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    1. 11/3/14 Santa Claus Sign DILD, possibly DEILD

      by , 11-03-2014 at 07:45 PM
      ...Later I drive to a combination of the back of a high school and the house of the brother and sister in law of M and J from 90 minutes north. While driving I got to a precarious point behind the football stadium where the road seemed to drop off to the left and the road was muddy. At some point I get to their house and they are allowing me to pick from a stack of golf balls that slowly disappeared...perhaps as I dug through them they sunk to the bottom of the container. One of them had like a snowman or a ghost figurine popped up out of the golf ball...useless as a golf ball. Another golf ball had a hole in it maybe where a ghost was pulled out of it. Later while looking for my car I run into the wife and we seem to have an attraction towards each other and I tell her she's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. She is crying and consoling in me and she helps me look for my car so I can get going so that the husband doesn't catch us getting close and we see her daughter and I wonder if the daughter I will be suspicious of us. The daughter is sitting inside of a barn-like structure. I either awake or I have a false awakening where I think about how the fact that I was looking for my car should have come to mind as a dream sign. I am at some point back in this area that's outside the back of a High School and in a shed or barn I see a sign that says Santa Claus can be found 750 feet up from here.

      I realize that I'm dreaming and start flying up there knowing that I am the one to decide how far up is correct...that there is no need to worry about a specific distance. The dream gets a little fuzzy but I find the door and knock on it. I guess it is Santa Claus that opens the door...everything is still fuzzy. He says something like you can have anything you want and knowing that I'm in a dream the only things that I can keep with me after the dream is over are good lucid dreaming memories so I ask him to take me to my favorite place, but to surprise me. Just before that I thought about asking for my favorite grassy sea beach but I instead opted for a surprise. We seem to be transporting somewhere and for some reason I decide to help it along by doing my eye clench thing whenever I am in between dreaming and awake and trying to go into a dream.
      I should have just briefly closed my eyes - if anything at all. Anyway I woke myself up and found myself back in bed. I think that I confirmed it with an RC and was definitely convinced that I was awake back in my bed. Kind of early for Christmas, but a little gift either way. 225 Good string of lucids in recent nights.
    2. Quick Step, Ferlingo Twin, Teddy Bear Biscuit Friends (21.8.14)

      by , 08-21-2014 at 04:30 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - 7:18AM

      I'm at Jane and Tim's house and I'm sitting at the table in the dining area. Tim and I are talking. I get up and decide to mock the quick step. I'm moving my feet up and down quickly. I find it pretty funny, but I think I enjoyed it more then anyone else.
      I walk back over to Tim and notice he had recorded what I was doing. I see myself on the screen but he seems to have only recorded from my knee and up, missing the whole point of why we were recording. At the end of recording, he does move the camera down so you can see my feet for a few moments.
      Tim looks to have uploaded the video clip on Facebook.

      Dream 2

      I'm in a pubic bathroom setting. I see that Daryl is with me and one of the Ferlingo twins. Ferlingo is eating a icey pole. On top of the cubicle is 5 icey poles sitting on top of the door. I try one, but it wasn't one that was on the door. Ferlingo doesn't seem to be as snobby as I expected and seemed nice. I notice that my hair is long, similar to theirs. I mention about my hair being like theirs. He tells me to shave the side.

      A lot of people start to enter the bathroom.

      Scene must change and I'm outside of a gold course. I see Tiger Woods and he's explaining about his earlier career. He says that he was broke and that he slept in his car at this course, awaiting the game the next day. I think this course was for the Australian Open.

      A scene comes up of a Croatian Golfer who must have won the Australian Open. He was getting carried by his supporters. He was ecstatic.

      I figure I'm in a restricted area and begin to blend in by searching for golf balls. I find a bunch and hand them to the man that collects them. I notice a few of the balls look odd. Some look small, big, cut in half etc. The man collecting notices this too.

      I'm now outside the course, lining up with Jane and Daryl. Jane pushes in line and drags me in with her. I feel it's rude, so myself and Daryl go to the back of the line.

      Dream 3 - 9:30AM

      I think I was at the shops buying meat with my brother.

      I'm in the car. Kayley is driving, Dianne is in the passenger and I'm in the back. I notice Dianne is eating a packet of Arnott's Teddy Bears. She looks to have already finished a row of them.
      Attachment 7551

      I have a plastic shopping bag on my lap and I look through it and find that I too have a Teddy Bear biscuit, expect I only have one. I take it out and place it next to Dianne's and pretend they're hugging one another. We find it funny. I think Dianne mentions that mine isn't a legit teddy bear biscuit and is probably a rip off of it. I continue searching through my bag and see that I have some steak in there. I open it up and realize its uncooked. I'm a bit pissed, as it's not sealed anymore, so I think of using a bag to wrap it. I see another steak, which is smaller compared to the other. I think I may have my brothers steak in here.
    3. Lucid Dream 222: A Day at the Range

      by , 05-01-2011 at 04:51 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 22, 2011
      Lucid Dream 222: A Day at the Range
      Series: Friends, Episode 11
      around 1:00pm

      The first part of the dream I remember, I was at one of my house parties. The night was winding down and I was wasted. I was passing out on one end of the couch and Cliff was passing out on the other end. I told him that I would try to find him in the lucid dream I was about to have. We talked about lucid dreaming for a bit and I then closed my eyes. I immediately started seeing HI/HH and completed a brief transition into a WILD.

      I got up off the couch and woke up Cliff. I told him we were dreaming. He then went and woke up my friend J-Dub and told him the same. We exited the house and I told them to follow me. I took flight and they followed. I flew for a while until I noticed something interesting. It was a driving range. I figured it would be cool to hit some golf balls in a lucid dream. We landed and there was a golf bag sitting nearby. There was also a row of bleacher behind us. There was a whole crowd of people on the bleachers watching everyone at the driving range. We started hitting golf balls and then using our lucidity to make them catch fire, travel an ungodly distance, or travel in crazy patterns.

      After hitting a few golf balls, we decided to mess with the other golfers around us. I walked up behind one guy and every time he swung, I used telekinesis to knock the golf ball off the tee and he would miss. After missing several times he got pissed off. He teed up the ball and perform a very quick swing. He connected and I used telekinesis to send the ball straight up into the air. He was looking down range for his ball when I slammed it on top of his head and knocked him out. He collapsed on the ground and just laid there. I walked down to another golfer. It was actor, Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley from Harry Potter). I decided to mess with him a bit.

      I turned to find Cliff and J-Dub, but didn't see them. I called out for Cliff a couple times and he came around the corner and said he was pissing on some golfers. I said to him, "Let me borrow your boat horn for a minute." He then reached in his pocket and pulled out a small boat horn. Just before Richard swung through the golf ball, I blew the boat horn. He hit the very top of the ball and it bounced a total of about 20 feet. He looked pissed, but didn't say anything. He teed up another golf ball and this time, I put the boat horn right next to his ear and blew it. He about fell over and shanked the golf ball completely sideways. The whole crowd on the bleachers behind me started laughing. He pulled a remote with a single red button on it out of his pocket. He pushed the button and a fire alarm started going off around us.

      All of the people in the bleachers started to panic and yelled, "Fire! Everybody run for your lives!" They all scrambled and some of them fell off the bleachers. People all around started running toward their cars. As I watched them run around like mad, I felt something solid slam into my head. Richard had hit me in the head with his driver. I stumbled a bit and it actually hurt a little. Now super pissed off, I turned and started beating the shit out of Richard Griffiths. I told J-Dub to get the biggest driver he could find. I had knocked out Richard Griffiths and set him up on top of a tee. I told J-Dub to send him over the mountains. J-Dub performed the happy Gilmore swing and launched Richard into the air. He flew beyond the outer fence and landed somewhere in the woods.

      We decided to make a change in location. I took flight and the two of them followed me. We flew around for a while and was about to land on top of a nearby mountain when I felt the dream fade and I woke up.

      Upon waking up, I realized that I had been dreaming the entire time. I had actually WILDed within the dream. So, I classified it as a DILD.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "Friends," I join the DC counterparts of my waking life friends and tackle the dream world. You never know what we will be up to next, but I guarantee it will be one hell of a time. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    4. Fragments

      by , 02-19-2011 at 08:58 PM
      1. I'm in a room filled with cheap vinyl furniture. The room is full of people, and it's hard for me to find a seat. Once I do, an old man comes up to me and tells me that I have taken his seat. I find a new place to sit, in a big armchair, and look around. All the people are sitting silently and just staring off into space.

      2. I'm in a car that is absolutely stuffed with people and luggage. There are cats somewhere in the car. I can hear them meowing.

      3. I am in a huge penthouse suite, overlooking the city from one window, and the harbor from the other side. The apartment is circular shaped and has a big domed skylight in the middle. This is my apartment, but I'm having to move out in a hurry. I'm frantically throwing things into boxes. There are cats in every room.

      4. I'm walking down town with a friend. We look up at the tall buildings, and she tells me about how she likes to stand on the tops of them. and hit golf balls out into the city. I tell her that it probably causes a lot of damage. "Someone has to," she replies.

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