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    1. 6 Nov: Cruise ships and a cow herder

      by , 11-06-2018 at 04:25 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Lucidity: ⭐ (1/5)
      Clear: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)

      With two other girl friends, at a dock, trying to board some big cruise ship. It feels like the 30s, we are poor and these big ships will take us to some new life opportunities. We struggled to get tickets and we struggle still to get on board. The dock is gigantic and there is no clear path to board the ships. Also, there are people randomly goind around in all directions. We finally see what looks like a cargo lift to one of the ships, but it closes doors before we get in and doesn't come back to pick anyone else up. We miss two ships. My friends want to quit, but we persist and we finally manage to board one other ship. Inside it, we have to struggle to get a pod cabin, in an area crammed with pod cabins, because the most tolerable ones are taken by other people. Some are really claustrophobic, because they are in rows and not all have direct access to the main hall, but jammed behind the front pods. After some negotiations we manage to get the ones we like. I enter my pod. I brought one of my cats with me. The pods are actually comfortable once we get inside, but my cat wants to go outside and forces his way out through the door.

      False awakening on my sofa. My dogs barking loudly outside. The tv is on but lights are out.
      I go check through the window what is going on, but I see nothing. I don't realize I am dreaming, I just keep on dreaming.
      I check the time and it's 3 am. The dogs start barking again. I go check again and I see a herd of big cows down the path parallel to my property. Some of the cows are a bit curious and get out of the path in the direction of my gate and my dog Hachi who sleeps outside the fenced area. I go outside to shoo them away. A guy comes up, he seems very relaxed about all of it. He steps inside my gate and brings my dog with him. He has his own big dog, named Lucas or something. I feel nervous, because Hachi is afraid of other dogs and gets aggressive, but the two dogs seem to like each other. I then worry when my other dogs come join the gang, because Hachi and the other male dog hate each other and that's why I keep them separate. But they don't fight. Meanwhile the guy wants to apologize for all the fuss and disturbance and hands me some money. I go get my purse and give him some change through the window. Then my yellow cat runs outside through the window. Tired of all these chaos with my animals, I go pick up the cat who runs away twice and then the white one also tries to escape. The guy doesn't get my attitude with the cats and dogs, So I have to explain to him about their temperaments and fights they had, etc. He finally goes away, and takes Hachi with him outside the gate. Inside the house I go to the toilet and I see myself in the mirror: I have a zombie-like Catrina face painting with green lips. I had no idea I had been talking to the guy like this.

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    2. I was not stealing.

      by , 09-24-2018 at 05:09 PM
      I was living together with another girl, she had blonde hair and big blue eyes. I think she worked as a model since she was so stunning. Anyway, we both seemed to have a crush on the same man which I didn’t really mind. Because she had dated him but now when they had broke up, the guy was interested in me instead. He asked me out and I was sooo happy!
      After the date, I came back to the street near our apartment and stopped to buy some cinema popcorn and soda to feast on while talking about my first date with my roommate. But as I ordered the popcorn and the soda the people around seemed rude and glared at me. I was holding the pink dress that I had been wearing on the date with one hand and was holding the pink shoes in the other. It looked amazing, all sparkle with rhinestones.
      It did look like a prom dress!

      The woman who was supposed to take care of my order was really mean. She put plenty of acorns and three popcorns on the desk and glanced at me with some attitude! I told her she forgot about my soda and that I was allergic to acorns so I really wanted to have the popcorns. She stopped being so rude and actually did as I told her. Finally. I just needed to pay but forgot to check if I had money on my card but the phone was taking ages to load the site for my bank. I was so tired so I kind of felt drunk. The girl was I was living with suddenly saw me passing by while waiting for my phone to load the site. She looked at me with fury before she walked away to the apartment. I followed her and she locked the door. I didn’t understand since we were supposed to be best friends. But when I came closer to the door I heard other girls in there talking about me. They all talked about my beautiful pink dress that seemed way to fancy for me to even own! Why had I been wearing it? Why was I seen with the girl’s ex? Why was I even a part of her life? All this questions got more painful as I was eavesdropping. The door suddenly opened and the girl came out with a key in her hand. She opened the door to another apartment and threw all my things in there and told me to stop stealing from her. I was heartbroken. I hadn’t been stealing. I had a lovely first date… I just wanted to share. I was deeply disappointed.

      Note: I'm not allergic to acorn but it felt like I needed a reason not to accept the acorns. Eh.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. at the fair in real life

      by , 11-05-2017 at 06:13 PM
      Adam and I were at the fair. We didn't do much but walk around and gawk at all the oddities that surrounded us. We got a daiquiri and wondered aimlessly among the crowd. After we got a caricature done we started to leave. Suddenly I spot a young man that looks scarily familiar, to my sudden suprise I realized he was one of my dc from ages ago. I believe he said his name was james or john? Something of that nature. As we leave I can't stop staring. The resemblance is too uncanny.
    4. Ripped heart and the guy

      by , 07-02-2017 at 04:22 PM
      Finally, a vivid dream againxD and it was pretty long I thinkxD I had it two nights ago, so I can't explain everything in detail now, but I somehow know how...here I go!

      I was on my way to school I think..or at least, a place where there were lots of people.
      On this day, I was almost late, so I was in a hurry. I went on my bike.

      Than I was with friends somehwere in the dream, and arrived on the place where I had to be. It was on a car road and there was this small guy (an anime character from an anime I really like..) called Otani, who was really teasing me hard.

      I was so irritated and mad that I ripped out his heart out of his chest. That was so weird..Why did I do that? It felt really realistic as well..I throwed it away, and the guy (I usually like in the anime) was slowly dying. I had regret on taking his heart, so I wanted to safe him. Than there appeared this guy I now Always see in my thought during the day, who helped me to tell me how to safe him. He was super calm and kind to me, even though I did something that terrible..Anyway,

      The heart was on the car road, and there were riding lots of cars. It was to be lucky to not let it be crushed by a car..When the heart was on safe zone because of the wind, it moved away from the cars, I could pick it up.

      Than the kind guy explained to me to try to attach the heart to the blood vessels inside of him. I saw the hole where I ripped out his heart, I tried to put it in again. Explained to me, if I do it correctly, the heart would attach itself to the blood vessels. The heart was weird enough yellow, lol.

      I did it correctly, and the Otani guy lived again. I was relieved, and the guy who helped me was proud of me, still as calm and misterious as ever. I sticked with him more since I really liked him somehow. He let me fell good and happyxD
      The Otani guy also stayed with me and the guy and began to tease and pick on me again.. That was really stupid..but I couldn't get mad again, since I would rip out his heart again if I did. I tried to ignore him.

      The unknown guy tried to get Otani's attention by giving him a gift to get him to not tease me again like that. I was really happy with that. I saw at that moment that the unknown guy had unknown money that was rather pretty. He told me it was money from other countries to where he had travelled. I was hypnotized by the money by it's prettiness. He saw how cool and awesome I thought it was and gave me some of it with the number ''8'' on it. Really, only with the 8 on it. I wondered what that meant..but anyway, I really was happy by the gift, I really felt happiness>.< I maybe have a little crush on him lololol.
      He was happy that I was happy and had this really beautiful smile on his face. (wait a minute...Why did I not notice that this was a dream? I mean, money with number 8 on it doesn't exist...lol)

      Than the scenery changed to it of a classroom. I sat on a chair and I was injured, the unknown guy was nowhere to be found this time. but I had my Lucky charms were enough for me for now, but anyway, I couldn't do much and Otani had to solve the problems on the chalk board for me. He totally didn't want to do that for me and throwed the chalk to my face.

      Me and the teacher went mad and ran after him through the hallway of the school. It looked kinds funny on this part, but I woke up because of my mom at this point..I wish I could continue this dreamXD hahaha.

      Well, what my question is...Who was the unknown guy? before this dream, he would appear suddenly in my mind, not smiling, but really calm and misterious. I don't know his name or anything about him, but he gives me this warm and happy feeling when I see him. I also can't erase him from my mind, he keeps coming. I never thought of a guy, he is just there and I wanna know more about himT_T I know his figure by his black hair (and an asian look lol, but yeah) and a striped sweater. (HE'S SUPER CUTE)
      But yeah, he now appears in every dream of mine in another settingxD

      Next dream entry is about a LD I had last time^_^ I hope you enjoy them!
    5. Dream - On The Hunt

      by , 04-29-2017 at 12:20 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 13 MAR - 2017

      Dream No. 88 – On The Hunt

      All the family were at my house, celebrating my birthday, but within the family, there was a stranger who had claimed to know me more than he actually really does. Typed font in the dream had told me his full name, “Jon Heiner”... He resembled someone that I had seen on the Supernanny show in real life. Each family member gives me a birthday card, still sealed up in its envelope. I appreciate all the things I get but feel slightly intimidated by Jon's for some odd reason. His one is massive and when he gives it, he has some sort of perverted glint in his eye, almost like he wants to own me. No matter where Jon is, his presence always makes me feel uneasy. The dream then skips to a scene where Jon is standing outside my closed bedroom door, staring up and marvelling at it. I end up coming out of the bedroom to see him there and I tell him harshly that I do not like what he is doing.

      Still, he doesn't leave me alone and I decide to tell my mum but when I do tell her how I feel about Jon, she fobs the idea off and claims that he is not a bad person at all. I was surprised when my mum said that, I thought she would be on my case and help me get rid of him. Since she had no idea and let this creep stay, I figured the only way to escape him was to escape the whole house. When I am out of the house, this dream plays a scene where Jon gets into a black car, supposedly his car, and drives it gto go after me. The dream then goes back to what I am doing. In the back of my mind, I can feel Jon going after me and so I push myself to run until the very last straw.

      I end up in this country/bushland area, just at the brink of suburbia. I wander along the gravel road and there I see Mrs G (Not Mr G's wife. Mr G was a Camelot teacher, Mrs G is a Killester teacher)... I ask her if she has seen WB and she says she hasn't. I then reach this accommodation complex which was basically a group of backyard sheds. There I ask if WB's friends, like EL and NBr have seen her, but they also answered “no”. Up ahead, I can see two structures made of silver and gold stone, one small one and then one large to the left of it. I approach the small structure, climb onto it and face the big structure, calling out for WB whom I originally think is dwelling in that big structure. The only attention my calls for WB get are these odd looks from a group of old-aged strangers.

      I head back towards the accommodation complex and as I'm trawling through, I see WB walking in. I am relieved when I see her and when I get close enough, I end up giving her this massive, tight hug that lasted, I think, for a few minutes, which is a long time. I found it hard to let go, as if I was releasing all my stress related to Jon through this hug and replacing it with this powerful energy from WB. When I did eventually let go, WB went off somewhere and I couldn't find her anymore. I cannot remember what happened after that.
    6. Heartbreak

      by , 11-06-2016 at 12:23 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I dreamed of a guy I dated but who ultimately rejected me. We were talking in a cafe or some place. It was a lighthearted talk about what happened and about how he was already dating the other guy and me asking why we dated (or tried to date...?) anyway. It was really light, and I forgot most of it when I woke up, thanks to a raging headache and asthma attack threat.

      Now, it just hit me full force and I can barely write this down.

      Other details: It was evening. It was in some familiar place but can't remember exactly where. There was a train and bus station. Somehow I got lost going home or at least going away from that place.
    7. 05.14.2016 Some guy I don't know

      by , 05-17-2016 at 05:21 PM
      Super busy work week. Everybody and their mother wanted some kind of deliverable this week, so I did my best to oblige.
      Sneezing a lot and I have been fighting a cold for the past three days. Cold meds all day but I can feel it coming.

      DR 1
      I was driving a truck for work trip....
      I'm in the car with a cute guy, someone I don't know or recognize. (His personality reminds me vaguely of someone I work with now- the cockiness, only.) We were not dating but we worked together at a different company, and he was flirting a lot.We had a third passenger, an older guy, who was just laughing at us. We were driving down a long highway, there were cornfields on one side. There was green grass, and it was a sunny day. The cute guy told me to stop at a gas station up ahead, and he made some kind of joke about buying a few things the company could pay for. I parked the car at one of the pumps and he got out. The old guy made a joke about us and I just laughed. I opened the car to get out, and as I was stepping out, I woke up.
      Tags: corn, field, gas, guy, road
    8. Unusual dentist visit

      by , 07-04-2014 at 03:50 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      The dentist tells me I’ll need to eat something. She gives me a saucer with a small strawberry on it and then leaves to clean up. Apparently there’s going to be an operation or something.

      Me and mom can hear the water running and wonder what’s taking so long. I figure she must be taking a shower rather than washing her hands.

      I talk to mom about how I hate strawberries and wonder if I should tell the dentist how I puked the last time I tried one. I might be fibbing there, but close enough.

      I end up hurrying out of the room to try and find something else to eat. I find a basket of pears [that’s actually peaches] and slice off some of that. Somehow I end up with some kind of cake stuff on the plate too.

      I’m looking at a magazine and mom suggests I trade it with the one I have [something to do with the date on it?].

      Then I’m looking through a book, which has scraps of paper in it. I figure some of them were used as bookmarks by the last person to read it. I come to a paper with Spike Spiegel on it. It has a place to sign your name and the date, and something about putting down what power you have but it was some strange term. I didn’t know what to put there so I just out my name and date [though I don’t remember what it was].

      I can’t remember if it was in the magazine or book, but a ‘date’ was written: 1-2-1.

      Back in the room with plate in hand, a guy comes in and starts talking. I’m wondering who the heck he is but apparently he’s taking over or helping.

      Inspirations: Talking about our teeth issues, mom has peaches in the fridge and I have coffee cake, I saw a Spike Spiegel post on tumblr recently, been reading food magazines lately, have had a lot of doctor’s visits lately and was thinking about my teeth
    9. Platform work

      by , 03-15-2014 at 02:15 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Me and another girl were up on a raised platform, doing our job of receiving and distributing goods.

      She’s embarrassed because we’re wearing colored underwear, no pants. I show her that you can change the color by changing mine to a light blue.

      The plot changes. In my place is a guy with longer hair. A group of others were looking up at him from somewhere below. They come up onto the platform.

      A video of the guy’s life is playing (there was no TV though, I think?). He’s a bit embarrassed as it plays through his earlier years. There’s a narrator or commentary, one of which was ‘when he got his first dom…’.

      I feel like the group were idols or something and the guy was going to become one.

      Inspiration: Changing color comes from me working on editing in Photoshop. Idols is ironic because I saw this news later.

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      Tags: girl, guy, underwear
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. i keep dreaming of him since March 2013

      by , 06-14-2013 at 01:01 PM
      For the past 5 months I keep dreaming of this guy he is white with brown eyes eyes as tall as me. Me and him have a great time in my dreams when I wake up I miss him wondering if I would meet him in the future or was he my twin flame. Couple weeks ago I keep seeing this name (Dan) everywhere now I wonder if that was his name last night I had a dream that we were in the hallways together reading the bible me and him looked in each other's eyes and I found that his eyes were familiar and attractive. After school me and him when to the mall together hanging out with our friends. He found something that got his attention and walked over there I followed him, he saw people playing hockey and he joined in I watched him play, Couple minutes later he looked at me and wanted me to join, I joined him and we played for like ten more minutes then we went outside, it was getting dark fireflies was outside he gave me three rings on had a lion, another one has a blue diamond on him and the last one had I love you on it I blushed then I woke up and wanted to cry I miss him so much will I meet him in the near future, I think he's my twin flame.
      Tags: future, guy
    11. Bits and Pieces

      by , 10-16-2012 at 09:46 AM
      In memory, this dream was a bit vague, because i only remembered flashes. There were two parts.

      In the first part of the dream, i was hanging with a guy i met on the internet, to whom i did not remember his name. We were laying on a bed all night talking about something. I do not remember what it was. It seems as if i was located in a place that i lived in real life, while i was going to college. The guy that i was hanging with, we talked a lot during the dream, from what i can recall. It was a dark night. Or maybe i am picking up on an entirely different dream with the dark night. Who knows...
      Another thing i noticed about the guy is that he was more feminine, which i really liked. I think i saw that my mom met him.

      In the shift, which is the second part of the dream, where i do not remember how i got there, I was situated on a wooden deck with stairs going down to a river. There were vehicles driving down the stairs to park in the water. I can only imagine how confused i was, and knew i was dreaming, though it did not feel so lucid.
    12. Rp World

      by , 01-19-2012 at 01:30 AM
      i was in this weird MMO world and i came to this guy and he was fighting this beast
      Tags: beast, guy, mmo
    13. So this Guy Walks into a Bar...

      by , 10-30-2011 at 02:36 PM (Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8))
      I can't remember much, just I was at a bar (I'm not even old enough yet) and I was talking to this guy about something that reminded me of the colors green and brown.
    14. Smaller is Better?

      by , 10-27-2011 at 09:58 AM (Roving the Dreamscape)

      The moment I wake up this morning, I tried my best to remember what I dreamt about last night. After a couple of minutes of tinkering, I was able to remember a dream fragment. I can't identify the dream setting, but the main concept is clear. I, together with a small crowd of people, was in front of this table with 2 PCs on it and a random guy standing besides it. A netbook at the left and a laptop at the right(probably 15"). The guy standing besides it started to talk and explain to us why a netbook is much better than a real laptop. He said a netbooks can run heavy games and display movies at 1080p while the real laptop can only be used for surfing and viewing still images. The crowd agreed with every word he said and I was like WTF o_O

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    15. Shoujo Hop

      by , 09-27-2011 at 09:51 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Notes: Because things have changed so much for me in the past few months, I ended up just setting aside my dream journal for about a month. It's hard to be dream motivated when things are so stressful. However, I think I'm ready to try again.

      I read a post here about writing down your day's events at the end of the day, and I started doing that two days ago. Already I've noticed improvements. I was motivated enough this morning to write out a long dream.

      I think I'll wait a week before picking out dream signs since I started over. Also, I don't know how the next few days will go because this morning, I woke up feeling like I was dying (stupid ovaries), so I may not care about writing dreams down as I reach for the trash can and some pain killers.



      Shoujo Hop (Non-lucid)

      Me, mom and dad were walking in the store on the far right. We saw an Asian (he had the typical features) standing there looking confused, but he looked towards me and I, walking ahead, moved back with mom because I was shy, so that dad was walking ahead.

      The boy, who looked about my age, started trying to talk to dad in 'Korean'. Dad was like "okaaay" and started to walk on. I took pity and before I passed him, I stopped to help.

      I had my hair up in pigtails like I went to bed with in RL.

      I asked if he knew any English. He shook his head. For a second I wondered why he was there then, and how he understood me. I ended up moving on and saw that he'd gotten on pixiv. Maybe on a small black device, and I saw it that he was on pixiv in my head.

      We walked on again and mom and dad were arguing about the boy. Dad thought maybe he was mentally retarded or something.


      - I'm walking up to mom and the cart, and maybe I have something.

      - I was talking to dad about product(s). There was a little more detail about the groceries but I didn't have the best recall.

      ~ Gap~

      Mom ducks under a low hang. 'How cute it is', she said, and I was confused. I ducked under it, bumping my head. Then I see a baby seat on a shopping cart. I look at the baby in it as I pass, but it's kind of ugly and I wonder how mom thought it was cute. It looked more like a baby with a man's face.

      As I passed it the mother came back. I tell her about bumping my head, but she seemed to ignore me.


      I was walking along a swingset. The style felt more anime-like. Girls (5-6) were swinging. One saw me and pretty much flew off the swing and glomped onto me. A couple more piled onto me, and someone/me mentions/thinks that we looked like the Powerpuff Girls.

      I think we were sprawled on the ground in a pose. I started naming off groups we could be, and the girl's expressions changed depending on what I said. They were amusing. Only one I remember now is Sailor Moon and some licensed media.


      We were posting our cosplay pics online for a short time. One got taken down because the media was licensed. I saw the page on the internet. The pic link wasn't up anymore. I figured the cosplay based on the Japanese show(s) hadn't been taken down because it's harder for Japanese companies to wade through English pages.

      The girls were less anime-like and older.


      One of the girls, blonde-haired, was sitting outside a house on the porch. She said she was 'practicing her Kubota by _x_ anyone who went by'. She seemed to be glaring.

      x = Something like 'taking care of'.

      Me: Kubota from the manga Wild Adapter by Minekura Kazuya.

      pixiv - A Japanese (fan)art website I go to often.

      Side notes: My dad would never say 'okaaay' much less not help someone in need. Also, I totally understand the gap parts, I know why I'd associate certain things with other things. It was interesting to follow.

      I had one other private dream.

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