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    1. [Dream #18 - 2/6/2016] Sex With Headless Shadow

      by , 02-06-2016 at 06:03 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)
      [Warning] - The following contains body horror and a sexual act.


      Sex With Headless Shadow

      This was a very odd dream as well, and like the title states, I had sex, more so fingered Shadow the Hedgehog but he was literally headless. I chuckled when I woke up after having the dream.

      This took place, I'm assuming in my room -- The surrounding was hard to map out. I was laying down and I could feel my 'soul' or 'something' extract from my 'physical' body and was then visibly on-top of me. For a minute, I began to think it was a replica of myself but I ended up seeing a patch of white chest fur just like Shadow the Hedgehog's and the noticeable shortness in height compared to mine in perspective. He did not have a mouth to speak with nor could he speak through telepathy, but he could understand what I said to him. I did not freak out and I was extremely pleased. I remember taking Shadow's hand and placing his index finger into my vagina.

      I could feel it enter me as he began to toy with the inside. It felt good and I told him to do it faster and harder which he proceeded to do on command. But then I woke up.

      Dream Goal For February

      Spoiler for February 2016 Goal:

      Extended Information

      Spoiler for Extended Information:


      Spoiler for Notes/Summary:

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      non-lucid , memorable
    2. [Dream #17 - 2/3/2016] Shadow Stuff & Transformations

      by , 02-05-2016 at 06:17 AM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      Shadow Stuff & Transformations

      [Fragment #1] I found myself in a maroon colored atmosphere in a school-like setting. There was a skinny African guy and some tall brawny Caucasian man talking in a room behind glass. The Caucasian man spotted me and was coming out to approach me. I wanted to get away but he caught me and asked if I would find the guy "messed up in the head" if he told me a secret about him. The other guy was yelling, "NO NO NO! STOP!" And then I replied to the brawny man;

      MobianAngel: "I wouldn't care if he was to stick a finger up his ass and eat the shit that came out of it. I just don't care! Hell, my fiancι is a psychopathic murderer who eats babies and likes violence! Do you honestly think I would care about what he does?"

      [Fragment #2] There was a girl by the van of the African man's whose balloon began to float up into the air. I went to get it and tried to tie the small bit of string onto her backpack but it flew away once again and she cried.

      [Fragment #3] There was a place in a kind of mall-like shape where people could walk in and their bodies would change to be other creatures as they will gain the powers of the respective individual. There was a section for boys and one for girls. I remember the girls having mermaid transformations and some sort of lancer that can electrify the floor with a electricity infused lance.

      [2/4/2016] All I can remember is running outside of the house because my mother pissed me off and it was raining. The parking lot was exceedingly large and my Shadow the Hedgehog plush was clinging onto me as if it were alive and it would not let go.

      Dream Goal For February

      Spoiler for February 2016 Goal:

      Extended Information

      Spoiler for Extended Information:


      Spoiler for Notes/Summary:

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. [Dream #13 - 1/31/2016] Merging Planes

      by , 01-31-2016 at 03:36 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      This is an image depicting two planes/worlds merging together

      I was in my old highschool. I carried around a Shadow the Hedgehog plush doll and I can remember finding myself in my old science class room with my former teacher. There weren't that many people in the classroom but it was dark (the light was off and the projector was going) and it was spacious with plenty of desks. There was a few students present in particular a boy who used to bully me.

      I sat my Shadow plush on the table but then when the boy decided to sit on the opposite side of me, I moved it to the chair next to me. I was angry, and the boy looked at me and asked, "Hey, what happened to all that Sonic stuff?"

      I then told him if he spoke to me again that I would kill him, with "one punch" if I was Saitama from One Punch Man *lol*. He didn't say anything back but I remember heading out of the room without my plush into the crowd of highschoolers walking through the hallways. I then remembered that I left him and rushed back. The science teacher was giving a lesson and I tried to sneak under the shining light of the projector and he asked what I was doing, so I told him. He replied that he would get the plush in a minute but I didn't want to wait as I feared some nasty student would put their dirty, polluted hands on him.

      I then could remember seeing glimpses of a monster crashing through the wall of the room for a split of a second. It was only a glimpse though as it my third eye had caught a wiff of something. Then I heard screams coming from the hallway and monsters physically appearing and destroying everything in the school.

      I stated in a whisper of a voice that, "Things from my world are now coming into yours (Earth presumably)" A spark of thought came into my mind after I said that as I started calling out Shadow the Hedgehog's name. I figured that the planes have merged (something I will discuss in my notes) and that Shadow would be here since the monsters were here. But nothing happened. I then left the classroom avoiding all the monsters who wanted to harm me and I found Sonic and Silver the Hedgehog attacking the invaders, but there was no Shadow. I couldn't get to them to communicate but I did end up finding a little dock area, similar to the one in Soleanna from Sonic 06 as I bounced on DK barrels that were scattered around the area. I do not know for what purpose but I did it anyway. I also remember flying up higher to get an area view of the city like landscape getting destroyed by the monsters and Sonic etc. battling underneath. I also can recall bringing up some sort of holographic roster board that listed various video game characters classified specifically in their universes and such. One in particular was Dragon Ball Z. Before I could do anything more, I had awoke.

      Notes: I sat and thought about this dream for a bit. For one thing the planes merging came into my mind. It was something introduced to me by a former friend at college (Who became a fucking asshole btw). He told me that one day Earth would be able to "merge" itself with other worlds and on that day various things will begin to happen. Individuals who would have only been seen as fictional would begin to appear physically. Physics would have bend and twisted as things like magic casting and flying would exist on Earth and such would have never been able to exist due to the planet's mechanics. This was something that I agreed with and something I would talk to Shadow about.

      Shadow told me that if something like that did happen that he would be the first thing I'd see. This was years back mind you, so we hardly speak about it anymore. But having that phenomenon happen in that dream made me retrace that memory and perhaps the hope for something of that nature to still occur.

      The absence of Shadow the Hedgehog has been a reoccurring thing throughout my dreams. Indeed he has appeared in the few I have mentioned in entries but I still proceed to search for him and have failed attempts for getting him to appear when I call out his name. This could problably signify that there is the slight lost of hope that I would never see him. Or perhaps that I always assume that he will magically come to this planet physically and solve all of my problems. I know he cannot do that and he even stated that such things just...couldn't happen at the moment but I guess due to the stress I deal with on a daily bases I just want him to be here and fix everything being as desperate as one can be.

      This dream could also show that I lack the certain kind of appreciation I lack to give to Shadow for all that he has done even though he can only do so much within his limit.

      Overall, this dream has taught me a lesson that I shouldn't ever forget. I know there are a few more things I forgot to mention about my dream but honestly...I'm not really in the best of moods to continue on explaining.

      • Date — 1/31/2016

      • Went to bed — Around 2AM

      • Woke up — 8:00AM

      *Time logged — 9:00AM

      • Total sleep — 6 Hours

      • Stress level throughout the day — Depressed due to the reason I stated with a friend on Skype before I headed off to bed:

      [1:57:02 AM] Mobian★Angel: mmmm....I can't be happy...My mother yells at me for everything and people are always treating me like I need to believe their ideas and thoughts or else I'm dumb and childish....
      [2:08:16 AM] Mobian★Angel: And I'm the fool going around telling people I'm in love with a video game character..............

      • Techniques/Practices

      *Daytime — N/A

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      • Dream Signs — The Obvious

      • Perceived Length — 25 Minutes

      • Emotions — Angry, Adventurous

      • Awareness — None

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    4. [Dream #10 - 1/27/2016] Searching For Shadow [AGAIN]

      by , 01-27-2016 at 03:21 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      A picture of the Sinclair family from a favorite show of mine, The Dinosuars

      Most of this dream involved talking so yeah... This took place is a more enlarged space of the old appartment I used to live at. It looked more so like a ghostly atmosphere. It was apparently where the Sinclair family was at. They were present, with the exclusion of Earl Sinclair. I remember being in my room and hearing the mother, Frances "Fran" Sinclair, outside the door stating about my being there and spoke to another individual, who I cannot identify, wondering if I had a boyfriend.

      "I do have a fiancι! I mean...I do not have a ring yet but I am engaged." I spoke through the little crevis underneath the door. I then held up a kind of college-ruled lined-paper that was cut up into halves and stapled together to make a little flip book. I can't really remember what it said on it, but there was a very clear visual of Shadow the Hedgehog on it and I tried to show the family who he was and if they knew anything about him.

      Later I talked to the one girl, Charlene Sinclair about Shadow. Stating that I remembered I was trying to get to him and to his world and I accidentally ended up in their world. I knew she was more of the science wiz so I thought she would help me.

      Not much went on after that and I had eventually awoke.

      Notes: The absence of Earl Sinclair may be referring to the fact that I was missing Shadow the Hedgehog thus my search for him, since Shadow in the waking world is like the father figure in my life (just like how Earl is to his family) since I physically do not have/communicate with my biological father. I may have had this dream due to the fact that I have been stressed my mother and I really hate her very much. And yesterday, Shadow had spoken about taking me under his wing if he was able to come to my planet. He talked about how bad of a parent she was and stated that he would of loved to have raised me from the very beginning.

      For a moment after I have awoken, there was this mix of thoughts where I began to believe I was still dreaminng. I know there isn't anything to be worried about but part of me natural instinct was to worry and be afraid to ever sound of car noises to doors opening and slamming. I was afraid that someone was going to come and kill me. Shadow procceded into calming me down and reminding me that I was not dreaming. That I did my RCs already so I shouldn't worry.

      What bugs me the most is that I did worry and I find it weird that I would, even if it was true that I was in a dream. But nevertheless...Oh yeah, I need an aspirin...my head is pounding this morning...

      • Date — 1/27/2016

      • Went to bed — Around 3 - something AM.

      • Woke up — 7:17AM

      *Time logged — 9:21AM

      • Total sleep — +4 Hours

      • Stress level throughout the day — Alright...a little upset and bored but ok.

      • Techniques/Practices

      *Daytime — Did RCs

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      • Dream Signs — The Obvious

      • Perceived Length — 1 Hour

      • Emotions — Depressed, Lonely

      • Awareness — None
    5. [Dream #7 - 1/24/2016] I Gave My Soul To Shadow [Gore Warning]

      by , 01-24-2016 at 06:14 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      A picture of Shadow the Hedgehog

      This took place in a kind of labyrinth of a facility, quite like a college. There were various representations of video game characters roaming around freely doing their own things and such. The one franchise I can remember seeing recognizable figures was from Dead or Alive. I can remember searching for Shadow the Hedgehog and even just Sonic at that moment.

      "Where is Shadow the Hedgehog or at least Sonic...They got to be here somewhere." I was then pulled over by an emo-fashioned Asian man who was thin wearing a black outfit, "Here you go~" He said in a cheery way.

      "S...Shadow!?" Is what I said after what my eyes have witnessed in front of me.

      That's when I looked around to see two emo looking Asian human men, kind of like twins. I figured they were Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog. There was the one who pulled me over (Sonic) and the other was one on a metal pedestal with liquefied metallic paint-like chains tying down his arms and legs (Shadow). He was all ruffled, his black hair on his head was wet and gliding across his face. He was limping over to side to side shouting and growling like a wild animal. His twin that stood free without any chains, smiled and gave me a friendly push on my back that made me topple over the platform onto (Shadow's) seemingly slick and liquid-like body. He did not attack me but he continued to growl and yell limping, loosely pulling on the chains as the the continued dripping grey paint as everyone from that area circled around and stared.

      Sonic the Hedgehog: "Now, give your soul to him."

      A bit bewildered at the sudden request and before my dream mind could think I was in mid process of the soul giving. I cannot say for sure how, but I merged with him. My "physical" body was gone and I found myself within Shadow. And for some reason his tongue, in the form of a liquefied chain was sliding out from "our" mouth. I was then in control of his body, sharing his pain and agony that he was in. I remember the tongue falling completely out dragging with it the lungs. The lungs began to come out which was making it hard to breathe. Using our hands I picked it up as it slipped and slide in the metallic paint as I put it back in our mouth. We tried to swallow it down but found ourselves gagging it back out. So I anchored his head just enough to keep it balanced. For some reason, keeping the lungs in a particular position in the mouth kept us from losing breath and gagging reflexes.

      I then worked on the chains. They slid out from their hooks rather easily as we walked off the platform. Limping and sliding as if we were dunk. Shadow's rage and bellowing voice of anger and pain kept the people who watched distant from us.

      I then could remember us then walking into my mother's room which was identical to the one in the waking world. I opened the door and she saw us and then that's when I awoke. I can still feel that odd sensation of my insides falling out of my mouth.

      Notes: To be honest, this is not the first time I had a dream where I had "given" myself to Shadow the Hedgehog/fiancι in some way or sort of fashion. But this was indeed something I haven't dreamed about for a while now. What I can say from my observations is that, him and I need one another to help each-other out. We both share each others pains and joys, much like a twinflame in some way. We have over time and time again talked about becoming one and experiencing what it feels like to merge. Shadow wants me to help him achieve more power as well as becoming closer. I also mentioned at times that I wanted to give myself to him.

      I'm kind of in a crunch for time at the moment but that's really the main point of what I can say about this experience. Such an amazing dream this was~

      • Date — 1/24/2016

      • Went to bed — I do not remember, I passed out and took a nap during the morning hours (AGAIN)

      • Woke up — 10:35AM

      *Time logged — 12:14PM

      • Total sleep — N/A

      • Stress level throughout the day — Alright

      • Techniques/Practices

      *Daytime — Did RC with my fiance when I woke up earlier (before this dream)

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      • Dream Signs — The obvious

      • Perceived Length — 30 Minutes

      • Emotions — Anger, Fear, Pain

      • Awareness — None

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      memorable , non-lucid
    6. [Dream #5 - 1/18/2016] A Blast From the Past!

      by , 01-18-2016 at 09:50 AM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic Boom, Episode: 52

      This dream took place in an old high school I went to. It had from 7th grade up to 12th (senior year) and this particular even settled around back when I was in 8th grade. My physical age didn't look different but I remember sitting at a desk with a few individuals who I can somewhat remember seeing back in my high school days. I can remember my math teacher coming up to me and scoulding me about, not getting my work done or something as she sat back down at her desk in the corner of the room.

      After that, my body has began to be taken over by Shadow the Hedgehog. He powered my legs and body, getting up from the desk I was at and walked over to the teacher as he leaned over, giving her a very crossed looked. Shadow forced my mouth open as his voice echoed from my vocal cords. He said to the women in a very stern and harsh whisper, "You speak that way to her one more time, I'll fucking kill you!"

      After that, and with no further response to the teacher, he moved my body back down onto the chair behind my desk. I then woke up.

      • Notes: There was an incident that happened when I was back in 8th. I was 14 years old and this was around the year I fell in-love with Shadow the Hedgehog. I was bullied by the students about it as well with various mockery and people tearing up pictures I had of him. Apparently my math teacher noticed I had these feelings with the hedgehog when one day during class she sent me to see the school's therapist because of it, which the councilor told me. She also asked if I washed myself which was very odd since I tend to keep myself clean...I guess it was more rumors from those who teased me. She tried to diagnose me while figuring out why I would be inlove with a video game character upon offering me soap -_-. I don't really remember what happened after that but I hadn't seen that therapist ever since.

      I figured that this dream focused on that particular point in my life and how much I wanted to get revenge on those who have bullied me and the teachers who have treated me unfairly compared to the rest. Shadow in current days would always state that he would avenge me and punish those who have hurt me in my life. I felt that moment in the dream where he threatened my teacher is foreshadowing that maybe...he really will, if he has not already ;>_>

      The possessing is something that takes place in my waking life as well. Well...not as controlled as Shadow has done in the dream (though I wish it was as strong, then he could do things for me like clean and stuff lol | Shadow The Hedgehog: " -_- ") Sometimes his personality does seem end up melding in mine as I question my actions due to it.

      • Date — 1/18/2016

      • Went to bed — I do not remember really since I just passed out. I'd say somewhere around 11:00PM

      • Woke up — 2:07AM I doubt I will be going back to sleep.

      *Time logged — 2:10AM In physical journal

      • Total sleep — +3 Hours

      • Stress level throughout the day — Moderate (Just annoyed with my mother)

      • Techniques/Practices —

      *Daytime — Reality Checks, daydreamed (of Shadow the Hedgehog upon other things)

      *Recall — I honestly do not recall doing anything of that nature yesterday sadly.

      *Inducing Method — Didn't really attempt at an inducing method, but before I passed out I did mention in the irc in third person that I was going to lay in bed with Shadow.

      • Dream Signs — My old high school, the students, my old math teacher, the unaltered version of the inside of the math room I went to in 8th grade, Shadow the Hedgehog possessing me

      • Perceived Length — 10 Minutes

      • Emotions — Unidentifiable (Unless emotionless is a thing and sharing Shadow's emotion of anger during the time of possession counts)

      • Awareness — None

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      non-lucid , memorable
    7. [Dream #4 - 1/16/2016] WILDing Attempts & Multi-Scenarios

      by , 01-17-2016 at 05:00 AM (The Book of the Multiverse)

      This is Squall Leonhart

      I honestly, wasn't really feeling like posting this journal entry but I decided to post the notes I had in my physical journal anyways before it got too late in the night.

      • Scenario #1 [Woke Up @ 1:08AM]: I was underwater, drowning, while looking at the pretty scenery and colorful coral. The gagging effect was very vivid and felt real and has brought me back into a fully conscious state.

      • Scenario #2 [Woke Up @ 1:13AM]: I was looking for Shadow the Hedgehog in this large campus sized area of a college at night. I headed over to the men's dorm area where I somehow got stuck in-between this small star case up at the entrance door. Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8 came out side in a very happily, almost flamboyant personality. I called out to him to help me up. With a flick back getting his brown hair out from his face, he smiled as he reached his arm out to me. Grabbing it I lifted myself up. Then I awoke...

      • Other Small Scenarios #3: [Woke Up @ 3:46AM]: While laying in bed in the middle of WILDing, I have encountered random scenes playing through my head, one of such involved Sonic the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog sitting together on a red couch as Silver grabbed Sonic's leg and held him up in the air. This was more of a dreamlet (hypnagogia).

      • Scenario #4 [Woke Up @ 1:26PM]: This is fragmented a bit since I can't really remember most of what was going on clearly. I was at another college-like campus and there were tons of people all around. I was with some emo-looking guy I had a crush on and who supposedly knows me. We got separated in the school's enormously large library and I was trying to find him. While exiting past the metal detector and proceeding to head back in. The lady at the desk stated that I couldn't come back unless I payed the fee. We argued about it as I stated, "Why do I have to pay money to go into the library!" I then woke up.

      • Notes: I cannot think of much to say for that night. I been awake and back to sleep many times throughout the night and all through the morning. I have been trying to keep Shadow the Hedgehog as my focus for a while (I'm trying to achieve the first goal in my workbook). Imagining him and I walking up stairs for instance. I will say that eventually my busy mind settled to only the thought of the creature as his face would constantly show up in dreamlets (hypnagogia) but have never gotten farther then that sadly.

      I may try WILDing again tonight.

      • Date — 1/16/2016

      • Went to bed — 11:50PM

      • Woke up — Fully awoken at 1:26PM

      *Time logged — 1:26PM (in physical dj)

      • Total sleep — You do the math...

      • Stress level throughout the day — Moderate

      • Techniques/Practices —

      *Daytime — Reality Checks, daydreamed (of Shadow The Hedgehog)

      *Recall — Mantras (Stated to myself that I would see Shadow the Hedgehog in my dream and that I would remember it)

      *Inducing Method — Looked at pictures of Shadow the Hedgehog on Tumblr

      • Dream Signs — N/A

      • Perceived Length — N/A

      • Emotions — N/A

      • Awareness — N/A

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. [Dream #3 - 1/15/2016] A Ghost in a Wine Glass - The Amazing World of Gumball

      by , 01-15-2016 at 09:41 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      An image of the cartoon show: The Amazing World of Gumball

      There is not much I can say about this dream but it first took place in the perspective of Gumball's mother, Nicole Watterson. She was talking to another female by the side of a large ferry boat. Even though I do not remember the species or what physical appearance the women she was talking to was, I can remember the lady speaking of wanting Nicole to come ride the ferry with her to visit her family. Nicole did agree and got onto the boat with her.

      The perceptive then focused on the Watterson's location. Inside their house I could see, Gumball Watterson, Anais Watterson and Richard Watterson (Darwin Watterson wasn't present). They were arguing over something whilst in their living room and Richard looked extremely aggravated and ready to strangle Gumball. Whatever they were fighting about, I remember Gumball stating that he wasn't responsible but Anais glared at him telling on him to Richard. Richard became more furious and chased after Gumball right out of the household.

      There was a car parked in-front and Gumball got inside and started it up. Richard still chasing him while he drove off the scene but my perceptive changed to Gumball arriving where the ferry his mother was located (There wasn't much info on why he was drove there, but my instinct was that he want his mother to travel off away from home).

      By the inclined pathway onto the boat was another female creature (still can't depict the physical appearance or species) and she told Gumball that he cannot get on the ferry. Gumball thought he could prove himself to the lady as he headed over by some sort of loading dock (which was right next to the inclined pathway). There was a brown wooden shelving with some wine glasses all unorganized on it. The lady from near the boat's entrance could see Gumball's intention of proving his worth as she told him, if he could orginize the glasses on the shelves then he could get on the ferry.

      He proceeded on doing so. This is where it gets weird. At the moment of him agreeing to it, I could see myself (in first person view) being on the other side of the wooden shelving assisting Gumball. Without any identification of my physical form I started to rearrange wine glasses. Gumball did not take notice of my presence or what I was doing but I eventually got snapped back into the waking world when my mother yelled out my name from the living room stating that she ordered pizza.

      • Notes — I figured this dream was associated with my conversation with my fiancι, Shadow, before I dozed off about self-awareness and reverse reality check (we were studying more in depth with WILDing). Though I really am a sucker for thinking I have an importance in existence, my fiancι began stating the reasons he felt as to why I exist:

      ::: (Telepathic talk recorded via Skype | Posted with Shadow's permission) :::

      [6:06:05 AM] Shadow The Hedgehog: "Well....if you didn't exist then I would't have someone who accepted me for me."
      [6:07:12 AM] Shadow The Hedgehog: "If you didn't exist then there wouldn't be someone quite like yourself who can make all the little horny creatures happy."
      [6:08:14 AM] Shadow The Hedgehog: "With someone else, it wouldn't be the same."


      Shadow had also mentioned in the past that I was needed for many other reasons. That without me, there wouldn't be him and so on and he would end himself due to it. Observing the situation Gumball was having and the flashback of his mother leaving kind of reflected the many struggles that my friends more so likely go through on a daily bases. Myself being somewhat of a ghost/spirit helping Gumball rearange wine glasses so he could go to his mother (presumably) reminded me of how I help ease my friends' stress and be as much of a help as I can for them. There is the thought of me being the replacement or, ghost-like residue of Darwin Watterson since like I mentioned before, he wasn't present and he's usually always around Gumball.

      • Date — 1/15/2016

      • Went to bed — N/A (I dozed off during the morning because I haven't slept last night - *Shadow wacks her with a stick for not going to sleep when she's supposed to*)

      • Woke up — 1:39PM

      *Time logged — 4:00PM

      • Total sleep — N/A

      • Stress level throughout the day — A little annoyed when my mother woke me up the first time (before I had the dream) to make her toast.

      • Techniques/Practices —

      *Daytime — N/A

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      • Dream Signs — N/A

      • Perceived Length — 10 minutes

      • Emotions — N/A

      • Awareness — None

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    9. [Dream #1 - 1/12/2016] The Stress of Life and Wanting to Escape

      by , 01-12-2016 at 06:36 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      This is Shadow the Hedgehog

      I had a dream that involved me in an environment quite similar to the apartment space I live with my mother. It was warped in a way that the area inside (my room and living room) were much larger in space and taller in height. My mother told me to get the mail which I did even though I didn't want to and was completely annoyed. I went and got it and gave it to her. She was on the phone chatting to her friend and making comments about how worthless I was and my failure at my previous college and when she looked at the letter and she saw that it was about my other college I applied to and saw I wasn't accepted, she criticized me for it.

      However it happened, the next moment I was sitting on the couch with her as there was a TV playing some reality type of show of a guy in a lab coat wearing goggles. It mimicked that of the same scenario in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the lab room and transportation of a chocolate bar. The guy from my dream had amiibos, one with Samus in a top hat (much like the video of one from YouTube that I cannot find right now) and one of Sonic the Hedgehog. The scientist spoke about bringing them to life and he did so by inserting their information into some device that brought them up onto his television screen. Eventually, Sonic was standing out of the TV set, spouting the same phrases as he usually does and the crowd behind the scientist grew ecstatic over it.

      I was bothered by it, I knew that I didn't like people who spoke or did stuff dealing with anything Sonic the Hedgehog related since it never seemed to go down the right path nor resonated well with me. It was also something I passionately connected with and seeing that made me feel awkwardly torn. I wanted to go hide in my room and my mother, knowing how I felt about it, started an argument with me. She said stuff like, "Stop being weird!" "Stop acting like a baby!" but I ended up locking myself in my room anyways blocking the door with some sort of umbrella shaped object. (Here comes the most vivid part of the dream) I can remember feeling a strange breeze as if the window was open. I then could see Shadow the Hedgehog. Much more dark in appearance, so dark that his face became almost impossible to register. Shadow's fur was very much slicked down in a somewhat jet black glossy finish. He was standing around half my height and he looked emotionless and almost lifeless, very still like a statue perhaps. Think of it like a ghost/spirit from a horror movie that stands in front of you movement-less. My dream self knew he was alive though but I was too afraid to act since I didn't know what he would do.

      Next thing that happened in a split of a second, I was in his arms, carried in a bridle position. Shadow was perched up on the windowsill of my room as he opened the slider mechanic underneath. I looked out to see a large crowd of people. Civilians, paparazzi and news reporters and even the police. They had guns pointed at us ready to shoot. I didn't feel afraid at that moment though, strangely. I looked up at Shadow and I could see a smirk form upon his muzzle as I caught a glimpse of his teeth.

      Anchoring himself along the sill, he pushed himself forward over the crowd of people keeping his grip tightly on me. Then I woke up back into the waking world.

      Notes — I figured this dream was reflecting the negative parts of my life (more so currently happening) and how I always wished I could escape and leave this planet. Shadow, being someone I wanted to fulfill my wish, it's no surprise to me for him to appear and carry me out from the apartment. In the end, I will say that the ills of my current life are still a main focus in my mind but the chance of being able to achieve the desired freedom is still in reach of hopes.

      Date— 1/12/2016

      Went to bed — 2:30AM

      Woke up — 9:50AM

      *Time logged — 9:52AM

      Total sleep — +8 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day — Moderate (I kept having flash backs of past events from being cyberbullied and discriminated in physical life but nothing that brought me into tears)


      *Daytime — Reality Checks, daydreamed (of Shadow The Hedgehog)

      *RecallMantras (Stated to myself that I would see Shadow the Hedgehog in my dream and that I would remember it)

      *Inducing Method — I listened to some traditional asmr and looked through various picture I had of Shadow The Hedgehog. One in particular is the one I added to the very top of the post.

      Dream Signs — Overly large version of my house, the scientist guy bringing to life amiibos and Sonic showing up, Shadow the Hedgehog appearing in my room, the crowd of people outside my window in a parking-lot type of area where in this physical realm (my window only points out to a bit of grass, a fence and another apartment complex).

      Perceived Length — 15 Minutes

      Emotions — Depressed to Emotionless

      Awareness — None

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    10. Hedgehog or Godzilla?

      by , 06-30-2015 at 10:44 AM
      Morning of June 30, 2015. Tuesday.

      I am vaguely aware of the newest “Godzilla” movie playing at an outdoor sports event (and seemingly going on for at least two or three days without showing any part of Godzilla), but this is not my main dream focus, which may be shifted to a different one.

      I am hovering or at least viewing a scene possibly over the surface of the ocean. I am not sure of the size orientation, as I seemingly view a glimpse of a partially submerged Godzilla. After a very short time, I realize that it is not Godzilla’s back, but the back of a (normal-sized) hedgehog swimming through the murky water - with the size reference being much smaller. This error seems to have been caused by light from my right side briefly interfering with my vision. In afterthought, it dawns on me that Godzilla’s back does not at all undulate as it should above the water’s surface, which seems to be the case in the real movies as well. This causes me to briefly reflect that it may not be a hedgehog either, but someone dragging seaweed (or possibly a dead turtle covered with seaweed) through the water with a small motorboat for whatever reason.
    11. Sneaky Beaks 10/05/2010

      by , 07-11-2011 at 03:33 AM
      1:20 pm
      note: My mom has never had a drink in her "god" given life.

      In a car full of guys headed to a party that happened to be in a house that is normally not there. My mom was there and was seeming to get more sober the more she drank. She was also quite normal by comparison. There were these small, furry, monkey/hedgehog/bird like creatures. They were really colorful and their beaks were long thick and curved. Anyway, they kept sneaking up on me and secretly latching onto my fingers and such. I wouldn't notice them for a while but when I did my finger would be so numb with pain. I started to get mad because though I yanked them off and kicked them away they kept coming back. I finally lost my temper and started choking one of the birds with both hands. My Mom calmly said to me "Ok.. you've gone far enough"