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    1. Winning the Olympic Gold in Ping Pong

      by , 08-13-2012 at 07:01 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I haven't posted anything in my DJ here in a while so I figured I post this funny little dream I had last night.

      I was in some sort of lounge which had a small coffee table surrounded by a half-dozen chairs which were quite comfortable. I was sitting in one of them along with my dad and various uncles. I looked over to my left and noticed a ping pong table with a small Chinese girl standing there with a paddle. She looked over at me and motioned me to come play against her. I decided why not and got up to go over there. Once I got to the table a referee appeared next to the table and handed me a paddle. He also gave the girl a ping pong ball which I didn't really mind.

      It was about now that it suddenly hit me that this was the Olympics. Nothing changed scenery wise, we were still in the lounge with my family sitting in their chairs talking about something and smoking pipes (which they don't normally do ), but for some reason I just knew this was the Olympic and there was a lot of pressure on me since it was USA vs China. The little girl, about 8 years of age, bounced the ball on the table and prepared to serve. She hit it quite fast to the point where I couldn't even really see it. Somehow, though, I hit it back and it bounced off one of the corners of the table, score one for the US.

      The game was to 21 and it was my turn to serve. I leaned over the table so that I was bouncing the ping pong ball right in front of the net and then served it as hard as I could. This happened to be a little too hard as it just missed the table giving China one point. The next thing I knew it was 8 to 5, US, and somebody was next to me; it was my partner. Apparently I got a teammate while the little girl had to play all by herself. I had no clue who this person was though, but I felt like he was my cousin despite the fact that I can't remember what he looked like or how he acted.

      It went back and forth a little bit, nothing spectacular happening, just a typical game of ping pong only the ball seemed to go 10 times faster than any other game I had seen. The score was now 15 to 9 (or something similar) with the US still in the lead. I walked away from the table mid game and headed toward a large window which was in the back of the lounge. There was a cushion on the windowsill that seemed to act ad a couch. I sat down and looked back at the lounge. It was a fairly ornate room with a large fireplace next to all the chairs with a pair of bear arms hanging on the wall. There were some nice rugs spread throughout and various paintings and arts around the room.

      After only a few seconds I went back to the ping pong table to find out that the score was now tied at 20; next point wins. How did this happen so quickly!? I was only gone for what seemed like 30 seconds and yet my partner somehow managed to give up a 6 point lead and brought the match to the final game. The small Chinese girl had the serve and hit it as hard as she could, just like earlier. My partner seemed to either disappear or just sit back behind me and let me finish because me and her just hit it back and forth for about 45 seconds.

      At this point I decided to try and end it with a spike to the left corner of the table. I hit the ball as hard as I could and it managed to just clip the side of the table, giving us the point. My partner was suddenly next to me again and we cheered and high-fived. My family which was sitting to the side the entire time were all lightly clapping similar to a golf clap. The little Chinese girl was really sad and almost started crying but for some reason we didn't care. We didn't care that we just beat a little girl half our age, 2v1 at ping pong, we won the Olympic gold medal!