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    1. What a Rude Statue

      by , 07-05-2018 at 01:35 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      The dream seemed to begin like some sort of flight simulator game, but—after a series of events I can no longer remember—I realize I’m dreaming.

      I’m in an unfamiliar city. It’s a place with a charming atmosphere—lots of greenery and a small harbor that almost divides it in two, with the main part of the city built on a hill with a steep incline. I fly—without my customary wings, since I was already flying to begin with—enjoying my surroundings. Every corner I turn results in a new, interesting view as I circle around, gradually moving up the hill.

      At one point, I notice a series of staircases to my right leading directly to the hilltop. It reminds me a little of the Bergpark—and that gives me an idea. I could find the Herkules statue and have a conversation with him. That would be an interesting thing to do in a dream.

      I fly up the staircases and find myself in a small park where a number of people are walking around. There is no Herkules Statue, but I do see a statue slightly off to the left—although monument might be the better word since it’s basically just a bronze head on a pedestal, a man wearing what looks like a conquistador helmet.

      I walk over to it, look at the head and ask: “So, is there anything you want to say to me?”

      The head comes to life. It says: “What the f*** are you doing here?” in what is quite possibly a Cockney accent. I’m a bit taken aback but still proceed to have a conversation with him—as best I can. I’m finding the accent difficult, and the background noise from the other people here isn’t helping.

      After a bit, three young women come up and join in the conversation. I recognize them the way one normally recognizes people in non-lucid dreams, although none of them seem to be people familiar to me in waking life. The only one whose appearance I can remember was a middle-eastern looking woman with thick, dark hair going down a little past her shoulders. Unfortunately, pretty much everything we said there faded from memory by the time I woke up.

      As the conversation ends, the bronze head offers to kiss a coin for each of us—this seems to be a good luck ritual of the sort that often develops around statues. The others produce coins, and I figure I’ll go along with it, too. Without looking, I stick my hand into a pocket which I expect I have—even though I don’t ordinarily wear clothing with pockets where this would be possible, it’s a pretty reliable method of materializing objects that might conceivably be in one. I feel around the various objects there for a coin. As I do, I recall the Soviet Kopeck that mysteriously turned up in my last batch of laundry—my aunt had been washing some really old stuff, I guess—and, unsurprisingly, that’s what the coin I eventually find turns out to be.

      Once that’s over, I’m once again faced with the decision of what to do. As I fly back down the hillside, it occurs to me that this might be a good opportunity to find some people I'd like to speak to. I fly all the way down to the harbor and, since the ground is flat here, I land and walk. I call out their names and try to find them among the crowd, or among the people on the boats. But I don’t see them there, and before long, I wake up.


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    2. The House by the Waterfront; Furious Panda

      by , 03-07-2018 at 04:09 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      Iím driving in an unfamiliar town, where Iím going to attend an event of some kind. I have the impression it has something to do with Kyabje DŁdíjom Rinpoche? At first, Iím trying to find a parking spot near a junction, but all the spots there seem to belong to the nearby buildings, so I turn the car around and head towards the waterfront, closer to where the event will actually be held. Itís a long, straight street with small, gray paving stones and narrow, wooden houses painted light colors on either side. At one end of it, I can see boats, their masts blocking the view further outóto the harbor itself, presumably.

      I look around for house no. 11, which is where the event will take place, so I can park nearby. The address plates are large and clearly display the numbers, rather like the Prague address plates do. The plates seem to be in the right general order, and so I donít have trouble finding itóbut there do seem to be both odd and even numbers on a single side. Iím not sure whether it was this that clued me into the fact that I was dreaming, but it definitely happened right around then.

      This is a dream: what will I do? Checking out no. 11 still seems like a pretty good idea, but first, I decide to take a look around the area. I walk along the street, towards the harboróbut as I walk, it seems to change from a street to an underground tunnel, and when I reach the end, Iím not by the open sea, but looking into a square room full of water. It seems completely closed off and is made of some yellow-red stone, mossy where it's close to the waterline. The water is packed with boatsónot big ones like I saw before, but little ones, more on the order of rowboats.

      Thereís something a little ominous about this place; itís impossible to imagine what purpose it could possibly be serving. If this were a Zelda game, Iíd fully expect the door to slam behind me and some giant monster to rise up out of the water and attack. I wait. The water seems to be rippling in a rather odd way. After a little while, a couple of larger waves swell up, rolling beneath the layer of boats. But they just die down again, and the water becomes perfectly still. I watch for a little while longer, but it looks as if thatís all thatís going to happen, and so I head back towards the houseónow, an entrance partway along the tunnel. I open the door and step in.

      An Asian woman greets me: it seems Iíve been expected, although there doesnít seem to be any kind of a gathering here as I thought. The woman also seems to be expecting me to have a female friend along. I consider telling her that Iím here alone, but actually, thereís no reason I canít invite someone else. I tell the woman Iíll send them a text message and they should be here shortly.

      I pull my iPhone out of my pocket. But somehow, all the people I can think to invite are male. An idea occurs to me: I start spelling out A-N-I-M-A using the numbers which correspond to those letters. The phone is a bit shifty, as such devices often are in dreams, but not enough to impede me. But partway through, I remember that Iím not supposed to have an anima, being female and all. So I make it end U-S instead and send the Ďcodedí message off. Well, I guess Iíll see what happens. I put the phone back in my pocket and we sit down at the table in the next room to eat.

      The table is a large one, but there are only three places setóhers, mine and the empty one. We have some kind of fish dish, which tastes good. Not much in the way of conversation is happening, and so Iím mostly focusing on remaining aware, making sure I donít forget this is a dream. Itís an interesting feeling, being here in this place, which feels so real and yet so unreal. I could get up and do something else, but I want to see where this is going.

      But at some point, I wake upódue to some environmental noise, possibly. But itís only a short time before I fall asleep again, and find myself back in the house, in an upstairs bedroom this time.

      Through a window, I see branch falls onto the roof of a neighboring buildingóa large, blocky structure. The roof looks like itís in bad shape, with large chunks of tile missingóthis place must have got hit by the storm too, I figure.

      Iím eating a cup of yogurt there. Itís chalky and bland. Probably low-fat. Why am I eating this awful stuff? This is a dream, I donít have to eat it. I place the cup on a dresser or some similar piece of furniture. Downstairs, I hear the door of the house opening, voices in conversationósomebody has arrived. Maybe itís the person I invited in the earlier part of the dream. Iíll go down and check. But right now Iím wearing a nightgown, so I ought to put something else on first.

      I step over to the full-length mirror, which is standing near the door, and look at my reflection. Iím wearing a plain nightgown, like a short dress with spaghetti straps. Oddly, I donít seem to look quite like myselfómy face is different, though not completely different, and my eyes seem to be the usual color. I step back. Itís been a while since Iíve done thisóand actually, Iíve never done exactly what Iím about to try, but it doesnít seem like it should be too hard. Iíll create myself something more appropriate to wear. I extend my hands, palms upward, feeling energy gathering.

      But it doesnít feel rightóthereís some kind of a resistance there. As I notice that, I also see something standing behind me in the mirroróa furious-looking panda bear approaching me. I turn around, looking into the roomóbut it's empty. There's nothing there. I look back at the mirror: furious panda. Well, this is a little creepy. But because itís a panda, being furious just makes it look ridiculous rather than menacing. I step backwards into the room with one hand behind me, feeling for the spot where the panda ought to be based on its reflectionóbut I wake up before I can get to it.

    3. 16-07-08 Funny Chase, Kurt Russel, Thug Debt Collectors

      by , 07-08-2016 at 12:53 PM
      I was at a house/garden, which once again resembled our old family home quite a bit. I may or may not have been myself (was I a woman?) and may have killed some people (a girl) or gotten them killed indirectly. A father and a victim's sister were pissed off whatever the case may be, and in pursuit. I climbed rooftops, ran through gardens and kept ahead of the pursuers. Once we reached one end of the property, I turned around, ran past them somehow and ran to the other side. Only the Benny Hill music was still missing. At one point I may have considered escaping the property for good.

      We were on some kind of bleachers (?) overlooking what appeared to be an airport. I saw a large jet taking off, a Boeing 747. Above a barrier blocking my view, I saw a large road vehicle. I knew this was a "quad-decker bus", a bus with four flours. We got a different angle, and it looked more like a train. Multiple "wagons", and only the front had two levels, not four. I think we had been on vacation before, and were leaving again. I thought we were headed for the North Pole next. I said "Kurt Russel would know all about that!", referring to "The Thing", and I said this to Kurt Russel who was somehow walking with us. We talked about another movie. I tried to remember some line (from a song?), but neither of us could remember the whole thing. We laughed, and he said we'd work it out eventually. Anyway, were not headed for the North Pole. Some other guy said we had to be home by the evening, so we couldn't possibly go that far. We were headed to some boring place in my own country instead.

      I arrive at my house (not really mine), and two guys are waiting for me. Bad guy, one armed with a shotgun. I think they were gangsters, here to collect an old debt. I thought they'd execute me right away, but the armed thug said it as too soon for that. I'd get a chance to pay. We enter my house, and in the room to the left I see a corpse on the floor. The "dead" man suddenly got up. It was a trap. There were vigilantes all over the house, and a gun battle erupted. At the top of the stairs, I saw a female vigilante movie who may or not have been/looked like Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who tried to kill me, she had a knife I think). I suddenly realized I had "seen this movie before", and I pressed "pause" somehow and effectively froze time!

      I was in bed in the dark. Time was frozen. I looked at the woman who was sitting upright to my right, unmovingly. *REDACTED* It was actually quite creepy, only being able to see this perfectly still, dark silhouette - like a mannequin. I touched her head and moved it. She did not notice, as time was still frozen. She felt like plastic, strangely.

      Sailboat, harbor (walking tight path over water, one plank secured by rope). Thought about speedboating up and down the coast of Europe. Former shift leader (Stefan, possibly in one of the sailboats?) asks how I'm doing at the new plant (I left and have had two new assignments since then). I answer evasively (I plan to leave the industry entirely), saying I was learning the "condensation" area (I work at a chem plant, if you hadn't already figured), then quickly changed my mind and said something else. I tried to climb back out of the boat (ladder), but the fridge was still open and it was to climb past its door (very tight space). I said to Stefan I should have closed it first.

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    4. Drawing a Sword/Ozymandias (DILD)

      by , 09-07-2015 at 11:41 PM
      Ritual: I went to bed at midnight and found myself quite awake at 5am, so I got up and worked for an hour. On going back to bed, I realized that although I had not intended a WBTB, the conditions were good for LDing. I had to get up at 8, so I didn't want to spend the time on a formal WILD attempt, but I thought about what task I should do if I got lucid. All I could remember of this month's TOTMs were "fart" and "draw," so picked the latter. I decided I would draw a dinosaur, since I never got around to riding one last month.

      DILD: I think I was outside my workplaceósomething I rarely dream ofówhen I reached down to pick up something off the ground. As I straightened, I realized with clear certainty that I was dreaming. I wasn't sure what had triggered the awareness, so thought it over, but there didn't seem to be any specific anomalies that I had noticed, and I hadn't RC'd either. On this occasion I just felt very naturally aware of the dream state.

      I had originally planned to draw a dinosaur and bring it to life for the TOTM, but now I decided to start with something easier. I had been at my HEMA class yesterday, so I decided to draw a sword, then manifest it and do some practice. My initial strategy was to simply draw the sword in my left palm, so that I could manifest it directly in my hand (I am right-handed, so I was using my right hand to draw with). However, the lines changed as soon as I had set them down, turning into a cartoon-like character. I figured fine, I can work with that, it doesn't matter what I manifest... but my intention to transform the drawing into a real being fizzled. Nothing happened except that the drawing changed into a different character, and then faded.

      Changing strategy, as I found myself walking next to a building I drew a sword right on the wall. It was a poor drawing, chunky and ill-proportioned, but I figured I could fix it in post-production. I put my hand over where the hilt was drawn, intending to grab the sword as it manifested. Nothing happened. I wondered if it would help to reach into the wall, in case the sword was inside it. I pressed my right hand against the wall, which consisted of a reddish, textured stucco. It resisted at first, but I kept pressing, and eventually it yielded like a crumbly semi-moist clay, and my hand went right through. I closed my hand over an object and pulled it out. Unfortunately it was not the sword I was trying to create, but a comic book.

      It occurred to me that I was always trying to make the dream state conform to my will, and I should pay more attention to the things that it offered me unexpectedly, so I took a moment to flip through the comic book as I walked on past the building. The hero of the comic was a young boy, but nothing caught my interest, so I tossed it on the ground. Lucidity got a little weak, and I found myself grilling a piece of chicken for my husband's dinner. The image of the piece of meat on the grill was, in retrospect, an obvious bit of day residue from a Facebook post I had seen last night.

      While getting the dinner ready I found myself indoors, where I made a third try at drawing the sword, inscribing an outline on the wall again. Since there was a DC in the room with me, I thought I would be clever and asked him to grab the sword off the wall and give it to me. I figured it would still count for the TOTM as long as the drawing transformed into a three-dimensional object by any means. But he couldn't do it either!

      Later I got fed up and just manifested a sword directly into my hand so that I could actually get some practice in. For some reason I found it easy to create a sword in my hand out of nothing, even though I had been unable to do it from the drawings! I went through a few rounds of the "flow" movements I had learned in my HEMA class, but found myself wondering why I was wasting precious dream time practicing something that I could work on just as well in waking life, so I flew off to further explore the dream.

      Only then did I notice the beauty of my surroundings. Some dream environments are drab, but this was one of those landscapes that is gorgeous beyond anything you've seen in waking life. Pink-tinged clouds of beautiful hue and texture filled the sky. All around me was water, interspersed with strips of inhabited land, like a strange city straddling the sea. The water was full of beautiful sailing ships of many varieties.

      I felt a bit lonely in all this splendor and wished I had a friend to hang out with. Something inspired me to seek "Ozymandias," though the name has little relevance for me (outside being vaguely aquainted with its literary source) and has never come up in a dream before, nor can I trace it to DR. I loudly called "Ozymandias!" but no one appeared. Then I had an intuition that one of the boats was his, a small craft with a complex array of small square black and red sails.

      I flew over and landed on the boat, which was not much bigger than a rowboat despite its magnificent sails. There was a tall vertical form in the prow that I had assumed was Ozymandias, only to discover that it was made of wood and evidently served as the steering apparatus. The boat was empty, even though it was not anchored but sailing freely in the harbor. Something caught my eye and I knelt down to find some single earrings and a few tiny beads in the bottom of the boat, as though a woman had been here. Though I retained a degree of lucidity, I found myself being drawn into a dream narrative. I lingered in the boat until it drifted vertically down a tall waterfall, although the movement was gentle and not frightening.

      I wanted to figure out why Ozymandias had apparently disappeared from his boat, so I transported myself to an office where I could speak to a harbor official. I told him about the empty boat and the evidence that a woman had been on board.

      "The only other person allowed in his boat is Delphine," the clerk informed me. Something made me suspect Delphine was a courtesan, so I asked about the local brothels, and the clerk described two locations.

      As I went in search of the brothel I became confused.... now I began to wonder if I was Delphine, that is, if that was the character I was playing in the dream. But if so, why hadn't the clerk recognized me, since he had appeared to be familiar with her? Could it be because I don't currently resemble her, and instead look like my waking self?

      Without resolving these doubts, I went to the brothel and asked if they knew what had become of Ozymandias. "We don't give information about our clients," the madam informed me politely.

      "He might be dead!" I insisted, explaining my discovery of the empty boat. That persuaded them to give me a piece of paper listing the dates that he had visited. That was as far as I was able to pursue the mystery before I woke up.

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    5. Muppets Sing of Amos and Andy (DILD)

      by , 08-23-2015 at 07:07 AM
      Ritual: I went to bed around midnight, but the knowledge that I had to wake up earlier than usual this morning, at 7am, created a subtle anxiety that woke me up at 4:30am and made it hard to sleep afterwards. The natural insomnia created good conditions for lucidity, and I woke up at 6:30am after this dream.

      DILD: Since I was lying in bed mostly awake for a couple hours, I had already gotten up several times to use the bathroom. This seemed like another one of those times, but an odd detail caught my eye. There was a steel mesh frame surrounding the toilet paper roll and someone had left a lot of used cotton balls in it. They were stained on one side with a color like Betadine. I assumed my husband must have left them there, and wondered what he had been using them for.

      On some level I suspected that there was something wrong with this scenario and decided to RC. I braced one hand on the bathroom counter and the other on the towel rack, and tried to lift myself. My body lifted effortlessly off the ground with no real muscular exertion, which made me suspect I must be dreaming. (The fact that the bathroom did not correspond to its WL layout was something I failed to notice, as usual.) I checked again, with the same results, and then to be sure, I tried the same stunt without using my arms at allóthat is, levitating. Upon levitating successfully, I was confident that this was the dream state.

      It's so gratifying to get unintentional LDs! But one isn't always prepared with a task. I felt an impulse to go outside, so I went back out to the bedroom and quickly exited through the screen door. Immediately I noticed a destabilization of my vision. Experience reminded me not to fret, just relax and let images suggest themselves, the problem should straighten itself out. Sure enough, a moment later I started to notice colors, then the colors organized themselves into geometry, and before long they had resolved into a new scene: I was looking at a large stack of different colored shipping containers.

      I realized that the deck I was standing on overlooked a great harbor. There was water on all sides, and my house was apparently on some tall island in the middle. I was surprised by the number of ships that I could see moving to and fro. They came in all sizes, everything from large cargo ships to little tugboats, all looking very industrious. There were so many ships that I wondered if the place I was in lacked air transport entirely: I didn't see any planes flying at first, but a moment later, perhaps summoned by my thoughts, a helicopter veered very close overhead.

      I decided that I should do something useful as long as I was in the dream state, and tried to remember this month's tasks. Eating a moon rock leaped to mind. Okay, how should I do that? I didn't feel like shifting scenes just yet, actually traveling to outer space. I thought, well, maybe a rocket could land nearby and an astronaut could get out and present me with the moon rock. It sounded like a good strategy but I was not strongly motivated to try it, so I tabled the idea.

      As I was contemplating the possibilities, I heard music from nearby, and noticed a miniature stage on one edge of the deck. This reminded me of one of the other TOTMs, attending a concert. Well, here are some creatures playing music in public, that might count. I call them "creatures" because the music was being played by what looked like muppets, only a foot or two in height. The initial music sounded like a piano, and a female muppet was playing it, but her fingers were moving over a clear plastic stand, with no visible keys. I thought she resembled what I can only describe as the "hippie girl muppet," but googling that now, it seems to be a good search term and reveals that the name of the muppet in question (in WL, anyway) was "Janice."

      After her piano solo ended, a male muppet to her right began playing guitar. This muppet resembled Fozzie Bear, and and was singing as he played. I listened closely to the lyrics and did my best to remember them. As usual in deep dream, I was impressed how easily the rhymes cameóthough of course on waking, it was hard to remember the lyrics clearly.

      The first rhyme involved the phrase "...how we live," which later rhymed with "...give." There was another stanza that I couldn't remember at all by the time I was writing my report. I have a slightly clearer memory of the third stanza, apart from the absent first line:

      ...and I'll let you do the rest,
      Because you know Amos and Andy
      And can put them to the test."

      After that, the muppet went into a refrain of:

      Can you help me?
      Stranger, can you help me?

      The lines may sound plaintive in plain text, but they were a little more jazzy the way they were sung. I was listening to the song and smiling down fondly at the muppet. I felt that "Amos and Andy" was a phrase I had heard before... was it related to cookies? Or an old TV show? I was certainly willing to offer help, if it was needed, but a moment later I woke up.

      Note: Googling now, I see that "Amos and Andy" was originally a radio show in the 1920s, later moved to television, and lasted until the 1950s. I have no idea why my subconcious dredged this up! I must have thought of cookies because of the similarity to the brand name "Famous Amos."
    6. Witch

      by , 06-08-2015 at 03:44 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With my DC sister we entered a skyscraper placed in harbor. There was a woman in a black suit inside. With sister we were on a balcony placed two floors higher than the witch. I knew she'll use her powers against me, so I took a weird, black wand out of my pocket.

      Instead of firing a spell at the witch, I ate the wand. It tasted weird, from bittery to sour. I barely digested it, and then the witch smiled to me. There were some windows in front of us, and I saw two enormous ships sailing off.

      I told to my sister "Piss off Poseidon!" Suddenly waves powered by mystical particles striked the ships down, but the guards appeared and took me and my sister. They chained me to a pole in the middle of skyscraper. To free myself, I jumped, made a flip in the air, touched the ceiling with my feet and the chains broke.

      I ran away to warehouses, sneaked past guards and took a heavy bag out of hidden stash. Then I escaped.
    7. 6/18/2014

      by , 06-20-2014 at 04:13 AM
      I was playing counter strike but in real life. I recognized some people and my team was losing so I would stay back with a Glock and my vest to try and kill someone. I saw a few people and shot at them, making them take cover. I went after them and recognized a girl. I tried doing something but I shot her and she fell to the ground si I started hitting her and kicking her. She got upset and I left. I turned around and shot someone in the forehead, which revealed we were using airsoft guns. The girl's dad then started whipping me so I turned around and started beating him telling him he wasn't shit. The dream scene looked to be a harbor or dock. There were boats on water.

      I was in a small house on a tall hill or mountain. There were a few pets around and I was watching a news channel because there was nothing else on other than news. I heard someone pull up and looked to see my car arriving. I quickly changed the channel because I wasn't supposed to be watching that news station. Kristy came in and she was very sad and went to the bathroom with Lucy. I wondered why she was sad and waited for her. When she came out she said she was infertile and she showed me the paperwork from the doctor. I was sad also and thought maybe I was infertile also? I found out that on her paperwork it said I was also infertile, and that made me feel even worse. Apparently Kristy and I were together. Kristy had long brown hair
    8. 27th Nov 2013 Fragments

      by , 12-04-2013 at 02:47 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today"s WBTB/naps.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      We were in some city and there were dragons and we agreed to work together to defeat enemies, we thought up a plan but then decided to change a few things to make it less risky.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      There was something about dragon leader, and then there was scene with two workers were doing stuff in harbor kinda place and then got into argument which ended up in silly anime-like joke fight and then they went to leader.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was apparently playing KSP and some update added some thingies that let kerbals bounce on them. I"ve played around with that and time warp which caused kerbals to ragdoll glitch and grow a second head. Then i was looking up some different video game vids and every ragdoll was glitched in them. Then i got distracted by random food.
    9. The Boardwalk

      by , 04-10-2012 at 06:43 AM (Tribune de l'Incomprťhensible)
      Alright, this is my first dream journal post. I'm going to be porting a large number of the entries from my actual handwritten journal onto this website. Keep in mind, however, that my dreams tend to be incredibly dark and obscure. Anyway, all this said, let us begin.

      Sunday, August 14, 2011
      Strength: Vivid
      Type: Creepy-Chaotic
      Lucidity: No

      In my dream, I was in a sort of dock city. I was walking with someone else whose exact identity I cannot recall. We were walking beside water on a sort of boardwalk. At the beginning of our walk, the buildings lining the sides of the boardwalk were clean and fresh. But as we continued, the buildings grew dirtier and darker. It was almost as if we were entering a slum area. We kept walking. Slowly, the buildings fell into decay. The boards lining our pathway were rotting, the bricks were falling, and the doors, having lost support of their hinges, simply lay at the opening of each decrepit house. About a mile or two in, I saw the first corpse. He was lying outside of his house, mangled and bloody. As I continued, more bodies lined the floor. For whatever reason, I just kept walking.

      What once appeared as a slum was now a ruin. Pieces of roof and debris lined the floor. Bodies lay in piles, pools of blood collecting beside them. The water beside me grew rough, and the ground became slippery with blood. Everything was coated in a shade of red. Then, I reached a dead end, where the boardwalk had simply rotted away to nothing. And there, standing at the edge of the dock, was a tall, dark, humanoid creature. His figure was illogical and chaotic, constantly contorting, while his head remained stationary. He just stood there, staring at me. It was then that I finally halted my forward shuffle. Both of us stood there, staring each other down. Then, all of a sudden, the rough water began to rise. It collected around my heels, swallowing the boardwalk and washing over my body. I lost sight of the creature. However, even with the water collecting around me, I remained frozen, staring straight ahead into space. Just as the water passed my head, I awoke.
    10. 5/25/11 - Flying

      by , 07-15-2011 at 03:37 AM
      I was in a harbor town. The sky was this impossibly beautiful shade of blue, it was just barely past realistic. It wasn't a cloudless day, so the few that were there were beautiful. I'm by the sea. The water is this stunning shade of light blue. Like you see in pictures in resort brochures. It's the type of blue you expect an indoor pool complex at a five-star hotel to have. The sea is never this clean. On this concrete pier. There's a shop behind me with this bright red canopy. I can hear people laughing, the temperature is perfect.

      Then there are tremors. Small at first but the I begin to see cracks in the concrete. The laughing becomes screaming. The world seems to be swaying, tipping from side to side. So I jump.

      I dive into the water headfirst. I dive impossibly fast. Everything around me is a blur. The sounds of screaming and falling buildings is overwhelmed by the rushing water. As I get my bearings and slow down, I see hit the ocean floor. It isn't earth the though. It's ceramic. Like the bottom of a pool. I take a quick look around. That same shade of light blue is everywhere. There are no fish, no plants. Only endless ceramic.

      I can feel the cold glaze on the balls of my feet. The water is warm and there's a stark contrast. I don't remember taking off my shoes. I bend my legs and push off the floor. I shoot up. Insanely quickly. I launch out of the water but gravity never takes hold of me again. I'm flying. The wind has whipped off any dampness and now it's only me. I don't see a city, a sea, people...nothing. Only more sky. The feeling is beautiful. Flying.

      After a bit I can feel myself losing the dream. I start to feel gravity pulling again. Even worse, I begin to feel the warmth of my blankets. I close my eyes and fight for stability. I open my eyes again and I'm in control again. But I begin to fall. Not straight down, like a rock, but I glide down, like a bird.

      I break the cloud layer and I see this rocky terrain. It's hard dirt littered with rocks and the occasional weed. I ready my legs and I hit the ground running. The only thing in my mind is the urge to be in the air again. I want to fly. I'm running so fast. I'm barefoot still and the I can feel every pebble and grain of dirt against my skin. I'm hitting some larger rocks, and my feet begin to stumble. There is a dense fog all around me. I can't see further than meters in any direction. I'm determined to fly again though, and I don't lose much speed. I keep jumping as I run. But I can't get any lift. At one point I jump almost ten meters in the air and I panic as I fall to the ground. I'm not in control of my legs, they're running on their own. The ground begins to slope up in front of me. It's a hill at first but it starts getting steep. Not long after I'm almost vertical. I give myself one more mental push and I'm launched in the air once more. I break the cloud layer again and I'm greeted with the beautiful blue sky once again. Time slows as I watch the sun and beautiful cloudscape before me.

      I can feel my self falling again. But this time, I feel no anxiety or apprehension. I feel the clouds rush past me once more as I hurtle to the floor. I can see the wasteland again. The rocks I stumbled over, screaming towards my face.

      I wake up.
    11. Eloise

      by , 05-08-2011 at 11:37 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-11-10
      Length: 5 Minutes
      Vividness: 6/10

      This dream was taking place in 3rd Person point of view, as if it were a movie.

      There was a man and his girlfriend living in a motel/shack type of house on the harbor, literally hanging over the water.
      The man hated the place.
      He went on about how it was too small, his head would touch the roof when he was standing on the patio.

      One day, a man pulled in.
      He told the man living there about this woman name Eloise, I believe she was his mother, yet also related to his girlfriend in some way.

    12. Lucid Dream 199: World in Ruins

      by , 03-22-2011 at 01:57 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      March 16, 2011
      Lucid Dream 199: World in Ruins
      Series: Mind of a Gamer, Episode 2
      around 12:30pm

      Category - Action/Exploration

      Me and a two others (a male pilot and a female) were in a small plane, flying over a deserted/destroyed city. The plane was almost the exact same one from Resident Evil: Code Veronica. We were looking through the windows down to the streets and could see massive amounts of zombies littering the streets. Suddenly, an alarm went off within the plane. The pilot yelled at me and the girl to go check out the back of the plane. I already knew what was waiting for us back there, so I told the girl to stay with the pilot. I open the door and walked into the large storage area. The back of the plane was open and I saw a shadowy figure in the corner. It stepped out and as I suspected, it was the Tyrant.

      It sprinted toward me and I dove out of the way. Tyrant was slashing the corner of the plane to pieces with the giant claw on his arm. I began looking for the switch that ejects equipment from the room, but noticed that the Tyrant had been hacking it to pieces the whole time. I thought, "That isn't supposed to happen. How am I going to knock this big bastard out of the plane now?" I continued to dodge his attacks, but he got closer and closer until he sliced a huge tear in my arm. I looked at it and could see the bone in my arm. There was a gash in the bone as well. I started to look around the room in a semi-panic, trying to find something I could use. I heard the pilot calling "mayday" from the front of the plane. He then said, he was going to try and crash land on top of a building. I decided there was only one way to deal with the Tyrant.

      I position myself right in front of the opening to the back of the plane. The tyrant lunged at me with his giant claw. I jump-turned, so the claw missed, but his shoulder connected with me and we both fell out of the plane. When I jumped, I had brought my knees to my chest and placed my feet against the tyrants shoulder. I grabbed hold around his head with my hands and held on tight as we fell from the plane. I saw the edge of the building that the pilot was crash landing on, so I released my grip and kicked off the Tyrant as hard as I could. I stretched out and managed to grab the edge of the building. I watched the Tyrant fall hundreds of feet to a splattering death as I hung on the side of the building. My plan had worked perfectly.

      I pulled myself to the top of the building and saw the plane bounce off the roof and then back into the air. It circled around and I noticed that the bastards were leaving me. I turned around to observe my surroundings and saw a skylight. I looked down through the skylight and saw hundreds of zombies rushing up the stairs that lead to the roof. I returned to my "hanging on the side of the building" position and pulled myself up to watch what happened. The zombies busted through the door and began searching the rooftop. I noticed a couple of them were taller and were holding huge machetes. I turned and looked behind me. It was a long way down and the city was destroyed. There were fires scattered throughout and smoke pouring out of several locations. It was dusk and the sun was starting to descend below the horizon. I noticed a harbor nearby and thought, "I could just fly over to the harbor wait it out on the water." I was borderline lucid for a while, but this is when I fully became aware.

      I kicked off the wall and began flying around the city. I noticed there was a large ship in the harbor and I knew it was Arcadia (the ship from the newest RE movie). I pondered exploring it, but decided to swoop through the city again before exploring the ship. I turned around and headed back for the city. This time, I flew much lower through the city. I felt up and down my legs for my gun holder and pulled out a pistol. I decided I would perform some fly-by shootings on the zombies below. I pulled the trigger of the gun and found out it was a fully automatic pistol. I thought to myself, "It must be a 'metal storm' pistol." After thinking this, the pistol started firing at an unbelievable rate. I began obliterating the zombies below. Their bodies were being torn to shreds by the "god-like" fire rate of the pistol. As I flew threw the city killing hundreds of zombies, I was amazed at how stable the dream was while all of this was going on.

      I flew back to the harbor which was now much smaller than before (looked like a large pond), Arcadia had now turned into a small jungle boat with a straw roof. I figured I would fly down and check it out. As I landed the dream became unstable and I managed to save it with a few stabilization RCs. I walked through the doorway and saw the boat was unoccupied. There was a mini-store inside complete with a beer cooler and everything. The dream became unstable again and I felt it slipping away. I immediately prepared to DEILD...

      Series Details
      With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!