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    1. Vacation in Finland

      by , 06-07-2013 at 08:40 AM
      I dreamt that I was in Finland on vacation. I was in a fairly big city, not sure which though. It seemed to be a pretty old town.

      I was going there with a friend named Patrick, which I don't know IRL.
      We were walking around in the city when we passed a bar, it was part of the corridor we were walking though so we had to go through it. There I saw to my great surprise two girls that I know IRL! I sat down and talked to them for a while. Then I bough a beer for me and one of the girls which I think I had started flirting with.

      When we had finished talking they decided to join us, since they were on vacation as well we might just as well walk around together.

      After a while it seems like we split up, for I was sitting alone with one of the girls. We were talking about Patrick, and weren't exactly saying nice things about him. Then I realised he was sitting right next to us, and he was quite angry about us saying bad things about him behind his back. However he stayed with us, because I had apparently promised to find him a girl, and he told me he would stay until I have fulfilled my promise. :/ I remember feeling quite ashamed about the entire thing.

      Dream intepretation:
      Moral of the story: Don't say things about people they don't want to hear. It is funny, I have actually been thinking about going on vacation to Finland, perhaps this is my minds way of saying "go for it!"
    2. 2000mg o' Valerian

      by , 11-06-2012 at 09:11 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      Took four 500 mg valerian root capsules last night. Had some incredibly detailed and vivid dreams. Tonight I'll be trying out 1000 mg. Waited too long to journal so much of it was lost but here's what I got.

      Kenny wants to know if I have any money.
      He offers to give me some.
      I am humbled and I try to refuse,
      but he insists.
      I am debating which clothes to wear.
      I feel as if I traveled to various places on my dream map tonight;
      The school
      The theater
      The forest
      The park.
      There is a male here who is interested in me.
      I think it's attraction he's feeling.
      Tyson is there when I wake up (in dream).
      He says he's been talking shit about me,
      but he won't tell me what.
      My dad is here now.
      He has offerings of weed.
      Handed to me in the scarab box.
      I am humbled.
      I am very happy.
      I am in the school.
      A section that I am familiar with.
      The intersectional space where the hallway meets with the large gym and cafeteria.
      I think that I'm preparing for a journey/trip.
      I remember thinking about how I'll be able to buy food with the money Ken gave me.

    3. Gossiping

      by , 09-16-2012 at 09:29 PM
      So weird. Really vivid dream last night. This girl who's really cool who I just met, Amy, and I were hanging out and walking around Tacoma at night. I really like her as a person (in real life,) and in my dream we were holding hands and putting our arms around each other's shoulders and stuff. I was worried that maybe she would think I'm lesbian or something, but I just really liked her as a friend. We were talking about how we had been talking about other people earlier (which actually did happen with her earlier in the night in real life). We both really wanted to stop doing that so we made a pact not to gossip again. It was a really powerful feeling that came over me of wanting to change because gossiping does not make me feel good, and in a way it's an addiction because even though I don't want to gossip, I'll do it anyway because I'm so curious as to what's happening in other's lives, even though it's none of my business.
      Then, I woke up in another dream world. I was picking up Matthew from the airport when he's coming to visit, and I just remember running and jumping into his arms and making out really passionately for a long time in the middle of the airport. Everyone was staring at us but I didn't give a fuck, cuz it felt really good and I missed him so much! Guess I'm just getting excited to see him
    4. False Awakening at a Men's Spa

      by , 03-15-2011 at 09:17 AM
      There was a beginning to this dream that I forget. I recall I entered a fancy spa while it was still broad daylight.

      I woke up in a male only wash room sauna/wash area, inside a large blue tiled steam room. There were a few guys in towels in the general area and they were waking up and walking out. There was a video intercom on. I could see and hear a group of female employees talking together about working at the spa... The video quality was low, like a low-res security cam.

      One of the ladies was saying how there were a lot of gay men that absolutely loved this place.
      That they liked to linger until the place closed to hookup with other guys. -I became alarmed. I looked around and it appeared to be closing time! There were a few older looking guys with nothing but towels on. I wanted to leave asap.

      I quickly ran up the stairs to a lobby area. There was that same group of girls talking. They went dead silent as I walked in wearing only shorts and a towel. They all turned and looked at me straight faced. I said:

      "Oh hey ladies. I was just hanging out late because some of the guys seemed really depressed and I wanted to cheer them up."

      -They looked at me really funny
      . I realized my explanation had not helped the situation. I wondered how I ended up falling asleep here in the first place. (Low level reality testing.)

      But, the place was vivid and awesome looking. Polished wood and marble floors. Soft track lighting. As I looked around for my clothes and stuff, I heard a missed call from my girlfriend. I couldn't find my things but I felt embarrassed enough to leave without them. I decided to call my girlfriend back. Instead of the call connecting, a recorded message played: it was a strong male voice. This is an exact quote (I text'd it to my GF the instant I woke up):

      "You have crossed the signal line and are unable to get through. I assure you, it is nothing."

      --At this exact moment, my girlfriend text me and woke me up. (PRECOGNITIVE)

      Dreams have a real penchant for embarrassing us. This one was hilarious to me when I woke. I am straight. Like my last recorded dream (Stalked in Dreamland), there was a shocking trickster element.

      The voice on the phone bore a strong resemblance to my own voice. I have unrecorded dream fragments about reaching a prerecorded message left by myself. One other recording in a dream sounded like something I said in real life to someone. I couldn't recall the exact words.

      This reminds me of Dream #043

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