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    1. 22 Feb: Meeting a lot of people and situations at an old abandoned house

      by , 02-22-2019 at 09:37 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      It's really early dawn and I go on foot to meet Riverstone at home, but it is totally dark, so I can't take the road down to the valley, instead I hang up at an old house on top of the hill. It's an old stone house and soon I find out it is haunted. I see the ghost of a little girl roaming around and then a couple of bad guys chasing her and she disappears down a hole on the floor to some water pipes. I find some toys stuck in there, a ball, a bunny and something else. Then I hear Riverstone's van approaching, he is going somewhere, but he stops and comes in this house to. Also has some child with him that he is attending to. I surprise them and ask for a lift but then for some reason I stay behind. My dad and grandpa come by with papers and a proposition to make to the tenants of their country house. They don't tell me what it is and the tenant's family comes by, their family has increased quite a while, particularly they now have a bunch of girls my age (actually younger but in my dreams I am always between 20s and 30). They are pissed of with the proposal they say it is 2800 short. My grandpa starts feeling nervous and anxious and I tell them not to be confrontational or he can have a heart attack. He goes away and I take care of it. I ask what the issue is, but they don't believe I don't know, think I am trolling them. But I conquer the girls trust and they will negotiate with me.
      Later I spot a boar with a baby coming out from the bushes and I say it with enthusiasm and go take a peak. No one saw it and they don't believe me. I point to the animals and they don't look like boars anymore, now they are dwarf zebras.
      Then my mom comes by and she asks my help to graft a tree on the outside of the house which we do. She kinda ruins it, but then I fix it.
      Then I am at a kindergarten nearby where I used to go as a kid and they have a gardener that goes there once in a while to teach the kids somethings about gardening and horticulture. I find it wonderful, want to do the same but I don't think I have his talent to keep the kids really interested.
    2. 17-04-25 Gathering, Winona Ryder

      by , 05-05-2017 at 01:34 AM
      I was at a kind of get-together of people I've met throughout my life so far. My grandfather (recently deceased), dad and some ex-colleagues were there.
      The dream was partially lucid. I told my grandpa I loved him. Something I was too chickensh*t to do in real life, and will pay for with an eternity of guilt.
      As I woke up, I could still hear the dream's soundtrack, which fit the mood perfectly.

      Dream in which I met, and had a crush on Winona Ryder. I think I even got to kiss her.
    3. Night 15 + nap lucid again :D

      by , 04-29-2017 at 01:28 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Freezing Lightning
      I'm in a pine forest, or it looks like I am, but an elevator comes down from somewhere. There's people hanging around in the forest and most people have superpowers. I know the woman coming down in the elevator, her husband is upstairs in a hospital bed. It looks like he can't be saved. She is crying and losing her mind. I realize this and try to reach her with my words, but she's gone. She lashes out with her power, which is one of the scariest ones I've ever seen. Imagine the world around you being very clear ice, her power was to create cracks in that ice. It looked like she shot light blue lightning out of her hand, it had the same thunderous sound too. When it hit a person, that person was suddenly ice that shattered where the lightning went through. She slaughtered my friends around me and eventually killed me. I saw myself dying in 3rd person, head split into two pieces of ice. I turned back time at least twice, trying to stop her. She didn't listen when I told her we could still save his husband.

      After some resetting, the dream focused on two other characters in the forest. A red haired woman with a pistol and the ability to make bullets explode. She was crying and trying to kill a man. Another man stepped in to protect him. He created a wall of ice, or something that looked like ice. It didn't shatter when the bullet hit it. Anything that entered his ice slowed down, like the ice manipulated time. The woman kept firing and moving forward. The man he was shooting kept walking backwards and the third man kept creating more ice between them. The woman absentmindedly walked too close to her bullets and one exploded next to her head. Most of her head was gone. She fell down dead.

      Hi Grandpa
      I was with grandma and grandpa in a place I don't recognize. We were outside next to a road, looked rural. Silent and sunny day. Grandma talked to other elderly about how grandpa was paralyzed and nearing his end, but could still move his eyes. Grandpa was floating in air. The eye thing was news to me and I started asking him questions he could answer with eye movements. I started to float away with him as we chatted. We didn't lose or gain altitude, just floated a metre off the ground. I started hearing him talking, telling a story from his childhood. And then the dream ended. I lost my grandpa a few years ago. I guess seeing him in a dream no longer makes me lucid.

      Fragment: Back in school. I'm together with Satu?

      Took a nap from 12 to 14:23 with several awakenings.

      -I'm in the store I visit often. There's a bed near the entrance. A girl is on it, waiting for action. Suddenly I'm on the bed, getting busy with my hand while people walk by. I realize this and try to hide it. (Woke up)

      -Back in the store, this time I become lucid, but it's a really low level one. I walk deeper into the store and lights dim until it becomes dark. I'm not scared, I tell myself I can see even in complete darkness. I do see outlines of people, shelves etc. I still lose the dream.

      -I wake up (False!) in my apartment. I get up and my room appears to be part of my parents' place. My brother has a new shabby room outside, next to the cold room. (No heating reaches that room, nothing else.)There's a lot of snow outside and I'm only wearing sandals. A thin stream of snow rolls of the roof. I grab some with my hand while discussing turning a window into a mirror and back with movable silver panel with my brother. (Woke up)

      -Woke up again (Or did I?), same deal, my apartment fused with parents' place. Something is happening and I try to get up fast. I'm paralyzed and can't get up. After a short struggle I can move and get up.

      So many missed opportunities to become lucid.
    4. Dream - All Fear With No Saviour

      by , 04-27-2017 at 12:57 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 22 DEC - 2016

      Thought I'd show you what a nightmare is like... No one to save you from the person that is actually trying to kill you! Now this is not just someone bashing you up... This is large-scale violence and gore! That's nightmares for you.

      Dream No. 77 - All Fear With No Saviour

      It started off normally, I was apparently working at Review for the second time in dream history and what was interesting was that during this scene, there was a flashback to that first time. So in this place, the conditions were similar to that of normal employment in waking life. What was different though was the badges we were wearing. Appearently there were three badges of different sizes, some of them weirdly shaped, that we had to wear. I can't remember anymore of what happened in that scene.

      So then the dream skipped to some strange looking train station and the atmosphere just wasn't right. This is where the dream progresses into a nightmare. There is some stranger woman of whom I know nothing about but she approaches me, yelling her head at me for some supposed crime I had done... But I didn't know anything of what I may have done. I don't think I did anything. Still, she insisted that she was going to call the police. After a long time defending myself, she made a deal... We had to exchange names. That's when I started running but still she calls out her name, Johanna. I didn't call out my name at all because I couldn't trust her, I just kept running.

      Not long after, she was out of sight and I wasn't going to have anything to do with her ever again. Apparently the gates to the train tracks had open but only stupidly when the train took off... Not when it was standing there. This group of people were bound to run after it and I found out that the speed needed to catch the train was somethng like 2 seconds. So I was at the back of the group and at times, I felt like I was falling behind. Then the group actually detoured off the tracks and went down some strange looking alley ways.

      It wasn't long in this detour that I lost sight of the group and so I had to go my own way. It seemed as though the further I got down these alley ways, they would become darker and messier. Then it was at the darkest and messiest point that I had a personal encounter with a toll. This encounter I had was with my deceased grandfather and his face was slightly scarred, with a menacing look pasted onto it. I was on the top of this small concrete balcony while he was at the bottom of it, amidist all the rubble, revealing a dark room in the background... Almost like the appearance of underneath a house. So he was climing the concrete stairs leading up to the balcony and as he would come up, I'd push him down as he looked like he wanted to get me. He did this two more times and I pushed him down two more times, with each push being harder. Then at the fourth attempt, he didn't come back up but he wasn't finished with me either. He brought out this extremely long hack saw and was directing it towards me. As it got close enough, I woke up from fright.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    5. 16-10-10 Holding Hostages, Recruited by MJ12

      by , 10-11-2016 at 02:38 AM
      Last I remember from this dream was that I was in a room full of people. I had a rifle (an AK47), and was holding people hostage. Controlling the crowd was tough. Some were too scared, and there were just too many of them. I threatened them, but some still tried to flee. I shot and killed them.

      I was being recruited into a malicious secret society (clearly based on MJ12 from Deus Ex) by a man obviously based on Walton Simons (also from DX). He didn't at all look like Simons, though. He wanted me "in", and it didn't feel like "no" was an option. He's not the kind of person you say no to. He gave me a tour of his "facility". My grandpa was there, apparently working for them too. There was a lab. I have notes about "salad", but I waited too long to write this down so I have no idea what it means. There was also a scene in which "Simons" was speaking on Helium (funny voice!).
    6. I'm a Ghost

      by , 06-26-2016 at 08:21 PM
      I am in what looks like my grandfather's Boise house. I am with several other people, include Mike A. Somewhere in my interaction with the group, I realize I am dreaming. After I become lucid, I realize I am no longer an active character in the dream, but rather, an awareness observing the dream. This is unusual so I decide to experiment with this new "ghost" state I am in. I see Mike in the kitchen. I approach him and whisper in his ear "I am right here." He reacts as though he does hear me but he looks confused because he cannot see me. He leaves the kitchen, but I stay, trying to decide what to do next. I opt for a dramatic dream exit. I consider spinning, but decide to try to sink through the floor instead since that has worked for me in the past.

      I sink down through a vortex in the floor and find myself in a large, crowded building with many hallways. I begin walking around, looking at the dream and hoping for something interesting to present itself. I see dream characters but am reluctant to approach them for some reason. I feel as though this maze of dark rooms and hallways is endless, and I don't really like it. I've found myself in this kind of maze many times, and I always want out. I consider ways to locate an exit, but I wake up before I try another technique to change the scene.
    7. Camp, other dimensional travel, Mom's house getting new owner, playing Sentinels

      by , 02-13-2016 at 10:21 PM
      The first dream began with me watching tv at my grandparents house thinking about how I forgot to bring my phone charger. Suddenly grandpa turns off the tv and tells me they're going to sleep. I start waking and suddenly I'm at a camp heading to our cabins to sleep, but then I fall through a rift in the cabin and find myself in a strange green landscape and all around me are these spider robots with electricity streaming along their sides and I'm fighting them. I manage to get back to the cabin and try to explain where I was, but fail to do so. That's when I woke up.

      When I went back to sleep, I was now playing one of my favorite card games, Sentinels of the Multiverse, but my friends were losing the cards and I was getting frustrated. Then we were in a wasteland fighting a guy overlooking us, and a banner overhead read "Welcome to Canada."

      In the last dream, I was riding in my mom's car reading a magazine and thinking about how magazines were what people had before websites, and then I looked up as mom was driving into her house and I saw another girl inside gesturing for her to park next to her car. The girl explained that she was a new owner of the house. She was a blonde white girl with a black hoodie over her. Mom and her were arguing over who owned the house when she turned to me and asked me if my mom was always like this and I responded "Yeah. Pretty much." She then said she didn't care about my mom's problem with her and asked me if I wanted to just leave and hang out with her on a cliff that over looks our house. (It doesn't actually exist , but in the dream I remembered exactly how to get there.) As I was walking with her, I did an RC to see if this was really happening and when I could blow air through my pinched nose I was disappointed, but I didn't go lucid because I was too distracted thinking about if this was no different than one of those Japanese Sim date games and I concluded that because I dated girls in real life, I wasn't a loser for having a dream date. Shortly after I forgot it wasn't real and suddenly I was skydiving with her. That's when I woke up.
    8. Vegas, Baby!

      by , 01-06-2015 at 08:30 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Finally I remembered a long dream!

      Katelyn asked me if I wanted to go to Las Vegas with her for some "business" trip, although I have no idea what the business thing was. I was hesitant at first but eventually decided to accompany her. So I packed up my stuff quickly and when we were about to leave I kept remembering things that I forgot to pack. So it took me forever to pack and I asked her what time our plane leaves. She said it leaves at 3pm. It was currently 1pm. "Good," I thought, "we're not late yet." I looked all around the house for my passport before realizing I didn't need one because we weren't traveling out of the country. On the way out, I saw my grandpa sitting on a bed. He looked at me, at without saying a word, gave me 100$. I told him thank you and gave him a hug. I remember having to go to the bathroom a zillion times(because I had to go in RL) and one time when I came out, I asked where the airport was and Katelyn and Ali said, "it's right there! You should know this, are you stupid?" and sure enough, I turned around and there it was.

      The next thing I know, we were in Vegas. We arrived at this small bar/club and a few of Katelyn's co-workers were there. Everyone was dressed up all nice. There was music playing and some people were dancing. We had a drink and tried to fit in by dancing. I didn't know how to dance so it was kind of awkward. Then this guy stood on a chair wearing a costume and made us guess what it was(but I don't remember). I turned around and saw Allie P with a drink in her hand. I was trying to get her attention but she kept ignoring me.

      At some point in this dream, I received a sandwich-sized bag which fish in it. There were 4 or 5 fish. One of them was a blue and black colored clownfish, which I referred to as "Blue Nemo" and another one was a tiny mermaid fish that looked like Ariel, which I thought was pretty cool. I hung the bag in a bigger fish tank so the water would stay the right temperature until I was able to bring the fish home for my dad to add to his fish tank.

      Then, for God only knows what reason, we went to a Pussycat Dolls concert. We appeared to be on the side of the stage, facing the crowd. The crowd consisted of a bunch of teenagers/young adults, all female, who were dancing. These two girls came up to us and asked if we wanted to hang out later, to which I don't remember our response. Then, Drew Barrymore came up to us. She was drunk, and slurring her words, she asked if we wanted to join her for a party later. Katelyn said no, but I considered it because she was famous and maybe it would be fun. In the end though, we decided not to go.

      The next day, we arrived at another of Katelyn's co-worker's place, which was a type of store. The lady who worked there was trying to get people to apply for a job. I was standing by someone who decided to quit right then and there. Even after that, I still kind of wanted to apply anyway. The lady asked if anyone wanted a pumpkin spice alcoholic drink, which sounded delicious to me. This girl replied, "no thanks, my parents puked last night," since they drank it the night before. Then the lady offered people sandwiches and everyone got in a line to receive one. She was also handing out spoons for anyone who wanted chocolate sauce.

      I woke up with the song Take It Off by Kesha playing in my head, specifically the lines, "it's a hole in the wall, it's a dirty free for all, where we go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor" Seems to fit Vegas pretty well.

      -fragment about glancing at an Uno game and wondering if I could apply for a job at Uno by answering people's questions about the game. I thought that would be a fun/easy job

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    9. 11-28-14 Short-notice termination

      by , 12-04-2014 at 08:52 PM
      My grandpa had only a moth left to live, except when he told me half of the month had gone by.
    10. 11-7-14 Duplicating Portuguese magnate!!

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:35 PM
      My deceased father and my aunt and sister and my grandfather made their own radio station at the base of a silo. They worked for a long time on it. Then they finished it and they came back to our house. I had a long conversation with my dad and we hugged.

      Afterwards I got to go out and look at the radio station. It actually looked like the inside of a library I go to. I was scheduled to perform a puppet show over the radio.

      My sister and I were walking down an old country road. We were close to the ocean, and parts of the road were flooded, forming tide-pools of various sizes. There was coral in them and all sorts of exotic fish and creatures swimming in the water. My sister didn't want to get her feet wet by walking through the pools so I carried her. But finally the walking got difficult enough that we turned around and started heading home.

      We arrived back at someone else's house other than the one we meant to arrive at. A Portuguese man came up to the door and started jabbering to the owner excitedly. He couldn't understand a word he said so he sent the Portuguese man away.

      A young man started having nightmares about a man named Dan Tacket who claimed to be the president of the Portuguese railway system. He would come into the young man's room, say something unintelligible, look the young man strangely in the eye and then rapidly multiply himself hundreds of times till he filled the whole room. Then all of him would swarm out the door, leaving the young man traumatized, screaming and yelling.
    11. Insight About Love and Sadness, Work Crap, Grandpa's Death, and More

      by , 09-27-2014 at 02:09 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Lindsay M., a lady who frequented the coffee shop I used to work at IWL, was telling me about love. She talked about how she didn't just love in a romantic sense. She also said she used to hate love.


      I was working in the bakery, but it was different, more spacious. I think I was there early in the morning. This guy who recently got promoted IWL, Jo, was there with me. He was suspicious of me. He said
      "I know you're smart, but there's something off about you..."
      I didn't feel welcome.

      There was more to this one, but I can't remember.


      I was at my grandparents' old house with Dallas, my grandma, and my grandpa. We were all sitting in the living room talking. My grandpa was sitting in a chair in front of the fireplace. I was glad Dallas was able to meet both my grandparents. I then remembered that my grandpa was dead, and I saw that his head started to look kind of see through, like he was a hologram or a ghost. I figured my grandma was somehow keeping him so alive in her memory that he was appearing here. Hard to explain.

      He was then gone. Grandma then said she needed to go to bed before she noticed that he was gone. I remember seeing her laying in bed. I then was out in the living room again. I saw, sitting on a small table, a shirt of my grandpa's that he wore all the time. It was just a t-shirt folded once longways. I didn't touch it. I thought to myself that the smell of my grandpa was probably almost gone from it by now.

      I then started to channel the spirit of my grandpa. I asked him about my grandma's sadness. He said
      "Sadness is disillusion."
      His voice was strong and confident, and sounded much younger that he was when he died. I asked him more questions about sadness, and about how to make grandma feel better. He actually gave me some very insightful answers, but, of course, I can't remember them.


      I was working at Kohl's, though it looked different. I looked outside and saw that there were some weird looking, low dark clouds moving around in the sky. It looked like we may get a tornado. So logically, I went outside. Others were there with me as well. This big gust of wind picked up and blew this white powder all over us. I saw others covered in it, and then, saw myself in third person. I also was covered in it. We were then inside and looked at the weather channel on a TV. There was a map of the United States with some dark storm cloud areas over our part of the country, some with lightning bolts in them, and then out west there were some more dark clouds as well. There was a man on the screen talking about the weather. There were no tornado warnings or anything. Odd.

      I was then walking around the store when I remembered I was supposed to be at my grandpa's funeral! I kept checking my analog watch, which was saying it was around 4 something, and the time was way earlier on it than the actual time, which was about 7pm. My watch had slowed down. Great. Ugh. I frantically talked to David, a supervisor, about having to leave early. I don't remember what he said, but I think he gave me the go-ahead to leave.

      I then was getting ready for the funeral. I was then thinking that I had already been to the funeral, but I had actually already been to the memorial. I was at the funeral home and saw that not everyone was seated yet. I was actually early, and I thought I had missed it all.


      I was at work at the bakery once again. The lighting was dark for some reason. I was working with Nicky. She was working on decorating some things. There were also these Japanese themed cakes laying about, a bunch being on a high shelf. One of the cakes was sitting on the front counter. Nicky told me to watch it, because it would change. I didn't see it physically change, but I saw that it was a slightly different shape than it was a second ago. Interesting. I asked Nicky about all the Japanese-themed cakes, something about if they were the new theme right now. She said they were.

      Then we were talking about cleaning. Nicky was telling me we had to get everything cleaned up perfectly, or the people coming to do the "medical inspection" wouldn't do it. Apparently, this "medical inspection" was a big deal, and they were going to come the next day, so we had to make the place look perfect. I thought about how difficult that would be since we kept getting customers.

      Then, this couple came up to the counter, a guy in his 20's and a girl of the same age. They were picking out this cream cheese iced coffee cake square when the girl suddenly shot back and was on the floor some feet away. The guy was looking at her. I could have sworn I heard her saying
      "Why did you punch me?? Why did you do that?"
      but he hadn't laid a hand on her. I saw the whole thing. She did it to herself. I then started to think, for some reason, that I had imagined that she was yelling that at him. It was like I had tuned out and replaced the reality of what happened, which I have no idea what it was, with what was going on in my head.

      A girl I used to work with at the coffee shop, Leslie, then came up to the counter with some other people. She came behind the counter to get what she wanted. She got these small brownie/cake squares and put some icing on them. She was in a hurry and was working/talking quickly.

      Then, on the other side of the counter, another lady came up wanting 17 of the small cake squares. She wanted all chocolate and no vanilla. There weren't 17 chocolates in the case, so I had to go grab some more. There was a pan of them that I had decorated. The each had a small colored flower with small green leaves coming off either side.The first ones looked pretty good, but I had started to rush towards the middle of the job, and the leaves were long and janky-looking. I think Nicky and I gave her a couple of those. I don't quite recall how that one ended up.

      Nicky then took a look at my decoration mess and said it looked good. What? The first ones, maybe, but the last ones? No way. They looked horrible. I saw Nicky carrying them off and the leaves looked like they were sticking up past the flowers. Ugly.

      I then was opening wooden drawers on the decorators' side, and came across unsliced, unbagged loaves of bread. Bread drawers. Interesting. I then started to think about how the decorators must have gotten new storage back there because all these drawers and such looked new.


      I was swimming in the ocean. There were other people there, but only a few in the ocean. I saw an area in the waves that looked like it had a strong undertow. I swam too close to it and got sucked under. I struggled to get back up, but I was being held underwater. I was still pretty close to the surface, but it was just out of hand's reach. I accepted that I was probably going to drown and tried to let myself ride the panic.

      I then had an FA, though I remember nothing about it.


      I was working at JC Penny's for some reason. I stated that I was going to take a break, though I had no idea what their break policy was, if I got a 10 or 15 minute break or whatever. I started walking around the back trying to find the entrance to the break room. I noticed I was wearing a maxi skirt. I also needed to use the restroom. I saw the entrance to the restroom from the back. Two girls were walking down the hallway to get there. I saw something about a family restroom.

      I then was all the way in the back again, and saw these computers along the wall where you could apply for a job at Penny's. I only saw 2 initially, but noticed there were 4-5 total. They looked like arcade games kind of, and were quite big. I then looked down at my clothes and noticed that I was wearing the apron I wear at the bakery that has the name of the bakery on it. Hmm...did Penny's have a bakery?


      I went to use the bathroom in our apartment. When I got to the toilet, two big pieces of crap gurgled out of the drain, as if they hadn't flushed all the way. Must have been Dallas. I flushed it, and noticed as they swirled around the bowl that both pieces of crap were much bigger than they looked.


      I've been noticing lately that many details of these dreams are evading me, but I am remembering substantially more dreams per night. I also could have sworn I had an FA at some point during the night, but I can't remember it now.

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    12. Honoring My Grandfather, Weird Marriage, Kohl's Crushes, and Work Vandalism

      by , 08-15-2014 at 03:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my mom and some other lady at a department store. The lady was looking for something specific. I split up from them and looked at other things on my own. We met back up at some point, and the lady kept going down aisles. I wanted to leave.

      Then, we were at I think my grandparents' place having a dinner in my dead grandfather's honor. There was an empty seat next to me, and then the seat where my grandma was sitting. I thought I saw my grandpa sit down next to me; it was like a hallucination, but then I remembered that he's dead and the hallucination disappeared.

      The dinner was more like a celebration of his life rather than one of mourning.

      There was more to this one, but I can't recall right now.


      I was married to Dallas, but Ashley lived with us as well. I had told her she could be our wife too. I "remembered" doing so. We were in our apartment.

      I was speaking with Ashley, and she was telling me I needed to give Dallas a bj. I didn't want to, but she seemed very firm about it. It didn't matter; I still didn't want to. She then said I needed to sleep in the room with Dallas at night, and she didn't want me to watch Netflix anymore before bedtime. I thought about myself watching Netflix in a separate room from them at night in bed. I told her I could turn it down, but she didn't care. She then said she was going to take it away, and I said no. I was adamant about watching my Netflix. I feel like she was speaking on Dallas's behalf about all of this.

      I then thought about something that I guess I hadn't considered when I had asked Ashley to be with us: We all had to have sex. But...we hadn't. I hadn't had sex with just Ashley, and Dallas hadn't had sex with her either. I thought about how this could complicate the relationship. I also thought Ashley probably really wanted to have sex with me. I had never had sex with a woman before.


      I had to go to work at Kohl's. I was working my last few days there, finishing out my two week's notice. I walked in, and it looked like I was walking into the back of my job now more than it looked like Kohl's. There were many people back there, though I do not think anyone from Kohl's was actually there. I seem to remember an old friend, Alex being there. A few people saw me, but I remembered that I left something important at home, and I needed to go and get it. I turned around and went back.

      Then, at home, Ashley told me that she called and told them that I had drank way too much the night before so I couldn't come in on time. Um...ok. I guess she thought she was somehow covering for me.

      I then was driving back to Kohl's, wondering why they were even letting me work since I hadn't shown up for some of my shifts that week. Oh well. As I was driving, I would drive through these areas where the road would get all unpredictable and spooky-looking and the sky was pitch black. I'd look down at my hands, and they would flicker in and out of being a skeleton. At this point, I wouldn't have control over where I was going; the road was skinny and one-way with no room to turn around, and no turns whatsoever. I "knew" about these areas (more "remembering"), and was afraid I'd eventually come to the point where I would be a skeleton for a long period of time instead of just the flickers. I got to a point where I just felt like it would happen for sure, and I started to flicker a lot, but then, I went out of the black area, and I was fine.

      I then was in traffic in a small downtown-like area. The sky seemed to be grey as if it was an overcast winter morning. I drove by this small car that had a small trailer hitched on the back of it. It didn't have any walls, just a frame, and I could see that it was carrying a space suit and something else. It looked as if it was about to tip over, and it did. I stopped immediately to help. So did many others. I went and picked some things up off the ground for the guy who was driving. I hoped the space suit wasn't damaged too much; it was valuable cargo.

      As I was going back to my car, everyone who helped the man was being congratulated, and being given a reward. I got one as well. It was a bunch of little sticker-type things. I was happy to be getting recognized for helping. I headed back to my car, which was right next to where the accident took place.

      I then was at Kohl's again. I wondered if anyone thought it was suspicious that I had left, Ashley said I was hungover, and I came back just fine. Oh well. I then saw David, and he gave me a hug. He then grabbed my butt as he was hugging me. I liked it. I guess he could do that now that I was leaving Kohl's. I guess he had a crush on me or something. I said something to him, but I can't remember what.

      After that, I saw Shane. Shane did have a crush on me. He sent me these cartoon movies/comics he had made that remind me now of Tomodachi Life graphics, of him and I being together and having fun. One of them was of him proposing to me. But I was married to Dallas, so that couldn't happen. He did other things for me as well on a computer. He was really in love with me.


      I was at my current job taking my lunch break. I was eating in some weird corner of the store that doesn't exist IWL with a coworker from Kohl's named Cheryl. We were eating and talking. I watched her talking, and noticed she had a grey mustache. I thought about it for a minute, but I didn't think it was weird. She then burped very quietly. I commented on it jokingly, saying
      "You can do better than that!"
      She then replied saying something about the burp, about how she couldn't do better than that. I came back with
      "I've heard you do better than that!" I "remembered" her burping a little louder in the break room at Kohl's. She laughed. I was glad she laughed; I wasn't sure whether or not she'd find that funny.

      Then, her break was over, and I still had some time left on mine. I decided I needed to grocery shop. I went and got a basket, and went to the produce section. I saw these weird, small oval-shaped tomato-like fruits that had zippers on them. I had wanted to try them before. I started to look through them, trying to find one that was fresh. They were very picked over, but I did finally find one, a small, round one. I put it in my basket. I thought about how I needed to get bananas for Dallas and, well, lots of other things. Too many to fit in the basket. I needed a cart instead. I wanted to put my basket down somewhere so I could grab a cart, but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to do that. I put it down on a white counter by the door, and nervously pondered on whether or not I should grab a cart real fast or not. I felt weird and drowsy at this point also. I then decided to ask if it would be ok for me to put my basket down while I grabbed a cart. There were three cashiers working, all with their backs to me. I said
      "Hey! Excuse me! ...Cashiers!"
      Nothing. They either didn't hear me, or were ignoring me. Whatever. I went out and grabbed a cart. I then went and had to do something else real fast, but I can't remember what. The cart was gone when I got back, however. Ugh. I knew that would happen.

      I then went outside. It was daytime and sunny out. I was underneath the overhang. I started to draw with these marker pens on part of the wall. I drew 3 or 4 cartoony faces with just eyes and a nose, no mouth, with an arm. Hard to explain what they looked like. I remember a boy and a girl being the first two that I drew, but I can't remember the gender of the others. I drew them all in a line together, and underneath it, I wrote, in cursive,
      "Sarah is dead "
      Sarah is my brother's fiance' IWL. Wow. (IWL I don't want her to die!). I had mixed feelings about what I wrote.
      To the right of the faces, I wrote something else. Underneath that something else, I started to write out one of my dreams. I then realized I needed to go back from lunch, but I needed to clean this up first so I wouldn't get in trouble. I spit on a paper towel and started trying to clean it up. It was kind of coming off. I was cleaning off these neon yellow and orange smiley faces. They would fade a bit, but weren't going away completely. I then started to rub them a certain way, and they disappeared. I did that to all of it to clean it up. It looked good as new. One of my coworkers, TJ, then came up and said he'd clean up my mess for me, but then, he saw that I already had.

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    13. Dying Grandpa, Lava and Pills, Library Lucidity, and More

      by , 07-15-2014 at 03:38 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      My grandpa was still alive, but he knew he didn't have much time left. I was with him, my mom, and my aunt Marge, though I feel as if there were more people there too. They were all very sad about him dying, but he was at peace with it, and was trying to make the most of his last moments.

      I was then somewhere else, though the situation had not changed. I opened a door, and saw my grandpa sitting in a chair at the head of a table. His hair appeared different than it ever was IWL, with streaks of red, some blonde and maybe brown as well, though the red is what I really remember. I then caught a quick glimpse of my mom and aunt, who were sad and not wanting him to go. I feel like they were asking him, pleading with him not to die. He looked at peace.

      My aunt Marge closed to door. I wasn't supposed to be there for some reason.


      I was at my old job, which was a department store. It was nighttime. I was in the building with a few other associates.

      I was over by the women's fitting rooms, when I saw some lava leaking from a crack that it had caused in the wall. I remember going back to it a little later, and more was coming out. I started trying to cover it with clothing, but, of course, the clothing just caught fire and burned up. I felt as if we were trapped.

      I then had another idea. I went to another fitting room with another associate, and we started looking for fire retardant clothing. We looked through lots of packaged pajama sets that normally the store receives around Christmas. I went through lots of red ones. Then, a supervisor, Charles, came up to us.
      "Those aren't going to work," he said.
      I imagined the fitting rooms slowly filling with lava.

      Someone went back in the fitting rooms a little later to get something, and I was surprised when they came back out, because some time had passed, and I figured it was filled with lava by now.

      Then, I was close to the front of the store by the doors, when Ashley, another associate and my IWL friend, came back in. I asked her if there was a way out, and she said no, there wasn't. I imagined it outside, us surrounded by lava or erupting volcanoes. I knew we were doomed to die in the building. We all knew.

      I then approached Jaime, a manager, and asked her if she had anything strong we could take. If we were gonna die slowly, may as well not be able to feel anything. She took a silver package of these big pills out of her purse. They were Percoset, a strong pain killer (never taken them IWL). She gave one to me, one to Ashley, and took one for herself. The pill was wrapped in another piece of plastic besides the silver packaging, but it was supposed to dissolve when you took it. I put it in my mouth to swallow it. It immediately tasted very bitter. I tried to swallow it, but it was such a big pill, it was proving to be difficult. I really wanted the bitter taste out of my mouth. Before I swallowed it, I already started to feel the effects of the pill. I figured it was a fast-acting pill for those who were in major pain. I remember Jaime chewing her pill. I didn't understand how she could stand the bitter taste.

      I woke up for a little bit, then went back to sleep, entering the same dream.

      The pill was in full effect now, and I went to the bathroom to pee. I looked down at the tiled floor, and the designs on the white floor tiles appeared to be oscillating. Yeah, definitely feeling the pill. I stood up, and then, even though I did not feel the need to pee, I kept peeing. I peed a lot.


      I was at the department store I used to work at again, setting up some display on the endcap of a register. It was almost Christmastime. I thought to myself that it seemed so soon for Christmas; it felt as if we had just had it. I remembered the year prior with my husband, who was then my fiance. It seemed like just yesterday.

      Then, Ashley walked by. She was wearing a black maxi skirt that was slightly sheer, but only at the legs, and a black top. She said
      "It's been a year, and I'm going to be possessive of you, _____, and _____." I can't remember what else she said besides me.
      Apparently, Ashley was my wife. She had some issues about Christmas; something about the holiday made her feel insecure. I understood this, and was not upset by it. I just wanted her to be happy. I "remembered" kissing her, and thought about how I never thought I would marry a woman, and how my family never saw it coming either. But I loved Ashley; she was my wife.

      I then "remembered" driving to see her the prior year on Christmas, and taking pictures of the road on my way and sending them to her. I remember one in particular of the interstate in front of me. I was in the far left lane, and there was a metal chain-link fence on the divider. I think a semi-truck was also in the picture.


      I was walking through a city in the daytime. It was sunny out. It reminded me of a video game. I was with my husband, Dallas. The objective of the real-life game was to kill the governor. I had a shotgun on me.

      Dallas and I split up at some point. I was walking the streets alone, searching for the governor. I feel like I encountered some people and talked to them, but I can't quite recall. I noticed my husband's absence, and wondered where he was.

      I then approached a building and entered it. It was a library. I was standing in the huge foyer. There was a service desk in front of me, and behind it, glass windows looking into a room with computers and books. The floors were dark wood, and the lighting was sort of a "mood" lighting, not too dim but just right. Immediately, I recognized this library as one from a dream I had years ago, and knew I was dreaming. The dream quality instantly started to suffer, so I concentrated on my hands so as not to lose lucidity. My hands were changing as I looked at them, turning into baby hands and sprouting extra fingers. I walked as I kept focus on them, and the dream seemed to stabalize.

      I approached a young, tall, skinny girl standing at a podium. She looked to be in her early teens, and had dark hair pulled back into a ponytail.
      "What's your name?" I inquired.
      "Jaime," she responded.
      "Jaime, are you a real person, or are you part of my mind?"
      "Part of your mind," she responded with a smile. As she said this, she stepped out from behind the podium.

      I then went somewhere else, up some stairs I believe, and into a very crowded hallway with a balcony overlooking the foyer. It was circular and stretched around the edges of the room. I approached a blonde boy, probably about the same age as Jaime, and found out his name was Josh. He didn't really seem happy. He reminded me of someone I met IWL at my old job. He had the same name as well. He looked similar too, though much younger. I was having trouble getting him to look at me in the eye. I took his shoulders in my hands and said something to him, though I can't remember what. I was trying to get him to see something.

      I then was not sure what else to do with my lucidity. I didn't feel like I had much more time. I could not remember any goals I had prior to falling asleep. So I decided to do something I actually haven't done in a long time in my dreams: Fly. I took a running start, and people started to look, telling their friends to look because I was going to fly. I ran up and down the hallway a few times before I decided a running start wasn't the best way for me to do this. I leaned over the balcony. I saw all the people across from me on the other side of the hallway, and everyone below me in the foyer. I wasn't sure about this, since I had not done it in so long, but I let myself fall from the balcony. I then flew. Everyone was cheering me on. I was going very fast, however, and felt out of control of my speed, though I could rise and fall when I pleased; when I thought about going higher, I would, and when I thought about going lower, I would. I was just going so fast...

      The cheers then started to slow way down, like when a record is slowed down.
      I had an FA in my bed. I kept my eyes closed for awhile, but finally decided to get up out of bed, because I was hearing what sounded like someone peeing, or water trickling into water. When I went to get up, however, I noticed that my feet were already touching the floor, as if I was half standing, and half laying down in my sleep. I got all the way up and walked down the hallway. I noticed my husband standing in the guest bathroom doorway. The lights were off in there. That's odd, I thought he went to work. I got closer and noticed his shorts were pulled down, and he was peeing. Is he sleep peeing?

      Upon getting closer, I noticed he was peeing in my cat's water dish! My cat, Belle, was just standing there too, watching. I started getting really pissed at him (no pun intended), and yelled at him for doing that. I know that he and my cat don't really get along, but seriously?? I started yelling at him to stop, and asking him how he would feel if someone peed in his water. He said something smart-assy back to me. As I was raging, he started to walk away into the kitchen, which was much, much bigger than our IWL kitchen, which actually brought me to lucidity for a second, but I was so angry that I lost the lucidity in my rage. I noticed that the kitchen had chopped up potatoes all over it; the counters and every surface were covered. I knew he had done this just to spite me. I asked him if he was going to clean it up, and he shook his head no. I was so fucking angry. I went into the guest room, which also looked much different, and tried to slam the door, but the coat rack on the top prevented me from doing so (this does happen IWL). Ugh, I was so angry!

      Then I woke up for real.


      Ugh, I can't believe I couldn't remember what I wanted to do with my lucidity. Maybe another night. I'll just keep incubating my ideas, and hope that they come through into my dreams. Glad for the lucidity though! Woot woot!!

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    14. Grandpa's Birthday

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:32 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 01, 2014

      In A Cabin?

      I vaguely remembered a fragment of a dream where I was in a cabin with some folks. I don't remember who, or what we were doing in the cabin. I think there was a large window overlooking a hillside, but I'm not sure. It also felt a bit like a pool : /

      Grandpa's Birthday

      I was at Oma and Grandpa's house; we were all celebrating my grandpa's 91st birthday (which is actually coming up very soon; July 4th!). It should have been a happy occasion, except that Grandpa had insisted that he wouldn't live for another year, and so he was giving us all presents in case he missed our next birthdays... (Annnnd I'm tearing up as a type this)

      All the presents were hidden through out the house, with written puzzle clues for each of us. A lot like what Oma used to do on all our birthdays when I was a kid; we'd have a sort of scavenger hunt, each with a new and elaborate theme and plot. My riddle was something along the lines of "Where the biggest bird once roosted." I checked a room in their house that doesn't exist IRL, but that room was totally empty. I knew what I had to find, but I'd forgotten which room it was in; I needed to find a big writing desk. It used to have a large bird wooden sculpture on it. I found the desk in Oma and Grandpa's bedroom (I haven't been in their bedroom in years, I think. I remember what it's like but I'm honestly not sure I would recognize it if I saw it today), against the wall with the door to the hallway. I opened the drawer in the desk, and found a series of small gifts. They were all sentimental things. Each and every one of the items was something right out of my childhood, though I can't remember what they were now. Grandpa was in the room when I found my presents, and I started to cry. Grandpa, in that moment, looked a young as he was in the photos of when my parents first introduced us, the day I came home from the hospital.

      Now I'm freaking out that this dream was some sort of sign... D:
    15. Grandpa Returns

      by , 06-19-2014 at 11:15 PM
      I haven't posted in a long time because of work.

      I'm at my great-uncle's house when my grandfather shows up. We're hanging out and I'm feeling quite happy that he is visiting me. Suddenly, I say to him, "Hey, grandpa, why are you here? You're dead."
      He casually replies, "'They' said I come back down here for a while."
      ...Who is 'they'?
      Later, I'm trying to make him something to eat, but he tells me that it's time for him to go. The moment he leaves, I wake up and the dream is forgotten until it comes back in a flash hours later.

      I do believe my grandfather visited me. Besides the fact that we were at his brother's house, something about the dream was...different. It was similar to the way my dream with my great-grandpa was--he leaves, I immediately wake up, and the dream comes back in a flash hours later.
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