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    1. November 8 2016 Non-Lucid and False Awakening

      by , 11-08-2016 at 06:13 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was this giant beach with different rock cliffs on the outside. The left side was mostly rolling fields and the right was a big cliff. There are rock cliffs in the water and on the sand as well. I believe that I'm in some sort of summer camp like Rockbridge that I've been to in the past. There are cabins in the fields and kids are in there for free time. Kolby is there hanging out with some other people walking around. I remember thinking I didn't fit in with them. At some point, a younger girl and guy come up to me and say my name to me which startled me but we sort of laugh. Then they're on the beach with me doing whatever. Someone tells me that the boy is cute looking but a douche. There's this rope that I'm holding onto which is attached to the middle of the sky and swinging me around the entire map. I'm swinging and spinning around the beach and around the cliffs.
      On the right is the cliffs made up of separate rocks. It must be 100 yards or more high. I'm climbing up with some friends and people are falling off. There's a group of older moms there for some competition at the top and they are telling me to leave but I'm trying to hold on. I'm afraid I'm going to fall off.
      At some point I'm in a gas station that I think is a McDonald's. Two of my fraternity brothers are there and I ask them to make me a frappe but then I feel bad making them do that so I just say I'll get coffee somewhere else.
      Another dream I'm in these hallways with a group of guys. The point is that there are girls trying to freak us out, like a haunted house. At the end of the dream there's a girl from my high school named Bridgette tickling me.
      False awakening, my friend Mason is in my college bedroom. He asks me if I've told my dad about his recent grandfather's passing and I tell him that I don't talk to my dad much, to which he replies with something about being born by him which confuses me. I get into the shower and he's trying to mess with me.
    2. I'm a Ghost

      by , 06-26-2016 at 08:21 PM
      I am in what looks like my grandfather's Boise house. I am with several other people, include Mike A. Somewhere in my interaction with the group, I realize I am dreaming. After I become lucid, I realize I am no longer an active character in the dream, but rather, an awareness observing the dream. This is unusual so I decide to experiment with this new "ghost" state I am in. I see Mike in the kitchen. I approach him and whisper in his ear "I am right here." He reacts as though he does hear me but he looks confused because he cannot see me. He leaves the kitchen, but I stay, trying to decide what to do next. I opt for a dramatic dream exit. I consider spinning, but decide to try to sink through the floor instead since that has worked for me in the past.

      I sink down through a vortex in the floor and find myself in a large, crowded building with many hallways. I begin walking around, looking at the dream and hoping for something interesting to present itself. I see dream characters but am reluctant to approach them for some reason. I feel as though this maze of dark rooms and hallways is endless, and I don't really like it. I've found myself in this kind of maze many times, and I always want out. I consider ways to locate an exit, but I wake up before I try another technique to change the scene.
    3. 12/10/15 - Jimin and I in a School Hallway

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:49 PM
      Jimin is leading me by the hand down a dim school hallway. We walk for awhile. There are a few people here and there that pass us by, but I don't think anyone is looking at us. Suddenly he stops walking and turns around to face me, taking both my hands in his. He smiles sadly and says to me, "You know they'll never want us, right?".
    4. The nightmare basement, and a balcony at dusk

      by , 08-07-2015 at 08:08 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I suddenly became lucid during a regular dream when I looked down and noticed my hands looked strange. I was in a house... again. This time I didn't feel trapped, but I felt hopeless and unable to do anything, with no dream control at all. I walked through the house, intending to go outside, but then out of the corner of my eye I saw a square hole cut into the wooden floor. It was just big enough to climb down, and it seemed to radiate evil and darkness, with a staircase going down it... so I went down it. It seems I have this weird fearlessness in my dreams that I fail at in real life. I think its my determination to find what I want, like I'm so sick and tired of my lucids not working that I've stopped giving a fuck about nightmare things. They're only in my way, after all. As I walked down the stairs to the bottom, I turned the corner and the first thing I saw was a spider web with crazy things in it, like the big black scribble I remembered seeing on a nightmare creature in a dream a few weeks ago. I kept walking, down a huge wide hallway that was dusty with a hard packed dirt floor. It was dark but I could see a little in the distance. There was a tall, lanky grey alien standing a little bit ahead of me, and he moved closer, blinking in and out, without actually moving his body. When he finally got to me, I was just like FUCK YOU and slapped out my hand, and he turned transparent and faded away. I continued walking. I was looking for Seru to come break me free, but I was frustrated that I couldn't find him and he wasn't showing up when I called. Then I felt my dream fading and I returned to my waking body, but I lay perfectly still and attempted to re-enter the dream.

      As I lay there, I went into sleep paralysis while waiting which just kept going and going until I finally gave up. But when I opened my eyes and sat up, I found I was back in the dream. It was super unstable though, so I focused on my surroundings, feeling things and noticing the sounds and smells... dank and musty. I was touching a metal bar or table and it was cold and hard. I continued down the hallway and came to an opening that was on the right side of the hallway. It was some kind of balcony open to the evening sky and the sun was going down. The ground outside was almost pitch black but the sun was bathing the balcony in a nice orange glow. But I couldn't get off it and go outside. I turned around toward the hallway and looked down it and figured I'd just sit and wait for Seru since that always seems to work. Arrogant domineering asshole, always wanting to be the initiator in any situation... Just then I saw some sunlight breaking through the hallway ceiling, illuminating it with rays of light and, and he was standing far down at the end of the hallway. He moved towards me but I couldn't see his face then, because it was in the shadow. When he came close, he jumped into the air and flew past me quickly, through the balcony into the evening sky. I jumped up and flew after him, breaking through the house and off the balcony as well. I flew behind him for a while, even though he was going pretty damn fast and I had a hard time catching up to him. But I was able to slowly catch up and fall in beside him... I was afraid he'd look over at me and have some creepy nightmarish face since I'd found him in the nightmare basement, but once I was parallel with him, he looked over at me with a smile and he looked regular. I guess moods and setting doesn't have any effect on a dream guide. I was so damn happy that he broke me out of the house again that I reached over and kissed him... it was a really vivid kiss, and felt real. Which was weird, because I can still imagine the feeling. When I did that, he stopped and wrapped his arms around me (what a sweetie. still an arrogant asshole though) We did some fun pervy things, but then I remembered I wanted to ask him something, so I asked if he really was my dream guide or if the last time I asked him was just a fluke. He reassured me that he was, but then he stopped and gave me a strange look, and I realized the dream was fading away again. Never got to finish my pervy stuff. Pityyyyyy.
    5. Wandering the empty hallways, great battle

      by , 12-18-2014 at 05:36 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was in school. It was during the lessons when I was waiting for my older sister. I was walking the empty, labyrinthine hallways of school. The building looked like it was really old. I could easily spot cracked concrete, dirt and old wood. It was getting late. Light beams going through windows gave this place a little brighter, warmer feeling. I knew that my sister would be mad at me, because I was looking for her for over an hour. I found her, came a little closer and started singing Raffi - Banana phone.

      The great battle

      I recall being a militia commander of barbaric hordes. We met with enemy legions near the river. We had lower numbers, but we fought them off, to defend my lands.
    6. 2/25/14 - casino

      by , 02-25-2014 at 09:43 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in this massive hotel/casino. I'm running through hallways and I know the security are walkie talkieing each other trying to find me. I turn a corner and see a security guard far down that hall so I make a turn the other way and find a elevator and the door for it is already open so I sprint in and quickly hits floor button 9. While the elevator goes I think about what floor 9 will be and whether it will be full of security, I hope it to be a casino gaming floor but I remember that floor 2 and lobby were the casino and game floor. When the elevator door opens it turns out it is a casino floor only for big adult business men in fancy suits, so I sneak passed them all to the back because the men are to preoccupied with those electronic table games. I get to the back and see a kid, I ask what she's doping here, she says she's hiding. I stand there and watch her play this electronic ping pong football game thing. The little football players in the table keep trying to catch the orange ping pong ball that the girl keeps hitting at them with a ping pong paddle and the little football guys looks super realistic. I point out to her that she's one a ticket on the side of the table, it's a beige ticket. Then suddenly the table zooms to the football stadium crowd and theirs this woman pissed at the girl and yelling at her to go over there and some how she does and everyone in the table are screaming so I just walk away with the orange ping pong ball farther back to other games. I see these 4 games all next to each other and they all say on it 5 quarters for one hour of play, or 1 hour per 1 quarter from 5 or something confusing as that. The games looked really fun because you could win prizes instead of tickets like all the other ones. I feel in my pocket and I only have 5 quarters, so I decide to walk on, but the last machine of the four starts talking to me telling me wouldn't I like a rubber spider and I was like not really but it through one at me, then it said wouldn't you like a furry pig and I was like kinda, so it threw one at me, and it asked if I wanted these weird hybrid animals and each time before I could answer it was throwing prizes at me and I worried that cameras would see or someone would walk up and see and accuse me of stealing, but then it stopped and I heard someone nearing so I took a backpack off my back and started putting them in my backpack, then a blonde boy with long hair asked me for help and I felt I got caught so I told him I won the pig, but he didn't care about that so I just said sure and followed him. We went around the wall that was behind me while the games was flinging shit at me. It lead to an opening of grass and sky outside I didn't question it. He told me he needed me to sit on the doom chair so he could play the game. I see all these huge games in a row and they need two people, one in it and one playing, like the one where someone sits on the seat above water in a tank while other people throws stuff at a target to knock em in the water, but this one is a electronic quiz game and every time an answer is wrong something happens, and above the seat is a sign with lightning lettering saying "Ah Hell No". So I walk up the ramp to the seat and get ready to strap myself in it, but I ask first what will happen and he says that each time an answer is wrong the seat will go higher and higher, I freak out and run down the ramp yelling ah hell no! And the boy looks at me sad but I don't care. Then some other boy gets in the chair and straps up and they begin the game, and the chair pulls him up high then flips him upside down and I watch shocked that its worse than that dick told me, now the kids just sitting there upside down and each time answer is wrong it whiplashes him up 5 feet and side to side.
    7. College/ Outside World

      by , 11-23-2012 at 05:13 AM
      College World
      -Walking around big and wide hallways, I looked for the classroom that looked different, yet it was still a stadium-designed classroom. Not sure what class I was taking, or if I was taking a class at all. There was a girl, as I walked into the classroom, who had several pairs of black-rimmed glasses, whether they were sun glasses or 3-D. She handed me one of the pairs. I was somewhat confused as to what they were for.
      - University-size classrooms
      - Walking into the university-size classrooms, noticing the seating similar to a stadium, where people walk up and down the stairs to enter their seats.
      -Being called on for attendance by a man and seeing my name on some sort of board on a wall. I may have heard him also call my name. Still not sure what was happening.
      - Thinking and noticing how huge the classroom was. How exaggeratively huge it looked.
      - In the same classroom, I walked up some stairs and past a podium right behind a bunch of people with both cap & gowns as well as casual clothes. Wondering what people were wearing the gowns for, thinking maybe they were graduating or something. The stairs looked deep, yet I do not remember where those stairs went. As I walked down to the lower half of the room, the area got darker. Interesting feeling.
      - Remember being outside, sunny weather, and walking down an abstract jungle gym type of playground equipment. Going down the abstract jungle gym, seemed and felt twisty and turvy. It was awesome. Though It was kind of interesting because the gym was very complex walking down the stairs. Following a group of people down the gym, yet not knowing who they were.

      Back to the college world....
      -Being in a dark area in the college building or just a school building. Walking down a dark hallway, feeling like there was a party going on. Seeing people in the dark area.

    8. Room 727, and searching for Sinoblak again.

      by , 04-30-2012 at 12:56 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Enjoy as always.

      Dream #1 Searching for room 727.

      Im in a school in a hallway, and there are different women speaking to eachother in another language i do not understand. I am rubbing my totem in my left hand looking at the hallway of the school im in. There are trophys in the display glass, there are different classrooms im passing with different teachers teaching a certain subject. I am now in a Gymnasium where there are teenage boys running around the Gym doin jogging excercises. I noticed a Coach nearby, he was a stocky build white male, (possibly in his 50's) had a thick mustache and beard with his hair combed back and it was chestnut brown. For some reason my subconscious wants to know where is a room number 727?
      Hmm...so i walk up to the man and ask him.. "Can you tell me where room num 727 is?"
      He gives me directions and i head back to the hallways in search for this room num.
      Im walking thru the halls and go up these stairs, looking at different numbers..why does this place feel like i been here before?

      Im now lucid and say..Might as well find Sinoblak!

      Final dream: Looking for Sinoblak again.

      Im still walking down different hallways, and spot a room number 727. I knock on the door and a white woman with long brunette hair and big blue eyes answers with an accent..
      "Yes, may i help you"?
      I pull out a pic of Sinoblak. "Yes, you mind telling me where i can locate this lovely lady?"
      "Hmm.. ah certainly."
      She walks over to a desk looking thru files. She should be in this room here. (I forget these other numbers she gave me) I take the paper and walk back out the hallway walking in seach of Sinoblak. A man walks past me and accidently bumps me and the paper goes flying with the rest of his files he had in his hands.
      "Uh sir i am terribly sorry."
      "Its ok." Im a bit pissed here and try looking thru all the papers. I ended up waking up here i believe looking thru all of the papers. As the man kept rambling on about some stupid class he was about to teach, and kept trying to tell me corny jokes. (Damn DC's)

      Notes: Well i did'nt get much sleep yesterday, but am happy i remembered this much! =D Was certainly close to finding SB in this dream. funny how DCs can be annoying at times. But its all good, atleast i know i am able to search for her more proficently.

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    9. Hallway (again) porn star summoned

      by , 12-13-2011 at 09:19 PM
      I was being followed by a group of people in full black outfits (swat style-DS) when my iphone app kicked in saying "you are dreaming look at your hands", I looked down and saw that I had 6 fingers 5 and my thumb, I took care to study them the lines on my hand and the little hairs on my fingers (as I had studied on here) I ignored all of the DC's who just ran by as I laughed (DS). It was a tad darm so I said "increase lighting" which only slightly worked so I yelled "more light!", which worked pretty well.

      I decided to stay put to stabilize but forgot to actually say "stabilize lucidity", I summoned a "porn star" to kneel in front of me for oral sex but it turned into a man as he walked in front of me, I yelled "female" and it turned into a beautiful brunette and just as I was unzipping my pants the dream destabilized and was over. DAMN

      CONTROL: I was surprised that I remembered the advice given on here and use the majority of it, studying the hands, & staying still to stabilize.

      DREAM SIGNS: Hallways, guys in SWAT/ Paramilitary gear following me and/or shooting at me.
    10. May 25, 2011

      by , 05-26-2011 at 11:18 AM
      Dream sign appeared again, but I completely missed it. Alas. On a side note, I have discovered that for the most part, I can read pretty well in dreams.

      Sleep. I am driving down a street in my van towards the mall, apparently searching for my truck. As I reach an intersection, I accidentally drive into the end of a turning lane from the people turning right, so I turn left on the red and pray no cops catch me. As I am turning, I see my friend Helena practising her driving in a dark sea-green cube van. Once at the mall, I try to park, but the gas and brake keep switching and the van lurches forward. I fear that I have hit the car in front of me, but the lady says that I am just 1mm away. I sigh in relief.

      I am now in the mall, and with me is a young Chinese girl (whose name I later learn is Lindy Yan). She is about eight. My family is adopting her temporarily (like an exchange program). The mall's hallway is narrower than usual, comparable to the width of an elementary school's. I am showing Lindy the various stores, and I ask her if she remembers when we went into Shopper's Drug Mart. She says yes. I tell her that Zeller's is four times as big, and her eyes widen.

      We enter a learning centre that reminds me of the one I currently work at. I am flipping through one of the booklets, and I remark on their similarity to the ones I'm used to seeing, except the grading system is a bit different. I ask Lindy in a "parent voice" if it looks fun. She gives me a firm, "No." So I look outside the centre and see the Zeller's, so I ask her if she wants to go into it. Lindy agrees.

      As soon as we enter, I sit down on a bench to rest. I watch as Annie, a girl in my sociology class, and Rob, a boy who was in my split-grade French class last year, enter together. I wave and call them over. Annie, however, says that she is not Annie, but a Paige. (At this point, Lindy Yan has vanished). I apologize, saying that I always confused the names of the girls in my French class (Paige/Hannah, Holly/Daniella).

      While I am telling her this, I appear in my French class from last year, which is located in the Upper West Wing of my school. When I walk outside the classroom, I am in the Upper East Wing and realize that the room behind me was my Sociology/English classroom. Right beside the door is Joe, who has a big black box in which there is a pale coffee-coloured substance with the consistency of soft ice cream. He is adding white glue to it and stirring. When I ask him what it is, he tells me it is ice cream.

      He eats the whole thing after scooping it into a giant Tim Horton's travel mug. I ask him if he can make more, except in chocolate, and he agrees and gets started making it. By this time, we have teleported to the opposite side of the hall and down one door. My friends come out of my Sociology classroom and join us. Jay, one of my friends, tells us that Rock Band is up and running back in the classroom, but there is only room for four. We decide to split our group of eight in half, with four eating ice cream and four playing Rock Band. Then, we'll switch. I decide to eat my ice cream first. However, when I peek into the classroom next to my Sociology class (the one currently across the hall from me), I see my friend Leia. Since she is looking incredibly bored, I invite her to join us. Wake.

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    11. iPad 2.0 and some other strange things.

      by , 02-26-2011 at 05:26 AM
      08/02/2011 -
      I woke up with a headache this morning plus it was raining so I didn't feel like getting up.
      I Entered a dream, I was walking with someone we went to the door of an apartment and he started banging and ringing the bell, yelling for the person to come out. There was a little girl inside she yelled out “I'm not coming out, my Dad will be home soon you better watch out.”. He keept on banging and yelling, I didn't want to stay around so I continued to walk up the path there was a door I opened it and went inside.
      The building was really strange inside hallways and rooms everywhere. I entered one room there was a group of girls sitting on a half circle lounge in the middle of the room face a guy using a computer. I sat in the middle of the girls the girl closest to me turned into a guy. I yelled at the guy using the computer , “I'm going to kill you' or something like that, I think I was a Russian gangster or something. I got up and throw him into the wall and walked out.
      I opened the door directly opposite, it was like a broom closet with a door on each side the left hand side suddenly started sliding back. So I walked down the newly formed hallway, I remember thinking something about korean houses. As I walked around the corner I was in a bedroom, there was another door on the other side of the room. I couldn't open the door and woke up.

      Woke up in a bed that I had a touch pad in my hand I decided to play with it to keep me in the dream. I tried to sit up but couldn't for some reason.. I tried again and stood up.
      I started second guessing whether I was in a dream or not I steeped outside my room and sore that there was a cabinet in the middle of the room so I knew that it was a dream – strangely I didn't notice it wasn't even my house – I started playing with the touch pad again you could push it in to become smaller and pull it to become larger. I decided I was going to ask 'them' how to make it. So I whent outside still pushing and pulling the touch pad into different shapes. I ended up breaking it because I pushed it so small I couldn't pull it bigger again. So I threw it on the ground. I started walking up the side of the house towards the street. My foot steeps where so loud and exaggerated. I got to the street and lookout we were on a hill and they were building a massive high way down the bottom of the hill. I jumped up and started flying down towards the construction work, every time I blinked things changed and moved around, so I decided to just land. There were some animals in the dirt I thought they were cows or something. When I landed it turns out there were giant – well I guess cows is the best way to describe them – they were staring at me chewing, I was afraid of them. I pulled some gum out of my mouth and threw it at one. It caught it in its mouth and looked angry so I run, it spat a big ball of grass at me and it hit me in the head and I woke up.
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