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    1. Friday, June 12

      by , 06-16-2020 at 11:39 PM
      Iím going with Makayla to get her hair cut. We are at what looks like an apartment complexís outdoor pool. There may be some others here. Makayla sits in a chair near the water, and it is Tess what shows up to cut her hair. Iím aware that my hairís getting a little long, and I wonder if she'll trim it really quick. It doesnít seem like sheís going to. I think my hair is quite longer than I ever keep it, maybe a few inches all around. It feels coarse.
      Tags: hair, haircut, pool, water
    2. Monday, July 22

      by , 07-24-2019 at 07:30 PM
      I think I am outside? when I realize that I had a haircut appointment on the second of July that I completely forgot to go to. I briefly see my calendar (at Dadís?) and see it written on the second, along with the other stuff Iím doing this month. I think I missed it because thatís when we were in Portland, but itís still hard for me to believe that Iíd just miss an appointment. I realize that itís been a week or so since the second. I consider texting her but am not sure if sheíd even still want my business. Now I am considering growing my hair out. Dad is brushing his fingers through it, telling me that it naturally parts in the middle. I think Mom and Makayla also express that they like it longer, a bit excited at the prospect. I think about what it was like long, weighing the pros and cons. Itís already getting a bit long, so I think I decide Iím going to grow it out.
      Tags: hair, haircut
    3. 25 Feb: Dating Jaime, dangerous catterpillars, hostel stay

      by , 02-25-2019 at 09:11 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Lunch or dinner with Jaime. He is a rich guy now. I meet him at top of a tower, we're supposed to go out to meet other couples at an Asian restaurant, but he stays behind to watch some fireworks from the tower. I go meet the other couples at the restaurant, because we are the hosts. We all need to choose our menu at the counter and then sit on designated places. Jaime is still not coming.

      Driving down a street with my cousins in the car. I see a line of processionary caterpillars at a garden and a little dog getting too close to them. I stop a bit further ahead and make a u-turn and go look for the dog to rescue him. Then I see a couple with children and that dog, sitting on the grass having a picnic. There is also other people around and the caterpillars are moving on the grass between them and no one is noticing. I ask for their attention. The guy from the couple turns to me in anger and reveals a demonic face. Scares me for a second but them he calms down and listens to me. I ask if they know about this caterpillars and how dangerous they are, they don't, I explain and everyone freaks out. Some boy says they are piling up and he covers them in paper or plastic and sets them on fire. I turn away as the animals shriek in agony, but I tell myself it had to be done.
      Then I leave. I am staying with school colleagues at some type of hostel. First nothing seems to work, the whole place is in the dark, but I find the main board with the switches and turn it on. Don't understand why nobody did it before me, the guys are a bit embarrassed.
      I check where is my bed, we are staying in mixed shared rooms and I find out I will be sharing my bunk with Jaime. I leave a note on his bed just saying hi, because he hasn't arrived yet and then go out. At lunch time I meet with some friends and they ask me what I have done to my hair. I don't know and look in a mirror. I have bangs and short hair and I think I look pretty cute. Later my dad and some others are visiting me and he brings Bernardo. Outside I hear some dogs growling and I go check. I think one of them is Faial who belongs to Jaime. I worry about him coming in with his big dog because of Bernardo, but actually Faial is growling to bring attention to another street dog who seems injured and afraid. Some people step in to help the dog.
    4. Haircut Mysteries

      by , 10-29-2017 at 08:17 AM
      Morning of October 29, 2017. Sunday.

      I am in an unknown room that is about twice the size of our lounge room. It seems to be a public area, but only at certain times, resulting in ambiguity in also being our implied home. As a result, there are no associations with unknown people who are present at times as being intruders as in many other dreams. Also, everyone else in my dream remains cheerful except for the baby in the last scene.

      There is a story in the background, unrelated to the main scenario, that relates to someone traveling by motorcycle. There is a video about it but I do not fully focus on it. There is also a point at which one of my dark-haired female teachers (implied only) from elementary school appears, though this character is actually unknown and unfamiliar.

      I decide to get a haircut because I notice a few strands that are longer than they should be. I had just gotten a haircut in this place, but another one will be given. There is no association with money or paying for the service. I watch, apparently in a mirror, as long clusters from my otherwise short hair are combed out and cut, mostly from the back. The detail is very realistic.

      After this, I look at my hair and hairstyle. I decide to comb my hair to the other side from how it was cut and styled. This makes it look slightly wrong, so I decide to get a third haircut.

      A little later, I discover I have a short Mohawk and I have no hair at all on either side of it. I cannot work out what happened. I consider that I must have fallen asleep and that they had probably given me anesthesia without me realizing it (or even giving permission). I have no memory of any hair being cut this short or of a razor shaving my head on each side. (Even though questioning if I had fallen asleep is one of the most obvious dream state indicators possible, I do not question my present status of possibly being asleep and dreaming. As a haircut symbolizes the real-time dynamics of neural energy in REM sleep, having been ďasleepĒ in my dream validates now having only a small amount of hair down the middle of the top of my head.) I am somewhat angry and self-conscious about this haircut but not that outwardly emotional or vocal about it. The unknown male who had apparently done this says it is the best haircut I could have for my face and that I look good. I consider this and decide that it might be okay to go out in public like this, as some men have no hair at all. I note how smooth the hairless areas of my head are, so it was a very good job on their part, as there were no accidental cuts either.

      Only a short time later, I discover that my hair is as it was before I got the first haircut (though it is now longer than it is in real life). I am puzzled, yet I do not realize that this could only happen in a dream (and it symbolizes my emergent consciousness being more viable at this point, though the preconscious is never directly dominant or aggressive in this situation, though this was not my last dream of the day). I am trying to mentally resolve how they could have done this, but it does not seem possible (and I do not converse with them about this). On one level, I am glad my hair is as it was, but the mystery remains.

      Meanwhile, there is an offset scenario where a baby seems to be having difficulty in remaining on stacks of books in a plastic storage box. He drops down into a couple rows of lower stacks on his left a few times (as the older boys place him back on the highest stacks each time) and cries about bumping down onto the books. Our youngest son and a few other boys are looking at the baby who I see in profile with his head oriented to the right of the scene. I make a comment to them about being careful with him, though he does not seem to be hurt.

      Despite this being a perfect opportunity to become lucid, I do not. It almost seems like a subliminal experiment to test myself, as a haircut symbolizes associations with the level of neural energies in the dream state in real time (with no RAS activation, only a slight shift in levels of consciousness). The baby on the books in the storage box is a metaphor for critical thinking skills not being extant in the dream state. In fact, this is direct parallel symbolism analogous to my failure to realize my dream state by way of the impossible hair changes and real time neural energy dynamics and their level and length (length of time for emergent consciousness viability as a play on length of hair). (Dropping down onto a lower stack of books relates to decreasing dynamics of conscious self identity in the dream state despite this being near the end of my dream, though again, not the last dream of the sleeping period or with sustained wakefulness afterwards, which clarifies and validates this dual symbolism.)

    5. June 22nd, 2016

      by , 06-22-2016 at 05:38 PM (Book of Dreams)

      Dream 1 (fragment):
      I was on a rooftop of a high rise building, and the roof was a pool. I was with my sister, and we had this giant floatation device in the shape of an octopus, it was huge and pink, and somehow it fell off the roof into the street and I could hear crashing and horns and screaming. Oops!

      Dream 2:
      I came home but my apartment was way bigger than normal, though I didn't question it in the dream. There were children running around, and I knew my roommate was supposed to be babysitting them, but she was talking to some tall mysterious men on a screened in porch. The kids were crying, and I had to give one of them a haircut, but she kept thrashing and running away, and then she said she hated the haircut cuz her hair looked curly. I tried to get her to sit down to let me finish, and I offered to blow-dry it so that it would be straight but she was just crying and freaking out. Eventually my roommate came out to take care of them and then the parents came and got them.
    6. #228 - Folding boat fight / Ex / Haircut / Beating up Malfoy

      by , 04-12-2016 at 10:07 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 -Folding boat fight
      I vaguely remember this dream.. It was kind of stormy near a dock, the clouds were dark and the wind was blowing hard. There was a sort of fight going on with grenades and weapons between me and other people. I jumped into the water with this thing which somehow unfolds itself and turns into a boat. It's strangely animated and there's water inside the hull so I wonder how it's supposed to fix that. Also the boat is tiny, it barely fits me but expands almost cartoon-like to encompass me.

      Dream 2 - Ex
      A dream about my ex, she's at her house with her family and our kid and apparently there's a family friend of theirs staying over. The man is in his 40s and has ginger hair and a beard, he's a bit chubby too. Apparently they sleep together or something which in the dream annoys me because of how she acted, but I'm more accepting of the fact that she's only human and we have to move on eventually no matter how much it hurts. Tough dream to wake from, but deep.

      Dream 3 - Haircut
      This is more of a dream fragment, I just remember showing off how my hair got screwed up by me shaving my beard and accidentally over shaving the right side. This happened in real life... Though it's not that noticeable thankfully

      Dream 4 - Beating up Malfoy
      This dream was.. interesting. The dream itself was longer than what I can remember, but the point where I remember from is where I've walked into this house on top of a grass hill. In this house is my neighbour Harrison in the form of Draco Malfoy (he's wearing glasses too, kind of looks like Harry Potter in a way). We have a wizard duel where we cast spells, I remember spellslinging 'Wingardium Leviosa' and 'Expelliarmus' (didn't look up the spelling so I hope that's right). I realized that there was no reason for me to just cast spells, so I walked up to him and slugged him in the face. Multiple times. He was on the floor and I kept punching him . His face isn't getting bloodied up or anything but it was pretty intense and brutal. I stop, and have a moment where I just realize that there's no point because this is a dream. I don't get lucid however, I just kind of know that it's a dream and I should be nicer. I stand up and leave, I see an old friend called Tom and walk up to him and hug him. It's an extremely comforting hug, abnormally so. It's like hugging a marshmallow with a smile while also letting you know all your sins in life have been forgiven. I walk off now, and then wake up.

      Some pretty deep dreams going on last night.
    7. Three fragments (NLDs)

      by , 03-15-2015 at 06:50 AM
      Afraid to Call
      SB is standing up from the table and pulling out her cellphone when a cop drives by outside. She puts the phone away hurriedly, expressing the fear that she might be arrested. We argue with her, "How could you be arrested for making a cellphone call in your own house? Come on, what would the charges be?" But we can't talk her out of it and she, still anxious, goes to bed. After she has left the room, I ask the others, "Is this normal?" meaning, does she act like this all the time? They indicate to me with their eyes and subtle nods that it is.

      Note: It's odd, this is a friend I haven't talked to in a couple years, and after I dreamed this last night, today I got an email from her...

      Turquoise Bob
      Look in the mirror, see that my hair is cut in a turquoise bob. It looks surprisingly good; I think I might keep it this way. It will be annoying to have to get it trimmed all the time, but I should make an effort. Should I get the color done professionally or do it myself? Decide on the latter, that's how I've always done it. Look online to find the color. How to get the hued variegated like this? Figure I need to bleach it white first, then can selectively coat parts of it with vaseline.

      Bus to Sabaville
      In some vast interior space, need to get back home. Find a shuttle that I think will take me toward where I saw the bus stop, but then it goes too far and in the wrong direction. I discover it is heading to a stoner convention. As everyone stands up to disembark, young man in seat in front of me (hefty, dark hair, pale skin) stares at me and asks out of nowhere: "Who are you?"

      I stare back, perplexed. "Why would you ask me that? We've never met before. How could it matter who I am? I'm a stranger, on a bus."

      My answer seems to have disoriented him. "Am I dead?"

      Sarcastically, I respond, "Could be. It happens sometimes." I leave, going in a different direction from the others disembarking the bus.

      Awed by the sheer size of this place. Don't see any internal columns or supports... what is keeping the roof up? Must be miles across. Find the stop to take the shuttle back in the other direction. Young woman there, think I've seen her before.

      "Can you tell me if this place has a bus that can take me back to Sabaville?" I inquire.

      "That's not where you should be spending your time." I assume she means that it's not a very cool place to live.

      "Well, it's where I need to get back to."
    8. DVD Player, Dream Fragments (2.8.14)

      by , 08-02-2014 at 12:32 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I give an old lady a DVD player to keep. She sets it up herself and must of had a few problems with it. I try it out and notice that everything is working fine for a moment until it starts playing up. I check behind the DVD player to see if she has connected it up properly. I notice that she has only connected one cable up. I grab the box that all the cords are in and tell her she forgot to connected the rest of them. I see a cord which is only used for a car, I tell her about that cord and what it's use is for. I remember that I needed a HDMI cable which wasn't in the box, I must have left it at home. Instead I use the other cables instead.

      Dream Fragments:

      1. Im waiting to get a haircut. There's people waiting also, about 3-4. The barbers call out names when they're ready for a haircut.

      2. I'm looking into the mirror and see that I have an eyebrow ring. I start to clean it and I see layers of scabs come off of it.
    9. The dungeon barber

      by , 05-12-2014 at 10:55 AM
      So last night was yet another unsuccessful lucid dream. I can't really recall much of it but what I can remember is worth the write. So I was in this castle. And there was dungeons all over the place and people that I knew.. (not in real life). Anyways I was taken to a dungeon and once the door flung open I saw a barber standing next to a chair, that had been fashioned pike a torture device. Gasping, I tried to escape but my attempts were pitiful as I was unable to run, as if my legs were buried in quick sand. They strapped me in the chair, and before I knew it I was getting my hair cut. That's all it was. Not some scheme to get me to talk or to torture me in some way. It was just a regular barber with scissors and a shaving machine. The doors bolted closed, and I recall hearing a voice saying, "Untill that hair is cut, he can not leave.". Exiting right.... No..
    10. Getting a Haircut & Turned into Spongebob, I Challenge You to a Game of Ping-Pong!

      by , 04-27-2014 at 12:52 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Getting a Haircut & Turned into Spongebob When I Did (DILD)


      >Went for a Haircut
      >Waited by sitting on a small black sofa
      >When my turn comes, someone motions their finger to me, I somehow turn into Spongebob.
      >I get a kind of haircut that seems like theyíre trying to split my spongy body
      >Spongebob form still looks the same


      I Challenge You to a Game of Ping-Pong!....After We Clean This Table (DILD)


      I love how I wanted to play ping-pong instead of trying to extract some information from my mind for something to apply to waking life. But nope, spent the whole dream trying to clean a table to play ping-pong, only for someone to intervene and stop the whole endeavor.

      I believe Iím wearing a yellow sweater with black horizontal stripes that were probably 2-3 inches tall, and probably had a white dress shirt underneath the sweater since there was a white collar popping out and folded around my neck. Iím also wearing basic blue jeans, and probably brown lace-less shoes as well.

      Iím inside a classroom, and it seems thereís going to be quite some time before class starts, and Iím sitting down by a large rectangular desk that seems to be formatted like a mini Ping-Pong table, but there was a few items that cluttered the area. I challenged someone to play Ping-Pong, and I believe he looked like a classmate I had for Geography Pre-AP/K-level in High School; letís nickname him ďS.Ē
      ďSĒ accepts the challenge, but we have to clean the table first. Iím frantically trying to remove anything on the table, even if itís just thrown to the floor. From black backpacks to binders and other small items, we managed to clear the table. Then the next thing was to find some paddles and a few Ping-Pong balls, and as Iím turning to the right side of whatís behind me, I find some paddles and a few Ping-Pong balls near me. I think the balls were levitating, conveniently within my reach, and the same probably goes for the paddles as well.

      I never bothered to question the logic of how they just somehow magically appeared, I just had an insane urge to play Ping-Pong. Unfortunately, just as I was about to initiate a game, it seems an individual that looks like a teacher for the class intervenes, and we immediately stopped what we were doing.

    11. Contagious Heart Attack

      by , 06-25-2012 at 05:39 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      I was able to recall two fairly vivid dreams today.

      Dream 1:

      I see my boss and he looks horrible. He describes how his son kicked him in the chest and somehow I know he will die soon. He dies soon after. I catch the heart attack (or whatever illness he had) from him and head to the hospital. The nurses are not taking me seriously even when I begin coughing up blood. I keep yelling "help me" but they do nothing. The doctor finally comes in and gives me antibiotics. I start feeling better and a little groggy. I ask him if I am dying or if the medication is putting me to sleep. I think I died. My hospital bed is suddenly transported to my backyard where my mom is by my bedside. I look over under our oak tree to find my cat Vito has killed a giant rabbit.

      Note - The following day I had to go to urgent care due to terrible stomach / chest pains.

      Dream 2:

      I am at a barber in Westwood, CA getting a crappy haircut. The only reason I am there (or so I think) is to kill some time (not sure what I had planned later). My dad happens to be there and he said we were supposed to meet at the barber. After my haircut I go visit my fiance's parents and this is where the devil comes in.

      The devil appears to me as a cat who is possessed and can see dead people (only briefly, then the devil appears human). I meet with the devil in a really nice hotel or club in a room behind a very skinny door. There are tons of hot chicks and someone needs to bang them in order for the devil to be released. Giant bubbles containing the chicks fall to the ocean and how they fall / pop determine life or death (?!?). i am able to turn something into a gold cup. Somehow this action makes me realize that I am dead and it is my entry to see the devil (I think).

      Next I am in the kitchen of my childhood home (Pam Ln). The room turns dark red (extremely scary) when the cat is threatened (the devil is now a cat again and I'm not sure what was threatening it).

      Other dream snippet:

      -I am in a place with a huge chain linked fence (maybe a parking lot?)
    12. Helping out a stranger

      by , 03-22-2012 at 02:57 AM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was by a lake and there was a single barber's chair facing it. There was also a huge group of people doing something on the other side of the lake. People were holding down one tree so that it bent over, and would fling the person holding onto the tip when they let go. But it didn't work, the guy just held on and rose to the top of the tree as it rose back up.*

      I turned my attention back to the chair. There was an old man standing by it, motioning for me to sit down. I sat down and he began to cut my hair. Then some guy came up and stole a bottle of something. I jumped up and chased after him and snatched the bottle back. I went back to the chair to finish getting my haircut. After I was done, I told the old man that I'd travel with him and help him with his small business. We took a bus somewhere and there were two old ladies. I asked if they needed a haircut, and one of them said yes. Then more people started gathering on the bus, including a mother and her son. Then I woke up.
      Tags: bus, haircut, lake, old man
    13. Rainbow Slide & Suits

      by , 07-29-2011 at 09:35 PM (Starr's Dream Collection)

      This was definitely a weird one... It's the longest dream I've had for as long as I can remember, even longer than one of my more recent dreams, "Escaping Puppies", which was a pretty long dream. Bare with me, I'm trying to remember all of it.

      I've just left some sort of party or family get together. I have a false memory of recently being at my uncle's house or something. I'm driving a rusty old red pickup truck. (I can't drive yet IRL...permit soon, though!) I have basically no control over said truck and keep veering onto the sidewalk and onto people's lawns. Oops.

      Somehow, the car transforms into this red pogo stick. I ride the pogo stick down the street that I recognize as my best friend's street. I know where her house is from here, so I hop on over to it. I see my H (my BFF), her mom, and some random lady. They're all in exercise clothes, and it's obvious they were just working out. But they seem excited to see me. I realize they're building a bedroom in their front lawn for H's little brother, who I guess has transformed back into a baby. Okay then.

      I notice some letters from the alphabet, made out of wood and painted red, and attached to the side of their house. It's going to say "ABOUT", but they are missing the 'U' and the 'T'. H's mom and the random woman ask me and my brother (who came out of nowhere) to find the missing letters. There's a ton of the letters spread out on the neighbor's lawn so we start looking, but I cannot for the life of me find the missing letters.

      My brother does, though. And he's praised endlessly for doing so. They put up the remaining letters, but I don't have the heart to tell them they spelled "ABOUT" wrong. Now it just says "ABOIUT".


      I'm standing in my laundry room in my basement, alone. My sister, R, comes downstairs. She's really hyper and annoying (like she always is). She's jumping around. I'm annoyed. Why can't she just leave me alone? I tell her to go away. She does.

      I walk out of my laundry room and sit on the arm of the chair. R is back. She says, "Wanna see my secret passage way to get from the storage room to the laundry room?". I'm pretty sure she's just messing around, so I say "Sure, whatever." She walks off to the storage room and disappears. I hear noise from the ceiling, as if she was crawling through the air vents.

      Suddenly, she pops out of a cardboard box filled with stuffed animals. She startles me, and I throw a stuffed toy horse at her head. She laughs at me, and says "Tada! Now you try!". I relent and walk into the laundry room, where apparently there's another secret passageway. Now, it's not just me and my sister. Somehow, a ton of our friends are there too.

      So, I'm back in the laundry room, and I open the dryer. It's different, though. The door is on top of the dryer instead of on the front, and everything inside is still wet, so it isn't dried yet. I step inside. The first thing I notice is a ladybug Pillow Pet. I pick it up and say, "Oh, so that's where that went!". I don't own a Pillow Pet. Anyways, now I see an opening big enough for a person to slide through at the bottom of the dryer. Everyone around me is pressuring me to go through, so I do.

      Turns out, it's a slide. And it's the best slide ever. It's a full body slide, so it's like a tube. The walls of the slide are clear, but outside all I see is fog/mist. It's awesome, though, because the fog lights up different colors. It changes from pink to blue to red to green to purple, etc. I finally come out the other side, just to splash into a giant pool of water. It seems like I've fallen through a hole in the ice. Everyone that was just in the laundry room is there.

      I tell them how amazing it was, and they help me out of the water. I see penguins standing around. I have no clue where I am, but I don't care.

      Somehow, I make it upstairs to my dining room where my mom and her friend are sitting. I'm trying to tell my mom how awesome the slide in our basement is, but she doesn't know what I'm talking about. I show her a video on my phone that I apparently took whilst riding the slide. She begins to watch it, but it's actually a video of Jeff and Lester, two characters from the TV show Chuck, riding the slide. My mom looks appalled and says, "That's disgusting!". I turn to my mom's friend, just to notice that she took my iPod. She hacked my pass code and was messing with it. I take it back.

      I have an app where you can take notes, and she had changed the title to all those notes from whatever they originally were to "Kinda Sexual". Great. I'm mad at her, but she just laughs at me.
      (The sad part is, I can totally imagine her doing this in real life and I wouldn't put it past her. )

      Weee! Switch!

      I'm magically transported to this giant mall with lots of level and different stores. Somehow, I know I'm there for a hair appointment, so I find a hair salon and I sit down in a chair. A lady says she'll be there with me in a minute, I nod, and she walks off. I look to my left and see two other chairs with people in them. I'm kinda surprised by who I see.

      I don't know how many of you watch Suits, a new series on USA, but Mike and Harvey, the two main characters, are just sitting there.
      That's what I get for watching it right before I go to bed.

      Anyways, so we're all just sitting there. Mike and Harvey are acting surprisingly...hyper.

      And by hyper, I mean either drunk or high.

      It's so weird to see Harvey like that especially, and he keeps cracking up for no apparent reason. So, I guess we're all just sitting there, waiting for our hair appointments, but no one is helping us. Also, apparently, Mike and I are best friends, because I keep making references to inside jokes which both make us laugh so much our sides ache.

      At one point, Penelope Cruz walks up to us dressed as a nun, and she says "I'll cut your hair for you!" in a joking manner, then she's off. We all know she's actually on an undercover mission. (...)

      Then, all of our relatives start arriving, but I can't seem to see any of mine anywhere, until my grandma shows up. It's super crowded at the salon. A little while later, I realize that my family did arrive indeed, and they were standing on a big platform above us along with a ton of other people. There's a big flatscreen TV, and they're all watching it intently. Suddenly, a commercial comes on for a bag of deep-fried Oreos selling for $9.99. My brother and sister are super excited by this. As they should be.

      BAM! SWITCH!

      Somehow, I'm back at the bottom of the rainbow slide thing where it had been like an indoor Arctic type thing. I'm with my group of friends again when I notice a ski slope off in the distance. Skiing down the said hill is just a bunch of penguins from Club Penguin, a kid's social website thing. They have the usernames under them and everything.

      I'm extremely excited by this, because this means we can troll their website without actually being anywhere near a computer. I walk up to a group of penguins with my friends and we start circling them and harassing them, by dancing and making funny faces. We were all wearing these weird circle-ish sunglasses, I remember.

      The penguins ignore us and start mocking us instead, saying things like "Oh, you think you're so amazing, don't you?" and I remember replying with, "No, I know I'm amazing!" and continuing to dance.

      Well, that was the end of that dream. It was extremely strange, to say the least. I notice how I constantly dream of celebrities and/or TV and movie characters. I mean, I dream about my friends/family a lot, but celebs seem to be the constant main characters in my dream land.

      Uhh...I'm weird.
    14. Disturbing, Driving, Running from the Revolution, Pleading again

      by , 04-05-2011 at 05:21 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      Disturbing dream about a girl who was murdered, her body brutalized. I prefer not to remember any more details about dream

      Driving on the highway, going really really fast and getting scary amounts of air off the hills. Asking for a haircut in exchange for giving someone a lift.

      My Step Father works for some form of government that is hated by the people. My Mom and I hear the news that there is going to be a revolution and we become scared. We try to convince him to runaway with us but he refuses. We run around the house in a panic gathering up our things and the boy's things. My Step Father is resolute in staying, but in the end he helps us pack up the car.

      My Mom has decided my man doesn't really love me because I am not shy and cute, so I plead with him.
    15. Dream # 004

      by , 09-21-2010 at 03:46 AM (Morbid's Abode)
      False Accusation (Non-lucid)


      -somewhere I didn't know

      Dream Characters:
      - Jeffrey
      - Glenabel
      - Glenabel's Mother
      - Fat Lady

      This is one of those hard-to-remember dreams. Remembered some few details, and decided to write it down.

      I was in a parlor, having a haircut. The stylist offered me a promo, he'll color my hair for free if he does it the way he thinks it fits to my style. I declined.

      Later, I was with someone older than me, the mother of Glenabel. We were outside a shop, waiting for something, or someone I think. Across the road, is Glenabel, suspiciously looking at me. She tries to call someone on her phone as if she's reporting something. I instantly thought to myself that I'm being accused of something, I just didnt' know what it was.

      I rushed inside the shop, an internet cafe. I called someone, it was Jeffrey. I told him someone reported us, and we should go. He was so nervous that he didn't know what to do. I told him to pay his bills so we could escape.

      We went outside and run. Someone was following us. To my surprise, it was a fat, lady barangay tanod (barangay tanods are police officers with the lowest rank, with cudgel as their only weapon, assigned in small towns or barangays). She was so fast in running that she caught up to us. I insisted that we're didnt do anything wrong and she believed us.

      We sat at the sidewalk, and talked about something. Another weird thing happened, the fat lady confessed that she likes me! I was so shocked that I wanted to run. Suddenly, a man in black bike was about to hit us. The fat lady, showed her true prowess, and in a martial-art-style grabbed the man, threw him up in the air, and stole the bike. She called us, and we escaped.
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