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    1. Moving and the Lion

      by , 09-16-2017 at 04:26 PM
      08-20-2017 -- At the Hickory house doing packing, I think. Not quite sure what is going on, but there are disappearing pets, and injured cats, and we're trying to figure out what is happening, when I discover that there is a lion running around the neighborhood, killing and eating other animals, and mauling people when it catches them. The neighbors at 8439 are running around in terror, trying to hide behind their big mobile home trailer, while the lion is just laying under the thing, eating the family dog, and occasionally taking a swipe at their legs.

      So I'm looking around for Sammy, hoping he's safe, and trying to figure out where the lion is and when it might be safe, and the answer is pretty much never. The lion seems to be hiding off to the right side of the house in an area where the garage should be, but it is not. At one point, I am wandering around trying to find things, and come across the lion around the side of the house, and start to run for the door, and the lion starts to chase me, and I realize the running attracts it's attention. When I was just walking, it paid me much less attention. So I slow down, and before it can react, dart toward it and start scratching it on the head, and to that it reacts like a kitten, and purrs and loves the attention, and I am able to get back into the house, where I borrow somebody's phone and call for animal control to come and get it.

      Dobby is here for a while, and trying to protect us, but he moves far too quickly, and is eaten several times (and just pops back into existence, ready to be eaten again) until he learns to make a big, pillow-like shield around himself that the lion just bounces off of. Meanwhile, Billy Damon is here, demonstrating some magic tricks, while a piano competition-like magic convention is going on, with a kids division that is competing, as well as an adult division, and some kids that are a cross between the younger ragtime writers and the stars from the Big Bang Theory are showing off their magic acts.

      I keep opening the front door, and the lion is now pretty much camping on the front porch, and I am petting his head until he purrs, and keeping him calm, while urging others to move cautiously, and not trigger his chase instincts by running, while waiting for animal control, who seem to be incredibly slow about getting out here. But finally they arrive, and after a long time of setting up their trucks, they wander around and spray the two lions with some sort of foamy spray that may remove oxygen from the area, and knocks them out, and probably eventually kills them, which kind of bothers me, because now that I've started petting one, I'm bonding to it, and just want to see it removed from the populated area.

      But even though I am opposed to the killing of the animals, and just want to get them moved safely, I have grabbed a small bottle of the spray that is killing them, and am running around spraying most of the people in the house (which may be forcing us to move) and giving them a brief spray to the air just in front of their faces, to try and knock them out, yet not kill them, and take everybody out in the hopes of moving them somewhere and getting them out of the way. But of course it is still very dangerous, and some of them turn their heads or don't breathe in, and the whole thing is just a mess.
    2. Trying to Save People on B5 thru Drugs, Staying with Friends Who Turn out to be Death Eaters

      by , 06-27-2017 at 12:08 PM
      06-27-2017 -- Odd HP/B5 mash-up. First bit I can remember, I am at the Hickory House, which is somehow on B5. I'm being lectured by one person (possibly Sheridan) that I can't save everybody, while being warned by another (probably Delenn) that I have to find a way to save them all! I'm not sure what's going on, but we're drinking something that is supposed to cause odd hallucinations, because it will provide us hints of the future. I drink the thing, and am waiting for the hallucinations to start, and there are bits and flashes of light and movement and stuff, growing into a brighter and brighter flash.

      And then I find myself on Hickory, and it is early in the morning. I'm extremely tired, but for whatever reason, home is why I am tired, so I can't go there. Somehow I can remember I was staying at the Goodwins before this, so I decide to go back there, though I fear it is a bad idea (after all, it's early in the morning.) In a sort of dream deja vu, I go there twice. Both times I open the screen door, try the door knob, find it is locked, turn to walk away, and then hear a loud bang that I fear I caused, but I can't figure out how. (In actuality, I think the screen door was on a strong closing thing, and as I walked away, it banged shut.)

      Anyway, I know I've done this twice, and am afraid the banging is going to have woken the family up and gotten them mad at me, so I'm about to rush away, hoping not to be seen, but as I glance back, the door is already open, and Barbara is standing there, so I turn back to apologize and explain myself. I explain that since I was staying there briefly the previous afternoon, before going off to however my mind was understanding this bizarre mash-up, I was just trying the knob, combined with mention of how tired I was. I'm also kind of nervous to realize I am standing here in my underwear. Instead of yelling at me, Barbara simply invites me back inside, and I somehow find myself dressed in a full set of blue pajamas, kind of collapsing on an extra bed in Jeff's room, more or less passed out.

      I realize Barbara dressed me by magic, and I'm Harry Potter. Jeff's starting to stir, and Marvin is there as well. They are talking quietly, and I'm only half asleep but acting like I'm fully asleep. Jeff is dressed in a green boy scout uniform, and my blue pajamas are morphing into the same. Meanwhile, I've swung back to a sitting position on the bed and am apologizing to Barbara again, except that I am starting to refer to her as Narcissa. But Marvin/Lucius is now and always only Sir. Oddly enough, Jeff stays Jeff, and thankfully doesn't turn into a Draco clone.

      Turns out something is going on today, and several of Jeff's Death Eater friends have shown up, and are slowly changing out of their green boy scout uniforms and into their red Death Eater robes, while Narcissa is cooking us all breakfast, trying to prepare us for the day. I'm feeling out of place, sitting here in my green boy scout/Gryffindor robes while everybody else has switched into their red robes, and my mind isn't even catching a hint of the odd color reversals. It does lead me to commenting on how some Death Eaters are perhaps not so bad, while wondering if I ought to dress up in red robes as well. Narcissa is looking at me strangely until I mention "Can't you just imagine the expressions on the faces of all the light-side wizards at seeing me that way?" and she starts laughing.

      They head off to what they need to do, and I walk back to the Hickory House, where I now feel ready to head inside again. But as I approach the door, I am briefly stopped by seeing four of my friends walking up, dressed up as a set of super heroes, all different, yet with a hint of uniformity to their costumes that indicate some sort of team. The only one I can identify is David. They are iffy about letting me approach the house in my red robes, but I quickly explain and walk in. The first thing I do inside is approach my room, because I know my cat was left in there, and I figure with my being gone for a day, nobody is likely to have let him out, so I am fearing a mess. As I head into the second bedroom, I am thinking of a more recent cat (probably a cross between Black Lightning and Ray), but what I find is still the old marmalade of Cocoa and Sammy. I'm trying to coax the cat out, but it doesn't want to move. That's about all I can remember of this one.
    3. Telling Dreams and the Animal Rescue Benefit

      by , 05-02-2016 at 04:29 PM
      05-02-2016 -- I'm walking through the BPM parking lot, in the area between the May Company auto center, and May Company, itself. The parking lot is full of cars, and also full of people who are trying to survey people about their dreams. For some reason, it seems unlikely that they would want to talk to me about this, so I plan to just wander past until somebody specifically asks people for dreams that are horror-related. At that point, I stop to talk to them, and am going through and describing in great detail the Freddy Krueger portion of the dream I had on 04-28-16.

      Soon after that, I walk home to the Hickory House, where I enter and am wandering back and forth between my original bedroom, and the bedroom I eventually took over from Keith. Oddly, though it is the HH, I seem to be renting a room from a cross between Rosemary and Bonnie. I find there are several somewhat scruffy tiny baby kittens in the house. They seem kind of ill and damaged, and it turns out they are part of an animal rescue type of thing.

      I spend some time petting the kittens, and then also petting Tucker and Keffer, who are also here again, though Keffer has lost a lot of weight, and is now in much better shape. Several of Bonnie's clown friends are over, and seem to be involved in the rescue work. One of them makes some sort of comment about the benefits of a pair of narrow box springs as opposed to one large box spring for larger queen or king-size beds, because she says it lessens the amount of 'sliding' a mattress does. Bonnie doesn't get it, and I jump in to tell about how my queen sized mattress shifts around all the time, but my parents' king-sized mattress on a pair of box springs didn't.

      So even more clowns are showing up, and talking about ways to help out, and things, and stuff just starts sort of changing, and we're soon in a large stadium-like venue, where several clowns (and others) are starting to give performances that are more than half sales pitches to sell various things, the proceeds to go to the animal rescue efforts. The place is getting more and more busy, the sales people are becoming more and more pushy, and suddenly I find myself watching Billie Piper, slightly slinkily dressed and acting kind of sexy, doing her own part to entertain and help out.
    4. Living Video Game Turns into Adventurers Club, and Joining Army

      by , 10-07-2015 at 10:19 AM
      10-02-15 -- This one was all over the place, and there were probably a few scenes back even further than I can remember here, but we have what we have. The first thing I can remember with any clarity, I am staying in a house with roommates, and it is probably Rosemary's. I can remember vague impressions of David, and somehow Shannon has been doing something to get himself in trouble, so he's kind of been locked in a side room or something for a while. Meanwhile, I am wandering the house looking for some kind of food, but can remember nothing of what kind.

      Anyway, I soon find myself watching some of the others go off running around the track at Savanna, and Shannon is trying to bug me to do so, as well. I explain I am not a runner, and there is no way I am going to join him. Meanwhile, the first of several girls dressed in a uniform that reminds me of Beauxbatons (but isn't) comes along, and is asking me to do something or support something, though I can't quite remember what. I'm not interested. A second asks, and a third, and it looks like more are on the way, and I suddenly lose it, and am yelling at her. I explain how, when I am badgered, I lose all interest in EVER helping with something, and liken it to the whole LA Fitness debacle. Everybody is looking at me in shock at how I blow up at this cute young lady.

      Except Shannon. He decides he is going to fight her. Things are shifting to a live-action video game that seems to be a cross between Runescape and Zelda. He is off fighting her in a PvP battle and is doing unexpectedly well against her and all her friends, and seemingly, more and more people after that. He explains that he is dual weilding, but he is not using Excalibur in his left hand as most people do. It seems every fight begins in a new Zelda-style dungeon, and by using Excalibur, you prevent the use of a sort of magic that can identify cursed items. With his being able to identify cursed items, he is able to instantly use a certain potion when he finds it, which allows the discovery of the map of the dungeon level, which makes beating his opponent and getting lots of great drops a breeze.

      So he's bragging about how many others he is beating, and the great loot he is getting. And somehow we're all a team, even though he is the only one that is playing, and we're getting some of the drops, and he is asking each of us to give him one of our good drops, since he is doing all the work. Now this seems very fair to me. The problem is, I haven't gotten any good drops, but just a single mini golf putter, and two balls.

      I decide since that's all I have got, I'll give him one of the golf balls. Problem is, I am in an office and am supposed to file some paperwork to do this, but I can't find the proper forms anywhere, and I think I can't find Julie Davey to help me with them. So I'm going to have to go the less proper way, which seems to involve some sort of runes. I know the symbols that identify me and him, and I use an arrow symbol in between (--->) to indicate 'giving.' Problem is, the golf ball is purple, but I really think it ought to be red, so I drop a sort of dye tablet into a small glass container of what seems to be water, and it bubbles and froths for a bit, and I drop the golf ball in.

      Problem is, either the water wasn't water, or the dye wasn't dye, because it forms a powerful acid, and it all bubbles away until I am left with a few drops of acid, and no golf ball at all. This angers me, so I throw down the glass container. Unfortunately I now find myself standing in my second bedroom in the Hickory house, and the few drops of acid have turned into about a pint or so, and I've just thrown it all over my floor, where it starts to ruin the various books and garbage and such it comes in contact with. Dirt is bubbling up out of the floor to make a slight mound liek an ant hill, and I find it has somehow brought in a bunch of ants, when I'd previously managed to get rid of them. It's quite a mess.

      Somehow with almost no transition I am in an Adventurers Club-type setting, discussing this with Virginia, while Bob is walking with us, and I am worried that she isn't really going to want to talk with me, because of all the Club mess and the friends I'd lost there due to the Gathering debacle and RAH and more, but I am kind of explaining where I stand, and since she is religious and conservative and I am the same, and since she was a teacher, and I support teachers (actually Bob was the teacher in real life) she doesn't actually have a problem with me.

      As we're talking, there is somebody else also starting to interact with us, and it seems to be Steve, the lead from the Monster House television show. He's somehow got me sitting at a desk, filling out the paperwork to sign up for a new Disney annual pass, which is quickly warping into the paperwork to join some form of the military. The problem is, he is guessing at a lot of the information, so is doing things like marking me down as a Democrat, and calling me by the wrong name abbreviation, so I am having to go through and try to correct the mistakes, and hoping that doesn't invalidate the forms.
    5. Dream Bits: Scouting with Tom, Melody's Married, Bonnie's Relatives Turn to Dead Pat Q.

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:27 PM
      06-25-2014 -- Tom D. has given me a call on my cell phone or something, which has somehow transported me to him over in Tarpon Springs, where he is explaining that they have some sort of big Boy Scout event going on in a couple of weeks, and he thinks I ought to find my old uniform and attend, and that I ought to speak to Carl about more information. Which leads to me being in the car with Carl, who is driving me back to a cross between the Hickory House and Rosemary's place. Everybody seems to expect me to attend, and Cheryl has even gone through my room and found my old Cadet uniform and washed and ironed it for me. But the Cadets are not the Boy Scouts, even if they are similar, and I do not know if I would be welcome to attend even if I wanted to, and am not sure I want to. I am trying to explain this to everybody as I find myself on a freeway interchange right outside of Downtown Orlando, perhaps the same one that I will find myself on in another dream, tomorrow.


      06-26-2014 -- I am in the Hickory House, and Melody is in the kitchen, cooking a meal. The Christmas decorations are up, and she seems to have friends over. Meanwhile, I am trying to wash some dishes, but have somehow managed to minorly flood the floor. I am trying to sweep up some of the dirt and clean things up, and am just about to start doing some mopping. Meanwhile, some of Melody's guests are heading to the garage and out into the side yard, and as they are passing through the kitchen I am warning them to be careful and watch their steps. Meanwhile, mom is saying something about Melody's second husband, and I start sputtering about "Melody's married? Why wasn't I ever told? Why don't I know about this?" I find I have no idea what is going on, or why I am here, or anything, really. My mind is quite foggy and I can't seem to figure out anything ... not even why I am standing on this corner (or where it is) with Kevin and Irene. I am just hoping we are about to go to the Old Spaghetti Factory.


      06-26-2014 -- I am at an airport and I find that I am helping Bonnie and the kids to get on an airplane, but as I reach out to give Celina a hand, somebody else grabs at my shoulder to try and keep me from touching the kid. It turns out to be a relative of theirs that doesn't know that I am a friend of the family. Bonnie is about to get upset with them, but I point out to her that they don't know me from Adam, and just saw a (to them) stranger grabbing one of the kids. Grabbing me in return seems kind of reasonable in the circumstances. Meanwhile, Bonnie is turning into Pat Q, and seems to be trying to set me up with the relative. I seem to be helping Pat settle into a hotel room, while she keeps pushing me about getting together with the other (attractive) woman, while I am really trying to read a magazine. This leads to me kind of waking up and starting to explain (to what is still Pat) about this dream that I am having, and how my friend Pat (who died a couple of months ago) is trying to set me up with people, and it is all just very strange. In the meanwhile, I am trying to dust off a cross between my laptop and my DVD recorder, which is really filthy, but I have to manage to avoid all the spiders that are jumping off the thing and on to me. [By the way, my friend Pat is still alive.]
    6. Luke, I am Your Cousin ... and I Don't Answer Phones!

      by , 06-14-2014 at 04:08 AM
      06-13-2014 -- Very strange shifting dream. I am at the Hickory House, probably back to being a kid again, because I am running around the house in the alley, and interacting with Dave and the DuFours and the house is exactly the way it has always been. Then as I walk the couple of doors back to my house, I kind of age, and I am showing up for a visit. I wander a couple of doors down and am talking with Jeff and his parents, and it is pretty late in the evening, something like 9:45 or so. I am telling them that I have to go back home and get something, then come back and speak with them, but I promise it will only take about 15 minutes. They say no way ... too bad. I had bought them a valuable necklace worth hundreds of thousand dollars, that is a very powerful piece of magic, and may save everybody in the area or something. And now that they will not allow me to talk with them about whatever dangerous thing is happening, they will lose out on the protection.

      So I walk back home, and it is now the middle of the day, instead of late at night, and as I walk up, the UPS guy or someone has just finished leaving a package. Melody has also just pulled up, and has boxes of stuff. And there are several other boxes and things waiting at the door as well. Turns out it is just a day or two before Christmas, and Melody is telling me she has a nice Christmas present for me, and don't worry, I don't have to wait until Christmas to get it. I am telling her I have a nice present for her, too (thinking about the necklace), and thinking I'm not so impatient that I can't wait until Christmas for presents. Besides, I am very happy that I noticed several boxes from amazon.com among all the stuff waiting in the front yard.

      I walk inside to say hello to mom, and then start grabbing the various boxes and moving them inside (while not looking too closely at them to avoid Christmas spoilers) and Melody is talking about how the place is a pig sty and working at cleaning things up. I expect she may want my help, and am explaining that if we are going to work on some cleaning up, I may work on cleaning my room. It isn't too bad, so I am thinking if I can spend just one hour cleaning my room, I will probably be able to get it almost perfect. Meanwhile, we are both walking outside to clean up all the trash in the front yard, and Melody has decided to put her cat, Boots, outside while we are cleaning, but he doesn't want to go, and is digging his claws in and things. Once he's out the door, I pet him for a bit and explain he is still loved and wanted, we just need to clean things up.

      So I am gathering up lots of trash in the front yard. Empty boxes, crates from mailing stuff, styrofoam, and a lot of empty pizza boxes, and cramming it all into a very large, but very beat up trash can, which is on the edge of coming apart. As I am doing so, I am telling Melody that as soon as Christmas is over, we may want to replace the trash can. I start telling hew how beat up it is ... and then I notice how it has an address painted on it that I have never seen before, for a street I know isn't anywhere within a mile of here. And I recall a strange sound while I have been driving my car the last few days from Florida to get here, and wonder if I dragged it all the way from Florida under the car, which might explain how bad of shape it is in. Meanwhile, Melody is looking at some of the Christmas decorations, including the angel on the wall with a crown of blinking Christmas tree lights, wondering if it is broken because she doesn't see the lights blinking. I explain they are working fine, and I can see them blinking, but I am looking from further down the front steps and it is darker, which makes it easier for me to see the lights.

      I am almost done with the trash, and I need to go to the bathroom, and I can hear the house phone ringing inside, and everything is happening at once. We have a sort of extended family gathering going on, and I think my cousin Lyle has just pulled up outside, and I need to get to the toilet, and that blasted phone is still working. So I run inside and down the hall to the bathroom, just as my cousin walks in the door, but it isn't Lyle, it is Luke ... Skywalker. And he is screaming at me "Answer the @#$%& phone! You never answer the @#$%& phone! Damn it, answer the @#$%& phone, already!" I am sitting in the bathroom, and the whole house is under some construction, and half the bathroom wall has been removed (the top half) and people can just look in at you, and we are in the middle of putting back in the shelves along the bathroom wall. And I yell back at him "I'm in the freaking bathroom! I never answer the phone when I am in the freaking bathroom! Do you?!?"

      Meanwhile, everything is changing. The reason we are doing all this construction on the house is that mom eventually sold the house, and the person who bought it was Rosemary (an ex-landlord), and the house that I lived in for several years (in Florida) was the Hickory House, but they changed it and expanded it, and we're now in the process of changing it all back, since we've bought it back again. I finish going to the bathroom (though I am now running around in my underwear. It doesn't seem to bother me any, though.) And I walk up to Luke Skywalker, and tell him I have words for him. I start forcibly explaining how I quit answering the house phone when I got my own cell phone, and I did it for a very good reason. Mom owned the house phone, and if I answered it, and took messages for her, some of them would get lost, and she would never get them. But if I stuck to my phone and she stuck to hers with her own answering machine, we both got all our calls, and we were both very happy. By this time, I am explaining calmly, and explain that I only answer the house phone when I told an important call is expected, and to please answer when it came in ... and nobody told me he would be trying to call.

      We are having this discussion in Rosemary's living room, which has somehow replaced my bedroom which was in the house just five minutes earlier. Luke compliments me, and tells me that it was very well explained, and very well thought out, and he is impressed with how I calmed myself and the situation down, with how he had started it all off by yelling at me, and we step outside the house to find that everything has changed outside as well (from when I was out here five minutes ago.) It is still the Hickory house, but instead of being all block it is now half block and half wood. It is still on Hickory Drive, but instead of being a straight, level street, it is now the top of a significant hill, and the street curves out of sight where Holly used to be, to connect with Crescent. The house next door has been torn down entirely, and we have put up a sort of storage shed tunnel sort of thing like the house next door on the other side used to have, and I am saying "I was only gone for a year-and-a-half, how on Earth has everything changed so much?!?" Never mind that it has actually only been five minutes. "How has everything changed so much in under a year? How has the street changed? How are we now on a hill?" I glance toward what should be the intersection of Hickory and Crescent, where there is now a freeway interchange. "How is there a freeway inter ... you know, actually the freeway interchange explains all the other changes. But an entire new freeway in under a year ... that's rather impressive."
    7. Harry Potter and the Death of Magic

      by , 06-11-2014 at 07:58 PM
      02-27-2014 -- Very strange cross between Hogwarts and home, throughout the dream. Somehow the ministry has done some bad stuff, and as a result, magic is dying out, and I am working with Dumbledore, Mcgonagall and others on the staff to clear out Hogwarts. We know the ministry are on their way, and want to take over the school, and with the way they have destroyed the magical world, we have no intention of letting them have any of the books, supplies, and so on which are stored at the school.

      Meanwhile, the scene keeps randomly shifting from cleaning out the school to cleaning out the Hickory house, and Dumbledore keeps shifting into my dad. I am running around the house picking up all the money he has been gathering up. It is all in dollars, not in galleons, but he managed to accumulate the vast majority of the world's remaining wealth, as the economy collapses along with magic. I am stuffing money in my pockets and in my backpack, grabbing it from where it is sitting on counter tops, and floating in pools of water, and otherwise all over the place. I have probably around a million bucks, which now makes me by far the richest person on the planet, so you know the economy has been devastated.

      So the ministry shows up, and are furious to find that almost everything has been removed from the school, and all the students and staff have gone, and I am the only one left. Dolores Umbridge is trying to threaten me, but since most of the magic that remains in the school has settled in me, I am by far the most powerful wizard left in this world, even if my power is also slowly fading. They have no chance to hurt me at this point (other than what they have already done, in destroying magic) so I completely ignore them.

      By this point I am gathering up the last of the money, and am wandering around in a mostly derelict castle which almost seems to be morphing into a derelict bank. There are three teenage muggle girls wandering in, wanting to make some kind of transaction, and I have to explain to them that the bank is closed ... permanently. They are running around, tossing about a football, and one of them is annoyed that I won't toss the football with them. I have no interest in that, but as I am trying to get them to leave me alone, I can hear one of their stomachs growling. Since the world is collapsing around us, and I am now the richest person in the world, I decide to help out.

      The bank has turned into a steak restaurant, and I tell one of the girls I will buy her a meal, and she mentions it has been something like six days since she last had a chance to eat. In return, I suggest that she buys one of the really big steaks, but eats it very slowly over the course of a couple days so she doesn't overwhelm her stomach. Somehow I am explaining that magic is dying, and therefore the world is dying, and neither will be coming back, and as I am explaining, Carolyn and her husband Don show up. It seems that they are magical (those losing their magic), and as they see me telling these muggle girls about magic, Don is about to call the ministry on me, not because he is particularly pleased with them, or one of the worst of the pureblood bigots, but just because the Statute of Secrecy is still the law. But I disconnect his phone by magic, and tell him that with the world dying, it doesn't matter, anymore. Besides, nobody really has enough power left to do anything to me, anyway.

      Then I decide that I feel like heading back up north, though it changes moment by moment if that means to Hogwarts, or to perhaps Altamonte, Longwood, or maybe Mount Dora. But I start holding hands with all of them, and use a large amount of my remaining power to side-along apparate all of us, then wake up.
    8. Harry Potter and the Winter Carnival

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:29 PM
      12-31-2013 -- [This is an odd one with no magic, but several characters from the Harry Potter stories. I am a cross between Harry Potter and myself.] I am sitting in my second bedroom in the Hickory house (not as in I have two of them, but as in I moved from one to the other at some point in my childhood) with three friends from Hogwarts, trying to plan out how to deal with Voldemort. With me (I think) are Hermione, Luna, and a cross between Neville and Dave D, a friend I grew up with. I also may be including scheduling a security work shift in here somewhere.

      I get a feeling that the girls might like me in a romantic sense, but if I try to get near either of them enough to try and touch them, they back off. Neville won't even shake my hand, and I find myself just about to start asking if I smell or something. I'm starting to feel really down and unwanted, until I tell myself not to make a fool of myself. I remind myself they may want to take things slow, or they may both like me, and both are backing off to give the other a chance. Or they could have no interest in me in that way, but I just don't know at the moment. I just don't want to make an idiot of myself over what could be a simple misunderstanding.

      Meanwhile, they are all giving me warnings about my income taxes, and reminding me that some expenses of taking out a Dark Lord are tax deductible, while others will probably get me in trouble, especially considering how corrupt the wizarding world is, and some of the screwed up laws they have. I promise I will try to take it all into account, as I rescue Luna, who slips and falls in the mass of clutter in my room. In this dream it is just masses of worthwhile stuff, with nowhere to properly store it, as opposed to garbage. I also pet a couple of the cats which are wandering around, but then the other start to leave, and I am getting ready for bed.

      Before I can lay down to sleep, I am interrupted. Padma and Parvati show up at the door, and Parvati explains she has an envelope she wants me to open up, and read, and then give her an answer to. On the outside of the envelope are three or four tickets to something, and inside I find a letter from Parvati explaining that she wants me to take her to the Winter Carnival on Tuesday night. It also says there are enough tickets to take up to six people, giving me a little wiggle room to keep things from possibly getting too uncomfortable. Chris T., a girl from my high school (and grade school for that matter) has an envelope as well, and seems to be a bit worried at first, but then mutters "it's Tuesday. Mine is for Wednesday," and settles down. I am apologizing for the condition of my room, and commenting on all the strange 70s tie designs I have hanging in my closet (which is located where the desk should be) which I think I inherited from my older brother.

      I think about it for a few moments, and come to the decision that I need to get out more, and decide I will take anybody who wants me to, to the Winter Carnival, if they can accept my limitations. Since I am almost sure it is fourth year, the Winter Carnival seems to be an alternative to the Yule Ball. It seems to be the muggle version, with rides and games and shows, according to the information on the tickets. I lead Parvati off to the side to speak to her (after asking which is which, since they are identical twins) and start to explain things.

      I explain that I am a very heavy guy who is out of shape, and tires easily, and say that I will be very happy to take her to the Winter Carnival, but she has to understand that I won't be moving all that fast, and will occasionally have to stop and find a bench to sit down on and catch a breather. She seems sort of nervous and iffy, as if she had somehow never noticed my weight, and was rethinking things, and seemed to be worried that my belly might keep me from even being able to hold her. I wrap her in my arms and pull her close for a hug, which seems to answer her fears, and she seems to be smiling again.

      I soon find myself meeting the twins' mother, who shows hints of the past beauty that the twins now have, but she has aged a fair amount, and is now only fairly attractive. She seems to approve of Parvati's interest in me, and tries to calm my own worries by telling me they will pick me up at my door and drop us off right at the gates of the carnival, so I will not have to do any walking around except at the event, itself. Meanwhile, I am looking around for Chris to explain the whole thing to her, and to let her know I would be glad to escort her on Wednesday if she still wants me to, but I can't find her anywhere. I hope I haven't hurt her feelings while I was talking to the Patils. Meanwhile, I find myself looking at my clothes and wondering if I have anything nice enough to wear for this event.
    9. The Doctor and the Flowers of Doom

      by , 12-31-2013 at 08:26 PM
      12-31-2013 -- [Not enough detail remembered, but a quite cool dream, anyway.] I am at the Hickory house, trying to get some laundry done, and just kind of wandering around. I think mom and Melody are here, though I am not completely sure. Whoever they are, they are acting just a little strange, which has me worried. Whether it is some sort of mind control or some strange issue having to do with effects of the full moon, I am not sure, but in some way, I eventually manage to mitigate and reverse some of the strange behavior, even if it means wandering around in the neighborhood a little, late in the evening, with Barbara and Marvin glaring at me when I wander near their house.

      Unfortunately that is not the only issue we have to deal with. Mom and Melody seem to be slowly warping into Amy and Rory Pond, and I think the 11th Doctor is around here someplace, though at the moment I am not him. We find ourselves kind of being attacked by giant mutant plants that look like they belong in an amazon rain forest or something. They have a bright red flower that is divided into three 'branches' with a central stock that somehow kind of sprays a mind control mist on people, taking them over, controlling their actions, and using them to take the flowers to more people. Turns out the way to battle the flowers is to grab them and thwack them hard on the central stock, which kind of knocks them out, at which point they kind of shimmer like one was looking at them through a heat haze, and then they turn into a more normal sort of flower and lose their grip on whoever they were controlling. So I free the Ponds, then the three of us run around and start bashing flowers all over the place, either hitting them directly on the stock with our fists, or bashing them against tables or walls, instead.

      By the time we've got that incursion under control, I have turned into the 11th Doctor, just in time to find that the area we are in is slowly turning into a crowded and busy stadium, and there are people walking up behind us, trying to gently spray us with a different mind control mist, again trying to take everybody over. Amy and Rory (or perhaps Amy and River) have already started to collapse, but I try to throw myself into respiratory bypass, to avoid breathing the stuff in, as I start fighting back against those around us, and trying to free my fallen comrades. It's a minor bit of the usual kind of hunt and chase dream bits, as we fight our way free again, just to find we're now facing a fourth challenge.

      It seems to be something in the air (all of these seem to be something in the air), but now they are somehow causing massive distrust between generations. Nobody over about 30 trusts anyone under that age, and vice versa. I am the odd one out, as I seem to kind of switch back and forth between the two groups in which I accept and am accepted, and Amy and Rory have enough trust for me that they can fight it off slightly. But we are running around in what I think is a small village in England, fighting off the rest of the town folk who are still under outside control, as we fight against bobbies, vicars, and regular people. Near the end, I may even find myself morphing into Harry Potter, hoping the Doctor may come to save us, as I wonder if my aunt's dislike of me could possibly be because of the mind control, though I know Uncle Vernon is just a jerk, plain and simple.
    10. The Sensors and the Goddess

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:23 PM
      10-21-2013 -- Walking down Hickory between my house and Dave's. It feels late at night and dark, and there is a strong feeling of something going on, and I probably don't belong here. As I am walking by Dave's house, Don comes out long enough to warn me I shouldn't be on the street, but he isn't going to try and stop me.

      Somehow I am looking for these odd sort of, well, sensors for lack of any better word. There are one or two per house, some in the ground in the flower beds, others in the middle of the shrubbery. One is actually in the engine of a car that has the hood open and is being worked on. They are roughly square, perhaps six inches long per side, perhaps about two inches thick, black, around a blue circle that is nearly large enough to touch the edges.

      As I get near enough to register them (and they to register me) there is a flash of blue light, and their power is somehow released to me. No idea what the power is or what it does, however. I continue down the street, and somewhere between Jenny's house and the one next to it (the fenced yard ... oddly, I think George Takei lives there) I feel like I am missing one of them. Can't find it, can't sense it, but how close the others have been to one another, I'm sure there should be another one, so I am looking for it pretty steadily.

      Eventually I move on, reaching the last two houses on the street. The one where the little kids used to live is no problem, but the corner house has a feel of unfriendly people, the ones who always come out to yell at us if we mess around on their property. Sure enough, when I start poking around the bushes surrounding the house, the owner comes out to scream at me. Oddly, when I explain what I am doing, he calms right down, accepts what I tell him, and seems to have no more problem with me.

      I wander around the corner, past the alley, and am soon checking the side yard of the house that has the big dogs, then return to George's house to continue looking for that missing sensor, and soon am at the end of the block again. I am actually standing in the edge of the street, but almost across the street at the church. By this point it is daytime, and there are some kids playing ball in the street, right about at the corner of Hickory and Holly. But strangely, they aren't playing with a ball, but are throwing around what looks like a two liter of soda, quite possibly orange Fanta.

      Meanwhile, I find I am standing with and receiving instructions from, an attractive woman who is a sort of mentor to me, and probably a goddess. She is helping me figure out what I am doing in regards to these sensors and their powers. But while we are standing there, some of the kids' bottles of soda come rolling up to us. I pick one up and throw it back to them like a football, and manage perfect throws, as does the goddess, when I gesture for her to throw back another one. Meanwhile a third has bounced off my leg and is rolling away toward Dale, until I wave my hand at it, and it floats into the air and starts back toward me. I wave toward the playing kids, and it flies off in their direction as I find myself with a new dream power.
    11. The Exponential Data Center and the Digital Kit Kat Bar

      by , 10-09-2013 at 03:25 PM
      10-08-2013 -- On the road working with some sort of radio transmitter equipment, and antennae that fold up and fold out or something. Eventually I find myself approaching the Hickory house. Dad's truck is parked on the grass, near his bedroom window, even though he is probably dead. We have moved out of the house, and yet I think mom has just recently moved back in, so it is sort of coming home after not having lived here for quite a while.

      As I approach the door, I find there is a lot of mail waiting there, though much of it is sitting on the steps, rather than being in the mail box. There is tons of junk mail, which I know I really ought to leave alone, but instead I start picking it all up and sorting through it. There are selection packages from music clubs, and lots of past due bills, greeting card catalogs, mail order catalogs, letters from prisoners, lots of mail with change of address labels on them that have somehow followed me from several other addresses, and possibly even a letter from Gordon.

      I take some of the mail inside, and ignore the rest. I am very tired, and think I really ought to get some sleep, but it is raining really hard outside, and it turns out the roof leaks very badly, so it is dripping inside, as well, including on most of the beds. So I am wandering the house looking for somewhere to sleep.

      I walk into mom's bedroom, and though the roof is leaking in here, too, the bed is big enough that water is only dripping on parts of the bed. Parts seem to be dry. So I climb onto a dry portion of the bed and start to fall asleep. Problem is, though I didn't actually see her, mom was sleeping on her bed, and I ended up curling up on top of her, so when she shifted in the bed, I fell off, and she chased me out of the room. I glance into some of the other rooms, and they have odd beds that are being rained on.

      Somehow I end up in the back yard next to my bedroom window, kind of half looking inside, and half crouching out of sight underneath it. I have something on my face, perhaps a cross between some kind of sauce and peaches, and my marmalade cat (probably Sammy) seems to be licking it off my face. Melody wanders into my room, moving things and eventually closing and locking my window (which has been open) before moving on to her own room. Meanwhile, I have shifted over to hiding under her window, making some slight amount of noise. I am half trying to remain crouched out of sight, and half trying to pop up and startle her. She leans out the window and sees me, and is half trying to lecture me, and half closing and locking her window.

      Things are kind of half shifting to becoming a large data center with computers and data banks all over the place, but still with the layout of the Hickory house. It is very strange.

      Miniaturization and modernization are happening at a very fast pace, and I can kind of see as memory chips are getting smaller and smaller (and yet the amounts of them being stacked together are getting greater and greater) so that even while the individual chips are shrinking, the overall drives are getting physically larger and larger.

      People are wandering through the house, and almost kind of just waving their hands, and more and more memory modules are appearing in place, and getting bigger and bigger, so that the amount of information they can hold are increasing at an exponential rate. And yet the volume of information to be contained is expanding at an even greater rate.

      It's like the amount of storage is increasing from megabytes to gigabytes to terabytes and beyond, and yet the amount of information there is to store is somehow increasing at a rate that is infinitely greater. It is like storage is expanding at a rate of infinity, while information is increasing at a rate of infinity squared.

      I notice this in a concrete manner because the computer that was keeping track of every kind of soda in the world used to take up about a quarter of a room, but it now takes up an entire room, even though the rate of data storage has increased so drastically. And yet it can no longer hold the data on every soda, but only on the three or four most major flavors of Coke products, because we are learning ever greater details of the molecular and even atomic structure of the Coke products, so that even though we can store billions of times more information in much smaller spaces, we've run out of room.

      Meanwhile, I can barely move as they keep waving their hands and creating more and more drives and memory modules to fill up the space, and I am truly frightened that any second they are going to create memory modules in the spot that I am standing, that will materialize inside of me, occupy the same space, and cause me to explode around them.

      So I am fearing for my life, while at the same time complaining because we no longer have the information on Coke's Fanta flavors, while I am being squeezed into smaller and smaller spaces. They have to move some things and make a way for me to reach the door so they can throw me out and fill the space where I was with more memory. Very surreal. Especially since at the same time it isn't problems with Fanta soft drinks, but Fantasoft (the company that created Realmz, a fantasy game I used to play.)

      So I find myself standing back outside the house again, and I have something in my teeth. It is like a bit of food or something, except instead it seems to be tiny bits of incredibly strong wire and wiring and plastic, that I am pulling out of my teeth, and it is incredibly annoying. Except it also seems to be a bit of a Kit Kat Bar which is somehow made of data chips and plastic, rather than candy, while I am looking at a small circular pattern on a computer screen that seems to be in almost psychedelic colors as it spins around. Very bizarre.
    12. The Doctor, Amy and Rory are Being Replaced by Aliens; BC and I are Stealing from Crooks in Library

      by , 07-01-2013 at 01:44 PM
      07-01-2013 -- [At least two very cool dreams from last night, even if I can remember very little of them ... stupid normal person dream recall! I will put down what I can of what I remember, but the detail won't be there ... at least not as much as I would like.]

      I am at the Hickory house, in the side yard. I'm next to the section of the neighbor's side yard that has been roofed in to form a sort of long, narrow shed, and as always he has been yelling at us to stay away from it. I don't know how it has happened, but as I am walking along the side yard, doors are being created in the wall of the house, except they don't lead into the house, but into large, empty warehouse-like rooms. I am here with what I am pretty sure is the tenth Doctor, and soon we are joined by Amy, and then by Rory.

      Rory is the last one to join us, and something seems a little off about his behavior, he just doesn't quite seem to be himself, and I start to realize he has somehow been grabbed and replaced by the aliens who are chasing us around. Soon Amy is acting a little different, as well, and I realize they have really managed to infiltrate us, and I have to manage to stay further and further away from them, while still trying to find some way to get close enough to the Doctor to try and warn him, all while the aliens are trying to beat down these doors which almost seem to appear and disappear to get in at us.

      As things get more hectic and involved, I suddenly find myself half-playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, building short shuttle coasters with pretty much just the wave of a hand, making them grow longer or shorter with just a thought, and things never do seem to get back to normal. [The last few days I have not been sleeping well, not been remembering dreams, and much of what I have been able to remember are vague, repetitive dreams of roller coasters and queues, actually quite boring, and the kind of thing that you dream when you aren't sleeping well.]


      Don't know how we get there, or what is going on, but I find myself in a big building that seems quite familiar. It is a three or four story building, quite large in scale. Seems like a large mansion or something, with libraries, offices, hallways and the like. I believe I have dreamed of it before, though in the past it has been more house-like, and this time it seems to be bigger and more involved, somehow. Anyway, no idea what we're doing here at first, but as the dream continues, it turns to me and BC running around this place and hunting for things, while trying to hide what we're doing and stay out of trouble.

      The central area has a large touch of the zebra mezzanine about it, except we can look down three or four floors to the ground floor far below. Somehow I end up quite a way down a couple of long halls to the east, where Anne seems to be distracting and leading along a couple of young guys ... to what purpose I do not know. Though I keep my distance, and am somewhat disguised, I am afraid she will still know I am there, and recognize me. Thankfully it seems to have been long enough, and my disguise seems to be good enough, she doesn't pick up on me, at all. I safely make it past her and back to the mezzanine.

      There are still plenty of people looking for us, but BC has found what she was looking for, perhaps an old manuscript, or at least some sort of records, and she has snuck into another room further to the west. I provide enough of a distraction that she isn't noticed. There are more tough guys after me, but I eventually find the painting that I am after, and head on to the west as well. I think I have lost all pursuit, but it turns out I am being followed, just not as close as I could have expected. We seem to be in almost a sort of auction house, with lots of counters where they can collect the monies paid for various things and wrap them up for the customers to take.

      Since I have noticed the people following both BC and I, we are both on the ground, crawling around the floor, trying to stay out of site. The room seems to be about 2/3rds women, almost all of them very attractive, dressed in fancy dress from perhaps the 40s or 50s, and very gorgeous. Since many of the dresses are on the shorter side, and I am on the ground, there's also a lot of very pleasant glances of very nice legs in very sexy stockings and garters and the like. Oddly enough, none of them are concerned about us climbing around on the floor, so they don't give us away.

      The bad guys are getting closer and closer, but one of them calls the other away at some sort of announcement or something, and they seem to wander off to handle some other sort of problem. Right about that time, the number for my package has been called, much quicker than I would have expected, and so I am able to get up, pick it up, and get out. (It kind of seems like we replaced the scheduled auction items that we 'bid' on with the much more valuable stuff we found and stole in the house, so that we are getting much more rare stuff and stealing it away from the bad guys.) But as I am exiting the pick-up room, I find myself being stalked by the thugs again. It seems them being called off was a bit of a ruse to make us relax our guard.

      Almost immediately I managed to kill one of the crooks, throwing him over a railing so he would fall several floors to his death, but when I try to do the same to the second one, I end up fighting with him over a sort of crevice, and we're struggling enough that there is just as much chance it could be me falling to my death, so we soon move back onto the main floor, and it is a tremendous battle. Each of us has struck the other, numerous times, and we've both collected quite a few injuries, but we are very evenly matched. The guy is angry, assuming since I made it to the package room much later than BC, she had already left, and so assumes they have missed her, but he is determined that I don't get away. He doesn't realize that my number was called much sooner than expected, so she is actually still in the package area. Soon I have him pinned on the ground, and I know it is likely that as soon as I lose my grip he'll be free again, and the fight will go on. But for the moment, I've got him pinned with his face right in the carpet, held firmly enough that he can't seen anything.

      About this time, BC comes by with her package, walking along with a stunning blonde who she is taking home with her. I have no idea why, but she is such a knock-out, I can't wait to get free, join them, and have some very pleasurable times. But for now, I have to keep the thug's face buried in the carpet well enough that he can't see them. Unfortunately, he manages to wriggle free of me just in time to catch a glimpse of BC leaving. Fortunately, as he starts to trash talk about what they'll do to her, he is distracted enough that I grab him and throw him over the railing before he can resist, and send him plunging to his death, leaving me free to follow BC and the blonde.
    13. Stuck in a Maze, the Threesome, and Modern Hickory House fragment

      by , 05-30-2013 at 04:35 PM
      05-29-2013 -- [Most of the beginning missing, as usual.] I am working a security shift at a place I have worked before (in dreams, at least), where I am supposed to patrol the grounds fairly regularly, and open up a gate to a back parking lot at about 6 am so arriving workers can get in. The location is an industrial sort of place, kind of along the lines of OPC, but not OPC. I drove my car toward the back of the property, planning to switch to some sort of company van to make patrols, but somehow I got caught up in playing a computer game or reading a fan fiction, and seem to have passed almost the entire shift, and now I am late in getting the gate opened up.

      I find some others have arrived, and another security guard may be wandering around, taking notes of all the things I am supposed to have done, but haven't gotten around to. I can't drive two vehicles at once, so I decide to stick to my car, but I have parked in some sand, and my front wheels have sunk in a fair bit, so I suspect I may be stuck. But that doesn't turn out to be the problem. I climb into the car, which seems to be my old Kia, as it is white and seems to be a stick. I can barely climb into the car, and can't seem to reach anything, and the controls are certainly not working well. I try to put the car in reverse, and give it a touch of gas and try and back out of the sand, and instead I end up going forward and flooring it, freeing the car, and just barely avoiding hitting anything.

      I try to move forward slowly, and instead floor it again in a large curve that puts me into a sort of parking garage and sends me crashing into four or five other cars, causing lots of damage. I'm in for it now, but I have no idea why I suddenly can't seem to control the car at all. I try to gingerly back out of the garage, and instead plow forward at high speed and drive right through the back of the garage and into the middle of an apartment complex with very small, tight roads. The place is very beat up, old, wooden, worn, and I don't help, driving like a maniac and crashing into things.

      Around one corner I see a little kid waving from a balcony. He soon shifts into a man holding a little kid, but the kid is still waving. I turn a corner, facing a different area, and ahead of me is the same man, holding the same kid, who is still waving. I turn to look back behind me, sam kid still there. As I try to figure out what is going on, I get even more confused as I find my car is floating perhaps 10 feet in the air, surrounded by a flock of birds. Weird stuff. But soon I am back on the ground and driving through the maze-like apartment complex. At least now I seem to be able to actually control the car!

      I start to operate under the assumption that anywhere I can fit my head, looking around, I can manage to fit my entire body and the car I am driving, and it seems to work. I stick my head through a small hole, and somehow it stretches to let the entire car through. But I am still stuck in this crazy apartment complex, then I go through a hole, turn a corner, and find myself in what seems to be a small warehouse, facing a couple of guys who are staring at me. Before they can ask me why I am there, I say "Silly question, but where's the main road?" One of the guys points at the wall behind him, obviously indicating it's behind that wall. I try to floor the car, planning to crash right through it, but the car is barely moving, and I thunk into the wall without doing either it or the car any harm. Darn it! Instead I start driving through the warehouse until I turn a corner and come to some loading docks with very old, decrepit wooden roll-up doors. I point the car at the oldest, most damaged one that is almost in pieces already, and plow through it.

      I now find myself in a narrow roadway surrounded by block walls. It is maybe 13 feet wide, barely wide enough to allow two cars to pass each other, with block walls on either side, a long tunnel of sorts, but open to the sky. I continue driving around, and this is even more like a maze than the apartment complex was. I drive past a tall, striking blond woman, quite hot, walking with a guy, wearing a blue powder-colored dress, then continue on, where I find myself coming across another attractive lady, still tall, but slightly shorter, in a purplish sort of dress. The second woman is standing in the middle of the road, and is quite attractive, and I am kind of staring at her, and I don't notice I am plowing toward her at a fairly high rate of speed.

      Thankfully, she sticks out her hand and stops my car with a touch, and suddenly I am standing there with her in front of me, and I just wrap my arms around her and draw her in for a kiss. I pick her up in my arms and carry her a few feet to a small, bare block room right next to the road, her room, with only a bed in it, and I begin to strip the dress off her and make love to her. She lifts a cell phone or radio to her face and says something about requesting a clean up or something. A few minutes later, the other woman is back. The woman I was already making love to was about 5'10" tall, fairly nicely stacked, very light blond hair, and quite attractive. The first woman is probably six feet, more stacked, a darker blond, and absolutely stunning. She is also carrying a whip, and is starting to use it.

      I'm not willing to play that game, and the first time she tries to crack the whip at me, I grab the end of it and pull it out of her hand. I don't have the leverage needed, though, and she snaps it out of my hand. The second time I grab the end, I quickly wind it around my hand several times, and manage to pull it away from her. I am considering using it on her, but that isn't my thing, either. Instead I just pull her to me, start stripping her, and begin making love to both women.

      Then suddenly, they are gone, and I am in my car again, driving through the block maze. Driving along, I see one of the women standing at the side, and she winks at me, and suddenly I find myself just waking up, sandwiched between the two of them who are still sleeping, after some very pleasant activity. Problem is, we are suddenly attacked by somebody wearing all black clothes with a very white face with a big red spot on it. Looks like a cross between a ninja and Bloodshot (Valiant Comics) except with the big red spot on the face instead of the chest. Anyway, this guy throws a couple of small, hard balls at the women, but I kind of reach out and block them with some sort of power, then throw them back at the guy. He smirks at me as they fly right by him, but he doesn't see my slight gesture, and the balls curve around in mid-air and lightly smack him in the back of the head, kind of a magically powered version of a Gibbs smack. He spins around, looking for the enemy he figures is now behind him.

      Then it is all gone again, and I am just driving along in the block maze. I turn around a couple more corners, and find myself facing a very large blue door and drive out into the regular world. Problem is, even more time has passed, I am now really late at opening that gate, and I've driven far enough in the various mazes that I have no idea where I am in relation to the property I am supposed to be guarding. To make things worse, I don't know the area at all, and can't even remember the name of the property I am guarding, so I am driving around in circles, no idea what I am looking for. Also, the skin is peeling off my thumb in big pieces like I have a bad sunburn, or maybe had my thumb dipped in glue, and it is now dried and peeling off. Very weird.


      An amalgamation of a couple of different dreams. I am sitting in the Hickory house, watching an almost nude BC sitting around in just a robe and trying to get a look up her legs. M is here as well, but C and B are gone causing trouble for some reason. I'm trying to walk out the front door, and one of the many people who is staying in the house (which may now be a hotel instead of a house) is asking me if there is any shopping in walking distance. The time is now (I haven't lived in the Hickory house for probably 25 years) and I am telling him about walking to the Buena Park Mall as a kid, and thinking about possibly going back there to look around and see all the changes that I noticed on google maps the last time I was just wasting time scanning the old neighborhood, but as I open the door and look out, I discover an even newer shopping center right across the street, replacing all the houses that used to be on Holly Way. Resembles a dream I remember from about a year ago.

      I remember stopping by Marshall a couple of nights ago, relating the Carolyn's possibly dead son, and decide to visit again, and suddenly just find myself at the back entrance to the school. I walk in, and walk along one of the buildings, and I see nobody. All the class rooms seem to be empty. Turns out all the kids are on the playground, but just starting to come in. I actually only just barely recognize Ms Cummings as she walks past me (and she doesn't seem to recognize me at all), but she is much older now, and wearing a wig. I reach the playground and glance over toward the office, and see a sign proclaiming this is now Blue Moon Elementary or New Moon Elementary, and I am wondering when and why they changed the name, and somehow have some sort of odd memory of the schools all being privatized at some point. Am considering going to the office to ask about it when I wake up.
    14. SciFi Travel Methods and Star Wars Models, A Shift at House of Imports, and Mom does Mystery Shops

      by , 02-07-2013 at 08:18 PM
      02-07-2013 -- [Three dreams tonight, don't know if they would be long enough to have their own posts, but am putting them all in one post anyway. Going in last to first order, just because.] Am out driving somewhere, when the Jimmy starts acting up. It is close to stalling at stops, and the check engine light is coming on, and I am really worried the thing is going to die on me, and wipe me out again, as far as something to drive goes.

      Soon I find myself at Hosanna Printing, and it must be around five or six, because Marli takes a few moments to talk to me, but not much because she is in the middle of locking up. This means she is pushing me out the side door so she can exit via the back door while activating the alarm, then walk around the building locking the side and front doors after the fact. Strange.

      Next thing I know, I am just arriving home at the Hickory house, or some slightly distorted semblance of it, collecting the mail as I enter the house. There are lots of letters, packages and the like (as usual in my dreams) including CDs from record clubs, past due bill notices and all kinds of other stuff. A lot of the stuff is for mom, so I pass it on to her, except she seems to be a bit of a composite of four people, mom, Barbara (Jeff's mother from next door), BM, and even a little bit of Marli.

      We're talking about bills and things, and a little bit about the print shop, and all kinds of random stuff, but then 'mom' opens one of the envelopes, and finds it is a check, payment for her first ever mystery shop, and she is halfway freaked out by the fact that the company is owned by Jeff, and that she is now getting paid from a company that is owned by somebody so young. I don't bother pointing out he is almost as old as I am, which in this dream is over 40.

      I start to head outside and find myself in a kind of a large parking lot, though I have no idea where it is at. I am pulling a somewhat small suitcase, and am heading to the 'new' (new to me, but fairly old, overall) car that I have been given. It is a white Continental, probably from the 60s or 70s. Part of the time it seems to be a convertible, and it has one of those trunks with a really small opening, so I am having slight difficulties getting my suitcase in it, and as I am trying to close it, the handle causes the back window of the car to fall out. Thankfully I am easily able to get it back in fairly easily.

      As I am getting ready to leave, I find I am parked right next to the GMC Jimmy that this car is replacing, though somebody else has parked so close to it that nobody could get to the door. A lady who seems to have been the one giving me the Continental is asking me about the Jimmy, because she is considering buying it from me. I am explaining about the check engine light that might require some work, and the oil leak which means it frequently needs a quart added, and the low MPGs, but she is still interested, so I may get not only a new car to drive for free, but also get paid a little for the old one. Cool beans!


      I find myself working another security shift at House of Imports, though it has probably been at least a couple of years since the last time I worked a shift here. I am in the showroom, which seems much like it used to, except that where the receptionists used to be during the day, and security at night, the receptionist area has been elevated a little bit more, and security now has a slightly lower counter right in front of the receptionist desk, and we're not supposed to ever get in their space. (Of course, our desk being in front of them means nobody can ever approach them, because our desk is in the way, but the dream never covers that.)

      It is past closing time, but as usual the sales staff is still staying late trying to sell cars, and the place is still very busy. At one point, one of the sales people drives a large van full of people into the showroom, itself, which means he must have driven in the east doors, because that is where the ramp is. I wander out those doors, and in the east lot area, I find an almost carnival-type atmosphere, and a clown who looks a lot like Trixie Chick (but isn't) is doing balloons or face painting.

      I end up picking up a balloon animal (perhaps a bear) to look at it, and as I glance at it, it changes into more of a beanie baby-sized stuffed animal, before I set it down in the planter, and head on to the front door. So I am back in the showroom, and find I am working with another security officer, and I try to ask him about the scheduling. I ask if they always have two guards working at the same time, now, and what the shifts are going to be.

      He kind of indicates that there is just one shift a week with two guards, and the rest of the time it is only one, and I am trying to explain about the 28 hour weeks I used to work here in two days (a 16 hour shift, then a 12 hour shift), but as I am trying to talk to him, he just kind of fades away and disappears. Soon I am walking down the four or five stairs that lead to the short back hallway where three of the salesmen's offices were.

      Though I am dressed as a security guard, there are some crooks who think I am some kind of evil wizard who is working with them to plan some kind of crime. Since the crime has nothing to do with robbing the House of Imports, and since these are dangerous individuals, I do not feel responsible for trying to stop them, but after they spill most of their plans to me, I do have to tell them that I think they've confused me with somebody else, and am hoping they don't decide they need to kill me or something. Instead, they just get out as quickly as they can, and I'm just working on clearing everybody else out of the place, slowly but surely.


      [Most of this one was long and interesting, but not the kind of thing that you could remember in great detail. First dream of the night, and the earlier parts were very choppy, so perhaps while the body was only starting to get into REM sleep or something. Cool stuff, but not all that reportable.]

      Long bits of interesting search / chase / explore kinds of stuff in an odd cross of science fiction / dream powers kind of world. Its hard to explain, but its like there are little points of light scattered all about, and you kind of grab one in your mind and create a beam of light between you and that point, and kind of travel that beam of light to get there. (Kind of the light ships from the original Tron movie, but without a ship.)

      So I'm creating large networks of these beams of light, traveling between lots of different light points, and going all over the place, and it is really neat. But that is only one of three or four areas and methods of traveling. Others involve creating floors of interlocking tiles (probably hexagonal), again, just by concentrating on willing them into being, and even other methods of traveling around. Wish I could remember more of this part, because it was really cool stuff.

      But at one point I am chasing a kind of cute lady (no idea why) but the trying to create new connections and light to follow her isn't working. So I figure I may need to use one of the other methods. I am trying the create the hexagonal tiles to follow after her, but it is very hard, very resistant. I can only manage to force a single ring of tiles around the platform I am on, and even that requires a huge amount of effort.

      Up to this point, things have been very science fictional, but of a real life sort. But here it starts changing into more a real life version of a sort of video game. The hexagonal grids are turning into a sort of game surface. Though there are no hexagonal grids in Risk, it is taking on a Risk sort of feel. There are several different teams of human players wearing Tron-like light outfits in different colors.

      You have to take over territories, and fight against your enemies, but you can pass through empty territories without claiming them or having fight for them, moving quickly to get to areas where your enemies are. And it is people moving around this landscape, which has hills and valleys and trees and ridges. But when they have battles and manage to win them, they receive ships that seem to be out of Star Wars, kind of. These are detailed models of ships like the Millenium Falcon or an Imperial Star Destroyer (though in my dream it was called something like a Rigelian Battle Cruiser or something), and they are like two or three feet long, so people can carry them around, though they are sort of bulky.

      The models are incredibly detailed, sharp, and realistic, really quite amazing for something in a dream. So we're running around these hills with hexagonal grid lines all over them, and I'm dodging other players who are mostly ignoring me, as I don't seem to be attacking anybody, when suddenly one of the little figures in the model I am running around with seems to use some sort of small fighter or escape pod or something, to blast out of the ship.

      I'm trying to go back for him, fearing he'll be killed or injured and taken prisoner or something, but instead the thing seems to be enlarging and growing until he pops out and becomes a real person, running around like the rest of us. Soon we're in a large library or something, with lots of people sitting around talking or reading at lots of tables. I'm following this guy or maybe he is following me, and I think he is turning into Joe Simon (friend from Disneyland), though I am not sure.

      I soon find myself looking out a window at one of the hills we'd been running around, and it is now covered with snow, with some light tracks from where people have been sledding and the like. I decide I'd like to sled down the hill, and am heading out to do so, but by the time I get outside, instead of snow, the hill is covered in corn or wheat or something. But I am still getting on a sort of round sled-like thing, and going down the hill, knocking down stalks and leaving trails in the corn.

      As I get to the bottom of the hill, Joe is there, and he is talking about how much he loves the show I introduced him to, but is trying to remember the name of a character. He starts to describe somebody with dark hair and a dark mustache, and I know the show is Doctor Who, and I recognize the character as the Brigadier, but whatever I am calling him is neither the character name nor the actor name.
    15. Bears and Elephants in the Warehouse

      by , 02-05-2013 at 06:11 PM
      02-05-2013 -- I'm in the Hickory house, and somehow I am here with Juliet (Psych) and her brother (played by John Cena). There is some really odd stuff, like broiling pillows in the over or something, yet they aren't burning, but just getting very hot. I really don't know what was going on, this was the first part of the dream, and I may not have been fully into REM yet.

      Soon I am at the strip mall at the corner of La Palma and Magnolia, and I am heading down Magnolia toward Peter Marshall Park, when I spot a drainage ditch starting at the edge of the street, going under Greenleaf and right into the park. I drive into it and follow along.

      Soon I find myself in a warehouse I've dreamed of before. It is a large warehouse, I work there, and the bosses are particularly unfriendly and miserable. We are working the North docks, perhaps loading up trucks. There is a little kid here who is screaming for his daddy, but his daddy is off working in a different portion of the warehouse. I'm worried if the kid doesn't shut up, he's going to get he and his daddy in trouble with the bosses.

      I'm kind of wandering around part of the warehouse while our team is being ordered to move over to the West docks and help with the unloading going on there, as they have turned off the lights in the part of the warehouse we've been working in. [Hints of the moving around at APAC.] I can remember the last time they did this, and I was not with the group, being hunted and chased throughout the warehouse, so I'm trying to get back with the group as quickly as I can, but I end up in just the wrong area.

      I find myself standing right under the conveyor belts which are removing full pallets of stuff off the trucks, raising them to about 40 feet in the air, and then dropping them to land (hopefully in neat rows) on the floor, below. Unfortunately, I am right on that portion of the floor, so I am dodging about, trying to avoid having these heavy pallets land on me, and moving further and further south, trying to get out from under the dropping products.

      Eventually I do get far enough out of the way, only to run into another problem. Here they are not unloading the trucks, but there are rows and rows of pallets that have already been unloaded, waiting to be stored in the warehouse, and instead of using fork lifts to move them, like in the rest of the place, they have large elephants wrapping their trunks around them and moving them. So me and my crew are facing a large herd of elephants that are slowly walking toward us, and we are backing away, not wanting to be crushed. The elephants are moving faster, and soon we are running, but our running is triggering a stampede, and the herd of elephants are thundering behind us.

      Soon we're running into the racks of products, dodging this way and that, the elephants right behind us, when I get the idea to actually dive into the racks, climbing on top of some of the boxes to get out of the way. Problem is, the elephants turn into large bears (possibly brown, possibly grizzly) and a couple of them are climbing into the racks after me. I'm horrified, but think to myself that if they are trained to work in the warehouse, they probably can't be all that dangerous when they aren't stampeding, so I just wrap my arms around the two that have been chasing me, and start petting them, and they settle right down.
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