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    1. xviii.

      by , 08-06-2018 at 09:20 AM
      Non-dream stuff; Just some non-lucid dreaming. Woke up at around 8:40.

      Dream Fragment 1:

      I don't remember a lot of this one, just that I was trying to build some things in what looked like a map editing world or something. I was placing concrete foundations for buildings along the side of a cliff and placing stretches of roads for what was going to be a residential area.

      I remember a transition and a forest. I think the forest was in an MMO game, but it looked realistic and it was day and the trees were large pine trees or perhaps some sort of smaller variety of redwood. I remember a lake and the reflection of the sun and forest, though the lake looked shady, somehow, like the canopy was over it somehow.

      Dream Sequence 2:

      I was in a game, it felt like a mix of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 and something else MMO-y. I was entering a really dangerous area and my character was a bit weak to attacks and my view of the character was top-down isometric like in D2. I had a shield spell, a spell to summon skeletal minions for a duration and some other summoning spell.

      I knew at the end there was a boss, so I just rushed past the enemies as fast as I could, trying to avoid damage using the shield and summons, sometimes taking hits but never getting below half health points, every now and then opening a new town portal in case I died. I remember noticing several packs of enemies with champion enemies and felt annoyed that I was skipping these, as they give good experience and loot. It felt like it took a while, but as I reached the end I could see there was an area down at a lower level.

      There was a door closer to me. As I went through the door my perspective changed, I think to first-person, and I went down a number of stairs in some corridors with a few windows, until I reached a door; I remembered to open another town portal, but I forgot I couldn't in this area, so the last portal was a little bit further than I wanted it to be.

      I prepared myself for the (I felt) difficult boss before going through another door. I opened the door and went through, I could see a cafe-like place and lots of shelves, all with tins.

      The boss was a bull-fighter, except he commanded a massive demon bull. He was addressing me and explaining how the fight was going to work in terms of how to defeat him. He didn't say anything about the attacks he would use; I remember I had a laser pointer and fiddled with it, trying to get the bull's attention to no effect. Now the demon bull was enraged and his eyes glowed vivid red, almost as weak headlights on a car.

      The bull was inside the cafe but carefully came out, then getting ready to charge toward me, his muscles tensed, and I waited for him to get very close and I jumped up in a sort of weird backflip. The bull was dazed, I think he'd hit a wall or something and didn't look as muscly. The boss guy had explained that I would have to open one of the many tins when the bull was weakened, and then "cook the heart on a goose's (unintelligible)".

      I had a tiny tiny tiny steel axe, smaller than my hand, and I used it to open one of these tins from the shelves; I remember the paper label was orange and the tin was cojoined with another tin, as if the tin had been made this way by mistake. But I managed to pry the lid off with the tiny axe somehow, not feeling too difficult, oddly, and surely enough there was some sort of dark heart-like organ, though it was smaller than my closed fist. There were some other fleshy lumps too, but I'm not certain what they were. Testes perhaps.

      I tipped it out of the tin on the floor and looked at the heart and tried to think on where I could cook it, "inside the cafe in an oven", I thought. But then remembered I'd need to cook it on the goose whatever, which I didn't have.

      The dream kind of ended there.

      There was some other fragment, before these two... I remember a spellbook and something about character selection/customisation... I remember the spellbook showed examples of how spells worked. In particular I remember a spell that would summon a giant skeletal hand to rake a target down into the ground, like a building.

      Some notes:
      • The bull's red eyes like that remind me of other dreams I've had where animals had red eyes in the same way. Even once in a sort of fever-dream my dog looked like that, but in that dream I realised she wouldn't harm me, she was still my friend. It's a peculiar dream-sign I hadn't realised until now that has been present for some time.
      • The bull looked like a bull, but the features looked like a Baron of Hell from DOOM(2016): https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/...20160517180410
      • I thought it was odd a bull's heart would be so small as to fit into one of those tins, but I simply accepted that it was shriveled or something.
      • I thought the other organs might be testes because in my native country eating some animals testes is not uncommon, and these tins were all tinned food; oddly enough, come to think of it, the tins literally only had the organs, not any juice or gravy or anything.
      • As the bull was about to charge toward me I was a little bit tense but confident I'd be able to make the jump. I actually didn't jump as high as I expected, but still more than high enough.
      • The man, the bull-figher, was mostly passively observing.
      • The tiny steel axe was produced from nothing but I accepted that I'd been carrying it with me somehow.
    2. You can pass into the new world.

      by , 07-07-2018 at 01:56 PM
      I am 35 weeks pregnant and my dreams have become extremely vivid. Although I have not been lucid in a very long time I have not been writing my dreams or doing any lucid exercises to help myself become lucid. That being said I thought I should log this one.
      Everyone is being held in the old world. Its dark not only in color but in feeling. Everything has a grey hue, its crowded, there is a feeling of a void. Im inline to travel it feels like a boarder crossing. I have my passport and correct documents along with my husband. When I get to the front of the line a man (guard) in what looks to be futuristic military ware puts his hands on my head. I look at him as he does this. I dont back away but feel confident but confused. I have only love in my heart. He says You may pass. My husband is also aloud to pass. As I walk down this huge white stairway into this new world. It is much brighter from where I just came. I hear people talking about insects and love. About respecting all life. I now see what is being created. A new world of compassion. But I also remember a young man who has a gun in this new world and shoots someone. How did he pass? Its a new world of compassion.
    3. Heart of an Android

      by , 01-06-2017 at 03:20 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)

      I'm in some mad scientist's basement. He has made androids that look exactly like humans. The male android has short black hair and a fit body. He looks generic. But the other android looks like a girl I know from high school, Emilia. She sits quietly and looks unhappy. She is bound by the scientist's programming, but the male android is free. I believe I can save her. Her heart is on a small metallic cart next to her. On the outside the heart is pink and silver metal with red lights. One part of the heart is open and the insides are full of glowing, red yarn. A long bunch of yarn loops are hanging out. They are slowly being reeled into the heart. I realize that the heart has to be wound to keep it going. The loops are almost inside the heart. I grab and pull the yarn, but it's taking all my strength to keep it still.

      The mad scientist shows up, sees us and rushes to put on his battle suit. "We have to get out of here! Help!" , I ask, and the male android acts. He grabs both of us in his arms, looks up and flies through the building. He doesn't stop until we are in space. He flies to a space station and puts us down inside. Seems to be an empty station. Emilia is fine now too, somehow. We start talking about some plan, what to do next. I also tell them stories of my past. All of them are false memories. These flashbacks make it impossible to make any sense of what really happened next in the dream. I recall a concert hall and another female android that was injected with some techno drug that removed her compassion. Since she wasn't treated well by the rich people around her, she didn't mind killing them. I also recall doing mild drugs and feeling relaxed in the space station. At some point I visited my hometown.

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    4. Work dream and Wake back to bed

      by , 05-21-2016 at 02:27 PM
      D1 - Annoying boss is trying to fool me into doing some work, complaining that my work is not up to standard. She is sitting side saddle on a desk, talking total crap (no change there) to a trainee. I ignore her comments and walk off.

      I try wake back to bed, focusing on last nights dream, about being in a large house
      D2 - I see the white kitchen door in my dream. The paint on the door starts to flake as if time is speeded up or under the heat of a flame gun. The bumps and undulations of the flakes turn into folds of fabric, transforming the door into a light emerald green almost see through fabric. It is now a door but also a green blouse being worn by a lady, with long black hair. There is a brightness, from within maybe causing the see through state of the blouse. The door is now a double door and swings open as I am filled with joy, as it is the persons chest and heart opening to me.

      I awake with the vision still in my head, feeling very emotional. I try to get back to sleep but am now wide awake, it is about 4am.

      I pulled these tarot cards today, which are relevant to yesterday's dream and possibly this one.

      The embrace card has a plant growing from deep underground!
      and the manifest card as a snake like white energy

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      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Why Darwinian Evolution Is Flatly Impossible-clarity-beliefa.jpg   Why Darwinian Evolution Is Flatly Impossible-psychic-tarot-heart-embrace-200x300.jpg   Why Darwinian Evolution Is Flatly Impossible-1-manifesta.jpg  
    5. Me and My Aura.

      by , 06-14-2015 at 08:56 PM

      Hi Lucy, I had the most beautiful dream yet last night! I have been trying to see my aura for some time now and somehow this desire made its way into my dream. I was rubbing my hands together (probably trying to stabilize) and then I started rubbing my two pointer fingers together trying to see any color/shadow. Then between my two pointer fingers a small ball of light formed. The small ball of light was so bright it had no specific color at first because the light was blinding and I couldn't look directly at it. Then the ball of light dimmed a little and changed from a bright yellow to a fluorescent green. Then I began to see patterns circling and swirling in front of me with words forming almost like a crossword puzzle. In crossword puzzle format, I saw the words (She) Serve GOD with Enthusiasm (in this color).

      Then the patterns began to swirl again changing from one color to another. As they changed from one color to another words zoomed in and out like a crossword puzzle and shapes continued to form like geometry patterns. My eyes didn't know what to focus on first . Then the geometry patterns turned red and started to pulsate like a heartbeat (thump thump, thump thump, thump thump). Words started to form again but I can't remember what they said. As the patterns pulsated like a heartbeat the patterns and words turned red the heart beat got stronger and stronger. I felt the heart palpations in my physical body and woke up. I have a feeling that I was about to find out what type of heart I had but I got too excited and wrapped up in the moment. I couldn't help it...it was such a beautiful moment.

      Wow. Best. Dream. Ever.
    6. Heavy Heart

      by , 04-17-2015 at 02:11 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was inside a room. Hometown? My heart/chest was feeling heavy. I was dying. I was taking medicine, but it seems like it's the last time it will push Death back. As a lie on the bed looking up at the ceiling, everything was getting hazy. I though that the medicine was kicking in, but at the same time, I thought that if I fall asleep, it will be my last. I had a quick panic attack, but it subsided. In resignation, I breathed out my last.

      I was looking out through the window. There's daylight outside. I was unsure if I was dead. Everything seems bright but not so bright.

      I was in a bus going somewhere to buy clothing. I think my sister (or someone else?) was with me. We took the bus downtown, I think. We passed by some people I know, but they're far away and on the street. I had to turn my head away so it will look like I didn't see them if they see me. I don't know why.



      - I was reading Death and the Senator by Arthur C. Clarke, but didn't finish it.
      - My upper body is sore because of conditioning.
      - I slept at around 2 a.m. Alarm at 8 am.
    7. Be Still My Beating Heart

      by , 02-04-2014 at 03:29 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #184: Be Still My Beating Heart

      Im walking through a parking lot into a mall, recalling an earlier dream where Dad had brawled with some pellet gun-wielding high school kid in a parking lot just like this one. As I enter the mall, I recall my intent to have a lucid dream, and one begins.

      I walk past a set of red metallic benches, taking in the detail and comparing it to waking life. I marvel at how completely realistic it looks. As I continue down the walkway, I turn toward a woman walking with her two young daughters and half-shout, Can you believe this is all a dream? They smile politely and scurry away.

      I take a brief detour through a clothing store, walk past a few more places, and then exit onto some kind of outdoor boardwalk area. Theres a tattoo parlor to my left with a wood-carved sign overhead which depicts two attractive, dark-haired, pale-skinned women with intricate sleeve tattoos. The place is called Nutjob. I think how cool itd be to get tatted up in a dream and start to head inside. It looks a bit more like a boutique when I get closer and I suddenly get this irrational fear that things will turn sexy in this place and that Id better avoid it.

      I head back through a door into the mall and encounter a grinning, friendly-looking British woman in her late 20s. I remember Task of the Month and ask her, Who is my true love? She says some stream of hilarious nonsense about waffles, and we both start laughing. I think she is super cool. Im not going to be able to remember that. Can you answer again?

      She laughs even harder and then starts singing Polly Wolly Doodle in a British Donald Duck voice. (The kids have an Easter toy that does this, but not with a British accent.) I cant stop laughing and I try not to think about whether you can laugh yourself awake from a lucid dream.

      I start thinking about what the other tasks were and she wanders off as I do so. I remember something about your heart, and then spy Wife walking in the mall about twenty feet in front of me. Still in an incredibly good mood, I run up to her, get her attention, and after she says, Hey! I make out with her for a little bit. This is fun, but okay, back to tasks! Im supposed to pull my still-beating heart from my chest and give it to a loved one.

      Here, watch this! Wife keeps looking at the nearby stores instead of me. You really need to watch. Im only going to do this once. She looks back and I reach my hand inside my body. I feel something about the size of a softball pulsing very softly. The movement is a bit too weak for a heart muscle, but whatever. I pull it from my chest and when I present it to her my hand is empty!

      What are you trying to do? asks Wife. I explain the task and she furrows her brow. You really don't need to do that for me, she says before wandering away into a nearby store.

      I wander through the mall some more, baffled by how long and stable this LD is. I pass through a busy arcade area where I see a mom busily taking care of 10-12 girls shouting demands during a birthday party. Theres cake being passed around which I sort of want to try but I feel like I am at enough kid birthday parties in waking life.

      As Im heading back into the hallway, an attractive Asian woman with waist-length hair passes by. We look at one another and the guy shes with, some generic dude in his late 40s with thinning hair, seems to jealously take notice. He kind of freaks out, storming around and I say, You want to go to the parking lot. He obediently leaves. But when I turn back to the woman, bloods pouring out of her nose like he just hit her. Im confused because I didnt notice him do this. I worry that my confusion means the dream is ending.

      I pass my hand in front of her face and shes healed. When I glance over my shoulder, the guy is back, glaring at us. Youre not coming back here again, I say, and again he leaves. I say something to the woman about how this is a dream and she agrees. The dream is definitely fading now but we still manage a bit of sexytime before
      the dream ends.

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    8. 22nd Aug 2013 Factions, Futuristic city, Powerful abilities, Experiments

      by , 08-22-2013 at 11:38 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I think recall is getting better.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      There was some vehicle warfare and tanks.

      Dream 2:

      Some factions were fighting for something and i was kinda in between, not belonging to any, i've had some powerful abilities and i was watching a few battles.
      Then later at one point i was on some small island and i was talking to someone about the forces coming, and they indeed came, from one side a huge amount of futuristic ships/spaceships including one really big one that barely fit in the entire view. Then from the other side just as huge another armada appeared, made in more steampunk-ish style with airships. I've made a boat and left the area before forces collided.
      I've had planned stuff to do, so i went to one of nearest cities, it looked huge and futuristic and it was kinda split between people with different ideals, so each section of it was having different main color and was made in slightly different style. Majority of city was section with buildings decorated with cyan lines, they were pretty glowy and it was getting nighttime, so it was a pretty view. that part of the city was controlled by some people who believed into some kind of scientific god or something like that and there were tons of labs and other science related buildings.
      There i started with my plan, i secretly gotten into one of the labs, found some person that was really important and kidnapped him and he was unconscious. On the way out i used ability that drained his life force, for some kind of important experiment related to awaking some sort of power in specific people, then i was stealthing through the streets while carrying him and moving very quickly. A bit later i figured that experiment failed since person was nearly dying, so it's probably not who i was searching for. Then out of nowhere some old man in black suit appeared, which apparently was the leader of this faction. He had some abilities as well, but he didn't used them, we talked for a bit, before i used my powers and literally teleported his heart out of his body. The leader didn't died and said that he has nine more hearts, and that in fact he lets me take that for that person and that his abilities were linked to his hearts, which suddenly interested me more, i used powers to scan the heart and figured that the ability it had was some kind of energy burst. The leader disappeared shortly and i ended up transferring life energy from that heart to that person, so in the end he survived.
    9. 20 Jan: Kidnapped by men in black

      by , 01-20-2013 at 06:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm hiking some forested mountains with a group of some 10 people. It's almost dark and we feel a bit lost. We just descended from a mountain and we arrived at a clearing. There's a path going through another mountain but we're not sure we can go across before it's dark. Some want to go back, others are sure there's a village just minutes on the second path, so in the end we camp at the clearing. Soon after it gets dark, we're surrounded by some strange fellas. Their leader kinda hypnotizes us, telling us we're we're all going to a better place, full of love. I only regain some awareness when we're on board of some kind of flying ship. I can see we're flying over the forest, which strangely has the shape of a heart. I guess I'm hallucinating due to the mind control. I fight back and they realize I'm becoming aware. So, two men hold me down and one stitches my mouth with a needle and a thread, while another tries to stitch my hands to my seat. I fight the pain by realizing this is but a dream and soon it doesn't hurt a thing, although I feel it.
      Then some gap in my memory, but later on I am with the whole group behind me, we've escaped to the nearest town.
      We hide at some underground tunnels under a market, but in the morning we have to go, because there's a grid over our heads and in the daylight we can be seen by those above us. But when we try to get out, we see groups of men in black that we immediately know belong to that gang and we're sure they are looking for us. I suggest we must split up because together there's no way we can escape. But some don't want to. While we discuss strategies, the men in black open the entrance to
      the underground and we run for our lives. I escape into the crowd, but some of them are caught.

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    10. Iboga: My First Lucid Experience From Materiality to Spirituality & a New Committment to Lucidity

      by , 11-16-2012 at 07:51 PM
      I ingested a traditional tribal "flood" dose of Iboga, a oneirogen that induces a waking dream state for 12 - 48 hours & has been used for centuries by the people of Gabon as a coming of age shamanic plant. Basically you're Lucid Dreaming while awake. I decided to take the root when I found out about it & how unlike hallucinogens the visions you receive from Iboga are not vague or open to much interpretation. Many people see parts of their life replayed, they feel the pain or joy their actions caused. Some see deities or significant people in their life including people who've passed away. Some people claim it's the tree of knowledge of good & evil from the bible.

      It was risky for me to begin with because I have a heart condition & Iboga is very intense on the heart. The idea is to experience complete ego death which is followed by all the visions. Going through hell to get to heaven. Knowing this I decided to take the root right before going into the emergency room so in case if anything happened I would be in good hands.

      I was really yearning for a spiritual aspect to my life which had been lost. All my life I was told what to believe mixed with my own beliefs & thoughts about all these different possibilities. I felt as if it would be best for me to experience what is true for me spiritually myself. So I decided ego death & true transcendence along with visions of my life would give me some answers. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-226022_173492909452774_1369104690_n.jpg

      It started to come on subtlety at first, in the emergency room waiting area things became very dim & dead looking like all the warmth to colors was slowly being sucked out. I started to feel as if I was riding some giant wave of reality in isolation of everything around me. Like the world could swallow me whole at any moment. I started to get worried because the waiting room was full & only 30 minutes into a 2 day experience I could already feel some effects. I kept trying to stress the fact I had ingested something that could send me into a psychotic break, get sick, or kill me. That I needed to be in a bed with a heart monitor & people who could check on me & bring me water while I began to purge.

      I eventually get to a room & there's a bed, I'm questioned by doctors nurses & staff constantly as I'm starting to trip. I tell them I ingested it for spiritual purposes & that I should avoid being overstimulated. I purposefully brought a long a sleeping mask & my phone to play music to help move things along. As soon as we made it to the room all this was taken as a precautionary measure to ensure I wouldn't try to hurt myself or someone with it. They kept questioning me for what seemed like an hour. The first part of the trip felt like my body was trying to escape reality, the conscious voice in my head got increasingly paranoid about death, going crazy, saying something wrong to the doctors or nurses. I increasingly was drawing a complete blank as I was being questioned, I kept saying umm more & more as thoughts escaped my mind. My consciousness was becoming consumed with fear as I lost the ability to think & create a coherent sentence. One doctor made me feel guilty saying I ingested a hallucinogen & I was wasting taxpayer money in my "recreational pursuit". This was a search for truth, for meaning. Eventually I asked to be left alone trying to avoid over-stimulation after I answered the same questions about 5 times to 5 different people.

      I drank some water which was brought to me & my heart starts pounding like crazy, I hear this intense buzzing in my ears that sounds like I'm near a high voltage transformer or surrounded by beehives. My heart is spiking off the charts on the monitor & I'm told I went into VTAC Ventricular Tachycardia (where your heart beats so fast it could stop). I'm so nauseated & worried at this point I purge into a bucket this green liquid, it looks like I puked up part of the hulk or Nickelodeon slime. I start to feel this energy building at the base of my spine, like hot magma or electricity charging up. At this point my heart is going so fast I'm convinced I won't make it through this & that before I knew it I would be moving onto whatever's next. At this point my ego is just screaming in my head like it wants to murder me, "You're going to wake up insane, you're heart is exploding get ready for the pain, you're dead.. nice job".

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-579181_199565330178865_107535776_n.jpg

      Eventually after what seemed like hours of fighting between death & my mind I accept death. With acceptance I slowly start seeing with my eyes closed - red very strongly, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, then violet. As this is happening I feel that magma, that energy, that electricity building at the base of my spine slowly move up as I accept my fate. I kept thinking of mercury moving up a thermometer. With complete acceptance I jolted out into the universe a soul past the purple into an infinite white light. Being a part of it but there was no sense of "I" no me, no body, pure spirit & an overwhelming sense of connectedness & unconditional love overwhelming every ounce of being. Being one with the big bang, forget infinite energy, light, the realest thing you could sense in there was pure joy, bliss, unconditional love, complete peace. No thought, stillness, nothingness, the void.

      I wake up sometime later after being moved to what I learn later is the ICU. I'm incredibly lucid & the personal visions are starting to come, I'm so lucid it's like the power of lucidity carried over into waking life. I imagine this medical light on the ceiling that looks like a mushroom cap stretching & changing shape. As I believe it stretches it does so & it really seems to work when I send it unconditional love from my chest. I imagine stretching it so far with love I eventually break through the ceiling into another room.

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-534578_194096464059085_2061048134_n.jpg

      The first room I broke through into was like a dusty old worn down house with cobwebs all over, wooden floors, a broken window, & it looked like something no one would really appreciate. I notice in the dream I'm wearing clothes that appear to be like Link from Zelda. I'm greeted by two groups of people to my right. One of which is very happy, joyful, they have an inner-childlike sense to them. Curious, compassionate, encouraging, happy to be alive. They're cheering me on & saying great things about the room appreciating everything. I get the sense this is what I must do to move on. Love the room impartially, seeing the good in it. The other group of people seems miserable, they're void of color full of grays & find fault with the room saying things like "Ewww". I decide this is not the direction I want to take & I break down the wall by loving the place I'm at.

      I end up in another room & another they're all very similar except each consecutive room is characterized by things of the chakra system. It seemed as though I was breaking down walls to move energy from the 1st chakra (the root) to the 7th chakra (the crown). The root is at the base of the spine & the crown is at the top of the head. A hierarchy of energy from the base of the spine to the top of the head; from the physical aspects of existence to the spiritual. Overall all the same lessons were to be learned. If I hesitated in loving a room, in breaking down a wall I was sent back to the beginning. It seemed like my visions were very influenced by the video games I played growing up. After a lot of tries I made it to the heart chakra (the central 4th & central chakra, the point where the physical aspects of our world become intertwined with the spiritual). Tibetan Buddhists believe the heart is responsible for the white light I saw, the white light people describe seeing before death right before moving onto the next life. Once I got to the heart alot of the questions I wanted answers to started getting answered.

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-577036_133455673456498_106690346_n.jpg

      I wanted to know who my soul mate was, what the meaning of life is, why we're here, what is truth for me. The first answer I got was about my soul mate. Right before the trip I was torn between this girl Windy & a girl Samantha I had just met who reminded me of Windy. Then it seems as though Windy had forgotten all about me but she holds such a big place in my heart I wasn't ready to move on. A free spirit, a soul that burns in the night with a deep passion for life, a fire within that you only read about. Her way of living inspired me to begin my spiritual journey which led me to this point. Little did I know there's a reason I dream of her almost every night, why I get Deja Vu around her so much, why when we first met I felt us both gaze into each others souls & I had this incredible sensation like we had met before. Iboga showed me we're soul mates & now I'm left waiting for the right time, for a chance to be her friend. If I ever get that chance I'll make it last until the end. In the vision when I reached the heart chakra I heard my voice boom out loud like I was asking who my soul mate was, it happened automatically like I didn't even have to think of it. It was like because I wrote down all my questions before taking the root the questions were already programmed into my subconscious to be asked later. As soon as that happened Windy appeared on a green lotus flower platform suspended in space & from there she yelled "Kenny! I love you! with such enthusiasm it warmed my soul. I heard her say "We're meant for eternity, our love will stand the test of time". The platform symbolized her heart chakra as I was on mine we communicated our love & our platforms moved together suspended in space until we were together & hugged & kissed with such passion I could feel a beam of love going from my heart to hers with such pure joy & ecstasy it was as if we became one in that moment & our souls were in complete bliss just combining with the others counter part.

      Every part of this experience seemed more real than waking life & everyone I saw that I knew personally seemed to be their true self, like the inner child in them was fully out to be them-self, they were so creative & enthusiastic & passionate about everything they did or said. That alone was inspiring to me, passion is a big part of a joyful existence. Enthusiasm, joy, an inner curiosity & appreciation for everything. Every moment. Being true to yourself & not letting your mind convince you to hide or discard aspects of yourself. We have to laugh at the mind, our fears, doubts, insecurities, repression, limiting beliefs. They're all the enemies of progress & reaching our true potential I feel like I got the answers to my other questions through breaking through the walls & becoming one with the clear white light, pure consciousness, connectedness, bliss, joy, I'm a part of everything & everyone as they're a part of me. Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the universe & we have to learn to appreciate everything we do have. I live in America & have a car, a guitar. Do you know how amazing that is? We should all be happy when our basic needs are met because some people don't even have that luxury! Don't wait until you're nearly dead to start being grateful!

      This by far was the most beneficial experience I've ever had even though it almost killed me it's like every day is a gift now. When the experience was over I was exhausted & slept for quite a while, when I woke up i saw the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen from my hospital bed & I was so grateful to be alive, I made sure all the doctors & nurses knew how much I appreciated them taking care of me. I still laugh because when I woke up the kept asking me all these funny questions in case if I had gone crazy.. You did this for spiritual reasons? You said you were selfish before? Do you think eating is selfish?

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-76233_194096590725739_584512785_n.jpg

      Beliefs shape our reality, lucidity will show you that so take what you learn with lucidity back to waking life & meet your true potential, that is my foremost goal. Don't be afraid to explore, reintegrate lost parts of yourself, face nightmares with love & see what happens. Lucidity is an invaluable tool. In my second lucid dream ever through belief I was able to experience that ego-less state once again & I woke up feeling great! I highly recommend reading "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self" by Robert Waggoner if you get the chance. I'm now completely committed to Lucidity for life. I ordered the Remee lucid dreaming mask & I'm so happy, this marks the beginning of my dream journal here & the beginning of my journey to the inner self. To reintegrating every last lost part of me. Healing what I rejected in the past & facing any & all fears. Going on adventures to space, Europe, Australia, Africa, Egypt, the Amazon all with my soul mate Windy who is still in my dreams almost every night (I bought an engagement ring by the way) & I'm saving it until the right time. Thanks for reading! I hope maybe I can inspire someone to strive for lucidity or to just go after their dreams I know my beliefs aren't for everyone. Happy dreaming
    11. Coping with Mental Pain

      by , 06-20-2012 at 03:07 PM
      I don't remember much but I'll try my best at trying to explain what I saw in little bits. Okay first, I was in a house somewhere in a land far away. The place looked so familiar and just felt so familiar. I'm inside a house that really had no rooms, only a hallway and ever time I dream of this same place, I wouldn't remember if there were people or not. It was sort of like just thoughts that I was picturing. I'm not sure how to explain it. Anyways, Sometime when I was inside this narrow hallway, I was crying again over Quynh. I was in deep pain. I cried so much for her that I didn't know what I was going to do to continue living without her. It was like my pain doubled from waking life. But I while I was crying, I thought about the pain I have to endure to finally get her out of my life. I thought about just forgetting everything about her, then I won't be so sad anymore. I suppose this made me feel better upon awakening because I wasn't dealing with as much mental pain than the dream. I was also thinking of the group therapy session I had the previous day when we talked about this. I also remember being in the kitchen with my mom while she was serving me some drinks. I still felt a little bad about not being able to see Quynh again but I told my mother I would eventually forget about her.
    12. Mom's Roasted Hearts.

      by , 04-07-2012 at 11:08 PM (The Realm of the Child)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid, Memorable.
      Dream Mood: Strange.
      Dream Setting: My Mom's house and Some Plaza.
      Dream Characters: Anthropomorphic Animals and My Mother.

      I'm not sure what to think of this dream.

      It started somewhere like in an open, outside plaza or something, where the clouds were a dark gray and the horizon in the distance was just desert; plain nothing. I was told by someone who reminded me of an online friend I know that I should pick an animal, and I turned to look behind me and there were some animals, much like humans though, sitting in a sauna of sorts. I didn't really get why, but there was a gorilla, a fox and a bird.

      Once that one was over, I was at my mother's home, and she had told me that she made a sort of new bread creation. She gave me one, and it was a sort of bread that was so soft, it jiggled and moved in my hand. I looked at it, and it had many different things on it, like burnt parts and less-cooked parts, though as I looked at it more, it looked more and more like a human heart. I placed it somewhere and scolded my mom about it, though she seemed to just jokingly deny that it was actually a heart.
    13. emotions in skyrim

      by , 02-03-2012 at 01:15 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am in skyrim.
      i am in skyrim! this is cool. i don't know its cool because i'm just living my life
      as a character, probably, but i am myself otherwise.

      i jump, rock climb, trying to get to "markarth", a place in the game i've been to,
      but in this dream i have not, and its entirely different than the game (of course, its a dream)
      i jump from a ledge into the water.

      beneath the water's surface, the ledge is carved out with a big mechanical heart.
      old, old, very cool, very intricate. i'm close.

      i jump onto the bridge in this water pool. this is the way to markarth.
      i make my way, and find the city alive with people.
      tons and tons of folk, dressed in every day clothes, but otherwise the time period/alternate world is accurate.

      i'm with heather now. we explore.
      she tells me adam and sarina are coming. huh well um okay yes sure.
      outside a window, in some other part of the reality dream scape, i see them walking toward us.
      except they are children. they are 5 years old. adam is a boy even though he's young.

      this is a joke, and i am not happy about it.
      i whine whine cry child cry cry. i'm upset. heather, why?
      okay they walk in- look normal. act normal.

      we explore the city together. find a door marked "nintendo blue gamecube only" huh
      some kind of connection cord is necessary to do something strange...i don't know.
      didn't know the details in the dream + didn't care to find out. adam comments on it.

      we go into a library/thrift store combo. i escape to the children's section
      i am alone,
      i am happy.
      but i want heather with me.
      Tags: heart, library, skyrim
    14. OBE#6, experiment #2

      , 01-09-2012 at 09:43 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday 1/4/2012
      DR 5am - illegals crossing river; in class with teacher S; game show on TV

      Thursday 1/4/2012
      Took an evening nap - new HH - 1 tiny heart and 1 happy face

      Friday Jan.6/2012 bed 11:55pm

      Set up another experiment - put a small piece of paper with one letter and a colored pen on top of my kitchen cabinet to try to see it in OBE.

      GM at 5am
      woke up from OBE at 6:35am

      Im in my bed trying to OBE/WILD. I suddenly realize, I see my room from the correct vantage point, as Im laying on my left side. Its darker than in WL (I have some nightlights IWL). All I see is left side of the bed. Right next to me is my cat. I see her as energy in shape of sleeping, balled-up cat. I immediately start rolling out. It takes me a few tries, Im amazed, she is like a little speed bump. Im not worried about hurting her, because I know, IWL she is closer to my feet.

      So I roll out and fall to the ground. I start crawling on all four towards the kitchen. IWL, its about 8 feet from my bed. As Im crawling in total dark, I realize, I could feel my way. As I raise my right arm, I bump into a piece of furniture. I grab the round, smooth, cool leg of a desk/chair. Right behind it is a cabinet. I dont know how, but next thing Im looking at the top of the kitchen cabinet. Its much brighter now and I can see a piece of paper identical to the one I put up there IWL and I clearly see capital letter T. Next to it is a small packet of handy-wipe and text on it is in orange cursive. I take it as a color of a pen I left up there. Other than this, there is a bunch of letters and postcards, addressed to me. I can clearly read my full name written in cursive, not in my handwriting. There is also a book. I really wish I could read that all, but I wake up.

      After I wake up, I check , if I got the letter and color right. Nope, the paper I left up there has a big square on it and the pen is green.

      I was disappointed, especially, because I dont own any table or chair, that could account for the leg I grabbed in OBE, and I really wanted to go OOB in physical realm - identical or near identical to waking life. It took me almost 2 days to realize, that I actually do, and Its exactly where I felt it.

      I played back in my mind, how I rolled out and crawled and as Im following my path, I see a small foot-rest, that has 4 6-inch legs and they look exactly as what it felt in my OBE.

      WBTB 7am-817am

      Regular Dream:
      Im in Mexico. Some nice resort. We go to the pool. Beautiful clear blue water. I dive in, feels good. Next time we come, the pool is closed. Someone with flu contaminated it. Bunch of people disappointed.

      We decide to go to the beach, but we see dark clouds gathering in the distance. Wind is starting and I see something like a tornado. I take pictures. People are trying to take shelter in the yard of the hotel. Im in the yard, next to the door. Someone is banging it, trying to get in. The white door is locked and padlocked. I open it anyway and in walk two children. More people come in. Also one female officer. We start to joke, saying wow, this is not a dream, unlike other, that were dreams. I agree with her, this is not a dream.

      Then a big UFO appears in the sky. We are all looking up. I'm taking lots of pictures. The UFO separates into different shapes, its trying to tell us something. Suddenly, a pile of broken-up weapons appear on the ground. I have a feeling, they tell us to take out the trash, as in weapons are trash of the mankind and we should get rid of them.

      Saturday, 1/7/2012 Bed 10pm
      Traveling on train with my friend M. There are 3 different stations, that feel like videogame levels.

      Sunday, 1/8/2012 Bed 12:45 am B-complex 50mg at 5pm
      Lots of dreams, didnt write them down
    15. Life or death

      by , 12-19-2011 at 10:14 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was in sone place, and it was dark. I knew there was some kind of disease in the air, and you would die if you stayed there too long. Everyone had a bubble shaped like a heart above their heads, indicating how long they had left. I saw Brandon, and his bubble was really low. I grabbed him and trie to take him back but by then it was too late. I ran out and opened up a refrigerator in the room. I pulled out a drawer, reveaing a secret room, and jumped in. I'd be safe from the virus in there.
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