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    1. 14 Aug: Bad guys at the docks and murder in a nuclear lab

      by , 08-14-2019 at 10:09 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      A big fat dragon is walking downtown and smashing houses like Godzilla but more by accident. Me and Zilla are trying to avoid it but he seems to go wherever we go. We end up at some derelict buildings by the docks and we bump into a dozen dudes, who are doing shady businesses, and they surround us, menacing. I say we have no idea who they are and what they are doing, but they couldn't care less. So I fly and pick a stick that is lying around and I hit them with it. Zilla runs away. We reach an area with more people around and they let us go.

      Staying at some foreign country with colleagues from worldwide. We are working on a lab and sharing amenities. I have a nice room for myself, but have to share bathroom with another lady, but still it is very comfortable.
      At the lab some days I work with two guys. One whom I know and another one who is a stranger and has been harassing me. I know what he is capable of, because he is a sexual offender and I am creeped out whenever I need to be alone with him.
      Well, he works with radioactive material and he has to go inside a chamber where materials are deposited. One day, I am by chance at a place from where I can see that my colleague locks him up in that chamber, which cannot be opened from the inside. I am shocked but I do not help the creepy guy. I think we are actually better without him. He only needs to stay locked for some minutes before the radiation reaches deadly levels.
      I stay put and do nothing. Meanwhile a group of visiting researchers, who had been out for a city tour, are coming back to the lab and I go meet them and stall them while I know my colleague is re-opening the door of the chamber, to cover up his action. This way people will think the dude fainted there and got too much radiation by accident. I just wander what he is going to do regarding the security tapes. If they just disappear people will know it wasn't an accident. Anyway, I cannot be implicated.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 4 Jul: Working at a court, harassed by colleague and nanites destroy the world

      by , 07-04-2019 at 09:56 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I work at a court in a large building that looks like a mall. It is a very old building and people do tours in it. I catch some tourists visiting the restroom. It is part of the tour because they are antique.

      I am being harassed by a female colleague and she pushes me against a wall, says she wants my cunt and touches me inappropriately. I am rescued by a couple other colleagues and they support me in presenting complaint to the police, but because it is a woman, the police doesn't take it seriously. Unfortunately she also has her own friends who support her. We are all working same place. I leave early and go shopping. A store of natural products has some sales and I end up buying an electric toothbrush and a natural hair coloring.

      Later I go to work for some guys at the court. Some day they are talking about something boring and I leave. At some other room, I overhear some guys with a plan to destroy the world by releasing nanites. I follow them around to gather intel and watch as they push a button and unleash it on an island just by the coast, that we can see from the window. The nanites destroy a building in 10 sec. I run to tell my colleagues, but they don't understand what I am talking about and why it is urgent. It doesn't take long for us to start feeling the effect. Communications gone, transportation not coming and people in the city are already confused and scared and then cars start having accidents as the nanites eat them.
    3. The GAME

      by , 10-13-2012 at 07:43 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      Maya and I are in a house. Mom. This house is long and narrow. There is a yellow white lighting to the place like there are a lot of lamps overhead and about. It is crowded and cluttered. We are playing a game. I cannot recall how we entered the game but there is a dark, authoritative figure present and the game begins. We are chased and harassed by two huge dogs. Like pit bull, greyhound, wolf hybrids. They have snarling teeth and dirty mugs.

      We are scratched and bitten but never mortally or even severely wounded. I spot a large stuffy sofa below and open window. I look to a bite/scratch on my finger and see it bloody and bubbling with pus. Out the window is another row type house and and average neighborhood. Now I am lucidly aware that this is very much got the feel of my birth house on Alberta. We jump out the window onto the stuffy chair.

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      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    4. 27 Nov: Lucid healing a friend and confirmed shared dream

      by , 11-30-2010 at 08:02 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      01:00 GMT

      Harassed at a temple
      I am visiting some new place. There’s a temple and pyramids and on this temple I recall seeing carved in stone what seems to be the Pokémon balls (I don’t know the name of the devices, ‘cause I don’t watch the series). I’m resting, sitting on the floor against a pillar, on a platform on the top of a tall staircase with a view to a square – actually it reminds me of the Inca or Aztec kind of pyramid temples, with view to a central square. A guy comes from behind me and he’s harassing me, trying to seduce me, but I know he is up to no good. Luckily there’s some other cute guy around with whom I decide to stick to get rid of the other and we leave together. Then some scene where I’m drinking coffee and writing a story for a newspaper.

      04:00 GMT

      Coming home
      Coming to my mom’s home by car, with my dad on the passenger side. I am hoping to find my neighbour Carla but she doesn’t show up. There aren’t parking spaces available, but a neighbour who was just looking through the window (I think) came downstairs and parked his car better so we could also park.

      7:00 GMT

      Leaving a friend's house
      I was at a nice home with some friends, maybe someone’s birthday party, but I was actually staying there for a few days already, when my mom and BF come to get me. I was surprised, like they came too early, so when I am at the door to go I remember I have left things behind, so I run back to a room where I was and see some of my clothes lying over the bed and some tupperwares with food. I gather all the food in one Tupperware and some guy who’s in the same room, looks disgusted that I’m doing that over there. I couldn’t care less about his feelings, but then the dream starts to shift and I realize I am dreaming. I almost wake up, but hold on to the flow of images passing by.

      Healing a friend and a confirmed shared dream

      I held on to the passing imagery and I entered a new dream lucid. My first thought was “Is this a WILD or a DILD?”, because I wasn’t really sure if I had woke up somewhere in the transition. But now in retrospective, I don’t think I did and I think it was a DILD.
      So the dream was an amazing Alps landscape. I fly and sit on top of a stone wall, with a view over the mountains and the green valleys. I start focusing to meditate but the wall starts to shake and some stones break apart. I almost fall and I almost wake up, but I remember I can hover, so I do that. I decide to sit back on that wall and hang on no matter what. Nothing will distract me from my intent. The wall shakes violently, like shaking me off and breaks apart and as I fall, I feel I’m being sucked by the dream and I am pushed through a succession of sceneries, violently thrown against walls, cars, trains and everything you can imagine. I keep still, I don’t lose focus and I meditate, hovering through this fast motion attack. Then all stops and I am standing in front of a mirror. I see my image reflected on it and don’t know exactly what to do. I should have continued focused, just meditating, but I remember there’s something I actually want to do. I want to visit Isabel and do something for her. She is a friend who is dying with cancer. So I cross the mirror but this time (lesson learned from last failed attempts) I picture she is right on the other side, no need to go through tunnels or worm-holes to get there. I cross and the only strange effect I feel is that the other side is upside down, so I fall with my head down in the other side of the mirror. The light is a bit dim, but I figure I am in an hospital. Looks quite nice, all the walls are glass and I have panoramic view. This building is in a valley surrounded by high snowy peaks. Looks like the Alps again. It’s still dark, like dawn. I see her in a bed just on the right external corner of this room. She looks sleepy and very skinny and weak. Much more than how I saw her last time in RL. I hold her hands, kiss her hands and kiss her in the cheek. She is happy and surprised to see me. I tell her I want to try something and ask for her permission. She says “Sure”. She gets up and sits on a chair by the side of her bed. I summon and try to visualize the Medicine Buddha coming to heal her and for some time nothing happens. I am getting desperate but then I see a blue star shining bright in the night sky outside. I focus on it and I notice it becoming bigger and moving. As it moves to the right in the sky, all of a sudden makes a U-turn and accelerates in our direction. As it comes closer I can distinguish a translucent blue entity. I don’t recognize a traditional Buddha shape though, but I’m open to whatever it is that is coming to meet us. Then it just crosses the glass wall in high speed, passes through Isabel’s body entering by her back and comes out through her chest and disappears in the air. I am amazed but she asks me “So? What exactly are you going to try?”. She didn’t see or feel anything. So I tell her I just want to do some reiki in her. I am still puzzled and preferred not to tell her the truth. I put my hands on her back for a while but then a friend of hers comes up and they start chatting. I hear her saying something like she would love so much to see Rinpoche (our precious guru) so I think about trying to help her on that to. I ask them to make a prayer with me to summon his presence. We call for his name and then a succession of characters that mildly resemble him enter through the door, but I know none of them is truly him, they lack his presence. But for a brief split second I did feel his energy and I try to pursuit it by flying out of the door and down the stairs. I feel him. I exit to the street and it’s early morning already. I can see the town square in front of me, a morning market being assembled by the locals and beautiful alpine houses. The air is cold but sweet. His presence dissipates in the air.
      I fly around a little bit the market and the beautiful amazing pastry store windows, with very traditional and fairy tale like cookies and cakes arrangements. I marvel at the amazing beauty of this and think that normally I would start a frenzy of eating all I could, knowing it is just a dream, but this time I didn’t feel the need. I fly back to inside the building and on the waiting room I encounter my mom.
      (SHARED)--> She is sitting on a bench, with a piece of cake on a plate, but not eating it. I sit by her side and she asks me if I saw all those amazing cakes and cookies. I smile and say yes. She ask if I want to share (she always does, not to feel so guilty, I guess). She says we can go get a dozen each and then exchange to try more flavours. I say I’m not interested. But then a friend of hers or a total stranger, I don’t know, comes to us and offers a plate with a half eaten sweet. She says she is full and that we can have the rest. My mom says why should she take it, when there are so many fresh cakes outside waiting for us. But I accept and eat it. She doesn’t get it, so I explain I’m trying to live according to this new philosophy: not eating unnecessarily, even if it’s a dream and I won’t get fat or won’t cost me money – and by the way, this is when I tell her this is a dream – but if someone offers me something with a good intention, then I accept it, no matter what, as a humble thank you for the meritorious action of the person. She is trying to digest that this is a dream. She doesn’t seem to believe, because it is so real, but I insist it is and since I am starting to feel it fading I tell her that as a proof, I am just about to exit this dream. <--
      (SHARED) And then I wake up.

      9:00 GMT

      Note: During the day I asked my mom if she had had any interesting dream (it was early morning, so I felt there was a high chance of recall) and she took some time to remember anything, but then she said “Yes, I remember cakes! Beautiful amazing cakes and pastry shops like those we saw in Belgium, those that looked like out of a fairy tale! But I didn’t actually remember eating any cake...” she said with a sad face

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    5. Two paintings

      by , 05-21-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I dreamed I was in some sort of classroom, and it appears that it is situated in a basement. The walls were concrete and painted a pale blue, with three windows near the ceiling along the north wall. Flourescent lights provided most of the illumination. There were many students in the room but I cannot remember any specific details about them. I cannot remember exactly what it was about them but I knew that I did not like them because they were bullies and stuff. I was relieved when they all left when the bell rang. I do not know what time it is and what the bell was for as I am busy painting on two canvases. I can clearly remember every step I took and every stroke I made with the paintbrush and it felt like I was engaged in this activity for hours.

      There were no clocks for me to look at but the daylight did not change from what I could see and it was unusually quiet for a school. It felt like everything outside of me was frozen in time. As I finished the second painting, however, the group of students who left at the beginning of the dream returned. They surrounded me to see what I was doing but I ignored them because I do not like bugging me when I am painting and I assumed that they were just going to bully and harass me like they always did.

      I cannot remember anymore of this dream.

      This dream is not the first in which I have created art but it is frustrating because my dream art skill level is always much higher than my skill in waking life and I can almost never recreated the images that I see in my dreams anyway. The two abstract paintings I made in the dream are still fairly clear in my mind, and I want to try and paint them for real. The first painting was made with the colours blue, green and purple, while the second painting was made with the colours red, orange and yellow. The second painting also had three distinct curved strokes, painted in red, in the lower left quarter of the image. I have tried quick sketches with pencils but they are colourless and insufficient.
    6. Family gathering and train wreck

      by , 08-02-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There is a some sort of family gathering in a small house. I think it is my grandma's old house, but I am not sure. There are many people , some I recognize as members of my family, and some that do not resemble any person I know in waking life. There only seems to be three rooms; the kitchen, the living room, and the basement. The kitchen does not have a table or chairs but there is a green sofa against one of the walls. The living room is sparse as well and only has a white loveseat and a large screen television. Needless to say, most of the people in the house were standing as they socialized.

      There were some people in the kitchen preparing food and some people standing around with drinks. I was in the kitchen but I was not preparing food or drinks, nor was I socializing. I didn't want to be there and I felt very tired and bored. I sit down on the green sofa, curl up on one end and start to drift off to sleep. I can hear my dad come into the room and everyone starts asking him what's wrong with me, as if they can sense the fact that I don't want to be there. I cannot hear exactly what my dad is saying except that he is going around the room and apologizing to everyone.

      I wake up when I feel someone sit on the other end of the sofa. I sit up and see that it is Uncle Doug. He is making rude and offensive jokes about women and everyone in the room (which I notice at this point is all male) laughs along with him. I am disgusted but I cannot think of anything to say. Uncle Doug turns to me, grabs my arm and asks if I am "cool" with the jokes he is telling. I scream at him not touch me and to stuff his misogyny up his ass. He gets embarassed and apologizes and asks if I am offended, and even though I am, for some reason I say no.

      Everyone starts to head down stairs and I get up off the green sofa so that it can be carried into the basement. I start washing dishes because I am too pissed off to talk to anyone. Dinner is being served in the basement and everyone is down there, but I refuse to join them because I still feel raw about the incident with Uncle Doug.

      I climb up on the kitchen counter and look out the window, but instead of seeing a backyard at groud level, the view is from several storeys up and I am looking down upon what appears to be a train station. There are many people walking around or just standing on the boardwalk as a passenger train very slowly pulls out of the station. Out of the corner of my left eye I see a frieght train appear out of nowhere and slam into the back of the passenger train at a great speed. I watch in horror as the frieght train cars pile up on each other and onto the boardwalk, violently crushing some of the people who had been standing there. I feel helpless because I cannot do anything but neither can I look away, even as people continue to be crushed and mangled by the crashing trains.

      Then the vividness of the terror and sheer graphic nature of the train crash woke me up.
    7. Four dream fragments

      by , 12-03-2006 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      #1) In the first dream there was an old lady travelling through a thick temperate forest on a ship. The ship was magical and it could sail across both water and land. The old lady was hunting down an enemy that she had been pursuing her whole life.

      She comes across an old man who is stranded in the middle of the forest and offers him a ride on her ship, which he gladly accepts. Through their ensuing converstaion it is revealed that the old man is the enemy that the old lady has been hunting for, though they do not fight because they are too old and too tired. The forest clears and the ship sails away on a large body of water, and the dream ends.

      #2) The second dream takes place on a peice of land owned by my Aunt and Uncle, out in the eastern coast of Canada. There is some sort of gathering and we (both friends and family, as well as some random unrecognizable characters) are all sitting around two fires on opposite ends of the open space, wrapped in blankets or doing various activities. The sky is overcast and it is "spitting" rain, but the gathering continues despite the slight chill coming off the ocean.

      I am sitting on the ground near one of the fires when a shadow falls over me. I look up and there is an elderly Native American man standing over and staring down at me. He is dressed in the traditional clothing of his indegenious clan (though I cannot recall the name of the tribe) and radiating a pleasant warmth. It becomes quickly apparent to me that no one else can see him. The dream becomes fuzzy here and I cannot remember any more for a bit.

      Later in the day the drizzle has stopped and there are a few partings in the clouds where the late afternoon sun shines through. The gathering is still going full strength though I am laying down on a blanket away from everyone else. Through half lidded eyes I again see a shadow fall over me. I open my eyes and there are three native indians in traditional clothing huddled together and staring down at me. There is a young woman who seems strangely farmiliar though I cannot place a name to her face. There are two young men, one who looks like someone I used to know named Mike (but with long hair), and another whose face is shrouded in darkness. I am not afraid or worried, though I am a bit uncomfortable with all of them staring at me in silence.

      I get up and go over to my Aunt Dorothey, and ask her who the three strangers are, even as they continue to watch me. Again, though, no one else can see them except for me and my family silently thinks that I am eccentric. For some reason I know what my family thinks of me. The dream ends there.

      #3) The third dream takes place in a busy city with narrow streets. There are two people with me; a young woman and a young man, and though we are friends in the dream I do not recognize them as anyone I know in waking life. Everything about the city seems very dreary and grey and takes place in the Chinese section of town. I think it's raining.

      The young woman and I give our hair scrunchies away or something and then convinced the young man to come along with us to buy some new ones. We all went into a store that had three stands filled with hair elastics. Even though it wasn't necessary or whatever, my friends and I wanted to buy bigger and more poofie scrunchies.

      There is an old man in a grey trench coat standing in the entranceway of the strore. No one else sees him except me and we make eye contact. His look unsettles me and I am afraid to leave the store because I know the old man is waiting for us. I cannot remember any more of this dream.

      #4) In the last dream I was a beautiful Chinese movie star who had just been signed on to a new movie. The filming location was deep in a temperate forest and was difficult to get to because there were no paved roads. There was a shallow, rushing river near the filming site that I had to be carried across because there was no bridge and I did not know how to swim. For some reason I was already in a bright red film costume when I was carried across the river. I could not see the face of the man carrying me across, yet he smelled farmiliar.

      Filming eventually begins but is quickly halted when it suddenly starts to downpour. The cast and crew try to take cover in the equipment tents. As it is raining, the director adds a sex scene to the film, starring my character, and doesn't ask if I am interested in participating because he just assumes that I would. I refuse and say that my stunt double can do it, but she refuses also. I storm out of the tent and into the pouring rain after I quit because the director would not stop harassing me about doing the offending scene.