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    1. Meeting death

      by , 10-19-2017 at 10:13 PM
      I was at my aunts house with my cousin my boyfriend and someone else. My bf wont in the room with us but i knew he was there. Me and the unknown person was playing the game and when we got ready to lay down we turned on Netflix. While we were playing the game a notification on the tv had popped up and said 911 was dialed on the house phone. (My aunts got a really expensive alarm system). So i had clicked the red button on the phone. And continued to play cause the notification went away. Well time went on and When we had went to lay down (it was on the couch but all of us fit comfortably like it was a king Size bed) my bf had walked into the living room and hopped on with us and we had kinda got into little dispute nothing big just petty. But the notification of 911 being dialed popped up on the tv again. The phone was stuck in the couch cushion and i had dug it out to press the end button again. But this time it didnt go through a code had popped up that i had to type in for it to be canceled. But there were symbols that wont on the keyboard i had to type in. Us being afraid the alarm would go off. I had went to check and see if my aunt abled it before she went to sleep. (They have 2 little boxes to set and disable the alarm. One upstairs by their room and another in the game room) i went to the game room to to check the box and before i opened the door I noticed that the garage doors were open outside and i was going to click the button to shut them to. (the game room has a door to the outside of the house and right across the drive way is a separate garage building). When I unlocked and opened the door I noticed the door to outside was wide open to. When i walked in the door i looked to my right and there was a person in a black cloak standing facing the wall. At first i thought it was someone trying to be funny a prank i guess and told him to scat it wont funny. And then he turned around and in my head i had realized it was death or the grim reaper i guess. He didnt have his rod/knife thing though. He had no face either. And i went to scream for my bf but when i opened my mouth nothing came out. I couldnt scream or talk. I looked at death and i mouthed please just let me go say bye. I knew that i was going to dye and i just wanted to let them know i loved them. But death held out his hand to me. His skin was an ugly gray tone and his hand was long and slender. And At first i was captivated it felt like and went to place my hand in his but all of a sudden its like realization hit me and I snatched back quickly. When i did this its like i pissed him off and he curled his fingers and i felt my heart stop. Like i really felt my heart stop. And then i woke up my heart felt heavy i had chills and my room was freezing.
    2. The Doctor and the Daleks of Death

      by , 05-02-2016 at 04:28 PM
      05-02-16 -- I'm playing some sort of Doctor Who video game, but the longer I play, the more it seems to be turning to real life. (I can still see myself pressing keys to try and move around, but I'm moving me around in a real-life situation.) I believe I am traveling around in a somewhat hospital-like building, when I find we're being attacked by Daleks. I take off running, and the Daleks are following fairly closely behind, and I can't seem to manage to get away from them.

      Soon I find myself in a hallway with three elevators, and I dive into one of the elevators, and start pressing buttons, and instead of moving between floors, I am traveling through time. The problem is, the Daleks almost seem to have managed to link to me, somehow, so every time I try and go a few days further into the past, so I can have time to prepare for the Dalek invasion, they have somehow started their invasion a few days early, and are right there waiting for me, as the doors open again.

      In addition, the elevators are also working as elevators, and moving to different floors of the building at the same time. The problem is, the middle elevator has no buttons, and if you enter into it, you are stuck going wherever it takes you, with no control over where you are going, and I am popping in and out of the various elevators like I was in a Scooby Doo chase scene. At one point, I dive into an elevator, and find it is the one with no controls, so I dive out again, almost getting caught in the closing doors. I try to dive into the next elevator over, but its doors slam in my face, so I throw myself at the third elevator, and only just manage to throw my arm in as the doors slam on it, then bounce back open again, so I can get in.

      This seems to give me a tiny bit of breathing room, but only a tiny bit. I throw myself into an 'office' of the hospital, and explain to the other Time Lords what is going on, and how I am crossing my own timeline, trying to find a way to defeat the Daleks, but that they are somehow time traveling at the same time, and always beat me to it. And as I am explaining, we can hear the laser blasts and screams from other parts of the hospital, as the Daleks are here, but just haven't reached this room, yet. And though I think I am going to be in trouble with them for crossing my owns paths in the time stream, the situation is important enough that they don't seem to care. Unfortunately, the only advice they have for me is something along the lines of 'embrace death.'

      The Daleks are getting ever closer, and I head off at a run, bursting into what appears to be a basketball court, and dodging some players who may be real-life friends of mine (one of them possibly Nick), before I run out another door and through more office-like areas. I finally make it to a corner office, where I run in and find myself facing the Grim Reaper, skeleton, black robes, and all. I launch myself at him, wrap my arms around him, and we both smash through the window, and find ourselves falling hundreds of feet.

      Somehow this is supposed to allow Death to see multiple realities or time line possibilities or something, so that he can spot an action that I can take that will allow me to beat the Daleks, but instead he is just crying about how all paths now lead to the end of everything, and there is not a single hope left in the entire universe. Very depressing and horrifying. Except ... even though Death cannot see a way through it all, I suddenly know what to do, and how to fix it, even as we are still plunging to our deaths. And then I wake up.
    3. The Grim Reaper LD – Y2007

      by , 01-20-2015 at 09:12 PM
      I guess most people have had a Grim Reaper dream at some point in their life, here’s mine (my scariest LD ever):

      In this dream I was at my log cabin doing chores (as usual). I walked into the living room, which has a high vaulted ceiling, and I could see somebody in a dark hood robe, up-side-down, with their face against the wall, and about half way up. I found this very alarming, and I instantly became lucid. The clarity was perfect and everything was vivid. The dream figure then crawled head first quickly down the wall, across the floor, and then it stood up one foot in front of my face. He was slightly taller than I, and it was the Grim Reaper! I was totally freaked out! He had icy, bluish gray eyes, which seemed to be glowing, and a lizard face. His scales and coloring were actually quite brilliant and beautiful as far as a lizard goes (I thought). The first thing that came to mind was, “Kill him!” This wasn’t a normal response for me in any form, especially while lucid.

      I reached forward and tore his black, hooded robe off and threw it to the floor. This genderless, lizard biped was standing there completely naked with a shocked look of fear on his face! His mouth dropped open and his eyes bulged wide. He looked totally weak and anorexic. I thought to myself, I’m going to destroy you. In complete rage, I reached forward to crush him, but he shot off in faint wisp of smoke right through the log wall and was gone. He was unbelievably fast. I immediately woke up, and I was shaken by the dream. This was no doubt the scariest lucid dream I’ve ever had. I saw this dream figure once again in an LD last year, but I left him alone and ignored him, and he kept his distance.
    4. Eating Cake with DeadDollKitty & Shoulder Workout of Death with the Grim Reaper, Brushing My Teeth

      by , 07-06-2013 at 10:53 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eating Cake with DeadDollKitty & Shoulder Workout of Death with the Grim Reaper (DILD)


      I expected to have shorter dream recall than usual, but it seems even when I'm not even trying to recall my dreams to the best of my abilities with WBTB and such, I guess being over-analytical of things in life helps a lot in dreams. Guess that's a good thing, seeing how I'm getting better with hypnosis, and because I haven't made a hypnosis script to just have better recall with my dreams, these are just mini-novels compared to what I can potentially do with hypnosis.

      It's truly amazing, and I'm always finding more ways to apply hypnosis to create triggers for other sensations unconsciously. It's unfortunate that some people never marvel or even want to revel in the thought of seeing hypnosis in a completely different way beyond their spectrum of misconceptions behind it. Anyway...

      I'm with a dream character that has a mix of looking like DeadDollKitty and probably the Angela Varona that had the ABC interview of how she became an Internet sex symbol. One part of me wanted to believe that this dream character was more like DDK though, so I decided to just go with that instead. Seems we became close friends somehow, seeing how she asked me if we wanted to work out in the gym.

      We're both outside, and it looks like it rained recently or it felt like it was going to rain. It mostly felt like the first presumption, seeing how the concrete below us was saturated with a darker gray color that's very wet as we're walking together. The grass to the right of us looked pretty wet itself, even though I didn't bother looking for mud-holes or anything where the soil is. You know how you can get the feeling that the grass is wet or not before you actually step into it? That you can notice the difference even if the area you're at is completely new to you and you didn't have a mental map of it in advance? That's exactly how it felt, and even though the analysis of just being aware of the grass itself would be trivial and petty, it felt pretty interesting for me to recall something like that, or to even be aware of that in the dream.

      The sky around us, it had a calm and relaxing atmosphere around us, and is mostly a medium tone gray color with blue thrown in to make it less monotone and dull. I can recall some white specks here and there as well, and it felt like the sun within the dream wasn't going to show up at all. All of this was processed within a few seconds, seeing how most of my attention at the moment was on the dream character replica of DeadDollKitty,

      DDK, she had a completely different vibe to her, at least how I interpreted her on chat when she comes on rarely. She didn't seem as cheerful in this dream, or at least even wanting to be gregarious with me. It was a weird persona this dream character was expressing to me, she wanted me to follow her, and I kept up at a reasonable pace. It's almost as if she became stoic and combined with her body gesture of showing that she wants to walk faster to whatever location we're going so that I would just follow her and not get myself saturated on trying to analyze her persona too much.

      She didn't seem to show any signs of lacking interest in me having company with her, it seemed something was heavily going on within her head. You know how you can tell a person essentially goes into a trance with themselves when speculating about something and still manages to walk just fine to their destination? It felt like something bad was going to happen within her mind, and because I couldn't really go into her mind so easily and was more disheartened by her slight depression, it just made things seem much worse than they should be.

      It got to the point where I had to know what it was she was thinking within her mind, what exactly was she thinking at that time? She gave off an impression that she was calm, collected, and at ease and yet it's as if her body language was telling me that she either wanted to find solace in some way but was too distracted with anxiety to hopefully come to terms with me and talk things out. She's wearing a black leather jacket of some kind that extends down to upper waist region, and she's wearing a white blouse underneath, the type of blouse that has folded sections and then wrapped with a strap in the middle.

      The top of the blouse has nice spacing that makes her breasts the center of attention with how the black leather jacket makes a huge contrast for her Apricot colored skin. Although, with the hue this atmosphere outside in the dream gives, her skin is a bit more pale than usual, being a little bluer, as if the reflection from the sky truly made an impact in how I conceptualized her changing skin tone later on in the dream.

      Her hair is dark brown, smooth, silky, and almost feels as if it was attached to her hair, it was too perfect in fact. Then she had long tight leather pants, or maybe even in the category of being between latex and leather. My recall of her pants in particular is kind of patchy, but I think that on the outer regions of her ankles, there were a few rectangular holes on the tight black leather-latex pants she wore that were aligned horizontally. Combine that with her black Motorcycle Biker Slouch Double Buckle Mid Calf flat boots (that had a top that was mid-way in reaching her knee), she was the classic biker chick.

      That impression alone with her outfit, and her seemingly being in a hypnotic state of being with possibly speculating about things going on in her life that she probably felt she didn't have control over only added on to my curiosity for her. We continue walking in a moderately fast pace of walking, and whatever our destination ended up being, all I could recall for this moment while walking with her is blurry batches of green, gray, red, blue, violet, and a small streaks of yellow.

      I believe the DeadDollKity dream character informed me that we're going to the gym to workout together, but with the clothes she was wearing, and what I was wearing, it felt kind of odd going to the gym. What I wore exactly is hard to recall, at most, I was probably having a similar vibe with the persona she had as this biker chick. I remember wearing a black shirt, black belt, and a black dress pants that had smooth creases along with black lace less shoes most likely, or just regular black biker men boots.

      So maybe based from the clothes we were wearing, we came off a motorcycle or something, seeing how we found ourselves still moving reasonably fast as we're walking. The sensation was like this, you know how you walk or run on a treadmill for a good bit, and then when you come off and go on a different surface, you notice your mind still has the predisposition that you're still engaged with using the treadmill? That your legs are still slightly vibrating and you feel the very same ground you're now on moving a bit?

      Of course, I'm not trying to make mind vs. body with skewed dualism, but hopefully you'll get the idea of how it felt. Also, another thing that I noticed with the DeadDollKitty dream character is how she had her whole left arm down vertically while she uses her right arm to make an L-shape across her stomach to hold onto the elbow of her left arm. It didn't come as a realization in the dream, but maybe she was hurt in some way, seeing how with her fast pace of walking, she probably wanted to find help right away.

      The dream shifts, or my dream recall of what happened before we reached our destination occurs. We're now in a building that is pretty interesting in its composition. It seems that it's always changing, or maybe it's due to my growing awareness of the surroundings that makes it interesting.

      DeadDollKitty had a completely different vibe to her, her countenance was alluring, it was impossible for me NOT to gravitate towards her visage frequently as I tried to socialize a bit with the dream characters within the building. I ended up making smooth by quick jerks to gaze at her visage a bit more while being occupied and confused on what to do next in this building.

      I expected that we were going to work out, but that didn't seem to be the case. What was now a dark environment within a building was now filled with lighting and the realism of the dream was augmenting, but it still left that subtle hint that this all was a fantasy.

      I could say that I was lucid in this dream, but it's one of those dreams where you don't even care about your level of lucidity, you just let it happen. You just let yourself become confused by the dream logic, of how the very same girl I was walking with that had this persona of feeling rushed, desperate to find support to heal her presumably injured arm into someone who comes down-to-earth, relaxed, and care-free.

      The dream characters started to come together, and I had a sense that we would all end up eating together. I noticed long tables facing horizontally in my direction (as you're looking into the screen), and I can hear a few food carts rolling in. I get an automatic thought that it was going to be dessert coming in, but that could be DeadDollKitty along with the random set of dream character's chattering in the background of looking forward to eating cake.

      For a moment, I found myself in a trance just like DeadDollKitty was when we were walking towards this destination. I found myself easily embracing my confusion and how I unconsciously built predispositions to prepare myself of being gregarious with the dream characters.

      You know how we tend to have less conscious critical awareness of our actions and let them ebb and flow? And how we tend to be more suggestive and in agreement with others once we eased ourselves in their perception of looking at us? It's almost as if that despite of the fact that I was only fixated on DeadDollKitty's existence in the dream, even with my peripheral vision, the dream characters surrounding me had an augmenting aura of trying to reach out to me.

      Because of this, because I can feel how they're naturally kind and sociable to me, my body becomes loose, I noticed my muscles becoming loose, my whole posture in general was relaxed and prepared to just get into the experience. I think I recall an elderly female touching my shoulder. Just one touch and I started to expand my 360 vision within the dream and noticed she had glasses on and a slightly buzzed short hair style.

      The type where the ends are curly, loose, and in all directions. Her visage had small variations of creases, but they weren't that bothering to see. Her outfit in general consisted of a slightly diluted swamp green mixed with brown colored dress jacket and dress pants. I believe she wore a dark red shirt as well, and her skin tone was surprisingly full of life with its apricot-like hue.

      I believe her touching my right shoulder was for me to unconsciously receive that as a cue to feel free to find a seat.
      So as I find myself realizing my conscious critical awareness in this dream, and the lucidity that naturally finds its way into my schema of this dream, I paused for a moment and looked around and everything seems to been made in a nice and fit package of just one of many things I think anyone would want in a dream.

      Unconditional love.

      And I started embracing the unconditional love and genuine nature of the dream characters that were enjoying each others' company and my company as well. They welcomed me with open arms, but they didn't need to express that directly. Their body language, their tonalities, the aura they gave out of having something within them forming into some kind of phantom hand pouring out its positivity and slowly trickling its fingers on my body.

      I decided to take a random seat, and realized I'm not sitting near DeadDollKitty, the same person I was so attached to just a few moments ago was now considered someone equal to me. Her visage, her beauty, her youthful composition was just as equal as the elderly woman that touched my shoulder a few moments ago as well. But I still paid more attention to DeadDollKitty, mostly because I still held my attraction of her just a bit more.

      I noticed for a fleeting moment, a moment that intensified as my awareness augmented, she was exhuming more confidence towards me. Her visage was flirting at me, practically just waiting for me as she folds her arms and raises her eyebrow at me in curiosity. It's almost as if this time, she's probably wondering what was on my mind just like I had the same curiosity before when she was talking in hypnotic gesture.

      She's wearing a white sweater, only making myself having more presumptions of how she's sustaining her down-to-earth demeanor towards me and everyone else in the dream. For that moment, we both had the type of sentience and sapience where all that really matters was that we were going through this mental dance of teasing each other by distracting our awareness of ourselves with the other dream characters, and them coming back to just us paying attention to our awareness again.

      I wanted to get closer to her, but our distance didn't really matter, I already felt her aura surrounding me even when she's just there patiently waiting for me to make a move to sit next to her. For a moment, the dream characters were seemingly non-existent, and her existence continued to become more lively. I started to look into her eyes a bit more, couldn't make a good distinction of the color, but I'm presuming it's between hazel, brown, or just pure green. I guess when her more saturated colored brown hair, green eyes would be more appealing to make her brighter.

      Her cheeks were defined on the outer regions of her face, it was weird, it was fluctuating between being defined and not as apparent to me. You know how in video games where if you're close up to a character, you can see the sharpness of their whole body composition while the people in the background are literally just blobs and blurs? And this isn't just talking about our peripheral vision, it's when the developers create this system to imply peripheral vision for the character in the game viewing this.

      It was exactly like that. My perception became a narrow tunnel, and I noticed my breathing is fluctuating as well. Mixing in with short breaths of lust over her figure and longer breathes that wanted to ease my libido. Breathing in lust, breathing out intentions of only seeing her as a friend in the dream. Imagine for a moment that in order to conceptualize what I just experienced looking at her, you know how when you're meditating, when you have that sense of silence after all those distracting thoughts become less intimidating for you?

      When you get into a hypnotic state, or a trance of embracing the silence more? Where you start thinking unconsciously, and you're actually being aware of yourself thinking unconsciously? Where your primal instincts that you usually leave not being as developed as our more refined judgment now takes cover completely? Where we're this close from becoming animals wanting to fuck each other brains out, but then something within us restricts us from doing so?

      I started becoming the unconscious, I started diving myself into this ocean where I let my unconscious govern everything that's happening to me. Almost salivating from her figure but closing my mouth to gulp it all down. And she knows this is happening, she continues smiling at me because of it, she keeps her position, as if she suddenly was like a person that models themselves so people can draw them in an art studio.

      Then it became too much for me and I eventually came back to being consciously aware of the environment around me again. The dream characters that were blobs and blurs to me are now back again to their sharpness. DeadDollKity is still there, but with my 360 vision, she's not going to become a blur to me because I don't want her to be.

      Sadly, this is the point where the dream recall goes down to crap again.

      Losing my awareness, and not really caring that I did, the dream shifted into a completely different setting that now had a Point A to Point B to it. And it was because my emotions were the driving force in making things linear now. I'm completely out of the building where me and DeadDollKitty were looking at each other. She didn't exist anymore, the dream characters didn't exist anymore, it's just me again.

      Then I started to get unconscious responses that the same DeadDollKitty character wanted to do a shoulder workout with me in the gym. I found my unconscious creating another model of her, only this time in a white sports tank top and very short blue shorts. She starts stretching her arms out, and it's just too much for me. As she's stretching, it's as if I'm purposefully finding my unconscious focusing on her breasts popping out more. Then she starts stretching her legs.

      I shake my head, and she continues to say that we should meet at the gym again. Things started to become in-cohesive, and as I'm LITERALLY letting my emotions control my actions, I go into a "hands-off" approach to let things happen. I arrive at my destination, but it's clearly not a gym. More like going into an abandoned shed with a yellow light lamp above me conveniently (sarcasm) placed in front of me while the darkness is so apparent that something bad is going to happen.

      And I knew something bad was going to happen, but again, I'm in a "hand-off" control in this dream.
      I noticed I was taking form of a female, one that resembles Ada, specifically the Resident Evil 4 version of her. I possessed her body for a moment with ease, and as I'm doing this, I can feel those tingly sensations and vibrations as I mold my consciousness into her form.

      It was as like a stinging sensation, but it was completely pleasant to experience.
      I go back into caring less about the lucidity and seeing what Ada would do in this situation. I was in her body (of course I know it's an implication), and she quickly dodges some elderly man that was trying to stab her in the chest. He's wearing skin tight blue gloves, is bald, wearing circular glasses, and just suddenly became the enemy of this dream. He was in the process of wearing a blue grim reaper mask as he tries to stab Ada.

      There were many moments where Ada was going to die, very, very, very close moments where just an inch off with the reflexes, and good bye to her dream body (unless I wanted to just bring it back to life). The old man becomes more irritated with her just moving too fast for him, and from there,
      I can't remember much after that.

      The only thing that comes to mind as I'm fading away from the dream is seeing the back of Ada's body.

      Brushing My Teeth (Non-lucid)


      So after the dream above, I woke up, had a false awakening basically. I was so into the thought of posting the dream eventually, and everything looked real to me. The sink, the toothbrush, everything, and then I think I went back to sleep.

      Lol, missed a chance for lucidity, but oh well.


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    5. Grim Reaper Lucid

      by , 04-02-2013 at 10:35 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I was walking down the street, with this one guy. We were in like, a busy city, with flashing lights and speeding cars. After around five minutes of talking, we spot this black hood, in the distance. The man's face is completely hidden, and he stands tall with confidence and power, holding what appears to be a scythe. He begins moving towards us, but not in the normal way, he kind of hovers over the ground, at a very fast speed. My companion and I begin to run, and the reaper gives chase. He follows us for a considerable time, when a young woman joins our party, also apparently a target. We begin shouting at each other, discussing what to do. I insist that my male companion goes to his hotel room, and the woman and I will venture to her hotel room. The only reason I want this is because I know the reaper will have less chance of catching us, if we convince him to go after the other guy. He eventually splits, but unfortunately the reaper continues to pursue us. We climb the escalator, running whilst it goes up. However, we have lots of trouble as we can't help but trip as we rise. I barely make it up the stairs, when I look back to find her cluttered on the floor. The reaper climbs the stairs about three times faster than us, and catches up to her. She manages to kick him away, which only results in him moving back a metre or so, but allows her to make it up the stairs. We part ways, opting to select different routes, and I run into the food court. After attempting to hide, and only have the reaper come closer and closer to my location, I made a run for it, and jumped back down the elevator stairs. I take a left outside, and now the outside has changed into a different location. It's more like a rural airport, with plenty of open space. I hear the reaper inquiring as to where I am, and I struggle to keep my cool. I hear him say "Have you seen Daniel's brother" (Daniel is my girlfriend's brother, so the line of questioning wasn't really exact, but of course he still managed to nearly get me killed) So, I run across to the side of the building and think "I'll just go over here and wake myself up..." GAAAAAAAH.
      I become lucid, and decide to 'fuck shit up' in the bluntest of terms.
      I fly up into the building, and decide to shoot the reaper. I get my gun to shoot a bullet, after a few faulty starts, and it falls to the floor, and dissipates on the ground. I shoot a few plates on people's tables, just to mess with them and freak them out, until I finally fly outside, into a swamp land. I have someone accompanying me now, I'm not sure who it was. We eventually come across three hill billies, and they begin acting aggressive towards us. I whisper to my friend to pass me a gun, (As this is my go-to method of acquiring objects in my lucid dreams) and I receive a pistol. They begin walking towards us menacingly, and I manage to shoot all three of them in non-lethal areas before they could attack us. They fall to the ground in agony, and eventually these... swamp people? Rise from the waters, and arrive on the land. The hill billy's see this as a positive sign, but I just know in my head that they're on our side. The hillbilly's call out "Thank god you've come! I bet you're ready to take care of those two" they say, wailing in agony. The swamp people shake their heads, there were three of them. "No, you've been fishing in our waters for too long, and polluting our land, it's time to take care of you" I watch as they begin moving towards them, and I decide to walk off, before I see anything too gruesome. Suddenly, I'm in Woolworths, the store I work at. I look around, and it has the exact same layout that it does in real life. I have this brain breaking epiphany, about the task of the month. The funny thing is, I haven't even READ the thread. I recall that Bill told me about it on my DEILD guide, so I decided to try them out. I'm not sure if this is correct (I still have to go check!) But I walked up to a man and a woman. Evidently shopping for their daily groceries. I lick the many's shirt, and it tastes a peculiar bitterness, with a really strong sour flavour. (It wasn't as disgusting as it sounds, considering I knew it was just a dream) I went up the lady, and asked if I could smell her neck, she obliged, and I soon discovered that she was wearing a really sweet perfume. Finally, I ran down to the end of the store, at the last register. I found two customers, looking at some glass jars. I decided to show off, and I said "Guess what?! You're in my dream, I'm having a lucid dream" They were very impressed, and nodded vigorously. I looked at the glass, and decided to shoot it in front of them. I pulled out nothing but my hand, which was configured in the way that children often form hand pistols. I decided to give it a shot, pointed it at the glass, and yelled "BANG." The glass shattered, and I repeated the process. They were pretty amused, and the lady even gave it a shot. She pointed out her finger and shouted "BANG," although nothing happened, which caused her to walk away bitterly, with a very stern look on her face. As far as I know, I then woke up.
    6. Games, games, and more games. Except for the one.

      by , 03-02-2013 at 07:07 PM

      #1 - He's really a nice guy, just trying to make a living.... [Non-Lucid]

      At first I was at a family party in this dream, and I was playing a Legend of Zelda game with my cousin K. I remember seeing Link wearing some kind of crazy golden armor (maybe based on the one in Twilight Princess? I can't remember what it's called right now...), but then the TV screen started to envelope us and the game plot was actually happening to me instead of me controlling Link. K, the grim reaper, and I were at some kind of odd opening up to an ocean located under a building of some kind, there was no shore or anything like that. I believe there was some kind of ship visible off in the distance, and the grim reaper had given me a fishing pole and was trying to get me to use it to catch a test target he had placed in the water a bit further out from us. I almost got it but not quite, but then I decided to get up and go explore the area behind us instead, and when I didn't find much I logged off and my perspective zoomed back out to being at the party. This next part I have no idea about because I can't remember what it means, this is just what I wrote down in my notes when I woke up:

      "Also, I misinterpreted some weird rules about reality thinking that any wrong move reverted you to a past state, but it turned out I was a little wrong about it and it wasn't quite so bad, but I can't remember exactly how...."

      Your guess is as good as mine, but it sounds intense lol. After that,
      I woke up.

      #2 - What if it is all a game? [Non-Lucid]

      I was again playing as Link, this time specifically from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but the perspective was different than either in the previous dream. It was that effect where the TV screen takes up your entire field of vision... so you're really just moving the character with your mind and perceiving them as yourself, but you still see them from behind in third-person and perceive it like you're using a controller on some level. What's odd about this dream is that I started out in a Super Mario 64-like map, and I was even looking for stars to collect, but at one point I got stuck at the edge of a map and ended up clipping through the ground. And I fell down into a N64-eqsue rendered version of my house and backyard, and specifically into the corner of the swimming pool.

      From this point on I also had a permanent walk-through-walls effect, along with a slightly increased and slightly unrealistic-looking walking speed. I walked around my house a bit and just had fun moving through walls and admiring how surreal this all was (because it was REALLY well done and very video gamey) and I saw a NPC incarnation of a younger version of my friend M walking to the backyard in a one-piece bathing suit. I walked around her for a bit, and then I went back to the pool. I walked into it and it was much deeper than normal, and there was this guy fish thing (don't ask me, it's in the notes lol) and a weird three-pointed Mario star that was made up to sort of resemble a fish, and then somehow this all became an American Dad! episode.

      I believe it showed Avery Bullock, and he had payed for these freaky fish tattoos on his eyes and he was able to do this creepy stare with them and transform into a huge fish himself, the whole thing was very psychedelic. I remember this surprising at least Stan, Francine, and Steve. Then the whole thing just turned into a still third-person view of scrolling through bottom of a wiki page and seeing some Pokémon pictures, with the only one really standing out being some unidentifiable red thing and a Marill.


      #1 - So who the hell was he, anyway? [Non-Lucid]

      I was again at a family party, and I had barricaded myself in my room for some reason, though it wasn't my actual room. I had a ton of stuff shoved against the door to keep it closed, but then (probably based on watching too many comedy shows), my cousin P just opened the door easily, because it opened in the other direction, and pushed it all aside and walked in. Cue a "Well... shit." As P walked in, so did some guy who I'm not sure was a real person, because he's just as a blurry and impossible to remember the look of as any other random non-lucid DC is for me. But at the time, I was convinced that this was someone who I hadn't seen since we were kids, like he and my cousin were childhood friends or something and I just stopped seeing him when they stopped hanging out as much or something like that, and we were both doing the whole "wow, you've really grown up" thing. We seemed pretty friendly with each other, so I guess in the context of the dream we had been close in the past. The three of us just kept hanging out in my room, and at one point P became my friend M when I wasn't paying attention, I think not long after we all looked out the window and saw a lot of snow on the ground and in the streets (and we were in the second floor, which my house doesn't have).

      The whole time the guy and I were getting pretty involved in our conversation and starting to get pretty touchy-feely. He was talking about how he'd gotten out of a relationship recently, and he was noticeably very horny. He kept getting really close and personal with me, hugging me from behind, leaning up against me, and etc. I was getting pretty worked up myself, and the tension was getting really thick. We weren't saying anything but it was really obvious, and I remember M seeming kind of annoyed about it and thinking that there was a reason, but I can't remember what it was now. After a while the party was starting to wind down and everyone was leaving and M pulled me aside to ask me not to do anything, but the guy overheard her and suddenly pulled out this video recording of him telling some kind of sob story. I think the video was saying something about how he used to be married, or at least something similar to that... and I remember it including the line "I wasn't always in high school.", but that's about it. M felt bad after that, and she was getting ready to leave. I was thinking that I had to go stay at my aunt's house overnight for some reason so I was going to say something, but then I just randomly realized that I actually wouldn't have to, so I forgot about it. When M left, everyone but the guy was gone, so we locked ourselves in my room and I could feel the tension increasing to a breaking point... and then
      I woke up.

      God damn it.

      #2 - If only real matches were as intense as this! [Non-Lucid]

      I was playing some kind of Super Smash Bros. kind of game with M and her boyfriend D. We played some normal rounds first, and then somehow I managed to pick Axel from Disgaea 2 as my character. I also managed to get us to play on some intense demon altar stage. I don't remember exactly who they were playing as (I want to say that M was playing as maybe Princess Zelda or Peach, and that maybe D was playing as a character on a horse?), but I think it might have changed over time, too. The sucky part about this dream is that it was actually really vivid and intense, but the action was so crazy and fast that I still barely remember any of it. I remember I was riding a horse at one point as well, and we had the capability to use some incredibly cheap tricks like hypnosis to win the battle. It was crazy! As the dream started falling apart, the scene became a third-person view of a cartoon show and Axel had become Popeye. He was saying something weird or trippy, but I can't remember what it was now, and then I woke up.
    7. March of the Reapers

      by , 10-27-2012 at 09:15 PM
      Old Dream from when I was probably about 10 years old

      I dreamed that I was sleeping in this old cabin. The bed was next to a window that had thin curtains. There was a large red moon flooding the landscape and my room with light. Outside on a grassy hill I noticed that there was a long line of cloaked persons walking along its ridge. Then One passed right in front of my window. Its face was dark and evil and he carried a large scythe.

      I ran to into the local village and up to an old man who was sitting in his rocking chair out on his porch. He looked down at me and said in a wise tone that "It's the time of the red moon." I ran back out into the village where there was panic, bonfires, and utter chaos.
    8. Old Dream - The Grim Reaper

      by , 04-05-2012 at 04:47 PM
      I had a dream that the grim reaper was walking on a path nearby. I was above the path, on a metal pedestrian bridge. I think the bridge actually spanned a stream, but I didn't take time to actually look for it. I started yelling at him to get his attention, then spit on him when he ignored me. So the skeleton in black rags with a scythe turned around and went back up the path and past the bridge. So I'm like hey dummy I'm right here as I start going after him. He then turns around towards me, a few steps away, and I start using the dark side force powers on the grim reaper to control him. I can feel the force disturbance I'm causing, and it's like a battle of wills between the grim reaper and I. I feel doomed if I lose the battle, so I keep it up until the reaper brushes by me real annoyed like and heads away from me. At that point I stop using the dark side, and am relieved that nothing came of it.
    9. Seven old dreams.

      by , 12-05-2011 at 06:20 PM
      Alright, here are some dreams I've been too lazy to record that I've had since my last major entry, I'm finally getting them out of the way so I can post some actually interesting stuff that I'm dreaming about now. I don't remember exactly what days they happened anymore so I'm just going to number them.


      I was walking around college (although it looked like a fusion of my junior and senior high schools) with O but got separated from him, so I was searching around a hallway for him when Neil Patrick Harris ran up to me! I see that he's wearing a lab coat and instantly think "Oh, he must be part of the alien studies project." He grabs my wrist and starts pulling me while running so I have to run to keep up with him, and he starts talking about how they're starting some alien autopsy study where they're doing the testing on human volunteers first... for some reason. He looks back at me and says "Thanks for doing this." to which I respond "I never agreed to do anything." He ignores me and starts talking about how all of the other human volunteers they've had so far have ended up having some horrible aftereffects that I don't really remember much of, but they generally sounded terrible. He stops running so I do too, and he looks back at me and squints and just stares for a second, then says "...You'll probably be fine." We start running again as I say "Probably??" He starts explaining the mechanics of what they're doing, which I also don't remember well, but I remember him saying "I don't think this causes too much blood." (Causes too much blood? ) Then he goes on to describe how the machine they use was having some really bad malfunction in all of their previous tests as well, and there were even more terrifying things happening to the volunteers as a result of it, but after he stops talking he stops running again and stares off into the distance and says "I think they fixed that." As he was explaining that last part we had entered a science class room, and then he took me through a door in the back into a small office-like room where there was a woman in a lab coat sitting at a desk. Then he turns to me and goes "But first, I'm gonna do a magic trick! " He makes himself turn invisible, and then reaches over (but of course I don't see it) to a bowl on the desk that's filled with cherries and grapes, still on branches. He picks them up and starts tying the branches together and the woman (his assistant) says "It looks like Arby's food!" and I laugh and say "It's just cherries and grapes!" and she SLAMS her hand down on the desk, points to me with a pissed-off look on her face and yells "You have been warned!!" (I have?? ) He finishes tying branches together and I realize that he's made a dragon sculpture out of them, and he even opens the mouth and starts making screeching sounds (and of course it looks like it's doing it on its own because he's invisible). I'm laughing hysterically at this point and dropping a large number of couch pillows which suddenly appeared in my hands. He makes himself visible again and hands me a piece of paper that tells me not to be so worried about my future, and just take life as it comes.


      I'm teaching a class and I'm doing my best to make sure that all of the kids behave, but they're all pissed off at me for some reason and they start stealing my keys and things just to torment me for hours until they finally hand in their homework to force me to do it for them and I realize that my dad's been making extremely hard extra homework for them to make them angry so I grab my keys from them and fly out of the room so fast that I leave a trail of demonic fire in my wake. (Flying has always been my strongest dream power for as long as I can remember, in non-lucids I generally travel at a normal speed but I can go pretty frickin' fast, the first time I tired it in a lucid it was accompanied by a sonic boom and the speed was so intense that it woke me up in about a second and a half. ) I make it home and start to cuss out my dad for being so irresponsible because's he's a teacher in real life! Then I walk out to the kitchen and see my mom there and say "Oh, mom's home." Somewhat anticlimactic of an ending lol.


      I'm in a plane crash with a group of people that I went to public school with, although most of whom I didn't normally associate with. I remember that part of the dream because it was intense, but after that there's a lot of blurriness until the point when we're finally getting back on a new plane to go to... well, wherever it was we were headed in the first place. But still, we're understandably a little freaked out at the thought of being on a plane again. J checks his bags ahead of me and then walks off to the seats (which are conveniently located about ten feet away from where you check your luggage ), and I check mine and plan to go sit next to him but I'm told that I have to go take the seat up in the cockpit behind the pilot because I'm "being a troublemaker." I say "Damnit, does this mean I have to talk to A the whole time?" (Referring to myself in third person, literally thinking it's someone else, who I guess I'm annoyed at the thought of having to talk to. ) The guy responds "Are you serious?" and points to the cockpit. I go sit down and I'm watching out the front window. The plane is already in the air and is doing some serious loops through the sky, but it seems like a normal way to fly at the time. I watch as our view goes back and forth between the sky and the ground (we're flying REALLY low!) and at one point I look at a billboard and see the face of Charlie from Lost, although his face wasn't actually on the board... it just invoked the image so intensely in my mind that I saw it as clear as day, but it didn't actually enter the dream scenery, it was just kind of on top of it, like my mind's eye vision was exactly as clear as my normal vision... kind of hard to explain. Anyway, I'm starting to feel a little anxious and sick, so I go to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror and see if I look like I'm sick or if I'm losing color or anything like that. When I get there, I see my face literally rotting, melting off, and turning to stone (especially my neck), and the grim reaper(!) is standing behind me. And I mean really detailed, with a fiery flowing black robe and blue and black swirls of smoke and a gigantic evil-looking scythe and this aura of pure darkness. I inspect myself a little closer and say "Nah, it's probably nothing, I'm just letting myself get psyched out." I walk into the cabin instead of going back to the cockpit and everyone screams and someone points at me and yells "Fridge neck!" I start freaking out again and go "Oh no, does it look bad??" and start scratching at my neck, while everyone starts making these D: faces that start expanding to be bigger and bigger until they cover their whole faces and then their jaws starts enlarging so that the face can keep expanding (which looks really, really cartoony), and then I wake up from an adrenaline rush.


      O and I and some other students from our college are eating in the cafeteria of some school other than our own, and one of the guys who goes to that school starts getting really pissed off saying that we're not allowed to eat any food except from one small area, but everyone does anyway. I like messing with the guy because he's being a prick, and eventually he's so angry that he starts going on this loud, ridiculous speech, that ends up having some religious undertones, about how it's THEIR school and THEIR food and THEIR right to eat and yadda yadda yadda.... O comes over to my table and laughs at him with me while we eat our food and I browse the internet on my laptop.


      This one is a little fragmenty. My log starts with this first part I don't really remember much about that reads "Save the world, emotional texting with M mad at dad to not be sad for him (crying)". After that my memory starts to pick up. I was playing a game, but I had to put it on hold to drive a friend of mine (M, but a different M from the first part) back to their car in [a nearby city] so that I could get back in time for the DMT revolution. I go to the back fridge we have to get something to drink, and when I get back there there are bottles of shampoo and large, empty glass mugs on top of the fridge for some reason. I just end up staring at them confused until I wake up.


      Somewhere before this dream I had a dream that happened in anime format, I wish I could remember it.

      I'm having a sleepover with O, M, and S. Originally it was at my grandparents' house and we were listening to dubstep and it was making me sleepy so I eventually passed out. I had a dream-in-a-dream about doing some intense dance moves with an old friend, C, in some big fancy kitchen. But it didn't last long, and soon I woke up at the slumber party again when everyone else had already fallen asleep, although the scene had changed to my house. Everyone else starts waking up and we talk about music that we heard in our dreams (mine was "Here We Go" by Bassnectar) and it starts transitioning from night to day. We hear a noise outside by the window, so I slowly creep over to the door to look but I don't see anything, but not long after that the curtains magically open by themselves and we see a creepy man peering in. o_o We all start freaking out and the man comes to the door so I open it and ask him what he wants and he says that he needs to speak to my dad and that "it's a matter of presidential importance!" O says he'll go back to tell him, and I turn back to tell the guy to hold on and close the door. I turn around again and see that O is now in the back room getting something to drink (lazy ) so I go tell my dad instead. I go to their bedroom and walk in and see that my parents are both awake, so I tell my dad he's needed and run back out to the door. When I open it I see the guy with a bomb strapped to his knee!! I run back yelling "He's a bomber, he's a bomber!" and everyone scatters and jumps down into the furthest-away-from-him corners of the house while he detonates the bomb, and I close my eyes and the sound of the explosion wakes me up.

      Another fragment that I remember from right after this dream, I was sitting at my computer watching a fractal generator in action, VERY cool. I wish I remembered more!


      Homer Simpson takes large amounts acid, shrooms, and morning glories and possibly other things at a nighttime hippie festival by [my middle school] and I see it as I'm walking by through the park, but somewhere down the line it changes to my cat, T, doing those things at a shamanic ritual in the same place. The next day O and I are at my house, and we're talking about how T must have tripped balls, and for some reason we have a white dachshund who's a little bigger than they would normally be, but I think she was actually representing an old cat we had, because we were aware that she was female and that T didn't like her, just like that cat. But now, T went over to her and started scratching her on her stomach (standing up with his paw outstretched, like a human ) until she gets up and happily runs away, and O and I talk about how T must have been humbled by his heavy experience. I feel inspired to take some mushrooms myself, which of course appear directly under me when I reach down to grab some. The dog comes over to me all happy and starts licking my nose while I'm laying on the ground waiting for them to kick in, and I wonder if she got a contact high from T. When I stand up everything is surrounded by rainbow auras and I'm starting to get heavy tracers, after I moved my arm there were three or four copies of it in different colors and levels of transparency. I follow O, T, and the dog into the laundry room and everything is starting to feel very dreamy (heh), then when I'm starting to feel some come-up energy building I turn around and walk away, and then I got woken up by the feeling.


      And there's that! Now I can get caught up to date with my next entry.
    10. Death and Theme Park Rides (Night of June 12-15)

      by , 07-09-2011 at 05:59 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      [This is a catch-up post. These dreams are from the nights of June 12-13 and 14-15, 2011.]

      Night of June 12-13

      There is a murder investigation taking place in a house that looks a lot like my grandparents' house. I am directly involved, and the investigation is highly elaborate and has a detailed plot, with lots of dialog. [Of course, I can't remember any of the specifics now.] Partway through, the dream morphs from live-action into a Tim Burton stop-motion movie featuring the Grim Reaper, who “kills” me. I somehow know I'm not really dead, though. I fall over backwards from the force of the scythe-blow and land in a sling, suspended from a moving, overhead track; it's part of a theme park ride. The ride takes me through “heaven” and ends with me exchanging salutes with Weird Al, who is standing in for Jesus on the ride.

      Night of June 14-15

      [Bizarre, Disneyland-related dreams FTW! This time,] I'm with a vivacious traveling companion, and we have time-traveled to the year 2011. [Whether backward or forward, I do not know.] We wonder how we know what year it is, until we come up with the obvious answer: “Because that's the year we set the time machine for?”

      The entrance to the new version of Star Tours is in a rotating building with revolving doors.
      [This dream was in anticipation of the upcoming weekend; I was planning to go to Disneyland to ride the new Star Tours the following Sunday, June 19th, and I did.] Inside, there is a loading/staging area for the ride with circular staging zones.

      “Abilene!” I say to a 1-year-old girl who is in the staging area with me. “You know you can't be on the end
      [of the row of seats]!” I take her spot in the staging area, making her and the other little kids move over along the row, toward the outside of the circle.
    11. 03/04/11 Animals, NCIS, Babies, and Pirates

      by , 03-05-2011 at 01:29 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Plans: Go see MoSh and find out if Asuka is ok, meet Nomad in a dream, meet Pablo in a dream, the usual list of tasks from various sources.

      Come Out and Play
      I am in my room on my bed, though it isn't my normal bed. This doesn't occur to me as strange even though my regular bed is a waterbed. I get out of the bed when I hear a sound beside the bed. I figure one of the cats are getting into something or is up to something. I turn on a light beside my bed and I see something go under the bed very quickly. Was it one of the cats? I get down beside the bed and peek underneath. I can't see much under the bed, I can barely make out the shape of an animal and an impression of a cute face, two eyes are glowing softly with reflected light. I hear a soft growl from the bed as if the animal is warning me away. Am I scaring the cat? I am trying to coax the animal from underneath the bed, telling the animal I'm not an enemy, I'm a friend. I wake up to the sound of my cat breaking all new records in the volume of a purr. Maybe the growling in the dream was just the sound of the purring cat penetrating into the dream.

      I am in an open green field that is crawling with various cops, government agents, emergency vehicles, paramedics, and more. I am a bit disoriented, I am not sure what I am doing there, so I am trying to look like I belong there because I figure random people shouldn't be there. I look around a bit more and I see a helicopter has crashed in the middle of the field. There are fire trucks around it, the helicopter is still smoldering slightly. There are ambulances at the scene, but the bodies being taken from the helicopter are completely covered, they are dead. I go over near the ambulances and everyone responds as if I belong there. I see people from the NCIS crew… Tony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Ducky, Ziva Delgado… Gibbs is very angry, he is chewing out the paramedics and the officials around the crashed helicopter, he is saying they had no right to move the bodies before his team could take a look at the scene. They say it was an accident, there is nothing to examine. Gibbs says this was no accident. He goes over to one of the bodies and pulls the covering back from it, pointing at the dead man underneath. He says this man was shot, he died before the helicopter crashed. So did the other man. This was no accident, it was a double murder. One of the government officials asks how they could have been shot when they were the only ones in the helicopter when it crashed. Gibbs says that is what he and his team are going to find out.

      A Child of Death
      I am in a car with several other people, they all seem to be on a very urgent mission, everyone seems pretty stressed out, especially the woman beside me in the back seat. She is crying something about her baby. I wonder what is going on. The man in the passenger side of the front seat looks back at me and says it's about time I woke up. He says they have gotten a lead on the creature who took little Anabel, we would get there in a bit. The woman beside me, the one who has been crying, now looks angry. She says she wants to see that thing dead, she wanted to see it burn, she wants it to pay for what it's done to her baby. The man up front says there is no indication that Anabel has been harmed, we could still rescue her. The car pulls to a stop at the bottom of a tall building, I get out and look around. We are in a downtown location, but the place is strangely deserted, and there is an especially tall skyscraper next to us. There are dark clouds and lightning up around the top of the building, which is clearly our destination. The woman is already heading for the door, one of the men tells me to go after her and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. They go around to the other side of the building. I follow the woman into the front door of the building, she is already at the stairwell and heading up at a surprising speed. I follow her, I am hoping I don't run out of energy while trying to chase her. I don't, and we reach what seems to be the penthouse area. We exit the penthouse onto a patio garden on the top of the building. The clouds and lightning are all around us now, and I see a strange creature standing on what seems to be a path of solid black clouds that leads into a vortex of clouds and lightning in the sky. The creature looks a lot like the grim reaper… the skeletal figure is holding a small baby wrapped in pink blankets, it is laughing evilly. The woman charges out and says the thing will not have her child, she then fires a blast of energy from her hand that hits the skeletal creature right in the center of its head. Her energy isn't powerful enough to kill it. I have another plan. I add my energy to her, focusing on it being healing energy, that seems like the right thing to do. My energy comes from the song Frozen, hers is an attack. Her attack weakens the thing's defense enough that my healing energy penetrates and has its proper effect. A strange golden energy surrounds the skeletal figure and it disappears. I telekinetically pull the baby towards us and hand the girl to her mother.

      Pirates of DDO
      I am on a dock, there are two men with me, and they look like they are ready for a fight. I have a feeling of recognition, but I'm not sure of who they are. I am thinking one of them is Nomad and the other is MoSh. We get onto a ship and head out into the ocean, the ship is an old style sailing ship. The wind is strong and the ship moves quickly, there is another ship in the distance. We are catching up with that ship at a quick rate, and soon I am able to see that it is a pirate ship.

      We catch up quickly and then prepare to board the pirate ship. The reason we are chasing the ship is that the pirates have a hostage, they kidnapped a woman from the previous town and she is being held on the ship. We board the pirate ship, and a fight breaks out immediately. There are many pirates on the ship, and the three of us engage them in battle using swords. I am fighting quite a few of the pirates, I see a chance to try an interesting move… I swing around on one of the rope riggings on the sails and kick three pirates over the railing of the ship into the ocean. I see them down below trying to swim toward the ship as if they think they can climb the side, or maybe there's a rope or a ladder somewhere around the ship. They don't make it, there are fins circling down there, and those find aren't dolphins. I hear them scream and then there is blood in the water. No time for that. I am being attacked again, I think we have to find out where the hostage is. I telepathically scan the mind of one of the pirates and discover she is being held below deck. I am busy, but I call out to the man I think is MoSh and tell him where she is. MoSh heads below deck immediately. I continue fighting pirates, cutting one, blocking the sword of another, running a third through. I jump down into a hatch into the cargo hold to avoid being hit by one of the pirates' swords. I land in a pile of treasure, gold coins, gems, silver… wow… I think most of it will be returned to those from which it had been stolen. But no one would notice a little bit missing… I grab a few handfuls of coins and gems and shove them into my pockets.
    12. I killed the Grim Reaper and took his weapons and cloak | Lucid for last 5 minutes of dream.

      by , 02-19-2011 at 07:25 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      I remember a campsite and some unknown forest that must've been created in my mind unlike most camping dreams where it is the same kind of campsite it always is. This one was unrecognizable with triangular prism shaped tents and no campers or RV's.

      Me and some new friends that I met at the campsite decided to go exploring in the woods for no reason and occasionally it was swampy and muddy but it always seemed like we were walking down a slope and the deeper we got the more fog blinded our long distant view. We started seeing dead trees and then a destroyed small house with the kitchen appliances and cabinets still intact. After we found the small house, we saw the
      Grim Reaper wondering the woods with glowing red from his skull's empty eye sockets.

      This picture looks close due to the trees & the plainness but there was no snow & he also had red glow coming from his eyes & black aura from his hands.

      We saw him just walking around like we weren't there until we saw him turn and look at us and we knew he was coming after us. We ran and tried to avoid knives he threw at us and his hidden blade he had in his sleeve along with the scythe.

      Just about when all hope was lost, I found a small pocket knife on the ground and quickly grabbed it and stabbed him in the side. He made an evil hissing sound and started to disappear in a black mist that quickly floated away. We were still unsure what to do and I quickly ran up to see his weapons he carried and took the hidden blade, the small knife I used to kill him, and the cloak while my friends took the rest of his things evenly with each other including the scythe, his thrown knives, and a short sword.

      A white creature like a mouse but constantly changing shape ran from the reaper's empty clothing after we got some of his items and I chased it until I realized that it was about to attack me. At this moment I knew I was dreaming but when I looked around the dream continued instead of becoming fuzzy and ending like it does 80% of the time when I realize it's a dream. I told myself out loud that this creature will die and not harm me. Surprisingly it didn't die and disappeared in the ground. I then started observing the loot I obtained from the Grim Reaper and realized that the hidden blade had broken on the part where it attaches to your arm. I then closed my eyes and said the parts required will materialize in my hand. At that moment, two parts both interlocking metal pieces with slots for straps on the back of them appeared in my hand. I put them together and strapped the hidden blade to my arm and tried it out and it worked. It sprang out like Assassin's Creed Style and it was black with red designs on it.

      I had the Grim Reaper's cloak and the hidden blade along with my sword (the one I own) and the small knife all equipped to me and at that moment I could see a black aura around my hands and my vision became darker. I felt like I had unstoppable power flowing in the palms of my hands.

      I then remember walking in the woods a little longer and then I woke up to my alarm clock.
    13. Residual Reaper

      by , 01-09-1996 at 07:09 AM
      Morning of January 9, 1996. Tuesday.

      I am back in Cubitis, in the living room (though a unique rendering as always). My father (April 26, 1901-February 14, 1979) is alive again and appears probably as he was in the mid-1970s. There seems to be a humorous ambiance, even when an unknown entity in a cloak appears. I pretend to be surprised and afraid of him (though with an exaggerated mood and gestures), especially as he may be the Grim Reaper. However, even though he seems to take my father into a dark room (the southwest bedroom) prior to waking (with an unknown motive in what starts as a possible comedic situation), he does not directly threaten me.

      Cloaked figures almost always come before I develop a cold or flu as in this case (or before a family member becomes ill). This is a factor of the autosymbolism of interconsciousness and other levels of awareness, mostly biological. On another level, it is an example of preconscious recognition (which my dream self lacks) that my father had died. This is linked to the RAS mediation process of the doorway presence (doorway waking symbolism as a factor of the waking process).

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