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    1. Harry Potter

      by , 09-26-2011 at 12:09 PM (The twisting tales of Tahlz mind!)
      I was not myself in these dreams. I was Trent from Big Momma's house and then I became Harry Potter. I have another Harry Potter dream to write down but I need to head to bed so I'll write it up tomorrow.

      The dream started off were I was Trent from Big Momma's house and I made great friends with everyone from school. Somehow people found out I at one stage wore a fat suit and pretended to be a female (like Trent did in Big Momma's house 3). I heard whisperers that people had found out and had planned to gang up on me to cause me harm. I threw a jumper over myself and quickly hid in the crowds of students as I walked onto a field which led me to a basket ball court. I quickly made my way out of the basket ball court and in front of the school were all of a sudden, Bellatrix from Harry Potter came running out from the street. I then transformed into Harry Potter. Bellatrix and I exchanged words but I cannot remember the convosation. I remember running from her after we shared words. I then appeared in a meat shop with this other guy, we were looking at meat when I noticed the meat seller was acting a tad odd. I got freaked out a bit and started to run to the closest door which was a door to another room. As I ran, I opened the door and bolted inside, arrows following behind me. Thankfully they flew into the chair that I moved from behind in the nick of time. Sadly, I was in a room with Lord Voldemort and his followers. Voldemort and his followers knew I was there but they ignored me as I walked around the room, looking for a way out which I found out, there wasn't so I decided to go stand by a empty chair. A big gaint guy then sat beside my empty seat and he kept staring at me, he randomly said some sexual stuff to me so I got freaked out got to the ground and climbed under the chairs to get away from him as I couldn't go around the chairs. I ended up next to Lord Voldemort. Voldemort was rather nice and calm, he also was hungry and wanted some food so he asked me what I wanted to eat.. I replied 'Subway' and I, his followers and him went and got Subway.
      Tags: harry, potter
    2. 8/15/11 Hogwarts House Challenge

      by , 08-24-2011 at 07:36 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      V-WILD'd successfully! Sorry I haven't posted a DJ entry in a while...will try to start getting back into it.

      I was standing outside the Hogwarts Castle, by a brick wall. I stabilized the dream, and everything became clearer. The wall felt rough, and faded when I rubbed it.

      Behind the wall, was a entrance to Hogwarts. It was a mossy green circular door, that seemed about 15 feet high. I walked through the tall grass towards the door and pushed it open.

      Inside, was a royal looking hallway fllled with candles everywhere. It was crowded and people were staring at me. curiously. I smiled at them.

      I saw a very small door to my left, and walked past it. Suddenly, a random guy stopped me in the hallway and said that the door lead to the sorting hat, and I needed to be sorted. I said it was a dream, and I would just find a taller door and the sorting hat would be there for me. He seemed persistent, and said I HAD to shrink down and go through that particular door.

      So I shrunk down slowly, and pushed open the door. There was a small, wooden table right in the center of the room with the sorting hat sitting on the middle of it. There was no other furniture in the room. The walls seemed to be made of some type of fur.

      I picked up the hat, put it on. It seemed to melt into my head, and I asked it what house I would be in. After about 10 seconds, it shouted: "HUFFLEPUFF!" I was happy, since this is the house I wanted!

      I said thank you to the hat, and stepped out of the room. I was trying to remember any of the Hufflepuff tasks, but I couldn't. I grew back up, and started to walk around the castle.

      I decided to start talking to random people passing me. I stopped a really tall, bright-oranged haired girl, and asked her how she was doing.

      She replied, "Fine and dandy, just like a pencil!"

      She randomly touched my arm, and her finger melted in it. When she pulled her hand out of my arm, her finger was missing. I looked down, and saw my veins popping out. They were a magenta color. It freaked me out, so I looked away quickly.

      I continued to walk down the hall, and noticed an abstract painting. I can't remember the details of it, but I got so absorbed in it..I forgot I was dreaming .

      Thank you for reading
    3. harry potter dream

      by , 07-22-2011 at 11:34 PM (Dakotah's web of dreams)
      I remember walking down this dark hall. There was little light but I don't know where it was Comming from because there were not lights or windows. Then I used the lumenesent spell. (Or however you spell it). My wind lights up and I see professor mcgonagail fighting a bunch of death eaters. Then there were people behind me. Using spells like ''explelliarmus" and ''stupify". I shot a couple of the death eaters. One of the death eaters grab mcgonagail. I use expelliarmus to shut the wond out of his hand and than I used stupify to shoot them away. As I kept walking I saw one of the weasly brothers on the ground. He threw his wond at me.

      That was the last thing I remember.
    4. Reparo!(is a spell used to seamlessly mend broken objects)

      by , 06-22-2011 at 05:25 PM
      This is an old Harry Potter dream that I had which dates back to [I]October 12th, 2009[/I]. I thought it was quite funny since I'm usually not this violent. So here it is:

      (ps:keep in mind that I was only 15)

      << I had this dream where I got another iPod touch. Okay now to my reparo dream. I dreamt that I was at the entrance of my house and Peter Pettigrew was trying to kill me so I had this knife, slit his stomach and cut his head off but in doing that, my left leg split open so I had to keep saying "reparo" to fix it. Then I walked out of my house and met these other witches/wizards and we were on a hunt for an evil wizard. Next, I don't know where they went but I was in this land called Arcadia and Dumbledore was with me and we were in this kitchen with the evil wizard! Dumbledore then turned into a dog and the evil wizard was trying to lure hiim with treats so I had to do the same. He was going to the evil side and I couldn't stop him. Then, I woke up. >>

    5. more dreams

      by , 12-24-2010 at 05:01 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Hogwarts express

      I'm waiting at a table with harry and hermoine. The hogwarts Train is just sitting there and waiting. I keep seeing my mom pass by and each time she gives me a strange look. She looks like she did the first time we sent her to the hospital.


      I'm at Gary's house waiting for him to arrive. I enter the living room and see his mother watching TV. On the screen she's watching someone play guitar... It sounds so good that i actually have to turn away in shame! His mother spots me and asks me what I'm doing here. I say waiting for Gary. She says to wait outside.

      I go outside and like clockwork Gary arrives with some friends. One person looks like Cho Chen from harry potter... But then I realize it's a crossdresser... must be halloween or something... Anyway Cho pulls out a uitar and summons a guitar hero game and starts jamming on the guitar. He's playing a jason becker model signature guitar. Again the playing is too good that I have to turn away.

      making food

      I'm making a weird sort of omellete thinging on a long grill. I am pouring some strange sauce on it when my bro's gf jen comes by and complains that I'm putting too much sauce on it. I then fold the egg omelette in half concealing the sauce.


      I remember lying in bed when asuka joins me to cuddle witha big smile on her face.

      Strange house.

      i'm in a house with haley and some other people. We are on a sort of landing leading to downstairs. I hear some people downstairs and they are thrashing. The floor boards we are standingon begin jumping from the thrashing. Then we go downstairs to investigate.


      This may have been a continuation of the previous dream. I am downstairs in the same house. In haleys place is now hermoine, and now harry is also with us. We chase someone and find something but I can't remember.

      Later we jump out of a building and all float slowly down to the ground. We re all holding onto one another. I remember this part from a a harry potter book i read in dreams. In the book part Hermoine says something like that she feels a close connection to the rest of us.. a feeling very miuch like siblings. But she's not saying it this time. So instead I say it. I say Harry is like a brother and that Hermoine is like my sister. She blushes and smiles at me... WTF?!?!?!?!?
    6. 12/10/10 DADA Lesson 1 - Fire and Ice

      by , 12-13-2010 at 01:05 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: The plan tonight was to see why Voldemort is so interested in interfering with MoSh and Asuka instead of being focused on Harry, and find a way to stop that. Additionally, planned to go to the world where I am a teacher at Hogwarts, it is the first day of class with Defense Against the Dark Arts. Nomad has said he will show up there, possibly disguised as a desk… that should be interesting… will wait and see. Unfortunately, I was not successful in entering my WILD… even though I was using my light / sound machine, there was something wrong with my leg that I couldn't seem to get it comfortable long enough to get into my WILD, it took a long time to fall asleep at all…

      I am in my own bed, but it doesn't feel like my own bed. The first thing I realize is that it isn't a waterbed, so I roll over and open my eyes to see where I am. I know something is strange, but I haven't put it together that I am dreaming yet, just that I am not where I am supposed to be. I sit up and look around the room, I am in a room that looks like a bedroom that might be found in a castle, the window looks like it might be part of a castle… I get up and look around a bit more, I open a closet there and find clothes so I get dressed, then go through a door opposite the window. Now I find myself in a small sitting room, there are a couple comfortable looking chairs and a book case with some really interesting looking books on it, old looking books, they look like antique leather bound books… I take one down and look at it, but I don't have a lot of time to do that. I feel I need to get moving, so I put it back and go through a door opposite the one I entered through. Now I am in an office, there is a large wooden desk there with some pieces of parchment scattered about, another couple of book cases filled with interesting looking books, and a few comfortable looking chairs, one behind the desk, two on the other side of the desk, and one in the corner of the room. There is a stack of books on the desk, I go to take a look at one, it is titled "Out of the Darkness" by Raven Knight. I have written a book? I don't remember writing that book, so where did it come from? I pick it up and look at it, there are many song spells listed in the book, as well as some other spells, and also it tells about how the spells can be used, their primary use and some alternate possibilities… weird.

      I still have a feeling of where I need to go. This has finally gotten strange enough for me to do a RC, so I become lucid. I remember what I am there to do, I am there to teach a class on magic, of all the strange things. I can think of so many people who would be better suited to being a teacher than me… but if I am there, I have to do my best, so I use TK to move the books with me and I head through one more door positioned across from the desk, and I enter a classroom. There are numerous desks in the room, it looks like a typical classroom, and there is a larger desk in the front, though it is nowhere near as nice as the one in my office. I set the books down on the desk and look around, wondering what I need to do to prepare for the class, to make sure I don't look like a complete retard. I think for a bit, then a portal opens and Nomad comes flying through, I can hear students coming outside the door, so I tell him to do what he's going to do before they get in, or there will be a lot of questions to answer. He changes into a desk near the front of the room just as the first students start coming in.

      They all come in and sit in their usual groups, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are together, Draco, Crabb, and Goyle are together… apparently it's Gryffindor and Slytherin this time, though I am not sure what year they are in. I am looking, I notice that Hermione sits at Nomad, I can't help but chuckle just a bit. So soon everyone is in their seats, many of them are talking amongst themselves, some are looking at me as if they expect me to do something, which I'm sure they do. So finally I get everyone's attention, and introduce myself, and the class, and I figure they books are to pass out to the students, so I use TK to do that. One book to each student, Hermione is wondering where my wand is, I tell her that not all magic requires the use of a wand, and we would be learning magic in this class that can be done without a wand. Someone says he thought that was impossible, I say it is not impossible, and it is important, since there may come a time when one of them is in danger and doesn't have access to a wand. I tell them that if it makes it easier to learn the spell at first, go ahead and use the wands, but by the time they have learned the spell, the wand will be completely unnecessary. Draco is muttering something to Crabb and Goyle, I am assuming it is something rude, but I choose to ignore it for now. I open the book, and I see that the first spells there are elemental spells, fire and ice to be exact. So I start off on Damage, Inc. to produce fireballs, and soon most everyone seems to be able to form a small ball of fire with their wands.

      I am getting on to ice, I figure that is a good idea when playing with fire to have something to counter it, and Hermione's desk turns into a student… or Nomad turns into a student… Hermione jumps out of her transforming desk, her book falls on the floor, and she is staring in shock at Nomad, who introduces himself as Jason. Everyone is staring at Nomad, Ron mutters a "Bloody hell! How did you do that?" at Nomad, but Nomad doesn't answer, he just sits down in an empty desk. I summon up an empty desk for Hermione to use, but everyone is still shocked at Nomad's transformation. I finally tell them that Nomad has been in my class before, and that is a more advanced transformation spell we'll get to later in the class, but apparently Jason had felt the need to show off.

      I take the class outside to an open field where it will be more safe to practice playing with fire and ice, and everyone starts doing that, I have created some dummies for them to target with the spells. Crabb sets himself on fire, Goyle freezes his friend in ice… which puts out the fire but brings a completely new problem… so I defrost Crabb. Draco is trying to set Harry's robes on fire, Hermione keeps dousing it with ice before it can catch… I tell Draco to aim at the dummies only, he says he is aiming at a dummy, I say he knows what I mean, and add a bit of a telepathic push to get him firing his flames at the target dummies instead of Harry. Neville Longbottom is smoking… quite literally… the tip of his wand is producing a lot of smoke, but no fire. He continues doing that, apparently trying to focus harder, until there is a small explosion at his wand that succeeds in covering his face with soot, but doesn't seem to have done any more. Draco says if Neville did that enough, he might improve the appearance of his face by burning it off, Harry tells Draco to shut up, Draco says Harry should make him, Harry says ok that he will… but I break it up before it becomes an actual fight, I don't need anyone getting set on fire here. Then I am able to give some personal attention to Neville in the form of a bit of a telepathic guide on how to do the spell as well as some positive encouragement, and soon Neville is able to form a small fireball, at which he is thrilled.

      Nomad is firing ice bullets at his target, interchanged with fireballs, he is clearly doing just fine with these spells, though I was sure he would… he does something else and comes out with a bunch of candy canes… huh? I wonder where he got those, and he starts passing them out to everyone, then starts eating his own while most of the students are still staring at him. Crabb and Goyle are the only ones to immediately start eating their candy. Nomad now does his best impression of a hydrogen molecule, he is bouncing all around the field and target range like a kid jacked up on so much sugar that he can't see straight. I almost call him Nomad, then I remember he is Jason right now, and I ask him to settle down a bit, there are people trying to learn here. Nomad lands near me, gives me a big hug while thanking me, and then he creates a disc out of ice and gets on it, then proceeds to make it fly into the air and shoot a circle of fire out from the ice disc while he is riding it, it looks quite cool… Then the two opposite elements interacting with each other form a tornado. The tornado picks up a lot of dust and then finally disperses, and when it is gone, so is Nomad. Everyone is staring, getting anyone to focus now would be impossible… or most everyone is staring. Crabb and Goyle are collecting candy canes, a lot of the students dropped their candy canes in shock when they saw Nomad disappear. They return to Draco, both of them holding big hands full of candy canes, licking them enthusiastically, as happy as a kid in a candy store. Harry asks if we will be learning all of that, too… I say it is really just a variation on the spells I showed them today, and yes, we will get into modifying the spells to fit specific needs. Ron utters another "Bloody hell!" I see the class is just about over, so I tell everyone it is time to go, a few minutes early to allow them to reach their next class on time.
    7. 12/08/10 Tri-School Tournament Challenge 1

      by , 12-09-2010 at 03:25 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Tonight is the first challenge of the tournament at Hogwarts, so this is my main plan, to go participate in the event. MoSh is coming for that, of course, so we will see how the first challenge goes. For now we will be working in teams for each house, so that means I will be working with Draco, MoSh will be working with Harry and Hermione. There are two other schools visiting, and each of them have four houses, two contestants from each house, also working as teams this time. I'm not sure how many challenges will be done as teams before it's everyone for themselves. That was my only goal, so I focused on that as I slipped into a WILD…

      I am in bed, in my bed at Hogwarts. I am immediately aware of that by the feel of the bed, and the sounds going on around me, it seems everyone else is already up and moving around but I have been sleeping in. I get out of bed and dressed, then open the curtains to see what is going on out there. The other girls are talking to each other, and they seem happy to see me, all of them asking how I am doing, if I am nervous about the challenge, Marie says I am lucky to be able to ditch classes today, Shanara says she can't wait to find out more about the challenge, Andie says she knows Draco and I can win… I am not really sure what they are talking about, but I figure I will find out in due time, so for now I just go with it. As the four of us go down to the common room, my mind is clearing up, the last of my sleepiness is passing, I think it is odd that I am sleepy after waking up in a lucid dream… When we get down to the common room I see Draco there, it looks like he has been waiting for me, my memory is completely clear now. I remember that the first challenge of the Tri-School Wizard Tournament is today, and I will be doing it with Draco since we are from the same house. Draco has a strange look on his face, but he greets me ok, and says all of the contestants are to meet near the Quidditch field… that was something I hadn't thought of at the school yet… Quidditch! Is there not going to be Quidditch teams this year? Maybe the season just hasn't started yet… So after going to the great hall to get some breakfast, Draco and I go out by the Quidditch field.

      When Draco and I reach the Quidditch field I see that McGonagall is there, and she is waiting for the contestants to gather. Several of them I recognize, others I don't, though. Viktor Krum is there, he doesn't look to bright, but that could be decieving… One of them I recognize as Fleur Delacour, Hermione is there looking nervously up at the castle, I recognize some of the others as fellow Hogwarts students and the others I am assuming are from the other schools. MoSh shows up, it seems he has appeared from nowhere, Hermione is glad to see him, she asks him where Harry is, he is running late. MoSh said maybe Harry is still getting his flu shot. Hermione gives MoSh a strange look, says she hasn't heard anything about a flu shot, but she doesn't take the thought any further as Harry shows up at this point. Finally everyone has gathered, Hermione is asking Harry where he has been, but Harry doesn't have a chance to answer before McGonagall starts talking. She says we have the morning to make any finally plans, but we should be made aware that no items can be taken into the maze. She says no wands can be used during the challenge. She adds that any items found on the course can be used, some of them may have magical properties, but we would have to know what to do with it, of course. She points at an amulet one of the students from another school is wearing, and says she sees it has magical properties, so she will have to leave it behind. She points at my Witchblade bracelet and says the same goes for that. It seems both of us are reluctant to give our items up, McGonagall is a bit impatient, she says she will make sure nothing happens to either of them, and they will be waiting for us at the other end of the challenge course. I finally give her my Witchblade, figuring I can summon it back if needed, and the other girl hands over her amulet. McGonagall tells us to meet back by the Quidditch field at noon, lunch would be provided, then we would start at 12:30 sharp. So don't be late, she looks at Harry when she says that last part.

      On this map: MoSh, Harry, and Hermione are the red line, Draco and I are the green line.

      So Draco and I look over the map one more time to plan out our course, we are not allowed to have the map in the challenge, so we will have to memorize the path we want to take, and we meet back at the Quidditch field right on time. Everyone else is there on time, too, so the challenge begins on time. For a short distance it seems everyone is going in the same direction, but finally we split up and head in our own ways. Draco and I are following the green path on this map, while MoSh, Harry, and Hermione are on the red path. The map shows a lot, so I will just hit the important parts. The first darker green area on the map is a vine covered region, as Draco and I pass through there, we collect some long pieces of vine that look strong, and take them with us. That way when we reach the ravine, I am able to tie a stone to the end of the vine and then throw it over the ravine. The ravine isn't really that wide, but it is really deep. The rock proves unnecessary, though, the vine has a magical property and it plants itself right where it lands. Placing the other end of the vine on this side makes the vine plant itself here, too, and the vine across the ravine goes tight. I tell Draco we can just use the vine to cross… he doesn't seem to like it much… I take a second vine and throw it over, using a rock just so I can aim better… and a little TK helps… so I land this one on a slightly higher spot, place the second end… then once more, now the three vines form a triangle, a bridge, with two vines to hold onto and a third to walk on. Draco is looking at the bridge not far along the ravine, and says we could just use that… I point out that someone else is already there, and there are small specks bombarding them, apparently the enemies Draco's father had warned him about, warning him against taking what appeared to be the easy route. I wonder if that's MoSh, Harry, and Hermione… I see there are three of them, and I am sure Hermione would not want to cross anywhere but at the bridge since she is scared of heights. Draco and I use my vine bridge and cross, heading into the forest on the other side.

      The forest is deliberately made confusing, but we don't get lost. We soon reach the other side of the forest where there is a large rock there, I am thinking up there is a good spot to survey the land from. Harry, MoSh, and Hermione show up right after us, Draco makes some remark to Harry about being behind already, it's a good thing he and I are nice enough to let them catch up… after all, we don't want it to be too easy. I tell him to leave me out of that. Harry says he is surprised Draco made it this far, and adds that he and I probably cheated by using magic to get to the rock first. I look over at Harry, but all that comes out of my mouth is, "Excuse you?" While they are getting into that, MoSh is climbing the rock to get a view of the area. I join MoSh in the climbing of the rock, not wanting to deal with Draco and Harry arguing, MoSh and I vent about our partners… MoSh says Harry thinks he knows everything, I say Draco is about as mature as a two year old… We are almost to the top when a monkey about the size of a human jumps from one of the trees and grabs at MoSh. MoSh throws the monkey back to the ground, where it lands right between Harry and Draco, effectively breaking their argument up. The monkey gets up and looks around at us, but MoSh isn't done with him yet. MoSh jumps off of the rock, grabs the monkey, and slams him into a tree… then slams him into the ground a few more times, stomps on him for good measure, then throws him up into the sky and over the forest where it disappears from sight. Harry, Hermione, Draco, and I are now all staring at MoSh, not entirely sure of what to say, apparently that monkey had really pissed MoSh off… MoSh starts climbing the rock again, Harry comes up behind him and grabs his shirt to get his attention. "Are you…" Harry starts, then MoSh jumps on Harry and slams him into a tree. I am asking MoSh why he is attacking his own teammate, it makes no sense, is he ok? I jump off the rock and help Hermione pull MoSh off of Harry, Draco is laughing his ass off, saying if they keep that up, there's no way they will win… Gryffindor will be the first house out of the running. Hermione tells Draco to shut up, MoSh has stopped trying to attack Harry, but now he feels like he has a fever… he is sick? Hermione shoots up emergency sparks with her wand… we have them in case of emergency but are not permitted to use them… and soon a couple of people swoop down on brooms, they carry both Harry and MoSh off. Hermione says she wants to stay and finish the challenge, there's no way she's letting Slytherin come in first… then she looks at me, and says she means no offense to me.

      We leave the rock and head in different directions, Hermione heads off to the east, Draco and I are heading west. We come to the river we had been told about, and it is rapids, but they don't look too bad. I use the last of my vines to tie together some wood that Draco and I collect, and make it into a raft… surprisingly, it floats. Yay! Draco and I use the raft to ride the rapids and take the shortcut by steering off onto the right fork in the river. Not only have we avoided having to do the extra climbing to get past some small mountains, but we are moving much faster than we would be if we were on foot. As the river veers back off to the west we pull our raft over to the shore, where Draco and I get out. We follow a path that leads up to some steep sheer mountains, there is a steep and difficult path that goes over the mountain, and there is a longer but easy path that goes around the mountain… or there is a tunnel that passes through the mountain, and an easier path that goes over. Draco and I choose the tunnel that goes through the mountain, it is well hidden, but Draco had it marked on his map, and we remember where it is. So with that little extra short cut we get through the mountain and out the other side first. The two of us are greeted with an array of cheering and booing… rude people booing… shortly later, Hermione shows up, and stares at us, she says she doesn't know how we managed to get there first. She seems very out of breath, close to collapsing, but Draco and I are hardly winded after walking the mostly level path through the mountain.

      There are judges there, all of the members of the judge's panel, I see Umbridge there, she is glaring over at us, she accuses Hermione of cheating since there is no way one person could have made it through. I ask another of the judges how MoSh and Harry are, I am told that the two of them are going to be fine, Harry just had some bruises, MoSh seems to have the flu, he was most likely a bit delirious when he attacked Harry. I ask how MoSh could have the flu… The woman I am speaking to says she doesn't know, but Madam Palmphrey will be more than able to get them both back to full health. I feel like I am going to wake up soon, so I tell the others that I am going to the hospital wing to check on MoSh, then I leave. If I make it to the Hospital wing, then I am not remembering it now, because this is where my memories end.

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    8. 12/05/10 Martial Arts Code

      by , 12-07-2010 at 02:38 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: My main plan right now is to get consistent with my ability to WILD using my new light /sound machine, which I need to find the settings that work best for me. MoSh wants to continue with more Harry Potter dreams, so that is kind of a plan, so that will be my main goal for my WILD… to meet up with MoSh in a Harry Potter dream. I put on my new light / sound machine and slipped into a WILD… Yay for WILDs!

      I am at Hogwarts, I am in the halls, though I am not sure where I need to be going right now. I start walking down the hall, trying to figure out where I need to go, when a woman comes up behind me. I recognize her, it's Andie from my dorm room, my other two roommates are there with her. I look at them and try to remember what their names are, there is a woman with short red hair named Shanara, and there is another woman with long blonde hair named Marie. I am not really sure where I remember their names from, but I am certain of those names. Andie asks what I am doing, she says we had better get to potions quickly before Snape gets mad. Marie says Andie is too worried, Snape never gets mad at Slytherin students. She says we could wander in there half way through class and Snape would just ignore us. Andie says Snape won't overlook something like that for anyone, not even the students from his own house. Whether Snape would let that much tardiness go or not, we hurry to get to the classroom, which is in the dungeons. I sit next to Tigress, who is sitting in a row behind MoSh and Asuka. Harry, Ron, and Hermione sit down behind Tigress and me, Draco sits down to my left (Tigress is on my right). Ron leans forward and whispers something to Tigress, I don't hear exactly what he says, but it is clear Tigress is not pleased by it. She says, much more loudly than Ron, "How about you shut the fuck up and mind your own business?" Hermione is next to Ron, she gives him a disapproving look, but says nothing. Harry isn't paying any attention at all, though he is giving dirty looks to the back of Draco's head. Draco turns around and smirks at Harry, saying he hopes Harry stays in the tournament long enough so that Draco can show everyone what a fraud the great Harry Potter really is. Harry responds with a very unimaginative, "Shut up, Malfoy." It looks like he might say more, but Hermione elbows him in the ribs as Snape walks to the front of the room, apparently to keep Harry from getting himself in trouble.

      Snape's lesson goes smoothly apart from Goyle screwing up his potion by adding too much of one ingredient and too little of another, which resulted in a blast of colored smoke from his cauldron that colored his face and hair a hot neon pink. Snape makes fun of Goyle a bit, but says the color will wear off in time. Goyle wants to know how much time, Snape responds it should be long enough for Goyle to figure out the importance of following directions properly. Goyle looks over at Draco as if blaming Draco for not being there to help him with the potion. At the end of the class, everyone leaves, and now it is time for lunch. Draco asks me about preparing for the tournament, I tell him maybe Vegeta will be available after we eat lunch. Draco doesn't seem to care about eating lunch, he says he just wants to make sure he is able to crush Harry Potter like a gnat in the tournament… not just beat him, but completely humiliate him. I roll my eyes at that, but I don't say anything since it seems at least Draco is trying to keep his hatred of Harry confined to the tournament. I tell Draco he won't get very far in training if he is malnourished. We head into the great hall, where there is an informal gathering for lunch, by which I mean people are coming and going as they choose, sitting wherever they want instead of at specific tables… Draco goes and grabs a sandwich, proceeding to wolf it down in record time, but I linger a bit longer to eat my lunch before we leave the great hall.

      On the way out of the castle to look for Vegeta, I spot a familiar and much hated face, it is Delores Umbridge. But Professor Lupin is the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, so what is that bitch doing at Hogwarts? I wouldn't have been able to miss her if I had been trying, as she is wearing a bright pink dress that looks a bit like Goyle's face after his potion accident, and one of the ugliest hats I have ever seen, the hat is white with a bunch of pink feathers in it that make Umbridge look like she has a dead flamingo on her head. WTF? I voice my 'WTF' a bit too loud, and Draco seems to think I don't know who Umbridge is, so he fills me in on that. He says that woman is Delores Umbridge, she is one of the tournament judges. He says he doesn't know who in the ministry she has dirt on, but even his father had been unable to persuade them to remove her from the judges' panel. I ask why Lucius wants to get her off the judge's panel, Draco said the woman makes his father sick, with all of her sickly sweet behaviors that are so clearly put on that someone who is both blind and deaf could spot her as a fraud. Draco says that the only thing she and his father agree on is that mudbloods have no place in a school of magic. I shoot Draco a dirty look, but I don't say anything since he isn't actually calling a specific person a nasty name, and I figure if I start contesting every single annoying thing Draco does, he'll just end up getting pissed at me and that could screw up my attempts to get him to behave at all and also my chances of healing him.

      Umbridge disappears around a corner, I wonder where she is going, but I figure it doesn't really matter at this time since I have other things going on and I don't really have time to play with Umbridge right now. Draco and I go out onto the grounds to where I have seen Vegeta before, and we find him there now, he is there with MoSh, Hermione, and Cedric, while Ron and Harry are watching, though they don't seem to be speaking to each other, each one is making a clear and deliberate effort not to look at the other. Vegeta smirks in our direction, about as close to a smile as I usually see on him, and says we have two more to add to the class. Ron says if Draco and I are coming, he is leaving, he can't stand the stench. Vegeta glares at him, which results in Ron turning so pale that his freckles look like holes in his sheet-white skin… Vegeta tells Ron that he is obviously too weak to join the martial arts class after all. Ron gets annoyed at that and says he is not weak, but Vegeta says Ron can't even control his tongue. "One must first learn civility before learning the martial arts," Vegeta says, it sounds like he is quoting something from somewhere, "and one must first know good ethics before developing powerful skills. You would do well to remember those words." Ron points at Draco, "But he's always saying Hermione is a mudblood and insulting me and Harry and…" Vegeta interrupts him, saying it doesn't matter what Draco says or does, that is no excuse for Ron losing control. He says anything Draco does will be dealt with, but this time it was Ron, not Draco, who had opened his big mouth. Draco is about to crack up laughing next to me, without even looking in our direction, Vegeta says, "Malfoy! Do you find something about this amusing?" Draco stops laughing instantly and says no, nothing is amusing, since it is clear Vegeta is not pleased by Draco's laughter. Vegeta says then Draco should stop laughing and get ready to take training seriously. Draco looks over at me and asks how it can be that a muggle is putting off such a powerful energy presence… I tell Draco that magic isn't everything, Vegeta has his own type of power, and it is definitely awesome.

      Everyone that will be training is now gathered around Vegeta, Harry, Hermione, MoSh… it looks like everyone is there except Tigress, I'm not certain if she is absent on purpose or not. Ron is still lingering off to the side, Vegeta says his class is not limited to tournament participants, so if Ron is ready to man up and behave in an adult manner, he can stay with the class. Ron hesitates, but then he scoffs at the class and walks away towards the castle, making another remark about filthy Slytherins. I can see Vegeta really made an impact on him… NOT! Now the training starts, it isn't a particularly long training session, I think it was just a chance for some of the students to meet up with Vegeta and see the kinds of things they can learn from him. Everyone there is clearly impressed, though Draco tries not to show it, acting like the things Vegeta is doing aren't anything that he hasn't seen before. Vegeta ignores that attitude issue and continues with his lesson. Since the first challenge is to have no magic used, Vegeta is sticking to the physical techniques of martial arts, saying the techniques he is showing here are from the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts. We get to the point where Vegeta has some of the students try some of the simple techniques out, I see more people have gathered around as time goes by, either drawn by the activity or maybe they had planned on coming after they finished eating lunch. After we are done with Vegeta, it is time for classes to start again, so we head off for Transfiguration class. The rest of the classes during the day pass uneventfully, so much so that I have very few memories from them.
    9. Max-Harry-Game

      by , 11-25-2010 at 12:24 AM
      My dream from last night was a mixture of the Maximum Ride series, the Harry Potter movies, and a video game I made up. My family represented the kids from Maximum Ride, and I had to go on a quest, that had to do wih 8 magical items. A wand that was broken, A stone that could make people drunk/knock them out AND make you fly ,and a cape that does absolutely mothing at all! I had to stop the flyboys from getting crashing into Hogwarts, so buried the magical items, and I got a bunch of free powers from the stuff, like the ability to make people drunk, or to fly like a supercafenated infreno!!! I then made thy flyboys drunk like this !!!!! Then it all goes black...
    10. My Dream 1

      by , 09-19-2010 at 12:14 AM
      I was talking to my friend about raising money for my friends mum and my crush walked in and sed he wud give it to me i sed no no no but he sed yes... so his mum sed i only want his money nothing else so then i wanted to talk to him and we was in a dark black room with 2 sofas and i sat infront of his and sed i love u for who u are not what u are i dont want ur money i want who u have inside u and i started crying and i was expecting him to hug me and then after 6 seconds he kissed me and it actually felt like he was kissing me and i could taste it and everything. Im really freaked out Someone help me!