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    1. 10-20-14 I'm the god of the world, ya'll.

      by , 10-25-2014 at 09:53 PM
      A hillbilly set himself up as the self-appointed god of the world. He called himself "The Right". His daughter was his most faithful follower.

      One of my friends had a really weird picture of a fox hung on a wall in his room.

      I had these HUGE biceps, but I was sorely disappointed because they weren't big enough.

      I was reading a children's book based on the Pixar movie Brave.
    2. 10-10-14 "Good Lord, boy!"

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:02 PM
      I took violin lessons from Professor Snape, and one day I forgot to bring my violin. I was mortified!

      My mother and sister were baking something, and these two old men were kind of aimlessly wandering around our kitchen. twice, one of them nudged my elbow and said in a hillbilly accent, "Good Lord, boy!". The second time this happened, my mother started giggling uncontrollably.

      My mother had a pinched nerve, and she read online about a remedy. She took some dill seed, some Fresca soda and some coconut oil, and combined it all in a glass. If the draught was to be at all effective, she had to drink it as fast as she could. She did. It tasted terrible.
    3. 7-26-14 All this stuff is MINE??

      by , 07-30-2014 at 07:43 PM
      I dreamed I was driving through Colorado or something and there were these majestic snow-peaked mountains all around. I was down in a valley. I must have been speeding or something, because a police officer put his lights on behind me. There was no shoulder and I wasn't in a town, so I pulled into someone's driveway. I don't really remember the police officer or what he said. He might have just driven past me for all I know.

      I decided to park the car and go up to the house. I walked in. The house was strangely quiet. As I looked around, a man walked up to me. He was a hillbilly and had a crazed look about him. He was carrying a suitcase and seemed in a great hurry. He told me he couldn't stay in his house anymore, and urged me, even begged me to take it. He said I could have it for free. Before I could answer, he was gone and out the door, leaving me to deal with his house and belongings. He might have driven off in my car. It wouldn't surprise me if he did.

      I wandered about his house. The house wasn't very nice. In fact, it was very trashy. But he had the neatest stuff! Like a bottle that you would build a ship in, only filled with hundreds of other tiny bottles. Or a smart phone with tons of songs from the Matrix movie soundtrack. But the strangest thing was a set of toy soldiers, only the two opposing kings were missing. That disappointed me, because I wanted the complete set.
    4. Moon rising too fast, almost lucid!

      by , 07-13-2013 at 12:54 AM
      OH quickly, write down details!

      Moon rising fast, pole with bucket, climbing pole with bucket, star party, venus, questionable reality, hills, cousin's backyard...

      Ok that should be enough. Sorry, I just recalled a dream I had tonight, had to write it down fast. So.... here's the full thing:

      Length: ~ 1 hour
      Type: Non-lucid

      It started out in my cousin's yard. Their house wasn't there though, the only thing there was a pole with a bucket, I climbed up it and swung around in the bucket. The people that were there with me, were:
      My neighbor Jerry and one of his hillbilly friends
      My brother (who didn't enjoy this)
      My mom

      We were in the middle of what Jerry likes to call a "star party". We basically get out at night, take some homemade telescopes, and go right ahead. We were doing that for a couple hours when I started thinking "Man its getting late, this will ruin my dream recall, but its worth it!"

      Yes, I thought about dreaming in a dream.

      After that the one most memorable thing we looked at was a globular cluster. I had seen the exact some one in waking life, and it looked the same.

      Then the sun started to rise. Well, not really, but when the sky turned pink-ish the Moon began to rise. Only it raised very fast. I think this is because I had watched a time lapse of the Moon rising before I went to bed, so it was in my mind. None the less, I began to question the reality of this all, but then dismissed it (I should've done a reality check god damn!). After that...

      The dream ended.

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