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    1. Overwhelming Mind 2 DILDS

      by , 02-12-2020 at 11:42 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was in a classroom and one of the students said something rude and stupid to him. The teacher then became angry and started flipping students desk all over the place. For some reason this guy was coming at me as I counter most of his attacks. I look at him and ask him why are you doing this? He looked at me and said something repulsive that I can no longer remember. I thought it was odd so I had knock him down and tried to avoid anymore confrontation.

      I remember leaving thinking this doesn't make sense and I began to realize I was dreaming. As I am outside trying to get away from this guy I knew I could jump and fly out of the apartment complex. So I tried it only to land flat on the ground. I guess I need more self confidence as I didn't trust myself on a few other occasions either. I began to forget about the guy and was sole focus on learning to flying. I kept climbing up the wall and telling myself I can fly.

      But again and again I would come back down in disappointment. That's when I heard the man screaming as he begins to get closer to my location. I then began to go somewhere else in till the dream faded out.

      I held on to my consciousness during the new transition to a new dream. I then saw the anime character Goku as a SSJ3. I was still lucid and had some dream control over him. I decided to make him blow up near by city as he hover over the sky. It was very god-like and made me realize my desire to fly was stronger than before. Goku was a master at flying, as he continue to soar through the sky I eventually made him land on the ground.

      He fought a few people and even almost got stab by the famous Jay-Z himself. That's when I awoken from my sleep.
      Tags: fight, flying, goku, jay-z
    2. #46 - Lucid #5

      by , 11-05-2014 at 01:20 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      WBTB at ~5, ate a banana, was pretty good. Did 7 short SSILD cycles followed by 2 long ones, then for every 5 minutes or so afterwards I did another 2 short SSILD cycles to maintain the awareness.

      Lucid Dream - Almost fought Goku...
      Me and E are in the same house, we're looking for something, I think I remember where it is. She's in the lounge and I recall it being somewhere near the TV, so I head there and move towards the direction of the TV. She is in the centre of the room and kind of gasps at my sudden appearance in the room, and it felt like she was infatuated with me. Felt a bit weird because IWL we pretty much hate each other. I rustle around in the cabinets beneath the TV and there's a whole bunch of damn cables in the way. "Wait a minute... What am I doing here?" I kind of just realize that this is all a dream, I don't even bother doing a reality check.

      "stabilize now...... stabilize now.... STABILIZE NOW!" The last one I yelled out and the world around me brightened a bit and became more clear, the echo of my shout rings around the room a bit. Oddly enough I noticed now that I was in a kitchen on the 1st floor of a 2 story house, opposed to being on the 2nd floor of a different 2 story house. E was gone now too. I feel like later I should try summon her back. To my left is a fridge, I approach it, the feel of my feet touching the ground is so real. I can see all the individual dust particles that have settled or were floating around the world. I head towards a some carpeted stairs and go up, I'm met by a typical baby-proof gate. I see a toddler walk out of his room rubbing his eyes, he looks at me and I realize he is me as a kid. I continue on, the baby-proof gate mysteriously gone now. I look around and see something I couldn't possibly describe accurately... It was Luffy's brother Ace (from the One Piece anime) and he was made of bubblegum, including his clothing and hat. He was there, then he wasn't. Then I saw a poster in a nearby room that had him and Luffy with there foreheads pressed against each other in an eye-glaring brotherly stare down. The thought that I could summon Luffy just blew me away, I'd be able to hang with him! Awesome. I think to myself that he's behind the door in that room with the poster, and then rush around. But nope, there's a pimply brown-haired 20 year old hipster dude just sitting on the edge of the bed texting. Then somehow I'm given this container of pills called "Black Elite Pills", which in the dream meant that they're what Goku uses to power-up to his Super Saiyan Black Elite level... Which doesn't exist, I know, but I thought it did in the dream . I see Goku in the room sitting at the computer playing games and I decide to pop open the container and eat a whole heap of them, "Hey Goku, let's do this." I throw him the container, and we're getting ready now to duke it out. But I'm awake now. Slowly the clarity of the dream must have been fading away, and I hadn't noticed.