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    1. Odd Feelings GA+WBTB+DA+ 3 DILDS+ 1 OBE

      by , 01-15-2020 at 08:22 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I really just wanted to sleep and didn't want to do anything else. I had gotten up out of my bed because I knew I had to deal with a lot of stuff in waking life and just decided to forget about it for now. I went back in my bed and fell asleep. I found myself experiencing images flashing and soon I was able to walk around with in the darkness. There still was no dream but I was able to start using my dream body.

      However I eventually lost awareness of myself in the darkness because nothing was happening and no image would remain solid. I eventually enter a dream non-lucid. In the dream I found myself at a grocery store and I was on top of a shelf of can goods. A cashier woman saw me up and there and before I knew it she was tapping me on my shoulder. I turn around to face her but she wasn't behind me and was now on the side that I had previously turned from. I turn again but she had moved to the opposite direction again.

      She then pushed me to the shelf, making me completely laying on it on my front side only. And started to put pressure on my back side. This began to hurt to the point of where I became lucid. I didn't know what she was trying to do but I got my hand and was trying to sway it around to signal her to stop. Massaging was definitely not her best job. It didn't work though, so I had tried to switch the dream to a different scene. Instead images kept floating around and eventually I just lost lucidity again with in the darkness.

      One image did finally arrive and solidify itself with in the pending darkness. Once it did, I regain lucidity instantly like a bad habit. I remember this image from earlier I said, now it was a dream. I began moving around and saw the other grocery store that I tried to enter. I waited in line with other people as I observe the environment. The place was beginning to darken, I tried to cut in line and see what they had in some places. I went through a few rooms to see people partying and couches being place around.

      The grocery store had now became a place of run down party. With a lot of people either eating or drinking while dancing. Some guy shove my arm and I told him to stop bothering me and went about my business. I then notice the dream getting too dark and realize I was returning back to the complete blackness that awaited me. I decided I was going to hold on to my consciousness as long as I could as I grew tired of constantly going in and out of awareness. I also tired to rub my hands together to stabilize the dream but it was too late.

      I was in total darkness now and something different happen this time as I held on as much as I could. I felt my consciousness zip out from the darkness like a vortex, it made this swooshing sound as it sent me back to my body in bed. The pressure felt quite intense, I wasn't sure what happened or if I was awake in my bed now in waking life.

      But something felt very different. My body felt way lighter and I felt stuck. As I tried to move it felt like I was ripping out of another body. My arm was like half stuck in it, I still had my eyes close but felt the immediate urge to open them. As I did it was like seeing from another eye as I could faintly see my room from where I was laying down. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not but I all of a sudden I realize I couldn't breathe. I was trying to breathe but nothing was happening. I began to panic and this made me lose my focus and woke up in the same position I was previously in at my bed.
    2. Thursday, March 7

      by , 03-19-2019 at 06:33 AM
      I am doing an escape room with Melissa, Brooke, and possibly Breezy. This place looks like an actual house, with a few rooms that we can go into. The house seems very tidy and sort of minimalistic, though not without adornments, and has an antiquated feeling to it, as if lived in by an older person. I get the sense of some sort of travel theme, aided by a huge map of the world taking up almost a whole wall. We are trying to escape now, and it seems like I’m doing a lot of it. It’s not that they aren’t or can’t, it’s just that I can excel in a small group of familiar people. I end up moving a bunch of hanging paintings. One has a clue written in red ink on its back side. Many reveal a tiny, circular light bulb protruding from the wall behind. I imagine that these will all light up later and serve as a clue one way or another. I like that the clues flow easily, even if somewhat too easily, and aren’t disjointed. I had moved a small realistic painting of a brown bear (the bear on a slight incline, seemingly in motion, very realistic, and cropped fairly close). One clue mentioned something ‘dreary’, which we noticed with some excitement was referencing a very large and impressionistic painting of people that looked dreary indeed. (*As I write this, I think it may have been moving this painting that revealed the map). I think we are supposed to place small pins in certain spots on the map. The map is now gone? and there are just little holes in the white/tan wall. There seems to be three different clusters of holes, and I think the pin needs to be placed in the correct hole. Melissa guesses the first placement correctly, after which a recorded voice from a speaker tells us we’ve gotten it correct. We try the other ones but never get a response. I end up telling our situation the female employee on the other end of the radio. She’s quiet for a second and then I hear her say to someone else “I have no idea.” I also don’t really know what there is for them to do when a piece of the game simply isn’t working. At this point, I’m thinking we’ll just have them tell us the answers to this part. I also notice that Melissa and Brooke seem to be off doing something else. I hear them talking and laughing in another room. Then it becomes more quiet, and I go look. Melissa is laying in a small bed in an alcove in the wall just big enough for it. I notice a gap between the far and the wall along the head of the bed (which is reminiscent to me of the sleeping quarters on a boat). Melissa looks grumpy, her face sort of flushed and pouting, her gaze diverted. I go to kiss her but she moves so that we kiss each other on the cheek instead. At this point, I notice that her eyes are a little misty. I was what’s wrong and she keeps saying nothing, etc. I finally get it out of her that she’s upset that the puzzle room is not working as it’s supposed to. It irritates me because it’s such a trivial thing to let yourself get upset over. I go back into the other room now, and I don’t think we even have radio contact with this girl. She said she was going to call the shoe room? This room is behind the other. There’s a writing desk and an old corded phone that I see but never hear. While waiting, I start opening drawers, but find nothing. I’m wondering how much further this puzzle room will go into the house. I notice a bathroom and a room or two off of this one. I never do hear the phone. Earlier, I noticed a timer with a green ‘70’. I thought that meant we were doing really well on time.

      I am at Walmart? with Melissa, buying only two things. We are at the end of what is apparently the only line, behind a family of four that looks nice enough but also a little privileged. The woman notices how we only have two items and offers for us to just throw it in with their stuff. I was going to use a gift card, and I’m not sure how much is on it exactly, so I’m not sure how that’d work.

      I am outside of a grocery store. I run up to the entrance, pushing a cart, and ask the younger looking boy employee if they do valet, with an absurd touch of humor. I then leave the cart and run inside to retrieve what I’ve forgotten.

      I am watching (on the news or some kind of video?) cars driving in both directions on a freeway through a snowstorm. Someone is commenting on how it’s almost been the worst winter when, sure enough, a car starts to drift and ends up impacting a school bus. Then school bus then takes out another vehicle and the whole thing exponentiates into an event that just made it the worst winter to date.
    3. The Gifts You've Been Given

      by , 04-13-2018 at 12:55 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I’m an observer watching a scene unfold on a boat—but really, it’s more that I’m looking at it and the people on deck while being aware of the situation playing out there in a more abstract way. There are some documents I need for traveling on this boat, and I’m not sure if I have them or if I need to go through some process to get them.

      The scene shifts—I’m now exiting a bus. But instead of winding up outside as I had expected, I’ve simply stepped onto another bus. I quickly take a seat behind the two women who entered ahead of me and wonder where this one is going to take me.

      The scene shifts again—this time, I’m waking up in the back of a car my parents are driving. It feels as if I’m younger in this one. We’ve just stopped by a building I recognize as the one where my father’s workshop is. That means we’re not far from home now. I fall back asleep.

      The scene shifts yet again—this time, I’m in a grocery store. And this time, I know it’s a dream, although I still seem to think the last bit with the car was waking reality. I think it would be best if I sleep for the remainder of the trip, and so that means making sure this dream lasts.

      I look around. There don’t seem to be anyone here but me. It's reminiscent of the specialty grocer’s down the street from my old flat on Svornosti. That means there should be a counter over in the corner where I can get some coffee.

      I go over and find the counter is there, and that there’s somebody behind it. There’s nothing displaying prices, so I just put down three bills, possibly dollars, which seems like a more than fair price. But the woman tells me I have to make the coffee myself using the machine there. It’s an odd contraption, like no coffee maker I’ve ever used, but after messing around for it a bit, I get it to pour some coffee out - Turkish style, with the grounds at the bottom. I drink it. This isn’t a conscious attempt at stabilization, I don’t think—just something that struck me as a pretty good idea—but it may have had that effect, as it’s normally hard for me to stay asleep so late in the morning.

      I consider where to go from here. Perhaps home, where the car was headed—only I have no idea where I am right now. But if I fly, perhaps I’ll see some familiar landmark from the air and be able to find my way from there. And to fly, I’ll need a high place to launch from—so it looks like I’m headed to the roof.

      In the meantime, I’ve noticed six or seven wolves between two shelves on the upper story, which is a sort of balcony over one half of the store. They all trot off in a single direction as I watch. Are they coming after me? But I wasn’t planning on sticking around here in any case. I climb a shelf and phase through the ceiling.

      I now find myself in a room lit by a warm light. A long mahogany table laid with bright red dishes is some distance off—set for an elaborate meal, it looks like. It's quite pretty. I continue on my way, climbing another shelf and jumping through the ceiling.

      This time I’m in an attic-like room near a big calico cat that, in typical feline fashion, seems entirely unimpressed by my unusual method of transportation. But it’s about then that I wake up.

      I also wake up remembering something else—not something I heard, but words that seemed to be impressed on my mind. It went something like: “Use the gifts you’ve been given, human.” I don’t know who said it—perhaps it was the cat?—but it seemed somehow independent from the rest of the dream, like it was taking place on a different level. Good advice, in any case.

      12.4.18 - (Happy Lucid Dreaming Day, everyone!)
    4. A Doomed Encounter; Your Turn

      by , 02-12-2018 at 10:48 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      A meeting is taking place beside a river between a knight and a woman. His name is Gawain. Her name is Lotus. It seems like the beginning of a relationship between them. But she can see into the future, and she knows that one day, he will kill her. And yet, she doesn't attempt to break things off.

      I am seeing things from his perspective and from hers, and also from somewhere outside of it, where I don’t like the way things are going. And so I pull the scene apart, untangling all the little mental streams that are contributing to it and recombining them into three separate bundles. It will be easier to work with this way, I figure. Now I am in the kitchen of my old house in M--- with my mother, preparing a meal. I’m making the salads. But as I tear the lettuce into smaller pieces, I can still see the river there, and a little point of red light shining in the grass beside it. It’s easy to see and easy to avoid, but it still makes me uneasy.

      In a different dream, I’m in a grocery store, although the building seems to be serving multiple functions. I’m there shopping with Saimi’s little sister, who seems to be around seven years old. After a while, I figure I’ll let her take care of a few things. She gets to do something all on her own, I get to read for a little bit—it seems like a pretty good arrangement. I tell her to pick out some plums—maybe three, whatever kind looks nice—and I sit down at a table there with my book of Rilke’s poetry, which I apparently have with me. She goes off and comes back a few minutes later with a single plum in a plastic bag. She places it on the table and then leaves again. A few minutes later, she’s back with another plum in a bag. Kids. You know there’s got to be some sort of weird logic behind this.

      But now something else seems to be happening: there’s going to be a horse race here, inside the building, and Saimi’s little sister is participating, along with three other people. But the horse she’s on is a rather strange one: it seems to be made of some embroidered red material with yellow patterns in it, while still behaving like a living horse. But the race doesn’t begin immediately, and I awaken before it actually takes place.
    5. Up & Down the Street; Whose Dogs?

      by , 02-08-2018 at 07:00 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      I can’t remember how the dream began, which means that I can’t be sure whether I had realized I was dreaming and decided to fly around for a while or whether I had somehow realized that I could fly and stabilize my surroundings but not the full implications of it. But either way, that’s what I ended up doing.

      It seems to be early evening, and I’m on a street where all the buildings are lit up with small, multicolored lights. The street is steep and winding—a little reminiscent of Nerudova Street in its topography and architecture—and it has a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, as if it’s a Saturday night and this is the place to go on a Saturday night.

      the adverse effects of B6-nerudova-ulice-prague-1909.jpg
      (Click to enlarge (because I can't figure out how to make it bigger here))

      I fly all the way up the street and then turn around and fly back down again. But it doesn’t feel quite as real as I know it could be. I focus harder, and I imagine hearing music as I fly along, and that seems to help—this time, it feels as if I’m actually there. I fly back again, and this time I try it while spinning around—something I’ve never done before. It turns out to be a lot of fun, seeing the ground change places with the sky.

      Sometime later—in another dream, probably—I'm on a bus on some kind of a trip. I’m with a large group—many young children, some teenagers and a couple adults. There are also some children and teens there who are exchange students from another country. I have the impression this is a trip for the kids, and the teens and I—not sure of my age in the dream—are there to help out with it.

      At some point, we make a stop at a large grocery store—the sort that’s often still open in the middle of the night, which it seems to be now. A group of us, including me, goes in. But a woman—maybe the person in charge—asks me if I could take the dog outside for a bit so she can have a chance to burn off some energy before we’re back on the bus. She has the dog there—a big, black dog, female, I think. I agree to it.

      Once in front of the store, the dog goes sprinting off in a big loop, eventually coming back around to me. She immediately runs off again, and this time she returns carrying a stick in her mouth. Looks like we’re going to be playing fetch. But just then, I hear barking coming off from to my left. Two smaller dogs are there—neither one on a leash, I note—and the one that looks like a half-size pit bull is barking up a storm. I am instantly on alert: I have seen scenarios like this one end with furniture being toppled. But the black dog is not acting threatened or aggressive, and so it seems unlikely that a fight’s going to break out. I have a vague impression of the dogs’ owner nearby—but just then, my alarm wakes me.

      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails the adverse effects of B6-nerudova.jpg  
    6. Searching for a Letter that Implies a Medical Concern

      by , 09-14-2016 at 01:19 PM
      Morning of September 14, 2016. Wednesday.

      I am at our present address where we live now, though eventually the layout becomes larger and quite different. I am looking for a letter that I had somehow misplaced within moments of reading it. Not only that, I recall at least four other versions of the letter that we had received over the last week or two. It relates to our oldest daughter having some sort of unusual medical concern regarding her back (which is relevant to Zsuzsanna’s younger half-sister, not any of our children) and perhaps needing to stay at a children’s hospice (even though she is an older teenager). I am annoyed, because the issue does not seem real and that it seems more like an incompetent intrusion by the government.

      I look through a few piles of magazines and random papers, including piles of scholastic worksheets and unused coloring-in-pages (one featuring four rockhopper penguins on ice ledges of different heights), but cannot seem to find any of the copies of the letter. I tell Zsuzsanna that I do not know how all copies have seemed to vanish including the one I had just been reading at a desk.

      Over time, as our residence slowly expands, I notice that our oldest daughter has gone into the left side of my wardrobe to sleep (while in a standing position). This does not strike me as unusual. I begin to hear her deep breathing through the closed wooden door.

      I notice Dick Van Dyke (the actor, now 90 years old in reality), who is wearing a black business suit, walking around as if he is looking for something. He appears as he did in the late 1960s. I am not all that surprised and find it a welcoming visit. He stops near my wardrobe and puts his ear to the door. “Your daughter is very special,” he says sincerely, “she creates marvelous poetry”. He continues to press his left ear against the left door of my wardrobe and comments on the rhythm and beauty of her poetry, even commenting on particular stanzas that I myself do not hear, and even though she is asleep. (Our daughter is a very talented artist and she has done professional work for others at an early age, but she does not write much poetry.)

      I finally start to talk to him by firstly addressing him as Richard.

      “Richard?” he considers in a puzzled manner, not directly addressing me, but absentmindedly looking at the shelves of what is now a grocery store. My wardrobe is now perpendicular to the beginning of the aisle. “Richard,” he softly mutters, barely audible, and seemingly responding to an incorporeal voice rather than my actual presence. I conclude that I had unduly puzzled him and instead decide to formally address him by his surname. I cheerfully start to say “mister…” but then I somehow forget his surname. He does not acknowledge me at all but seems to be interested in studying the contents of the shelves, picking out a jar of orange marmalade (emerging consciousness metaphor), while I continue to wonder where the letters from the government are (subliminally waiting for my dream self’s ascent into whole consciousness as a letter symbolizes potential threads between dream self and conscious self in non-lucidity).

      I go through a couple “rooms of our house” and end up near the entrance to “our house”, which is now the checkout area of the Woolworths grocery store. This does not seem strange to me at all. I look through a pile of papers near two different cashiers, but still cannot find a copy of the letter. I am not bothered by the unknown patrons being in our “home” which is now apparently solely a grocery store.

      This dream was typically precognitive (as there is a precognitive element in nearly all my dreams of one kind or another, often left unappended - in fact, over the last few years, at least one a day based on something my wife or daughter had thought of or mentioned to each other without me having any way of knowing), though in a rather skewed sense as is often the case. Zsuzsanna had returned from shopping with a sheet of paper (given out at the grocery store checkout) that was a coloring-in drawing for the promotion of a children’s hospice (featuring four hummingbirds, not four rockhopper penguins, though still in the same position regarding the birds). I find it amusing how dreams do this all the time, that is, foreshadow forthcoming events, but often in a “cleverly” altered way (though literally or visually exact in many cases).

      Still, in contrast, there are the typical dream signs and standard components and waking transition. Our oldest daughter has gone to sleep (dream sign) in my wardrobe (secondary dream sign) and my dream ends with a typical waking transition symbol (a grocery store checkout symbolizing the leaving of the dream state). My preconscious personification (here, Dick Van Dyke) ended up “avoiding” me, or “failing to understand” as is often the case, but still lovingly commented on the nature of my family (just prior to the waking stage), the most important aspect of my life.
    7. Walking Dead-esque and Tattoo Shop connected to a grocery store

      by , 07-24-2016 at 07:31 PM
      *Gonna use a question mark(?) for a things that are hard to remember*

      I remember being apart of a group(?) and we were in this sort of camping environment, we were close to an interstate because I remember driving there to escape(?) from something. I also remember going to this dark part of the woods, it had this roof type thing made of leaves and trees , and the ground dipped down into this small puddle. The puddle had leaches or something, but their was a way to get around it. In front of this little forest place, their was this door to a home attached right smackdab in the middle of all this heavy foliage. I remember being in the host but their was a group who was already in their(?) and they were bandits, and killed some of our own(?).

      I also remember, very extremely faintly, being in a lucid where I smoked weed. That was it.

      I also remember that I was apart of a group (could be attached to the first dream) and we were in a RV now, but me and this one guy was disconnected from the group, but it was okay since we were in this city area now. He went into the tattoo shop I guess for a tattoo(?) and I remember him walking out and the tattoo guy yelling at us for some reason(?). My mom and her friends met up with us and she made me go grocery shopping with her. All I remember.
    8. 19 May 2016

      by , 05-19-2016 at 01:16 PM
      >Was in a grocery store and picked up some Pepsi or other type of drink in a blue flask-shaped container and asked about it. It was $2x.xx which was surprising to me so I put it back. Then I went down the aisle and that led to a bookstore, where I saw some really weird art of a hose attached to a fat guy's stomach. Then, the next door (that I saw at least) led to a junkyard. Then, I wasn't seeing through my own eyes. The two people traveling through the junkyard, one who I was seeing through, were wondering how to get out of a series of junkyards. One of them was getting angry and the other one, who I was seeing through, put his hands around the other man's waist as if it was around his shoulders and said "If you don't get a hold of your anger and (what was said here?) you'll be swept away" and I woke.
    9. Six Dreams

      by , 01-16-2016 at 03:09 AM
      I had put on waterproof mascara and I tried to wash it off in the shower but it didn't come off so I started rubbing my face with my hands. The mascara smeared onto my chest until it was solid black. My boyfriend was wanting to leave then so I just put on my jacket and left with the mascara still all over my chest.

      I was on a field trip and the professor said it was free time to go do whatever we wanted to. I went into a discount store and saw some stuff in there that I thought my mom had made. My mom unexpectedly showed up. She was at least two hours away from home. We walked around the store together and talked some. We went into another store. I vaguely remember shopping in a thrift store and picking up some items but I don't think I bought anything.

      I had a dream about being in a college classroom but I don't remember much else about that one.

      Then I was doing an assignment in a grocery store where I had to write stuff about the items in the store. I didn't fully understand what the assignment directions were but I think I had to write about 100 items. I was having trouble doing the assignment because I didn't understand and didn't know what to write. I was thinking I had to write about every item in the store. I wrote about some tableware. I wrote something like "Rich people can set their table with different dishes every day because they have so many different sets." All of the things I wrote about had something to do with rich and poor people. I thought that I would write that poor people use ketchup to add calories to their diets. I couldn't figure out what to write about potatoes. I was going to write poor people eat a lot of potatoes because they are cheap but then I thought that rich people might eat a lot of potatoes too so that is an example of why I was having trouble doing the assignment.

      Later I was in a car with some girls and they were talking about how the assignment was so easy. I didn't have time to finish my assignment but then I realized that I wasn't even in college anymore so the assignment didn't matter. I went into a store with the girls and we saw a semicircle shaped trampoline with a canopy over it. I was wondering if people could have sex under there without anyone seeing. Apparently the other girls were wondering the same thing because they urged me and another girl to pretend we were having sex under there so we did. The other girls looked from outside the canopy and were like "No, it looks like people are having sex under there." Then the girl I pretended to have sex with started talking about how she needs plastic surgery and the other girls said "No you don't." She had short blonde hair and the makeup she wore did make her look pretty though she had a mannish looking jaw.

      Then I knocked on some Asian's guys office door because I needed to talk to him but he said he had to leave and he left. Then a white girl with long wavy blonde hair came and wanted to talk to me and insistently asked me if there was a room available where we could talk so finally I opened the Asian guy's office door and said we could talk in there. She started talking to me about stuff. The Asian guy came back but was embarrassed and walked away because he thought we were doing something weird. I told the other girl to hurry and go get him because I needed to talk to him. The girl told him and he said he will come back later. Then an Asian girl with part of her hair up in a ponytail and part down walks in and starts talking to me. I try to listen to her but the white girl is still talking to me and is mad that I interrupted the conversation. The Asian girl is mad because I am not fully listening to her. I am looking weird trying to keep one eye on each of them and listen to them both at the same time. I stop them both to ask each of them to repeat what they said. They were both talking about the same thing, the cancer fundraiser. Then the Asian guy comes back and we all start talking about the fundraiser together because we are all part of some committee to lead the fundraiser. Part of the fundraiser involves trading a secret for a donation. The most popular secret to give away is what table you are sitting at because the college students want an opportunity to network with the people who are in charge of the fundraiser. One of the girls wrote down her table number on a form. I said I didn't have any secrets and I didn't want to give away my table number because I don't like to talk and I want to sit at a table by myself and if anyone sits at my table I am not going to say a single word. Then I put my hand over my mouth. The Asian guy laughed at me but I was thinking that no college student would benefit from networking with me because I don't know anyone and am not part of any network. This was a continuation of some dream I must have forgotten because I remembered the table number thing from a dream I had before.

      And somewhere in there among these other dreams, I had a common dream that I have been having lately, which is camping in a camper with my family members, this time including my parents, brother, his wife, and my two nieces. One thing I remember was my younger niece showing us how their camper was stocked with canned foods.

      Updated 01-16-2016 at 03:09 AM by 89446 (I remembered one more)

    10. Grocery Shopping

      by , 12-17-2015 at 04:13 AM
      I just remembered part of a dream. I think it is from last night.

      I was in a fancy grocery store carrying a basket around. It was crowded. There were several people pouring out free wine samples out of teapots. Everyone was so happy and drunk because they were getting wine samples from all the stations. There were so many different flavors of wine and I was thinking about buying some.
    11. The Search for Buttons and Tiffany's

      by , 11-24-2015 at 01:35 PM
      I don't remember much... my dreams haven't been as vivid as they used to be. Sad.

      I was looking around to help someone find some buttons... like big circular buttons that you pin to your shirt, not the ones that keep your shirt closed. I find three buttons that are the same... almost. They have a photo on them, black and white, of someone with their face painted for Day of the Dead. Two are girls and one's a guy. Then I find three more and I think they had a company logo on them. For some reason, when I woke up, it reminded me of the button that's in KB's cube at work... it says "Crabbie's" on it and it's orange.

      Then I'm at Tiffany's. I have no idea how I know it's a Tiffany's. I think I'm at a bridal shower or some sort of event. I open an envelope and see that I have a gift certificate and there's a twenty dollar bill inside. I think the envelope was really old. Then I went through a door and started singing and KB was there. I wasn't singing this song, but now I can't get "Chandelier" by Sia out of my head. Some days I just wake up with a song.

      Then I'm at a grocery store and I'm helping people check out. Making sure all the lines are going they way they should. This is recurring. I've never worked in a grocery store. You'd think I would start realizing I'm dreaming at this point haha... but noooooo.
    12. Urinals

      by , 11-08-2015 at 11:57 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #477- DILD - 3:57AM

      I am wondering around some building needing to pee. I have to pass by the first restroom for some reason and remember there is one down the hall. I come into a small room with double swinging doors on the opposite side. There is some small wedding ceremony right in front of the door, but I squeeze by. I feel bad for interrupting the wedding and hope I didn't bother them too much. There is an older woman that looks like my uncle's second ex-wife in the next room. She's going on about how nice the room is. I take a look around. It is nice, but I don't really care and I try to ignore her. There is a grandfather clock on the other side. For some reason this seems right. I open it and there is a tiny urinal. The woman is still talking behind me and stepping closer. No. I can't. I look around and see a restroom door. When I enter, the urinals in there have almost no space to the adjacent wall and they are dirty and rusty looking. I see some sign and figure it's an out of order sign, though I don't take the time to read it. I have some idea I am dreaming and leave the room.

      Right away I lose lucidity and walk past the woman in the room and interrupt the exchanging of rings in the next. I have some odd close up image of all of this and his giant gold watch. I shake it off and go back into the hallway. Wait. I have been seeing odd toilet situations (dream sign). Am I dreaming? I do a nose plug and get a feeling of elation. I am dreaming! Wait I was just lucid a second ago. I have to remind myself. As I walk along, I say out loud over and over, "I am dreaming. I am dreaming."

      I feel like the dream is fading now so I look around for something to hold and carry with me. I've done this in the past and it seems to prolong the dream. My cat, Sputnik, is here. She tries to run off as I scoop her up, but I get I good hold on her. I pet here and hold her close as I walk along. I pay special attention to the cat as I see that I am in Price Cutter grocery store. I randomly walk into the produce section just trying to let the dream become more stable on its own. Sputnik lets out a low quite meow in my ear and I notice she is purring now. I note how realistic this sounds. However, the cat isn't helping me stabilize despite all my efforts. The dream becomes more unstable and I get an image of my skeleton in a blue hue as I walk along. I try DEILD and start to feel vibrations but I am just too awake to hold it.

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    13. 4/10/15 - coconuts and crabs

      by , 04-10-2015 at 09:52 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my DC friend are being driven to stater bros. by my mom and it's night time. My friend has two huge plastic bags. One is filled with dark brown coconuts. The other is filled with crabs. She tells me they're special and organic and all these things. She tells me she wants to sell them to stater bros. to sell them. So we get out and my mom grabs both bags from her, we think she just want s to help by holding them or wants to see them out of curiosity. Then we all walk into the store and my friend keeps trying to get the bags out of my moms hands but my mom is walking too fast and making a bee line for the produce area. Then my mom walks up to these two box crate type areas in cold section and begins pouring the coconuts into one of them, I yell at my mom for doing so, i tell her we are meaning to sell them, not give them to stater bros. for free so they can solely make money off of them. But my mom just smirks at me, and I try to grab the bag of crabs but she pushes me and pour the crabs into the second box, i turn and look to my friend and she looks defeated and walks away. I look at my mom and give her a dirty look then exit out the store. I walk down the parking lot so I wont have to ride in her car with her, and i keep walking for a long time and cross the street and go into a neighborhood.
    14. 11-8-14 Peril at the fitness center

      by , 12-04-2014 at 07:46 PM
      I was in an indoor swimming center. There was a shallow end of the pool, then there was a huge roaring waterfall that drained all the water down into a lower level. One of my friends fell in the pool and was about to be swept down the fall. I pulled him out.

      I saw myself in the mirror. My face was the same, but my hair was about shoulder length. (Longer than it is now.) Then I took a razor and shaved away some of it. I have a scar on my head from a past accident, so I shaved away all the hair that covers it. The scar was bloody and festering, and there were clumps of prickly pine needles that had become matted to the blood underneath my hair.

      My mother, grandfather and aunt and I were working in a grocery store. We all stood around a giant stainless steel vat filled with green olives and crushed them into a paste with special paddles.

      My mother was away from home, and I was in charge of my sister. One night she played Pokémon on her Nintendo in her room all night long. Then the next evening my mother came home. She had bought me a pair of silk pajamas. ("Thanks, mom.") They were sort of navy blue with white stripes. The bottoms were only knee-length but the top was long-sleeved. Then I told her about my sister and her gaming. Mom said she had talked to a man about taking my sister and I on an endurance trek through the Himalayas.

      We had a miniature pinscher named Trickster.

      There were these movies about giant robot elephants. The director said he was inspired by Steven Spielberg.

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    15. Harnesses and Thor

      by , 09-04-2014 at 02:46 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 03, 2014

      (I just realized how kinky that could be... Harnesses and Thor... tehehehehe)

      Harnesses at Hot Topic

      I was in the weird-ass mall on my dream map, and I went into a Hot-Topic-esque store. It had four floors, and the bottom floor was underground, and had super high ceilings. And rock walls. I took an elevator down to the bottom floor, and turned left to the desk where I would get a harness. I was waiting for my harness, but the guy who was going to give it to me, who I think may have been a friend from middle school, was distracted or wanting to try something out and so I didn't get the harness for a while. Once I did have it, they hooked me to a line hanging from the ceiling and showed me how to control my movements in the room using some levers and ropes.

      So basically, people would come in, and hang from the ceilings as they shopped for studded, belted, black striped, and graphic-T clothing 8D

      Then there was an earthquake, or something. Maybe an alien invasion. Something epic and destructive.

      Thor in the Parking Lot

      I was walking in a parking lot. There were very few cars, and they were mostly clustered near the door to a large building that stretched for a long ways. Michael Fassbender had just parked his car and gotten out, and walked toward the building. I had to put my backpack down somewhere, so I decided that in front of his car would be the perfect hiding spot. I think Zukin was with me, but I'm not too sure. She may have been there before I put my backpack down, but then had to leave, or something.

      I left my bag there, and started walking toward the building, which I now somehow knew was a grocery store. I was nearing the group of cars, and now could see that Loki (Tom Hiddleston ermagerd <33), some other super villain, and an old friend from highschool, were chatting around one of the cars. I heard someone approaching, and looked up;

      Thor was walking toward the car as I was passing it, and said, "What villains do I see surrounding this car?!"

      I stopped, turned and held up my hand. "Hey now. They're not all villains. That's my FRIEND, Thor."

      He stopped in his path, turned to me, blinked a few times, and then raised his hands. "Mah bad." He said.

      I went into the store, got some Nestle chocolate chip cookie dough, and was on my way out when I saw another of my old friends, who had made a cookie cake with the same cookie dough I'd just gotten. I wanted to try some to make sure I would actually like it, and so I broke off a piece of the cookie cake. I put it in my mouth, and I swear it was the tastiest cookie I've ever had and it was so good. IT was like all butter and sugar. I woke up wishing real cookies were that phenomenal.
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