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    1. Night 6, Competition #16 WILD x2 Fly to Yosemite, Clothing Store Fun

      by , 12-18-2013 at 11:30 PM
      Night 6 (Nights 4&5 uneventful)
      121813** all approximate: 11 340 545 640
      Fragment, I am backing up my car to pick up my mother in law but she keeps reaching out for the car too soon causing me to stop before I get to her. Recalled this around 3:40am during my WBTB. When I go back to bed I do some mantras that "I notice the vibrations" that coincide with me entering most dreams from WILD state...just in case I've lost too much consciousness by the time the vibrations show up, at least that should bring me back to good awareness as I enter the dream. I decide to do some quick SSILD cycles and like FryingMan I decide to experiment with backing off of the cycles and focusing on going to sleep and alternating. I told myself the other day that I was probably experimenting with too many different things but something worked here. It feels like I probably take maybe a little over 30 minutes to get back to REM sleep/vibrations (for me at least) . I am mostly too alert so definitely towards the end I am putting all of my focus on falling
      asleep through relaxation. For better or worse I changed positions experimenting with different positions due to a little heel pain that I should probably ice and nip in the bud! I get a longer series of vibrations than normal and I try to nudge them on to peak and push me into the dream but they seem to just keep going longer than normal but eventually they subside and no scene forming immediately, it feels like I'm in the void and I start visualizing a scene with lots of DC's and I settle on a big clothing store that is not too far away so I teleport there and I'm in the store floating just above the ground and it looks like a fairly accurate representation of the actual store except no cash registers at the front just big areas of clothes. I make my way through the store checking out different characters some of them looking at me strange and I start thinking a little more sexually and decide to go invisible. It feels like it worked but I did not
      look down on myself I just proceeded. I think that the women's bathroom would be a good place to go but as I start to go in I decide they are not always the most glamorous of places and I back off from there. I find a beautiful woman in the store with really nice brown hazel eyes and I cup my right hand around the right side of her face and can see my hand and she can apparently see me (lost or gave up invisibility or never was invisible) and we do a little dance then I do a little silly dance and I tell her she should do it as well but she looks at me like she is not going to do that, it's not sexy. And she doesn't look like the kind of woman that would try anything silly
      . Looking back I get the feeling that my lucidity was fading here. Either the dream fades, my recall fades late in the dream or my lucidity does but I'm leaning towards the idea that I faded into a false awakening after the above, but I'm not sure. All I know is I have some additional non-lucid dreams before awakening and recalling, luckily not letting the LD fade from memory
      entirely at least! In one of those dreams I was in the old office - the site of which I passed 2 nights ago and thought about - but in the dream it was a combination of the office and a restaurant for some reason. The owner of the restaurant or manager is asking me if I can deliver a couple of packages of business cards on my way out and I look at them and think this is a place in U but I later realized it's in the city several more cities south from there and I said maybe I can get my son to deliver them. How much would you pay him? He said about 7 dollars an hour and I blew that off as an insult and had no plans to follow up with him. I now realize that this is probably day residue from watching a recorded episode of "what would you do" where the owner of a diner or the manager was being rude to one of his workers. Next I saw one of my coworkers eating there on a stool/counter area much like in a diner and he asked me what I was doing and I said I was
      just ordering some food and I realized that the time is about 820am (in the dream) and I was supposed to be at work at 8 so as I head towards the back door which is now more like the original old office door and I peek out the back door to see if the boss might be pulling up...when I don't see the boss I run up to my car unlock it with my remote and drive off quickly running late for work to my current office. Hmm... perhaps a false awakening since that is a common theme of FAs - running late for work or school... But it feels like I'm remembering the full dream so I don't know and the running late part and "realization" of being late happened towards the end of the dream not from beginning. ~540 am laying in bed recalling my dreams and jot down some notes in DJ. I drift in and out of sleep and sometime around 630 my wife starts some early morning cuddling and at one point my wife gets a little aggressive and although I'm convinced I'm fully awake I double check with a reality check just in
      case and I am indeed awake. I ask her to be more gentle but realize I was probably not responding enough more focusing on getting back to sleep since I get to sleep in later than her and I know she will be getting up to get ready soon so no time for too much with her anyway. 5-10 minutes later I feel my wife get out of bed to get ready and I decide to try to drift off to sleep for another potential lucid dream and I'm finding myself taking a number of minutes to get back to sleep. Wild vibrations again, and again I am not seeing a scene form so I start visualizing the one earlier, the big clothing store and this time I remember the dressing rooms. Last time I was there IWL a cute mom I know was there with her daughter visiting from university who was waiting outside of the dressing rooms so I decide they were there now and I go to check out the mom. I fly up over to the dressing rooms and I can see her in her bra and pants and she is quite sexy I'm floating above
      the dressing room area deciding if I want to go down there or move on when I hear what were possibly waking life noises of my son and wife getting ready but I stay calm and I unintentionally but seamlessly teleport back to my house and I go downstairs (in the LD, not IWL) where I was hearing the noise and I see my wife and I tell her let's have a little fun...take off all your clothes and she does and I admire her for a moment and then we do a few things, you know. After a while of that I decide I want to move on to one of my goals to fly to Yosemite National Park. I go out the door and I see the cute neighbor down the street, go check her out for a moment but then move on fairly quickly and I look up at the sky and horizon and think about the direction to Yosemite and start flying at very high speed in that direction. I'm trying to make out some of the features on the ground mostly just green hills and mostly greenish land in a bit of a blur going too fast and it starts getting colder and colder and I decide I am there and slow down rapidly and land on what I decide will be the famous half dome. I can't tell for sure if it is a good representation of half dome because it is gray and snowy all around but I'm definitely high up in the mountains. In my goal I had planned to make it summer if it was not already summer-like when I got there. There is snow everywhere and I think of how Steph was building a snowman related to the tasks of the month that I kind of put on the back burner this month (been mostly camped out in the DILD section of the forums) but sounded fun so I decided to start building a snowman. I built the base snowball about a foot in diameter and then two more each a little bit smaller. I then found two rocks to make his eyes, a stick to make his nose and I was in the process of finding something to make his mouth out
      of when I started fading back to my bed. I laid still and I could hear my wife going out the front door leaving for the day and figured that may
      have been what started waking me up. I tried to re- enter the dream but realized I felt too awake and did not try long. Definitely not a false awakening unless I'm still sleeping right now! Haha. I was so sure I was awake and obviously I am but I should have done my reality check when getting up anyway to catch false awakenings! Too many things that I could put my focus on! Perhaps I should make one point of focus into being kind of like a habit and then move on to the next one but it must still have meaning each time to be effective I'm thinking.
    2. 2 short lucids.

      by , 09-12-2010 at 02:25 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)


      I became lucid somewhere outside with a bunch of people. H was there merged with Asuka (seriously what is up with that?). I flapped my arms and flew up and hit my head on a ceiling. H looked up and said "hey how do you do that" I said it's a dream or something and she floated up with me. We flew up somewhere and i grabbed her and kissed her. Asuka was now now wearing a sailor girl outfit. I remember feeling the fabric on her back while we kissed. it felt pretty real. I can't remember what happened after.

      Finding LSD

      I was with my brother somewhere and he pointed to a jacket or something. I unraveled it and found another cloth underneath it. I unwrapped the cloth and found two bags. One bag was a full sheet of blotter LSD, in the other bag were smaller amounts but the pieces were cut out in the shape of animals. I tore off a piece of the blotter sheet and ate it.

      I took the other bag with the smaller stuff with me and put it my pocket and took off. I walked down a hallway for some time and noticed people were following me. I thought they had suspected me of carrying drugs so i found a bathroom and went there. I went into a stall and pulled the baggy out and looked at the shapes of acid paper. I looked and saw there was a window in the stall and the people were walking into the bathroom. I was worried if they had seen me so i flushed the bag down the toilet.

      Pumpkin house

      I was driving with my dad at night time. We were heading to a place i seemed to know how to get too. We went down some sort of rocky road near a mountain. I told my dad when we passed the driveway, but he insisted his way was the right one. Up ahead we hit a road block and had to turn back. We founf the driveway and turned in. The driveway all the way to the house was lit with jacko lanterns on each side. We went in.

      I became lucid going up some stairs. I wanted to make sure my perception was correct so when i got to the top of the stairs I looked back and took a mental note of what they looked like. I turned my head away and looked back to see if it would change. It was still the same, that meant i reached a solid dream place, probably someones house. I was going to incorporate more senses into the dream when I woke up.

      there were other dreams but i forgot them by now.
    3. #111. Hazel

      by , 07-22-2010 at 01:42 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      I try to figure out this teleporting thing. Hazel helps out.

      The scene drifts into focus. I'm sitting on the cool, freshly trimmed grass outside the Ixburg Inn. My surroundings are hazy, and I feel half-asleep.

      It's one of those late-morning, about to wake up dreams. I dig my fingers into the soft grass and soil. I'm dreaming, I tell myself. I'm lucid.

      I stare at the yellow metal siding of the warehouse beyond the fence, trying to remember my lucid goals. I can't remember the first one, so I go down the list until something pops out at me.

      #2. Find Hazel.

      I feel for my phone in the front left-hand pocket of my jeans. The colours around me start to grey out, and I slowly lower my hand to the ground. I grab fistfuls of grass and breathe deep, watching the sky get brighter and bluer as I calm down. Sunlight beams down from the sky. I'm facing the other direction, toward the back of the motel rooms. There are apple trees beyond the fence.

      I slip my hand into my pocket (left-hand, right-hand, there isn't any difference) and pull out my phone. I think I should try this method one more time before I give up on it.

      Leaning against the red fence, I mash seven random digits into the keypad (one of them is an "8") and hold the phone to my ear. It rings twice.

      "Hello?" says a female voice on the other end.

      "Hazel?" I ask. "Are you asleep?"

      "Obviously." She seems amused.

      I shake my head. I'm still not sure this is really Hazel. "Want to try to meet up?"

      "Can you teleport?"

      I hesitate.

      An impatient noise from her end of the phone, and Hazel is standing in front of me. The chin-length black hair is her dream-avatar's most distinctive feature, and I doubt it's what her hair looks like in real life.

      We're standing on the other side of the fence, drifting slowly westward without my knowing. A DC lurks at the periphery of my awareness, and I think it's a childhood friend.

      We discuss the best way to get back to her dream. I explain an idea I've been putting together, that instead of opening a portal or a door, I just need to imagine the new setting and drift slowly into it. The danger is in how easily this could trigger a false awakening.

      Hazel says she wants to try something. She touches my forehead with two fingers. I fall back onto the tall grass, frozen in place. I can't move, and the scene is fading into black. I'm not worried, though. She starts talking, describing the setting of her dream.

      I pop back into existence between one second and the next. I can still hear the words, but they sound like nonsense. I'm surrounded by orange wooden cabinetry, and I think I'm in a basement. The narration starts to describe the exact kind of cupboard exists across from me, and I snap, "Okay! I get it! I'm here!"

      I'm sitting down on a bunk bed when Hazel appears again. The dream destabilizes.

      I "wake up".

      I'm in the basement of a church, or maybe my late grandma's house (she was a minister). I'm trying to find a bible, because the narrator has apparently been quoting bible verses at me.

      I'm flipping through the book, but I don't remember the order. "Where was Ecclesiastes, again?

      "Near the end," says Grandma.

      I mutter something about having had these memorized at one point.

      The dream ends.

      I'm the commander of a fleet of ships, taking shelter in an empty harbour. A woman with long, blonde curly hair stands beside me, asking about the clouds on the horizon.

      "Those are pure ozone," I tell her. "They're poisonous, but they won't come up onto the coast."

      "I wish we could go out to them," she says wistfully.

      Looking at the swirling mass of dark clouds, I almost agree with her.

      Hazel. Scare Factor: 3.

      Haaaazel, you're being all mysterious and otherworldly. Stop it.

      Also: Facebook, guys? Really?
    4. #97. Telephone, Take 2

      by , 07-02-2010 at 08:40 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Friday, July 2, 2010

      Teleporting is hard.

      I'm standing by a river. The sky is bright blue, and the dry grass is long and yellow. I'm looking up at the sky, staring at an illusion that's some kind of sculpture, a clue into my quest during this dream. (This was a long and meandering dream, but I don't remember most of it.

      I'm the producer for a play. It's going well, but during the middle of it, Harley Quinn and the Joker show up and start dancing. The crowd cheers, and I'm not sure if this is part of the play or if the characters actually showed up.

      "Write as if it was my plan all along." - written in journal

      There's a parkour club in Quickton. I tag along.


      I'm Harry Potter, fighting Voldemort. He sends me into an alternate dimension, and I have to get back to my friends. There are death eaters in the buildings around us, raining down stunning spells as if they're snipers. "If you get hit seven times, you're dead," says my companion. I deliberately get hit by stunning spells, counting, and they send me back to the previous dream.

      The windows are leaking. We have to stop it because the magic could get in. We're holding the building against Voldemort, but it's going to be destroyed soon anyway, so we do a quick job. Hermione staples stucco wire under the windows, and I use an air nailer to keep the frame in place. The way that I'm holding it in the dream would probably break my hand IWL.

      I'm either Harry or Voldemort, fighting the other one. "Expelliarmus! Expelliarmus! Expelliarmus!" I shout, matching the other character spell for spell, effectively blocking them. I realize I'm probably Voldemort. "Avada Kedavra!" Seriously, these spells are kind of hard to remember.


      One of Ben's friends, a guy my age, is pissed because I just told him off for something. He throws a few punches my way, but always misses. He attacks me in earnest, throwing punches hard and fast. I block them easily, redirecting them in circles. One punch hits me, but I barely feel it. The guy is getting more and more frustrated.

      Finally, my brother pulls him off me, and we go rob a grocery store.


      FA. I wake up in a house that resembles my rental in Squamish. Ben and my cousin Reg are in the basement. I look at my right hand and count my fingers. They're blurry, and my fourth and fifth fingers keep fading into one another. Weird. This doesn't feel like a dream. I try to remember a more dependable RC, and pinch my nose. I can still breathe, but shouldn't I be able to anyway? No, wait. I have my mouth closed. I really am dreaming. I wonder if the boys are gonna go all nightmarish on me.

      I think back to my lucid goals. 1) Talk to a DC on a phone. 2) Find Hazel. 3) Teleport. I go to pick up the landline, but change my mind and grab my cell phone beside my bed. I call someone; I don't remember who. I talk to them and hang up. I type into my contacts for Hazel, but the number isn't there. I phone information, ask for Hazel. The woman on the other end tells me crabbily that there are a lot of Hazels in the world, which one do I want?

      "The one from DreamViews, obviously."

      "This number is not in service."

      It's night outside. My mom is sitting in the car, apparently waiting for Ben. She has some weird emo-style haircut, and I'd be more weirded out if I didn't know this was a dream. I use telekinesis to lift up the fringe over her eye, checking for zombieness. Obviously, I'm not completely lucid. Ben leaves the house, catches a ride with my mom.

      Reg is still here. I have my hand outstretched, focusing on wherever Hazel might be. I'm trying to draw myself there so I can teleport. I turn around briefly.

      "How do I teleport?" I ask the DC.

      "How the hell should I know?" asks Reg. He pauses and sighs, "Just... stay like that for a while. Until you wake up."

      "Or it works?"

      "Like hell."

      The dream starts fading into different solid colours, and I wake up back in the Squamish-room.

      I hand check again. Most of my fingers are missing. I pinch my nose. Still dreaming.

      I go outside and there are a bunch of dogs on the porch. There are also a bunch of people talking about their pets.

      Telephone, Take 2. Scare Factor: 2.

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    5. #86. Plastic Surgery

      by , 06-22-2010 at 07:51 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      In which insane and bloody doctors offer to change my appearance.

      I'm picking up floor joists by myself and placing them in a third layer over the existing ones.

      "What are you doing?" asks my dad.

      I set down the thirty-foot piece of wood and gesture like it should be obvious.

      "We already did that," says Dad, "We don't need any more."

      I look down, and realize that he's right. Oh.


      I'm driving around Quickton, driving around all the cars that are parked haphazardly in the middle of the road. Did I mention that DCs aren't allowed to drive anymore?


      I'm wandering around Ixburg. It's night, and my surroundings feel very real. I look at my hand anyway, count my fingers. I count five, but my pinky finger is just a stub, and I know that I'm dreaming.

      I go through my mental list of lucid goals, and decide that I'll try to find Hazel. Only, I know exactly how this phase of the dream usually works out, so I decide to send her a message instead.

      I pull out my cell phone and send a text, asking where she is. I immediately get a reply. I put the phone to my ear and hear a female voice telling me that she's at the zoo. I tell her to stay there; I'll try to come find her.

      "I'm lucid, I'm lucid." I mutter to myself, going over to the church doors that I'm standing near. I pull them open, thinking, Lions and tigers and bears...

      I see a faint blue light, but when I step inside, I'm still in Ixburg. I sigh. Obviously I'm going to have to work on that "power of belief" thing. Whatever, the door thing has never worked for me.

      I'm standing by a mirror and idly playing with my appearance, going for "more masculine" and "more feminine", back and forth, changing faces at random. My skin is starting to feel stretched too tight, though, and I step back from the mirror.

      A scalpel slices across my cheek, drawing blood. The girl holding it dances back, twirling happily around the room. I watch, unconcerned, as she and another, identical, girl come up to me and place their arms over my shoulders.

      I don't remember exactly what they say, but the consensus is that my shapeshifting abilities leave something to be desired. Amused, I allow myself to be led over to the bed and handcuffed to the headboard. The twins step back and make a grand gesture toward the door.

      An older woman appears, seemingly armed to the teeth with surgical tools. "I can help you gain any appearance you wish," she says.

      "What," I say, taunting, "No anesthesia?"

      "It's a dream. You don't need it."

      I pause for a second, and seriously consider the offer. "Nah," I say, freeing myself from the handcuffs with a thought. "I got this."

      The woman shrugs and disappears.

      I stand up and walk over to the closets that are in the room, looking for a grey suit. I don't know why I'm looking for a grey suit, I just feel like wearing one. I try to make one appear in the one of the two closets, but fine-tuned dream control isn't my forte. I'm better at the "mass slaughter" kind of thing.

      The twins continue to try to be helpful, but I ignore them.

      I go over to the wall and stretch out a hand. I'm trying to dissolve the dream, reach through the Void, and pull up a new location. I see spots where my hands are, and I think it's working. I reach forward - my hand bumps off of a very real, very solid feeling wall. I try again. It's not working.

      I wake up.

      Like a Surgeon. Scare Factor: 2.

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