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    1. Day 13: Rowdy

      by , 02-25-2018 at 04:04 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 8:30 AM

      Dream 08: Hello Mr. Pianta

      Touring Bianco Village from Super Mario Sunshine. It looks like the place has also gotten its fair share of gangsters, since there's a lot of graffiti plastered on the walls. Funnily enough, like the actual game, this 'graffiti' is largely just arrows, telling the player where to go.

      I'm monologuing to myself about imagery in regards to poetry. I think about how there are only so many ways to describe the color black, but a million ways to describe color. Pretty thoughtful stuff.

      Dream 09: Almost Breaking Double Digits

      I'm at school this time, again, though now I'm outside the band hall and talking to my friends. One of my friends is talking about something I can't quite hear, when they call all of the band students in.

      I'm guessing we have a performance, and so everyone was going inside to grab their uniforms. Then something screwy happens...

      As I'm climbing up the stairs, I can feel the steps getting higher and higher. I'm using all of the upper body strength I can muster to get up there, making a complete full of myself since I don't really have any upper body strength. That and my pants were falling down. The people are waiting behind me, as if taking pity or looking at me fail to climb these stairs.

      Eventually I find my way inside.

      Inside the band hall, people are grabbing their instruments and putting on their uniforms. One of the band directors is talking to a student about the weird, red, plastic thing she has on a stool. He said it looked like a fruit, but I thought it was...

      Moving on.

      Across the hall, two girls and one guy, one of the girls' boyfriends, are playing football. Right outside of the uniform room. The girlfriend licks the football for whatever reason, and throws it back at the guy.

      Inside the uniform room, there's this big, fancy chair. There's also a TV right in front of it. Me and one of my friends are arguing about who gets to sit in it first. I win, of course, and then the dream ended.

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    2. Tunnel to Gnome Village (EILD)

      by , 02-23-2016 at 11:43 PM
      Ritual: Went to bed around 2am. Woke at 5:45 and fed the cat. Returned to bed and set vibrating alarm, attached to wrist. Interval was 30 minutes, set at 5:55am. Last time I used this device I completely slept through several vibration cycles (it was at the lowest setting), so I turned the intensity up slightly. The first time it went off I remembered to lay still, but could feel that I had already lost dreamstate. The second time it went off, my mind felt fully awake but I felt like I might still be integrated with my dream body. I tested movement cautiously and sure enough, I could swing my arms freely, unconstrained by the covers that I knew lay over them in WL. There were still a few moments when I couldn't quite be sure if I was engaging dream muscles or real ones, so in order to avoid sending the wrong signals, I started spinning and sliding my whole body until I felt like I was lying the wrong way in the bed. I didn't feel like I could safely engage my legs yet, so remaining on my back (though in WL I was sleeping on my left side), I slid across the bed and off the other side until I dropped gently to the floor. The cat was lying on me in WL (confirmed when I woke up afterward) and the sensation of warmth and weight bled through into the dreamstate, so it felt very odd and amusing to have this remain constant even while my self-perception of where I was in relation to the room and the bed was changing. I took care to note this WL sensation cautiously and with a certain mental distance, lest it startle me awake. The sensation faded naturally as I now "stood up" and walked through the house.

      EILD: I walk straight into the living room, which was dark, and stop to figure out what I should do. Although I have been trying to remember a few personal tasks, somehow it is easier to recall the TOTYs, so I figure I'll attempt another of those to start with. Most of them seem better suited to the outdoors, so I exit the kitchen patio door.

      My initial thought is to look for a circle of fairy mushrooms. My cement back patio is unusually life-like this time, so I cross it until I reach the fence that borders the property. In WL this is a low wall of beige-painted cinderblocks; in the dream it is a chain-link fence several feet taller than I am. With the lightness and agility of my dream body, I easily climb over it and drop down. In WL the ground slopes steeply downward here; for some reason in dreams, it is typically a steep hill going up.

      I start looking for fairy mushrooms among the trees, but notice a large area where the soil looks loose and disturbed, as if recently planted with the flowers that cover the expanse at regular intervals. The blossoms are very simple in structure, a small disk encircled by six delicate purple petals. I realize that I am unlikely to find a fairy circle in ground so recently landscaped, so I decide to pursue the gnome task instead. There are trees all around, but most look young, their trunks only a few inches in diameter. I look around for the biggest tree I can find, and approach one that is over two feet in diameter, conjoined with two similarly-sized trunks to make a row of three. I can't tell if they are three trunks from the same tree, or multiple trees that grew up in close proximity.

      The earth is still bare and loose here, recently tilled, so it is easy to dig my arms in and start casting it aside. I alternately cast the soil I'm displacing to the left and right and back between my legs. It is much easier to dig than it would be in WL, but it is still too slow and tedious to form a hole of the depth and dimensions I need, so I decide that I need a new strategy. If there are tunnels down there, there shouldn't be any need to displace the soil outside the hole—I should be able to drill straight through. I leave my hands in the earth and focus on pushing the soil inward. As a hole begins to form, I step in and will it to widen, so that I won't feel claustrophobic. When it is a few inches wider than my shoulders on either side, I take the plunge, willing the earth beneath my feet to drop into the tunnels and carry me along with it.

      I find myself in a network of spacious square hallways, about seven feet tall and wide. They are dimly lit by what seems to be electric light, though I don't investigate the source. There is nothing natural or even rustic about these tunnels—they might easily be the basement corridors of some ordinary building. I look around for evidence that they are the gnome tunnels that I am seeking, and find that the most distinctive thing about the space is the graffiti scrawled here and there on the walls. It is not high-end arty spray-painted graffiti, just ordinary lettering written in what looks like thick black marker. I step closer to one example and find it at once legible and unexpectedly funny: "Hobbits are HUGE!" It does sound like the sort of thing a gnome might write, so it gives me confidence that I've landed in the right place after all.

      I continue down the corridor, looking for more memorable examples of graffiti. The next piece that catches my attention says "SpiritLA." Something about the way it is written makes me think that this is a Los Angeles-based sports team that the gnomes apparently favor. A few steps further on, and I finally encounter the gnomes themselves, about six of them congregating in a junction where several corridors meet. There is also a sort of wire gate that appears to lead into a larger open space, though it is too dark to discern any details. Despite what the graffiti said about hobbits, these figures are pretty huge themselves, coming up almost to my shoulder, so I peer closely at their faces for evidence that they are in fact the gnomes that I seek. I am reassured by their features, which have distinctively rounded, gnomish features.

      "Hello," I say, curious how they will respond to my intrusion. "Hello!" they reply cheerfully, completely at ease. I have been voicing my observations (like the examples of graffiti) aloud in order to assist my recall later, so as I take note of the appearance of the gnomes nearest me, I make a vocal shorthand description of their characteristics.

      "Blonde, bangs, white dojo," I comment about the first gnome to approach me. She is a female wearing a gi (the garment used in karate practice), and though I know perfectly well what a gi is called in waking life, dream logic substitutes "dojo" instead. Her hair is long and straight, of a golden blonde color. Her gi is bound with a plain white belt. She smiles amiably.

      Another female gnome is standing to my right, so I note her appearance in turn, remembering that the task specifies interacting with two of them. "Pink padded blouse and white skirt, knee-length" I say, but even at the time I realize "padded" might not be the right word. "Quilted" would probably be more accurate, since it looks like there is only a very thin layer of batting under the decorative overstitching, done with curving and intersecting lines spaced about half an inch apart. I note that the skirt has the same kind of decorative stitching over thicker cloth, with no apparent batting inside, as the stitches lay flat. "Light hair, long—no, shoulder-length," I continue, noting that her hair is exceptionally pale, almost white, and delicately textured. The way it falls reminds me of how hair was "feathered" in late '70s/early '80s hairstyles. The faces of both females look ageless, neither young nor old. Neither seems disconcerted by my weird mutterings, they both just look at me with calm curiosity.

      Although I was able to make very detailed observations on the appearance of both, at this point I felt myself begin waking up and could not reverse the process. The EILD allowed me to time the dream precisely: it went off at 6:55 and I awoke at 7:04, so it only lasted nine minutes in all. Subjectively, it also felt very brief.

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    3. 261015: Back at Work, Angry at the Drunken Mob. Shooting Spree Nightmare

      by , 10-27-2015 at 05:26 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm back at my old workplace at the gas station talking to a friend there before I start the night shift. There is a rock climbing wall where the soda machine was, I mention if he's into that stuff still as I climb up the wall a little. He says he mostly into parkour. I'm about to mention a friend of mine who's also into wallclimbing but ramble on about a how I know him and never get to the end of my story. Customers rush in and I have to start serving them.

      They are all middle-aged and obnoxiously drunk. The familiar stress of so many people vying for my attention. I do my best to serve them and my co-worker friend disappears. There are too many of them and they get behind the counter, drunk and not carrying. This aggravates me until I reach my breaking point and yell out for everyone to get out. They all laugh and ignore me. This makes me very angry and I stare at them with contempt and rage and they eventually leave. One middle-aged woman turns and comes back just to spite me, smiling a drunk smile. I yell at her but she does not react. I charge at her and she still refuses to move. I stop right in front of her. With contempt, I tell her I pity her and turn around. As I do she fakes that I hit her and she falls on the ground under a table. I turn around, knowing what she's up to, and not wanting any misunderstandings with anyone else. I jab her with my finger in the side and she jolts up. I sigh and go away.

      Back at the counter I see two of my friends, what a relief. They are dressed as rockabillies, slicked hair and leather jackets. I greet them and tell them it's the same stuff as usual. They are with to Swedish speaking girls. I try to speak Swedish but it sounds absolutely ridiculous. We all laugh as I try to pronounce the price of their purchases. One of my friends tries to get me through a hoop of rope. As my feet go through it knocks a blueberry plate unto the ground from a table, my sister is sad at it breaking. Can it be replaced?

      I wake up, write the dream down and try to float into sleep gently. See hypnogogic images of melting cubic people and people with only single numbers carved into their heads as faces.

      Walking down a crowded alley of a tightly built European city. The buildings rise up on either side, shading the streets below. I'm with two French or Dutch couples. They talk about a magic powder they have smuggled. I get water as they all order pizza, one of the woman looks at me with disdain.

      I'm in front of Big Ben in London, a cloudy day. I see graffiti all over a double-decked bus except it's an ad for fast food. Is it the magic powder showing me the real state of the world? That ads are graffiti by companies?!

      I see a booth in the road, a warlock works in it, an old British man, who punishes people who break rules. If someone comes late to work, he punishes them by locking them up in his shack. "If you're late, you do time."

      There is a Vice City-style shootout. People in the house are all dead. I'm confused... Have I done this? Oh God, what am I going to do? I see three people I know gunned down on the floor in different rooms of the cluttered house in the city, two cats also lie motionlessly on the ground. I worry, thinking of what I've done and what is going to happen to me. I walk down and see the cats, they still seem to be faintly breathing. I try to pick one up, it's in pain, I don't know how to hold it. I have to get it help. Doing that will show everyone what I've done. What have I done? What can I do?

      I look around to see if someone else is breathing or moving, no one is. I try to get used to the fact that everything is going to end. Two other friends enter the house, sitting down by a few steps, haven't they noticed what has happened? When will they and what will they do?
    4. 141015: A Mess of Weird Fragments

      by , 10-14-2015 at 09:47 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:ish
      I'm walking in someone's backyard in a garden along a stone path. It's a party run by Bill Cosby. As I walk down the path made of individual stepping stones I feel that they are very hot and have to walk briskly so I don't burn the soles of my feet.

      In an old villa, there is an exhibit on show that describes the haunted history of the place. I see old grey pictures on displays, a door is presented as a part of a haunted house, it's white and sepia from dirt. Getting too close to it is not a good idea.

      Dream 2
      I'm in a house on the second floor. Train tracks run through the house, the far wall is almost gone and I can see the cool blue summer sky at night. I run to put something onto the tracks and as I do I see a train rumbling down. I try to place the object (a ceramic key, perhaps?) so it stays on the rail and then run for it. The train swooshes by crushing the object. I do this again with another object as well. It's rewarding and therapeutic.

      I'm with an older guy, like a dad. He looks like Jefferson D'Arcy from Married with Children. This is his kids room. I see Marcy D'Arcy as well. As they leave the son, a kid who's like 14, hands me a bong and wants to play video games. I reluctantly carry the bong around as he gathers some games to play. I leave the bong on the floor as I gather some stuff on the ground. I follow the kid down to his room that's now to the right.

      His parent's come back and as they enter the room from the hallway the kid asks me about the bong. I realize that I left it on the floor in the other room. I try to walk out past the parents and to the bong. I pick it up and try to hide it by carrying it behind me at an angle. The parents come and ask me why I'm standing so oddly. Defeated I show them the bong. They are shocked and I immediately take the blame, saying that it's mine. I don't want the young kid to get in trouble and it's my fault they saw it as I left it so carelessly. I tell them I'm about to throw it out as I don't do that stuff anymore.

      I plan to go outside and hide it so the kid can pick it up later. The dad follows me and offers to show me a place I can throw it out. I insist that I don't need any help and I find it really annoying that he is following me so very closely to ensure that the bong gets thrown out. I walk somewhere toward the kid's room and now it's dark and shadowing and jazz musicians are playing in the back-lit shadows.

      Dream 3
      Phasing straight from the previous dream, I'm outside in a concrete city suburb. Large daunting concrete apartments rise from around, a few trees in concrete planters. I walk up to a skate park, I see concrete skate ramps covered in tags. Can I put mine there somewhere? There's no good places, I lack the courage anyhow.

      Dream 4
      I'm walking down a gravel path down the forest by my house. It's a very sunny autumn day. I find a place by the rocks to crouch and drink a beer. (???) I'm supposed to meet a woman soon, I'm somehow Skyping with her. She is a hardcore, tough as nails kind of person that reminds me of a friend of mine.

      I walk down the path and see ice slicks in the yards. I walk down one, it's the yard of an old woman, she has a little frozen gnome statue. I slip and fall on the ice.
    5. 300915: Abandoned classroom, an evil raygun, Chinese vendors.

      by , 09-30-2015 at 02:56 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I enter a large classroom in what seems like some kind of industrial hall. I enter from a small window to the right. The sun is bright and sunny, afternoon, perhaps morning? I look at the blackboard and the high ceiling, this is an impressive space, why has it been abandoned? I pull out my camera to take a picture, a great urban exploration pic. As I take the picture I hear someone coming, a janitor. I try to move fast to get out of there but I feel slow, like I'm moving through molasses. The janitor notices me and yells at me to get out. I shamefully comply.

      I walk through a hall, it has many floors, there are lathes and milling machines about. I see students walk by, I try to make my way silently as to not disturb anyone.

      Entering another hall I see a teacher of mine showing a machine to his class. It looks wooden and old. It is a ray gun for a space fighter. It runs on steam and evil energy from the pilot. When the pilot has evil thoughts it mixes with the steam to shoot of dark tentacles of bad energy. It's as if I see an 8-bit energy gauge with a pilot's picture to the right of it.

      The teacher gets in an argument with a student and as he's distracted pressure from the steam gathers inside the machine, it's going critical. I want to alert the teacher to this but the argument is getting pretty intense. I can't get a word in. I try to slowly walk away and position myself in a way that would minimize my exposure to an explosion, trying to get behind a corner. My teacher sees a Facebook update where another teacher tells him to lower the pressure already before there is an accident. Despite this, he continues to ignore the problem.

      I see my mom in the cafeteria, she is there for a union meeting. The room in a bit dark and shadowy. In a display case by the lunch line I see pieces of carrot cake, like ones I've seen in childhood. If only I had money to buy one.

      It's night time, I'm in a suburban center. Inside the shopping mall there are Chinese vendors selling things in small charts. I look at their wares. I see a middle-aged woman ask what's inside one of the large bags in one of the stalls. It is a pink bag of pecan marshmallows. I tell her they are good and she decides to buy them.

      Outside I somehow get onto a low-lying roof with my bike. I look at the walls and the poorly executed tags to my left, I look for a place to put mine. With no good place and too much exposure, I hop down with my bike.
    6. 6.27.14 ~The Longest Dream I've Remembered In A While

      by , 06-27-2014 at 07:28 PM
      I am walking through the school, down to the art hall, when I pass the power walking class coming in. I see Ian and he passes; I see Kellsie and she starts to talk to me but then walks away with her friend. Amber, Angelique and Andrea are here too; Amber comments on how weird that was. I sit down with them, close to Amber. Her hip is just barely resting up against me and I can feel the contact and warmth. She says something about cuddling, and I am open to the idea, but she stretches out on Andrea instead. Her foot, with only a sock on, is resting on me and again I can feel the warmth.
      I am writing something on a blank paper. The ink is black but my writing utensil is a carrot. Amber tells me she likes my handwriting and I tell her something like "...but I'm just using a carrot...".
      We have been waiting for Ian to come out of the locker rooms after power walking, and finally the doors are opening. Instead of people, small robot/machines and spaceships fly out.
      Now, Ian is with us and we head to Mrs. Greig's room. It is one of the last days of school and we are going on a field trip. It is rainy and dark (it has to be night) out, but nevertheless, that is where we are going.
      Outside, I walk alone and I walk slightly faster than everyone else. I get to the front of everyone (I've only noticed passing two people) and I think I've arrived where we are supposed to be. There is a hole in the ground, partially covered by a grate. It is stone and the bottom is illuminated in orange light. Something down there is producing creepy music. I continue on.
      Alone now, I find myself at the entrance of a cave. There is a tall rock here and on it '32' is painted in white. I know that it is talking about the most number of dreams that have been had. I think that that sounds reasonable because of DEILD. I get down and crawl through this cave. As I make my way through I see lots of graffiti, but it seems to be colors and art, not words. Certain pieces of graffiti show different scenes - I see one with the Eiffel Tower and a beautiful purple background.
      I end up at what seems like a dead end. There is a window that looks like it's made of a think slab of glass or a very translucent crystal. I look through and see a small circular area with walls of stone and more uncommonly shaped windows. There is a guy in there, seemingly entertaining a crowd (that is behind the windows?).
      I am now in this circular stone room, with a very vague impression of being below the surface of water. There are two blonde girls here and they are talking about another girl. This 'girl' is an octopus the color of shimmering snow. She circles the room and now I am supposed to kiss her. She holds her tentacles out and I gently kiss one.
      Now she is gone and I am buying something from these girls for just under 20$. The twenty dollar bill I give her has the 'In God We Trust" crossed out in red pen, and I know that she notices it.
      I now seem to be in another room. I'm listening to the guy from before as he gives some kind of speech. He starts talking about how you should raise your kids as 'black Jews' and how they should believe in God. Everyone but me applauds. I walk away.
      My dad is here and we start looking at all the stonework and how they make it. The same guy comes out and sets down a chunk of marble and tells us it is made of basalt

      ~ maybe meditation and ADA are helping..
    7. The best date

      by , 08-16-2013 at 08:47 PM
      I've dated this girl for a really long time in the past, you could say I love her.

      Okay, We started out at the arena it almost seemed like New York City, I tell her let's leave the car here so i can check out the sights too. We hailed a taxi and we got in. I told her theres audio tapes that tell you what you're looking at and i went on to make fun of the voice and narrated everything myself instead, we had a great time laughing at me, and just spending time together. We end up on a highway and when the driver starts driving on the wrong side of the road and we're freaking out, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" We get into multiple crashes spin out and hop out the car, we're being chased by the police at this point, her and I jump out the car and start running we see this other car stopped in the middle of the road and we jump in, we're in high pursuit and we run straight into a barricade, our car is on fire we bail out of the car and theres this hole behind the barricade as if there were construction going on, she jumps down and without looking I trust her and jump in after her, we fall into this sewage water way i fall all on the slant and i do a spin the way down and hit my face on a wall.
      We climbed down the little waterfall at the end and climb up this abandoned, broken down, graffiti covered stairwell we've spent so many nights at. As we climb up I'm looking for the spots i tagged a long time ago someones already wrote over them capping me. We end up sitting on a broken ledge just me and her she kisses me for the first time in four years, she throws up from the sewage smell.
      I look down with shame, she grabs my face and says "look at me, I love you, and nothing is going to stop me from kissing you". We both smiled and she kisses me again.

      I miss you so much, F.M.T
    8. REM and LD rebound

      by , 07-09-2013 at 05:06 PM
      Date: 08 July

      Pre bed: 100mg B6

      Total sleep time: 9 hrs

      Sleep quality and recall: I have been sleep deprived for a number of days in a row, so I really needed my sleep. As soon as my more memorable rebound began (after 4.5 hrs of sleep and an involuntary WBTB), I went directly into a lucid, took key notes only, went back to bed to have another chain of lds. Sleep was the priority so only took brief notes. Also due to deeper sleep in which I think these LDs occurred plus them being one after the other, I was going deeper into the dreamworld and some details were lost.

      Early dream: I am in some house and think about a family friend who's visiting in the dream. She will sleep in a particular room, I am now in the room and examine two beds, and a very long couch and make some comments about that. Soon she comes in and we start talking. I am very happy to see her, so I hug her and kiss her on the cheek, one side only, and she does exactly the same, which I find a bit strange. She has short ginger/copper hair, a really beautiful color and looks much younger and as if she has lost some weight compared to rl.

      Fragment: my dad was involved. I just remember cleaning something outside, wearing a short top which makes me feel uneasy as some guys are staring at me, so I go inside.

      LD1: My first memory is that I am standing and possibly I wake in this bed in a room that vaguely reminds me of my first room. It is dark and there is a sense of creepiness and I explore around as the room changes to a larger apartment. Unfortunately, I don't have much memory of what I looked at in the first part of this ld. This took some time and then I look out if the window and see some strange graffiti. This whole thing is moving and it looks like a picture of graffiti next to another picture of graffiti, below and above each more graffiti pictures and some people there as well. It looks insane/trippy. There seems to be some story developing as outside on the street and to the right some kind of danger is making these people on the graffiti window want to run away. I briefly wonder about what kind of supp I took this night and remember it was the B6, which slightly worries me. (I tend to have more aggressive/chaser dreams with it). Yet, I try to control my reaction as I really don't want to spend the ld running from this thing.

      I concentrate on other items in the room. Some kind of a cupboard or whatever, I just see thousands of tiny objects, each one is different and unique. I am literally overwhelmed with detail and unable to remember any particular item. The images remain stable. While this is extremely interesting and I enjoy examining these items, I realize that one can sink to uncontrollable depths due to indulging and decide to move on. I see a glass door and just pass through it as if it is nothing, and wonder a bit about that. I also briefly check out my reflection on this glass door. This room is also very dark and I really don't feel like exploring in this condition as I begin to worry I might meet something I am not going to like.

      I try to back off but then get paranoid that I am summoning something as I keep on staring at the darkness behind a door. Soon something begins to form there and comes towards me. Luckily, I only managed to get some grey formless furniture to appear from the door and come towards me. As it gets in my proximity, I instinctively lift it with my mind, and hold it in the air for a while. This reminds me of various tasks that were included in the competition, and I go through my own tasks, but most of them involve some DCs. The only one that I remember I can do here is to transform into a tiger. I simply think of that, and possibly because I am so deep into the dream, it is quite easy. I immediately find myself on fours, and check if my paws are those of a tiger, they are! The only problem I seem to have is with my head/neck. There is some tension and I am unable to look ahead as my head is facing the floor. I am trying to fix this but it doesn't work much and I experience all kinds of weird sensations, connected to vision, my body, floating, etc.

      I think this is how the dream ends. I wake up feeling very sleepy (some 5 hrs after bed), take some key notes and review in mind as not to forget. I also think that there was another task that I can do without DCs, swallow fireworks. I fall asleep again.

      LD2: I find myself in what looks like my first room again, some floating feeling again, and I am in a normal upright position. Something about this whole thing feels weird as I am thinking what the hell am I doing here, I realize this is a dream just like some time ago. The room is dark again and I remember how this is not an issue for Xanous anymore, but it certainly bothers me, it is just unpleasant, and not just the darkness, but rather the whole atmosphere.

      I remember that I don't have to be confined to using conventional means so decide I will use a flashlight to help me. (I had previously thought about this) I look around and there are all kinds of things on the furniture but no flashlight. At this time, I remember that there was this other no DC fireworks task that I can still do and look for some fireworks among the objects, but don't find any. My memory is a bit vague as to what I do afterwards. After spending some more time looking around, I finally gather the courage to risk and phase through the wall or some furniture on the wall. It swallows me and I float in the void.

      LD3 fragment: I am in some other room but this time it is daytime. I am examining the surroundings, very enthusiastic, but don't remember almost anything. I want to go outside so I carefully climb on the window and try to cross over to the street. As I do, I feel as if I am phasing, but do some movements to emerge through this invisible sticky water-like material, and hold on to the dream. I lose my balance and fall forward, ending up in the void, where I am floating and rolling at the same time.

      LD4: I suddenly find myself in a room, that slightly looks like that of bf. Bf is to my left and we are discussing something. I am facing a wardrobe with a mirror and notice that am wearing a long Chinese dress. It looks a bit strange since I can't figure out why am I dressed like that. I take a closer look in the mirror. Not only that but I just look ridiculous, it is oversize, my hair is kind of weird too. This is a dream. OK, so finally I can do TOTM. I hug my bf's DC, hold like that for a while, then wait for a reaction. He doesn't do anything just breathes and there are some hissing-like sounds coming from him. He finally manages to whisper the word "something". I step back and look at him. While I consider him to be my bf he is a different DC now, more like Nicolas D'Agosto.

      There is something unpleasant about him, but his proximity triggers some sexual desires on my part and I start thinking of what to do. I tell myself that it is ok to do that if I want to and think about DV and how people are fine with it, and how I am going to report that...So I am very close to him, both of us with clothes and I am struggling with myself as he just waits there. Two opposing forces are acting on me until I finally manage to move away and just observe him for a bit.

      I remeber other tasks with DCs - "assign a DC", I feel like there's no sense in doing that, then "ask a DC". This one sounds good so I decide to go ahead and ask him where my phone is. (I lost a phone at home). He is totally dumb and doesn't say anything just assumes some strange waiting for me to jump on him kind of position.
      The dream fades?

      LD5: I am in my high school and bf's mom is also there.I am still lucid but this is extremely hard now as I feel I am sinking deeper into sleep. I am mostly worried that all lucid memories will be totally lost as I haven't journaled and try to remember how many lds I had before. I count four. I continue down the corridor, float and fly up the stars in yet another float/fly style with my hands locked like in a prayer/or like I am swimming. As I float up, I just remember the ld with the tiger transformation and the issues I had with my head. I can somehow compare the experiences and sensations during both events (transformation and current float moving).

      My floating is somewhat hard to control not in terms of where I am going but in terms of how I'm seeing. It's like I am in weightlessness turning over randomly, seeing the world upside down, sideways, etc. As I am trying to figure out a solution for these problems, the dream fades, and I if I recall correctly I float in a similar way in the void.
      Or maybe not. I spent so many dream ends shortly floating in the void that night, it is getting hard to distinguish those.

      LD6: I wake up my first room, on the bed, it is dark. I get a bit tired of this scenario. This time I am lying on the bed while some sort of indigo/dark blue energy is attacking me. This does not feel nice at all as I literally sense this thing is energetically feeding on me. I wake up from the nasty feeling.

      These dreams took around 30-40 mins of sleep. After waking up, I take some brief notes. The last dream left me a bit distressed so even though I need my sleep badly I am reluctant to immediately fall asleep. I try to dissipate the mood, then go into more unmemorable deep sleep.

      LD7: There was another LD that I vaguely as I lost lucidity at some point and then had 3 NLDs. I remember two lucid fragments: one where I was checking out shadows - my own shadow and that of someone else and some objects. I was excited to have finally noticed this. I conclude that the shadows are very realistic and on this occasion there is no difference from RL, at least according to my dream logic at the moment. I also remember organizing an erotic scene, but it got interrupted by other dream themes.

      Other dreams: I remember having three NLDs that were cool and interesting, but unfortunately cannot recall as much as I would like to.

      NLD: I am having a tiger that I take care of. For some reason this tiger is activated into life and then made to hibernate by being drained and filled with liquids like water and blood. It is a good tiger and I wonder why did I decide to switch it off by taking life away from it. Someone tells me that the more you do that to these types of animals the worse they get every time they come back. The give a list of symptoms that will develop over time, the first one being aggression. I am worried about my tiger and want to bring it to life as soon as I can tomorrow. At the same time, it seems I have another animal, that is some kind of leopard that morphs into a dalmatian/leopard with the head of a bull terrier. This animal already suffers from side effects of the process and is ultra aggressive. I try to lock it in a room and think what esle to do.

      NLD: I come across a beautifully decorated box. If contains two strangely shaped crystals, a bit a like the tooth or horn of some animal. These crystals belong to some kind of a ruler/king who has now sold them. They have creepy magic powers that are very strong and can be used to one's advantage
      but there's some sort of negative side effect too.

      A bit later me and a friend of mine, possibly a classmate go out on a strange street. There is a minor quake and I warn her that there will be another one as this is part of the scenario.

      NLD fragment: I am going up some rails that are in the sky. It looks as if I am travelling and want to cross over to Sweden, where there is an invisible track and another one to a nearby location. But who can fly (by himself) for such a long distance?

      Comment: The 2-6lds were just following one after the other and I did not touch on my body to DEILD.
    9. 2012 Apocalypse

      by , 03-07-2013 at 04:31 PM
      ~Total sleep: 9 hours
      ~Daytime Techniques: RC’s
      ~Lucid Techniques: Focusing on recall before I try any.
      ~Recall Techniques: ”I will recall every detail of my dreams”
      ~Fell Asleep: 10:00
      ~Dream Title: 2012 Apocalypse

      My dad and I are looking for supplies. The sky is dark red and somehow I know Atlanta is burning. Everything has an apocalyptic feel, and there are not many people around. We drive to a certain plaza under a bridge (I know this place IWL; It is near my house) and Dad sees a BBQ restaurant. He HAS to stop and get some BBQ so I wait and guard the truck. (I can’t remember if I had a weapon or not.) some guy in a hood starts spraypainting a face on the general store next to the restaurant. I tell him that he is doing it all wrong, but he ignores me. Memory gap and it is the next day. The sky is a bit brighter. We are at the same plaza, but the graffiti has been cleaned off the store. I go in alone, and the graffiti guy is talking to the store owner. He must have cleaned everything up, because they seem to be on good terms. He points at me and says something, then exits through a back door. The owner is a short Indian lady. She seems to think I am a threat, because she starts stalking me through the store. She is failing though, because she is whistling and tiptoeing dramatically. I wait around a corner and when she comes around I grab her and tell her how obvious she is being. Then I walk over to the checkout lanes where my sister is standing. She tells me that it is 2012 and, because everyone expected the world to end, they are making it happen by panicking. She then says that, on the bright side, the price of chocolate has gone way down. She hands me a box. Inside is a huge block of chocolate with a section scooped out that, according to the box, is “perfect for holding M&Ms.” Here the dream ends.

      ~Notes: I have been working on recall until I can remember at least a dream a night. Then I will work on lucidity. This was a very vivid dream. I wish I had become lucid. This would have been a fun world to explore. Maybe I will go back to it later.

      ~Awake: ??
      ~Vividness: 7 (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness)
      ~Awareness: 5 (1-10; or lucid)
      ~Emotions: excitement, peace (I have had dreams before where there was an apocalypse like feel to the world, and I really like how peaceful everything feels.)
    10. 01/17/13 Graffiti on the Great Wall of China

      by , 01-18-2013 at 01:10 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Great Wall Graffiti
      I fly to the moon in my Fire Valkyrie as described in my hypnosis program. I land and wait for the dream to stabilize before focusing on what I want to do. I remember I had been planning on doing one of the tasks of the year from DV. The task, "China (Asia) - Vandalize the Great Wall of China. Defend yourself against authorities using Kung Fu." I have decided to graffiti the Great Wall of China. This is the only plan that comes to mind at this time, so I focus on a portal to get to some part of the Great Wall of China. The portal opens and I go through. On the other side I find I am standing near the base of the Great Wall.

      It is an impressive structure, and there is plenty of room for my graffiti. So I think about what I want to leave there… I decide that since multiple dreamers will be trying to get to the Great Wall, maybe I can leave a message… something simple. I get some spray paint out and create some rather decorative graffiti that reads, "YOU ARE DREAMING!" It takes a surprisingly short time, and I remember the other part of the challenge… to fight off the authorities using martial arts. But no authorities have arrived. I decide to take some more time to wait for them, so I add another message a short distance along the wall. This one reads, "QUESTION REALITY!" in big block letters. Where are the authorities? Isn't someone going to tell me to stop? Bored, I spray the symbol of the Assassins from Assassin's Creed.

      No one comes. I add the words, "NOTHING IS TRUE, EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED." beside the symbol. No one comes. I am now thinking of all the other ways I could be using this lucid dream. Will this even count without the authorities showing up? Maybe I should get a phone, call, and report myself… Then I see there is someone watching me! Yay! Someone to beat up! But they don't look like authorities… and I don't think they really care that I'm putting graffiti all over the Great Wall of China. When I get closer I see they are Templars. Great. Will it count if I beat up a bunch of Templars using martial arts? One of them says I have something they want back, and unless I want to lose something I care about I will return it immediately. I can't remember stealing anything from the Templars, but I want to trigger a fight. So I tell them to come take it from me. They attack me. I find I can fight with the skill of Ziva David off of NCIS, kicking each of their asses as they close in on me to attack.

      One of them is shooting at me, but I remember that I am supposed to use only martial arts… so I go for cover behind a rock and then suddenly jump from behind it to attack the shooter as he gets closer. I kick the gun from his hand and then kick him in the groin, which is clearly very painful. Others are shooting at me, too. But one of them says no shooting, they might hit the device. I don't know what device they mean, but it results in them not using their guns any more. So I kick the rest of their asses in typical Ziva David style, walking away from them as they are on the ground either in pain or unconscious. I don't think I killed anyone, but that is ok… as long as they're hurt… I look back at the graffiti on the Great Wall of China. Still no authorities have arrived. Just Templars. If it counts, great, if not, I'll do it again later. I wake up.
    11. Zombie Gandalf on fire! Artificial beach & meeting councillor, Dream sign and partially lucid flying

      by , 11-22-2012 at 12:48 PM
      In some kind of forest and there’s a wooden building quite large suddenly everything’s on fire so escape and look back at the burning building and some strange figure steps out on fire, looks like a burning Gandalf kind of zombiefied from the flames. Says something about how I’m fighting the undead!

      There was this artificial beach with a giant wall and like fake bit of sea off this new road in my town. The wall was covered in graffiti and there was this lady who seemed like a council member saying how graffiti would be banned because of it.

      Back at the old house I grew up in (2nd night in a row I’ve dreamt this dream sign) must have triggered some lucidity because I remembered that I could fly if I wanted to and that it was once a common dream sign of mine to the point where I thought I could do it in reality! The flying wasn’t like superman flying more like floating a few feet off the ground and in order to do it I had to do swimming motions with my feet & arms but still quite fun though. I was using this skill to fly over our garden & the neighbour’s garden to put something into their recycling bin because we didn’t have one. Also remember there being a tunnel leading away from the street with a big wooden door at the end that had swung shut & I was thinking I need it to be open so when I drive away I don’t have to get out my car to open it.
    12. Some blonde asshole in a tank top.

      by , 09-02-2012 at 11:22 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      So my mother, sister and I were down the street about a mile from my house. My mother was standing in front of a box store right next to one of my favorite book stores and I get the impression she was arranging something for their window display. Rose(Sister) and I were sitting on the curb and I got a brilliant idea to write down. I began to write out this idea on the sidewalk using my blood with the begining letters "F - U", but then I forgot what I was writing. I also didn't think it was weird to be using blood to write, I'm not even sure where it was coming from.
      I stared at my two letters and wondered so hard what I was just about to write. I needed to finish it, otherwise it would just look like I was writing a big F U on the sidewalk. As I sat there pondering, a young man walked up to us. Blonde, about my heighth. Douchey looking, with a hip tank top and skater shorts. He started going on and on about how rediculous and idiotic we were for putting graffiti all over that area. He took a rag and started whiping some actual graffiti off the post next to us even though that had nothing to do with us. I only wrote two letters. He wouldn't stop going on and on about it, so I walked up to him informing him if he didn't shut his **** mouth, I would beat the **** out of it. (I had a rough day prior to going to sleep, I can see where the aggression came from). He continued to run his mouth, and then said it was fine if I came at him. He put his hand up as if I was going to hit him, so I grabbed it and threw him onto this back. That was the end of the dream.
    13. The Sneezy Kid and an Awesome Atlantis Portal...

      by , 01-14-2012 at 06:28 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      12th of January, 2012

      Two big, vivid dreams this night. The second one kicked ass, as well.

      I was waiting in a classroom of some sort. I knew Nooks had gone somewhere and I was alone for the week so I asked Mel if she knew anything fun to do around here...

      ...I was walking through the snow and we went into a shopping centre that had all these arcade machines and stores. To play the games, you had to swipe a card through a little slot, but ours didn't work (I think they were pirated cards or something) so the cashiers took our photos and we bailed. Out the front, some kid intentionally sneezed on my face so I beat him and his two friends up and threw him off the balcony and into a fountain below. I walked off feeling all badass.

      Suddenly I had a bike and was walking with Acka down a wide lane. Some German kids were doing graffiti and being menacing towards us. Acka got spooked and went home and I walked into a hostel at the end of the alley. Mel was there again and was really drunk. I wandered around and suddenly it was supposedly Naomi's house, so for some reason I took a whizz in her bin and then wanted to go home. I didn't have any car keys, so I asked Tim to take me. I went outside again and it was daytime. Opposite the laneway was an Aussie pub and I remembered that Jimmy Barnes wanted me to order some drinks, so I went in and bought three different types but didn't have enough money to pay. I hid two of the bottles amongst some lettuce.


      With Caz, Nooks and some other people playing a Pilot Wings type game.
      We went outside and found ourselves in Atlantis. It was pretty beautiful, I must say. I climbed up the lovely buildings and onto a mezzanine level where I found a drainpipe that was dispensing fresh water but Caz only wanted to brush her teeth with hot water.

      At that point, the city began to collapse and sink into the ocean so we ran to this giant stone circle that was broken in half and hanging above the city square. As it collapsed, we just managed to join the pieces back together and fell into the water while riding it. As it sank, the disc began to spin and the interior filled with a Stargate like material except it was divided into segments, each with a different image on it. Later we discovered that they were each a portal into a different era- specifically a bad day in the life of a person from one particular bloodline.
      We jumped into the first segment and found ourselves in an old galleon that was sinking. The captain was the person in the bloodline but was also Hugh Laurie and we decided that this was an excellent time to hang out in the on board hot tub, which we did. As the ship sank we jumped back into the disc and emerged in a WWII junkyard that was filled with derelict buses and plane carcasses. I drew a goatee on this fat, jovial soldier (I think it was meant to be a Hitler moustache, but they got the joke anyway) who was the person we were visiting this time.

      The dream began to slowly lose focus shortly after that. There were several other portals we didn’t go through; I remember one being a Roman farm/countryside and one was an expansive image of a beautiful purple spiral galaxy. I wish I’d gone to that one and seen who the relative was.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Fragments for July 23 2011

      by , 07-25-2011 at 06:06 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      100th DJ entry! Woot!

      1. I have bought a bag of pot from my brother's friend D.H. I smoke it, and sure enough I get a very high/drunk feeling in dream. I approach a mirror, and see that the pupils of my eyes are rapidly dilating in and out to an unnatural degree.

      2. I'm on a rafting trip with my graduate adviser. My raft tips over, and I fall into the filthy water of the river. I find myself almost trapped beneath another raft commanded by a fat kid, but do manage to escape.

      3. I'm driving my brother's car around town. I notice that many of the billboards and street signs are covered in graffiti. I also notice that my brakes are unresponsive, so I'm forced to drive dangerously, rolling through stop signs and barely avoiding many collisions.
    15. #101. Pots and Kettles

      by , 07-06-2010 at 04:04 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      During a half-asleep almost-dream, I become convinced that I am a pot. Like, one of those black with white specks pot-roast pots. As the pot, I began to dream.

      In this dream within a dream, I am a person walking through a dark alley. I'm set upon by three muggers. I try to reason with them, but they aren't hearing it, since I don't have any money for them to steal. I dispatch them quickly, and fade into the shadows.

      Later, I'm standing on the roof of a school building, hanging out with a parkour group. Most of the walls around me (there are higher levels of the roof) are covered in graffiti. There's a couple of hard-to-reach spots that are blank, and I try to figure out how to get a mural up there.

      I go inside, but the main hallway is "Closed for Reconstruction". I walk down a hallway across from the dark, closed one. The closed hallway turns into bedrooms, and later turns into meeting rooms for visiting politicians. I get to the end of the hallway, which looks like the lobby of a bank.

      There's a woman who looks like the elemental from Chronicles of Riddick. I go talk to her.

      Pots and Kettles. Scare Factor: 1.
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