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    1. More from early morning 7/21/20

      by , 07-22-2020 at 04:44 AM


      …I used my Grandfather’s teapot, or something. I decide that I will get him a new one…

      …Handing out pamphlets for some kind of a program where people can work and have money for tuition (or just have tuition paid, something like that)…

      …I get a nose bleed. I don’t remember too much about this dream, and what I do remember is kind of disgusting, so I won’t give the details…


      Fragments, with many dream signs

      …It is time to exchange gifts (Birthday gifts?) with my brother and father. I and am looking through some things that I had set aside earlier, I think. They are books. I think I’m worried that I don’t have enough, especially for my brother…

      …Something about wearing clothes that I think make me look like a bum…

      …People are being given credit for something. Like a movie, or a scholarly work, or something. I am mentioned, because I helped (though not very much). There is a lady who thought she had helped enough to be there too, but she wasn’t mentioned. This seems to upset her, and the guy next to her puts his arm around her (or some such gesture) to support and comfort her…

      …Going up some carpeted stairs. I am looking for other parts of the building for some reason. There seem to be some little kids following me…

      …The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith (1970s version) are in a hotel room. There is something about a blanket. They share a bed in the hotel room, which I don’t think they should do. However, I remember that something happened to the other bed in the room so they might not have much choice…

      …There is something in my ear. At first, it seems to be a tattoo. Then maybe a bug? When I finally get it out and look at it, is a skull bone from some kind of fish…

      …I am in a hospital-like building. I’m wandering around, not sure why exactly. I don’t want to get caught, and I recall somebody saying something about how I should hang around the doors that lead from one area to another. That way, the people in one area will think I work in the other area, and not bother me. I also pretend to look at stuff on the wall…

      …I am underneath a bridge. The water is kind of deep, and I’m trying to think of what would be the best place to land if I had to drop there. I decide close to the bank would be a good idea. Then I drop there (I don’t know where from). I crawl out from under the bridge and into an area that seems to be like a deserted industrial area. This might have led into the hospital scene above, but I don’t remember…
    2. Talking with my Father (and Grandfather) at a Public Venue

      by , 10-23-2018 at 10:28 AM
      Morning of October 23, 2018. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 18,936-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 69.

      I am at the Concordia Ballroom in La Crosse. (My father often performed publicly here when I was very young.) There is a service counter at the east end of the hall (a fictitious orientation, as it was on the north end). My father is sitting behind it. (I do not recall that he had died in 1979). His father is standing to his right but appears as being much younger than my father. (I do not focus on the absurdity of the scenario.)

      My grandfather is talking about the history of our family. During this time, I am trying to connect wires so that both speakers will play music. The one on the far left is working, but the far right one is not. I hear sound only in my left ear. I wrap the clusters of wire around each other. There are many that stick out from different areas of the plastic coating. My father looks on as I do this. I am wary of touching certain ones together, but in reality, it would not matter, as there is no electrical current. I spend several minutes doing this, starting over a few times.

      I sincerely tell my father how much I enjoyed singing with him when I was a boy.

      My grandfather speaks of a fictitious family history meant to be the truth. I remain puzzled about the details, but I do not say anything. Supposedly, my father’s mother’s name was Boyat (unfamiliar to me). She was famous and had an artificial knee. (In reality, the name was Ruland and appears in a book about Tecumseh.)

      Eventually, the right speaker starts working. When this happens, I absentmindedly but dramatically run off to the far end of the hall. I enter a bedroom where Zsuzsanna is sleeping. I leap into the air and fly a short distance. I try to wake her, as it is supposedly late in the afternoon. (In reality, she is awake, and I am asleep in my dream.)

      There have been numerous dreams of connecting wires. It seems to indicate a subliminal attempt to become lucid or connect with my current conscious self identity. I hear the sound in my left ear, which is dream state orientation, as I sleep on my left side with my right exposed to the real environment, so having the full connection would initiate conscious awareness within my dream.

      In this dream, I become more subliminally aware of being in the dream state, but I do not achieve a viable liminal or lucid understanding that I am dreaming. Still, I automatically enter the usual vestibular system correlation stage by leaping and flying in dream state indicator space; the bedroom where Zsuzsanna is sleeping. Up until then, I had no recall of my current conscious self identity. I wake shortly after this. Before I am awake, I see patterns of an offset dream forming to my left, which mostly shows laundry, and I consider it is “correct” in being down to the left.

    3. 1 Nov. 2016

      by , 11-02-2016 at 05:46 AM
      The first dream's from a recent night but not the night I posted:

      I dreamed that, should Trump be elected, a man would murder two homosexual men in front of a woman and then the thought of him raping her came to mind.

      Now, for this night:

      I dreamed of talking with my Grandfather over the phone. (He died in June.) What did we talk about?

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    4. 16-07-11 Russia, Dog-Monsters, Escape From Lodge

      by , 07-13-2016 at 07:27 PM
      I was in a very rural (and cold) region of Russia. There was tundra, and patches of snow and ice everywhere. I was in some kind of muddy, outdoor parking lot, located on the side of an even muddier trail. There were quite a few people there. Some guys (kids?) wanted to show me their motorcycles. I acted all interested, and got on one of them. They were still enthusiastic, but careful - and told me not to do anything. Before they knew what was happening, I had started the bike and raced away from there. I felt like I had "a job to do", and I needed this vehicle to do it. I rode a twisty asphalt roads for a bit, until I knew I wasn't being followed. Then, I turned around and rode back - back onto the muddy road next to the lot. There was a lot of police and bystanders on the lot after my theft. I turned off the engine and "pedaled" instead, as if it was a part bicycle, part motorcycle. This was, I managed to quietly ride past them, and escape. During the ride, I noticed it had been a long time since I had ridden a bike (5 years in real life, I stopped after a crash) - but it went well, and the bike had a surprising amount of grip despite the mud, snow and ice.

      Me and a partner entered a dilapidated building, a kind of giant warehouse. We were there to kill two monstrous dog-like monsters and save two women who were being attacked by the beasts. The beats were probably based on Woola, the 'dog' from "John Carter", a movie I watched the day before. The beasts created some kind of 'portals' high up on the walls. They would drag their prey up, and inside he portal, where they would be consumed. Anyway, we both had suppressed pistols. My partner engaged one of the creatures on the far side of the warehouse. Suddenly, I had a machine gun instead. I encountered the other creature in the corridor right before entering the actual warehouse. I shot and killed it with the MG. I realized the the girl, who looked like Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider reboots, was safe for now - despite hanging from one of the portals below the waist. I decided to go help my partner instead.

      I went with my grandfather to a dark place, presumably up north. There were long nights and very short days, just a few hours that felt like minutes. In no time, I wanted to go back, but I knew I needed plane ticket.

      I needed to flee a house/lodge/shack on a hill. The environment was once again cold, and possibly snowy. There was a short way down, but I "failed" (it was like a quick-time event in games), and came down a little further. I was forced to climb over several wooden structures/obstacles to reach the helicopter (?) for extraction, before the whole place blew up.

      I only remember an area by the water, probably the docks. I remember swimming, and a dressing area for women that I was sure wasn't there before.
    5. 241115: A Serene House in the Forest, A Mathematical Series in my Grandparent's Old House.

      by , 11-24-2015 at 07:18 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm walking in a deep hilly wooded area on a grey day. There is a lake to my left. There are large lumps of tree roots on the surface of the ground and I trip over them. I make my way to a house, it looks modern and is very solitary, no other house in sight, as if it was right in the middle of a little depression in the ground. Looks like a safe place.

      I go inside and it is fairly dim inside as only a bluish grey light comes through the shaded windows. It give the whole house a mystical and serene feeling, hard to explain. A lamp is in the corner, it looks very fancy and modern in design gives a little more of a golden lighting deeper in the house. There is something oddly satisfying being here, safe, serene, a mindset like something remembered in childhood.

      I'm in my grandparent's old place. In the kitchen, all the lights are on, I see a mosaic decorative plate on the wall. It's like all the other decorative things they have on the wall. There are three tiles on it that stand out, the rest have fallen away. They look a bit like hexagons, one has a large "C" on it, meaning a complex number. One tile is touching it on its left, the other tile is one space away from the "C" tile on the right, not touching it. I look at it and it is supposed to show a mathematical number sequence that has something to do with complex numbers. I try to think what it could mean, I think the terms of the series can tessellate the whole plate. I hear in my mind "only a fool adds them together...".

      In the bathroom, out the window I see one of my friends and his friend have arrived by car. What are they doing all the way up here?

      I have to give a presentation of a subject of my choice. I use my sister's computer to look for some information of Kendrick Lamar, I type his name into Google. I can't find enough information, at least not enough for me to want to confidently present anything.

      It's dark outside, I'm standing by the large show window of a bookstore, there is a golden orange light coming from it, fancy, brown wooden shelves have books on them. I think of doing my presentation of Satanism and the occult, I begin to notice books with those words on the spines on the shelves. Is it too edgey?

      I wake up through the night, feeling sick and disorientated.
    6. 011115: X-Files on VHS, Jurassic Park Mayhem, Eating Canned People

      by , 11-01-2015 at 10:22 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1: X-Files Taped on VHS
      The first episode of the new season of X-Files is on. I try to get to the living room of the old apartment from my childhood but I'm somehow stuck in my old bunk bed. It's dark outside. I'm missing it! Somehow I get up and I see that my mom is watching it on VHS, she taped it. I see the episode, it's in amazingly high quality, no distortion to speak of. I look at the VHS player, it's pretty new. That must be the reason. Mulder by the edge of a forest at night. I try to rewind it to the beginning but my mom says she wants to watch it to the end since she started. Using the rewind and fast forward features are hard. It goes back but then forward all of a sudden. It starts to speed forward out of control, what am I going to do? I try to stop it but it stops in a stomach-lurching crash, that sounded like it wasn't good for the tape. Now I can see distortions in the tape as it plays back. Now since I've seen the whole video is rewind it's like I've seen the episode and there are no surprises anymore.

      Dream 2: Dinosaurs on the Loose in Jurassic Park
      I'm in Jurassic park, it's been renewed and looks new like in the Jurassic World movies. I'm in an area that looks like a modern airport terminal, lots of windows. Outside where one would usually see the tarmac of the runway there is thick jungle, the sky is dark like a storm is brewing. There seems to be some problem, an emergency and staff try to cram people out into a safer area. There is however a group of rich tourists who refuse to move, having paid a great deal to get to the park. A fat tourist guide like Dennis Nedry sides with the rich tourists and tries to come up with a tour on the spot. As they start to get together to move I see dinosaurs outside are getting agitated, the sky is getting darker than it was, lighting is striking making the dinosaurs even more upset. Nedry says that usually they let tourists take pictures during thunderstorms, the pictures are way more impressive. He can't give an answer as to why the rest of the staff doesn't want them to now.

      The dinosaurs rush the terminal. Pandemonium breaks out. People are running around, dinosaurs are running down the halls. I first try to run to one end of the terminal but Nedry yells that there's a T-Rex there. I run in the opposite direction. I see large dinosaurs running down the hall that looks like the malls that can be found in many airports. Some of the dinosaurs are still skeletons, running down with massive amounts of energy. Where am I going to go?

      I run into the women's bathroom, I hope no one is in there. It's a cramped toilet, my head almost hits the ceiling and my shoulders scrape on the metal walls of the stalls. I run into one stall to hide, maybe I'll be safe here. I try to duck down so women who enter the bathroom won't see I'm here. I see Jerry Seinfeld in the stall in front of mine, the walls of the stalls are so low I can see over them. Another guy enters, I wasn't the only one to have this idea. The bathroom is so claustrophobic and cramped I begin thinking that being outside is the better option.

      I'm in a dark room, trying to remember a dream. I start writing it into my journal?!

      Dream 3: Performing with Friends
      I'm in a small venue, it's dark and windowless like a basement. I'm going to perform with two of my friends. There are a lot of bands lined up to play before and after us. I talk to a woman about getting her bass amp working. It's a "virtual" amp and can be used as a program or as a holographic projection, I pull the amp out of thin air. (???) After some talk with my friend about what we are going to play and talking to some of the patrons we get up on stage. We start to play and it's going really well, really getting into the vibe of it, we get a a good beat going. I play a solo that goes really well, but gets a little crummy to the end. After the first song I realize my guitar isn't plugged in. I try to put it into the amp behind me. As I try to play there is some kind of distortion like a song is playing in the amp that isn't in synch with the song we are playing. Is is radio distortion. I see on the face of the amp that a video image is playing like a TV, how do I turn this off? I ask my friend who is in front of me and we try to pluig my guitar into the other amp. It also is playing the same TV program on the face of the amp, two people walking in a yellow field on a grey day like a documentary on rural life in the UK.

      After our set I see that one band made of girls has drawn little cute female characters in colored pencil on paper, it's on the table. Someone submerges the paper into water for the effect of the characters swimming in the water, they shine. This angers the band, the drawing is ruined. I think it looks pretty cool.

      Dream 4: Eating Canned People
      I'm a a friend's place. She is there with her husband and oldest son. I'm playing withe kid as the two of them are sitting on the sofa by the window of the balcony. (not its usual place). She talks to me about the stuff I'm learning, maintenance and fixing things. She and her husband start fighting when he mentions that learning to fix things is useless since everything breaks at some point anyway. I try to remove some of the pressure of the argument by saying that it's precisely that things break that I want to learn how to fix them. Despite this, my friend is still angry with him.

      On a sofa across from them, I take out a small can that has a person inside. It looks like a sardine can and I ask their son if he's interested in trying some. The person is small and smooshed into the can, the head and face take a lot of room, and the face is all messed up. I pull out a piece, and despite my trepidation about eating something I've never tried, I try the piece I tore off, just to show a good example to the kid. It's always good to try new things. He looks nervous but takes a piece anyway. I begin to wonder, isn't cannibalism taboo?

      I go outside to check on my motorbike, it's cold, dark and snow is on the ground. It looks like where my grandparents lived up north. The bike was my grandfather's from the war. When I get to it I see it has been stripped for parts, the motor stolen. The saddle, like a bicycle's, is balanced on the top of the frame. I'm really angry and sad, how did this happen? It wasn't out for a very long time. How am I going to break the news to my grandfather, I'm sure I locked it. I'm about to go inside but I'm scared to break the news to him.

      I pace outside, now I can't even leave this place, that bike was my only way out of here. I'm really upset about the whole thing. I wake up feeling some relief.
    7. 081015: On the water on a grey day, being aggressive, becoming an instructor

      by , 10-08-2015 at 07:43 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm on the water of a lake on a grey day. I think I''m floating on something like a log. I float away from the rocky shore, there is a bit of a sheer cliff by it, trees on either side. My grandfather and sister are there. I try to make my way back. My grandfather tries to pull me in but suddenly I zoom in the opposite direction at great speed. I fall into the water and I immediately fish for my cellphone from my jeans pocket, it can't get wet. To my surprise it's still working. I try to swim to the opposite shore where my grandfather and sister are.

      In an industrial warehouse kind of place at night. The windows are all black. There are bright, yellowish lights coming from the ceiling. I see two young kids I know, they are being very annoying and aggressive, walking all over me and not listening to me. I have to stand up for myself. I begin to fight with them, we struggle as we fight. They run off and hide to catch their breath. I'm with another person I can't remember who is helping me fend them off. I feel bad for being so aggressive, can't these kinds of things be resolved peacefully? They come at me again and I have to fight them.

      I'm at the metal shop, I'm talking to a guy who's asking me if I want to be an instructor here. I say I could, but I only Inventor (a CAD program) and still need practice with SolidWorks (another CAD program). He says that's ok, or just bypasses my comment, and we go deeper into the shop.
    8. One Last Handshake

      by , 07-31-2015 at 05:16 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #2??: One Last Handshake

      I walk down a long hallway to find my dad and my grandfather sitting next to one another at a table next to the top of some stairs. My grandfather passed away over 10 years ago, so I simultaneously feel overjoyed and realize that this is a dream.

      I say, “I want the chance to shake your hand one more time.” He smiles at me. He was in a wheelchair in the years before he died, but now he just stands up and towers over me like he always did. I shake his hand, and hug him. For a moment I have the sensation of hugging him, but soon the visuals vanish into abstract shapes.

      “I want to ask you just one more question,” I say. “Can I do that?” I don’t have anything in mind but for some reason I want to do this.


      “What’s your favorite memory of your time in World War II?” A map of the world appears. “Was it your time in Okinawa?” Wait, no, he was never in Okinawa. “Or Pearl Harbor?” He wasn’t at Pearl Harbor. As I name each location big red glowing circles surround different spots on the globe. Other spots light up at random too. I become confused about what I want to ask, now, and the moment slips away.

      Now I’m back at the top of the stairs, and my dad and my grandfather have both vanished. I head down the stairs, trying to think of goals or Tasks of the Month. Nothing comes to mind, so I just wander through a long series of rooms that are decorated in fancy, rather frilly, and outdated ways. I run my fingers along the walls as I go, trying to remember to take my time with the dream and not to rush things.

      I come to a room that looks like a kitchen and there’s a girl of about 12 standing here. She’s talking to someone, a man that I can’t see. The man says, “[Girl’s name]? Is that you? Prince’s little sister?” [Prince, as in the singer!]

      Her: “Yeah, it’s me.”
      Him: “But how are you so young? It was years ago when we fell in love…”
      Her: “Yeah. Isn’t that creepy?”
      Him: “No, I remember…” He says something about how she was much older when he knew her.

      Now I have a false awakening where I’m lying on the ground in an empty parking lot next to a building. I’m still lucid, though, and nearby I see a door into the building labeled “Tony’s Dream Productions!” in fancy script. (This is a reference to Inside Out!) I realize that the man I saw in the previous dream scene is having a nightmare, and I should try to help him out. I mostly think Tony is a DC, but have this strong sense that I should still help.

      I enter the building and find myself on some kind of soundstage with all of these different facades and bits of fake movie scenery. “Tony!” I shout. “This is a dream! That’s not really her!” I keep walking around the soundstage trying to get his attention.

      Finally I see Tony at the top of a set of metal stairs. “I’m dreaming? How do you know?”

      “Because I’m dreaming right now. You are too.” I tell him that I’m sure everything’s fine between him and the girl, and that he was only speaking to a dream character. Soon after I tell him this,
      the dream ends.
    9. The Play

      by , 06-18-2015 at 12:35 AM
      I was walking into a weird building with possibly "The People" (Kind of like Spirit Guides), and my family. We were putting together the stage. After this we were just suddenly acting. Brady was yelling at me as part of the play, suddenly people told me it was my part. So I decided to fight back as part of the play, I was jumping backward a lot and swung around. I was acting and had to pretend to be drunk. I jumped back again and fell into the crowd, that happened a few times. My grandfather told that I was jumping too far. I tried to control it but I couldnt. So I just told them it was my sensory dissorder.
    10. 1/27/15 Skipping Record FA Caught, Lucid Reunion, Subconscious Exploration Attempt - Compet. Night 3

      by , 01-27-2015 at 08:55 PM
      I realized I am condensing my DJ entries down too much recently making them a bad read so going back to a more free flowing entry here. ~610am Wake from longish LD string. Work meeting scene. The board member shouldn't need to take video. CW there. I have a headache (bleeding through from IWL?) and massage my temples. Next memory is FA caught by "record skipping" FA. I am arriving to the wake up sensation at least 3 times in quick succession each lasting about the amount of time it takes for a vinyl record to rotate once...and repeating like a skipping record! I get up out of bed happy to have received this gift in this FA. As I make my way through the house with visuals not perfect I get the partial visual of my sleep mask covering my face as I walk, and I rip it off and throw it behind me. As I get to the front door I see there is a note on an index card by the door. I pause for a moment thinking if I'm awake I don't want to open the store and leave it open or unlocked putting my family security at risk so I better RC. I start to do the finger through palm and as it shows I'm awake I realize how inconsistent that one is and just look at both my hands but focus on my left one where one of my middle two fingers was noticeably longer than IWL . I grabbed the note by the door and start to read it but then look down what looks like an apartment building hall and the note is narrated to me in what is supposed to be my wife's voice saying "today is the day to bring out the garbage."(which it is!) I float fly through multiple halls and it is completely barren so far. I quickly peek over an overlook down to the floor below me hoping to catch a DC down there but it is also barren. I fly down to the lower floor and explore a little bit finding what looks like a door to the outside and when I open it it is a bright sunny summer day. I look across a big grassy open park-like area and see a building on the other side of it with lots of DC's gathered inside but starting to come out. I dump off all my clothes feeling free and fly their way thinking about what kind of reactions I might get. I approach a couple of young women and start to interact with them telling them it's time to remove their dresses but I seem to be too much inside my head thinking about something and the visuals fade but I do not fear waking up but rather hang on for the visuals to come back. (Something I am getting better and better at and following Sageous' suggestion to avoid following the more common path back to your sleeping body-NREM thread, possibly NREM reality check thread). During this quiet time in a void I reflect on the fact that I didn't get to any competition goals. The visuals eventually come back and I soon have a vivid sunny summertime scene again but this time it seems like I'm at of family reunion. I'm looking around at all of the DC's enjoying this vivid beautiful world and I look over to my right and see my grandmother who passed away several years ago sitting down and I go to greet her. It is so wonderful to see you I tell her as we each clasped the others hands facing each other. It's so feels like her hands warm and wrinkly! (I am choking up while reliving this lucid moment while transcribing this dream!) I asked her to hold on a moment and I release her hands since I use a certain motion of my hands as part of my recall of goals. I think of my mnemonic (memory) pegs and peg number 1 brings me to time control, stopping time. I know my trusty pocket watch with amazing time control is in my right hand and I start clicking it while looking around. At first it is not doing anything very much like the very first time I used this. I eventually get the DC's to freeze in time!..and they unfreeze as I release the "clicker." I play around with it a little bit more and then think about peg number 2 and decide to skip it and go to peg number 3. Neither 2 nor 3 are part of my 3 step task anyway only peg 1 then peg 6 and 8. I grabbed a football that is being thrown around and say check this out. I punt the ball with super strength way up into the sky and out of sight! Cool! I look back over at my grandmother and just behind her and to the right is my grandfather who passed away quite a number of years ago and who I thought about last time I thought about my grandmother and how I haven't been seeing him in my dreams. This time he is there!..but he starts morphing a little bit maybe looking more like his younger self when he was a teenager and then a boy! I grasp my grandmother's hands again realizing I should have spent more time in the dream with her asking her questions I'm saying what kind of responses I might get. The dream starts to fade. I hold on again and I arrive outside of a room indoors it's a little bit dark, dimly lit. There is a young black boy in the room and I walk in there and ask him what does he represent? He only says there's someone over here and I follow him around and out of the room and sitting on the bench is a short humanoid creature that looks like a weird boy, a little bit stocky with a large-ish head with dark short thick hair and black eyes. I asked him what it represents and try not to get freaked out by his unusual appearance and I realize I can wake up if I want to but I don't remember making the decision to. Either way I wake up for good this time. I think reading a couple of dream journals of other competition participants may have helped me recognize the false awakening at the beginning. One person, I forget who, was talking about some kind of incongruity being a common dream sign as a dream tries to adjust and readjust to fit the situation. Also maybe the same person or someone else mentioned how they handled a false awakening by quickly getting up and doing an RC when normally I would try to do a motionless RC but maybe I need to be more aggressive like I was when I noticed my FA and immediately took off.
    11. Grandpa Returns

      by , 06-19-2014 at 11:15 PM
      I haven't posted in a long time because of work.

      I'm at my great-uncle's house when my grandfather shows up. We're hanging out and I'm feeling quite happy that he is visiting me. Suddenly, I say to him, "Hey, grandpa, why are you here? You're dead."
      He casually replies, "'They' said I come back down here for a while."
      ...Who is 'they'?
      Later, I'm trying to make him something to eat, but he tells me that it's time for him to go. The moment he leaves, I wake up and the dream is forgotten until it comes back in a flash hours later.

      I do believe my grandfather visited me. Besides the fact that we were at his brother's house, something about the dream was...different. It was similar to the way my dream with my great-grandpa was--he leaves, I immediately wake up, and the dream comes back in a flash hours later.
    12. Concert

      by , 03-12-2014 at 12:39 AM
      I am helping musician Chris Chameleon carry his guitar to a concert which I am about to attend. We are walking down a street towards the large concert building, and the guitar feels awkward in shape. We arrive at the venue, and it's like a school gymnasium, with many tables. I hand the guitar off to somebody else, and spot my Aunty, and her divorced husband (who was controlling/cruel/etc). Just beyond them, however, for the second time in the last week, by (now long passed) Grandfather is standing there. However, he is free of both Parkinson's and Alzheimers. I hug him, and it is joyful - I feel good that I can see him again, and I am old enough to appreciate it.
    13. Deceased Loved Ones Again, DILD, Puppy Love

      by , 02-02-2014 at 04:00 AM
      Super quick entry. Last weekend I had an regular dream involving my grandmother in which something else made me lucid and then the next day one where seeing her triggered lucidity. Last night my grandfather triggered lucidity!

      I had a romantic NLD early in the night...felt like puppy love...she was so beautiful and I was reassuring her...a little shy. Red head with faint, fading freckles. We moved our way to bed and sexual feelings and she changed to my wife. I then had a lucid triggered by my deceased grandfather...so strange! Grandmother last week: first, and now him and he's been gone over 20 years...woke up a little teary eyed and almost deild with a dream forming or possibly just HHs a little threatening at first so I laugh it off and feel myself waking up again. I kept my eyes closed and reflected on deceased relatives and interesting unexpected memories flowed in. 103
    14. Dec 4. Dream Journal: Pirate Jesus, plus the secret to Eternal Life

      by , 12-04-2013 at 07:35 PM
      I think I was Jesus again. If not, then some guy who can walk on water.

      I start by walking through a crowd of people in a bazaar. They look like peasants and villagers out of a fantasy-themed video game, and I know a couple of them can be recruited to join my party if I have enough reputation. I'm also kind of shiny, and I have the sick and poor looking to me.

      Eventually, I come across an intersection, but a train of pack beasts (cows, I think) are crossing, and I wait until they are done. Somehow, this goes on a really long time until I just decide to step over them in a single stride.

      That stride takes me to the end of the bazaar, and suddenly, I'm on a ship sailing the seas. I'm also being chased by a naval fleet, so naturally I'm a pirate now. One of my pursuers get close, so I run out on the water and stick out my leg to trip a ship. And it works! This somehow turns the tides, so I move my ship around and engage in battle. I board a ship and duel the captain while my crew fights invisibly in the background (I've been playing Sid Meier's Pirates!, so don't judge).

      There's a brief sweet and embarrassing scene here that's juxtaposed with the sight of the navy's retreat from their divine ass-kicking. I celebrate, but sadly, the dream fades.

      Dream two and three aren't all that memorable, nor as vivid.

      In dream two, I'm riding my motorcycle (missed MILD cue alert) through my dream interpretation of Seattle's SODO and Georgetown at night. I believe its snowing/raining, and I want to get home before I slip and crash.

      In dream three, I see my grandfather on my mom's side -- who died before I was born and I have no idea what he looks like -- and we talked a little. I don't ever get a clear look at his face, nor do I really know what we chatted about. I think it's about medicine or health because of this gem of a gibberish line: "live eternally so you learn to be aware of the cat's retribution."

      Wise words, Dream Grandfather-Ghost. Wisdom +1.
    15. (Nap)-A Very, Very Messed Up Dream-

      by , 03-24-2013 at 02:54 AM (Of Distant Lands and Homely Fiction)
      This was by far one of the worst dreams I've had in a long time, if not my whole life.

      Part I: Playdate

      So it started off very normal, for the most part. Okay, that's a lie.

      I was with my father, my brother and this family of two African Americans; one a mid-aged man and who I assume was his very young son. So we're at what I assume was an arcade/restaurant place, though not much eating was going on to be frank. My father seemed very fond of the African American family, and I thought they were alright. I was very young in this dream, no older than 10 years-old. We were all taking turns at playing this jet-ski racing arcade game with the black child, and we were having fun. Every time I stopped playing though, I would go to the bathroom.

      Whenever I went into the bathroom, I turned into this humanoid wolf person, like a werewolf except not nearly as gruesome looking, but every time I went to the bathroom, I engaged in some different form of sexual intercourse, ranging from just standard vaginal to blowjobs by two different women at the same time. When it wasn't my turn to play with the kid, I'd sit down on this padded red couch with my brother, who was playing with his kindle a lot. This happened three or four times I think, though I somehow transitioned between this and the next part.

      Part II: Grandpa

      This is the most tame part of the dream, really.

      Recently, I went on vacation to Marina Del Rey with my mother, brother and grandfather, which is what I believe effected this dream.

      Much like in the dream, my brother, my grandpa and I spent most of our time eating and talking, though my mother was nowhere to be found, and we most certainly weren't in Marina Del Rey. It was a high class restaurant, the whole room was red. Fancy red walls, silk tablecloths and wall hangings, and red chairs to sit on. We all sat down at one of the middle tables in the back, talking idly to a point where I don't remember what we were really talking about. Soon though, it was time for us to depart, and I had a bad feeling that I'd never see my grandfather again, though I didn't hesitate to even say goodbye to him.

      He sent me and my brother a limo to ride us home, though we waited in the parking lot first. He pointed out that we were in the exact location of where a commercial he shot was at--in front of a diner with a Ross' in the background and a bank next to that, the sky filled with stars.

      We eventually got into the limo, and we began driving down a street I've never seen before, one with this large apartment complex that was stacked up neatly like blocks, though each one of these apartments was shaped like an individual square and had a large glass window in the front that showed off the whole room, and it consisted of people getting dressed in front of these windows. No one was nude, but half-dressed in some clothing, then some underwear as well. I assumed they were either going to bed or getting ready for work.

      Our destination would be our father's house.

      Part III: A Father's Abuse and One Odd Wish

      We got to my father's house, and my brother came with me, which was odd because my brother would never agree to go to my dad's house after invading his privacy and ruining his social life for years to come once back in high school. We were now about 17 or 18. Things were going fine so far--my brother was playing a game on the PS3 and I was sitting there playing with a Kindle. My dad wanted to check out my Kindle by looking through the images, and I didn't want him seeing some of the more... intimate images I had stored on my device, so I kept turning back the pages as he moved forwards. He was getting mad, and he asked me to stop. I replied with "I have some personal things on there." he said "Then you should show me them." which made no sense to me. I replied with "Things that I don't want you to see." which brought a huge snarl onto his face. He was furious, and got up and yelled at me "What could be so personal that I can't see?" I replied with "You have your privacy and I respect that, so please respect my privacy!" which only made him more mad. He screamed out "GOD DAMMIT!" loudly, turned around, then turned back to me and hit me right in the face.

      This made me fall on the floor, dazed at how my father just socked me in the face. He began kicking me violently, his bare feet digging into my stomach with each blow, and I just took it. My brother just kept playing video games, while I slowly and crudely got up. I tried to hit him, though I was so weak and out of energy that he easily dodged it, and pushed me back to the ground. He looked at me and started saying "Really? Really, huh?" and then began bashing my skull into the ground, over and over again. While he did, I couldn't stop thinking "I'm definitely running away to mom's." and then, I bit his foot, dug my fangs deep into them, and I did this over and over again. Eventually, he kicked me off and bashed me in the head again and again.

      He said he was going to leave for a bit, and he left me with my brother alone. I couldn't even get up anymore. So exhausted and hurt. I looked at my brother, still playing games, and said "Did you see that? He nearly killed me..." with him replying "Hey, I don't want to say I told you so, but..." and stopped there. I then devised a plan to kill my father, and without any sort of show on how I did it, I murdered my father, and retrieved a... "full diaper" from him. I met this anime-looking girl who wanted the diaper. In my mind, she was a friend, so I gave her the diaper.

      What she did next, was something I could have never expected. She opened up the diaper and ate the fecal matter inside of it, or rather, let it sit in her mouth for a bit, then spit it out like water, spraying it everywhere. I wasn't so disgusted in the dream, but I was horrified when I woke up. When she spit it out, she said I had something like one wish, and with my dad dead, I wished that we could go far away, and so we zoomed off in a motorcycle into the Californian sunset.

      Later, it zoomed back to the diner, a tall, tan man walking out and two men standing there, looking at him and asking "Is there a Julian Romano here?" he replied with "Oh, yeah. She's in the third room." and then it showed a picture of an old Asian woman, now rich because of the two men. Then I woke up in a bout of daze and shock.


      This is by far one of the weirdest, most macabre dreams I've had.
      When my father was beating me up, I sometimes felt the pain of his hits.
      The name Julian Romano doesn't sound familiar at all to me.


      Perhaps, I really do hate my father and love my grandfather. Honestly though, I can't interpret this dream for the life of me.
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