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    1. Friday, July 13

      by , 08-31-2018 at 08:05 PM
      I have DMT. This DMT is in the form of little white rings that look just like the lifesaver mints. I have quite a few of them (for a moment I think they’re laid out in a grid). I think I am going to take a ¼ of one - enough for a mild trip.

      I have gotten high (from smoking pot, I’m pretty sure). It hits me and is rather intense. I haven’t been high in a long time and its wave is familiar but almost catches me off guard. I am in a room with Melissa (I want to say Melissa, but it also might be Felicia?) and both her and the room’s proportions seem off and fuzzy. She asks if I’m high, though it is obvious. I stumble back into a counter at one point.
      Tags: dmt, drugs, high, weed
    2. November 28 2016 Non-Lucid

      by , 11-30-2016 at 08:23 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      My alarm was set for 1:15.

      I had a false awakening where I went from under my covers and changed the alarm to 1:30.

      At some point I awaken into the moment where my body is going back to bed but my mind stays awake. I get that amazing high feeling of this in-between. I enjoy it for a second and then decide I'm going to ride this transition into a lucid. I think "okay you are going to try to float up from your body" and then try to do this, but it does not happen. I think that maybe I'm going to float up and imagine a girl that I can be with in my room.

      I'm at Firefly music festival. It's the Wednesday night for the early camping and I'm with a group of my friends. I ask if there's a show, knowing there's a show. A friend tells me "yes" being surprised, and then says that it's a rock band and most of Firefly will be rock music. We walk down a path as I can see a stage with a rock band performing in the distance. My friend Allyson B. tells me that rock is better because she's done acid and seen a lot of rock, to which I reply that I've done a lot of molly for electric music and it's been great. We walk up to 3 huge guys and the one in the middle smiles at me. He lifts my hat up to check what's under it, and then I wake up.
    3. November 7 2016, Semi-Lucid

      by , 11-07-2016 at 11:16 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Off and on sleep at around 11am, when I noticed my body was very sleepy and I knew I was about to go into either SP or a lucid. So, I thought to myself 'okay let's go lucid' as my body started to feel that numbing high feeling that comes with lucid sometimes. I needed to create a dream scene, so I decided on the skydiving example that I've used in the past. For a moment, I could see the open door of a plane and blue sky out of it, but then that faded quickly. I tried to imagine another scene. For some reason, a girls face appeared in front of my view. She was blue and had darker hair, I couldn't make out any of the details in her face but I've seen her before, probably in the same way as last time, coming into a lucid.

      The girl's face fades away, and now I appear in my room from Mechanicsville, except the bed is against my window looking at the wall. The first thing I notice is my hands. I flip them over a couple of times. I notice that the room is very dark, so I shout "illuminate!" but nothing happens. I can sort of tell that the dream is collapsing, so I tell myself "no" and start rubbing my hands together. I can feel friction, and the dream stabilizes. Next, I look up at the ceiling fan and shout "illuminate!" again, and this time the room flickers and then lights up. I celebrate to myself and then decide I was going to go look at myself in the mirror because the image is fucked up in dreams. So I walk into the hallway and into the bathroom. There, I see myself in the reflection, except it's like I'm in a carnival fun house or something where the mirrors distort how you're shaped. I get up close and see my face is all smooshed together and I laugh. Then, I remember that IRL I wrote an "A" on my left hand for the "awake" reality check. I looked down at my left hand and see that where there was an "A", there was just a semi-circle with some lines coming off of it. Then, I noticed under that symbol the words "A MOOSE OWWES" written in red pen. This confuses me one because I thought that people couldn't read in lucid dreams and two that sentence doesn't make any sense at all.

      After that, I walk downstairs but halfway through need to take a seat because the dream is collapsing. I rub my hands again and shout "illuminate." I can hear my mom yelling at me from the kitchen. She's telling me that I'm going to distract my sister who is sitting at our counter doing some sort of puzzle. I walk past them
      and then the dream collapsed.

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    4. October 18 Dream Frag and Semi-Lucid

      by , 10-18-2016 at 10:35 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I couldn't really get to sleep last night until about 5 and had to wake up at 8:30 so not much dreaming occurred.

      Frag: I'm in some sort of area with my father, an open space with dirt or concrete floors, open sky, sort of like a junk yard. We were running around. I do remember Pennywise the Clown from IT was there with us jumping around to different locations. There was like an overhanging stage thing that was sort of dark. I wasn't really afraid of Pennywise personally but it did seem like a darker dream.

      Semi-Lucid: So I went back to my house after class to take a nap. Eventually, I was right on the edge of sleep and awake. My body started to get that really high feeling from edging on the line of dreaming and awake, my whole body feeling it. I started to hear music in my ears, but as it got clearer my ears would suddenly buzz and hurt. That cycle happened a couple of times. After that, I tried to get out of my body. So I was trying to float up and then trying to sink down. My dream body ended up rolling backwards off of my bed towards my closet, hitting the ground. I then started to look at my hands and say "woah" before I went back into another dream.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. November 17th 2015 Non-Lucid

      by , 11-17-2015 at 10:10 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream started on JMU's campus on our quad. We were playing some sort of throwing game where if you messed up you got electrocuted. I kept winning and didn't have to get electrocuted, but I wanted to know what it felt like so I purposely messed up. The thing that shocks people was a car battery with wires that hooked us up to it. It shocked me and I felt this very unnerving feeling that caused me to sort of jump up and down quickly several times. I walk on a path next to the quad and see my friend Austin who I say hello to. IRL him and I saw each other yesterday and said hello. Then, I'm over by this field thing, sort of like a theater with it starting low and going higher. There were trees to the right of it. People were standing in this gradually sloping field looking up to a stage that was very high. In my mind I was about to perform, but my job was to grab a rope and swing on it. I start from the back right of the field which is higher and right next to the trees. So, I grab this very long rope and start swinging over the crowd, higher and higher. The crowd is cheering me on but I don't know how to slow down. I let my feet sort of dangle and I kick some people in the crowd. Then, my path is over on the left of the stage and swinging towards my starting position on the back right of the field where the trees are. I manage to kick my feet on the ground where less people are and I come to a jumping halt at the trees. I go behind where the stage is and climb a really high amount of things to get to the top. When I'm there, it's a padded platform which is sort of walled on all sides except for one which has an opening with the rope there ready to swing. My mind thought I was some sort of host to a show. Now, this area is really high up in the air, I mean miles on miles in the air. I think there are people on the ground watching me. There was that one feeling you get when you are really high up in a dream that was freaking me out. I started to slip backwards out of the opening. My hands grasp the edge for a half second before I fall very far down. I think 'wow am I really dying at this show.' Then, I'm up on the high stage again looking down. Someone says that I need to use the rope to swing down again, and without any hesitation, I grab the rope and swing down to the ground.

      At some point I'm in this broken up house looking at a sort of water slide contraption that is really small. I was supposed to fix it for this girl who I don't know. There's a ball that moves down the slide and apparently to fix it you have to let the ball catch at the end in some hole thing.

      Do you know those dreams about someone you really like that can be about whatever and it doesn't really matter what actually happens in the dream, but it gives you a feeling that it was all about her and when you wake up you have strong feelings for this person? Well, this happened to me. So after I'm fixing the water slide contraption, I'm down on a lower part in an open area. It's like a water park. I'm in a pool of water that turns into a water slide that goes down and further along a path with buildings and trees on either side. I'm in one pool and I look to my right to see this girl who I like a lot named Dana floating in another pool. Both of these pools empty into a water slide. When I notice her, I act like I don't see her and look another way because I don't know if she's seen me or not. We both empty into this slide that is pretty much a down hill lazy river. She grabs onto me and we sort of piggy-back down the river which turns left into some overhead structure thing. Ultimately, it turns into another pool that has some block thing out of the water in the middle which turns it into a pool that goes in a circle. We get there and then turn around. She starts to swim away from the pool and I wrap my arms around her like I'm hugging her from behind as we swim back up the stream. I know nothing big happened with her in this dream but it still made me miss her a lot when I woke up.

      I had a dream I was in China but I can't really remember much except that I think there was some sort of rock concert going on. At some point, I fall into this cart thing that has my friend Katharine in it. She says something that disappoints me so I turn towards her friend CJ and talk to him about something. I remember ultimately wanting to go find a woman who sells noodles who I call Noodle Lady IRL back when I went to China this past summer.
    6. Adding More Color, Smoking Pig Stuff, and Frozen Hamburger

      by , 09-04-2014 at 02:30 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Something about watching some people reenact something from history. It had to do with a huge group of people hiding in this small rectangular area just beneath the ground. It had to do with books or knowledge or something. They were being persecuted. I knew that they were going to die. The persecutors found them and started killing them.

      Then, I was in a bedroom, I don't know if it was mine or not, and I was looking through some clothes on the floor. I found some underwear that I hadn't seen in a very long time. I guess I had left it there and forgotten about it. I also saw a pair of sheer black boyshort-style underwear.

      I had been wearing, for I don't know how long, all black. I had on black leggings with small bows on the bottom and a black tunic. I was sad or mourning something, hence the all black. I figured that now, though, I should start adding some color back in.


      I was sitting outside somewhere, though I don't know where. I was in a semi-secluded area. I was sitting down by myself, waiting for Austin. I was vaping this weird drug that had something to do with pigs. It was supposed to get you really high. I inhaled some, and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. I was really high. I think there was weed there too that I was smoking.

      Austin then came. He had a friend with him I think. We were smoking together. My brother then walked up. I didn't want him to know I was high, but it was so obvious. He seemed disappointed in me.

      I then was looking in a bathroom mirror. I was so high that part of my face, the side that was affected by Bell's Palsy five years ago, was sagging a little, and I couldn't move it like I could move the other side of my face.

      Then, I was at work at the bakery, still high. I was in the back. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the store manager putting on a hair net and coming back. Crap. He would know I was high. I ran to the very back where the dish sinks are. I looked at one of the sinks to see if I could see my reflection. I did, and saw that my eyes were very red. I hoped he didn't come back and see.

      Then it was like Austin and a bunch of his friends lived in this apartment building. They all lived one to an apartment, and they all lived on different floors, but they lived in the apartments directly above and/or below one another so that when they smoked, the smell wouldn't alert a neighbor and they wouldn't get evicted. Something didn't go as planned, however, and they were all getting kicked out. There was a girl named Jessi that I worked with awhile back IWL who lived there too. She was one of Austin's friends in the dream. I wondered if I could live in the apartment with her. I saw her in the apartment. She was wearing all black. Then I couldn't remember if she had killed herself of not.

      At some point, I could see on my face that my nose looked pinker and more pig-like. I assumed it was a side-effect of smoking that pig stuff.


      I was looking at all of these boxes of frozen dinners. I had picked one out that was some sort of hamburger dinner. I really wanted to eat it. The others all sounded ok, but this one sounded the best. My brother then came up and he needed it for some reason. I let him have it. He asked if I was sure, and I said yes, I can eat a different one. I was looking at all the others, trying to decide which I wanted. One was a chicken dinner, and there were some different, more plain hamburger dinners as well. I don't remember which one I chose, but I want to say it was the chicken dinner.

      I was then walking with my brother out in the driveway of the house we grew up in. He was walking in front of me. I then started thinking about how he was gay, and I wondered if he had come out to one of his other friends who is also gay (my brother is not gay IWL, but his friend really is).
    7. High w/B.K.; Girls Breasts; Driving Bus High;

      by , 10-23-2012 at 03:28 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was confronted by B.K. about some notes I'd written. I was afraid I would be kicked out of the C.S. I was so high. I read the last sentence and it was really weird, though something I might write IWL.

      I laughed. B.K. asked why I laughed. I explained it looked like something I would write.

      Girls chest, tank-top, cleavage with goose bumps.
      Then puffy brown areola were showing.
      My feet were pointing backward trying to touch her breasts.
      She moved close enough to barely graze a foot.
      I tried to get on the computer and bring up the camera to take video, but I couldn't get to the camera.


      I was driving my bus very high. I couldn't turn the bus, so I stopped.

      Then I was in my truck. I parked it and left it, but then was trying to find it again.

      I realized I was dreaming, I was in a building trying to get out. I ran down the steps and had a false memory of how to get out.

      Outside, I flew to find my truck. My truck appeared up in the air. It was blue, not black, which I found weird, but it was mine. I got in the truck and Bobby Cox was in it. He was the mechanic.

      He questioned me about finding my way out of the building, so I said, "I flew up here, didn't I?"

      Then the mechanic was Pat C. I went to kiss him (?), then I bit his mouth. I tried to bite clean through his lips. Then I went to bite his whole face/head, and I did.

      I started driving down the road trying to find my bus. I was lost, and trying to get somewhere where I at least recognized how to get home.

      I saw some people walking down the street. I saw a pretty girl, but I had to pass them. This part was not so lucid.

      I was more lucid when I came to a room with white, metal bunk beds. It was about 10 bunk beds high. I saw a deformed child. I flew up the beds, half climbing them. All the beds had deformed, crying children in them.

      I couldn't find anyone my age, so I left them.

      Then I was with R, my FGF. She gave me ten dollars but I didn't want it. I just wanted to be with her. She turned out to be J. I told her I loved her.
    8. Dead Memories

      by , 05-31-2012 at 05:53 AM
      I first started out in a desert someone around a destroyed city. I've seen this desert before, or at least felt I have. I was standing on a dirt road, making my way towards the city. It was a little dangerous to try and leave the desert I was in, as there were people who would punish me for leaving. On my way, I found a boy in a wheel chair. I never questioned why he was in one, but I decided to help him make it in to the city. I grabbed on to the handles of the wheelchair and made our way towards the city in front of us. At first, it didn't make since. From a far view, the city looked a lot like a destroyed city filled with trash and dirt flying over the city. The scenario changed. Before I knew it, I made it in to a school. And the weather also changed. It was raining and the clouds were covering the high skies. I was standing in front of the high school hallways. If I had to guess, I'd say it was my old high school. Pacific. People were walking around the classrooms and through the hallways as they would in reality. I was still in charge to help this kid in the wheelchair make his way to where he had to go. I was taking him down the hallways until something strange happened. I kept a good eye on the students all around me to identify familiar faces. I didn't see too many at the time. But I did see one. However, it wasn't one whom looked like the one who they looked like in reality. But I never did get a chance to remember her face after all this time. Her name was Stephanie. It was a girl I like in 8th grade, when it took me a while to get over her. Once I saw her, I knew I had another chance at meeting a beautiful girl. I do like another in reality but seeing Stephanie's face again gave me some hope. But this wasn't the only the time I saw her in this dream. I'm not sure why but, after seeing her the first time and making my way through a few more passageways, I saw Stephanie again. I'm guessing I really miss her. Anyways, this is where things start to get more different. Me and the kid finally made our way to an open area. It look so familiar and so unfamiliar. I left the kid there and continued making my way to my classroom. I was on my own on this one. I did have something in my hand though. I had some kind of metal pipe in my right hand and a smaller one in my left. I'm not sure what they were used for, but I never bothered throwing them on to the ground. I walked towards the corner of a hallway in front of me and continued walking down the hallways until I reached the front of the school. Once I finally reached the front, I turned over to my right and walked towards the last classroom. I also noticed that the time changed. It was now night time. I'm guessing it was D-3. I'm not sure. The numbers on the doors were too faded to see. I didn't see anyone there. There was a unoccupied area there. Right next to it was a wall of ground where people were able to sit down and wait for the teachers to announce that the session is ready to begin. I looked down at the wall of ground and tried to find a number that relates to the classroom number. I walked too far. I did hear a teacher yell out a class number. It was Mrs. Kelly, one of the old teachers I had in high school. The classroom was about 2-3 classrooms before this one. I was a little embarassed and walked back a few steps to the classroom. When I finally found the classroom I sat down on the wall of ground, put down the stick of poles, and waited there until the teacher allowed us to go in. I saw an old friend sitting right next to me. It was one whom I had known since the 6th grade. I forgot what I had told him though. For a few seconds more, someone behind me told me that the class session has started. I got up and turned around and walked in to the classroom. I was walking in to Mrs. Kellys' class. It was a bright classroom. And the tables looked the same as they would in real life. I sat in a corner right next to the teachers desk. There were a couple more kids sitting to my left too. I think I knew them for some reason. They seemed to be friendly around me. The class was to fold a piece of blank paper in half and make some kind of definition chart. I think I had a little trouble trying to make one. I was new to the class, so I wasn't sure how to finish up the project. A boy to my right was also new, but he was the one who was trying to help me out. I didn't know this, I sort of felt it. The teacher also helped me. She was sitting in front of me as she was working with some papers she had in front of her. She looked busy as usual. I've always liked this teacher as a person and the way she handled the classroom. She also looked at me differently in this dream. Because I was always shy around her in reality, I feel like I've changed a lot ever since I last had a talk with her. I never bothered to turn around to see her facial expression as I was working really hard on this project. There was a word that really pointed out to me. Some of the words were so clearly written. But there was only one word I could read. It was on the left side of the folded paper and it said, "Availability." It was a pretty nice dream seeing my best 12th grade science teacher again!
    9. 3/31/12

      by , 03-31-2012 at 05:28 PM
      I remember swimming Ina pool with two friends. I remember hearing that one of them liked researching so we started fisvussing that. Later my mom arrived brought me a mocha and said we had to go so that I could get to the mall with my brother faster. I spent a lot of time at the high school in this dream. I rember that the new thing St the high school was skidding around on little home made carpet boards to get from class to class. I found a new teacher of mine for the Iraq day of school and he seemed PERFECT. He looked like zach galafenakis and talked about how he was computing difficult math problems without a calculator. I actually woke up to my alarm feeling happy.
    10. Weird, Vivid Acid Dream

      by , 11-13-2011 at 01:29 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)

      I was parked in my car in my driveway. The sun was setting, and my friend Frank was with me sitting in the passenger’s side seat. He looked very nice, his hair looked very groomed and he didn’t have all his facial hair.

      Apparently, we had just dropped acid (never done so in waking life). It was nighttime now as well. All the sudden, we were feeling pretty high. I felt out of my body, like I was floating above my car, and I saw that Frank was too. We were so high and carefree! Even though it was nighttime outside, the sky around us looked pink and purple, almost like a sunrise, though it was only an illusion induced by the acid. I was also communicating telepathically with Frank. Craziness. I worried a little bit about when the drug would wear off, and I’d have to go back to reality; I was apparently pretty depressed before I did the acid. I shrugged it off, however, and decided to just enjoy the ride. Frank and I talked and laughed together.

      I think I woke up for a minute, but went straight back to sleep, re-entering the same dream.

      I was still high in the dream, still sitting in the car with Frank. We decided to go somewhere. I was super fucked up, but I drove anyway. I don’t remember where we went.

      I then remember coming down from the acid. I was then in my house, and Frank was gone. It wasn’t too harsh, and I started to feel the waves of high that occur with mushrooms. I was alright with it, a lot moreso than I thought I would be. I was still high enough to make a fool of myself though, apparently, and I walked into a room that my dad was in. He was talking on the phone with my therapist. For some reason, I told him I was going to marry Frank, though I had NO plans to do so at all. My dad then told my therapist what I had said, and he was also pretty upset with me. He communicated with me when he got off the phone that Frank also saw my therapist and she couldn’t see me anymore if I married him because it would be a “conflict of interest”. I also remember hearing this from my therapist over the phone.

      I then told my dad that I wasn’t really going to marry Frank at all, and that I had been high on acid when I told him that. My dad then proceeded to tell me that Frank was always high and always dropped acid; he was kind of an acid-head. I had NO idea about this prior to us dropping acid; I thought at best he had done it a few times before, if that.

      My dad was also disappointed with me for driving while I was so high.

      I was then in my room, though it didn’t look like my real room and was a lot bigger. I was in bed watching “House” on my TV, which was on the opposite side of the room than in waking life. I was winding down for the night. My dad came to the door. He was still upset with me, and I felt ashamed of myself.
      Tags: acid, car, drugs, high, night
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. M.I High and weird times in my garden

      by , 10-28-2011 at 09:43 AM
      Dream 1

      I was in my garden wearing these cowboy clothes, a security guard from my college was there and he was guarding me, it wa so weird. I asked him if I could leave and he said yeah, I satrted walking around and went into my house. I saw some kids from my college.

      Dream 2

      I was in M.I High and I was talking to someone who resembled a little bit of Mel Blanc. As we went through the scene the man said "I didn't nail the line". The dream then zoomed out and I saw previous characters sitting at a table and the scene I was at was just wallpaper like when you set up a backdrop for a studio photo shoot.
    12. Another Vid Game Dream

      by , 10-16-2011 at 03:05 PM
      I was looking for a video game to play and I was flicking through them all when I saw 2 new games. I can't remember what the first one was but the second one was called "Bleach" (nothing to do with the manga or the anime) it was like the GTA4 cover it had "Bleach" written in the font of "GTA IV" and there was a guy in black holding his cuffs.

      I fired up the PS3 and I was Blane from M.I High in the game. The first level was a mix first scene in Tron Legacy when he gets zapped into the game and the Energon deposits in the 2nd chapter of Transformers:War For Cybertron.

      This show was the junk back in the day.

      I couldn't fight anything in the game. One of the characters said a tyrant had caused restrictions in the city. The level was almost Noir as people walked about, their buisiness being kept quiet. As me and the other spies tried to maintain our cover one of the civllians yelled and pointed to us. Then we had to run away from the police because of the restrictions put in place by the Tyrant.

      We ran to the docks where the water was glowing a cerulean blue. That same character who told us that we had to get to the mainland. We got on a boat and travelled there but on the way we were attacked by some mechanic loch ness-esque monsters, so we fell back the the first level.

      Side Notes
      This was a rinse and repeat dream. As in it happened again and again. It 3 times and I saw lucid at one point. Also I was lucid during little hypnagogic images.
    13. Lucid

      by , 09-27-2011 at 05:49 PM
      This LD was pretty boring.


      I woke up and went to the bathroom, while there I was noticing the surroundings and thought I might be dreaming I did a RC to verify first I plugged my nose, I could breathe then I looked at my right hand it had a thumb on the left. I knew I was dreaming my first thought was "WHAT DO I DO!?",WHAT DO I DO!?".

      I thought I should go outside but I was in my PJ's so I went to get changed, and he is where it slowed down to a halt, I COULDN'T DECIDE WHAT SHIRT TO WEAR" so I'm trying to pick what I should wear. I started to think that I'm losing Lucid time so I went outside.

      I don't know if this happened before or after but I remember walking out and heading to the high street when I saw people fighting skinheads naturally I joined and started fighting them till police broke it up (I think).

      I also flirted with my next door neighbour, this probably happened before I went to the fight.

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    14. Storm Troopers and High School

      by , 08-13-2011 at 03:23 PM
      I remember being in a weird movie theater, I'm going there with friends, two guys and a bunch of girls. The girls decide that we guys should sit in the row in front of them, and there's some girls in front of us then who want us to move into their row. My friends and I just stay where we are though, and right before the movie starts, the whole dream fades away into a very different weird dream about dogs, and storm troopers....

      I'm walking around with this big guy, I'm walking a type of dog that I can't really name, and he's walking a wiener dog( I can't spell dauchsand ). Suddenly he picks up his dog and starts ranting on about something and just throws the dog on the ground! I suddenly realize that we're on a boardwalk, or more a dock. He then picks up his dog like he's about to help it back up but just throws it down again. He see's now that it's bothering me, smiles, and throws the dog as far as he can over the dock and down into the water.

      Now, I wake up in the middle of escaping from somewhere. I don't remember where, but naturally it all makes sense. I pick up a random storm trooper costume(like from star wars? I'm not really even a huge fan...) and I put it on, but it's really heavy! I'd like to take it off, but it seems like the only thing keeping me alive. Now a dog comes chasing after me with this weird demon guy thing and I just take the dog over to a certain spot and put him down on the ground and he just immediately goes to sleep(not dead, I'm sure) Now I take my dog that suddenly just appeared and decide that he should sleep took so I take out my sleep whip and just start beating away thinking that it would put him to sleep immediately but then it doesn't and I feel worse and worse about hitting it so hard but I can't stop for some reason! Finally I have it on the sleep spot from before and he goes right out. I ditch the storm trooper outfit and keep moving.

      In one of my other dreams from last night, I was in high school(I'm going into HS for the first time in a couple weeks) and I was talking about my schedule with a couple people and I realize that I don't have this one weird kid that's hilarious in my class! I'm kind of disappointed and go to my next class which has something to do with music. This could lead into my movie theater dream eventually....
    15. longboardin'

      by , 08-12-2011 at 12:26 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i live in a huge farm house in a new country town on "fog" street.

      i'm in the attic with heather and my mom and dad. we're all smoking a bowl. we get super stoned.

      heather and i go into a room in the attic, which is a blueberry field inside the house.

      "hey we want to be on a real field" we think and go outside and touch and experience the grass. it's nice.

      thru the woods, i see the color aqua and red. what the? two horses thoses colors come by into the field.

      it's heather's friends brittany and some girl. heather runs over and says hi hi hi and all of that.

      i get jealous. i talk to the other girl. i've met her once or twice, but as a kid i remember being friends with her. she says we were but not for long. i think it might be sarah silverman (? )

      they talk and talk and talk and i get too jealous and mad to handle it. i run away like a child.

      i run thru a door in the woods which leads to town. i walk around like i'm on a longboard. what the fuck i want to longboard!

      i go home and grab mine. it's shaped like a fish, and is colored very cool. i ride in town and on a big hill and zig zag on a main road, exploring places that i can go to now since i just moved here. i forgot about how sad i was.

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