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    1. Alternate Dimension and the Forest

      by , 09-07-2011 at 05:44 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a house. Traveling, and looking for something. Or I was going to an alternate dimension. A person. We're searching for something. I need to avoid people.

      I traveled around the house/area. I can see the alternate dimension, and the other person can also sense me. I tried to go to a room where I believed he wouldn't be able to access its version in the alternate dimension.

      I walked around, and found a lot of greenery. I was in a mansion, or a hotel. Outside, it was green everywhere due to the earth-hugging leafy plants, as well as huge trees. I saw rabbits and small animals.

    2. My first lucid dream (from ages ago)

      by , 08-09-2011 at 05:10 PM
      It's been ages since I've been on here or thought about LDing, but I feel that I should sort my life out and get back into it. So here's my account of my first ever lucid dream that I had quite a while ago. I don't have my physical dream journal with me so this is just a rough interpretation from memory, which is pretty accurate I think.

      I was dreaming that I was in my kitchen having breakfast with my dad and brother, but I got handed a cardboard box, similar to a shoebox and I put it on my head. When said box was placed over my head I could see an image of a landscape quite clearly.

      After surveying the image I noticed that everything in the foreground had the characteristics of being in the background, but everything in the background had the characteristics of being in the foreground...something to do with focusing and stuff, it would probably make loads more sense dreaming haha.

      After having this moment of realisation, I thought to myself, I MUST BE DREAMING, upon which I got very excited and whipped the box off my head. I performed a few standard RC's and confirmed that I was in fact dreaming. Knowing that because this was my first, it wouldn't last very long I struggled to calm myself in order to prolong the dream.

      I ended up looking at yoghurt pots and then closing my eyes and changing the text in a half RC, half lucid fun kind of way. Unfortunately the dream slipped away pretty quickly after that, but it was awesome while it lasted.

      Onwards for more lucid adventures hopefully!
    3. 14th Shared Dreaming Attempt-Mancon's Dream

      by , 08-07-2011 at 04:04 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Mancon's Dream

      I was sleeping in a hotel room when I heard someone shouting "Fire!" in the next room over. I shot up, and rushed to the door. The door wouldn't open. I switched on a light switch, and the lights flickered and went out. Wait a minute...I did a reality check and was relieved to find out I was dreaming.

      I stabilized the dream. Now that I knew it was a dream, I completely forgot about the fire, and opened the door with ease.

      Across my room was an elevator. I pressed the elevator button, heard a bing, but it didn't open! I could hear a dog barking in the elevator, but the doors weren't budging! I reminded myself it was a dream and managed to open the doors.

      A dog came shooting out, and I grabbed him. I didn't want to risk getting stuck in the elevator, and saw a window in the hallway. I held the dog in my arm and jumped out the window.

      I was happy to be in a busy city, with tall buildings everywhere. I kept walking until I found a street corner. When I turned the corner, I imagined a bus stop there so I could get to Chichen Itza.

      A big green bus was waiting for me there! I stepped inside and told the short bus driver to take me to Chichen Itza. I looked around, trying to find anyone that matched people's descriptions in the project. I was still holding the dog, and people kept coming up to me wanting to pet it. I shouted out to everyone "Hey this is a dream! Lucid dreaming! Dreamviews!" Nobody even bothered to look up.

      I stood up, and set the dog down. I walked around the bus examining everyone closely. "This is a dream!" Finally someone looked up, surprised. They were asian and looked exactly like..."fOrceez?" I said.

      He held up a notepad he had been drawing on. It was a girl wearing only a bra. I laughed. "fOrceez, your dreaming!" I told him. He refused to believe me, and looked at me sadly.

      I couldn't convince him he was dreaming, so I decided to do someone really memorable that he might remember. I punched him right in the face and screamed "I HAD SEX WITH MY TEACHER LAST NIGHT!!"

      He looked at me shocked, when I heard a loud BANG.
      I woke up.
    4. TOTM Visiting the Chocolate Factory - Willy Wonka Tried to Kill Me!

      by , 08-03-2011 at 04:54 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Successful DILD!

      I was in a library frantically looking for a book about scarves. I found the book and went up to the front counter. As the lady was handing me back my book here eye fell out, and rolled onto the floor. My face:

      I was about to call 911, and I did a quick reality check. I was dreaming! The feeling on panic subsided. I stabilized the dream, and decided I wanted to go to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

      I looked for the biggest book I could find, opened it, and found a big illustration of the factory. I touched the picture and my hand went through the page into the picture. I put my first foot in, then my next foot, and finally my whole body. I could hear a little splashing sound as I went through the page.

      I looked around, everything was very bright and vivid. I was standing on a big field of lime green grass, and coconut trees. I could see Willy Wonka handing on the wall like spiderman, staring at me with the creepiest smile ever.

      I bent down and pulled out a single blade of grass and put it in my mouth. A shocking sweet tasting blueberry exploded in my mouth. It tasted amazing. I turned out around, and suddenly Willy Wonka was there holding a coconut.

      "Everything in here in edible." he told me.

      He pulled out his tongue and handed it to me.

      "Even this."
      "You really want me to eat that?" I told him.
      "It's a dream, who cares?"

      He had a good point. I grabbed the tongue and put it in my mouth. The texture was bumpy, but it tasted like honey dipped in chocolate. I grabbed the coconut, and licked the outside. It had an orange taste.

      "Where is the chocolate river?" I asked him, looking around.

      Suddenly the ground dropped beneath us, and I was swimming in chocolate. It didn't taste like chocolate though, it has a sour taste. I could see these gummy fish swimming in the river. They came in all colors. Bright green, red, purple, and even teal.

      I looked around for Willy Wonka and he was on a ladder in the middle of the river, holding a cloud. He told me to open my mouth. I did and lightning shot out of the cloud right into my mouth. It tasted like someone just poured a bottle of coke into my mouth.

      Suddenly Willy Wonka looked at me like he was insane. He started to charge at me. I put out my hands and imagined a a big barrier coming out of my fist. Willy shot backwards, disappearing in the river.

      Willy was no where in sight. I looked around, and realized this place was really creepy. I was alone in a huge chocolate river, and a lime green field with coconut trees. The river began to look like blood. Nobody else was with me, and I felt like people were watching me. I freaked myself out and
      woke up.

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      lucid , nightmare
    5. Green Lantern and My Friends at My Door

      by , 08-03-2011 at 08:02 AM
      I woke up and tried to remember a dream I couldn't so I sliped back into adream which is what I usually do. Maybe I woke up during a REM period I don't know.


      I was a Green Lantern in a Petting Zoo fighting someone it looked a bit like a desert (like Geonosis in Star Wars). I vaguely remember Wonder Woman being there. I was aware I was dreaming the whole time I don't know if that means I was Lucid.

      Dream Fragment

      I saw my friend walking past my window and heard my doorbell, when I went to answer the door two of my friends were there. I need to up my awareness.
    6. The hike trail made of human organs

      by , 07-06-2011 at 10:39 AM (Brainy Vapours)
      I'm hiking a trail with some friends. I can't remember who the friends are now, but I think my cousin is one of them. The trail has suddenly turned into this really narrow strange path. It's almost like it's a tree that I am climbing because it's so steep and narrow. I notice that the texture of the path has changed too, it's all slimy and sickly coloured green. It reminds me of an over sized cooked asparagus. As I look at it, it's like I can see slices cut into the "path" and below it are what look like human organs. My foot slips into some of these slits from time to time, and the feeling is beyond revolting. I am pulling on a thin, slimy rope as I climb, and it occurs to me for an instant that it could be an intestine, pulled really tight so that it's small. Before I have a chance to be disgusted, my foot slips and ends up in another slit, though this one is much larger and contains an ant's nest. They are crawling all over my foot and leg now, and I am starting to freak out.

      Who ever is up ahead of me tells me to calm down and hang in there, I'm almost to the top. They prove to be right, I finally reach the top, and manage to get rid of the ants. There is now some sort of cargo train in front of me, like a miniature coal train, with makeshift places to sit. I can see that (my cousin?) sits in one of the seats with a blanket over her lap. She tells me to get in before the train leaves.
    7. Randomness Continues...6/16/11(Early Morning)

      by , 06-16-2011 at 09:16 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I find myself in the school(DS :headdesk: ) auditorium. We're doing absolutely nothing. We're all sitting here like a bunch of retards. Suddenly, the song "Brain Stew" by Green Day comes on. I sake my head and smile. I love this song. Isaiah, whom I'm sitting next to is pleased to hear a Green Day song as well. Now, after each two power chord strum, everyone claps. I'm really starting to enjoy this. Now, we reach an explicit line of the song. Oddly, it isn't censored. "Fucked up and spun out in my room." That was the lyric. Not to mention it pops up twice in the song. Now, we all go back to our homerooms(DS). I sit down, and for some reason, all of my clothes vaporize! Holy shit! I'm...I'm...I the nude... I run over into the next room, knowing that it's not in use. I put some papers over my crotchal area. Phew. Now, Mr. McBee(DS) comes in. Hey! What the fuck man?! Can't I have a little privacy. Now, Mr. McBee wants me to go to the office. You've gotta fucking mental if you think I'm walking to the office like this! So, he goes up to the office to get their clothing supply for me. He comes back, and he said all they had was girls' clothing. :guntohead: Mr. McBee(DS) now decides to make up a fake story. I'm an exchanged student from a foreign school who'll be here the rest of today. He shows me everything I need to wear, which includes a girl wig. The rest was a Japanese school girl sailor suit.

      I'm surprisingly convincing. But it's still extremely weird that I'm cross dressing. Now we all head outside to the school(DS) yard. We see some professionals from NASA have shown up. They've set out scale models of experiments they're working. They've discovered most of the planets in the galaxy now. Amazing! They've organized them all. Volcano planets, deserted planets, etc. Interesting. Now, some asshole kid fucks with one of the scale models. He gets into big trouble. Now we decide to have a football game. I see Mr. Brown(DS) deciding on the players. I see Red gets accepted, and so do I. Now, as I run into the field, my disguise flies off, and I
    8. Chemistry Experiments and Floating Through the Floor

      by , 06-02-2011 at 05:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I remember I was going to give my friend who just got married, Christina, a wedding present. I was going to the coffee shop where I work to give it to her, but then figured out I left the gift at my house. Kacey gave me a card that she was going to give to her. I didn't want to give it to her, because I wanted to give her my gift.

      I remember being in the coffee shop and telling Christina congratulations. I did end up giving her Kacey's card. The card had a very complicated wrapping process. It was strange. I remember Christina opening it at my house. I then gave her a CD, and told her I had another one that I thought she'd like. The second CD was actually a video game.

      I then remember doing these weird chemical tests. They had something to do with the way toilets flushed. I had to take samples of the water, and put them into a small test tube of dye. If the toilets flushed down, then the dye would turn green. If they flushed up, the dye would turn blue. Most of my tests in flushing the toilet resulted in the water going down resulting in green results, but I did get some blue results. I remember also being outside in a field with another scientist performing tests on the solutions we had gotten.

      We were then driving around town, listening to music on the radio. The station we were listening to was only playing a minute or so of each song. We were in some parking garage, and I gave 2 of my test samples to some guy, whose name was Simon, as we drove by. The scientist I was with asked me what I did. I told him I gave them to Simon. He said that I'd need to get them back. I told him I would.

      I remember seeing the samples labeled "Tornado #_ _ _ _" (each had a 4 digit number after the word 'tornado').

      I then remember being in my house in the very middle of the staircase. I floated upwards, but could not go through the ceiling. I thought that was weird, I should be able to do that! I then tried to go down through the floor. That I could do. I went through the stairs into a small, dark area. It almost felt a little warmer down there. I contemplated going lower. I then floated back up, and tried again to go through the ceiling. The ceiling moved a little under the pressure I put on it. It cracked a little bit and seemed to glow green.

      I also remember Christina getting annoyed with me for some reason.

      I wonder why floating didn't induce lucidity? Meh. I haven't been lucid in a few weeks now. I think I've just had too much on my mind. -_-
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. My First Flight

      by , 09-20-2010 at 06:59 PM
      Title: My First Flight Date: 9/14/2010
      Category: Flying Dream Lucidity: Mild Lucidity

      Keywords: Blackness, Green, Floating / Flying, Vibrations

      Description: I started at 04:30. I was laying flat on the bed with my hands at my side, relaxing my eyes. I had my Lucid Dream Timer set at 8,4,8,12,16,20,20,6. Within an Hr. I felt vibrations. Scenes were flashing before my eyes. I walked down a path from a house carrying a green plastic cover. I was holding the cover with both hands waving it trying to get all the dirt off. I could not keep the picture in my mind, everything went black. I felt my feet lift off the ground....I was floating. I could not see anything, but I felt it.

      I was so excited by the prospect of floating that my energy rose too quickly and my dream state collapsed.

      Note: To maintain the lucid dream state, you must modulate your emotions. (Don't let your energy rise too quickly).

      Mental or Emotional State: Excited, Happy

      Interpretation or Meaning: The color green represents luck, money, envy, new beginnings, nature and growth. It may also represent peace.

      Blackness - Being "reborn" into the next phase of life.

      Flying may represent freedom, or may represent the spirit. They may also represent rising above your difficulties or overcoming obstacles.
    10. Romeo and Juliet

      by , 07-28-2010 at 08:31 PM
      I dreamed that I was going to see a production of Romeo and Juliet, which was completely different to the original. I was in the dressing room with a male friend (can't remember who or they were indistinguished) and we were fighting with bright pink plate spinning sticks, the ones that clowns use. Another friend was actually acting in the play, I can't really remember who it was but I have a feeling they were female. Some older people were sitting down in the dressing room discussing the play and for some reason some of the background music from House was playing. I commented on the music to someone, but his reply was really disjointed and strange.

      I feel like such an idiot for not questioning really strange things in my dreams and becoming lucid haha.

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      Tags: ben, green, house, juliet, romeo
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Strange College

      by , 07-27-2010 at 09:57 AM
      Well this is my first dream journal entry, I'm not going to use names, instead I will use abbreviations for privacy related reasons, so if you see just a letter or two that's someone I know in real life.

      I dreamed that I was back in college (I'm British, so college, not university, I don't really know what the American counterpart is) studying Archaeology, even though I finished college at the beginning of the summer.

      A relatively attractive blonde girl asked my name in my Archaeology class and I awkwardly showed her by pointing to it on a laminated sheet of names on the wall, for some reason I didn't ask hers. Me, E and her were the only people in the class, so we went to an early lunch where me and E saw M leave a room with a big white furry coat.

      I then had an ICT/Computer lesson in a new large room with a new bald male teacher. He was examining a popular music essay of mine and S and J were in my class as well as JF. I talked with J about Macs and PCs but ended up comparing them to rice, or something strange like that.

      We then went for lunch and I looked in my bag and found a lunchbox which I thought I had eaten in a lucid dream but still had food in (note that I haven't actually attained a lucid dream yet so I don't know where that came from). I then went out and saw JF and some of his friends and J and I acted strange and ate rice/cereal bars but got them everywhere. The new teacher sat on a radiator behinds us and I didn't notice him till they mentioned him.

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    12. Becky's car gets wrecked

      by , 08-25-2006 at 04:26 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I cannot remember now how the dream started but at some point I was with my friend Becky and we were taking a road trip in in her car to a large shopping center across the border, (even though in waking life she does not actually own a vehicle). We arrived at our destination and went inside to do whatever and when our hands were full, we returned to Becky's car. We found that a small green car had smashed into the right side of her vehicle, leaving a large dent and traces of green paint. The green car was parked behind Becky's with the driver no where in sight.

      After some angry shouting over the damage of the car, I suggested to my friend that we take photos of the damage with her digital camera (another thing she does not actually possess in waking life) but for some reason Becky was reluctant to do so. She did not want to create a scene and was content to just leave it but I was insistant on taking pictures for insurance reasons, just in case. She eventually agreed but I could not figure out how to activate the time stamp on the camera, which I was convinced existed at the time, and became frustrated. Becky then suggested we go back inside the mall and finish our shopping because the damage was already done and there was no point crying over spilt milk. I agreed, put the camera in my purse and we returned to our shopping spree.

      When we again returned to put away all we had bought we found that Becky's car had again been smashed and the damage was to much this time to ignore. The green car was no where in sight. Becky and I were infuriated about the situation and I was fuming that I had decided not to use the digital camera before to get the green car's license plate. I proceeded to take photos of the damage while Becky called for a tow truck.

      As I was just finishing up documenting of the damage I saw the green car on the other side of the parking lot, smahed into a wall. I ran over and was thrilled to see two people who I hoped to be the owners. I was right but the owners, a young man and a young woman, tried to argue with me about the damage to Becky's car and would not let me take their photos. The young woman said that the young man had been driving, but it was difficult for him to use the breaks because he was wearing spiked baseball shoes, as if that was a ligitimate excuse for their destructive and dangerous driving!

      I became infuriated when I heard that excuse and yelled that perhaps the young man should wear regular shoes until he reached his destination or wait to wear spiked shoes until he was actually playing baseball, to which the young woman just scoffed. I demanded that we exchange contact information for the insurance reasons and they thankfully agreed to that. When I finally returned to Becky and her car, the tow truck was there and ready to go and the dream ended there.

      I had a short dream after this one that took place in the gymnasium of my public school, but other than the location I cannot remember anything else about that dream.
    13. Dennis the Cyclops

      by , 06-01-1988 at 12:01 PM
      Morning of June 1, 1988. Friday.

      This dream has very strange imagery and seems of the type where I am both disembodied as well as somehow “outside” my dream. I am apparently looking at a magazine (though it seems like a “real” scene as well, eventually), and focusing more and more on it. I see the “Dennis the Menace” character and he appears to be in a store, perhaps in preparation to look at or buy comic books, though his dog Ruff is also in the store and standing to his left (my right in perspective but a bit more in the foreground). I seem to be looking at a large colorful drawing or perhaps a sketchy oil painting by Hank Ketcham. (It somehow does not seem at all like part of a comic strip or comic book.)

      The more closely I look over the scene, the more things seem “off” even though it seems “real”. Dennis the Menace has only one large eye on his forehead, which is somewhat dome-like and a sort of “sickly” brownish green. It may also be implied to be somewhat reflective (or mirror-like, though also “dirty” or murky). There are no other eye-like details, just the oval green “blob” on his forehead. This causes me to feel somewhat strange and out-of-place as if I am almost looking at something “wrongfully” otherworldly. I do not become lucid but begin to “understand” that everything is otherwise “normal” about this character’s drawing at this point in time. Prior to waking, it almost seems like the “real” Dennis may have been “taken over” by an alien threat (or at least as such relevant to semiconscious waking thoughts).

      Explanations for this dream are not all that diffciult to determine. Firstly, dreams typically have surreal and bizarre imagery, often incidental, so this could just be a “glitch” as such. However, it could also be a play on the “third eye”. Dennis is not a real character, which could reflect the “unreal” dream state. The “eye” could also represent a “portal” (that is, the return to waking reality as my dream “melts” into one color and with less detail). Because of the color it may relate to looking down into the ground.

      The “Dennis the Menace” comic panel prior to this date was a gag where he said “Guess what, mom! All the mirrors in the house look like ME!” - which may have vaguely influenced my dream on one level (and the one on this date - not yet seen at the time - having him ask Mr. Wilson, who is digging, “Who buries the worms here in the first place?” - nothing I know of relating to any “explanation” for this imagery other than the eye being partly mirror-like relating to a meditation I had been doing). I also had read many of the “Dennis the Menace” digests when younger but this is the only significant dream of this nature ever documented.

      Update: On this date in 2001 (exactly 13 years after this dream), Hank Ketcham passed away. This makes both my dream and his own comic panel published on this date in 1988 seem a bit eerie (no disrespect intended).

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    14. The Ghostly Green Cat

      by , 12-02-1977 at 06:02 PM
      Morning of December 2, 1967. Saturday.

      A green cat is seemingly “haunting” an unfamiliar area of an unknown neighborhood in my dream (though possibly implied to be near my sister Carol’s house in Wisconsin). It glows brightly, mostly while walking atop an older brick fence near a residence where there are a lot of shrubs and flowers in the front yard. The green cat does not seem to be a lost pet, but perhaps the ghost of a stray. It does not frighten me in any way. Although I see it walking towards me at times, I also seem mostly incorporeal and perhaps unseen by this “ghost”.

      A cat is linked to the idea of sleep yet being active at night, and therefore is a good representation of the dream state itself. Here, the cat mostly only appears in liminal space - the top of a wall. Although the color blue usually serves as induction, green sometimes does as well (in contrast to red, which mainly seems like a waking priority prompt).

      This was possibly influenced by a very small plastic figure of a green cat (which may have come from some vendor novelties my brother Earl had in his apartment near ours at North Monroe Street) that I had in a large box of various small items, which included a soft orange rubber cockroach, a black brontosaurus with its head turned around over its body, and a plastic flying lizard among many other items.

      Tags: cat, ghost, green, wall
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