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    1. 22 Apr: Golf with Trump, flying car, all-I-can-eat and dog killers

      by , 04-22-2019 at 10:05 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some place, playing with someone's toys and I see a gorgeous realistic doll. The owner says it is for sale and not very expensive, still it's 39€. For this type of collectible it is cheap, but still is 39€ for a doll, so I get really divided and can't decide to buy it.
      Meanwhile, Riverstone comes along and he asks me for some money and I go to my wallet and have packs of money. I start taking all the bills out for counting and ask Riverstone to help. He starts counting and I need to go do something else but I more or less evaluate how much money that was from my week sales and it is quite a lot. I feel glad.

      Dad invited for some event with VIPs. He takes me along. He joins a bunch of old white people who are down in the garden playing a kind of mini golf and Trump is among them. When it's Trump's turn, he does some weird trick and my dad is under the impression he cheated. But from my viewpoint I don't think so, so I tell him that. My dad gets upset that Trump might actually be a good player. Anyway, as I watch closely this group of old pathetic weirdos, all sucking up to trump, I just feel compassion for the poor fucks, including the Donald himself who simply looks like a clown unaware of his own ridiculousness.
      Meanwhile they are being watched from afar by a group of younger people and I notice some dude staring at me and quite a few others also looking like wondering who am I and why I am among the old geezers. Then I get a big smack in the face. It's a girlfriend that just saw me there and is totally surprised to see me there. I wonder the same. She confesses she is around for something else and spotted me with that group and had to come and check.

      Back home (childhood home), I am with my dad and my three cats. My mom has a friend and some family coming over for a dinner and she got drunk on some liquor. I ask the name of it, because I also try it and it is really tasty. When the family members leave, my mom goes out with her friend. My dad is at the bathroom and when he comes out he gets really scared at something. I heard a noise, but I see nothing strange. Then I see the front door completely open and ask if that's why he got scared. He says no, but also doesn't explain, just goes to get some tools to fix something. I close the door and immediately go check on my cats. One by one I find them deeply asleep in different rooms. I feel relieved.

      Parking one of my cars at home (the farm), I notice something weird: my van is not a van, but a second small car. I go check and it is a flying car. I take it for a ride through the country. People walking below get scared but I am high enough not to be a danger. Then I slow down at the next village and an old neighbor who is walking his dogs makes several complaints. We discuss back and forth, but I tell him not to worry. If we conclude the car or my driving are dangerous, I will stop it. So the grumpy old man and I depart in good terms. Then his son comes along, arrogant, no respect for anyone and he wants to sue me. He carries on bragging about his properties and his rich inheritance as if it had anything to do with this situation.

      Doing a Buddhist retreat, staying at some big hostel, several floors high. I find my room, I am tired and just wanna go to my bunk bed. I start dressing my pajama pants, but my neighbor from the bed below invites me to go to the cafeteria for a while. I have very little money that I can spend but I am definitely hungry., so I accept. She actually needed someone to talk to. She says she gave an interview to some media and she is afraid she might have said too much about our retreat. I tell her I always share just the basic and other things I refer to my teachers and if they need, they can ask them. She orders something to drink, I order some kind of yellow thin pancake, the cheapest thing in the menu and then some generous folks come buy with plates full of food, leftovers they want to share, toasts, pasta, sponge cake... I am so happy and don't want to look greedy but I immediately dive on these plates and eat from all of it.

      Some guy who's into booze comes to find his drinking bottle grew and stretched into the sky like the bean stalk from the fairytale.

      Some graphic news on tv about a lady haidresser and her boyfriend who became dogs serial killers, because supposedly she was going through difficulties and started eating dog meat and cooking it to sell to others. They show graphic footage of her cooking live puppies in a barbecue and cutting the neck of a grand danois.
    2. A Stratosphere Experience

      by , 09-14-2018 at 06:42 PM
      I'm with Mom walking through the Vegas strip. I can see the Stratosphere behind some of the buildings and I point it out to her. She starts freaking out about its height, but I keep pointing more stuff out to her, like how there is a crew cleaning the sides of it by hanging from above with long washer brushes right next to the drop zone for the bungee jumpers. I want to go up there so I start heading into the building ahead of me to get there. Eventually, I make it up to the top where I'm on some kind of pendulum swing that moves out over the edge every so often. I'm kind of scared because people are falling off all over the place with no safety stuff on at all. Eventually, it stops and I get off. The people controlling the ride give me some tickets, I guess since I was able to stay on, and I walk away. Later, I'm golfing with a group of people on a very difficult hole. Everyone has hit the ball out of bounds so far, and I barely keep my shot on the course. As we walk along the fairway, people start dumping buckets of practice balls and begin hitting towards the hole. I join them but never get to hit a ball before I wake up.
      Tags: golf, swing, ticket
    3. Golf, Balloons, Packages, and Phones

      by , 08-22-2017 at 11:41 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-22

      Golf, Balloons, Packages, and Phones

      I was playing golf. Not miniature golf, but real golf. I was out on a golf course and I have a bag with one golf club slung over my shoulder. I found that discarded. I also find a few golf balls lying around, and I decide to take a shot at golf. I set up a golf ball, and smack it with my single club. I am surprised at how accurate my shot is considering I've never played golf before. I do this for a while, walking between different areas, then I'm thinking I should pay admission. I go to the entrance of the park to see how much it costs. When I look at the price, I decided I'm not going to pay after all. It's way too expensive. I go out into the course again, and play a few more holes. Now I am a little nervous about getting caught, so I am careful to play the holes that are farther away from the entrance. Soon some people come out there, and I think I better quit before I get caught. I quit by waking up.

      I see a party at a park. I go over to see what's going on, and I find Alicia is there. There are a lot of colorful balloons. The balloons all look like Pusheen. The party breaks up, and the people at the party take all of the balloons when they leave. I am a little disappointed, I wanted one. Then I see there's a deflated one on the ground. I'll pick it up and blow it back up. I realize it has holes in it. I find some tape and start taping the holes. An employee sees me doing that and says if I wanted that badly he will fix it. He takes the balloon into the back room. I have the feeling that he's not going to bring it back. Alicia says she wants a pink balloon. I was wrong. The employee brings the Pusheen balloon back, and it is completely inflated now. But I have barely put my hands on it when it immediately pops and I wake up.

      I am in my own house. My mother is there with me. We are sitting there when I hear a truck outside. So we go to the window and look. There is a UPS truck outside. My mom opens the gate and lets him in. The UPS delivery person gets out with a large package. I go out and bring the package in. My mother is asking if it is surely for me. She asks what I have ordered that would be that big. I told her I don't know what I have ordered that would be that big, but of course it's for me. And look at the address label, and I see it has the name Little on it. Why would James’ packages to be delivered to my house? In spite of the name not being mine, I open the package. I find a lot of stuff in there. I find some unopened boxes of brand new Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon cards. I am thinking I'm going to keep those. I also find some comics. I really don't have any interest in those. Then I find some really cool stuff. I find video games for the PC, some really good joystick controller's, and a VR set up. I am thinking I have just scored. I am looking at the virtual reality helmet when I wake up. I am disappointed.

      I am with my mother at an electronics store. We are looking at new phones. I am looking at a new iPhone and thinking I might get it. I see my mom is looking at a smartphone. I go over and see it’s a really nice one. The salesperson is explaining its features to my mom. He says it’s as powerful as any desktop computer, and the amazing thing is it can run either iOS apps or Android apps. I am surprised when my mom says she wants one without knowing the price. The man then asks how about me. I try the phone out and want it. But I say I need to know the cost first. He says the phone is free. I do a double take… free? I don’t believe that. He says it really is. He hands me the phone I tried out and says to keep it and get it set up on the service of my choice. I am still thinking there’s no way this phone could possibly be free when I wake up.
    4. #23: Golfing big / Plane / Shrimp girl / Zombie apocalypse

      by , 10-29-2015 at 09:11 AM

      Dream 1: Golfing big
      I'm awake in bed. I think i just woke up. I'm sitting up, with a laptop on my lap. I still have a white blanket or pillow drawn over my lap. I have two tabs open in my browser, one of them is fb. I believe the other one is a new tab. My girlfriend is to the left of me, also in the bed. She was asleep, but wakes up now. Because she is still laying down while I'm already sitting up, her head is at my waist level. She puts her head on my lap so that she can see the screen too. The moment she woke up I switched away from fb. I didn't want her to think I'd rather spend time on fb than with her. She wants to play the game. Ok, we can do that. I see it in a full view kinda way, as if we are actually there. It's a weird combination between playing on the laptop and actually being there. It's a sort of golf game. It's on Bali (Nusa Lembongan?). Top-down view of a field of grass, which lacks any detail (just like a crappy game). There's a yellow and an orange or red player. The hole is quite big and you're supposed to guide an airplane, a tank and who knows what else in there by making an arrow that tells it where to go. Apparently this doesn't have to be a straight line, cause I consider making my plane move around a bit before going to the hole in such a way that it will also push a truck in there. At the start of the game there is a slight confusion over who has which colour, because something went wrong in the game.

      Dream 2: Plane
      There's two people, one of them is a guy, the other I'm not sure about anymore. I think I'm just a non-present spectator. I feel like the dream was cartoonish, due to a certain drawing style. I can't shake the image of humanoid cartoon mouses, but I don't think that's really what my dream was like. The two are at sea, without a boat or something. A propellor plane is after them. They duck under water for a moment. At some point they are on very small deserted island which is only covered in grass, though I'm not sure when exactly that happened. The plane sends out a message in a Morse code kind of way. The guy does the same thing using a whistle. He is... part of an organisation and has a title. It's sort of like the army, cause he has a rank. He intends to commandeer the plane I believe. Yeah... good luck. I don't recall how that ended

      Dream 3: Shrimp girl
      I'm with a guy. Apparently we're friends. Something happened, but I can't recall what. After that we end up in an elevator with partially glass doors so that you can look outside. The rest is made out of metal. I walk in and out a number of times, causing the elevator to stay where it is. When I'm done and ready to go a few people (2 girls and a guy) approach who want to join. I make sure the doors stay open long enough for them to join. The elevator is spacious like a room. One of the girls (I think she's blond, black pants and a red coat, but somehow I'm not certain) is doing something weird on the floor, which is referred to as 'the shrimp'. The guy makes a mention of joining my friend and I to our home. Yeah don't think so. He says it in a joking kind of way, as if he's testing the waters.

      We're inside the train station in my mom's city. We're walking from the back side to the front. I'm talking with my friend. There was a vote about what we're gonna do or something and I say that I bet he voted for the anime/cartoon of which I can't remember the name, also not in the dream. He laughs and says he did. There are two sets of stairs near the front, both about 5 steps. In response to the shrimp, I wanna do something fun here. Take a short run-up and take off from the 2nd step to dive over the rest of the steps and glide like a penguin. I'm a bit socially conscious about it though, as every few seconds total strangers pass through the station. I don't recall actually doing it.

      Not sure if it was before or after the last paragraph. I'm walking outside the train station, but it doesn't look the way it should. Much, much more space is dedicated to bicycle racks. I walk over, past a girl with long dark hair and a dark/greyish outfit. I walk back and forth at least once, so I pass her at least twice. The last time I look at her, her hair is covering her face like the girl from The Ring, but not in a creepy way. At some point I start thinking in a way as if the others we met in the elevator are coming home with us. I wonder how far I could go with shrimp girl. I wouldn't do anything of course, since I have a girlfriend. But I wonder what could happen, as in how attractive am I to her.

      Again not sure when this happened. I'm walking towards and then past a train. The train is yellow and has a black text written on it. I forgot the exact phrasing, but it was in Dutch and basically said you are allowed to eat in that wagon. I start to think: aren't you always allowed to eat? I look through the windows as I walk past the train and see people sitting with small tables with food on it. Right before I walk past the wagon I start to think about my ex girlfriend, though I don't remember exactly what I was thinking of.

      Dream 4: Zombie apocalypse
      The zombie apocalypse has occurred. I'm rather calm, as if the situation isn't completely new. My cousin, my little brother and I need to get away from here. We're just outside of a house, no clue where specifically. I tell my little brother he needs to get his sleeping bag. We may also need another bicycle, so that we all have one. I ask my cousin for an item, but I find something better: a rope. A blue one. My cousin (and little brother perhaps) isn't too excited about the prospect of staying in the woods. Well suck it up, I'm thinking about our survival. Using the rope we can put our hammocks/sleeping bags in the air by tying them to trees. This way the zombies can't reach us. We can set up a perimeter by putting up a string with tin cans on them, so it will rattle if something passes. We can use thumbtacks to pin the string to trees to prevent slack. We need to make sure it's at the right height too. Too low and the cans hit the ground and won't rattle. Too high and things might crawl under it.
    5. #12:

      by , 10-16-2015 at 08:58 AM

      I'm writing this post a bit late after waking up, so the details of my dreams are already quite vague

      Dream 1: Mafia
      I'm a member of the mafia. I don't feel like I'm a really high ranking member, just an ordinary guy. I'm loyal to my Don. I'm inside a building that belongs to us, so it's just us mafioso in there. It's the size of a public building, so pretty big. There's a high ranking guy coming to visit us. Perhaps a Don from another group. Me and another guy from our side have to come up with a plan for a specific purpose and present it to the high ranking guy. We have to make sure to impress him. There are glass doors which lead to a balcony, which somehow feels like it's still inside. Though I never looked down it also feels like it's pretty high up. The Don and the important guy are sitting on the balcony. Me and the other guy enter the balcony and walk to the right, where they are sitting. As we walk it dawns upon me that our plan severely lacks detail and that we'll have to wing it. I start thinking about proper etiquette. I wanted to just shake the important guy's hand, but in my mind's eye I see a dude kissing the hand while on one knee. Do I really have to do that?

      In the same building, on the same floor maybe (it's a pretty generic setting; walls with a very light colour and a light greenish hue, no furniture). In the middle of the enormous room there's a big opening. This is the same on all floors, so you can look down all the way until the ground floor. This way I can tell that we're quite a few floors up, though I don't know the exact floor level. A guy gets thrown down all the way. I'm not sure, but I think I fall down with him. There's a pool on the ground floor, exactly where the openings are. Please hit the pool. Please hit the pool! Nope. On the ground next to it.

      Still in the same building. A shoot out is taking place. I have an assault rifle, or a similarly big gun. At first I take cover underneath a desk in a cubicle while around me at least 2 people are shooting; 1 from my left, 1 from my right. I say people but they are not. I'm not sure what I should call them. Cartoonish entities. Eventually I myself am in the middle of it. I point my gun at 'someone' and can see through my scope that my aim is good. I'm shooting without using my scope though. A bit later or earlier I'm shooting at someone without using a scope, maybe because my gun doesn't have one. I have a long barrel though and it seems to be bend slightly cause all my shots deviate.

      I read an article yesterday evening about Syrian refugees and the influence of the Turkish mafia.

      Dream 2: FA?
      I woke up around maybe 2 in the morning for no apparent reason. After that I could hear noise coming from my housemate's room, which annoyed me as I tried to get back to sleep. I'm not even sure if that last part was a dream or not. I think not. Next thing I know I'm at Albert Heijn, a Dutch chain of supermarkets. I wake up (again?), thinking how silly it is that I was so annoyed by my housemate and not being able to fall asleep, while I was having a FA.

      Dream 3: Golf
      It's as if I'm looking at a commercial. One of my former highschool classmates is standing inside a clothing(?) store with a dark wooden floor. The kind that might still give you a splinter if you ran your fingers over it. He's starring in a commercial and they're shooting it right now. No surprise, he's a good looking guy. He gets asked to shoot a golfball at the mirror. I wonder if the owner of the shop is ok with this.

      Fragment: Isa
      I dreamt about a friend of mine, Isa. I'm not so sure what happened anymore. She has some stuff which may or may not be hers. At one point she makes haste to get away on her bicycle.
      Tags: golf, gun, mafia
      false awakening
    6. He Found His Darkness In Me, Golf Ball Retriever (16.7.15)

      by , 07-16-2015 at 12:20 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      He Found His Darkness In Me
      I take something out of microwave and notice that something has exploded. There's shit everywhere inside it, sticking to the roof and sides of microwave. I let Kayley know what has happened.

      I'm at my old house in the backyard. Theres a snake on the ground. Some guy climbs the tree and kills a snake, and then hangs it from a branch. I thought the food that exploded was up in the tree. I see a Komodo Dragon inside a bag up in the tree. It breaks through the bag and attacks a snake that's lurking around in the tree. The Dragon comes down after me. I try and scare it away by hitting it. I quickly get to higher ground by climbing half way up the fence. I tell Kayley who is in the distance, near the gate, to get away somehow. I think I suggest to her to climb the fence. The fences are broken, there not in good shape. The dragon turns into a large ferret looking thing. I start patting it and being friendly to it. It seems to be changing its way towards. It's being nice towards me now. I put my hands in its mouth and let it bite me in a friendly way. I'm a bit wary doing so, just incase it turns on me. I see a scene of the ferret evolve from light/energy into a ferret. I have a feeling come to me, that the ferret was trying to find its darkness, which is me. It loves me, I can feel it's love.

      I'm laying down in bed with a girl, that's supposedly my partner. She pats the ferret, but she's a little timid towards it. She tells me that I don't talk to her the way I talk to the ferret. I jokingly tell her that I was talking to her not the ferret. She puts my hand on my dick and it arouses me. I feel ashamed as my penis feels really small.

      Golf Ball Retriever
      I was In a narrow area and kids were hitting golf balls towards me. I was trying to catch them. They went over my head. I run to get them. They yell something. I put my hands up while running cause I feel they're mocking me. I come back with ball. I talking to them from a lil distance and they're ignoring me. They look like Taliban soldiers. I start to get angry and raise voice. They finally respond. I throw them the golf ball later.
      I'm up some stairs and Bryce Gibbs wants to know if he can show his mates in the kitchen. I go and ask the coach. He said give it 4 Mins. I go up to Bryce and tell him. I start getting ready to open the roller door for him.
    7. Reunion?

      by , 10-14-2014 at 06:40 PM
      Non-Dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am at a fancy bar / restaurant with a few friends - I believe they are the guys from Workaholics. I am drinking wine for a while then switch to very cheap whiskey. Suddenly the place gets much more crowded and lively and it seems to be like a high school reunion or something. Throughout the dream I find that I am either really bad at talking to chicks or I just have no desire to do so.

      Fragments from this dream:

      - Ders from workaholics had invented an automatic lawn mower and was testing it out outside. It works really well but he has the settings coded wrong. It goes too far laterally during the turns and won't overlap the previous path. This leaves long lines of uncut grass. I go up to tell him how to correct it and he had morphed into my friend BW.

      - There is a very long and steep gravel driveway outside. My friends and I slide down the entire thing on our feet.

      - There are lots of older people and they are disgusted by our behavior.

      - Two chicks are in a battle over who is hotter. We determined who is hotter by asking them to show us their raw steaks. The girl sitting up at the long table shows a very thick and bright red ribeye steak. The girl sitting down at the round table also shows a nice steak but I can't describe it in detail. The crowd unanimously votes for the girl with the ribeye. I was the first to declare her the winner. I had been mean to her earlier in the dream and she didn't like me but now she does.

      - We are all signing a card towards the end of the night. It is massive with seemingly hundreds of notes / signatures. I can't think of what to write and my writing is very sloppy. I am also having difficulty gripping the pen. The card is taken away from me.

      - My friend and I ask two chicks to join us in a dance competition. It turns out to be a mixture of dancing and golf.

      Dream 2: The golfing continues on an actual course with different people. The first whole is a short, 115 yard par 3 with a huge lake between the tee box and the green. The first lady to hit is new to the game and very intimidated by the lake. She hits a low line drive that looks like it will carry the lake. She is very excited thinking that she did it. The ball does in fact carry the lake but hits the wall behind the green and bounces back into the lake. I am up next and I am trying to decide which club to hit. I pick the pitching wedge and then wake up.
    8. Baby Horse, Kayley's Black Mum, Hole In One (16.9.14)

      by , 09-16-2014 at 09:30 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm at my primary school, standing on the oval. I see a young horse running towards me. As it gets to me, I jump on it while its still running. It's a strange feeling, I feel I have a strong connection with the horse. The horse takes me down the road towards the traffic lights near la porchetta pizza restaurant. There's traffic and the horse takes us towards the cars. I can see trucks. I try to stop it but its fighting against me. The horse eventually stops and we get to the other side without a scratch. It was night time and some cars didn't have their lights turned on.

      I'm now at Daryl's and I see a dog bowl. Kayley tells me that Trish phoned in and asked if I was feeding and looking after my dog. I tell Kayley that I've been taking the dog for walks.

      Dream 2

      I'm at my house and I see Kayley talking to a black women who is meant to be her mother. The Mum has quite a few teeth missing. Kayley is jokingly mocking her Mum about something. This scene replays a few times. As Kayley leaves, she calls her an ugly cunt or something like that, really putting her down.

      I can now see spices that are placed in a spice rack. I pick one up and have a look at it. Kayley's Mum must have just got back from being out with her boyfriend. She tells us she got spoilt. She bought back a bottle of vodka. The bottle is a lot wider then a normal bottle with a plastic lid. I take a closer look at the herbs and there's a picture of Kayley's Mum on the front of it. She looks decent looking. The back of it has a picture of her playing basketball. I ask Kayley if she used to play basketball, she say's yes.

      Dream 3

      I'm at a party and I see a few people trying to putt a ball into a hole. If the person got it in the hole, they win a car. I was going to have a crack at it, but someone took my shot instead. Germain has a putt and it comes pretty close to the hole. Someone takes over Germain's shot and must have put too much power on their shot, cause the ball was now 10 meters away from the hole. There's a bit of decline in the surface if u were to miss the hole.

      I'm now playing a video game on the computer. Its a similar game to Mario Brothers. Jason Deen asks me if I remember playing this game together when we were younger. At first I didn't recall, but it clicked with me as I was playing that I did.

      Someone that I'm with decides to play a bit of a joke on a guy sitting at his computer. He somehow makes the victims computer screw up. Maybe even blowing it up, through a virus or magic. The victim becomes furious.

      Dream Fragment

      1. Blaxland House

      2. I see Dad walk into garage through the house. He asks Daryl if he took any of his cigarettes. Daryl confesses that he did. He has taken a handful. I can see a homemade cigarette pack on the freezer, which Daryl is talking about.
    9. Surfing in the City(Pt 2)

      by , 08-29-2014 at 01:21 PM
      I arrive at home after the wave pool incident to find my cousin, Blake, levitating while in full lotus meditation in the entrance of my room.
      I try not to disturb him and tip-toe to the lounge. On the centre wooden table i see a collage made with all of my pictures from when i used to live in Portugal.
      "What a lovely surprise present"i think to myself..

      Blake soon enters the lounge and we begin to watch some intense big wave surf footage of Kelly Slater,who films using a go pro strapped to his board so you are able to see from his perspective as he is tube riding.

      It's almost as if i am right there with the surfers,hovering over them from a 3rd person helicopter perspective.
      "Kelly Slater is an amazing athlete,the sporting world completely underrates him.he's the Tiger Woods of surfing!"

      As the worlds leave my mouth I float in this "3rd person perspective over a exotic string of islands in a turquoise blue ocean.
      On the islands i see an immaculate golf course.
    10. Sleepy frags and short WILD

      by , 09-06-2013 at 09:15 PM
      Early fragment: something good about a DV member and lds

      Dream: me and parents are living in a street shop that is a house. The place also reminds me of a cheap hotel room. I complain about all of us having to share the toilet. I want to do the laundry before we go out. The neighborhood is very bad too.

      Fragment: mom wants to play golf because she can't wait for me on fridays?

      Fragment: I am examining a large bullet that has been fired already and wonder if it can be used again. Some guys are after me, I run to the top of the building.

      late-WBTB&WILD: As I am falling asleep, I expect to see a scene form in the darkness and think about my hands. I appear on a dark street, make a few movements to properly get in and stabilize and then my body begins to float up. I decide to control the flight and will myself to fly up but reach a certain height maybe about two floors high and the float/flying stops and I slowly go down. I wonder why's that and try again with the intention of going to the roof of the building this time. I float up but the dream ends and I need to get up too.
    11. OGF_Kill; The Mob

      by , 12-11-2012 at 11:01 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      The Mob

      I was watching in 3rd person perspective as a guy in the mob was showing another guy this weird move. He was in a restaurant setting, but in his home. There were swivel chairs set up in a semi-circle. Golf balls were set up over the chairs, and their were lasers going through the air and connecting the balls and stuff.

      The mob guy jumped over a chair and ended up sideways and trying to hit a ball. This was supposed to show how much he'd practiced and to show his power as a threat.

      Then the mob guy was trying going to kill me. I had done something wrong. He ended up giving me two cigarettes. I didn't want them. He forced them on me saying that he had done something, so I should take the two cigarettes. He put them in my mouth. Someone somehow tasted one and said they weren't cigarettes. He meant they were poisoned.

      I told him I would take them anyway. (I didn't have much choice.) I started to walk away so I could then run away, but the steps I was going to use had a black guy walking up the stairs. He would have stopped me, so I walked back like I was just nervous, but wasn't going to go anywhere.

      I then did walk away over to an area with plants. I saw one plant with two spider webs that made balls of a sort. Then there was webbing connecting them and all around the plant. This was also good for the plant as it kept warmth and moisture in.

      I got out my phone to take a picture, and accidentally tore a bit of the web. That exposed a tunnel of spider web. I looked in and it had a blue light shining on it. It was so cool! I got out my phone to take a picture, but then the mob boss grabbed my arm and started pulling me to kill me again. I was so scared.

      I tried to take off my jacket but I couldn't. He made fun of me and sang a song about trying to take off dream jackets. I realized then I was dreaming. The mob boss dunked himself in the water to show how much control he was in. I imagined the jacket off and it worked, but the dream ended.

      I can't remember where, but one time I was trying to escape, I had looked one way and it was too far. As the mob guy was chasing me I turned to the right and saw a beach with beautiful water, but the mob guy caught me before I could get there. I can't remember where that fit in, but the water was beautiful.


      I was with an OGFJ. We were on a floating dock that wasn't big enough to hold us both. We were trying to make out. We fell into the water and had trouble getting back up to the dock. It seemed like I didn't want to move my arms to swim. The water was greenish and it was night time, so I could barely see through the water.

      We finally made it back up and she made a comment of displeasure. I said something like, "At least you could get to the dock!"

      Dream skip

      I'm with my cousin Michael. We headed to a party or something. I ended up getting into a fight with someone, then fighting someone else. I was trying to stab the second guy, but then he ended up with the knives. One was a little curved.

      When he got the knives, I said, "Oh no, knives!" Then the guy commented that it's OK when I have knives, but when he has them I get scared. He was right.

      I was in two t-shirts. I straightened them out because my arms weren't through the sleeves right. Then I ran. I was really scared.

      Then he was above me in some kind of cacoon. I had a razor blade in my hand. He started knocking things out of the ceiling (his floor) and I attacked them thinking it was him. It was just some sort of padding/stuffing. Eventually he did fall through. He was in some kind of suit. I jumped him and took the razor to his body. He was protected by his suit, but I started wearing away at the suit until I was cutting his body and his head.

      Once I had him good, he turned into a roach. I started chasing him all over the room to kill him. Once I ran over a bunch of bikes knocking the all down and stepping on and over them. I chased the roach into a corner and tried to kill it. He got away. There was shit all over the place, but eventually I got it with the broom.

      He ran up the wall injured. I saw another roach which was a diversion. I found the right one and killed it. Then he was a person again whom I buied, though I didn't actually have to bury him in my dream.

      Then I had to deal with the other guy. I didn't want to deal with him. I was afraid he would kill me. I started trying to find MJ in my phone to come pick me up.

      Eventually my friend Michael showed up. I kind of ignored him looking for MJ. Then a girl showed up and I was going to go out with her. That was cool.

      Then there was my first girlfriends mother. She sat down and was playing a card game with a kid from my bus. Since he was playing an adult game, he had to bet adult amounts instead of the half price kid amount to bet. At first the bets were real money, but eventually it was like monopoly money or something so it really didn't matter, but he was sad he had to bet the full amount.

      Some of the cards got wet and the front and back separated. We held them on with paperclips.

      I was driving a car on a dirt road with an unknown passenger. We drove until we found the main road.

      That is the end because I have to log a dream from 12:00 midnight (will be above) and I need to sleep some more.
    12. knew it was gonna happen.

      by , 10-10-2012 at 04:18 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Went to bed feeling down on myself...like really pitiful. Thought about past relationships, and what went wrong, what went right. Even friendships. Felt lonely....knew I was going to dream about one of my exes. Wondered why I had dreams of some of them, and not others. Realized it's because things actually went well and it seemed like they had a chance to last, or maybe just left unfinished....not destroyed.

      The good news is, I didn't dream about any ex. The bad news is....I had a dream about the one that got away. There used to be so much sexual tension between me and this girl. We went to college together, and flirted with each other every chance we got. Always shared each others food...shit was intimate. The only problem was she wanted her freedom after being in a long marriage, and I'm still looking for that right one to settle down with. Anyways, on with the show.

      I'm at my university, but things look weird. There are a ton of us in our scrubs and we're all heading to the next building. As I walk through the sea of women, I look around to see if I notice anyone. Eventually I see Su. We talk a bit, while the rest of who knows how many students flood into this building. After a little small talk I sort of realize that I don't belong with them, and head off.

      I entered another building, where these people are wearing suits...it's all top secret in there, and some guy is bragging about how we're a special group or something. Some kind of security thing...I'm confused, because I'm in nursing....not security. I leave, and the parking lot is empty....it's very steep. I spent a while tumbling around the parking lot with nothing to do. A couple of people were watching me make a fool of myself, as I would lay down, and let gravity to the rest. I was also able to roll back up the hill. I probably should have gotten lucid on that, but I never think to RC when gravity is all jacked up.

      Screw this....let's look for SU. I started walking, and I saw her walking towards me. We sat down on a bench, and I gave her that look I always give. That "if only you knew how many different things I want to do to and for you, and I dare you to say "what?" so I can tell you exactly one thing". She says "what"? I said "you already know, but your hair....it looks different. (Normally she keeps it in a pony tail, french braid, or leaves it down and wavy, but it's kinda messy with thick gray streaks, and it looks like she cut it)

      It looks like someone's been pulling it. I ran my fingers up her neck, and sliding them slightly apart so they could closely run up the back of her head. Slowly i curled all my fingers except my thumb, and pulled back. She started moaning. I spent a second in my mind mentally congratulating the girl who taught me the best way to pull hair, and said "like this". She started rubbing all over my body, and the scene started shifting right before my damn eyes.

      I'm in my room...lucid enough to know that this is going to turn out awful, but not enough to say "hey it's time to go out and do something other than attempt to have sex till I wake up". We both start getting naked...she's stroking cock...it's already ready to go. I placed it between her small but firm tits and started squeezing them. I noticed my damn door was open. Fuck it.....next thing you know, my damn father walks by, and lucidity fades.

      She looks over, and she's got that "we gotta stop" look on my her face. I walked over to the door, trying to close it, but it took a while to shut it. I look back over there, and she's looking at me....sitting on the bed on her knees....ugh the frustration running through my head right now. It closes, but not good. I try to lock it. Fuck it looks like there's a shirt blocking the door. I slam the door on it, and part of it cracks. I crabbed my bicycle, and leaned it up against the door. Maybe that should hold it.
      I head back over there...my penis is looking jacked up...like really horrible. It resembles some long uncooked pastry.....fuck! The dream ended.

      I'm playing golf with D and D...it takes me a million shots to get the ball in the hole....there was more, but I forgot it all.

    13. Coyote Attack

      by , 09-25-2012 at 09:10 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am house-sitting for my parents in their old house on Pam Ln. My wife is with me and we are sleeping in the master bedroom downstairs. The bedroom looks very similar to what I remember as a child except in addition to the sliding door out to the spa there is another very large window behind the bed. My wife wakes me up. It must be morning because we can see clearly out of the windows. She is very concerned because we see a coyote walking across the window by the spa and our cats our outside somewhere. I try banging on the window to scare it away but this doesn’t work. After this attempt I resort to tormenting the coyote. I am laughing at it, scratching on the walls, yelling at it, and talking shit on it because it can’t get inside.

      Suddenly it gets dark outside as if it were nighttime again and the coyote grows bigger. More coyotes are outside now and they are trying to get in. I regret my previous actions and I am now frightened. The coyotes are very intelligent and one of them is talking to me – it called me stupid. My wife and I move upstairs to my old bedroom, closing two doors behind us. We are almost certain that the coyotes will get inside of the house but we feel safe in this room. We realize that we will eventually have to face them when we leave the room and we are scared.

      Wake up.

      Dream 2:

      I am in a huge crossfit gym getting coached by coach D. There is some kind of tournament going on. I haven’t been to the gym in a very long time so coach D is designing a special workout for me. I begin with box jumps and he brings out a 12” box. I pride myself in being a great jumper so I tell him that for this exercise I want to use the same box everyone else is using. He brings out a 30” box and I am having a lot of trouble with it. It seems to be as tall as me and I have to use my hands to pull myself up onto the box. Embarrassed that I can’t do it, I call coach D over and ask for the shorter box. Then I move on to a 225lb deadlift and a few other exercises. Coach D and some other people are recruiting me for their football team but I decline. They want me to play the occasional cornerback by I say that in order for me to play I have to be one of their main options for quarterback and wide receiver because that’s what I’m used to.

      Soon after my workout I discover that there are hundreds of pigs lying around the gym. They are all dead, hairless and they appear to have been infected with something. I am completely grossed out. We all get white trash bags and go around throwing all of the pigs in the bags. I am now standing in a disgusting pool picking up the pigs. Coach D apologizes and explains that his pigs are breeding out of control and he can’t handle taking care of all of them – that’s why they died.

      The horrible pool of water that I am standing in contains a bunch of broken needles. Me and some other guy step on the needles and one goes very deep into my foot. I announce that I have been stabbed in the lymph node and it is very deep. The guy next to me says it will be fine and I reply “you don’t know as much about science as I do.” I have a strong feeling that it will give me cancer.

      I am not in the gym anymore and it looks like I am at someone’s apartment. I go through some weird scenes explaining what lymph nodes do. Basically if you leave stuff open then bad things like pollen and other irritants will get into the lymph nodes (?!?). Bill Murray is acting it all out. Bad things are attracted to me now and are trying to get me sick.

      Dream 3:

      I am in the parking lot at a golf course. Some guy comes up to me and begs me to play. He tells me that nobody is playing this course because there is some crazy guy roaming the course. He offers to pay for everything: green fees, golf balls, etc. I accept. We go into the pro shop and he purchases a couple of golf balls. I tell him that I’m not very good so I will probably need more than that. We head out to the course and the guy changes into my dad. The course is very difficult and the balls are cheap. They look and feel like balls of mud. I manage to birdie the first hole. On the second hole I out-drive my dad off the tee but he ends up winning. I got stuck in a sand trap that was impossible to get out of. One time I managed to hit the ball from the sand trap and hit the flag stick, but the ball just rolled back into the sand. I eventually realized that there were other holes IN the sand trap that were eligible.

      I go back to his house and he administers some strange medicine that makes me very sick but I get better later on.
    14. Golfing In My Front Yard

      by , 09-21-2012 at 05:20 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I have two options for golf holes to play in my front yard. I can hit up my street towards the houses (222 yards) but it is risky. It is easy to mishit and damage homes. The second option is to hit across the street into the park. I took a 3 iron out of my bag to play the risky hole but I chicken out.

      Dream 2:

      I am spiderman and I'm putting people into jail. There is a playboy magazine with spiderman on the cover.

      Dream 3:

      My brother and I are back at our old house. I am sleeping in my old room and he is downstairs waiting for me to go do something important.
    15. Dragons and Lightning!

      by , 09-07-2012 at 01:55 PM
      I haven’t had any dreams that I can remember for the past few days, but I finally had some memorable ones this morning. And I was lucid during one of them!

      Or well, it was kind of like one big dream but with two parts. And one of them was like, a dream within a dream. So yeah.

      Two of my sisters and I are sharing a room together, and the room only has one bed that we all have to sleep on. It’s the morning, and two of my sisters are arguing because there’s not enough room on the bed. One of them gets out and lies down on the floor instead. I curl up at the foot of the bed and I’m like, “I’m going to have a lucid dream now.” And then I fall asleep within the dream and have another dream. A dream within a dream. Oooh.

      So anyway, during this part of the dream I was aware I was dreaming and could control aspects of the story. I was sometimes a character in the story and sometimes just an observer.

      So, there’s this guy and this girl who are a couple. And they have a pet dragon because … that’s cool. The girl wakes up in the morning. They live in this small wooden house, where sunlight streams in between the planks of wood. The girl walks out the front door, and the dragon is waiting there. It opens its wings––which kind of look like they’re made of lace. That is, they’re black and have this cool transparent pattern on them. In the background, the sun is rising and the sky is red and cloudy. And the girl is like, “Ooh, pretty.”

      The guy comes outside to join her. They have some conversation where the girl is like, “Mehhh I’m so ugly!” and the guy is like, “I think you are very attractive!” and whatnot. Then they decide to fly around on the dragon for a while.

      So, they get on the dragon and take off. But then suddenly there’s a storm, and they get struck by lightning and fall out of the sky. The guy and the dragon are okay, but the girl goes missing, and all the guy can find are pieces of her shoes.

      Back at the cabin, the guy just sits around and cries with the pieces of the girl’s shoes all around him. He has a friend who also lives there, and that guy is sitting by a wood stove and pretends to be crying whenever people stop by so that they’ll leave him alone, or … something. I don’t really know what the logic is.

      There were two other parts of the dream, but I don’t remember which part of the dream they were part of, or what they had to do with anything at all. In one part, I was watching this weird steampunk golf tournament on TV. And in another part, I was a man who had to dress up as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” for some unknown reason.

      So yup! That’s all, folks.

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