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    1. Early Morning, 7/21/20

      by , 07-22-2020 at 04:43 AM
      Woke up around 3:30. Recall the following:

      Person with unusual head (doesn’t look like a head, more like a ball). Some kind of math involved? The person turns…

      …I have a Bible that looks like Myst: The Book of Atrus hardcover.

      …Water, island (?). About dream control, but not lucid. I think that it would be easier to do something unusual like suck up the water around me and spit it out than to try to do something less unusual. I then go under water…

      Driving. Something about telling the truth about something. It involved people being treated harshly…


      “Labyrinth” in chimney

      We (Dad and I, perhaps) are doing something with the mulberry tree at my Grandparents’ old house. This involves taking apart one of the branches, in which is a piece of metal. This appears to go along with some other metal pieces, and attach in a chimney to perform some unknown function. This has been a mystery of the house for some time. I think of it as a labrynth for some reason. There are some symbols in the chimney describing what it is that you are supposed to do, but the symbols are hard to interpret.

      I think the mulberries on the tree were of a very pale color, almost white.

      Also, I think this may be a part of the dream:

      There is something down in the basement that goes along with the labyrinth. It is behind a lot of my clutter, though. I go down to look for it.


      I don’t remember much details of this dream. Here are the notes I took when I woke up:

      Scary place, much shooting, can get trapped there, getaway at end
    2. Long Lucid Dream

      by , 11-13-2015 at 10:28 PM
      So here is a lucid dream from yesterday. It was actually was two dreams. I woke up after the first part and wrote down everything I could remember and then fell asleep and had another one. The first took place during an hour of time. I'm not sure how much of that time I was actually dreaming, but I looked at the clock before I went to sleep and looked at it right as I got up. Almost exactly an hour. I also did this as a WBTB. I went to bed at mindnight, woke up at 5:00, then stayed awake for a while, then let myself go back to sleep.

      Lucid Dream:

      I was in the kitchen and noticed the fish tank had been moved. It was now on the table. It also was very clean. I looked in closer and saw that there were at least five fish in the tank that I had thought were dead. Where had they been hiding all this time? Hhmm. Fish tank moved. Cleaned. Fish back from the dead. Could I be dreaming? Really, there was more of a chance I was dreaming than all that happening.

      So I immediately ran to the steps that lead down to the front door. I ran and dived at the door. As I was sailing down the stairs head first, the thought crossed my mind that if I wasn't dreaming, this would probably hurt...a lot. But I was thankful that when I got to the door, I righted myself and gently landed by the door, which I then opened and flew out into the night.

      As I passed my ficus tree I grabbed a few leaves off of it and told myself that I would eat them with the goal of making them taste like something else, chocolate, perhaps.

      But as I flew higher, I was fascinated by the town falling away below me and being able to see the horizon. I could see the lake out in the distance. I remembered I had wanted to fly over it, skimming the water. So I headed that way. It was going to take a while to get to flying at the speed I was going. I then remembered Oneironaut's dream where he catapulted himself very quickly to his destination. I tried to think about what that would feel like. I finally decided to use the "rockets on my feet" technique that had worked for me in the past. As I was imagining my foot rockets, I looked over and flying right next to me was Oneironaut. He was looking as cool as ever, dressed all in black leather...jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and some sort of head covering. Even though I didn't see his face I knew exactly who that was.

      I could see a white fire shooting out from the soles of his boots. I concentrated and matched his speed. In no time we were to the shore of the lake. I could see some boats at the marina ahead of us. As we got to the boats, Onerionaut dove under one of the boats and continued to swim under water. I didn't want to go under water at this point. I did what I had planned to do--I flew low, right over the surface of the water, skimming it with my hand from time to time.

      I then saw a jet skier out on the water (it was daylight by now). I flew over right next to her. She glanced over at me and kept going. Seriously? What's wrong with all my boring dream characters these days? After getting no reaction at all from her I decided to see what she would do if I yanked her off her jet ski. I grabbed her arm and started to pull. But then I felt bad and stopped. Surely I was better than beating up my DCs for not thinking I was cool.

      So I flew to the shore. I saw that I was suddenly in some sort of mall. I flew around observing what was around me. I saw an escalator. I flew close to it. Riding up the escalator was a guy who looked about 18 years old. He had dark brown hair that was about shoulder length. He looked over at me, and our eyes connected. He gave me a knowing grin--he knew who I was.

      I flew over next to him, keeping even with him as the escalator continued to rise. I put my arm on the back of his head and pulled him to me and kissed him. He seemed to be just fine with that. But then suddenly a wall came between us as the escalator came to the floor that it was going. I knew I could just fly around the wall and meet up with him again, but as I was doing so, I was distracted by a group of younger teenage boys who were watching something on a TV screen.

      I flew up to them, wanting to interact, and asked one the the boys the first thing that popped into my head. I said, "Tell me a story." I wanted to know what my subconscious would come up with. One the the boys decided to take it on. He started by saying, "Well, once there was this lady who was very kind." (Was this the best my mind could come up with?) "She was also very ______________." He said a word I had never heard before. It had multiple prefixes, like meta, trans, para something or other. He then saw my confusion and clarified and said, "She was very unselfish. "

      At that point the boy was distracted and stated looking at the TV again. I also looked at the TV. Perhaps that would be more interesting than the boring start of the story.

      The show they were watching looked like some sort of anime. There were a group of young people all in long white coats-- and all in anime style-- standing in a large lab. Surrounding them were all these very strange plants. They reminded me very much of the types of thing that Dr. Seuss would have drawn. So I thought that the show was an interesting combination of styles.

      At that point a commercial came on. It was dog food commercial. The dogs in the ad were dalmations drawn in a very simple style, almost so you couldn't see an outline for the dogs, but could just see lots of spots and eyes.

      The next ad was about baby clothes. On the clothes were pictures of these same dalmations in the same style. I guess my mind liked the dalmations enough to recycle them.

      I was now satisfied with seeing what was on the TV, so I flew off again.

      Now I'm not sure what happened next. Either I forgot a segment of my dream, or else I just had a transition. Lucidity had faded, for the most part.

      I now found myself in my grandparent's house. There were a lot of extended family around cooking some sort of big dinner. I wandered from the living room into the kitchen I grabbed a handful of cheese and started to put it into my mouth. I then remembered that I wasn't eating any dairy products these days. I needed a place to spit it out and throw the rest of the cheese away. I didn't want to do it in the kitchen in front of everyone. So I went up the hallway and into the bathroom. I dumped the cheese into the trash. At that moment lucidity came back. I was dreaming. It didn't matter what I ate. Awesome.

      I walked back down the hallway again. There was a houseplant on a little table I pulled off some leaves. I had never eaten the leaves I had picked previously, so I could do it now. I wanted to make the leaves taste like chocolate.

      But then I decided to take the easy and sure route. I remembered that my grandma had kept chocolate in a certain cupboard. Surely my mind could recreate this for me.

      I opened that particular cupboard door and, sure enough, there was part of a large Hersey bar there on the lower shelf. I picked it up and unwrapped the last few squares. It looked like it had been melted at one point, but I didn't care, I was going to make this dream chocolate taste great, no matter what.

      I took a bite, and it tasted just like Hershey's milk chocolate. Not my favorite, but it was satisfying, nonetheless. I then looked over at the table nearest the hallway and saw that there was a huge chocolate bar sitting right there waiting for me. This monster bar had to weigh at least ten pounds. It had a white wrapper and on I could see that the bar was divided up into many different flavors. The top corner that I was opening was dark chocolate with fig. Next to it was dark chocolate with pomegranate. This was going to be great. I broke off a large chunk that was mostly fig, but with a little pomegranate. I took a bite and it was wonderful.

      I walked into the living room again and saw my aunt, "Tia," I said, "Tell me something about myself that you think is special." That was the first thing I thought of to ask. I like to get insights from dream characters (my mind) about my good qualities. "Well," she started. "You''ll need to give me a little more time. I'm not good at coming up with things spur of the moment."

      (My subconscious couldn't come up with anything. How sad. ).

      I then decided to move on. I opened the front door and flew outside. I saw that my mom's house was right across the street. I flew over to it and saw my mom standing on the driveway calling for my grandma. I looked around and couldn't see my grandma. But I looked again at my mom and she was so young and thin, just like pictures I had seen from when she was younger. It was fun to see my mom like this. I looked and saw my aunt again next to her. She was also much younger and thinner. I said to her, "Hey I just saw you over in the house." She looked at me and smiled and nodded.

      And that's all I remember from this first part of the dream. I'm happy that I was able to have had such a long dream and remember all that I did. It wasn't the most spectacular lucid dream ever, but every lucid dream is good practice for future lucid dreams that are spectacular.

      Lucid Dream (Part Two):

      I was in an apartment or dorm room. It was full of people. I noticed that on wall had hooks all over it for everyone to hang up their backpacks. I thought that was a good idea since so many people lived here. I saw two girls in the kitchen they looked like twins and were cooking something on the stove.

      I then see Jeff come up to me. He looks younger and has longer hair than in real life and he was super HOT. As I saw him I became lucid. He ginned at me with a seductive smile and I smiled back. The next thing I know is that we are on the floor making out and getting intimate.

      Then there is a transition and I am sitting on the floor and I pull out my phone. I decide to see what I look like, so I take a selfie. I notice that my hair is all messy and curly. I have to remind myself that I always look different in dream mirrors. So I then stand up and see that I am next to a very large mirror. As I look at myself in it, I morph my reflection so I look as gorgeous and sexy as possible.

      I then look over and see that a couple of guys are watching me. I decide to have a little fun. I slowly take off my shirt. But as I look in the mirror, I notice that my body is all clear, as if it were made of glass. That fascinated me even more, so I finish taking off my clothes and just watch my glass body as I dance slowly in front of the mirror.
    3. 4/9/15 - running from everyting

      by , 04-09-2015 at 05:38 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in my grandparents property with someone who seems part my cousin part random DC. It seems about the afternoon, Me and the DC are running and jumping over everything on my grandparents property, and we're trying not to be spotted by my grandparents for some reason. There's snakes, huge snakes in places I don't see until I'm right in front of it and then we both panic and try to run from it but also be quiet so my grandparents don't hear and we jump over this wood fence because my grandpa came out and we try so hard not to be seen but wherever we go grandpas commenting about it and us calmly while we are alarmed and afraid, and this huge anaconda with shiny skin is all curled around the wall we are running towards and it hears us and begins to move but we split past it and then when we turn the corner there's this fricken huge headcrab spider thing and it makes that noise and i can see it tensing up to get ready to jump at us so I push the DC and run for the chain link fence as I hear the thing jumping around behind me, I feel like it's about to jump on me so I panic and go for the pool, my grandma is out near the pool for some reason and I jump into the pool so the headcrab wont get me and then i jump out the other end and my grandma gets mad that i jumped into the pool and i apologize but have to keep running so i run into the garage and wonder why she got angry with me for jumping in the pool i wonder if she put chemicals in it then wake up.
    4. LD: Flying, Pain, Kissing

      by , 07-06-2013 at 04:11 PM

      I had a super long LD this morning.

      I was driving a truck and having problems controlling it (typical dream sign) I finally was coming up to another truck that had some either surf boards or snow boards sticking out the back. I started slamming on the brake, but the truck kept going at a slow roll until it ran into and broke the "boards" on the back of the other truck. I was horrified. But the feeling and situation caused me to become lucid.

      I don't remember all the details. I remember flying around a lot. I ended up at my grandparents. I saw that the neighbors had Christmas decorations out front that was 8 reindeer pulling an RV. As I watched it took off flying. I had the momentary thought that they spent way too much money on something that fancy. I flew around some more. I flew across the valley to the mountains on the other side.

      At that point I remembered that TOM to find Santa's sleigh. But as I looked around none appeared.

      I flew some more (and I really think I was doing things that I have now forgotten)

      I do remember feeling pain in my finger and looking down saw it was covered with these little burrs. I tried to pull them out, but they had these really sharp little barbs and they just stuck to my other fingers. I tired to just make them disappear, because I knew this was a dream and that I had the power to do so. But they wanted to stay. So I did the next best thing. I landed on the ground next to a group of ladies and said, I know you all have tweezers with you. Can you pull these out?" They then all pulled out tweezers and quickly pulled them out. I felt pretty good about taking care of that problem so easily and quickly.

      I was about to leave when I noticed I had one burr left on my finger. I saw a teenage guy. He had sandy brown hair that curled a bit over his eyes and over his ears. He had blue green eyes and a light sprinkling of freckes across his nose. I went to him and asked him to get it out. He did. I then sudden had this desire to kiss him. So I went to him and started to make out with him. He kissed me back. It was one of those odd kisses and felt "slimey". So I then flew away.

      Later I noticed that slimey feeling in my mouth still, and I started spitting out all this green slime. I remember thinking "Oh sick, that is so nasty. Why did my mind have to do that??"
    5. Filming a TV Show, Camping at Grandparents' House, Dancing, and a Parade of Hybrid Animals

      by , 01-29-2013 at 06:27 PM
      I don't normally write down my dreams in the middle of the night because I've just been too lazy. But last night I woke up twice––once at about 2 AM and again at about 5 AM and remembered a couple of dreams each time. This time, I forced myself to write them down on my iPod so I wouldn't forget them. So, I remembered a total of four dreams last night, which is pretty good for me!

      1. I’m filming a TV show with my friends, which I believe included Sarah Jayne, Cara, Megan, and Luna. The TV show is supposed to be semi-autobiographical I guess––that is, I think it’s supposed to be based on reality, even though it isn’t really but oh well. Supposedly we’ve been working on this TV show for a long time and now we’re nearing the end of the whole series. In the episode we’re filming, Sarah Jayne becomes a police officer. We’re all walking down the street together and Sarah Jayne is in the lead, talking into a walkie-talkie and being all police officer-y. There's apparently some criminal after us. We run down some stairs that lead down into a subway. Right about when the criminal is about to catch up to us, we stop filming. We all sit down on the stairs and start laughing and crying with joy, because we are overwhelmed since we're getting near the end of the show.

      2. My family and I are camping out at what I think is supposed to be my grandparents’ house. My little siblings are all sleeping in tents. Annabelle and Teddy spill mini candy canes in their tent. I can’t actually see inside their tent since I’m standing on the outside, but I hear my parents scolding them about it and I see the half-empty bag of candy canes on a table nearby.

      3. I'm at this weird dance place and I'm dancing with some random girl. And then we all have to switch partners and I have to dance with this really tall guy with a beard and a hat. Everyone laughs at us because of the height difference, because he’s like three feet taller than me. We're doing some kind of line dance. Suddenly there are lots of little kids around, and we all start to randomly sing.

      4. I’m supposed to go to drawing class but I wake up late. I go to this weird little bathroom that’s like a small wooden cabin built into the middle of the house. I see Sarah Jayne and we get on this wagon thing, which we apparently use to get to class. We ride through a field and this guy gets onto the wagon with us. He’s supposedly my teacher and he says this time he can excuse me for being late, but next time he won’t.

      We’re riding through a field and suddenly there are all these weird hybrid creatures walking by––like cows and giant chickens with human legs (who are also wearing clothing) and also couples of people sharing one pair of legs. We start following these creatures around. One of the weird chicken creatures starts peeing corn kernels. Sarah Jayne and I thin this is funny and we have some conversation about eating poop for some reason. Then we stop and talk to this lady who apparently made all these creatures and she explains to us how she did it. Something about sewing them together or something sketchy like that.
    6. Grandparent's house - shaky floors - divorced uncle

      by , 08-28-2012 at 02:49 PM

      I didn't have great dream recall this morning. I was at my girlfriend's place and she woke up as soon as I did. While I was trying to recall and write she was dividing my attention. Throughout the night, when I would wake up, I would say very strongly and clearly into my mind, "I will be lucid tonight."

      It was my second night in a row where it became apparent that the tensions between my aunt and uncle are bothering me in my unconscious. Also, a friend BD has been showing up consistently lately.

      My grandparents are about to come over for dinner. My mom would rather go to their house though. We all hop into my Aunt's van. She is nervous and is biting her fingernails as she drives. I am in the backseat with either my sister or cousin. Soon, it is my sister, me, and my two cousins in the back seat. We are trying to go to sleep in the van but it is cramped (my girlfriend was taking up too much space in the bed). Interestingly, my aunt has all of these sexual bumper stickers. I think that they are extolling the virtues of orgasm, but I can't remember clearly. At one point we pull over on what resembles the street in my hometown where my high school is and my aunt was trying to get my cousin a job cleaning a house. He was not enthusiastic and my aunt reluctantly got back into the car with him. We arrive at my grandparent's house and they are glad to see us. My grandfather is especially glad to see me and takes me up to the second floor of the house (that is where the bedrooms are located in their actual house). I remember wanting to wait for everyone to go up. In the house, I feel like the ground is shifting. I feel like the house will fall over but nobody else notices. My uncle is on the couch watching television and eating some Ricotta. He's on the phone. Everyone else is at the dinner table eating. I talk to my uncle a little. He mentions to my cousin (his son) we're going to bring a lot of chicks over to our house this year. This pisses off my aunt and she starts complaining about him to everyone. (remember, they got divorced a year ago and it has messed up the family and some of my mom's relationships including my relationship with my uncle)

      Other dreams that I only have a minor recollection of

      Being in my town, looking for my friend MC. (also had a dream like this a few nights ago).

      Having great sex with my girlfriend.

      Met my girlfriend (YW), my female friend BD and some other faceless girl in the Bank of America parking lot. It was hosting a mobile supermarket. BD pointed to YW and said, "You're quite a woman."
    7. Conversations with my Dead Grandfather

      by , 04-12-2012 at 10:11 PM
      Old Lucid Dream from 1991 (yeah I still remember it)

      My grandfather died IRL in 1991, suddenly. About a month later, I had this dream:

      I was in my grandfather's attic, but it didn't 'look' like his attic. There were boxes everywhere and it looked like someone was moving out. The attic was fairly dark and no light was on - only a bit of natural sunlight from a small, square window. In front of me was an oval standing mirror. You know, those antique looking ones? I faced the mirror and noticed some hats. These were wide brimmed hats with feathers in them. They reminded me of the hats ladies during Victorian times might have worn. I placed one of the hats on my head and as I took it off I saw my grandfather standing behind me on my left. I was startled and turned around, but he was not there.

      In a flash, I was outside my grandfather's house now. It was a red brick house with a red cement porch. A sidewalk was in front of his lawn and then a small strip of grass was near the curb. Hunched over, near the curb, with one foot in the street and one foot on the curb, was my grandfather, edging the grass...just like he always did. He looked much younger than when he died but I would recognize him anywhere. My grandfather was always doing yard work. He kept a pristine lawn in real life and apparently in the afterlife too! And here I became somewhat lucid. I realized he was dead and it confused me because he looked so real, and I believe I smelled him too. He straightened at that point, stopped edging with his clippers, and looked at me.

      Clear as day he said, "I'm all right. Everything is all right." Then, he hugged me and I woke up.
    8. 01/1-2/2021 (Nazi Spies)

      by , 01-03-2012 at 12:09 AM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Me vs. the Nazis

      I am at my grandparents' house. I find out that my grandmother works for the Nazis, and is part of a top secret plan. She lets me in on it, because she thinks that I am going to be a part of it. But I have no intention of being a Nazi. I decide to escape, so I make an excuse to leave the room. My granparents have a refrigerator in the garage, so I think perhaps if I go out that way my grandmother won't know I'm leaving. But they have a burglar alarm system that makes a noise to let people in the house know if someone is opening a door. So when I open the door to go outside, I know that she will know where I am going.

      I quickly open the door, running to my car before she can catch up to me. I pull out my keys, and start the car as fast as I can. I know that if she didn't catch on before, she will now that she hears tha car start. As I back my car out of its parking place, I can see my grandmothers car being backed out of the garage. She blocks my way as I try to back into another area to turn around, so I push the car into drive and try speeding away. She quickly pulls her car in front of me, and my heart races as I try to find a way out. The excitement wakes me up.
    9. 12/20-21/2011

      by , 12-21-2011 at 11:05 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Another busy morning. As a result, I had to wait all day to journal so my recall isn't so good.

      Weird vitamins

      I am at my grandparent's house. Someone has made up packets of vitamins for myself and some family members. I look into the packet that I am given at the vitamins. There are some pills and odd looking herbs, and a worm. The longer I look, the more worms appear in the packet. Apparently the worms have medicinal properties and are good for us. I don't like the idea of eating them, but I think I do anyway. It doesn't taste too bad really. More like gummy worms than anything.

      Meeting the Emperor

      I am on a field trip or vacation of some sort. There is a girl there who is kind of cute, but a little odd. For one thing, she is dressed like a leprechaun. I can't tell if I think that is cute or weird, but she seems to like me. We sit near each other and now and then she holds my hand when we walk. We go into a building, going upstairs.

      Somehow, I become a soldier in the revolutionary war. It is still the same setting and the same building, but a couple of centuries earlier apparently. I have to meet the "Emperor" of England to discuss the terms of the American Colonies. I go into a huge room, which is dark and apparently contains a lake. The Emperor is sitting on a throne in the middle of a lake, and people who have been granted and audience are expected to crawl to him along a path over the water. I refuse to crawl, and walk out to the Emperor even before he calls me. I don't like the guy's arrogance, and I'm an American anyway.

      I tell him that the Colonists want independance. He tells me that I will have to schedule an appointment to talk to him. He says that it isn't so much his idea, but people will get mad at us if I don't get an appointment. Not only that, but he is apparently so great that only really extraordinary people can talk to him on such short notice. He suggests that I talk to his receptionist, and pretend that I was dead but came back to life, or something like that. Apparently that is the scale of importance that I have to meet to talk to him.

      I go back into the hallway and find what I think is the receptionist's office. I think instead of saying I was dead and came back to life I will tell her I was blind but now I can see. It turns out though that this isn't the receptionist's office. The lady gives me directions to the receptionist.

      "Go out this door and to your right," she says. "Take the elevator with the red door..." I forget the rest of the directions. I go out into the hallway again, but have some difficulty trying to find the rest of the way.
    10. Lucid Dream: Attempting to go through things

      by , 12-20-2011 at 10:08 PM
      Old LD from 7-20-07

      I was having an interesitng dream in which I was friends with the vampire world--or at least one very large extended vampire family.

      In the dream I was had planned this meeting where I was introducing all my regular freinds to the vampire freinds. My introdutions seemed to be taking forever (I had a group of maybe 25 friends there), so two thirds of the way through, I just told my friends to introduce themselves, and hopefully that would go faster.

      At that point my next friend R decided to make a long speech instead of just saying her name. She told the vampires how wonderful it was to meet them and thanked them for coming...and that any friend of Twoshadows (except she said my real name) was a friend of hers.

      As she was talking I walked over toward where the vampire family was standing (also a large group of 20-30 people).

      As I stood there I decided to do that thing I liked to do where I fall back, and before I hit the groud I float back up to standing position. Right in the middle of doing that I thought, "Whoa--don't I only do this in dreams? If I don't hit the ground, won't that prove that I am dreaming? Yes, it will." That was all one instantaneous thought. Because half a second later than I didn't hit the ground and came back up to floating position, I was positive that I was dreaming.

      At that point I paid no attention to the DCs around me. I floated up and started a low fly.

      We had started outside, but now I realized that we were indoors in my grandparents' "new room"--a large room that thay had added onto their house when I was little--and that's what they called it. In the dream it was even bigger than it was in real life.

      As I flew up to the ceiling, the first thing that came to me was Skysaw's intellectual Task suggestion (for next month's Task). The answer to the first part came to me instantly (it may have helped that as I went to bed last night that I thought about this.)

      I then thought about the more difficult part of the his Task. I didn't wake up like I had feared when trying this. I made what I thought was a good guess. Then I moved on.

      I flew to the ceiling and felt the texture. It was wood panelling (my grandparent's didn't really have a wood panelling ceiling--but it totally looked right to me in the dream).

      The texture felt so real. I knocked on it and it felt very solid. I decided I wanted to try to stick my finger through it. So I put out my pointer finger on my right hand and pushed. It wouldn't go through the way too solid ceiling.

      I told myself that this ceiling wasn't real--that it was just my brain telling my finger that something solid was there.

      I decided that maybe if I looked the other direction and pushed my finger upward I could fool my brain--that maybe if I wasn't looking at the ceiling the moment the finger and ceiling met, I could get my finger to go through it.

      But as I blindly poked the ceiling, I kept feeling it, no matter where I was looking. I felt frustrated because I was supposed to be able to do better than this. Why has this simple task so difficult for me to do? I was glad that that wasn't the Task of the Month that I was supposed to accomplish.

      But then my mind went to another suggested Task of the month that was in some ways similar to this. I tried to do that next. I had the same bad luck while attempting to get that one done.

      I started feeling more desperate. I really wanted to know I could do that one in case that one was chosen for nex next Task.

      Next thing I knew I was outside still attempting that potential Task. I even started spinning to see if that would help, but it wasn't working.

      It was at that point I could start feeling myself wake up.

      As soon as I was awake I realised that I had guessed correctly on the second part of Skysaw's task.
    11. car crash, restaurant, grandparents' house, Oliver Twist, etc

      by , 09-17-2011 at 04:59 PM
      I had three dreams last night..the 3rd one was a dream I had once before.

      Dream 1:
      I was in a restaurant that looked like a Bistro, but just with a tiled floor instead of a carpeted one, with weird rules like "no chairs on the speed bumps". i was having supper with a man and a woman at the table across from us, kept glaring at us like I was a "boyfriend stealer" after that the man and I went into a car and somehow there was a crash and the next thing I know i woke up in an hospital..and was told I was the only survivor of the car crash which killed both the "boyfriend" and the "jilted girlfriend".

      Dream 2:
      Same restaurant expect this time it seemed to have been placed in my grandparents' home. I guess I just got married it seems since I saw a glimpse of a veil on my head and at the reception. There was an obese woman with a young kid and then there was someone who looked like a former librarian at my library and the obese woman asked me to move..and the other woman said something rude (I can't remember what she said) but I got very angry said "I'm going to go eat in the dinning room by myself" even though my parents who were there pleaded me to stay at the table.

      3rd dream (dream I had before):
      I seem to be in my grandparents' house and my grandparents aren't the ones who own it (In the dream) but a middle-age man and wife. I was in the kitchen (with two other people) ...(Technically I should say that besides me..there were the "dream owners", the two people in the kitchen with me, and two in the living room who got knocked out or something but the last two tried to grab me) and I do something and somehow people came through the door of the kitchen and it was like a indoor version of the famous chase scene from Oliver Twist..just that I wasn't caught..the other 4 people were. I guess a couple of years later I go back to the same house..and..I use the kitchen's sink, and the "dream owners" now elderly came rise up from nowhere in slow motion, and the woman had a flying pan. But instead of hitting me, They made me a pot of tea.
    12. Bookstore Heartbreak and The Postal Facility

      by , 05-10-2011 at 06:22 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I'm in a used bookstore, and as I'm browsing the titles I come across a book that my dear friend and I bought together in waking reality. I am disturbed to realize that this is the self same book, still inscribed with our names inside the front cover. Upset, I continue looking around, getting more distraught to see that two or more of our old treasures are also here, things we bought together, like the Spirit Cards. It breaks my heart that she would give these things up, and my mind races, thinking maybe she doesn't want any reminds of me now that I am living so far away. I resolve to call her.

      I am back at my Grandparent's old house in North Vancouver, that my dear friend and I nicknamed "Spider Palace". I look out the front door to see a very very large post sorting facility kind of wall thing. Kind of like over sized post boxes. I see an old man who looks like he's had a rough life and realize that I don't live in this house anymore, he's the tenant now. He checks his post at the strange post wall.

      I notice now that in the drive way that he is walking up, I've placed some signs, one of which says "Open for Business". I go to get them wondering how I can change them to read "Closed for X-Mas holidays". The postman arrives and he's sorting the post. The over sized post boxes have huge pictures of cartoon characters on them, like Tweety Bird and Sylvester the Cat. I open one and put something specific into it for... my son?

      Dream skip and I am talking to my man. I plan to ride a horse north for some reason, and I am asking him if he thinks the horse will run too fast.
    13. Another Sucess with Valerian+Melatonin

      by , 03-10-2011 at 03:18 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Before bed I took 800mg of valerian and 0.25mg of melatonin.

      Fragments from early REM period

      I am walking around the halls of my university. There are a lot of people in the halls with me. I believe that I am on my way to class...

      ... I am part of Uru again. There is a linking book somewhere, I think...

      ... I am looking at a computer screen. There is a picture of something entitled "dreamsign". It looks like the logo for one of the filmmaking companies. The kind of Celtic looking thing. As I look at it, it looks more like the Yeesha symbol from Uru...

      Going to my Grandparents'

      I am on my way to visit my Grandparents' house. There seems to be a time constraint on this, and my mother and I are trying to figure out the best way for me to get there. In the end, we decide that I will drive part way there, and when I am almost to their house to park the car and take a ferry across a small lake along the way. Somehow I think that this will be cost effective and possibly save time. I will call and schedule the ferry while I am driving.
      Former Workplace

      My mother and I are at my former workplace (a toy store) looking for a specific toy. We look in a few places for this thing (some kind of military hovercraft) but can't find quite what we are looking for. Then I remember that it is probably in the action figure section. I take her over to that area, but when we get there we see that all but one of the shelves are missing. I ask one of the current stockers what happened to the other shelves. He doesn't know (he is new). I ask another employee, but he doesn't know either.

      Lucid at the Fair

      I am walking down the road in the middle of our county fair. It is late in the season, and there are not many people visiting. Many of the stands are closing up for the year, and I look as I walk for familiar games and people. I am in my uniform (as though I were there to staff the public relations booth as I did when I was a park ranger). I am not there as a park ranger, but I have some other reason to go to the fairs. I think how nice it is that I get to go back to these old familiar places, and walk down the road feeling at ease.

      I try to think of why I am at the fair. I can't exactly remember. Then I remember that being at the fair is a dreamsign. I stop walking, and turn to look behind me. Things look OK, but I am beginning to realize that I am dreaming.

      I try to justify my being at the fair, but I can't. "So this is a dream," I say.

      I look up at a concession stand to my right. As I do, I become aware that the dream is losing realism. I am in danger of losing the dream, and consider either preparing for a DEILD or hoping to WILD when I wake up. Then I decide to try my Dream Posession technique to stabilize it, and attempt to summon Monk. I am vaguely aware of somebody's presence at my side, and try to take posession of their body. This is partly sucessful, and I blink a few times to try to get the vision clear.

      I decide to fly, hoping this will further put me in the dream. I float up into the air, and then come down through the top of the concession stand. There is a woman working in there. She is not overly beautiful, but she is pleasing to look at. I decide to kiss her, and do so. Around here I loose the dream.


      I am with one of my colleagues at an archeological excavation. We are back at a rockshelter where we were two years ago, and are at first digging through snow. My colleague, Dr. B., points to a birdbath in the middle of a field and tells me how much he dislikes it. Then he describes a statue that used to sit in it, and how much he hated that. I think the birdbath is kind of attractive, and like the idea of the statue.

      We continue digging through the snow. We try not to make too many footprints in it, but Dr. B. seems to be making a lot. Now the snow is moss, and we are removing layers of it. Now we are no longer excavating, but pulling weeds. And now we are digging through dirt looking for trash.

      There is a lot of trash in the dirt, and we move down a line sorting through rubbish to throw away. I come across a pile of items, with some electronic equipment and stacks of old records. I am happy with this find, since I get to keep whatever I come across.
    14. Beat Up by a DC

      by , 03-05-2011 at 03:02 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      I have been very busy for the past week with exams to study for, and rather stressed. As a result, I have not been keeping up with my dream journal and my recall is getting a little out of shape. Last night I was a little on edge, so I took 800mg valerian. I slept briefly from 12:30am to about 3:00, and then had difficulty getting back to sleep. I took approximately 1/4mg of melatonin at this point. I then briefly attempted a MILD, but my mind was so restless it was difficult to keep any mantra or visualization. Nonetheless, I appear to have been successful in something

      Beat Up

      ... I am part of a much larger adventure. We are in school or a library or something, possibly in Japan. It might even be a hotel. There is a large swimming pool in one room, and we are chasing after some villain. I apprehend this guy in the pool room, which is also some kind of laboratory. Cornered, he turns on me.

      The guy is Japanese, and much larger than I am. I am no match for him, and we circle around a set of shelves containing chemical equipment and some glassware. I think to myself "this is a very odd situation. Not only that, I'm in a school, near a swimming pool, and there are lots of other things that are dreamsigns. I don't ordinarily fight Japanese guys in real life. I'll bet I'm dreaming."
      Sure enough, I soon realize, I am!

      My Japanese opponent takes advantage of my temporary disorientation upon realizing that I am dreaming. As I stand there laughing to myself and patting myself on the back, he jumps around to my side of the shelves and closes in. "Ha ha!" I laugh, "You do realize this is a dream, don't you? You're no match for me!"

      He continues to come towards me. I decide I had better stabilize the dream, so I try a dream posession technique like the one I had great success with in a lucid dream last week. I decide to try to posess my opponent, but he won't stand still. I can see that he won't cooperate for me, and I remember that part of the success last time came from the fact that I posessed my dream self, Monk. I summon Monk.

      "Monk," I order, "Appear right here." I indicate to the spot next to me. I look, and there he is, waiting. I step sideways until I should be standing in the same spot as him, and blink a few times until I am seeing with his eyes. I am starting to get this posession technique down, but it was not easy to complete last night because the Japanese fellow was still attacking me.

      "Wait a minute!" I say, not quite understanding why he is still playing his part. "Let me stabilize this dream." He doesn't wait, but takes a swing at me. I glance around quickly, trying to notice details and activate my senses. I am partially successfull in this, though it is not easy to do a proper job of it with a huge thug trying to pulverize my skull.

      "OK," I say, visiously turning on my assailant, "If that's the way you want it, fine! You're no match for me, this is my dream. I'm lucid, you know."

      The Japanese thug just sneers at me, and swings at me again. "Watch this," I say. I visualize a force of energy coming out of my finger, and into the stomach of my attacker. Not much happens, so I thrust at him, feeling the energy as I do so. He looks down at his stomach, as though I had just poked him. Then he laughs.

      "You really thought that that would work?" he roars, "Well watch this!" He punches me in the stomach and I double over. Then he grabs me by the shoulders, and throws me into the wall. My breath is knocked out of me. This is not going at all well. Pinning me against the wall by the shoulders, he peers into my face (all this time smiling in a self-satisfied way as though he knows DC's aren't supposed to do this). "What about this?" he says, punching me in the face. "How is the dream going now?" Then he slaps my face a couple of times, pulls back his fist, and delivers a punch directly between the eyes that wakes me up.

      At the Lake

      My famliy and I are at a lake. It is on that I used to dream of more frequently, but have not for a while. We wade a little bit at a beach, and come across some large rocks in the water. My Dad starts climbing around on them, jumping from one to another. There is one jump he is hesitant to make, but when I get out onto the rocks I attempt the jump. It isn't like you fall very far if you miss, the rocks are only a few inches out of the water. I miss one jump, and splash into the water. My parents chuckle, and that's all that happens. Pretty anticlimactic for a dream after taking valerian.

      There be Giants

      We are in a place with many tunnels. I'm not entirely sure who we are, but I think is it something like the crew of the starship Enterprise. But I'm also at my grandparents' house. Anyway, it is more like a huge sewer system. Many adventures take place that are a little fuzzy when I try to recall them, but they invlolve some mythtical creatures and some robots. A robot crawls inside of the Moon, which somehow causes time to stand still. This does something with a giant.

      We now have to defeat this giant. The location is like a shopping mall now. An element of romance has been added, as I am trying to win a girl I believe. There are other people around. I can't remember what they are supposed to be doing. Anway, we can hear the footsteps of the giant down one of the tunnels. They get closer and closer, and we realize we had better seek cover. I try to run up a narrow set of stairs, but the giant follows. There is a scene where two of us and the giant are running around and around the stairs, jumping down to a lower part of the stairwell and running back up again. Then I run into a department store and hide among the shelves.

      The giant is captured, and some of our group sets to work on performing a labotomy or something. They open it's skull, and pour in some liquid. A few minutes later, the giant wakes up. I am afraid that he might turn on us again, so I stay in hiding (for some reason, I was a big coward in this dream). Soon the giant approaches the place where I am hiding. Some of my companions come running in to tell me that everything is OK, and the giant is harmless now.
    15. Drinking Contest and other odd things

      by , 01-30-2011 at 03:53 PM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      The Drinking Contest

      I am in a Dairy Queen. They are having an advertizement for new treats in their freezer (I mean the advertizement is in the freezer; it's a live action commercial).

      "You've seen all these old treats" says the narrator. "Remember when this was new?" They show some things like an ice cream cake and a Dilly Bar, as well as some frozen canned whipped cream I have never seen before. "But now it's just the same old same old. Well, there's a new treat in town!" The other things are pushed aside, and a giant cake is dropped down, taking their place. It is green, and covered in lots of icing. Upon it's being sliced open, it is found to be filled with frozen coconut filling.

      "Just in time for the Super Bowl, it's a -- Day Cake! [the -- was some name like McNabb, I don't think it was him but it was a celtic name famous in football] It is now being offered at a great price. Or, you can win this cake for free! All you have to do is be here on McNabb's Day (I guess it is some sort of holiday) and drink beer! That's right, you drink beer for 13 hours. Here's the thing - you have to be drinking beer the whole time, and no bathroom breaks can be taken. If you're still here at the end, you get the cake for free!"

      A few people seem to be interested in this deal. Next to me is a table of really good looking girls.

      "Heck," says one of them, "We'll just wait here until McNabb's Day starts. It's just an hour or so."

      I sit down next to her, and put my arm around her. For some reason my mother shows up and sits on the other side of her. The girls begin talking about how much they like to drink, and how great it will be to have free beer all day long. They seem to think drinking constantly for 13 hours is easy.

      I start talking to my mother, loud enough so that they can overhear. "What do you think would happen to someone who drank beer constantly for 13 hours?" I say.

      "I don't know," says my mother, "but it can't be good".

      "I would think you'd get alcohol poisoning," I say. The girls seem to take no heed. I pull the girl next to me a little closer, and give her a hug. I am honestly worried about her. "Here is my prediction. By this time tomorrow night there will be at least one alcohol related death because of this contest."

      "I think you're right," says my mother.

      I now see in my mind's eye the scene of an accident, and someone being loaded into an airplane.

      Strange Goings-on at my Grandparents'

      We are having a family get together at my grandparents' house. It is getting to be late at night, and my brother goes back to bed. My aunt decides to play a trick on him, and changes into a bikini top. She undoes the strings at the bottom, so it looks as though she is in the process of taking it off. Then she goes into my brother's bedroom, pretending to be a strange woman who wandered in from the street.

      Fixing the Computer

      (This may have been a continuation of the last dream, or not. I don't quiet remember. It's one of those that isn't so coherent.)

      Bobcats never let go once they have hold of you. My little cat thinks it's a bobcat at times, but at other times it is just like a kitten. I pet it, but then someone makes it think it's a bobcat. It grabs my hand with it's teeth and claws, getting a wild look in its eyes. I start singing to it, treating it like a little kitten again. It let's go of my hand.

      Now somebody has the cat on his shoulder, and is climbing and running along the top of a moving train. It is a daredevil.

      Now I am in a room somewhere. There are lots of children walking by on a field trip. They have to line up at the door, and they set their books down in front of me. I look at them, and see they are doing the same thing I did when I was their age.

      A telephone rings in the room I am in. A woman answers the phone. "It's for you," she says, "it's Client #9".

      "Client #9?" I say, "uh, that doesn't sound right." I pick up the telephone. I should have known. It's my uncle, who likes to pretend he is weird people when calling family and freinds. He asks if I'm busy, and if I can help work on my Grandfather's computer.

      Now I am at my Grandfather's house with his computer. It has a small problem, but Dell wants over $1,000 to fix it.

      "$1,000?!" I say, "at the most, you'll just have to get a new CPU, or maybe just a new motherboard."

      Now my brother goes to bed. I have my laptop running, and it's been running all day. I decide I had better shut it down.

      Working for Rush

      I get a new job, working for Rush Limbaugh. He is explaining how the job works.

      "When I'm on the mic," he says, "I don't know whether someone is doing their job or not. I don't go around and see how much or how well people are working. What I do is look at their desk. If your desk is clean, you are a good employee."

      I look around the office. Everybody has a nice, perfectly clean desk. I sit down at my desk, and try to organize my things to look nice as well.
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