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    1. Nonlucids - September 7

      , 09-07-2018 at 12:49 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 7 2018

      First dream of night: I'm at childhood home. I'm younger, I think. There is a party or gathering coming up, and we're discussing it in the backyard. My mom wants us (fiance and I) to wear a giant Barney suit. We tentatively agree. I try on the suit and can't fit the headpiece on. It's a rectangular oblong plasic open box (thinka tupperware container, but oblong. It was in no way the appropriate size for my head. On the two, I think there was a felt cap or something (driveR). I think the torso had a separate piece from the legs for the costume. After trying the headpiece on without the tupperware "structural mask", mI found that I could shift my focus and see myself in 3rd person (still non-lucid). I remember it looked nothing like a Barney head or any formed animal costume head for that matter; instead it was like a purple ghost outfit (i.e. loose draped rag with eye holes).

      The dream shifts and we're all in a parking lot. My mom's request for us to work during the party has come up, but it turns out she wants us to work for 5 hours each. I say that's bullshit, she wsays "well you agreed, you just idn't specify timeframe or current ball timeframe". We were in some kind of parking lot, I was in a white van I believe. I was trying to pull out of the spot and around the corner. I fought with my momm about this and eventually resigned us completely from doing the ball.

      Before getting in the van I believe, I was walking around a version of the parking a lot that was fused with my backyard. Off towards the far right/forward corner of the yard, there's a system of roots that went on for a few fet in either direction. I didn't realize, but some of them are completely rotten. I step over them and they collapse, while the healthy parts remain intact. The rotten roots fall away into a large grave-sized hole.

      The dream shifts and I'm inside the house, in a false version of my room. My fiance is there with me, but is playing the role of a sister (posibly step sister or family friend, it was vague). The mood was fierce and rebellious. We are talking about how best to approach the Barney situation and my dad ends up walking around the corner. He has a few guys with him and he cracks some inappropriate jokes, and some of the guys with him say some stuff that's way out of line. My zipper is down. Before this my "sister" and I were watching TV or in the kitchen.

      Dream fragment about "how to meet your heroes" or something similar.

      Edit: In the main dream, I remember at multiple points having to swat away both lovebugs and wasps.

      *Note: Seems like in my dreams, I usually get in huge fights with my mom (way more intense than anything ever IWL), and my dad is always laid back (innappropriately so).

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    2. 18/July/2016

      by , 07-18-2016 at 02:37 PM
      >A woman (Caucasian, maybe around the age of 30; she had dark brown hair and IMO was a bit fat but far far off from clinically obese) was talking about keys and something else my Maternal Grandmother had. This woman said something about these possessions similar to "they nearly fell over" (off a table) and was talking about burying the possessions with the ashes?! She gave an explanation to why. I felt disturbed when she said this as it meant we'd have to dig up the grave so I didn't agree to it.

      Later in this same dream with someone else standing near me in the building (My Father, I think) the same woman (who is not my Mother) was outside a window talking to me and I saw a white pickup truck in the street some distance away on the other side of the parking lot. I told her to come in immediately and told her not to question me; I felt as if these men in the truck were coming to beat us and maybe steal something. I said to get vinegar, to spray in their eyes.

      I woke up.
    3. Book Titles and a Headstone (WILD)

      by , 01-20-2016 at 08:58 PM
      Ritual: Last night's moment of lucidity made me crave good dreaming again, but I woke up after six hours with nothing but a few shreds of bland and wan memory. Determined to do better, I dug out the silent vibrating alarm I was using last year for my DEILD experiments and strapped it to my wrist. I set the timer for 33 minutes at first, so I would likely be asleep by the time it went off, but after lying awake for about half that time reset it for 17 minutes. I reminded myself that it would be fine if I was still awake when it went off, a good opportunity to re-familiarize myself with the sensation I was anticipating and to RC. I did feel the pulse once before I fell asleep; afterwards, given that another 45 minutes went by before I woke up, it must have gone off a couple times that I didn't notice. However, I did get lucid, even though the timing suggests that the onset was not triggered by the vibration, because when I finally woke up the alarm was 30 seconds from going off again, and I don't think the dream lasted that long (though I could be wrong about that). This would be consistent with my other experiments with this technique: it works, but not in the way one might expect. Rather than directly inducing an awareness of the dream state with its signal, it seems to be rather that the anticipation of the alarm serves as an anchor for the attention that makes it easier to transition directly into dream. Consequently, rather than a DILD I had a WILD.

      I knew I must have transitioned when I realized I was holding a piece of paper in my hands. I used the paper to better integrate by running it between my fingers and being attentive to the lifelike sensations. They were vivid enough that I figured I should just get up out of bed, even though my vision hadn't kicked in fully yet and everything was dim and blurry. Since there are bookcases right next to my bed in WL and my intention was to do this month's Basic Task i, the moment I was on my feet I started examining the books. My vision was no better overall, but I could see well enough in the area of my primary focus. Reading was surprisingly easy as well, although the words themselves did not always remain stable, sometimes changing into new ones right before my eyes.

      I read a half dozen book titles right away, some better than others, but none so striking that I felt like putting special effort into memorizing them. I hoped a few might stick with me naturally, but unfortunately I didn't remember any of them on waking. After browsing the books in the bedroom for a while, I moved out to the kitchen, where I have more bookshelves (there are books almost everywhere in my house). I continued reading titles, trying to find a really good one for the task. Finally after moving on to a second shelf in the kitchen I found what I was looking for. The book was a slim hardcover, about 9"x11" and 3/4 inch thick. The cover had a glossy sheen and was white in the upper half and a darker color, grey perhaps, in the lower half. In the very center, where the colors met, was the word: "REVOLIOTUN" in red and black stylized capital letters. I took note of how it appeared to be the word "revolution" with some of the letters transposed. I wasn't sure if this was part of the title or designated something else, like the series, publisher, or maybe just a cover design, since the actual title seemed to be printed below this in the lower half of the cover. The title was David Bowie's Dreams: Naked in Flight. This tickled me, especially given his recent passing, and I knew it was the one I wanted to bring back for the task.

      I set my mind on remembering that book, but glanced at a few more for good measure. There was one small paperback titled Blue Skulls Book that struck me, but that's the only other title I can remember.

      Now that I had completed the task, I wondered if I should wake and write immediately, but it seemed a waste of good dream state. Was it really that good, though? My vision was still terrible. "Then maybe I should work on that," I told myself reprovingly. So I looked out the kitchen window and tried to clean up my vision. "Just open your eyes," I instructed myself. "But be careful not to open your real eyes!" I actually did have a sensation like my eyes were opening, and suddenly my vision cleared up beautifully! I looked out the window and was startled by the amazing color and clarity of the landscape, a wide grassy expanse bordered by distant hills, so unlike my actual concrete pool patio. The vision from my left eye was perfect, but my right eye faded in and out: it kept feeling like something was covering it, which I tried to brush away with my fingers as though it were an errant lock of hair. I realized that it was probably the bleedthrough sensation from the way my face was pressed into my pillow (I was able to confirm this on waking) and decided I'd better do my best to ignore it.

      The beauty of the outdoors lured me, so I stepped through the sliding screen door into this marvelous dreamscape, and immediately felt my heart fill with joy. I wondered if I should plan to do anything in particular, but decided no, it was enough just to look around and drink in the sights, now that I could see so clearly. As I moved over the ground, I was more dancing than walking for the sheer pleasure of it. Momentarily I wondered if I should be careful not to accidently blunder into any WL obstacles I couldn't see, but then had to remind myself, this isn't like google cardboard: I'm not just surrounded by an illusory overlay on the real world, this is a whole world in its own right.

      "This is my favorite world!" I murmured in fervent appreciation, then caught myself. That seemed like a radical statement. Was it really true? I reflected for a moment and had to admit that it was. I felt a bit sorry for the real world—how could it compare to this? As I looked around, marveling at the beauty of my surroundings, my eye was caught by a brighter spot in the dream sky, a white disk surrounded by intensified illumination, like the sun filtering through a haze. For some reason this struck me as remarkable, and I thought back and couldn't remember ever seeing a sun in my dream sky before. Unlike the unpleasant brightness of the real sun, this one I could gaze at directly.

      I wandered across the lawn until I discovered a large headstone. It had the traditional rounded shape but was very wide, maybe three or four feet tall and five or six in width. I was pleased to discover that I could read the chiseled inscription very clearly: "THE EARLY DEATHS OF BLAKE GRACE." The name meant nothing to me, but what particularly caught my attention was the plural, "deaths." How could he or she have died more than once? Oh well, in the dream world, I suppose anything is possible.

      Encountering the tombstone hadn't diminished my joy in the slightest. I still felt radiantly happy, even when I glanced down and noticed that I was standing on a carved piece of stone that covered the grave itself, like the lid of a sarcophagus. "I hope I'm not disturbing the inhabitant!" I thought amiably, and stepped off the stone, watching closely to see if it would move, on the off-chance that the corpse might decide to rise from the grave in indignation. Even this possibility did not dampen my mood; I felt fully capable of dealing with such an eventuality, should it occur. But the dead slept. I felt compassion for the person buried here and thought I should make up for my accidental insult by doing something to honor the grave. In the hollow of one of the carvings toward the foot of the stone was an accumulation of gravel on which an uprooted mushroom was lying. I picked up the mushroom and tried to set it upright, pushing the stem into the gravel to help it stand up. The surface of the mushroom was starting to rot, but the sight filled me with a sense of tender compassion, much like the grave itself.

      After this I decided that it was probably time to wake up, since I didn't want to risk wandering off and forgetting the book title and the engraving on the headstone. Since I was waking myself up deliberately, I was able to get ready and do it in a very controlled way. As the dream began to fade into void, I grabbed a pen and got ready to start writing in the notebook next to my bed the moment I transitioned, until I realized how ridiculous this was. There was no point in picking up a dream pen—it wouldn't save me any time—I would still have to move my physical arm and grab the physical pen once I actually woke up! What a hassle!

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    4. [10-05-2015]

      by , 05-10-2015 at 09:19 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Sitting near the oven

      I was in my kitchen. I was sitting on a bench placed near an oven. I had only underwear on me. I looked at the clock and it was nearing midnight. Then I looked inside the oven, and saw that there is a pizza, baking inside.

      Praying near the grave

      With my father we went to local graveyard. It was cloudy afternoon. We looked for a grave of person I can't recall. We searched the grave for a while, and we found it. Then another man joined us, we hold our hands and prayed.
    5. LD#154: once in a two moon

      by , 01-08-2015 at 02:16 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was playing with legos. Somehow or other I had legend of Korra lego figures and I had made a spaceship that all of the main characters could ride around in. I was doing that thing that you always see kids doing with Lego spaceships where they spin in circles and run around making laser gun sounds for no other reason than it could be done. I was really enjoying myself as well.

      I was playing outside at night for some reason. I believe it was summer.

      Just then I stopped. I noticed that the moon seemed to look strange.
      It seemed like there were no craters and the whole thing was just flat gray maria. My view seemed to zoom in on the moon. It came back to me, and I thought of how strange it was. Then I noticed that there was a second larger moon right next to it.

      I thought for a second about what that might mean and realized that extra celestial bodies was a common dream sign.
      I preformed the nose pinch. Dreamin', baby! I had good lucidity too.

      I looked up at the night sky. It was a clear night with no clouds. I thought about the stars for a few moments. There was a very bright one (might have been a planet) right above me.

      I realized that I might want to try and stabilize the dream, seeing as I've been losing my lucid dreams a lot this past week or so. So my first priority was to get daylight. I tried my old trick of swiping the sky like an Iphone screen, but it didn't work. I tried swiping it the other direction and it still didn't work. I tried swiping it north-south (though this makes no sense) the sun came up directly south relative to my house.

      Just then the dream started to destabilize. I laid down on the grass and grabbed onto it with both hands. "I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream!" I began to feel like I was spinning. A golden light passed over me, and I phased through a number of blurry environments but retained the grassy bed below me.

      I got up and pulled up the grass. I put it in my mouth to try to stimulate taste or maybe hold onto the dream a little longer, but it tasted like having metal shards in my mouth. I spit it out to see that the grass was in fact a bunch of small X-acto blades.

      I looked around. I was in a perfectly flat meadow. All around me were equally sized and spaced tombstones. They were huge, about ten or twelve feet tall, and they didn't have any writing on them. And they were all on forty-five degree angles leaning toward a huge tree that the sunlight shone through. There were a couple of clouds in the sky.

      I began to feel Manei was somewhere in the dream. I felt like I should focus on her, bring her forward, but the dream was slipping quickly.

      "I want to know why the dream is so unstable!"

      I began to lose the dream again, and let it slide this time. There really was no point if it was going to fight me this hard. I did my best to hang on to staring at the huge tree.
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    6. I Have To Die...16th feb 2012

      by , 02-16-2012 at 09:58 PM
      There are 2 of me in this dream. The one me who was me was the one who has to die ((sorry if this is confusing)) lol..and the other me existed but I never got to see that me in my dream!
      I'm on my last day of being alive, I go to town with my Dad and I buy some strawberry laces ((the sweets)). We now go into a shop and I see some flower transfers on the wall, they are for sale, they are so pretty and glittery, I am attracted to the pale blue one and run my finger across it as I admire it. My Dad now notices a floral handbag, I say "that's really nice" he says "yes...you can try it on for your mom then. I put it over my shoulder and think "why would I need to try a bag on for her??!" and I think this is a bit weird.
      I am now in the town and I'm on my own. I now see my Uncle M and he comes over to me, he is in a wheelchair and wearing a black ribbed hat. I speak to him and tell him what's going to happen to me, he is crying and hugs me and says "it'll all be over soon". I really don't want to die, I'm so scared and can't really understand why I have to.
      I now meet my hubby and he takes me to a place where my coffin is. The mattress inside is made out of black leather. I now have to say my last goodbye to my hubby and then I get in my coffin and lie down on the mattress. It all cracks under me like it's rotten and it's all wet, dirty and horrible.
      I now lie down and shut my eyes waiting for myself to die, I'm scared shitless because I don't want to and I want to live my life not the other me, but I have no choice. I know there are other dead people in coffins around me and I'm thinking about this as I lie here.
      I suddenly hear my Pigeon gasp, I jump up out of my coffin and go and check on her and she is gasping for air. I notice she's not in her bowl now ((eh!!!??)) But she has tried to get out and is caught between the table and the lid of the bowl. I take the lid off the top of her and shout to my eldest ((who has suddenly appeared from nowhere lol)) "she needs water, quick!!" my eldest just stands there and does nothing and then a bowl of water appears in my hand, I give my Pigeon a drink and she is now better.
      The Pigeon now begins to talk to me and she copies what we say. It's not time for my Pigeon to die yet, she has to wait untill I die. ((dream skip)).
      Myself and my Hubby are at a cemetery, we are looking at a grave that has been newly dug and I realise it's for me . I say to a woman who is with us "no..wait!!!, we want to be buried together" she says "you can't now but maybe when your both dead we can put you together" I reluctantly say "ok then". I am so jealouse that my Hubby can stay alive but I have to die. I begin to wonder what it will feel like when I'm dead but the other me is still alive and I'm very, very confused.
      ((The feeling I had in this dream was bloody awfull, I can't explain it but it wasn't nice atall !!!!))
    7. Hiking and Politics

      by , 11-19-2011 at 06:40 AM
      I am doing a lot of hiking, exploring back trails. There are so many beautiful trees. Someone is dead. There's a grave dug at the end of a trail or cave. It's been exhumed. I am angry and trying to fix things.

      I am a king or mayor type and talk with another king type. I don't remember the words.

      There is a fortress in a rock pillar/mesa type thing. We are defending against invasion.

      I put a leash on a baby dragon to take him along the trails.

      I am at some sort of tourism office talking about hiking.
    8. Gauzed Man

      by , 09-15-2011 at 11:42 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I´m in a cemetary, watching someone´s grave. I´m not alone, but i can´t see who´s with me.
      The person who´s with me lift´s up the marble stone of the grave and drops it with a deafening, huge bang.
      The dreamscene changes, and i´m with H and E near an old, big house.

      We were in the middle of a psychic session and suddenly this humanoid falls next to us.
      The humanoid figure was all wrapped in gauze, and the only thing we can see from his body is the nose.
      He was dressed with a pajama from some sort of hospital.

      The dream "told" me that that person is my grandfather, and at the same time my and H´s father.

      We took him to a madhouse. When we got there, H, E, me and the gauzed humanoid sat in some sort of waiting room with
      dirty benches. The floor has white and black tiles.

      Suddenly one of the patients asks for my help to peel off a pear, because he´s afraid of the pear´s peel.

      I looked at H and he assured me that he would take care of the gauzed man. I got up and went to help the patient.


      Comments: This dream is part of dateless dreams series.
    9. home fries at a karaoke bar

      by , 04-10-2011 at 01:41 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was really late at night. I was walking out on a sidewalk in front of the building where my old job was. I noticed that there was a karaoke bar similar to the one I regularly go to. I was kind of surprised to see a second bar like this, so I went in to check it out.

      There was a small, narrow staircase leading down into the bar. The bar was also small and narrow, very dark. There were a few young, white men sitting at the bar. They looked kind of miserable, a little scraggly and unkempt. The bartenders were all Indian, and they all wore headdresses.

      I looked for the karaoke song books. I found a couple laying around. At some point, I looked at a menu and ordered food -- home fries and cucumbers. I didn't really feel like singing. The place was so dark and cheerless. I looked around, but I couldn't seem to find any screens for singing.

      I finally saw a television screen. A news program was playing on it. A mass grave had been found somewhere. Some group like the al Qaeda had murdered a bunch of people, possibly Jewish people. They had buried each person in a specific square and then put some sort of statement in the square of soil over each person.

      The news report may have said that the statements were Jewish or written in Hebrew or the language of the victim. In this way, it almost seemed like the statement was a statement of solidarity with the victim, as if the people had been part of some kind of voluntary death. This was confusing to me.

      I then got a closer look at the grave -- still on the television screen. Some squares of soil were undug, revealing people's bodies, which weren't decayed at all, so that it looked like the people had only recently died. Other squares were still untouched. I saw the writing on the soil. A lot of the writing was actually ancient Egyptian. I couldn't figure out why al Qaeda would use ancient Egyptian.

      A young man, apparently of the family of the people running this bar, was sitting behind the bar or at the end of the bar. He was dressed in a modern fashion. His skin was pale, and his tightly curly hair was cut short. He may have had green eyes.

      The man turned around and looked past me, into the kitchen, which was bright with fluorescent light (and which may have been the only source of light in the bar). The man spoke to one of the older men, saying something to the effect of, "Well, that's what (whatever race it was) gets. They deserved it."

      I felt like, when the man was saying that, he was also saying something about me. I felt like the men didn't like me because I appeared to be of whatever race it was that they didn't like. I figured I'd just get my food and go.

      The young man took my money and handed me a small, white bag (paper or plastic or some kind of papery plastic?). There was, I could tell, a very small, clear, plastic box inside of it. I thought I'd ordered a decent amount of food. And I thought I'd paid a good amount for the amount of food I thought I'd ordered.

      The young man was already talking more with the older men and making it clear that he was going to ignore me for the rest of the time I was there. I opened the bag to see if I'd actually gotten what I'd ordered. I saw a little bit of home fries and a little bit of cucumbers in the small, plastic box. I figured that was fine, and that I'd take it. I didn't feel like arguing with the men to get more food.

      I walked toward the exit. As I passed something that looked like a tiered display for desserts, but which held karaoke books, I thought that I would say something out loud like, "Yeah, I really like this place, but I'll come back at another time. I just wanted to check it out and see if it was good." It was like I thought the men actually cared whether I liked this place and like they actually wanted my business.
    10. SAT grave; punch in the face; little white animal

      by , 03-28-2011 at 11:42 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I walked up something like a wooden ramp or a wooden deck that was in front of some kind of run-down beach house or shack made of wood. I may have been in a line with people.

      I was now in a classroom. The desks in the classroom seemed all crammed together. We were all preparing for some kind of test like the SATs. I looked up from my study material and saw JW, my old friend from high school, studying for the test.

      I made some kind of weird comment in a weird voice that I thought would remind him of our high school days. JW recognized me, but he only ackowledged me briefly and reluctantly. I was a little hurt.

      Some voice called from behind me. I turned around. Another friend of mine, who I didn't recognize, was trying to get my attention. This guy was from some more recent time in my life. He may have been overweight, with tan skin, black hair in a ponytail, a goatee, and glasses. I was kind of put out that JW wouldn't talk to me, while this guy would.

      Now the test was about to begin. The teacher was doing something. I made some kind of immature joke. The class' and teacher's attention were drawn to me. The teacher may have asked me something. I may have responded with a dumb answer that was a smart alecky way of saying I didn't know anything.

      The teacher said, "What a disappointment. I thought you were one of the bright ones. I was looking for someone to give a presentation on how to take this test. I thought it was going to be you. But I guess not, now."

      Apparently, we all had to go somewhere else to take the test. We were all walking through some area.

      Later, I think I had decided not to take the test after all. I was somewhere that was half outside and half inside. I stood on some barren soil. A pit as long as my body and a few feet deep was dug into the soil. I sat down into the pit. I began pulling the dirt down onto myself.

      I buried my legs pretty quickly. I started to wonder if I would suffocate if I managed to pull dirt all over my body, which was, I think, my objective. I may have gotten afraid. I may have pulled myself up out of the pit. As I looked down at the soil, the soil may have seemed disgusting to me, like it was feces.

      Dream #2

      I was in a high school, walking down the steps of a stairwell. A white kid kind of dressed like a gangster came up the steps and punched me in the face. I dropped my books. The kid kept attacking me, but I tried to ignore him. I picked up my books and walked the rest of the way down the stairs.

      I got around a corner, into some place like a classroom. For some reason I looked back out around the corner, into the stairwell. The kid punched me in the face again!

      Dream #3

      I was in my bedroom. A strange, white animal was crawling across the floor. It was moving somewhat quickly. I thought it might be a mouse. But it had such a strange look, like a slug.

      I was interested in the animal, but I didn't want it in my house. It seemed to be heading out the door of its own accord. I watched it as it approached the door. But just before it got to the door it turned back around.

      I now got on the floor and tried to scare the animal away. But I only seemed to make it curious about me. It came closer, so I figured I might as well try to learn what kind of animal it was. It turned out to be very much like a white mouse with grey ears. But something about it still looked not quite right. I wondered if I actually wasn't looking at a baby rat.
    11. November 1- Death and a funeral.

      by , 11-01-2010 at 11:49 AM
      This dream starts off with one of my nephews having passed away. When it starts, I am with his mother and my mother at his grave and we are highly upset. Everything we placed on the grave had been moved around the grave so that it no longer looked organized, and someone had dug up his coffin. While it looked like nothing had been stolen off him or out of the coffin itself, they had altered the way he was lying inside of it so that his body was in odd shapes and angles. While we try to figure out who would have done such a thing, we all move to fix him, re-bury his coffin, and organize all his gifts on his grave once more.

      Strangely enough, the scene changes to where and when we are having the funeral. The place it's held in seems to be of castle-like qualities based on the interior. The rooms are vast and the funeral homes have decorated every single wall with quotes from our's and his past, and pictures. One in particular catches my attention, though I cannot remember what exactly was on it. Eventually we all proceed to what seems to be an altar-like area for the ending ceremonies. The pastor talks and once he's done, all of the immediate family including me partner up with someone else in the room. Once we have done so, we mount horses and ride off towards the distance, as the castle is all of a sudden gone. The farther we leave from where the castle had been, the more I become awake until I am completely pulled from sleep.
    12. Nighthog's Journal: 4th August 2010

      by , 08-04-2010 at 08:41 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Looking for the lost treasure: "The Staff of Jesus"

      I'm with my brother and father, we are looking through some maps and documents and are thinking and talking about where the exact location might be. We have been searching for this spot for hours.
      We are in a dry hot desert in the middle of the day. We are following a dirt road marked out by the drivings of cars.
      "Are we there yet" I hear.
      "just wait. we are just about there"
      "We have been walking for hours"
      "Is it even here?"
      "hold on. We are there soon. Looking at the surroundings and the map it's just about here. We are close."
      "See. these rocks and features, they match the map. As the man that we asked said from before. The location on the map is up ahead here."
      "There it is!" I say as we walk around a few large rocks as the road bends up a hill to a medium sized rock formation up ahead.
      "It there, just up there on the hill!"
      "Is this ordeal about the staff of Jesus even true?"
      "Yes it is. Look there is the grave!" I see the broken down remains of the grave this once great man. It's a small indent inside the large rock up there on the hill. The grave is exposed directly to the sunlight. I see some writing and also that the grave is open. The bones off three individuals are exposed and resting on the location.
      "The grave is here as was told in the writings. The man who last was seen holding the staff was buried here."
      We all head up the hill to get closer. I go to check out the grave spot. I see there is nothing there really but the bones of the few men who were laid at rest here.
      I spot something unexpected. The rock formation looks to be carved... Wait is that a terrace and shed and various tools? Someone has built a house up above the grave and the grave is in one of the walls. There is much junk about stuffed up down below a small terrace.
      "hey wait, be careful. It seems like someone is living here.
      "Lets just search for the spear/staff" (the item might have been refereed to as spear at this moment)
      My brother and father start to walk about rummaging and looking through very crank and corner at the spot.
      "Hey be careful I said." I'm worried about that the one living here will not like our visit and trespassing. I check outdoors and see no trace of what might be a hiding location or anything where the spear/staff might be.
      "It seems not to be here."
      "Lets check inside" we open the door and walk inside. It's a shabby place. But kinda normal housing you might find in a desert for the locals.

      I'm not thinking at all about who might live there or such and we search though the house for a while. I open up cabins and chests and other places where you might find the item stored away at. I only find various items of the household. My brother and father have themselves no luck.
      We come together into the main hall or room next to the entrance to say to each other that we found no trace of anything useful.
      I'm certain there must be some kind of hidden note or clue to tell where the staff was taken.
      We hear some noise inside the house from the back.
      "hey, wait.... Did you hear that?"
      I kind of get a response from them and we stand still to listen. We hear more noise. Someone was in the shower? In the bathroom? I realize I didn't go check in there neither did the other two. It was past the kitchen.
      We stay in the hall or living room as it looks like.
      We hear the door opening and someone getting out and making out a loud "phew". It's a girl I hear. Soon she comes out round the corner and sees us standing about.
      "Huh? oh? We have guests?"
      It's a young girl and she only has a towel around herself and a second in her hand drying her hair.
      "Are you acquaintances of my father?" she asks looking at us wondering.
      "Well, doesn't matter" She says nonchalantly and goes to walk around the room like we would not even be there.
      "Actually we are researchers. We came looking for the grave just outside on the wall of the house" I go to point in the direction from inside where the grave would be.
      She looks where I point and kinda seems to know what I am pointing at.
      "We found and translated some old documents and it pointed out the location of it" "We are looking for a old artefact. A staff"
      "Do you know anything about that or the grave. Some hidden clue or detail? Maybe a hidden vault or crevice where some objects were found?"
      "We really want to know all there is."
      She doesn't really answer but has listened but she only dries her hair and then walk over to the bed in the other room. My Brother seemed to have gone down laying there waiting as I tried to gather information from the girl.
      "I don't really know." I hear her say as she then soon goes down under the blanket in the bed and I see the towel go of and lay on the floor. She waves and puffs the blanket greatly into the air. My brother ends up underneath.
      We all are kinda a little awkward reacting to what she might be up to. My brother stays there for a moment but as they blanket came up and down on him having them both there under he went to move out and up leaving her there by herself. She was smiling and kinda almost laughing, she was fooling around.
      I didn't know what she was doing but kinda lay in there for a moment. She soon got back up taking the towel again to cower herself. She walked up to myself. I tried to talk a little further with her. Can't recall the words but in the middle we hear a car coming and see out the window that a car just arrived to the house.
      "Ah. it's my dad." She tells.
      Her father has come home. The car pulls over and stops. We stand inside. I'm a little worried what he might think as we are there. Even her daughter around in only a towel.
      As he steps in he sees us but only looks and says nothing. He goes to put away whatever he carried near to the kitchen where I am standing next to her half naked daughter. He only looks at her but doesn't say anything. He looks kinda in a bad mood. He had that same expression through the whole time as he was coming inside. I had a hunch he was always like this. I thought he just didn't care.
      I thought he might think her daughter is up to no good again...
      "Hi, my name is E--- N----. We are researchers and came to look at the grave by your house.... " yada yada something like that I told him introducing myself and the others and stating out intent for being there.
      He didn't really react like anything but just leave us to do whatever we wanted as he wandered outside.
      I took a moment to look at her again. She looked back at me. She was kinda not bothered but still her cheered up self. She was giving me smile as we were about to do something else instead. She started to act and talk and it was something to do with me but I was waking up and saw it all fade as she was asking me to follow.

      The invisible girl

      I tried to go back to sleep but managed only a moment. It was back at this same kind of place. A dry and dirty house. It felt like I was in a room of that house from just before but the characters had changed. I was only alone for a moment until I had a encounter with a wispy female entity. I was kinda lucid and remembered something from my waking visual experiences and resting things. (mind and self talk and having and trying to have visions in your head at same time, usually entails laying down to rest but not managing to fall asleep and having a conversation instead to try get answers from yourself or other if there is anyone there on the other side)
      I had promised something. I decided to let this thing do as she pleased. I wanted to know what would happen.
      I felt this female entity come and sit on top of me as I was laying down on a blanket or similar on the floor. Was it sex? I felt her warmth and then a pressure. Something heavy came down on me from her. I know this. I usually panic with this I remember but wanted to see if it can be something pleasant than unpleasant if I don't try to fight it off in fear. She came down pushing me with a heavy weight all over me as she laid herself on me. I don't know but I had lost my vision and was struggling a little to have it back. I conversed with her at same time. I could not move to freely and I could not grab anything of the figure of a person. It all was a heavy mist that only could be felt by it's weight.
      One moment I manage to get back my vision and see the room again. The problem was that I could not see her. I saw nothing on top of myself. I for a moment had managed to feel the body of a girl but was confused as I saw nothing. My vision blurred again and I asked her why can't I see her. She calmly said for me to not to worry about something like that.
      I also felt like something wanting to go inside my mouth. The heaviness wanted to flow inside as I tried to talk and I had to try and force it out and then block it with my hands. I struggled for a moment and told her I didn't want it to enter. She gave no response as the stuff still seemed to want to enter. I for a moment asked for her to get off but stopped that request. I then went through my mind for good questions.
      "I want to request a healing" I told her. It's a kind of weighting question, is she good or bad?
      "I think that's unnecessary" she told quite quickly. I got a little worried about the quick dismissal about it.
      "Really? But I want it. I need it." I'm imaginably putting down my foot lightly.
      She doesn't answer and I more like feel there was hesitation. The weight kind of lifted away from my head for a moment there as I continue to talk.
      "What about this thing down my throat? I think I would need it for that." I open my mouth and tilt my head back as to show and have her see down to spot the problem.
      I make sure she sees it. It feels like she saw down but I have no way to tell as I can't see but only feel and hear.
      "well, that......---.,.-." She says something with a hesitation. I don't catch it. I don't know if she said it was not needed or if there was a problem after all, or that the thing would heal by itself. My imagination can only run wild but not find a certain answer to fill in what I missed.
      I was waking up. I could not manage to stay about.

      I missed to tell but there was this man who came inside the house and sat down on a bed next to where I was laying while this invisible girl was on me. He seemed to know her and was chatting normally like friends or acquaintances. Making a quick catchup and greeting. He made some kind of remark to regards on what she would be doing with me laying there. Like "Your up to that again?" The girl only kind of wifted him away for asking that. He soon left, leaving us to ourselves. He had some other business to attend. It was casual. Nothing to hint of anything bad that would be to go on.
    13. "The Dead One" - A closer look at another childhood dream

      by , 02-13-1971 at 08:13 AM
      Night of February 13, 1971. Saturday.

      Brenda W, a female classmate I was fairly close to, and who lived just north of me in Florida, turned out to seem to also be some sort of dream symbol and remarkable catalyst for my future wife (there seemed nothing like this for the “other” - Susan R - although she was already present in my life at the time, so did not need a precognitive or anachronistic catalyst, I guess). There is a lot of evidence for this as well as some pretty strange synchronicity on top of precognitive aspects over a longer time period, some now just coming to light which I will add here, as in all honesty “it never ends” as the deeper I look the more “impossible” synchronicity unfolds, in layers, going far beyond being mathematically possible by chance alone.

      In the first part of my dream, which seems to be taking place fairly late at night, I go to Brenda W’s house with a larger bouquet of flowers to give to her. As I am walking along, I horrifyingly notice that a yellow bulldozer had ran over and killed her just prior to my arriving, possibly by minutes (I associated yellow in my dreams with “caution” at the time - as with traffic lights and painted borders on floors for possible hazards). Her right hand, from the lower part of the wrist up, is sticking up from the ground (where there is no grass but a few stones here and there). The rest of her had been covered up. I am in awe over the melancholy scene. My dream fades or shifts into the next scene…

      I am at the cemetery a few blocks from the school - I had ridden my bicycle past there (instead of taking the school bus most of that year) in real life several years later. In my dream, I am at Brenda’s grave. It seems to be open to display her in almost as a sort of Snow White scenario (or perhaps the grave is not “finished” yet?). It is at one of the graves closer to the road, but as I do not have the luxury yet of knowing the exact location/lot, I do not yet know whose grave it actually was in real life (something I would like to know) as although some cemeteries have exact locations of lot views online, this one does not and I do not quite have enough time to do more extensive research presently.

      I reach down to tentatively touch her and get a strange sensation of sticky cellophane covering her entire form. This fallacy seems somewhat “logical” in my dream. It is a fictional way of preserving her appearance, I suppose, similar to how a poster is laminated to make it last much longer. It is a very sad scene for me. I look upon her laminated body for what seems like a long time before I resign to continuing with my life.

      Later on (seemingly much later in my dream - perhaps two weeks or more), I am walking in the main part of town. I see Brenda, alive and apparently healthy and uninjured, walking around in the distance. I start to approach her, but she runs off (after stopping and watching me for a minute or so as I go closer to her), appearing to be frightened of everything - or perhaps she does not want to be “discovered” (alive again) by anyone who knew her yet. This happens a few times and I am never able to catch up with her or find where she is staying. I see her vanish among smaller groups of people and she always somehow eludes me. Perhaps she is lost and does not know where to go.

      Doing a bit of research, I found a different Brenda W (perhaps her grandmother) in a cemetery near where her family would have originally lived, and that other Brenda died on my wife’s birthday in 1991 - which is the year we first made contact. It was also in block 36, which was the number of my wife’s street address when we first made contact. Layer upon layer, it never ends.

      So, the Brenda W in my dream was running away, perhaps in being a symbol of my future wife, was not to be in my path at that time.

      Oak Ridge link

      The event where I touch Brenda’s “corpse” (the back of her left hand) in her open casket relates to a (subliminal) interest in the nature of sleeping and dreaming and is also a dream sign (as she is in a sleeping position and was likely also asleep at the time of my dream in the same directional orientation - thus on one level, this was likely distorted remote viewing). Additionally, the fact that Brenda; neighbor, friend, and classmate; was the only female as such in my youth that I perceived as dying and coming back to life (in a number of dreams) and who was also confirmed as a “stand-in” for my soulmate Zsuzsanna (other than when my “mystery girl” herself appeared, sometimes distorted into some of Brenda’s features), it speaks volumes.

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