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    1. Of magic and other worlds

      by , 05-09-2019 at 11:35 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I dreamed about using the magic system I'm currently designing for my novels. I used it to hide it from people who I knew that had betrayed me (not sure what the context was). I teleported behind a stage curtain using my visualization and logical sequencing that I've been working on; I can't remember if there was an incantation or not. But there should be once I finish it.

      I also flew. And I made windows in walls to escape from when they didn't previously exist. It was the night and very beautiful. At one point, when someone was trying to harm me, I used my magic and his hand went right through me. They were convinced that I was about to die, or possibly a ghost. It was super cool and pumped me up to keep working on it!
    2. 27 Jan: Fugitive in a Dune like scenario

      by , 01-27-2019 at 09:24 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Big buildings, a sense of being wanted and chased down. I see agents coming for me, run to a car and drive off. On the fringes of the city I meet some other fugitives, we head for a desert area, where people mine and have an independent life. They welcome us to their city. The whole place seems like a scenario from Dune, We decide to just stay hidden at the mines (working there), until we gather some money to then leave to even more far away. We know that agents infiltrate this city looking for fugitives and we can't risk it.

      We owe taxes. A lady goes in our place to settle the debts for us and once all is paid, we finally go back home. (Not sure this dream was continuation of the other)

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Shootout in New York City

      by , 09-12-2017 at 02:54 PM
      07-28-2017 -- Starts slowly. Driving around Orlando, trying to figure out how to get certain places. Taking what is probably to 408 to it's end over by UCF, but calling it one of the odd-numbered toll roads like the 417 or 429. Eventually somewhere more over near downtown, wandering around with Dale, and perhaps KPSB or Nick W. Maybe. Anyway, there is somebody that is somewhat punk-ish, but I still think or still hope is OK, and Dale ends up painting their picture, and does a remarkably decent job at it, so they don't destroy it or tear it up, but let him continue. Meanwhile, a cat gets its head stuck under a rock, and four or five other cats and kittens help to move the rock enough to free it and save it. Cool.

      Meanwhile, there are a couple of girls, seemingly somewhat homeless or something, possibly with several kinds of various ages that they are trying to care for, and I am helping them put some groceries in a fridge, while a couple of older ladies come by who seem to be trying to help them out a bit. They seem to be trying to provide significant help, because they have bought 5 or 6 prepaid trac-phones for the girls to use, which seems like a fairly good investment for a couple of girls who they've just run into on the streets. Problem is, the girls seem to be involved with the punk and his friends, who are also punks, and who no longer have anything to do with people I know.

      The punks are seeming to get more threatening, and because I dare even talk to the girls, are starting to push me around slightly and act like they may be starting to steal some of my stuff. Anyway, things move on a bit, and I have hiked through the downtown area for a distance, until I run into several of the girls and kids again, near the hospital, where they seem to be trying to get some help, trying to sign up for benefits or something, while seeking minor medical aid. A bunch of us are sitting in the area, and being called on one at a time to speak forth our relationship, and I end up calling out something like concerned bystander, and am trying to help out by explaining the ladies who helped them out with the prepaid phones in the hopes that it will help them get benefits. But the guy in charge is explaining how the biggest need is for a stable address where they can get mail which is not owned by the council. (Yes, my dream is starting to sound British here.)

      Eventually I leave the hospital, and head back to the area where I started in, and am starting to gather up my things, but a couple of the punks are coming back and becoming a problem again. I try to get rid of them, both by sending them off to the hospital, and by warning them that the girls are my friends, and they will be mad at them if they pick on me, but they continue lightly shoving me, and making grabs for some of my stuff. By this point, I've packed all my stuff up, and am wearing two large backpacks (one of them a European-style hiking pack) and pulling two large suitcases, and am simply trying to get away. I've got my Corolla parked around the corner, but they have at least one motorcycle, so I don't want to lead them to it, but want to lose them, first, then get in the car and drive away.

      There are a couple of uniformed cops standing around, and I am considering going to them for help, but I decide against it for now, and move a block over and head down the road a bit. At one point I put a little distance between myself and the guy following me, but then a lady gets knocked to the ground by the crowd and he helps her back up, and says something about being an Uber driver. I ask him about it a few minutes later, and he admits he is not, and says he just said that because I was an Uber driver. Odd stuff.

      We wander through a flea market-like area where I am glancing at some used books, but it is getting late and the place is shutting down and locking up, so we have to reverse directions and get out of there, which leads back to walking back the way we came, near where all this started. The one punk is still keeping an eye on me for all the other punks, and I am getting desperate enough to consider approaching the cops to ask for help. If they can distract and hold off the punks for a few minutes, I might be able to get my car and drive away. The problem is, though the cops have not stopped us from walking back into the area (strangely), they are in the middle of blocking everything off, and are holding machine guns in their hands at the ready.

      I realize that something is going down, and glancing up, see another machine gun sticking out a window, but notice it is a cop holding it. Things are obviously getting very tense, and suddenly something seems to break, and more and more shots start ringing out. Cops are firing up into the buildings towering around us (this is starting to look far less Orlando, and far more NYC) and people are firing down from the buildings into the cops. I see a couple of cops shot, and collapsing to the ground, bleeding heavily. There is a seemingly homeless woman who is calling out, demanding to give her back her gun, as she could use it better than the person who currently has is, and it seems she may be under cover, but she's shot down. By this time, several of us innocent bystanders are cowering on the grounds. I am actually underneath my backpacks and suitcases, which probably makes me a fair bit safer.

      More people are being shot, and several of us are just huddling here, but several others are grabbing us, and pulling us under and inside some of the buildings, hoping to get us out of range of the shooters. Some of the people have been shot, and are bleeding as they are being pulled along, but the ones pulling are hoping they are only minorly injured. Others, like myself, are unharmed, but either in shock or playing dead, and just being pulled along. Big sections on buildings are swinging up or down on large hydraulic systems, opening or closing access to large areas, and we are worried because we don't know what is happening.

      One lady (older than the teen girls looking for help, but seemingly younger than the middle aged ladies who were helping) who seems to be in her late 30s or early 40s sees me being dragged along there, and seems to be worried about me, and she is kind of cute, so I am considering getting up and speaking to her, but that's about when I woke up.
    4. Video Games, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hiding

      by , 06-27-2017 at 06:22 PM (Dream)
      Side Notes
      Vs Hades
      I was playing a Kingdom Hearts Game, just defeated a boss then I realized I'm going to have to fight Hades again.
      We're in a hallway it was like the Underworld in KH2 but there was lava and acid.
      I did lots of air combos on him, he had a KH1 Life Bar, he was on Orange health.
      I fell in the acid accidently and healed myself. I remember in KH2 Blizzaga did lots of damage on him.
      I checked my shortcuts but I didn't put it in there, I had to scroll down to Magic and scroll to Blizzaga.
      I get damaged but I have Once More and Second Chance, I air slide to the other side of the room and run.
      I pause the game, Donald's behind me which he didn't show up previously. When I am pausing the game I can see Sora's
      MP restoring.

      Finish Him!
      I was at E3, I ate 5 slices of pizza. Two of my friends Steve and Kevin were playing some 2D fighting game.
      I remember Steve was playing as a Ryu like character while, Kevin was playing as Sub Zero.
      I ate another slice of pizza and left a slice on a table.
      He beats steve and I hear "F*** him!" but I was probably mishearing the game, it was Finish Him.
      Kevin does a chain fantality on the Ryu like character.
      I comment that it's hard for me to remember the fantalities and supers.
      We're at school and I say "I wonder if they have a (Video Game) specific bus." We're heading to the buses.
      Some person next to me says "They don't have School Buses for Specific Games, idiot."


      I was at School, in some classroom. I think it might've been a first day for the class.
      Sometimes teachers on the first day do an activity for the students.
      Our teacher made everyone play...Yugioh, you can only pick two cards and you have to see if you can beat your partner
      with only two cards.


      At School, again. I remember being on the blacktop at Elementry School and being in a room with someother kid hiding in a locked office from aliens at the High School.
      How do you guys like my new Color Code? Whenever, I type my dreams up: I forget most of them but as I write, I start to remember my other dreams. Unfortunately, I couldn't fully remember the 'Hiding' dream.
      June 27th, 2017
    5. [03-10-2016]

      by , 10-03-2016 at 08:04 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a sunny day, with whole family we gathered in some kind of big party. I took my younger sister to dance, we did utterly bad but had great fun.

      Second dream

      I drove to school, it was on biology classes. First I had an exam - I was talking about tRNA transcrption and post transcription modifications. Then I finished exam wih a really good grade and went to take a seat - there was a huge and comfortble pillow in the classroom for some reason. I lied on it for a while, then mid-lesson I left the school, chasing some people. It was a cold and rainy day, they broke into some house. I got there quickly and took a look at building they destroyed. After a short while teacher came after us. I ran inside the building, but made jut one tep too loud and she found out I was there. I hid under a table, but she found me. She asked "Have you seen anything?" I replied "Nope, nothing at all." And just sprinted out of the building back to school.

      My clothes changed and I looked like homeless, there was some tv reporter talking with people outside the school. I entered it and had to find something on first floor. I took moving stairs, but someone was intentionally blocking the way at the end. I pushed him and got there, but he caught my arm. He was so strong that I couldn't do anything, but yell that he should throw me down. He did it, but I went back up and beaten him black and blue, punching and kicking.

      The the school changed into some safe haven protecting people from devils which I called scabs. Time stopped, I saw these devils drag people in flames. I ran around and making gestures as if I played and electric guitar (which resulted in sounds of such guitar actually playing) and it made scabs disappear in a cloud of smoke.
    6. 8/19/16 - Fragments

      by , 08-19-2016 at 07:06 PM
      Fragment 1: I keep trying to catch up to this girl. It's important that she knows I'm like her. I finally catch up to her and tell her that I'm the same, that I'm of the blood too. She smirks and says, "Did you think we don't already know?".

      Fragment 2: I'm in Grandma's bathroom. The door is cracked open slightly so that I can see my older sister still, but I'm able to keep away from her. She keeps threatening me.

      Fragment 3: I'm trying to roll a giant bowling ball home. It's really heavy and hard to control. As I pass a boy, I grab onto him and have him help me roll it home.
    7. "The Monkey has Mayonnaise!"

      by , 06-09-2016 at 05:14 AM
      The beginning of the dream featured my best friend Jasper as an actor of a comedy movie. I didn't think that the movie was very good, because you could tell that it was cheaply made and very crude. I don't remember much about it, except I do remember that Jasper puked everywhere in one seen, and that he was wearing a red plaid shirt--and his hair was different. Made to fit the part of the silly environment.

      After Mama and I watched the movie, I went to a school. I'm not exactly sure what I was doing there, but there were a lot of kids that kept teasing me and touching me. I tried to just shake it off, but it was becoming very frustrating (though, I will note that I don't remember it making me sad or embarrassed). There was one little kid that came up and hugged me. I could tell that he had a bit of a little boy crush.

      Then it seemed to be early in the next day, and my dad was trying to get my attention. For whatever reason I didn't want to talk to him, and so instead I ran out the back door. I remember thinking that I was running pretty fast and that that was a good thing. I ran to the direction of the other half of the trailer park, except the area in the dream was more forest-like. I climbed up a tree by using a ladder that was leaned against it and came to a sort of boxed-in opening, and crawled through. I crawled all the way to the back and sat, with my heart beating fast and feeling the exhilaration of running away. It was still very early in the morning, so I didn't have to deal with any of the neighborhood kids. When looking out I was able to see the tree across from me that had a hole in it just like the one I was in. There was also the head and shoulders of a young woman with long brown hair and a green shirt that seemed to be painted on the wall of the opposing tree.

      As I was looking at the painting, the neighborhood monkey joined me in the tree. It had a red shirt and blue jeans on, and looked a bit cartoonish. It came to light that my life was a children's television show, and at the end a bunch of children that I couldn't see were singing about how the monkey had mayonnaise.
    8. Running from Trump

      by , 05-21-2016 at 06:22 PM
      Me and someone else sneak out of a bad situation through the woods. We lie about where we were going and we zig-zag through the forest. There is a thin layer of old snow on the ground and everyone is barefoot. I wonder if it is cold but figure the sun is shining warm enough. We went through someone’s yard that was full of cacti and flowers. We ended up squatting in Donald Trump’s house. Me and my girlfriend lived there a few days. Then I started getting increasingly uneasy. We could hear Trump’s voice from a few floors down and I kept urging my friend to keep quiet, which upset her. She thought I was denying her friendship, I just wanted both of us to stay alive. That night she was telling me her life story and I was falling asleep when someone came and checked on the room. We hid between the bed and the wall. As I lay there I started falling asleep uncontrollably. After they left we heard housekeepers vacuuming and I knew it was only a matter of time before we got caught. I was terrified of getting caught. I understood in a way that this is a dream and if we get caught it will become a nightmare. What if I never wake up from it? I make the decision that we have to leave. I grabbed my stuff (some clothes, my phone, and laptop) and propelled out the window and down the building. The housekeeper yelled something sarcastic out at us as we left like “goodbye visitors”. We went to a little shack building right next door. I had to go back to the room for something and when I came back down an elk met me and spoke with me telepathically. He was basically like Oberon. We washed his slobber off of our hands in the snow then He guided me to cave where there were a couple more animals I could talk to and some kind of magic man. He kept changing to look like Jon Snow and he was scaring my friend. In the night I fled and was followed by two men who obviously knew how to fight. One of them was B. I went under a building and we were basically sparring on monkey bars. I told B, "I’m sorry but I’m going to have to kill you to protect myself." He laughed and then turned on the lights to show me that it was a training session and they had built this jungle gym in my favor. Eventually I drove back to see my friend. I asked A.W if she knew where the shack was moved to and she said it was the street after hers. I went and there were lots of similar looking shacks but the one I was looking for was first in line. It’s address had the number 30 or 03 in it. I went in and my friend was living with a man and working for Trump. I was disappointed.
    9. Tiny fragment

      by , 04-19-2016 at 06:06 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Fell asleep: 1:20 A.M.
      Woke up: 8:05 A.M.

      6 hours 27 minutes sleep last night
      5 hours 25 minutes restful sleep
      1 hours 2 minutes restless sleep

      84 % restful sleep

      Fragment: Escaped a cave (inspired by a game I'm playing IWL), going through multiple look-alike rooms to find mine, dad was in the dream at some point, I hid beside my bed from the people looking for me, I tried a bit of something someone was making (some kind of sweet), I did something on my Kindle but I can't remember what now.

      There was more, but I stayed up late trying to get something done and slept too deep to care about remembering. u_u

      Wakeup times:
      5:55 A.M. for 15 minutes
      7:03 A.M. for a minute
    10. #211 - Raid the farm

      by , 03-15-2016 at 04:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Me and 4 friends were in a red-brick apartment building, we were playing some game but it was more to do with using our minds. I think this means we had some sort of ability though it doesn't make any sense. We could 'type' something in our mind and then enter another dimension through someones mind, and you could travel deeper (think Inception) within the minds of those in your mind. But you also travel physically, unlike in inception where you just go to sleep. Me and my friends leave now, it's time to raid the farm. We split into 2 groups, 3 & 2. I'm in the '2' group, with just me and some guy (can't remember who). The 'farm' we're raiding is HUGE, and incredibly well defended with complete fence covering (both around and over the top) which was electrified. The only entrances had automatic electric gates which you had to get permission for them to open, and behind those were more rotating doors to slow people down or something. Me and my partner had the job of skirting the perimeter to find a weak point while the other 3 took a more headstrong approach in infiltrating (not sure what they did). Me and my partner reached a pine forest on one side with small sets of crop rows that weren't covered by the fences. We walked around here for a bit, I eventually head closer to the fence. Looking back I see my partner, and in the distance I spot the farmer and 3 dogs. Oh ****. Immediately I back up while hissing at my partner trying to get his attention
      "Quick, hide!" my voice was a hoarse hush as I couldn't call too loud. He turns and looks at me, then behind him. He startles and bolts to the fence edge like I was and hides in a nook by a wooden post. Just in time too, the farmer turns his our way and starts heading over, the dogs run ahead. I remember previously having met 1 of the dogs, it smells me out and comes over to nuzzle me. Uh oh... I try to shoo him away but he's licking at my face, any longer and the farmer will notice me. I use my mind powers to control the dog and docile him, he stops and turns, standing in such a way as to block the gaze of the farmer. Phew...
      The farmer disappears, me and my partner emerge from hiding. Me and my partner go scout out the nearby entrance way where we notice all the high-tech security. Bah, screw that. There's no way we can get in here. We leave back the way we came, suddenly there's a call from behind us. I turn and see our other 3 crew members, the one calling us was called Johan I think (pronounced Yohan?), and was a friend who I haven't seen IRL for half a year or so. We head over immediately. Oh look, there's a gap at the bottom of the fence that leads behind the electric gates. How convenient .
      We wiggle under and join them, they head through the rotating doors and we follow, we're bolting along now as we run through the greenhouse-like place which has rows of potted green plants (no, it's not weed). I think I woke up at this point.
    11. Four Nightmares

      by , 08-10-2015 at 05:40 PM
      I had four nightmares over the weekend. You'd think that I was worried about something.

      Dream 1:

      I had been kidnapped by a vampire. She had me in a house that appeared to be my childhood home in LA. At one point the vampire turned her back and I took that chance to run out the open door and down the street. I knew that the vampire would immediately notice and would be after me, So after passing a couple of houses I ran to the next house and opened the door and went inside. I saw a room where two adults were sleeping. At first I felt relieved. Maybe they could help me. But then I realized that I needed to leave. I would just be getting them killed if the vampire found me here--and I knew she could follow me...follow my scent. I knew there was nothing I could do to get away. She was so much faster than I was. There was no way to erase my trail.

      Dream 2:

      I was riding my bike on a mountain road at night. The road twisted and turned and went on forever. I felt I would never get to my destination. Then suddenly in front of me I saw a bigfoot climb up the slope and onto the road directly in front of me. The bigfoot was a lighter brown color with reddish tints. It's fur was longer and matted with bits of leaves and twigs in it, like it had just gotten up from sleeping on the forest floor. It stood and faced me. I was so startled and frightened that I swerved my bike and went over the edge. I could feel myself falling...falling...

      And I woke up with a start, breathing heavy, my heart racing.

      Dream 3:

      I was with a group of ladies. I was supposed to be working on a big project with them. I not only couldn't remember who they were, but I couldn't remember what the project was. I only knew that I was suddenly about to have to give a presentation. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I started to panic.

      Dream 4:

      My plane had just landed at the airport, and I got off the plane. I suddenly realized I hadn't gotten my luggage out of the overhead compartment. I tired to run back and find the plane. The airport was a maze. I had no idea which way I had come from. I was running around not knowing where I was going and not finding anyone who could help. I ended up in a hallway that kept getting steeper and steeper until I started sliding back. I knew I couldn't go this way.

      Finally I found someone to help me. I was told that my luggage had been taken off the plane and was now at the baggage area. I actually was able to locate it by the end of this dream making it a very unusual nightmare with a happy ending.
    12. Barry Hides Out

      by , 06-19-2015 at 09:01 PM
      Morning of June 19, 2015. Friday.

      This dream apparently related to something my wife had been thinking, though did not tell me (at least recently) regarding dislike of the singer Barry Manilow due to him (or a song at the time) reminding her of when her father moved away. I have not actually seen him or heard any of his music (to my knowledge) for about twenty years.

      Barry Manilow is supposedly accused of murdering someone (victim unknown) - or so the in-dream back story seems to imply. Somehow, when he is fleeing the authorities (who are not that far behind), this relates to him giving my wife a set of documents in public (outside of a commercial building of some sort, possibly near a shopping mall), possibly important records of some sort, that somehow prove his innocence. It does not make much sense and my dream does not really go anywhere or resolve anything. There is the idea that he is hiding out (not with us but somewhere nearby) until his innocence is realized. He seems only about four feet tall in my dream (at least at one point), but I do not regard anything as unusual as my mind is not that “present” in the events.

      From here, my dream breaks off (while still in the same dream state) into a completely different focus. I am driving my brother-in-law Bob around (which never occurred in real life - he was the one that drove people places). I am not sure of the setting, as it seems mostly unfamiliar. There is some sort of concern about not driving too close to La Brea Tar Pits, which are somehow just beyond the edge of a cliff. I somehow maneuver the car so that it goes somewhat sideways (a carryover from a recent dream about a bus driver doing this). I make some sort of comment to my brother-in-law about La Brea Tar Pits before my dream meanders off into abstract settings and fades.
    13. March 26th 2015 LD#300 is a WILD! I am so happy!

      by , 03-26-2015 at 08:15 PM
      Thu, 26 Mar 2015:
      *** short LD x2 + WILD=No.300!!!! 1030pm quick [email protected] wbtb recording dream only but took at while @420am (5h50) first awakening @1240 had some vague recall of ideas. Decided not enough to use for bts visualizing and didn't record.

      420am wake from an "I was just there" dream. Facility similar to SD in C(25 minutes W NW) or one of my past workplaces. End with helping special needs adult who was with C from work section near mailroom and a little girl. Actually before the facility we are in a store like Target or Kmart and I'm there with I think my #Dad and #Brother. My brother is pushing a shopping cart also and a little fast and draws the attention of a manager that is up on a platform about 1 story higher. I notice this and motion like I am telling my brother to act right and get the manager to back off.

      This transitions shortly after to me driving outside the aforementioned facility and was going to park in front of the main entrance and use my badge to get something I forgot inside. I don't want that manager guy (mixing the work facility with the store) to come though so I look for another place to park more out sight and get further from entrance trying to find an actual parking spot almost parking in an area that was painted off with gray border that I decided meant "no parking."

      Eventually park to the left of there and I think I hear employees coming out at the end of their shift. I think about heading to my car but they will wonder why i am out here. Now I need to hide behind a crop of shrubs and small trees on a small hill above the parking area and there is a trail off to my left that I later realize has a fork that runs right behind me as well. At first it looks like some will walk towards the couple of cars in the lot below and others off to my left walking towards perhaps the train station but cut over to the fork towards me and see my feet sticking out from my hiding spot as I lay belly down on the ground looking around at where everyone is heading. When they find me it seems both groups have converged on me and I'm discovered and get up. My story is that I was going to surprise someone. "Who?" They ask like they are interested in who has a secret admirer or something. "It depends on who came by" being vague or secretive they might figure.

      Talking with the ladies, I see an ID picture of C (mentioned at beginning) and this transitions to me indoors with her a little older and a little girl maybe 5 and a special needs adult. C asks the little girl to come with her while she goes to the bathroom outside(?) in case she needs to call for help and I tell the little girl who looks maybe half Black and Hispanic "yes just come back here and knock on the door like so and I can help." During this I am having a bit of a challenge keeping the special needs person from falling over holding onto him(?) as he leans various ways but mostly backwards while he is putting on his shoes or something. 5am finish typing on my phone (quieter). time flew by though.

      ***League game, Mom, DEILD

      I'm getting ready for a game and the game before us that seems to have implications on who we might play in the playoffs. it seems the underdog won tonight...could affect our playoffs. Oh no I think I'm not fully suited up yet and I look up and some guys are playing Basketball and my teammates are all gone and I realize that I'm dreaming. I float up a little bit in the gymnasium before waking up. On waking this reminds me to check status of playoffs and related email when i get up later. 298

      I'm in the car with my mom who's driving and the road looks a little strange as I look closer it looks like the road has been taken out by some disaster but there's still a strip of it left and I ask my mom if we are sleeping and then I realize yes this is just a dream. I float up out of the car a bit before waking. 299

      Yesterday I was thinking how I have shortchanged my LD count in the past whenever I had a really short LD often not counting them but I decided that was not right…so I counted those last two but will not make any adjustments to past counting…too much trouble and probably not very significant.

      Trying to get in a super comfortable position after my wife leaves and has set the alarm I am determined to get back to lucid dreaming and hold on to it for number three hundred! Not a super impressive lucid dream but it was much longer than those last two and I achieved my first WILD in a little while! (FM and CL if reading: still no G yet, only apple juice but may try soon). I am very happy with how my overall wild transition went seemingly never losing consciousness as well. I was getting significant HI's (just imagery). Even reposition myself somewhat slightly and get back to the HI's. In the sequence that led to the dream entry it started with a white shape, somewhat complex, on a black background. It was like a morphing white circle with some gashes cut into it mostly along the right and bottom making the white parts in that section look like curved knives. Mentally reminded myself to only observe it passively but in retrospect I think I was already fully in a dream based on the next sequence and the stability of the white on black HI.

      In the next sequence I am looking at a movie screen size and shaped image forming in front of me taking up most of my field of view with just blackness on the edges, formed from the previous white circle on black, and I start to get imagery that I thought was coming from my waking life eyes of the wall that I'm facing towards, from my position in bed...but I see that if I keep my eyes just a sliver open that I can continue to see the imagery and block out the view from my room. this was all part of the dream however because I realized that I'm still wearing my sleep mask and I would not be able to see the wall in my room at all.

      I come more and more into the image and eventually I'm fully in the scene but it is not clear yet. I stay patient and before long I am in a beautiful sunny daytime scene with green grass and houses and a wall nearby that I go for, to rub on the cement wall to stabilize the visuals. It works. I float up a little bit but then I decide to land.

      There are a lot of people around now and I'm checking out the DC's. I walk up to one group and at first they look at me curiously but then look absolutely terrified and run off! This is not something I've seen since purposely trying to scare DC's. Interesting. I see more people whose path I'm going to cross and as we approach each other the same thing happens, they look terrified!

      I see a restaurant whose whole front wall is all big glass windows, so you can see inside and it looks like it is full, hosting a busy party with DJ lights despite being daytime outside it looks a little darker in there. It has an interesting symbol on the outside that gives me the impression that it is Asian Restaurant of some kind. I make my way towards the restaurant passing a few other terrified groups of DC's and I stand outside the door thinking about what I want to do next and I decide to go in, it could be interesting. As I go in the visuals start to fade but I remain calm and I can still make out shapes of people moving around and eventually decide to walk back outside the restaurant and observe from the outside where had no issues.

      Eventually I got down on the ground laying on my stomach with my head propped up on both my hands, my elbows on the ground and just watched what was going on around me in wonder. After a while I could feel a little pressure on my left shoulder and was feeling like it was my waking life shoulder tired from laying on my side but I was able to shift back to my dream body and feel myself completely off of that sore shoulder and back on my stomach with my head propped up by my two hands, elbows on the ground which was a weird shift in orientation from side laying to a more upright straight on forward position.
      Eventually focus shifted back to my sleeping body and my shoulder who wanted me to turn over into a more comfortable position and I transition completely to my waking body and woke up smiling big and turned over to my other side! No.300

      Side notes: RC's had more impact yesterday after the LD where I almost couldn't believe I was dreaming and felt totally awake. I did drink 6oz of apple juice this night a little after 9pm, after one night off from apple juice and 10 days or more off before the two nights before that. AJ always seems to help with vividness and putting me "there." This is also the 3rd night in a row with LD's and 3rd night in a row where my only focus during wbtb was on recall. Upon btb I am only visualizing becoming lucid in the previous dreams. No mantras or SSILD. I have also been better about checking off any daytime worries or thoughts quickly and getting back to dreamy thoughts.
    14. School/Prison

      by , 12-01-2014 at 09:58 PM
      This one's from yesterday. Note: I've had a VERY similar dream before, and as I went through this dream, I remembered the last one. The setting was the same. I think this one fluctuated from lucid to non-lucid.

      I'm in a prison, as an inmate, but this prison's more like some kind of highschool (I don't know why I keep getting highschool dreams, it was years ago ). I recall the last dream (within this one) that I escaped during a riot/party from an enclosed outside area. There are several different keys. In this dream, I'm an underclassman and the seniors accept me as their own (I don't think they know what grade/level I'm in). There's this hippie dude as some kind of leader for the seniors and I make best friends with him.
      Somehow this dream transitions into police chasing us/shooting futuristic weapons at us in the ruins of some warehouse. I'm with the same group of people running from the cops. One of the cops has 26 illegal assassins somewhere, and he has brought his newest recruit (the 27th). I think they get us, and I woke up.

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    15. Outside Lurker

      by , 11-25-2014 at 10:52 PM
      Winter. Saw someone breaking into cars parked outside. I quickly hid behind the curtains but I was not fast enough. He saw, started walking around the apartment building, looking inside windows. We started turning off lights, triple-checking door locks, closing curtains.

      Later that night:
      Some kind of pretty vial, said to contain LSD. We come from another dimension and brought it with us.

      August 4th, 2014: (word for word from paper)
      Several dreams, do not remember them all. One of them was lucid, involved, being given shots for being 'crazy' because I had trouble talking, not sure if this was toward the beginning or the end. Floated around to maintain lucidity when started to lose it, gripped a metal object. Felt it, it was so real, cold, etc. Woke up at 3:40AM. Laying in bed until after bf left for work. Fell asleep again around 7ish, in and out. Saw a taxi from the sky, it drove into a river. Then I woke up inside a taxi driving on the road (snow covering everything in both scenes). I asked "Where am I?" and a voice out of nowhere said "[Friend's Name Here]'s House." and I opened my eyes to my bed. Vibrations/being pulled into wild. (I guess I got lazy at this point because that was the end of the page and no more notes)

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