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    1. 18-08-22 Hallucinating Numbers & Words

      by , 08-22-2018 at 08:44 PM
      I was at work in our break room, and decided to put my head down and take a nap. I didn't really sleep and remained conscious the whole time, but I did start hallucinating. I saw a comic book (I was reading some before this) and tried to focus hard on the numbers and words that appeared in the speech balloons of the characters. A few days ago, I considered playing the lottery with whatever numbers I could extract from my dreams. The numbers changed as I looked at them. Sometimes the text was utterly illegible and it took effort to make them 'take shape'. Other times the things the characters were saying (words in the speech balloons) didn't many any sense at all. Like the ramblings of the 'hybrids' from Battlestar Galactica.
    2. Waking Hallucinations

      by , 07-22-2018 at 01:06 AM
      This has happened to me on several occasions now. I can dream while 100% awake and walking around. All that's needed is being tired enough. These episodes only last maybe two seconds, but enough for a random image, thought or sound to manifest. If there was ever a case for 'time compression' in dreams, it's this.

      On one occasion, I saw people through my closed eyelids because I took a little bit too long to blink. Extreme exhaustion.

      On another, I saw a street scene on our coast. And cars. It all looked so real, and yet I was awake and walking around. Not just minor hypnagogia, but sights and sounds.

      Years ago, I was on the bus when I was suddenly 'teleported' to a street not far from there. I manifested in the middle of a street and a car had to brake really hard to avoid hitting me. We drove past that location later.
    3. 18-01-27 Lots of Hallucinations

      by , 01-27-2018 at 10:23 PM
      I had a lot more of these waking hallucinations I've been having since two days ago. I remember little of their content, but they all felt so... significant. Like it's not supposed to be able to happen. I recall a remote viewing event, wanting to know the time and 'seeing' a clock through my closed eyes, and more cool shenanigans. I had an amazing degree of control over their content. Like I was controlling the story through my fantasies, fantasies that manifested themselves right in front of me. Like I was the character and 'director' of my dream at the same time.

      There was a moment I fantasized about meeting 'her'. The scene that unfolded in front of me was me walking up to a stage, manned by a full crew (like light and sound guys, stuff like that). I thought I'd prefer some privacy for an encounter like this, but I went along with in, anyway. I approached what looked like a wooden shape of an airplane (?) on the set. I couldn't see her, but knew 'she' was in the right seat. I took the seat next to her.

      The story continued and went off some wild tangent, and I wondered if I hadn't strayed too far from the original plot.

      One of the hallucinations turned a bit violent. Some guy did something that made me very angry, and I think I somehow got him onto the ground. I woke up feeling such intense hatred, adrenaline literally coursing through my veins. The hallucination turned to mere fantasy as I woke. I fantasized about smashing his skull to bits with a baseball bat. As my awareness of the real world got stronger, the hate subsided and I calmed down.

      Another hallucination happened while I was listening to the newest album of Carbon Based Lifeforms. I went from dream to wakefulness so sudden, I could 'hear the silence', and suddenly regaining my hearing and hearing the music. Like my consciousness went 'online' a second or so before my hearing did.

      In another dream I was being flown around a tropical environment (I think it was supposed to be the Miami area, but it looked 'flooded' and primitive somehow. Somewhat post-apocalyptic yet fully inhabited. Watching the other guy fly somehow made me realize I could do it myself. I was in the water (hard to explain again, water surrounded by shanty town houses/buildings, and had to scale a high wall. The others just flew up and over it, but I had trouble taking off from the water. I found a chair, partially submerged and attached to a wall, and decided to climb on it to give me a little boost. That's when I woke up.

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    4. Trying to Save People on B5 thru Drugs, Staying with Friends Who Turn out to be Death Eaters

      by , 06-27-2017 at 12:08 PM
      06-27-2017 -- Odd HP/B5 mash-up. First bit I can remember, I am at the Hickory House, which is somehow on B5. I'm being lectured by one person (possibly Sheridan) that I can't save everybody, while being warned by another (probably Delenn) that I have to find a way to save them all! I'm not sure what's going on, but we're drinking something that is supposed to cause odd hallucinations, because it will provide us hints of the future. I drink the thing, and am waiting for the hallucinations to start, and there are bits and flashes of light and movement and stuff, growing into a brighter and brighter flash.

      And then I find myself on Hickory, and it is early in the morning. I'm extremely tired, but for whatever reason, home is why I am tired, so I can't go there. Somehow I can remember I was staying at the Goodwins before this, so I decide to go back there, though I fear it is a bad idea (after all, it's early in the morning.) In a sort of dream deja vu, I go there twice. Both times I open the screen door, try the door knob, find it is locked, turn to walk away, and then hear a loud bang that I fear I caused, but I can't figure out how. (In actuality, I think the screen door was on a strong closing thing, and as I walked away, it banged shut.)

      Anyway, I know I've done this twice, and am afraid the banging is going to have woken the family up and gotten them mad at me, so I'm about to rush away, hoping not to be seen, but as I glance back, the door is already open, and Barbara is standing there, so I turn back to apologize and explain myself. I explain that since I was staying there briefly the previous afternoon, before going off to however my mind was understanding this bizarre mash-up, I was just trying the knob, combined with mention of how tired I was. I'm also kind of nervous to realize I am standing here in my underwear. Instead of yelling at me, Barbara simply invites me back inside, and I somehow find myself dressed in a full set of blue pajamas, kind of collapsing on an extra bed in Jeff's room, more or less passed out.

      I realize Barbara dressed me by magic, and I'm Harry Potter. Jeff's starting to stir, and Marvin is there as well. They are talking quietly, and I'm only half asleep but acting like I'm fully asleep. Jeff is dressed in a green boy scout uniform, and my blue pajamas are morphing into the same. Meanwhile, I've swung back to a sitting position on the bed and am apologizing to Barbara again, except that I am starting to refer to her as Narcissa. But Marvin/Lucius is now and always only Sir. Oddly enough, Jeff stays Jeff, and thankfully doesn't turn into a Draco clone.

      Turns out something is going on today, and several of Jeff's Death Eater friends have shown up, and are slowly changing out of their green boy scout uniforms and into their red Death Eater robes, while Narcissa is cooking us all breakfast, trying to prepare us for the day. I'm feeling out of place, sitting here in my green boy scout/Gryffindor robes while everybody else has switched into their red robes, and my mind isn't even catching a hint of the odd color reversals. It does lead me to commenting on how some Death Eaters are perhaps not so bad, while wondering if I ought to dress up in red robes as well. Narcissa is looking at me strangely until I mention "Can't you just imagine the expressions on the faces of all the light-side wizards at seeing me that way?" and she starts laughing.

      They head off to what they need to do, and I walk back to the Hickory House, where I now feel ready to head inside again. But as I approach the door, I am briefly stopped by seeing four of my friends walking up, dressed up as a set of super heroes, all different, yet with a hint of uniformity to their costumes that indicate some sort of team. The only one I can identify is David. They are iffy about letting me approach the house in my red robes, but I quickly explain and walk in. The first thing I do inside is approach my room, because I know my cat was left in there, and I figure with my being gone for a day, nobody is likely to have let him out, so I am fearing a mess. As I head into the second bedroom, I am thinking of a more recent cat (probably a cross between Black Lightning and Ray), but what I find is still the old marmalade of Cocoa and Sammy. I'm trying to coax the cat out, but it doesn't want to move. That's about all I can remember of this one.
    5. Death in a theatre

      by , 02-04-2015 at 09:43 PM
      I'm at a formal party midway through the 20th century, and everyone's talking about the mysterious disappearance of the leading lady during intermission tonight. I'm as baffled as anyone, though in a slightly different way - I killed her, but I left the body in her dressing room. Someone else removed the body, and I need to find out who and why.

      We pair off and start to dance, and I focus on a man who's not dancing, just watching the rest of us - he's in some position of authority in the theatre. I switch to third person, and now I see the scene as he does - he 'saw' that leading lady emerge from between two of the dancing couples, a pale woman dressed in red, black hair pulled back tight to her head, with a haughty and sort of mocking look on her face. That attitude doesn't square with the way I remember her at all; it's clear to me that the version of her he's seeing is his own hallucination, not an actual visit from her spirit.

      She puts a hand on his shoulder and begins to dance along to the song with the rest of us, though he's not moving with her. She circles around him, saying that she knew from the start that this wouldn't work. She sings along to the music: "-won't let me leave you, but amore, that's to blame."
    6. Fragments

      by , 09-15-2013 at 07:09 PM
      I'm standing in a clearing filled with men in armor and horses, near some trees. The guy I'm talking to is psyching himself up, saying he can't get excited about fighting unless it's (the particular people we're about to fight) - with anyone else, why bother? I refer to Alexander, the man we're following, as "the undiminished king."

      A woman in a modern setting believes she's being punished, looking up at the sky and addressing her father the storm god, "What have I done?" - but what she saw as a punishment was meant as a message, about a friend who she's separated from.

      1st person, as a wolf, a woman stroking my jaw and debating out loud whether to leave me in that form.

      A teenage boy having guilt-induced hallucinations about a man he'd hurt, seeing him with a face burnt black and empty holes for eyes, I can see the wall behind him through the holes.

      A book with an illustration of a red circle covered in black markings has gotten soaked and the markings are washing away, and the boy who damaged it is apologizing, but the girl who owns it is saying it wasn't the real deal after all, if it would run.
    7. 23rd Aug 2013 RTS dreams and stuff - Day 13

      by , 08-23-2013 at 03:05 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was playing some futuristic RTS game.

      Dream 2:

      I was playing some warcraft 3 custom map, single player with 3 AIs. It was rather small, square with players starting in corners and some formations of trees including + shape in the center. It played somewhat differently, mainly resource and unit building was different, one had to build houses and there was income from them per time period, and everything else used resources per time period. I was rather passive and decided to watch AI fight while keeping my starting units hidden. Then after a while i rethinked the situation and started building base on the northern part of the map, i was building it very rapidly and ran out of resources at one point, then i somehow expanded the map in north-east corner and got some bonus, enough to build two huge houses for resource generation. Then i made barracks and started making military units but then game announced that i apparently won... AIs destroyed each other. There was some outro video of some kind of global map with nice music.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was at home and i was seeing some hallucinations, then i was preparing for nap by standing on one leg in some weird position...
    8. Older dreams (Part 3)

      by , 08-12-2013 at 03:04 AM
      Another entry from my WORD (.doc) dream journal:

      [B]Monday, 18. April 2011: "Sunlight" (LUCID)
      Type: WILD/WBTB[/B]

      After about 4 hours of sleep, I get up, and go back to bed a couple of minutes later. I get sleep paralysis, then get a little uncomfortable and will myself out of it by trying to move my head as hard as possible. That always works for me. After that, I get it again, then I get the illusion that my head starts shaking and banging against the pillow. I also feel slight pressure in my entire body. I keep saying to myself that I will have a lucid dream. The next thing I know, I am in a dream, laying in my bed in the same position I fell asleep in. Everything looks the same. I get up, and start walking a bit around the room, reminding myself outloud that it is a dream. I start paying attention to the details, particularly the light switch on the wall. A few seconds later the environment begins to fade. I try to relax and rub my hands against one another, and the dream stabilizes a bit. I walk into the living room, and the door is open, I see the sunlight outside, and it is also shining onto the floor.

      However, looking at the sunlight destabilizes the dream and it begins to fade even more. I go back into the bedroom, which is darker, and the clarity improves. I focus, remind myself once more that I am in a dream, and then walk again into the living room. The sun once again causes the dream to begin breaking up so to speak, and losing clarity very much. Now I decide I will start spinning in order to stabilize it. So, in the living room, I spread my hands out, and start to spin and spin, expecting and hoping that the environment will stabilize. However, it continues to fade, and eventually... I don't know what happened after that. I did not wake up. It seems there was some kind of pause after that, if that's possible. Some kind of non-dream period? After that I only vaguely remember a non-Lucid dream.
    9. 30th June 2013 Fragments, anime

      by , 07-01-2013 at 12:37 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was in some futuristic city on the roofs and was using some kind of energy/laser version of grappling hook.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was on the ship and i was searching for something.

      Dream 3(fragment):

      There was something related to school and library, and i was talking to some people.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was watching some kind of anime where some kind of monks gained some powers of summoning and they were able to summon some powerful beings, then in some mountain/forest area they were fighting with some humanoid enemies using those powers, then they found a way to become even more powerful.
      Later there was some girl character and she was experiencing alot of hallucinations, some about fish, and she was crying.
    10. [All Alone]

      by , 09-23-2012 at 11:45 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Wednesday, 19th, 2012][12:30 PM]
      I'm in a giant open house filled with clutter. The lights are very dim and there are two main rooms. On one side of the house there's just a
      windowed wall that overlooks the sunset scenery of trees. The house is slowly getting darker and there are no lights. Alex had just left me- I'm

      Nothing is wrong, I'm just alone. I sit down and start to just relax on the couch. I slowly drift off to sleep... I wake up a minute later, a noise
      springs to my attention. On the dark side of the house, where the shadow's hugged the corner, I heard a noise. I figure it must have been my
      imagination. I shrug it off, but feel a strange alien thought in my head. I feel so alone... so... so alone... I just want something to hold on to- or talk

      I slowly trudge over to the shadow side of the house... I hear dull clicking noises, reminiscent of Amnesia. In the far right corner of the dark side, I
      bend down to pick up a stuffed animal... there was a lot of them, but I choose one that I'm most familiar with. It was a cute patchwork animal-
      yellow with purple and green... Alex had gotten it from the claw machine. I pick it up and hug it- and look at it. I could have sworn I saw it move.
      I let it drop to my side and I pick up another... I set them back down and watched them come to life. I was amazed- but didn't think anything of it.
      I must be seeing things, but nothing too out of the ordinary. It's just little movements, like an arm twitching, or an eye blinking.

      I bring the patchwork with me into the other rooms and set it on a table. Walking into the other room, I see shadows flicker and move, and things
      shift around the room. I'm convinced I'm going crazy. But I'm okay, I accept it. "It won't be forever. And this isn't so bad. It's kind of interesting.
      It's like I can control what I see." It reminds me of a lucid dream. My hallucinations started to become more real and vivid. Now I'm hearing
      whispers. The patchwork shakes violently in my hand and drops to the floor. It begins crawl around... Oh my... then it stops in its tracks... and...
      and it turned its neck to me. It whispered, "Don't be lonely. I'm here for you." I blink a blank stare back at it. (My subconscious didn't know how
      to react.) I dismiss it- and forget about it.

      With an empty mind, I drag myself across the house, like a ghost haunting eternity. I had no aim or goal, just to exist. Minutes passed and I knew
      that I was fully insane, and descending extremely fast. Everything was talking to me now. More stuffed animals were alive, but only ONE at a
      time. Next thing I know, I see a human in the room. It's- a waking life friend of mine that I know fairly well, but I don't remember who in specific.
      I know it's just in my head, and I'm making him up though, so I'm not exactly freaked out. I'm just so interested in the fact that I have this much
      "control" over my reality- I start to talk to the hallucination, "What's up, man?"
      "Not much." He replies.

      I take my attention off of him and he vanishes, and I begin to search around the house... playing with my hallucination power.
      I could stare at something and focus on it, and it would begin to move. I have "control" over this at least. I scan the back wall again, seeing
      stuffed animals that I recognized from real life and some that I did not. The house had gotten pretty chilly in the last few minutes. I can feel the
      cold wrap around my skin. It's very very quiet. Dead silent. Not a noise in the place, save for my breathing. Out of the corner of my eye I see the
      hallucination take a human form again. It's another person who I know. (but don't remember. I wasn't paying extremely-close, conscious attention
      yet at this point. He follows me around the house as I start to pick things up and clean the cluttered house. He watches me closely like a hawk. That's when the
      dream becomes extremely real. In fact... It ISN'T a dream anymore. There's no way something this real is a dream. It's a full-blown reality. I can't
      tell the difference one bit anymore. I'm semi-lucid too... I have control of my body- but without realizing it was a dream.
      I look back up at my hallucinated visitor and he smiles at me.

      That smile... it's the most horrible evil fucking smile I've ever seen. One that stretches across the face and make me choke back tears of impossible
      fear. I'm descending faster into the deepest and darkest corner of my mind. I'm very uncomfortable
      "I can't believe how insane I am." I reach into my pocket and pull out my phone to call Alex- the only person that I want to talk to right now...
      even if I was bat crazy, she would talk to me. I call, with my eyes on the hallucination that was smiling so wide, his black eyes were chinked
      behind his grin. Straight to voicemail- "We're sorry... the number you-" I hang up.

      The hallucination now has a long boning knife in his hand now. He's at my neck before I even have a chance to react-
      "Do... you know who... I am?"
      "No-" I sob.
      "As long as Alex is... gone... I get to... come out and... play."
      He casually drags the knife loosely against my neck. He vanishes when he finishes the knife's trail. I'm shaking uncontrollably. But at the same
      time stilled by my muscles. Everything is frozen in fear. My open eyes scan the room and notice new stuffed animals that I don't recognize-
      countless of them. The sun is almost gone, the light choked by the horizon. I turn around slowly 'til I'm facing a third room behind me. I watch the
      opening for a whole minute... waiting... swaying back in forth in silence... then-

      I sprint to the third back room... I jump into the room and stop... panting for second. This room closely resembles my old room of my Mum's old
      house. The TV is on and static lights up the room with white noise. I slowly make my way to the far end of the room, where I put my phone on the
      charger and try to call again- that's when I saw Alex had left her phone on the charger. I won't reach her at all now. My heart sinks so deep into
      my chest. "Oh my god... I just want to talk to Alex... I just want to talk to her... please oh god..." I cry hysterically

      My head feels very hazy, and I'm having trouble remembering the situation. What had just happened? I remember a stuffed animal... I'm crazy... a
      man in my house... I took in a shallow breath- and walked back out of the room.

      A body flickers into existence and blocks my path. Nathan appears very suddenly in the doorway, like a scream piercing silence. He has a
      wicked grin on his face. He cocks his head to the side, and smiles more, almost saying, "Where were you?" Then he vanishes again. I push my
      eyes closed to blink a few times- they were getting dry from holding them open so wide for so long. The house is caked in twilight- but this time
      I'm back in my Mom's old home. I emerge from my room into the computer room. To my left is the futon. I walk into the kitchen and hear,
      "Unwell" playing by Matchbox Twenty.

      "I'm not CRAZY, I'm just a little unwell- I know, right now you can't tell- but soon enough of you're gonna think of me, and how I used to be." I
      listen to the words and begin to sob. "This is so real. I can't do this...

      The music stops playing and Nathan is there again. He's right behind me, smiling his cold smile. It shocks me again how suddenly he appeared. I
      keep my eyes on him and slowly backtracked... then I stop. I'm suddenly filled with HATE for this DEMON. HOW DARE HE USE THE IMAGE
      OF MY BEST FRIEND!? Tears slowly well up in my eyes..

      ...until I scream and lunge for his throat. I use every bit of my strength and force him onto the futon and begin to choke him. I shake and shake
      and squeeze as hard as I can. He just smiles. I choke him for a full minute, letting my hate seep out onto his neck, before I realize there is no
      effect. I stand back up and take a step back.

      Suddenly, the futon vanishes and so does he. It repositions right where the computer used to be- to my immediate left... where we had moved it
      the second time, when we lived there. Now, Tyler sits there on the futon with a smile on his face. The lights flicker in the house and then the
      power fails. It's pitch black, but I can still see his black eyes. He can change form, but he can't change those beady black eyes.

      Alex had gone away and wouldn't be back for three days. Three days of hell... My soul was going to rot here
      <I woke up.>

      (I cried for 10 minutes upon waking. I called Alex right away.)
    11. Concious Dreaming/Hallucinations?

      by , 01-17-2012 at 08:00 PM
      I've trained myself to initiate these states of mind. Where I feel 4D as such. An idea that I thought of like the Pokémon "Snorlax" can completely engulf me, then spit me out until it is a thousand miles away. Then a cats claw completely engulf me and put me into trance states. I am completely conscious, my heart beats aggressively and I breath hard.

      I induce these states by using dance/techno music which I am very familiar with. Then I play it in my mind before I to bed, I then speed it up. Then my eyes go f'd up and start spazing up as well with my eyebrow muscles. I begin to hallucinate, ideas begin to engulf me, feels like nothing I've felt before. Makes an orgasm look/feel like nothing.

      I've once done it so music plays in my mind without me thinking about it. I feel that I am rising and that the music comes from heaven. I feel this Past 3D like 4D maybe. It's amazing.

      My theory for this is that I have trained myself by accident to release dimethytriptamine or DMT in my mind to cause these hallucinations. These completely overwhelming, beautiful hallucinations. As I continue reading I think that the Buddhist monks have also used what I do to enter the Astral plane, and move their spirit body, I can see how they believe in these spirits, though I am not religious.

      Also, I have not taken any Psychadelic drugs either.
      I think I will try to make an OBE with my technique and mabe initiate lucid dreams. But for now these 4D hallucinations feels so amazing/beautiful,
      I would like to show you my methods for any people wanting to. They can be very tiring but really worth it, I feel reborn after the 10mins.

      I also can make electric shivering feelings on demand too.

      So, what do you think? Do you recon that I can activate my peneal gland to produce DMT on demand? Do you recon with my technique I can go in Lucid dreams or OBE on demand?
    12. Cynical's Dreams

      by , 10-13-2011 at 06:25 PM
      October 13, 2011

      Some of my friends and I were watching movies on my basement tv. These weren't movies I could make out.

      Eventually, we decided to order out for two pizzas. But everyone had to eat dinner. So, they all gave me money, totaling $20, and told me to order two large pizzas. I dial up Pizza Hut, and call them, ordering three larges because there's a special.

      Once the pizza gets here, a kid from my Boy Scout troop is knocking on my door with them. Apparently they're using child labor now. (Should've realized this was a damn dream!) He opens my door without my permission, but he has pizza so it's all good.

      He starts wandering around asking stupid questions and breaking everything. I take the pizza upstairs and wait for everyone to come back.

      I hear chewing upstairs, and have this sinking feeling. I run upstairs, and see my father and brother finishing up the last box of Pizza Hut Pizza. We have a civil discussion.

      "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" I ask politely.

      "Eating the pizza you bought for us," my father replies.

      "Why on earth would I buy you pizza?!"

      "It's Father's Day or my birthday or something."

      "No, it's not. Even if it was, I'd just buy you a damn special occasion card from the dollar store."

      "Hah! You can't even afford a dollar. I ate 17 pizza slices to show you how it feels."

      "How what feels? And who ate the other 7 slices? There were 7 people! ..I think."

      My brother pipes in, "I ate them."

      "Ok, look. My friends gave me $20 to buy these damn pizzas. Once they find out what's happened, I'm toast, you jackass."

      My father snickers, "Oh well. I think I hear knocking downstairs. You better go check!"

      Indeed, there was loud knocking, a telltale sign of when Jane is knocking for you.

      "Have fun," my dad says in a fatherly way.

      "You too, guys."

      I run to the basement, and open the door. The gang is there, waiting to come in.

      "Hey, I'm hungry!"

      Everyone says this simultaneously. I look at each of them, with their endearing expressions. I take a deep breath, but almost choke.

      "Guys. My dad ate them all."

      These words hung in the air, literally. Everyone looks at them in dead silence. I fear for my life. Then, they line up side to side. They each say a number at a time. I realize they are counting down. I start laughing, thinking that they can't hurt me because I'm dreaming. As they close in, my mother skips down the steps somehow, telling me my brother and father had heart attacks.

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    13. Late for school? No problem i'll teleport. Lucid.

      by , 01-10-2011 at 11:33 AM
      I'm new here so bear with me as I try to describe my first WILD.
      Ok so maybe about year ago I think I had my first few lucid dream experience but at this time I didn't know anything about lucid dreaming so as you can imagine I was pretty freaked out. Somehow it seems I have managed to WILD without even knowing what WILDing Or Even LDing was (i'm sure many people will be jealous as I see how much effort many people put into this with little or no result).
      Firstly the transition; I was lying in bed one day after a shit day at school (I had taken about two short naps already that day) when all of a sudden before i'm about to drift off again I feel this strong vibration which felt like intense pins and needles all over my body but with particul pressure on my head. As if this wasn't scary enough I began to hear whispers beside me but nobody was there. After a few minutes of trying to work out what was going on I see two friends from school sitting on the bottom of the bed. They begin to speak to me and I try to speak and ask them why they are here but it feels like my mouth has been sewn shut. After trying to speak to these friends for a while with no results they start to fade away. I then turn round beside me and see a girl who I seem to recognise but I don't know where from. The girl is holding out her hand as if for me to hold her hand but when I try to do so my hand slips through hers as if she is some sort of hologram (I guess she sort of is) and the girl gets very, very angry and starts to hit me. Somehow at this point I escape these hallucinations and enter the dream.
      The dream; To begin with I do not realise I was dreaming because the conciousness and lucidity I felt was remarkably real. I was walking along the road to school with some friends as we were coming back from lunch and when we were about half way to the school someone said "we are late" and we began to run back. On my way back I saw someone who I knew on the other side of the road and raised my hand to wave at them but as my hand passed my head there was a blue flash and all of a sudden 'ping' i'm back in my bed. Luckily for me in this dream the school was located underneath my bed so I could still perhaps make it back without a detention (I still thought this was real so I didn't want to get into trouble). I run downstairs to the classroom and when I get in the teacher starts to shout at me very aggressively so I shout back and then raise my hand. 'Ping' back in my bed again, I have discovered I can teleport. I remember thinking to myself 'About time I got a superpower I should have had one weeks ago' and then I begin to have some fun with it, e.g picking fights with some people then as they go to hit me 'Ping' I respawn back in my bed. This was great fun but all good things must come to an end and I woke up.

      Since then I have attempted to attain this lucidity again () but cannot seem to master it yet. I will keep trying though; this was an experience I would love to have again.
    14. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar of 54 due to Type 1 diabetes ) paralysis and Halo Reach

      by , 10-24-2010 at 10:57 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      Set my alarm for 3:00 A.M. to start getting back in the flow of writing my dreams down but forgot to due to a busy day and also coincidentally had low blood sugar of 54 at 3:34.

      I still feel a sense of disbelief in typing this into the computer that the world I am in is real. I performed all reality checks to make sure, and keep having small hallucinations of strange things in real life after I woke up.

      I remember Halo Reach and I was playing it on the x-box 360 with some friends but it was different than usual. Every time someone got the required kill amount, they had to run (on the game) to this base and everyone else tried to stop them. It was a normal game and I remember getting snacks and holding a conversation with someone until my blood sugar in real life hit 54 (this is real not part of the dream). I then remember everything around me getting fuzzy and had a low humming sound in the back ground which I later found out was my rotating fan I had in my room to cool me off. But the weird part, I remember waking up in my bed and then going back to the dream almost instantly and having this happen 3 times. I kept going to the dream and back to awake in my bed and my eyes were open and I could see the ceiling of my room with the dream fading like a hologram in the floating space above me getting bigger until I was in the dream again and I couldn't move anything.

      I woke up and could see again and the first thing I wanted to know was am I dreaming? The room around me looked strange because I had a head rush and thanks to my low blood sugar I couldn't walk perfectly straight. I also had small hallucinations of strange things or shadows of creatures running around the living room in real life after I woke up. I immediately performed the reality checks and realized it was real but as soon as I realized this the creatures went away.

      I ate a snack and got my blood sugar back to normal and now I am ready to go back into my dreams for another try.

      This time without the hallucinations and paralysis.

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    15. Night of 10/17 - Why can I stay in my dream??

      by , 10-18-2010 at 08:25 PM (Grischkaja's world of dreams and mysteries)
      I'm really back on track with the whole lucid thing Only problem which stays is that I wake up after realizing I'm dreaming.

      Vividness: 4/5
      Hours of sleep: 7.6h

      I'm in an hotel. I'm on a some kind of holiday. It's already evening and I'm exhausted. I go to bed and try too sleep. But I can't. It's to hot insides I'm sweating. I finally get out of my bed and I decide to leave the hotel. I open the door and I'm outsides. It's sunrise. There is a bus and my car. I meet someone and he says to me, that I have to pick someone up in the city, where my university is and drive him somewhere to France.
      I don't pay really attention. I'm in a bad mood. I just go in my car and drive away. While driving I'm wondering how I have to drive to get at the right place. I realize that it's impossible to go at this place so I drive to somewhere else.
      In front of me are a few skyscrapers. They look really weird: They have terraces on the top and the buildings form a gigantic pyramid. Each roof-top is connected to another one and at the top of the highest building, there is a huge statue.
      Suddenly I'm flying, but outside my car. I sit on a pillow. It flies higher and higher gets nearly to the highest building. I want to catch one of the hundreds stairs on a roof-top, but my pillow flies away without me.
      I start to fall. I get a strange feeling. I feel that I'm lying on something, although there isn't anything. I realize that it's impossible for me to fly in real life and that it's unrealistic that I'm falling from the sky. I'm glad that I realize it, because I had begun to panic a bit because I'm falling from so high.
      BUT everything gets directly dark and I awake

      I have my eyes closed. I start to imagine to fly in a rocket and I'm saying in my head: "You gonna re-enter your dream and you will manage to stay lucid". I repeated it several times.
      BUT something strange happens: I suddenly hear my brother's voice in my head. It says: "That isn't going to work!". I began arguing with this voice who came from my subconscious. I thought : Shut the f*ck up !"
      I' m in a completely other place. I'm in a late night show. I don't realize that I'm dreaming and simply listen to the speaker. He's explaining how it's possible that people think that Michael Jackson is still alive.

      The End.
      Don't forget to KEEP IT UP!
      lucid , memorable
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