woke up as I was trying to fix my wing.


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    12. Healing Potion Quest(December 31, 2011)

      by , 01-03-2012 at 02:32 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      I felt like this dream should have been recorded, but it became fragmented after a couple days. I can't remember any of the before lucid stuff.

      Healing Potion Quest

      I was inside my grandmother's house at the front door. There was a female elf laying there, who may or may not be the same one from my last entry. She was in pain and dying after being attacked by either me or something else. I can't remember. She mentioned something about finding a healing potion.

      Healing potions are always in a vial full of a red liquid for no reason at all. So I kept that in mind as I searched the house. I started in the living room and looked among the tables and shelves. I found a scented red candle sitting on a shelf. I figured it was a potion because it was something red inside a glass and smelled interesting. I ran back to the girl with the candle and smashed it onto the ground next to her.

      "That's a candle..." She mumbled.
      "Damn it." I said, realizing how stupid it was to both pick a candle and to smash it.
      "Okay, don't move. I'll check the bedroom!" I told her.

      I ran about half way down the hallway before I heard a scream. I ran back to her and saw about three goblins with spears surrounding her. They got a few swipes in before I jumped between them and the elf. I grabbed the goblin to the right and smashed it into the middle one. Surprisingly that's all it took to kill them. The one to the left then made a jump towards me. I kicked it as hard as I could and it flew across the room and hit the wall. This one made an attempt to get back up. I finished it off with my draconic roar that blasted the goblin into the wall. I learned that my roar has a secondary effect. It released some sort of pressure wave that left the room in a mess. I was impressed by that.

      My attention quickly went back to the elf. She looked like she would only last a minute at best before bleeding out. I then got an idea to summon a potion. I told myself, "There's a potion in the fridge." I then ran into the kitchen and saw an empty vial sitting on the counter. I took it and then opened the fridge. I found a lone pitcher full of a red liquid inside. I poured it into the vial and swished it around a little. I ran back to the girl as quick as I could. Sadly I was too late though. She died just as I crouched in front of her. The dream ended after I said a few sad things.


      This is the second time someone has died when I could have easily saved them. I seriously need to unlock my healing magic.
    13. 12/17/11 Oblivion: The Escape

      by , 12-18-2011 at 01:14 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Oblivion: The Escape
      I am in prison. I look around to see where I am. I have no memory of how I got to be there or where I actually am. I finally decide I am in a video game, I am playing Oblivion. Awesome! And it's so realistic. The asshole across the hall starts calling me a harlot or something, and I tell him to shut the fuck up unless he can come over here and say it to my face. He keeps talking, saying I wouldn't be talking like that if there weren't bars between us. I ignore him until I hear him say the guards are coming for me, then I look out again and see the emperor and the blades coming into the dungeon. I get back from the door and wait for them to enter. The emperor comes over to me and says he knows me from a dream. Ooo… sounds kinky… he just gives me a strange look. Then he says today is the day the stars foretold. At the urging of the blades, they leave through a secret passage in my cell. I go back to the cell door and tell the asshole across the hall that I'll be going now, maybe we can meet up for a drink… oh, wait! You didn't get a secret passage opening in your cell, well it sucks to be you!

      I follow the secret passage and I reach the next chamber just a couple seconds too late. The emperor and the blades have just disappeared through a door, which is now locked. Apparently they locked it behind them. One of the blades is dead in the room, along with a few cloaked figures. I find a sword there which I take. As I had expected, two very large rats attack me from a collapsed wall, we're talking rats the size of an English Mastiff or a Great Dane. I kill the rats with the sword and then head into the caves beyond the collapsed wall. I find some treasure chests and a skeleton with old leather armor. I take the armor as well as a few lockpicks and some gold I find in the chests. I also find a bow and arrows. I snipe a giant rat in the next room with an arrow before it is even aware of my presence. I continue along the passages, there are more treasure chests, some of which are locked so I pick the locks… I find a zombie eating the flesh off of a dead rat. Apparently deciding I look tastier, the zombie comes at me. I throw fireballs at the zombie and it is incinerated. No body left behind? Where is the mort flesh? Oh, well. A couple chambers later I meet my first goblin who I also take out with an arrow.

      After a bit more wandering in the caves I find another collapsed wall that leads back to the castle dungeons. I find the emperor and the blades there, resting up a bit after a fight. The two remaining blades want to kill me, saying I might be working with the enemy. The emperor orders them to stand down. I chat with the emperor for a bit, he seems very certain that he is not going to get out of here alive. I stay with them for now, following them through a few more chambers in the dungeons. I snipe a couple of attackers from the shadows where they lie in wait. We soon come to the last chamber where I know the emperor will get killed, he knows it, too. He gives me the amulet of kings just before he is attacked.

      I find I can move this time, though! It's not a cut scene, I can attack the asshole! I attack the asshole attacking the emperor and fight him sword to sword. After a short fight I win. I turn back to the emperor and I see a second attacker standing over the emperor's dead body. Damn… I have never seen a second one! Baurus comes in and says he has failed, then asks about the amulet of kings. I tell him what the emperor said about Jauffre and the one remaining heir. He says to take the amulet and go, so I head into the sewers. I snipe a couple more trolls and rats. I soon find my way out of the sewers and into the wilderness outside of Imperial City. I head straight into the city where I am able to sell a lot of the crap I collected for gold and then get a room for the night. I figure it is a good time to save the game, so I do so and lie down on the bed and fall asleep.
    14. Death Joints and Goblin Attraper!

      by , 09-22-2011 at 10:21 AM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      22-09-11 Shitty recall, went to bed with the intention of meeting the Ayahuasca guy and chilling in the event of lucidity, maybe play around with my Blasting Rod, which is not a euphemism for a sexual organ.

      Went to bed around 1:45 GMT+1 and was up about 10.

      Remember having quite the number of dreams, but only one really stuck and even this is with fairly poopish recollection.

      Here goes

      Death Joints and Goblin Attraper!

      I am in a hospital setting, though the surroundings seem more like the room is located in a sewer. There is a patient on the table and there is a female doctor working on him. She is using a plant or the extract of a plant and manage to cure him of whatever ailment it was that he had.

      It turns out to be a brain disease (I later discover it to be caused by the same plant that cured him). Either the dream shifts or we move rapidly from the sewer setting out in to a natural setting. We are in a park there is a woman with me, a researcher, maybe Kaomea, not sure, but I don't think it is the same doctor who treated the other guy.

      There is another patient and I look at him from a distance. His head is swollen (BADLY!) and there are discolourings that are somehow luminous, but also look like blood poisoning at the same time.

      The guy is in a bad shape and he is rambling. Not sure if the rambling is caused by the disease or a love craze for the researcher accompanying me. He wants a picture taken of his head and he wants to show her that finally he has a big brain. He thinks she will find it attractive.

      The PoV shifts from the side of the bloke to up above him. As his brain continues to expand at a rate his skull cannot follow he just dies. Nothing fancy, all of a sudden he is just still. A bit creepy.


      We have the plant and we are running towards the spot where it is to be planted. I find it a tad weird that it is in the middle of the park accessible to everyone, but she insist. We find the spot and all of a sudden a guy comes running towards me and past me with helicopter gun ships on his tail. Shots are fired and I see splinters from trees right in front of me.

      I take my posse and dive towards the right and we run to a little hole in the ground that has obviously been prepared for just the plant. The researcher runs and starts putting the plant to ground (Seeing her now she reminds me an awful lot of my partner from the shootout from a couple of nights ago, so in retrospect it is probably Kaomea).

      Note: Next time lucid find her and pay attention to how she freaking looks/feels!

      However there is little time and we have to abandon the plan, I am not sure because of the feline/troll faery or he comes immediately after, but when I see him I turn lucid.

      The fae is interested in the plant, for hidden probably malicious reasons. He is in a shelter by the side of the gravel road, it looks normal except the doors to the place is more like gates that can be pulled down or up.

      He is sat in the house and his body is weird. Overall it is mainly feline but his arms are extremely long and you can see the power in both upper and lower arms. Besides that he has hands, opposable thumbs and all. He is partially or fully naked, though I think he has a cloth covering his groin. His skin looks rough and a bit tanned and his hair is completely black and looks a bit like a mane.

      Lets step out for a bit: I am aware that this doesn't sound like a faery to you guys, but if you have read the Dresden Files you will remember that many a creature are of the fae ^^

      He shifts his gaze around and spots us. I immediately get the feeling that he only perceives me as a disturbance and he charges me. He could easily rip me in half, and due to his odd looks I am a bit anxious when I, based on my intuition alone, drop to one knee and compliment his home. Had he not been faery this would have been the end of me. Instead he stops mid charge and looks at me somewhat confused.

      The researcher and another guy (maybe the one who came running) are a bit ahead of me, not in danger of the fae as he wants something from them. In all fairness it might be better to call the bastard a goblin, which he looks like more, which essentially still makes him a fae, though of the Wild Court. and are pretty much already in the little shed.

      The goblin shifts his eyes to the prize and I am left outside. I look at the goblin intently and eventually, because I complimented his house, he waves an arm around in a common cross cultural gesture “come inside”.

      “I thank thee humbly for thine hospitality and your graciousness as a host accepting me into your house as a guest”. It actually comes out rather well though my voice is a bit muddy at times, I think to myself that this little speech is rather good compared to my normal lucid speaking. The speech serves a function though it, it serves to establish a traditional and sacred bond between host and guest the faeries MUST adhere to. It serves to ensure my safety, as the goblin must protect me as he would himself as long as I am his guest.

      The runner looks at me and his face is now that of Daniel (my upstairs neighbour) and he gives me a mischievous smile of recognition. He might as well just have said “Nice one!”, he is also aware of the rules of the fae. The reason it works I think is a combination of the compliment, and timing of my little speech. The goblin is a freaking junkie and only really wants the plant, so with that as a distraction he doesn't really know what he is agreeing to.

      The goblin gets the plant and the runner and the researcher is huddled down in the back of the building. There might be a small stream of water in the house. I stop to wonder at this point if I should start exerting direct control, but the plot of the story is just too damned good to start ruining it like that ^^.

      We have to get out of here and I start looking for ways to achieve this. I have a slight (rather, a MASSIVE!) advantage over my friends, being a guest, whereas they are prisoners. The goblin has taken the plant and is now up in the corner under the roof of the shed. His body has turned redish and blue in some areas, and I discover why, he is smoking the freaking plant.

      Right next to him a smoke detector, appears. Difficult to explain. There is an incipient smoke detector that manifest when I look at it. I come up with a plan. I am going to burn the building down and utilise my status as a guest to ensure that the goblin will have to focus on me and my safety while my friends escape.

      I ask the runner if he has a smoke, he hasn't. For some reason I know there is no reason in asking the researcher. So I turn to the goblin and ask if I can bum a cigarette. He looks at me a little while before he throws me the “death joint” he is smoking.

      I catch it in my shirt, by the elbow. It is one of my favourite shirts and now I have a different problem, I had hoped to acquire a lighter so I had a more direct means of starting the fire. However I still have my shirt and I contemplate if I should just set fire to myself or take it off and start a fire in the building.

      I feel the dream fade and wake up before I can see it to completion.
    15. 06/16/11 The Lost Caverns of Pennywise

      by , 06-17-2011 at 07:50 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      The Lost Caverns of Pennywise
      I am in a forest with MoSh and Asuka. I look around to see where we are, but I don't recognize the place. MoSh asks where this lost cavern of… um… this lost cavern of whatever is. I say it's not far off, and I start looking for a cave entrance. We are at the base of a mountain, so I figure it will be easy to find a cave entrance here. When I finally find it I am surprised to see it looks like it is the appropriate size for a hobbit maybe… it is a tiny hole.

      To go through it there would be no choice but to get down and crawl through, maybe even wiggle through on my belly. I point at the hole and tell MoSh I thought the entrance was bigger, but maybe it collapsed. MoSh suggests blasting through, but that would destroy too much, might cause more cave-ins. I said it couldn't be that small for far, the caverns themselves are huge. So it must just be for a short way. I crawl into the hole and down the narrow passage. It doesn't seem very short, of course I am unable to move very quickly on my belly. MoSh is behind me, and Asuka is behind him. The hole we are crawling through is lined with mud. It is getting us filthy, but at least there's no chance of getting stuck. I come to a dead end. Shit! We have to back out?! No… there's a stone blocking the passage. I give it a shove and it falls away, dropping about ten feet down to water. We have reached the caverns. I tell MoSh to jump out of the small passage, there's water below. By the rock landing I could tell the water was deep. We jump into the water with a splash and grope blindly until we find the shore.

      It is pitch black down here. I use the spell 'lumos' from Harry Potter, somehow without a wand, and the cavern lights up. It is a huge cavern, I see the hole we entered through on a low area of roof over the water. There's definitely no way to go back the way we came! There are several passages exiting the cavern, and since we have no set destination, we just take the closest one. The cave walls are lined with strange drawings and strange writings, images that clearly depict a war going on until it starts raining and then the rain seems to bring peace somehow. A strange creature is blocking our path. It has huge bulbous eyes that seem to glow with a faint white light, he doesn't seem to like the light I am creating, but he also doesn't seem to know where the light is from. The creature looks mean, like a form of mutant goblin, and it snarls at us to prepare to die. I tell him he can't be serious… if he values his own life, he had better back off. We aren't here to kill anyone, but if you force it… The goblin retreats into the darkness. We explore some more, Asuka finds some flowers growing in a small wet area, the flowers glow in the dark. They are quite beautiful. The goblin also returns with several friends and he repeats his threat. I repeat my warning. He attacks. I summon my Witchblade sword and cut him down easily. This gives the other goblins pause, and they retreat quickly into the darkness.

      We find the end of the passage blocked by an ornate looking door, a heavy looking wooden door… seems odd… It takes some effort to open the door, as it seems to be on old hinges that don't work too well any more. As the door slides open the ruins of an amazing city are revealed. It looks like something out of ancient Rome or Greece, and I realize my light is no longer needed. The walls and the ceiling of the cavern, as well as much of the floor, are all covered with those glowing flowers. The door, which opened with difficulty, now slams closed behind us all by itself. We set off to explore the place. I am wishing I could somehow get photos of this place back to my waking life… that would be cool. Maybe I can model something like this… but that will take forever! We keep looking around and we soon find a temple in the center of the city. The temple is mostly intact. We go inside and find there is a woman there and the room is full of treasure. She says we should go ahead and take a share of treasure if we wish… but only the worthy will be able to get across the water. There is a pool of water around the platform with the treasure. The pool is radiating pure light energy. MoSh and Asuka go over to look at the treasure.

      I am about to join them when I notice laughter, rather disturbing sounding laughter. No one else seems to hear that. I look around for the source of the sound but I don't see anything. The laughter gets louder and sounds creepy. I look towards a dark arch and see glowing silver eyes through it. A clown emerges, the clown looks like Pennywise from the book It by Stephen King. What is he doing here? He disappears through the arch, I follow him, I don't think it is a good idea for Pennywise to be wandering around here. On the other side of the arch is an abandoned carnival, the carnival has a creepy evil atmosphere around it. Pennywise is standing next to one of those wheels where they tie a person to it and another person throws daggers at it, getting the blades as close to the person as possible without cutting them, to demonstrate the thrower's skill and the courage and trust of the person on the wheel.

      There is a man tied to the wheel, Pennywise has cut his stomach open and is pulling out the man's intestines and twirling them around a fork like spaghetti. The man is screaming in pain. Pennywise says I should come over and eat some… YUCK! I call my Witchblade sword back and I slice Pennywise in half down the middle. The scene around me melts and I find myself submerged in the strange fluid formed as the scene melts. It is a thick and viscous fluid, impossible to swim in, like mud. I sink underneath the crap but that shouldn't be a problem, I'm dreaming. But I can't breathe… I can't move and I can't breathe. What the fuck?! I decide the only way to get out of there is to go ahead and wake up.
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