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    1. Seeing my dead cat again + some other fragments

      by , 09-18-2018 at 07:54 AM (Dimension X)
      After another year, I can finally focus on dreaming again. I'm having trouble getting the motivation to write as soon as I wake up, but hopefully I'll get used to it again, like before.

      If a dream isn't like a story, or there are multiple different things that happen separately, I'll use bullet points now instead.


      -Was with my parents, and there were a bunch of other cats around, all the ones from the farm house we had to leave back in 2011. I distinctly remember calling out to one nearby, who was rolling around. His name was Boots. This is not the deceased cat, however. The only cat we now know is gone, is a tiny female cat named Ryza. I think I was partially lucid here? Eventually, I started crying, and I picked her up in my arms when she got close and I said "I just miss her so much" through tears. Woke up with my eyes watering. ...Maybe she's somehow letting me know she's okay.

      -With my brother Aaron, and not sure if my parents were there. There was a small hill nearby that we were on top of already. At the top was a parking lot. A truck suddenly drove up the hill, and into the parking lot, while flipping multiple times, yet sustaining no damage. I remember saying "That truck's a tank!"

      -In a different, yet familiar house, looking around. I remember it definitely being haunted in the dream. Haunted by the spirit of an elderly woman. Eventually, I remember looking around and saying "Thank you for letting me be here." Not long after, a horrible sensation coursed through my body, and I felt like I was getting electrocuted. The dream ended shortly after. ...What a bitch.

      That's it for now. Gonna try to write in here more.
    2. Ghost House Treasure Hunt

      by , 02-20-2018 at 04:23 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 02-19

      Ghost House Treasure Hunt

      I am with some other people and we are going into an abandoned house of some kind. It is a large place and I am wanting to get photos and video footage of the place. It is night time outside, so the interior of the house is very dark. I have a flashlight that I use to find my way around. I hear the other people with me, I think there are two of them, but I donít think to turn the flashlight around to see them better. The place looks abandoned, dusty and dirty, and a bit creepy, but Iím not afraid. I want to get videos and photos that I might be able to use for making a video game, I am not thinking to find ghosts or anything creepy here. I see a spider scuttle up the wall when I shine my light on it and that seems to freak out one of the men with me. I just tell him the spiders are more scared of him than he is of them. He says heís not so sure about that. I add that the spider we saw was a tarantula, and they are completely harmless to humans even if one does bite him. I use my flashlight for light and take a few photos of the antique furniture in the room.

      I leave the first room, which was furnished like a living room. I then enter what appears to be a dining room. There are plates and silverware on the table, as well as blobs of gross looking stuff that might be whatever is left of a dinner set up many years ago. I wonder how any trace of the food is still there, animals and bugs should have eaten it by now. I take more photos of the table, the chairs, the plates, and even the gross stuff on them. I am now wanting to document everything I find, I have the feeling I wonít be able to ever return here. I see some stairs and head up to the second level. There is a bathroom up there that smells like a rotting zombie just had diarrhea and didnít bother to flush, then collapsed by the toilet and continued to decompose. I think I might be sick, so I just snap a couple quick photos of the bathroom before closing the door and moving away quickly.

      I glance behind me to see if the people with me are still following me and I can barely make out their dark forms in the dark hall following me. I go into a large bedroom that must be the master bedroom. The master bathroom smells every bit as bad as the first bathroom so I close the door to minimize the smell. Now I start taking photos of the room. After taking some photos I go to a chest and open a few drawers. There are old and worn out clothes in the drawers. I then start wondering if there might be anything of real value still here. I start searching through more drawers. I come to what looks like a large jewelry box and I open it. The jewelry box is full of shiny sparkling jewelry. I wonder if any of it is real and valuable or if it might all be trash costume jewelry. I reach in and pull out a pair of earrings. One of the men with me says Iíd better not put that on. I tell him I wouldnít try it on until Iíve cleaned it thoroughly. He says no, he means the fact itís cursed. I donít take the comment on the curse very seriously. I keep looking at the jewelry. There are some nice looking pieces here that I want. Every time I go to take something, however, the man with me gets upset. I decide that in spite of thinking earlier that I could never come back, I would find a way to come back and collect this jewelry. No one else was using it, so it wasnít really stealing!

      I leave the master bedroom and look in the other rooms. I am wishing I could get separated from the men with me so I could return to the master bedroom and collect the jewelry. In one of the other rooms I go into a closet and grope around the far wall to find another exit. I find myself in another bedroom and I go from there back to the master bedroom. I go to the jewelry cabinet and pull out anything I can get my hands on into my purse. When I turn around I see a woman with long dark hair standing in the room and watching me. She looks annoyed, but also a little amused. She says the jewelry is hers and I shouldnít take it. I do a double take, I donít remember seeing her beforeÖ and this house is supposed to be abandoned. I comment that I thought it had been abandoned, I didnít realize someone might come back for it. She says she canít come back for it, but I should be truthfulÖ those beautiful jewels would be disgraced to be worn by a fat ugly pig like me. She says she will wait while I put the stuff back. But now Iím annoyed at her and I throw a piece of broken wall at her. That goes right through herÖ sheís a ghost! Instead of being afraid I realize she can do nothing to stop me from taking the jewelry. I tell her if sheíd been nice I would have put it all back, but since she had to be a bitch and insult me, Iím keeping it. I walk right past her and into the hall. One of the men is there. He asks if I woke the curse. I tell him the curse is as impotent as a bullet with no gunpowder.
    3. A Haunted Night

      by , 11-29-2017 at 01:00 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 11-28

      A Haunted Night

      I had an array of dreams. Some may have been inspired by the creepy video I watched before and went to sleep. I was with someone in several of them, although Iím not sure who. Part of the time I thought I was with my mother, part of the time I thought I was with my brother, and other times I wasnít quite sure. But here are the dreams.

      There was a house. It seemed a bit bigger than the one in the video but that mightíve been because it wasnít destroyed. The one in the video had burned, and at least the attic area had completely burned off. This house was intact. When I looked at the house I got a sense there was something there, something malevolent. There were three men there. Iím not sure who they were, I didnít recognize any of them. They were hiding out from a crime they committed, probably theft. They came to the house, and they had to break in. Although it wasnít destroyed it did appear that it was boarded up and abandoned. They could also seemed to sense the presence in the house. But they werenít wary enough to leave. Not long after they went in, one of them came back out and went to their truck. He went into the vehicle and retrieved box. I believe it was a stereo. He took it back into the house. Maybe he thought some music would make the place feel better, but the music device was already infected with malevolent energy and would only make matters worse. I was thinking that I should warn them. I knocked, but no one answered. Soon the owner of the property came, he didnít seem pleased someone was in it. He knocked at the door to try to get their attention. No one answered the door, and I felt almost certain that it was too late.

      I am in my bedroom at my old house. My electronic devices seemed they were somehow inhabited by malevolent forces. My computer was behaving really strangely, and that pissed me off. Then my tablet was changing my data from what I had put into some really cryptic messages. And after that my phone started behaving strangely, too. I was thinking the malevolent energy seemed to be spreading from one device to another, and it was only a matter of time before whatever was infecting it figured out how to spread to other items and even living things. I went out into the backyard. I looked up into the sky where I saw what looked like spaceships. They were flying around in the sky, and there were quite a few of them. They look similar in design, but not identical to, Star Trek starships. I started taking photos with my phone. I had gone ahead and taken my phone with me even though it seemed like it might be corrupted, I didnít want to leave everything behind. I was worried about losing important data. And it seemed my phone was the least infected. So I started taking photos of the spacecraft. I was still doing that and trying to figure out why they had visited this planet when I woke up.

      On a Roll
      This was another dream that was not related to the huntingís. And this one I was in what seems like a fairly large office or school. I was getting around from place to place somehow by writing on Iíll ball. It was a small ball, about the size of a tennis ball or maybe a little bigger. It was a soft rubber ball. Somehow I would stand on it, and roll along on it. Iím not sure how this couldíve worked, because in a normal reality the ball wouldíve simply rolled out from underneath my foot. But in the dream it seemed to work quite well and I moved along at a good rate. I was rolling from office to office or classroom to classroom, Iím not sure which, apparently someone was jealous of my transportation. They left something sharp on the ground to cut my ball open. At that point it went flat. Now when I went to step on it instead of rolling it just went flat. So now I started going from room to room in the school/office and trying to find another ball. I seem to think it was quite imperative that I find another ball to use, I guess the idea of just normally walking was absurd. I did eventually find one. And then it was back to my old way of getting around. Strange.
    4. 2 Lucids

      by , 11-22-2017 at 03:43 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Abandoned house.

      I'm wandering around some creepy abandoned place with some younger guy. I become lucid because it reminds me of dream memories of a house that had endless hidden rooms. I say to the boy with me that if we search the basement it will lead to an endless house. We go down to the basement, instead of endless rooms, there is immutable barriers that are hard to get through.

      The boy says we have to go back upstairs. We go upstairs and I start looking at my hands, flipping them over to see if they change. The only thing I notice is that they look pixelated like I'm watching it on an old TV. The next part of the dream seems blurry, but we go through a door like in the dark tower movie. On the other side is a path with a green hill by it. I see eleven from stranger things standing there and smiling at me. I get pretty confused and I can't recall more.


      I'm outside in the daytime by a large building with some guy. I become lucid for no reason. I tell the guy that it's a dream. He says, "Thanks." I just take off flying a bit. I circle the building a bit and then land. I try the time dilation method for a while. I only count past 30 a bit and then jump. I know i can only try it once per dream.

      I decide to look for Jamie again. I run around calling her name. I go through doors but none of them lead to where she is. I take to a suburban street. It doesn't change, so I decide to fly into a bedroom window in a random house. A boy is in the room and he runs downstairs. I follow him and walk past a living room where hear a woman talking to the boy.

      I go back out through the front door and run down the street to see if I can find jamie's dream. The house isn't showing up like last time. I get a bit flustered and then the dream ends.

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    5. My crush as a player - Haunted house at the beach - Another haunted house

      by , 06-17-2017 at 09:18 AM
      So, I got three dreams and to make it simple I'm just going to write them all at once. None of them was lucid. Btw I'm writing all my dreams to my own notebook too and because it's my main DJ I might not write here at all if I don't feel like doing so. But here are my dreams from last night:

      #1 This dream was pretty short. I remember my crush being there. He smiled weirdly and was trying to get me date him even thought he didn't really like me. I knew that but apparently I still fell for him...The dream ended.

      #2 At first I was hanging around with some girl. I didn't know her IRL. We were at the beach and there were some random red stairs so we were hanging there. Then my companion changed to my family and relatives and we went to some house. It was round and off the ground (it had pillars). It wasn't that big and I think it was red too. The house was haunted and had quite disgusting history. Also it was swinging like a boat for some reason. Some of the walls were unstable. There was propably some secret room. I felt sick and was afraid some ghost would show up. Others had no problem with the house and seemed happy. I went outside. I puked. It was very weird but not as bad as IRL. The dream ended.

      #3 Another haunted house dream. This time the house was more big. It looked gray. The dream begann already inside it, I think. There were people I know IRL including my sister. Most of the people were girls and younger than me, but there was one boy who was the same age as me. Some went to a room that seemed scarier than the other rooms. Or atleast I felt like it was scarier. They got stuck for a while and the boy went to save them. I just ate salad that someone found. There were plastic forks. Weird . The dream ended.

      I also remember having a fourth dream, but I only remember that I was in school in it, so it doesn't count imo.

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    6. Tomodachi

      by , 08-31-2016 at 10:47 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      This morning's recollections come to you in two flavors: Creepy and sweet.
      I was in a haunted house of some sort. It looked kind of like my old house a few years back, with certain rooms being pretty much picture-perfect recreations. Most of this dream is a blurry haze to me, but what I do recall is going into the bathroom. All seemed to be normal in there, but the light switch wasn't working. I shrugged and started to head out of the bathroom, but heard a sort of sinister laugh behind me. I turned, and the entire bathtub was filled with this huge pile of towels. The pile was so huge that they were spilling out onto the floor. While this may sound really random and silly (and it is), my dream self was deeply unnerved and bothered by it. I slowly stepped towards the towels, but as I did, I heard a small hissing noise around me, as if the room was filling with some sort of gas. Before I knew it, I passed out and all went dark. The spooks are real. Piles of towels. Everybody's worst nightmare, really.
      Now for sweet.
      I was in a large school building that was eerily similar to my elementary school, but 5x larger and it housed college kids instead of being an elementary school. It was here that I met two Japanese friends. Sadly, I can't recall their names (it's pretty hard for me to remember DC names for some reason), but there was one boy and one girl. The boy, strangely, looked similar to Watari from Your Lie in April if you've ever seen that anime. Meanwhile, the girl didn't really look like anyone in particular. She had long, jet black hair, and a fiery air about her. Both of them hit it off with me right away, and a lot of the dream was spent hanging out with them in various parts of the school, just talking or doing random, fun things. Later on in the dream, when we were sitting by the big wall beside the stairs, I began to grow sour, as I realized I would have to go home soon. I explained it to them, and they both acted very understanding, trying to console me and saying that I'll see them again. When it came time for me to go, I headed out into the parking lot, found a bus (which had a lot of my old high school classmates on it), and rode homewards, the environments and dream scenes all looking exactly like real life, but with an ever present gray sky and a lot less busses. Glumly, I put my head against the window in my seat on the bus and thought about when I'd see those two again. I'll throw a new lucid goal on the list for future reference: Either summon or find these two DCs again. They were very pleasant people, and I was able to converse in some Japanese with them as well, since I have a basic grasp of the language. It would be fun hanging out with them while lucid.
    7. [22-07-2016]

      by , 07-22-2016 at 08:12 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a haunted house. It was a two storey building, or rather what was left of it after a fire. I was in a room upstairs, wandering around to find any weapons or ways out. Suddenly I heard footsteps coming from downstairs. The stairs were still intact, just slightly damaged. I looked there and saw a charred corpse coming in my direction. Then I turned into a wraith and flied around burnt rooms, looking for my prey. I found someone walking downstairs, it was a woman. She had dark hair and pale complexion. She tried to run away from me, but I was flying quicker. I finally caught her and strangled to death.

      Suddenly I found myself in my backyard, it was an evening. I was heading towards place behind barn. I was holding a big pig in my hands. There was a fireplace lit up, but it wasn't my destination. I went there with that pig and started dancing tango with it (and I have to say that the pig wasn't a bad dancer). When I finished, I thought "Ok, I've just danced with a pig. Now what?"

      Suddenly someone drove there with a car - it was mother with two of my sisters, they had some bags to which we started taking litter.
    8. 121015: Dreaming in the Witch House?

      by , 10-12-2015 at 10:32 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Fragment: I see a friend of mine in a university library. He gives me some books I need to read. I meet his girlfriend. When he leaves the girlfriend points out a guy dressed as a woman who is playing a nasty trick on my friend. I'm going to start dating this impostor and then let him know I'm aware of his deceit.

      Dream 2
      I'm in a decrepit house in an American suburb. The sky is an oppressive grey, a muggy day. The front door is by the side of the house, have to climb some stairs. Inside the house is a mess. The walls and floor are stained with filth, the place looks condemned. The path has been made through all the junk and trash on the floor. I walk down the makeshift path to the wall by the far wall. There is a few windows facing the drive with thin curtains. There is a computer there and I start to watch some smutty porn on it. It is as if the women in the clips enter the house? They look manic and desperate and it makes me fee bad. I try to pull the curtains so children can't see this. I can't really get the curtains straight. I get up and try to lock the front door and cover the screen on it.

      Dream 3
      Back in the house, it's night time. I'm not sure if this happens before or after the previous sequence. There is a bright, dramatic light inside. It looks like the second floor has collapsed halfway and makes a ramp from the front door up. On the second floor I see a naked woman to the right. She is lying on the floor in a suggestive position. It's as if she has features that are hidden from plain sight. Like they are out of synch with normal reality, I see red muscular ribbons shift in and out around her. There is a demonic vibe to it. Despite this, I approach her like a moth to a flame...

      Dream 4
      In the house, it has changed again. It looks more stable now and not as destroyed, it looks more like an apartment now with filthy and stained wall. I'm in a living room, there is a large window to the right that is letting in a bluish grey morning light. There is a lamp to the left side that is giving off a yellowish light. I'm in a circle with a group of friends. It feels like a normal social thing, just talking, but at some point we begin to summon our personal demons. (?)

      A big muscular demon appears and is seated on a chair in the ring, we are all on the floor. He has a skull mask on that overs the upper part of his face. Metaphysical flames emanate from his body with a weird red and orange glow. He begins to speak to us, he is telling us forbidden things and trying to make us make deals?

      One of my friends summons her demon. It is a female demon with the same kind of skull mask but is pretty petite and is wearing a leather biker jacket. Purple flames are coming from her. It seems to be the male demon's daughter. She is out of control and tries to take over the conversation, she wants to make demands instead of listening. Her father scolds her for this but she yells out an infernal "shut up!" and I focus on her evil skull mask. Her father's jaw snaps locked and shut.

      She decides she is going to take what she wants. My friend's sister has a small daughter with her and the demoness swoops the child up and takes her out the window over the balcony. A large airline trolley full of beer and alcohol is left behind, just popping into existence behind her, as if to pay for the child. The group runs out to try to get the child. I'm left there with my friend. I go out to the balcony and yell out we have beer here, there's no need to leave!

      Alone with my friend, I look around the empty apartment. I guess my party ended. It's pretty boring here now. We go into the kitchen. I see an old fridge that I try to turn on. Inside there is an old bottle of Tabasco in it, extra spicy kind, left by the old resident. It's really warm in the fridge, I think the rolls I left in it are going to go bad. The light in the kitchen is depressing. My friend begins to suggest she is about to leave, I'll be left alone her. It's going to be so boring. I see on an old wooden spice shelf by the door out of the kitchen a plastic beadboard picture. How quirky. I now have a place of my own, it is horrible and rotting, but it's my own. I should change my address.

      I have a false awakening. I write down the details about the fridge and the Tabasco and the beadboard into my dream journal. How real it felt! Like I was really there! After writing it down it all goes black.
    9. #209. Matilda

      by , 08-31-2015 at 03:23 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      "You thought this place was haunted," I tell the brown-haired child. "As it turns out, you're not the only one with powers."

      I raise a hand and Matilda floats up off the floor, her eyes alight with excitement. I cut the enchantment, and she lands on her feet.

      "So you're my teacher?"

      I nod.
    10. The NightMare

      by , 06-15-2015 at 01:48 PM
      I was at Busch Gardens and I walked up to this strange door and opened it. inside was some STAIRS- leading to an ELEVATOR- (dream signs) I went in and saw a dead guy with a trash bag on him. So I took the elevator to the - floor and noticed that there was NO GOING BACK. First I heard many voices calling my name. It freaked me out. Next thing I know a guy with a ski mask jumps out and scared me to death! I started backing up and bumped into a guy with a white mask! I started running and found some more stairs, opened a door, and found a couch. I went to sit down and then I heard the voices again! I observed the room trying to look for them. I heard the voices again and turned around and saw everybody involved. I felt so mad and relieved at the same time! I noticed myself turning into a fat old guy at this time. Amazing how vivid Nightmares are isn't it?
    11. Willy Wonka and the Murderering Demon Vampires

      by , 04-01-2015 at 08:40 AM
      I haven't posted in a little bit, but I have been keeping track of my dreams! Alot of them I have been writing in my paper journal for lack of time online, and when I couldn't do that I have an emergency "sketchbook" style notebook to write quick notes in. Realistically I have alot of these sketch-style notes that need to be transformed into journal entries.

      But here I will tell you about how I got Lucid FINALLY after recording and obsessing about recording! In it, my dream journal, the thing most on my mind lately, became my dream-sign.


      It starts out on a farm my landlord owned in my dream. I was looking after it for them with a dream-sister, although there wasn't much to take care of. All the animals they owned had disappeared without a trace, and no one knew what happened to them. I think this mystery, among other things, is what caused them to keep away from the farm and ask me to watch it for them. The farm was a very dull and bleak looking place. Imagine a cold winter day before any snow has fallen on the ground, but all the leaves had fallen from the trees. Barren trees, dull orange dry leaves, dull grey sky. It looked like it was 6AM, just before sunrise, all day long. And this appearance permeated through the entire farm, into the house. It was just very depressing.

      There were other mysteries too. You would hear footsteps of people walking on the second floor, but no one besides me and my little sister were there. I think the farm hands and other people who worked on the farm disappeared along with the animals, so hearing footsteps was eerie. I think there was an understanding that something unearthly occupied the farm, although I am not 100% sure.

      As to my dream-sister, she looked nothing like my actual sister in real life. I might add also, that alot of times in my dreams I am accompanied by a dream-friend or a dream-sister or my own sister in real life. I am rarely alone in my dreams. I like to think its my dream guide. This particular companion was a young girl of 10 or so, with blonde hair done up in pigtail style braids. She wore an old fashioned dress.

      I remember a couple scenes in this house. I remember me and my sister in an office type of space attempting to hook up a laptop so we could use the internet. The only part of this room I really remember is the desk the laptop laid on, and the laptops themselves. The desk was that cheap particle board style desk you see in offices, with the base of the desk being made of beige colored metal. Everything was dusty, too. There was a main section of the desk where the "main laptop" would sit, and two fold out wings, slightly lower than the main portion, where smaller laptops sat. It was designed for a team to sit at the same desk and work together side by side. We were very excited to try and get it to work, but like I said..it was quite dusty and unused. I don't think we could get the computers to even power on, or there just was no internet in the area.

      I remember walking through a small dark hallway in the home to get to a bedroom with my sister. A greenish yellow light glowed through one room to accent the darkness, like a painted yellow window bringing in the dull grey atmosphere of the outside into house. The bedroom, too, had a dusty, grey, old feel to it. The bed looked like it came out of the 1980s, infact. Another particle board mess, very low key and geometric, Blonde "wood", and pastel colored sheets. I think the whole reason I went lucid was because of what I did next. I was acting as if I was awake, and I had to go to sleep. My sister suggested I lay down, and I did. I laid down in the 1980s bed, laying in the same position I use in waking life, to my left side facing a wall. This is where I heard the walking and banging upstairs as I tried to fall asleep. My landlords in real life live above me in my house, and it is an actual thing for them to make lots of noise when getting ready for work at 4 AM. I think my mind was recreating this, only in my dream, ghostly things were stomping around instead.

      I did my best to ignore it, covering my head with the blanket and closing my eyes. Very weird to try and sleep when in a dream, but it was just as it was in real life. Nothing zany happened when I closed my eyes, just the usual darkness. The banging continued, but I just ignored it and continued to focus on falling asleep.

      This next part, I don't know in what order of the dream it occurred. Maybe here!

      I remember I had wanted to grab my dream journal and "emergency" red journal from home, because I knew I would be staying at the house for a while and wanted to use the opportunity to write down all these dreams I have been stockpiling for the past few days. I remember going to my boyfriends house - not my house! - and searching for them around and under the cushions of their living room couch. I reached under the leftest most cushion and..voila! my dream journals! Just as I found it, a little funny gremlin looking demon appeared to my right, in the fireplace or floating near it. He wasn't a menacing monster, just something you would imagine seeing in a kids book or a cartoon. Ugly, but not scary. He popped in to taunt me about my sister, how I left her all alone. He told me she was in danger in a mocking way. Maybe he even implied HE was kidnapping her! I got angry and nervous, and decided to get my butt back to the farm house to make sure she was ok. I vaguely remember the demon showing me a video of my sister. She was sitting with other kids in a daycare setting (the same grey dullness), doing some kind of craft project on little circular tables like you'd see in a school. Suddenly someone called to her, and she got up and walked off camera. So, I rushed to her rescue!

      I guess my sister was taken to the usual place bad stuff happens in my dream, my childhood home, "B Street". Always, no matter what, I find myself back in that house with its spooky basement full of ghosts! Anyways, I had to take a train there to rescue her, but I missed it completely.

      Rather than give up hope, however, I said "why don't I just fly there?"

      This is where things get weird. I cant figure out how all this worked out in my dream. Maybe it just doesn't make sense! I am back sleeping in the 1980s bed, or maybe I woke up a little in real life, or maybe I was just dreaming of dreaming again. Whatever the case, I was back to having my eyes closed like I was trying to go to sleep. When I suggested to myself to just fly there, a flash of purple and pink lit up my blackness, and the desire to fly to where I needed to go went from just a mere thought in my head, to a visualization, to a dream. I saw myself sliding down a steep hill like a videogame character, and saw myself glide over a gap at the end of this hill to a platform on the other side. (Very videogame-like. Just imagine Mario64 styled levels or Banjo Kazooie. Very polygonal, this section.) At this point I was having trouble. Its always a gamble with me when it comes to transitioning from "vague idea/visualization" to "holy crap I am dreaming!" because at some point you need to "open your eyes". When visualizing the gliding/flying, my eyes were "closed". I flew from that platform I glided to, and flew a little more to land in a small polygonic valley on the other side. I felt the sensation, that wonderful sensation, of dream flying while I did this. But my eyes were still "closed". I landed all cool in a fancy crouching pose, and just stayed there for a little bit.

      "You have to open your eyes, you know." I thought to myself. "Its always a gamble, but you have to try!"

      So I did. The first try, I opened my eyes to a faded black scene, like a stage set where all the lights are out. You can just see the vague shapes of the things around you but nothing concrete at all. It was because I was trying to go to B street, still determined in my mission. I was trying to visually construct that place with my consciousness, but I just sucked at it. I saw shaped of trees, and the valley I was in sort of transformed into a little side lawn on a side of a house that actually was on B street. But it was all dark and formless. So I closed my eyes again, and thought really hard. "You're in B STREET!". I opened them again. Same thing. I closed them again. As usual when in these kind of pickles, I said "screw it, let me just let the dream take me where it wants me to go." After coming to terms with my suckiness, I opened my eyes one final time.

      Oh sweet goodness! So wonderful to open your eyes when lucid to a new world!

      I was not in B street at all. I was in something that looked like it came out of the newer Willy Wonka movie. I was still in my little valley, and it was still kind of dark like before, but past this was a vividly colorful hill, a bright spring green. It was framed by bright red velvet and gold tasseled stage curtains, and it went up in steps to a scene on the tippy top, like a big green staircase. At each "step", red and white candy cane looking swirlie structures decorated the hill. There were yellow and white flowers, too, and maybe a cobblestone walkway. I was, as usual, in awe of the clarity of being here, and just took it all in. I tried rubbing my hands to get more in the moment, but it didn't really bring any texture or more realism to the situation. I usually don't bother with sensation alot anyways. I find constantly rubbing my hands to be distracting, but I do try it from time to time. I saw on the top of a hill, a little scene. Maybe a tree in shadow, with a park bench sitting besides it, and someone lounging in it, like they were sleeping. It was either my sister fainted from being kidnapped, or the bad guy in the plot lounging in a smarmy sort of way. I couldn't see the top immediately, so I focused my eyes (go me for doing more than one focusing technique!), and as I did so I began walking up the hill.

      Like a dream does, as I neared the top, the scene transformed. I also got a little more numb the closer to the top of the hill I got, but I was still using my conscious mind just fine. The top of the hill transformed itself into a medieval/fantasy looking church, and waiting inside for me was the villain. The church was completely open from where I walked into it. Inside, it had a lobby sized area for maybe a couple of people or parishioners to sit. It was small by cathedral standards but it also fluctuated in that respect as well. To the left of the "parishioner" area was a rounded room, almost a large alcove. It was completely walled in glass windows that gave a view to a forest outside. In front of the parishioner area was where the priest would usually go. In the dream this section was only a few steps higher than the congregation area, whereas in real life its usually a little taller I think. There was a big rounded stain glass window here like a traditional church, but the exit door to the other side of the church was there too. The right side of the church was just a wall. The entire thing was in light grey stone, with pillars and steps and all the nice things you'd find in an older church. Where the priest's place was stood the villain. It was a taller 20 year old with brown-red hair and pale skin, wearing black. She was a vampire. She kidnapped my sister and was going to feed off of her and turn her into a vampire, too. I am not sure what ended up happening to my sister in this struggle. the brunette vampire was, I think, behind her and sucking on her neck or threatening to. She might have even turned her into a vampire already and I had to fight her off. Whatever the case, my sister was getting in the way of my battling the evil vampiress. Either I had to break her neck and push her into the window alcove, or the vampiress threw her in there after sucking on her blood and she passed out and fell in there. In the dream, as in my favorite show "Vampire Diaries", cracking ones neck didn't kill them immediately. It just sort of knocks someone out.

      (I was still SLIGHTLY lucid btw.) I tried to punch at the vamp while she hid behind my sister. My punches connected but they did little to her, and she laughed them off. Once my sister was out of the way, I kept trying to punch her out and stop her from killing her and me. I didn't want to kill the evil vamp I don't think. I wanted to either cure her or just stop her from hurting other people. If there was a way to end it in a peaceful or less definitive way, I was willing to try it. However, my methods were not working, and I decided I had to worry more about my unconscious sister than keeping this woman alive. Now that I think of it, I think my sister was going to turn into a vampire, so it was a race against time to stop the villain before she turned. I think I needed the evil villain's blood to stop the transformation, or killing off the villain stopped it. Since I was so stressed for time, I reach over to the brunette vampire, said "Ah screw it!", and snapped her neck. Instantly she crumpled to the floor, completely defeated.

      I ran over to where my sister was laying and helped her up as she came to. Did I give her blood? Not sure. She looked differently at this point, though. What was once my blonde, fancy dressed little sister was a squat little anime chibi dressed in kimono. She had a big bobble head, and her hair was black now. She stood up and was fine.

      After that I woke up and happily wrote all this down! Yay!
      VAMPIRE STUFF: Definitely Vampire diaries! One of few shows I watch, I guess I was thinking about it that night. I even thought perhaps the bad guy of this show, "Claus", was in my dream!
      Stompy stomp stomp above my head!: My landlord's wonderful habit of causing ruckuses every morning. Its why I wear earplugs.
      Getting to sleep: I have been OBSESSING with going to bed at a good hour since restarting my Lucid dream mission!

      And of course, my dream sign was MY DREAM JOURNAL because of my recent obsession with writing in it. Having it in my hand in the dream made me think of dreaming, so I was able to easily figure things out. Dreaming was on my mind, so it was an easy transition, and my journal was the reminder!

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    12. The Struggling Artist

      by , 10-28-2014 at 03:28 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #252: The Struggling Artist

      Iím power-walking up a hill with Mom, describing a dream from earlier in the night where sheíd had me take her to a spooky house to ghost-hunt. ďThatís just over the hill!Ē she says, and as she walks up ahead, I become lucid.

      She speeds away over the hill, which now looks oddly vertical and impassable. When I follow the line of the hill all the way up, I see a ceiling, and realize that Iím now indoors. It looks very much like my childhood home. I remember my intent to try bonus Task of the Month (play an instrument that doesnít exist in waking life) with Dreamer, so I attempt a summon, saying something about how now weíre going to do the concert that we talked about. I also dimly recall that Dreamer is actually playing music right now in waking life. (True!)

      I try a few different varieties of summon, first assuming sheís there, then reaching my hand behind my back, and finally the old ďspin around, there you are!Ē Each time, I get a flicker of presence but Iím just not able to properly finish the summon. I wander into a version of my parentsí bedroom and I see Dad snoozing on his right side. Through the window I see that itís morning outside.

      I still want to try playing a dream instrument, so I hook my right pinky and left thumb together to form a pantomime trumpet. I blast a few notes into this ďtrumpetĒ and it sounds like very realistic but very, very poor trumpet-playing. Iím pleased that I made some dream music this way, but I still donít consider this to be the success that I was going for.

      I walk past my blissfully snoring dad to the window and start phasing through. I briefly get hung up on the mini-blinds but after a moment of calming down, Iím all the way through. I drift down to the ground (for some reason Iím on the second floor, unlike waking life where this room would be on the ground floor.) I again attempt to summon Dreamer, by imagining that sheís behind me. It doesnít work, and I spin around for a few more of these attempts before deciding to focus on the instrument for a bit.

      I hover on my back for a while, looking up at the reddish early morning sky, imagining that the dream instrument will take shape in my hands. I feel a sensation like bubbles pressing gently against my fingers, but I canít seem to turn this into anything musical. I descend back to the ground, coming back to my feet again. Thereís a pine tree here like when I was a kid, and I grab a hunk of bark off of the tree in frustration and stuff it in my mouth to gnaw on it. It tastes about like youíd expect, and I blow the chunks of bark out of my mouth in a big, satisfying spray. Iím not sure what to do now and I move half-heartedly toward the deck as
      the dream ends.

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    13. The Dreams of an Insomniac

      by , 10-18-2014 at 10:23 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was laying in my parents' bed on my dad's side in the house I grew up in. I kept looking at the clock, waiting for when I had to get up. My friend, Mk's dad, was in the house for some reason. He came in the room and was talking to me. I was kind of uncomfortable. He came in the room and talked to me.

      I was thinking about which work I was going to. Was in the bakery, or the coffee shop? I "remembered" that my old boss from the coffee shop said I could go back there any time, and she was going to schedule me for Thursday (which was the current day in the dream). I never got a solid confirmation that she was going to do that, and I hadn't worked at that shop in so long, I didn't know what to do. I looked at the clock and it was after 5am. It was getting too late for me to go anyway. I decided to stay home.

      I was then at a restaurant at Disney with my brother and I think his fiance? We were in a restaurant. We were then in this place that was holding some sort of scary Halloween show. I didn't want to stay there, so I left. I was then going down some stairs/a ramp (can't recall which). All these moving walkways were coming off of the stairs/ramp going out to the left and right. There were people on the walkways. It was some attraction at Disney that had been modified for Halloween. The employees on the walkways would get you from the main staircase/ramp as they were about to pass you and take you on their moving walkway with them and guide you through the now haunted attraction. I was leaving and alone, so I didn't want to go. I avoided getting the attention of any employees.

      When I got to the bottom and close to the door, I decided I did want to go on it after all. I thought I saw my brother coming in through the door, which would be great because he could go with me, but it turned out to be someone else. I turned around to look at the stairs/ramp and the moving walkways. I watched an employee come up behind a black man and get behind him as he moved onto the moving walkway. He hadn't seemed to have startled him.


      Barely slept, got up around 4am for work. Gotta do the same thing again tomorrow. -_-;
    14. Gothic Band Camp

      by , 11-20-2013 at 11:14 PM
      Original entry dated July 10, 2002:

      First I was sort of at school. Only it was like band-camp, and all of my friends played the trombone.

      I was in the cafeteria getting food with two of my friends, whom I don't have in real life, they weren't real people... one of them was sort of pudgy with sandy hair and whined a lot, the other one was a goth chick with long black hair.

      Anyway, in the cafeteria there were actually 2 food counters, and I was thinking that this was good because the lines used to be terribly long, and about how this was my last day there, and I never had to play guitar again (yes I was the only person there who played guitar). So we got in the car to leave and I was going with my friends, I was gonna stay with the goth chick over the summer, she hadn't been to her childhood home in years. It was an old victorian house. She was talking about how her parents were really restrictive and never let her do anything, and when she was in the yard she was never allowed to look around the left side of the house.

      So we went into the house and it turned out to be haunted. There was this one demon/ghost who... well... had a really big rack. And green hair. She was chasing us around. And this one ninja dude who kept sneaking up on us and trying to catch/kill us. She was dressed kind of like Lum, only... wearing less.

      For some reason I was wearing a full Victorian gown, and I kept falling over and getting tangled up in it.
    15. Haunted Laundry Room

      by , 11-12-2013 at 09:29 AM
      Original entry dated Feb. 16, 2002:

      I had a dream that D and I went to buy a new bike. I was gonna trade in my old one. I wound up with a pink one with this weird little engine-thing attached. Anyway, where we lived was this scary supernatural world. Like, the laundry room - nobody went in after dark. If you opened up three of the washers, you'd find creepy, on the verge of horrifying, things. But if you opened the fourth washer, you saw something so incredibly and awesomely terrible that NOBODY was willing to go anywhere NEAR that washer (much less open it). There was a little girl ghost in a bonnet who would wander around collecting change for my laundry for me, and I always warned her not to go into the laundry room at night, and to go nowhere near the fourth washer. Anyway, back to me. There was this weird... like... demon overlord dude who masqueraded as an eight year old child with ice-blue eyes and white hair. When the kid died through some freak accident, he decided that he was gonna make the world a really shitty place. He specifically tried to hurt my friends and me. There was also a house called "Harriet's House", which was a museum of sorts. It was now a Londonesque sort of home, but used to be an asylum type place with torture chambers. People would go on tours through there, but were warned before they did. The proprietor was a tall black lady with her hair drawn back in a bun. She wore a brown sort of pilgrim-looking dress. The rest of the dream was pretty blurry.

      I also had a dream that I worked for a company that produced video-games. We were in direct competition with another company that an ex-friend of mine worked for. It all sort of sucked. It wasn't so much scary as really depressing, and I can't remember most of it, except that the rival company stole our hit title idea.
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