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    1. Searing heat

      by , 10-15-2018 at 12:16 PM
      The first thing I can recall is the searing heat. I felt it everywhere. Then I remember a being that the heat radiated from. He was large, taller than buildings. And he had this weapon, kind've like a crossbow but he wasn't shooting bows. It was almost like he was shooting swords at people. I ran. I ran into the elevators and hid from his heat. I realized I was on the surface then. I ran through buildings, across streets. But he was everywhere, there was no escaping. People pointed and ran, there was no screaming but you could see their fear. I ran and ran and ran. The girl I was with got seperated from me. And then there he was. Right behind me. His searing heat radiating off of his flesh like the 5th circle of hell. There was no escaping.
    2. 4/25/18- Hell and Incepted Lucidity 😂

      by , 04-26-2018 at 06:40 AM
      When it began, I was going to the regional spelling bee (which I'm doing IWL ). My nerves were shaky, but it was happening. I was excited, especially since, in the dream, it was taking place in South Korea. My father and I were at SOU, where the spelling bee is being held IWL (it was still SOU, just... In Korea) and walking around campus when we found an adorable animal. It had a huge fluffy tail, little paws, and... A human face?!
      However, we thought nothing of it. It was cute and that was all that mattered. It basically had a small, adorable, pinkish purple raccoon body- it seemed to love us, so we decided to take it home. The dream drifted away from the spelling bee, and I was sad that we had to leave Korea. So I came up with some better ideas.
      In a Coraline-esque movie, I had seen a character say a poem, and go through a painting, taking her to another world. I decided to do that, and return to South Korea, so I could meet my idols. I remembered the four-line, rhyming poem, and noticed the painting leaning against the wall behind my bed. It contained lots of dark colors and red, reminding me of hell, or Hades. After I said the poem, I took a deep breath, and stuck my hand through the painting. It sucked me in, and I began to fall from about 6 feet up on a wall. The surrounding area was dark- certainly a hellish landscape. I was in a room, though. Albeit a large one. I felt a weirdly strong connection to Kim Taehyung at this point- mainly just thinking of his name. Anyways, as I exited, random dream characters were like "wHAT'RE YOU DOING HERE?? YOU'RE FROM THE MORTAL WORLD,, YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DOWN HERE, PLEASE GO BACK, THIS PLACE IS CURSED," but I was just like "nah fuck u, im gonna go make out with [my favorite idol]."
      This turned out to be a rather large building, but it was all comprised of the same materials, colors, and designs. I found an area which was supposedly [my favorite idol]'s room. His bed was red and black, and there were some dirty clothes scattered around it. I just... Sat there, waiting. Then I just decided to have a walk around this dimension until they kicked me out. Outside of the building, everything was pretty much normal, and I remember walking along a highway alone at night. It was kinda cool. Eventually I returned home, upset that I couldn't make out with [my favorite idol], so I decided to do it another way. A safer way. Lucid dreaming. (Pretty ironic, huh? I didn't even think to do a reality check right then and there.) I basically became lucid immediately, in a new landscape- which just so happened to be the main street of my current Town. I rubbed my hands together very frequently, amazed at how well that strengthened my hold on the dream. I decided to hunt down BTS, so I floated up, until I saw the town in a map view. In the Northeast area, rightwards of the town park, I saw a large square crowd of people with a few in front, on a stage. I assumed that it was them, holding a concert, so I flew over. However, there were NINE people in front, instead of seven. It wasn't them. My dumb ass didn't think to turn around and change them into BTS, but oh well. I don't really remember much after that. I'm happy to be having more LD's and that I used a lucidity strengthening technique, though.

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    3. 18-04-02 Hell Dreams

      by , 04-03-2018 at 05:29 AM
      Before waking up, I had a hallucination of a train coming closer. The 'frame' of the train moving reset every second, snapping back to its original position, like in a time loop. A bit later, I learned I could manipulate time and push the train backwards (or make it drive back as time is reversed).

      I was standing in a street at a house my family used to live (not). The house was gone and replaced with other, newer houses. A more 'urban' area a bit further down the road (which I recalled had shops and businesses) was also gone and had been suburbanized.

      I was with my mom and dad, walking in a forest. We were following my grandpa, who was a good 100 feet in front of us. I suddenly realized he's supposed to be dead. I tell my dad this, who says he sensed grandfather's presence a few days earlier, and after he made a typical grandpa joke, he was sure it was him. We kept following him down the path, but the path and environment started to change. A forest became a burning horizon, and the dirt and leaves of the forest roads turned to smoldering embers. We were walking into Hell. I didn't think too much of it, though. I tried to use my phone camera to record our descent into Hell, which worked (to my surprise). We came up on two buildings. Big farmhouses, but they were old, abandoned and partially overgrown with creepy, unnatural vines. A feeling of intense evil emanated from those buildings. I followed grandpa into one of them. It started to dawn onto me that something wasn't right. There were things he couldn't know, but did (something involving melons on the ground, don't ask). But when he said something sinister in a devilishly evil voice (couldn't see him when this happened), we were all like 'yup, it isn't him', and we noped out of there immediately. What followed was an attempt to escape Hell the way we came. But the path on which we arrived was now covered in logs (?) and we had to climb over them. There was also a ceiling somehow, so we had to crawl through on our stomachs. I looked sideways and saw the demonic face of what used to be my grandfather looking at me. I tried to shield myself from it, as I think it had some kind of ranged attack. Then someone talked to me and said it was a scene from a scary movie.

      Still in the hellverse, at the end of a completely unrelated scene. Someone triggered something, causing demons to break out. I tried to escape to the other side of the map (it was a game) by using glitches and walking on top of walls. Once on the other side of the map (where I'd come from), I saw the demon approach me super fast. I realized it was rubberbanding and I wasn't supposed to run away from it. Instead of attacking me, it gives me something. Something with three colors (red, blue and green) that I was supposed to balance? A key?

      The next unrelated scene, still in Hell. We were exploring some kind of stone large structure. It looked like an altar, or temple. While exploring a dark room, people started vanishing. I felt an evil presence. We returned outside, to the altar/temple, which turned out to be some kind of huge teleportation stone, a gate between Hell and reality. We were all (dozens of people) gathered on the stone, and around it. I remember hanging from the stone, calling for help and being ignored, and eventually dropping down, walking around and climbing back onto the stone a bit further. Someone used their phone to call someone, and tell them to teleport them back to reality. A voice, representing Hell, answered and said it wasn't up to them to decide if we could leave or not. But then, people started vanishing in rapid succession. I was seeing in third person how I vanished as well. So I was gone, but 'still there'. I saw my family, as it used to be in the 'good old days' (including my younger self), and a voice said they were declared the winners (and cleared to leave Hell).
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    4. March 26, 2018 False Awakenings

      by , 03-26-2018 at 06:14 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      This morning I was sleeping on a friend's couch and had to get up at 9am for my father's birthday breakfast. I didn't want to miss the alarm and this was stressing me out, which ended up causing several false awakenings.

      The first false awakening I wake up and check my phone to see it's 1pm. I freak out and run to the shower.

      The second false awakening I wake up around 10:00am and freak out again.

      The third false awakening I wake up and a similar thing happens and I'm complaining to moo and kolby that my phone must be broken.

      The fourth false awakening I wake up on the other side of the couch looking at my friend jp. At the exact same time we go "I just had four false awakenings." Moo is to the left of me and tells us to repeat it again, which we do. Then we all freak out. I know I had only had three before this so this didn't really add up.

      The fifth false awakening I'm lying back on the couch on the normal side thinking this is a dream. The room is dimly lit in a purple color. I can see jp looking at me from the other side of the couch. Looking at the tv, I see a little girl. Her face starts to turn into something like the exorcist. I can hear myself making noises like "aaaah" but I'm not scared at all. Her and jp start to walk towards me. She changes into some sort of clown and I make more scared noises not feeling scared, I can hear jp saying "dude you're so weird." Then the clown morphs into a woman with dark hair dressed in a red dress. I make some sort of noise like I'm attracted to her, then she turns into a man and I make a noise that I'm freaked out. Jp again says that I'm weird.

      They get right to my face and I get up, this exploding into a very strange turn of events. The room is turned into some sort of event. I'm watching a commercial of some sort of these weird people, they were changing very rapidly, at some point it's a woman in a black outfit with a black mask and some other things as well. The background was constantly changing, the one I remember now is a hotel room background. The backgrounds looked like green screen effects and the people in front of the backgrounds stood out from them. It was some sort of chant and at the bottom of my vision I can see subtitles in an orange or red font. There's a little thing bouncing from each word as these people are saying the words.

      The words are "what the hell is that, what the hell is that" and I thought I might've seen "LOL" to the left and right of that line too. That line kept getting repeated. I keep saying out loud "what the hell is that, what the hell is that" as these backgrounds are changing and people are morphing. The people were indian women dressed in gowns dancing around at some point.
    5. 17-12-01 Floating Down River Styx, HP Insecurity

      by , 12-21-2017 at 02:27 PM
      I found myself laying on some kind of raft, floating on a river of boiling lava. It was pretty clear this was Hell, and that river was pretty clearly the famous Styx. I had to be careful moving around on the 'raft' (the raft felt soft, more like a mattress, blanket or mat instead of a wooden raft) as every compression allowed lava onto its surface, touching my hands/ I actually touched the lava a few times, but it didn't do any damage and it didn't hurt. There was a giant three-headed monster on the shore, eating fleeing people left and right. The people were all dressed very modern and casual, and they looked as confused as I was. No one knew how they'd gotten there, only that this place was awful. The monster is of course based on Cerberus, the monster from Greek mythology that guards the Styx in Dante's Inferno. But this version of Cerberus didn't look like a dog. Its neck was long and serpentine, and its heads looked like the head of a Velociraptor or Tyrannosaurus rex. It was the size of a large house. There were also smaller monsters, I can only call them 'demons'. Vicious critters the size of a man. About the environment... It felt very 'alien'. Not at all like a volcanic environment, as people often think of Hell. This felt more like a lava river on Mars or something. Nothing felt familiar. There was a man with a large camera down there, filming the horrible scenes. I was seeing the scene though his lens, now. Then he got caught by Cerberus. The camera fell to the ground, as the beast gobbled him down in one vicious bite. The camera was on the ground, me still seeing the scene though it. Like in the ending of Paranormal Activity, a ghost-like entity attacked the camera as if it knew I was watching. I was scared half to death.

      The next scene appeared to be a continuation of the Hell dream. I awoke in a large room, where others were also waking up. My grandmother (on father's side) was there too. She spoke about getting ready for the "next film", or something? We were doing some weird kind of ritual. A satanic ritual?

      This dream was far less pleasant than the last one. I was in what I think was a bar? A certain celebrity I've been obsessed with was there. While I was working up the courage to talk to her, tongue tied and not even sure what to say, I noticed another guy I used to know from work (Nick P.) was already confidently chatting her up. Now, in real life, Nick is someone who's going places. He started his own company. He's smart, driven, stylish, sociable, and therefore all the things I am not. Being confronted with "not being good enough" was humiliating. Can I go back to Hell, please?
    6. 17-11-11 Back in Time (School), Fighting Lizard Demons

      by , 11-15-2017 at 05:43 AM
      In the first dream, I was (for the umpteenth time) in my old school, but a good ten years back in time. Oddly students were seated in the hallways instead of classrooms. I left the building and flew off to look for girls (subconscious awareness this wasn't real and I could do with my DC's whatever I want). But suddenly I remembered doing a certain thing to a certain person would accidentally prevent another thing (that's supposed to happen) from happening. I was in the past, after all.

      Long, and complicated dream, can't be bothered to write it all down. I'm half human cop, half lizard/demon. I'm in the police station, and walk over to the coffee machine to get some coffee. I get weird looks from the other officers who are seeing me for the first time (the first half-demon cop on the squad). I notice they made the buttons of the coffee machine bigger so I could still use it (I had very big mutant hands).

      In a later scene, I'm still the demon-lizard-guy from before. I'm in Hell, fighting off big demons attacking the "base camp" of the good guys. I'm having to solo several big demons, wrestling them by their horns. The humans were reluctant to join in the fight because I looked rather demonic myself. I couldn't get hurt but was still getting thrashed pretty hard by the demons, who were a lot bigger than I was. Luckily, Thor (from the MCU) suddenly appeared and joined in the fight. He knocked out a few demons with his hammer.
    7. "Welcome to Hell"

      by , 07-25-2017 at 03:48 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      "Welcome to Hell"
      I was at school on the sidewalk, there was a bus in front of us.
      I believe I went on it for a short while but got off. It looks like a death trap, Lexi got on, I could've warned her.
      A guy gets on and he has a stereotypical surfer voice and says "Wow! Cool!"
      The Bus Driver then closes the door, the bus starts to float in midair and he says "Welcome to hell." (?)
      The Bus starts to squish itself and it's inhabitants. There's nothing left, it went into nothingness.
      I think 'Father...' (I guess in my dream the bus driver was my father.)
      Later in the dream, i'm standing at the end of the side walk. I can catch my bus, it is okay.
      'Not my bus, Not my bus' I think. I wave to a bus.
      All of the buses passed, a blonde haired lady appears (looks like Mrs.R) tells me "Your bus was in the back with
      the handicapped buses."
      She helps me find my bus, we end up by stairs by a place that looks like the Lower Gymnasium at my school.
      There is this Black Kid who is exactly my height, he's naked.
      I ask "How old are you?"
      He tells me he is 9 and a half.


      The Fire Nation is in the dream and there was a Giant Dude. (?)
      Those were the only dreams I could remember from last night, it's crazy how 90% of my dreams are about School yet I can't recognize that as a dream sign. I think I had a False Awakening last night so i'll put that down in the Global Category.
      July 24th, 2017
    8. Hell is in an Uproar

      by , 06-11-2017 at 04:40 PM (The Secret Life of Demons)

      In an office building, looking around. Actually, feeling a bit lost and uncertain of what I'm looking for. While here I see my mom in one of the offices. I wait in the hallway for her to come out and pretend to appear surprised when she calls my name. I turn around and we chat for a moment about nothing specific. I can feel that she's happy to see me... I'm less pleased to see her. I love her and think she's great. It's just unfortunate she's working in Hell and it's this aspect that saddens me. They treat her decently and it's a mutually beneficial arrangement, it's just unfortunate. She has to get back to work so I tell her I'm just running errands and I'll see her later.


      I'm still in Hell, but now I'm pushing a cart with a few supplies in it. I need to take it somewhere. A man is escorting me; I'm rather fond of him for no particular reason. He seems warm. We arrive at an elevator and I'm hesitant to ride with the other riders. They are surrounded by darkness and I can't tell where the darkness is originating from; whether it's the elevator itself, an individual inside the elevator, or the collective within the elevator. I know enough to hesitate, and my escort informs me we'll take the next one. I exhale a sigh of relief. I didn't really want to explain my preference to wait, so I'm relieved he reads me exceptionally well.

      We wait, then I enter the empty elevator. My escort has vanished and I'm with two women. Once we enter, a secondary door forms. I walk through the elevator and start laughing. I'm on another level without having to go up or down, just around. The two women I'm with are confused, so I explain we're on the right level. They're still confused. They don't seem very adaptive to changing reality. I explore on my own.

      Starving Demons

      I'm observing a group of three women eating at an exclusive restaurant. Still in Hell. They are visibly disgruntled and I realize they've run out of money. They can't afford to eat more than an appetizer. A fourth woman arrives and I'm staring at her beige colored necklace around her neck, it's quite interesting--looks like a belt. The fourth woman offers to pay for their meal. The three women, as it turns out, had planned poorly resulting in their current unfortunate series of events. The fourth woman had prepared by being more than evil (though I still believe she's a demon, not all demons are created equal). The fourth woman had been kind to others, regardless of origin (she was nice to the non-demons), and as the world changed she was able to change with it. The other three had not been kind and now they are unable to sustain themselves (food source went away).


      I'm observing a pair of demons outside. One is normal and nice. The other demon is possessed by hatred. Understandable. The nice one is trying to convince the other one to abandon the hatred as it's consuming her and will eventually claim her life. The nice one retrieves what appears to be the child of the possessed demon. Makes sense as family bonds are a decent method to tame emotional hatred. This doesn't work and the possessed demon is on the verge of attacking its offspring. It's very unfortunate to see things have escalated to this degree. I'm considering stepping into the body of the possessed in order to pull it out of that state. It just needs a gentle tug--but I never get to see the outcome as it's time for me to wake.


      My dreams have always involved Hell being the winning political party. I've been a permanent resident of Hell, but I've also resided in lighter areas too. As I grew up I traveled vast distances and met many wonderful beings, all over. I came to understand that origin and residency don't necessarily make individuals good or bad. Individuals choose who they want to be. There are demons in Heaven, just as there are angels in Hell. It's a horrific race war, even on the spiritual planes. Now that Heaven has the upper hand due to recent events, the demons are struggling to adapt. Their food source has been severely diminished and their hunting methods and way of life must change or they will perish. I'm here to ensure the demons survive. Why? Because demons are spirits too. Life should be protected and everyone deserves the opportunity to live. Personally, I find it hilarious to see demons miserable. It's a nice change of pace.
    9. Archdevil Aboroth and other bright and happy dreams from last night

      by , 04-08-2017 at 04:45 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      21 - 22:30

      Covered in Oil and Fire
      I was with an inventor in a dark room. Computers and other gear provided some blue light. I wanted to help him, but got distracted. I was on my way to the bathroom and picked up a dirty piece of paper. It was night and the hallway looked like army barracks. A group wearing masks was covering all the doors with a massive blanket. They didn't notice me walking in the middle until later. I saw them throwing buckets of oil on sleeping people, throwing a torch in the mix and sealing the door with the blanket so everyone burned to death inside. The screaming started. The bad guys noticed me and threw oil on me. Before I was lit on fire I used the dirty paper to clean some of the oil off my face and arms. I decided to play dead. I fell down burning. The bad guys finished setting the place on fire and half of my body looked like charcoal.

      I got up and looked for survivors. I found some, about ten of us were alive. Somehow there were fleshy pink wolves in the building now. They tried to bite me and I had to fight them off. I got false memories of were I was. The bad guys called this "Dev Shack H" A building made completely from wood and in the middle of a vast forest. We had built this place on our own and it was all just a trap. I found a dying woman while exploring the place for survivors. She was too far gone, I had to leave her.

      We found a room that was still somehow in one piece and decided to rest there for at least the rest of the night. Two cats had appeared out of no where, one of the survivors stopped them from fighting each other. The cats had all the colors of a rainbow, odd. A woman asked if we should move the corpses. I told her that the bad guys might return and we shouldn't go outside yet or move anything.

      22:45 - 1:15

      Archdevil Aboroth
      I'm a DO floating over a massive golden table in a large hall. The table is probably 15 meters in diameter. The place looks regal. I don't know where I am, but it's probably not Earth. There are people around the table and I recognize some of them. Asgardian gods Loki and Thor are there. Apparently this is some sort of auction. A woman announces a new arrival as "The Archdevil Aboroth". One god near Loki grabs his stuff and gets up. He seems scared of Aboroth. Aboroth has the appearance of a 50 year old man with short brown hair and well-kept beard. He wears a dark suit. As one of the gods left, the announcer lady says to Aboroth "You may join. I do hope you're more fun than the last one." Aboroth sits down and answers "I'll try." His voice is deep and he speaks very formally. He looks at a man with gray hair and mustache across the table. "Haven't seen you at the factory." he says. The mustache guy looks terrified and says nothing.

      Scene changes. I'm inside the first level of a small lighthouse. I can see the ocean through small windows, the room is round and the walls are white. Dean from Supernatural is in the room and on the other side of the room, looking out the window is Aboroth. Aboroth's shadow is unnatural, it's climbing up the wall and there's a small creature next to Aboroth in the shadow that's not visible in the room. "How did you get here." Dean asks. He seems tense. "I'm sure you know...there's only one way for me: a Witness Angel. If I'm brought here, you know it's BAD. A war is coming." Aboroth says while smiling.


      Nine Hells
      Group of adventurers that call themselves Vox Machina leave the Nine Hells with plane shift. Vax stays behind for some reason. A contract with a devil maybe. He walks through a city where the dominant color is red. He walks through an empty square. The ground has weird markings and messages all over it. Vax walks into a house and finds a small bedroom. Through the window I can see a dim, blue hue fighting the dark red sky. Green lights are scattered across the red city, I have no idea what those are. Some devils nearly discover Vax, but he appears to be protected. Maybe his god, the Raven Queen, keeps him hidden. Vax falls asleep.

      Dream changes. I'm playing Diablo 3 now. I know nothing of this game, but my brother is helping me. I haven't even killed Diablo, but it's apparently not needed. We enter an area that was just released in an expansion pack. We dive into the depths of hell and the final boss is none other than Aboroth. We kill him. I have a feeling he won't stay dead.
    10. Escape from heaven to hell, or heaven to Earth.

      by , 01-04-2017 at 07:57 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Last night's (non-lucid) dream was pretty cool. I was in heaven, in a field, so apparently I had died or something. Two guys there were trying to move from heaven to hell. As to why they would want to do that, I have no idea! Then, there were two ladies there who wanted to move from heaven to Earth instead.

      I suppose this particular heaven wasn't all that exciting.

      Somehow, in their efforts to travel back to earth, they managed to take me with them. I felt like I was waking up into the land of the living, and suddenly we were in some restaurant located inside of a shopping mall. The two girls were really nice, and I talked to them a bit, but I honestly don't remember why they wanted to go back to Earth. I think they said they had "unfinished business" or something.

      There was also a guy with a dog that was performing in a show or something. It's a bit fuzzy in my memory though.

      Then, we all got on an elevator to go down to a lower floor. The guy with the dog was on it too. There were a lot of people in said elevator, but it was very large and roomy so it didn't feel crowded. It was a glass elevator, so you could see the lower floors of the mall. Anyway, there was a needle of some sort laying on the ground.

      And get this: It moved of its own accord, and immediately began stabbing me. I actually felt the pain. My mind immediately jumped to the conclusion that some sort of organization had built this needle to...do something malicious. But I don't remember what! :')

      That faded, and I was outside in a nice neighborhood with some large houses, some of which were under construction. There was a large crowd of people walking towards one of them -- I think the one that was being constructed -- and I remember a pretty girl with a pink strapless blouse, which had a pattern of diamond shapes on it in a variety of colors. She was pale and neither skinny nor overly heavy -- just perfect.

      The last thing my dream journal says is "something else as part of dream." I don't remember what that something was, though. I was starting to get really tired and had less than an hour before waking up, so I just went back to sleep I think.
    11. [20-08-2016]

      by , 08-20-2016 at 09:04 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a dark and unusually grim day. I was in my house, wondering if we're still friends with my best friend. I decided to leave my house. Suddenly I got teleported to an endless corridoor with doors on one side - I had a feeling that I'm in hell. Each door teleported me to different places, until I finally got to heart of darkness and destroyed evil. I grabbed everything that I could to good use except for one, most important thing.

      Second dream

      I was in some strange abandoned factory with some people. There were enormous reservoirs with some liquid fuel. We were closed down there and had to find a way out. Suddenly huge flames burst out of reservoirs. I had to find a way out before the whole place would explode. I decided to find a controll room that was buried under debris. I dug my way to the controll room, but there was nothing that I could use. I found a huge, humanoidal monster with gray skin and blue eyes instead. To defend myself I grabbed a chainsaw and tried to cut the monster, but it wasn't even scratched by it. With other people we escaped to an enormous ladder and tried to climb up one of reservoirs. Two people got up, I was almost there but monster smashed the ladder with great force. I grabbed edge of reservoir, but I haven't had enough strength to climb up. I asked for help, but no one wanted to help me.
    12. #199 - hell lucid

      by , 02-08-2016 at 11:23 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream - hell lucid
      I don't remember much about this since it wasn't that great as a lucid, but the dream was pretty cool. I remember going down to hell somehow, maybe teleportation or something. When I got there the place was really awesome, like a giant cavern with fire and demons. I randomly realized I was dreaming and was like 'hmm I'm dreaming what's going on?'. I felt pretty stable in my environment and then focused on what was going on around me.. Unexpectedly the visuals just started to fade away from me, it was quite fast and I didn't really feel like I was waking up. I was drifting in that fine line of being awake and being asleep, there was mostly darkness and incoherent hypnopompic imagery. I started focusing on sounds, listening to the voice of an old man echoing in the distance. I found it pretty easy to tune into, and soon found myself listening to other sounds too..

      I wasn't able to re-enter the dream or anything, last night in general was pretty interesting though. I slept right through until 4:30 without waking. The meditation seems to be helping me get DILDs as this is the second I've had since starting a week ago.
      Tags: hell, sounds
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. Hell

      by , 10-07-2015 at 04:26 PM
      7 October 2015

      “Fuck me” I (probably) thought as I cleaned up the post-tempestuous mess that was once the school dance. Sam and Tucker (from Danny Phantom) were there with me helping me clean everything up. It really was a disaster. The banner that once hung high above the stage in the school gym now hung in tatters, All of the decoration were strewn about and somehow, I do not remember how, there was a big gaping hole in the ceiling and it was all my fault! I do not remember how it was my fault but it was. The principal had tasked me, Tucker, and Sam with cleaning up this whole thing as I guess they were involved too.

      There is not much that happened here aside from typical young adult banter. The events immediately thereafter are lost in memory. Next thing I remember I was on a field trip into the jungle with my friends. I remember specific people there such as Pteresa from My Life as a Teenage Robot, Sam and Tucker and then there were The Wild Thornberries who were leading this field trip. We stopped just outside of the jungle and again most of the events are lost. All I can tell you is that something went wrong, horribly wrong. We were no longer on a field trip we were now on a mission. We were tasked with journeying through the nine circles of Hell. I do not remember why but there was something that we needed to do. So there we were on the most memorable field trip of our lives.

      We started off in what must have been Limbo. We were traveling in a line on a narrow path. Some of us, myself included, were on bikes. I was in the back of the group with Debbie, Elisa, and one third woman whom I will name Carrie. Carrie was a heavy set woman with brown hair. We were sort of the screw up group as we kept stumbling on our bikes. I ended up losing mine when I rode into a swamp. I think the three girls I was with ditched their bikes so that they could hang with me. I knew that the rest of the group saw us as little more than a liability especially Pteresa. From what I can remember much of hell did not resemble what I’ve read in “Dante’s Inferno” at all. It was all mostly a cross between The River Styx and The Forest of Suicide. At some point we came across a temple that I had stumbled upon in a previous dream. Had I been through Hell before?

      After that we ended up at the ninth circle. The Circle of Treachery. It was not a big frozen lake like in the poem though. It was just like it was at the beginning. A big swamp forest type deal. Funny thing is, I don’t remember what it was that we did. I just remember being done and wondering how we were going to get out of there. I think someone was able to call in an airship to fly us out of Hell which led me to wonder why the fuck we didn’t use that ship to fly into Hell in the first place. Once we were out I had flashbacks of going through there. I specifically remembered going through the Malebolge Pits. Were in the second bolgia where the sinners guilty of flattery were being punished. I remember the look of horror on Pteresa’s face as she watched flatterers being forced to wallow in human shit. I could tell by the horrified expression on her face that it truly was a traumatic sight for her. It was traumatic for all of us.

      I knew that we would never be the same. This journey changed our lives forever. I wondered how this would affect us long term. I did not remember seeing any sinners being tortured but I knew that we had seen them and that none of us would ever be the same again. Although there was some good to come out of this journey. Elisa, Debbie, Carrie, and I grew closer on this trip and I knew that our friendship would not be ending anytime soon. It was not a good experience but it was a bonding experience nonetheless and I was grateful for that much.

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    14. Blood-Skinned

      by , 09-13-2015 at 05:33 PM (Nyctophilia)
      I find myself beaten and battered on the crags of some blighted cliff. I am underground, as it seems. All around me there is fire and brimstone. I stood high above, atop rocky platforms. A river of lava passed below and fire blazed in the air. I am crawling on my knees; I distinctly remember the long cuts on my back, the rips in my skin from some kind of animal. I leap across crag and crag, evading spouts of fire. There are many winged creatures flying in the air. I remember their opposition to me, several tried to push me off. I struggled with them, broke their wings, and threw them into the fires below.

      At the end of my path is a man, though he is not possibly human. He is unnaturally tall and skeletal. The eyes of the skull glow red and bats swarm from out of his rips. Once I reach him, he holds out a hand and I am lifted into the air. My body immediately begins to burn, I bleed from every orifice on my body. Eyes, nose, ears, mouth, even my anal regions. Blood consumes me. In that instant my blood hardens to my skin, as I remember it. I have new skin, which is scarlet and curious. I drop to the ground with extreme force, yet I remain unharmed. With this, I am suddenly filled with a strange urge to jump off the cliff which my feet are planted. I inevitably jump...

      In that moment, my heart races. I feel as though I have died in my dream. But I look, I have not fallen. I am skipping through the air as though there is a glass floor there. I levitate, I am invincible. The winged creatures fly towards me once more and begin firing at me with darts of flame. I am unaffected, my body moves in an array of powerful contortions even a skilled acrobat could never muster. My arms slash the creatures in half and they dissipate as clouds of ash. The power of my body is undeniable. Finally I drop myself, I am falling into the lava below. As I crash, I am engulfed in red. I am not singed by fire, rather I am frozen in place. I find my body evaporating and beginning to disappear. In that instant, I am gone.
    15. Heaven & Hell

      by , 08-20-2015 at 02:50 PM (Nyctophilia)
      Through a mortal lens I saw glimpses of the immortal. Imperishable dimensions built on the foundation of eternity. I found myself in the dark. It was unlike any darkness I have ever known. The sheer blackness was all-consuming and governed as far as I could see. I questioned my visual capabilities and soon learned I was not blind, yet I could not see. Whether it be my hand from my face, all was the same. The darkness was so deep, so thick, I felt as though it had seeped inside my very body. All around me I heard only screaming, moaning, and growling. It was as though I had stepped into a sports stadium, but the crowd screamed rather than joyously cheered.

      I was falling, doing such at a speed like a descending bolt of lightning. I felt it in my gut, I was falling. In that moment I believe I left my body. For a fraction of a second there was an indescribable sensation that I had moved beyond my mortal sleeping body. When the sensation ceased, I found myself in surroundings anew. It was blurred, and fog was present, but I could clearly make out a solid ground which I sat on. It was whiter than snow and I stood up. I was wearing a white gown of sorts. There was a building just beyond me. Behold, it was large and white and looked as though made of precious stone or crystal or pearl. I saw a wall with many pillars and an array of stairs leading up to it. There was clearly a gate which was closed.

      I felt the presence of another being with me, yet I saw no one. I heard the mumbling of a voice, and my surroundings were silent save for a swift wind-like sound. No others were present. In that I awoke.
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