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    1. Lost in music

      by , 01-31-2016 at 07:26 PM
      At school miffed at not been in time for something. I walk back into a white carpeted area with a stairwell with silver banister and cube glassed window. There is an elderly man there not unlike samuel l jackson, here has a grey checkd floppy berri on his head. i knock it off his head in my fit of rage and it flys across the the room. It falls to the floor spilling out many lead unformed objects.
      I immeditetly realise the error of my ways and apologies. He agrees to help me out of my predicatment by singing with me.
      But when I leave to return he is no where to be seen.

      I walk into the white and silver studio, with large round platforms for the performers to stand on, with hanging microphones and headsets.
      Robs group is currently performing in black outfits and time is rapidly running out. There is a main control panel where an old style cassette tape should be placed. I am convinced it is missing and question Georg about its possible whereabouts she is quite aggressive and berates me.

      It is time for the performance, but I do not even know the tune let alone the song, reminscient of whiplash.
      I flounder about, then the music starts, it was there all along and the performance goes fine, except for my hystronics

      I think the lead objects represented unmanifested though forms (being situated under his hat) and that is why it was not his "time" to perform the actions I wanted him too, despite his conscious thoughts.

      Otherwise usual worry about worsed case scenario for no reason but habit.
    2. Time travel with a difference

      by , 01-22-2016 at 06:55 PM
      D1 - I find out why I have been falling in love with the same red haired person through time.
      I meet Matt Smith and Karen Gillan , and here is the synch
      adidas wrote-tumblr_ne194k2u8z1tmmag1o1_5002.jpg

      Anyway best thing is, is the time machine is a train. We travel and tracks through space and time, on outside of train for some reason.
      Meeting past life red head, earlier red head this life time and later red head this life time. Which are all supposed to be same soul
      Anyhow was cool.

      D2 - Brother and ex-wife are in some kind of limbo, with 2 years not knowing what to do or where to live. They visit a warehouse with lots of boxes with special coding on them. I figure out how it works but can see no point for such a system as they have next to no stock.

      D3 - Horse riding competiton. Our side is very confident but are tricked due to this. Our last hope is a good rider, he jumps and swings himself onto the horses back much as a gymnast onto the parallel bars. But we are still tricked it seems.
    3. The Power of the Masters

      by , 08-07-2015 at 06:03 PM
      Morning of August 7, 2015. Friday.

      This was an atypical extraordinary dream that was quite long and exhausting. I can only relate some scenes as much of it was abstract.

      In one part of my dream, my wife Zsuzsanna (though at a much younger age before we met) seemed to be oddly played by the role of a white female; actress Mary Beth McDonough. After a time, she is more like a composite. As most people have learned over time from my extensive online journal, it is ludicrous that anyone other than the dreamer could associate or “interpret” anything in his or her dream. The idea is so preposterous (not to mention disturbing) that I could fill an entire book with how wrong this concept is. In fact, this tiny little facet of just one dream proves that.

      No one but me could possibly relate why this dream facet manifested. It is because of one minor association between my wife and Mary Beth McDonough that only I could know, that being the deer symbol. This is because both my wife and her had photographs taken of feeding and petting a deer around the same age, and that is obviously the first thing that comes to mind for me.

      No one but me could decode the next scene, either. Over time, I am concerned about this character’s safety. Her “parents” (though they seem completely unfamiliar) talk to me about her future and for a time, it almost seems as if I am the father. The male is dressed as in the painting “My Father Was Big As A Tree” from 1955 and does not remove his hat.

      Something happens to where her fake father seems to be causing her trouble or preventing her spiritual growth by preaching some form of skewed Christianity. She sits on the couch with her arms folded much of the time. I begin to develop a special discernment that I cannot call lucidity, because I am not lucid. I tell the male that it is impossible for him to alter the destiny of a master since the patterns exist in the world itself. I become angry.

      In this way as if noticing me as who I am for the first time (related to any faux back story), he seems to see me in a different light as I feel, for whatever reason, that I need to protect the actress (who is looking more like my wife-to-be). I feel an exhausting level of energy and blow out towards him as he shouts “Manny! Manny!” to his wife, and he transforms into a butterfly under my will as he escapes through the front open doorway of the unfamiliar residence. I expect him to not make it across the front yard.

      “That girl was ta…” (thunder). Police cars take my schoolmate away. I want to live in the sky, away from humanity and those who so effortlessly prey on the innocent without remorse..and all the while playing the victim. I saw the signs and no one ever listened. No one ever does.

      From here, I reach down and feel my left leg and notice it has transformed into a deer’s leg and I can clearly feel the foot. It seems very intriguing and vivid and I brush over the fur on my left leg. My wife is herself again and I am once again thankful that no other path would ever have given me life.

      I then see myself in a painting where I am separated from humanity by a gulf that will always be reflected in “Alien Child” (as the original artist apparently saw himself). The painting “Alien Child” burns and so does “Hostile Butterflies”.

      Only I know…

    4. Dire Wolves

      by , 03-03-2015 at 02:58 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      After messing around with magnets, and having a mixed drink, I'm driving down the street with my step brother. There's no one on the road, and we're cruising along at around 40 mph. We both spot something coming right at us up ahead in the road. It's moving fast. I slow down in case it hits us. Bigger than our car, it is a massive wolf. The head of which is a good 5 ft long, and really really big. He bares his fangs at us, and turns his head as he runs past us along the road in the opposite lane.

      Feeling very vulnerable, even in the car, the road gets too snowy to drive on, so I have to get out and walk if I want to make it home. It also gets really steep. Apparently, I'm crossing the continental divide over the Rocky Mountains to get to some town in Colorado. But man is this steep, and with snow up to my chest, it's really hard to push through it. I see a few more of these beastly wolves all around me, just off the side of the road, watching me slowly make my way up the road. I get the feeling that they are guiding me, and probably won't eat me. Just probably though, so I keep my eyes on them. Luckily, I have a towel with me, so I use it to lay on, pushing the snow down to make it easier to wade through.

      Since this might take me a while, I put on my hat and mittens that were in my pockets this whole time. The wolves watch me to do. I nearly lose sight of the road with so much snow, but see a massive wolf laying down in the snow ahead of me, so I walk toward it. Or to my death, but it's not like I can out run them anyway. To my left I see a few snow mobiles and four wheelers abandoned in the snow, just lightly dusted with fresh snowfall, but still with the keys in the ignition. Several of them are still running.

      I think about stealing one, but decide against it. I bet whoever owns them would be pissed to come back and find it gone. So I walk past them. The road disappears, and I am looking over a 300 ft cliff. But in actuality, I'm just standing on some snow that is packed into the branches of a huge tree with snowmobiles stuck in it. Before I get the chance to even think about how this situation might have happened, unusual as it is, I feel the snow start to give way. I run toward the tree and grab onto the trunk as the snow and machines fall to the ground far below. I hear the tree start to crack apart too, so I grab a falling branch and swing down on it to the midway point of the tree. I feel incredibly lucky to have survived that, and now bear hug the trunk to slow my decent as I slide straight down the icy tree.

      Landing hard in the snow, the tree starts to tip over toward me. WTF! I run super fast and dodge it while also noticing some people on the opposite side. I decide to see if they need any help, but I'm going really fast the opposite direction, so I drag my feet stopping like a hockey player, just with a 40 ft slide. Just in time though. As I stop, I notice a fence around the whole area where the tree fell, on the outside of which are a lot of those massive wolves. Just a whole lot more menacing and vicious looking than before. Growling, barking, and drooling, they give me the deathliest stares I've ever gotten from an animal. I bet if I had crossed that fence I would've been killed. Luckily there is a small town here that has some sort of magical wolf boundary or truce. Seems like a small town from Alaska.
    5. 2005-2013 - Dream similar to Tony Hawk's Underground Game

      by , 09-06-2013 at 11:07 PM
      Location in dream: In a video game environment - In a city by a river which had a raised bridge.

      Todd, The team manager had a mission for me to do: Save his hat from falling off the raising bridge. Someone had stolen it from him and I had to get it back for him and I had to do this within five seconds or I had to start a combo skating line to the bridge.

      I heard his voice clearly: He said "Oh boy. Some (person; ?) --- bridge. ?" The question marks designate parts I didn't recall yet.

      Updated 09-19-2014 at 05:55 AM by 61868

      non-lucid , side notes
    6. Costume Hat and The English Language

      by , 10-27-2012 at 07:54 AM

      I was in a small group of people and everyone was impressed with a man in the group who had recently learned and completely mastered the English language. (This is something that anyone who has read my journal knows that I have completely failed to do. And English is my only language.)


      Someone said they liked my big bad wolf hat that I made for Halloween.
    7. Pants Gone with the Wind

      by , 10-24-2012 at 06:32 PM
      This was good fun, in spite of failing at nearly everything I tried, becoming obsessed with a hopeless task, and losing my pants.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #24: Pants Gone with the Wind

      Wife has sent me to a restaurant to find out whether they recycle "#19 plastic". I'm just about to ask the cashier this inane recycling question when I see that a nearby table has our diaper bag and Wife's wallet sitting unguarded on top of it. I hurry over to pick all this stuff up and see Wife herself standing a few feet away. I recognize all of this for the weird nonsense that it is and tell Wife that I'm having a lucid dream. "Okay," she says, and wanders off.

      I turn back toward the cashier to find that she and the register are gone, replaced by a bunch of school lunch tables jammed together in a tight rectangle. I skirt around these and head to the back of the cafeteria. High up, a bit outside of my reach is a large window showing an overcast day outside. I float up in order to phase through it like I did last dream but this time my hands just bounce off of it. I float back down to the ground and look for a door, not wanting get hung up on this.

      There's a pair of doors equipped with crash bars to my left. I shove my way through and emerge outside under a cloudy, gray sky. To the right, I see a huge gathering of runners and spectators for some sort of foot race. I'm intrigued and I jog toward it, deciding that I want to compete.

      I become very aware of my clothing as I run and I notice that I'm wearing shorts without a belt. The shorts are too big for me and they keep trying to slide down off of my hips. I hike them up once and then do my best to ignore them. I'm surprised to find that I'm also wearing some kind of baseball cap. I remove it and see that it's black with a Papa John's style logo that instead reads "Papa Go's". (I know something's wrong with this name but can't figure out what.)

      The race starts when I'm about 30 feet away, runners ranging from hardcore 30-year-olds to 4-year-old kids setting off on the race. They stream through a huge pizza-decorated starting banner that reads "The Papa Go's Race". Since I want to win and also wow the crowd I take to the air, flying about 20 feet up. But the moment that I catch up with the other runners, a sharp gust of wind kicks up against me, stopping me dead.

      I'm determined to participate in this race so I stubbornly imagine a fresh wind blowing from the opposite direction. This gives me a huge, exhilarating kick forward. But before long, the current of wind that's against me shoves back even harder and I'm stuck again. I force my own wind to blow even harder but the opposing wind rises to a shrieking gale.

      I feel stubborn and unbeatable, though, and I keep pouring on more power. But the howling wind rips my pants away and I suddenly feel much, much less "unstoppable" with no pants. Tears stream from the corners of my eyes and cold wind blasts down my throat. Trees are swaying crazily below me and DCs are running in panic. It dawns on me that I've started something I can't finish. Moments later,
      I'm awake.

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    8. Miku hat

      by , 10-07-2012 at 04:42 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I had a gray hat, and it turned into a hat with a picture of miku on it. I nought it was weird but didn't question it. I was in gym class, and we were outside. We had to climb a hill covered in scrap metal and plastic. I lost my hat somehow (it just disappeared), so I went inside to find it. A lady asked me what I was doing and I gave her an aditude (I actually laughed about that when I woke up). I found it, and went to my bus because it was the end of the day. It was raining out now.
      Tags: bus, hat, miku, school, vocaloid
    9. Odd Fragments

      by , 09-02-2012 at 04:16 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my mom and brother outside a weird, cartoony house somewhere, though I'm not sure where. For some reason, I was really mad at both of them. It had something to do with the job I had in the dream, though I can't remember what the job was. I was crying and screaming at them irrationally with my mouth full of beans and mashed potatoes. I remember spewing some little crumbs out as I did so.


      Something about watching these sex acts between guys and girls and also girls and girls. It was like it was happening to someone else as I watched, but it was indirectly happening to me? Like someone else and I were "getting away" with it. I remember we getting in my car in the parking lot at this outdoor mall we have, and getting stopped by cops. They talked to us through my open windows as we sat in the parking lot. We somehow were doing something illegal, though I'm not sure what. We talked our way out of it, and apparently had many times before, but I knew they were probably on to us.


      I was with Jake (maybe?) at my house. We were collecting items...some of the sex dream from before somehow had something to do with this dream. Collecting the items had something to do with the sex acts. I remember running and jumping to get this brown paper three-pointed hat from atop a very tall shelf. Apparently, no one else could get this.
      "Did you get it?" Jake asked.
      I uncurled my fingers, and the hat was all crumbled in my hand, but would be just fine if I uncrumpled it. It wasn't ruined or anything.
      "Yup!" I responded.

      Not a very restful night of sleep last night, sadly. -_-
      Tags: anger, cop, hat, sex
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Tibetan Monks and Gladiators

      by , 02-28-2012 at 09:50 PM
      We arrive in Tibet (which I know next to nothing about, and the stuff my mind came up with ranges from wildly inaccurate to patently absurd). It is still like the world was in the time of Jesus. Everyone is very poor. I talk to one of the monks in the orange robes. I want to ask him about lucid dreaming, but there are other things to talk about first, and I let him steer the conversation. He talks about how their language, French, used to be the most widely used language, and now they are side-lined as English has taken its palce. I tell him I know I am simply lucky that my language is the widely used one. He tells me I have many years to learn other languages. I tell him about how I am trying to learn German.

      There are all these quarters on the ground. I pick one up, but I get the feeling that I wasn't supposed to, so I put it back down later. Then I pick up another one later. I see the monks periodically placing them on the ground. Er... oops. I really was not supposed to do that. I try to sneakily place the quarter back on the ground, but the monk I've been talking to catches me. He yells at me, saying that picking up the quarters is very wrong, causing a curse that can hurt or kill people. He made that mistake when he was younger, and people died. I'm really sorry. I didn't know. I won't do it again.

      We walk. Pretty much all of the people here besides the monks are old, poor, French-speaking women, and all the monks are men. I don't see any children, although I think there are a couple other tourists, like me. The monks provide the old women with aid and advice, where they can. The monk follows me into a room, probably on a boat. I am looking at a barbecue pork recipe on the wall, while eating a piece of barbecue chicken with my hands. He asks me what it is, and I tell him.

      Outside again, the monk kisses me on the forehead. This feels very weird, and I am not comfortable with this at all.

      In the night, we are woken by a loud noise. We get up to go check it out. It was just a loud machine, though. The monk talks to one of the women in French. I get separated from him somewhere along the way. I'm using my cell phone for light, where there are not other lights. I'm in the living room of my old house now. I see my mom. She jumps onto the fireplace, climbing up the brick in a way that seems creepily inhuman. On the mantelpiece above the fireplace, there are two statues. There are supposed to be four. My 'mom' takes one of the remaining statues, leering at me. She is not supposed to do that. The monks will be mad. That's much worse than when I picked up the quarters, and she is doing it on purpose! I throw my phone at her.

      I wake up. It's 4:15 am. At first I just jot down some notes, but that dream was so cool/weird that I decide to write it all out in the middle of the night instead of waiting for the morning.

      There's a large well. I am Ian, and the Doctor and possibly Barabara are here, too (from Doctor Who). I dropped the ring down the well, but I need to get it back. There is some sort of sprite/spirit in the well, controlling the water. First the water level goes down, then it goes back up. I dive into the water to retrieve the ring and am sucked down into a hole at the bottom of the well.

      I'm travelling with a partner. We're in a shop. I buy a floppy hat. We leave the shop, which is just one small part of a bigger place. For some reason, we're signing up to fight in a gladiatorial event. The line for it is very long and slow. This place has the atmosphere of a casino. It's confusing when I finally get to the front of the line. There's a teller open, but I'm not sure I can use that one. There are signs, but somehow that just confuses me even more. Are fighters supposed to only sign up at the particular teller? I end up using the same one my friend did, after he is done. The person there thinks I am someone she knows, named Rita. I play along. Half my information (address, name, etc.) is fake anyways. I probably wouldn't get through this with a teller who didn't 'know' me. I'm nervous about being discovered, though, but eventually I am done signing up, and I get my 'lotto' tickets that I can use if I survive.

      It's night. The fight will be tomorrow. The guy who runs this place is evil. I find stairs going up, but when I get to the top, there is nothing there. I guess it will lead somewhere once they're finished setting up. I go back down.

      I put on the floppy hat I bought earlier. It takes me a while to get all the plastic tag bits off of it. I'm with the other gladiators. I encourage them to rebel. When the staff comes along, I attack them (oddly, just this one scene is in third person). I get completely piled on, but when the others start fighting, too, I get a chance to escape.

      I walk through the fire escape door, deliberately and without hesitation, even though I know I will probably be caught quickly, since these things are well guarded. The fire alarm goes off, and I step out into a corridor. The guard outside the door seems to know me. He asks how some plot I'm supposed to know about is going. I don't know what to say, but I'm not worried about that right now. I'm looking for a door that actually leads outside. I find an office, instead. I turn around and try going the other way. I find the door that actually leads outside and I start walking along the street, eager to get away. The guard is following me like some sort of puppy, complaining about how tired he is because he didn't get any sleep last night. I tell him he wouldn't have gotten any rest if he had stayed on guard duty anyway.
    11. In Which I Have a Mighty Fine Hat

      by , 02-18-2012 at 08:14 PM
      I'm going to my friend's house. I have a small flat box containing a piece of furniture that I bought for myself, but it was my friend's birthday recently, and I feel guilty about not getting him a present. I realize he would like this furniture, so I give it to him. See, their old comfy chair broke, and the furniture I got is a recliner. It's kind of cheap though. I'm worried it won't be sturdy. It turns out to be a very comfy, squashy blue recliner, and my friend likes it. We rearrange the furniture to make room for it.

      I'm playing Minecraft with a friend. We're at the surface, and there is a gap leading down into a cave. We put ladders and torches on the edges (it's a vertical drop down into the cave). We also put burning rope (it's a sweet new light source). I want to play with this burning rope stuff because it's new. I walk onto the hole with the ladder, so I'll drop slowly down, and then I hang onto the burning rope by pressing shift. I hang from the rope for a few moments, but then I lose my grip and fall into the cave below.

      There are a lot of bookshelves here. We quickly place torches throughout the room. I go down a tunnel to explore alone. I am attacked by skeletons. I defeat them with some difficulty. I realize my health is extremely low. More skeletons attack. I fight cautiously, retreating. I make it back to the main room with the bookshelves, but the skeleton is still on my tail. I weave in and out of the bookshelves, now running more than fighting. The skeleton charges at me. I can't run fast enough. I die. I respawn nearby and hurry back to collect my stuff.

      I'm riding the trains, but I end up somewhere I didn't want to be. I get on the train going back the other way and go back a station.

      I have a mighty fine hat. It's brown with a wide brim and has a string under my chin so I can slide it back and it will rest on my back. I somehow know that Minecraft mechanics are (still) in place, but not everything is cubes. These people are building a submarine with shopping carts and chairs. They start by digging out a few cubes of dirt, and putting some lava in the hole. Now they're building the craft on top of that. They're going to add on a 'candy chair', so I'll have a place to sit. Apparently it's really cute. I'm a little apprehensive of something that cute- it might end up being pink and kiddy and horrible. I wonder how we are going to be able to breathe underwater in this contraption, but I figure it must just take advantage of some sort of glitch.

      I'm putting my backpack in one of the spaces for luggage at the back of this 'submarine'. My backpack is pretty full, but it's squishy, too. It takes a bit of fiddling to get my backpack in the luggage space, but I manage it. We've started moving while I was busy with the luggage. I'm stuck hanging onto the back instead of having an actual seat. A woman and the kid are sitting in the shopping cart shaped main area of the 'sub'. Another woman is hanging off the side and steering. There's an extra chair hanging off the other side that unbalances the craft a little.

      We're moving at high speed over land and little ponds. Presumably we are going to go underwater when we reach the river. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works (although I'm a little afraid the answer will be 'it doesnt'). But I wake up before we reach the river. I'm so disappointed we didn't get to go underwater.
    12. At the University

      by , 12-02-2011 at 07:40 AM
      I'm at a university, attending a lecture. My parents come. I visit home. I'm packing, almost ready to leave, but my hair is messy. It's 5 pm. We have to leave now, no time for anything else. I throw on a hat.

      I'm at a university lecture. Someone (the lecturer?) is wanted. He's an old friend of the family. This makes things awkward.

      I realize I'm dreaming, but it's only a few seconds before I wake up. I don't RC, though, so who knows if I actually woke up.
    13. Bullet Hats!

      by , 09-15-2011 at 01:31 AM (Lyrics to Lunacy)
      No TF2 in this dream fragment, sorry. But there were some amusing things that happened withing the thirty-or-so seconds of the dream, so I'll post it anyway.

      I was observing a mostly dark storage room, with dim light glowing into a break in the rectangular crates. In the center of the area was a chair with a man tied to it with rope. There was another man walking slowly beside him, relaxingly pointing a revolver at his chest, and giving him some kind of lecture. The sitting man said something witty, to which the standing man bent over and whispered in his ear.

      "Well," He hissed. "How about your wear this bullet... AS A HAT?!"

      That's all I remember. Funny.
    14. 8/15/11 Hogwarts House Challenge

      by , 08-24-2011 at 07:36 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      V-WILD'd successfully! Sorry I haven't posted a DJ entry in a while...will try to start getting back into it.

      I was standing outside the Hogwarts Castle, by a brick wall. I stabilized the dream, and everything became clearer. The wall felt rough, and faded when I rubbed it.

      Behind the wall, was a entrance to Hogwarts. It was a mossy green circular door, that seemed about 15 feet high. I walked through the tall grass towards the door and pushed it open.

      Inside, was a royal looking hallway fllled with candles everywhere. It was crowded and people were staring at me. curiously. I smiled at them.

      I saw a very small door to my left, and walked past it. Suddenly, a random guy stopped me in the hallway and said that the door lead to the sorting hat, and I needed to be sorted. I said it was a dream, and I would just find a taller door and the sorting hat would be there for me. He seemed persistent, and said I HAD to shrink down and go through that particular door.

      So I shrunk down slowly, and pushed open the door. There was a small, wooden table right in the center of the room with the sorting hat sitting on the middle of it. There was no other furniture in the room. The walls seemed to be made of some type of fur.

      I picked up the hat, put it on. It seemed to melt into my head, and I asked it what house I would be in. After about 10 seconds, it shouted: "HUFFLEPUFF!" I was happy, since this is the house I wanted!

      I said thank you to the hat, and stepped out of the room. I was trying to remember any of the Hufflepuff tasks, but I couldn't. I grew back up, and started to walk around the castle.

      I decided to start talking to random people passing me. I stopped a really tall, bright-oranged haired girl, and asked her how she was doing.

      She replied, "Fine and dandy, just like a pencil!"

      She randomly touched my arm, and her finger melted in it. When she pulled her hand out of my arm, her finger was missing. I looked down, and saw my veins popping out. They were a magenta color. It freaked me out, so I looked away quickly.

      I continued to walk down the hall, and noticed an abstract painting. I can't remember the details of it, but I got so absorbed in it..I forgot I was dreaming .

      Thank you for reading
    15. 18th Shared Dreaming Attempt - MischiefManaged Dream

      by , 08-14-2011 at 06:41 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      MischiefManaged Dream

      Fragment, alarm killed my recall…

      I’m inside a mansion, standing in the hall. Walls, floor, everything seems to be made of gold. Right in front of me is a huge staircase to the second floor – stairs are decorated with diamonds. I’m holding an earflap fur hat and for some reason it’s really precious – I’m on a mission to deliver it somewhere.
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