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    1. 19-01-03 World War 2 Sniper

      by , 01-04-2019 at 06:35 AM
      There was some kind of World War 2 battle going on. Possibly indoors, in a mineshaft? I recall being in cover, and throwing confiscated German stielhandgranate at the Germans. I forgot to pull the pin at first, which I realized after tossing two or three that didn't explode. Interestingly, the grenades were 'activated' by twisting the top, rather than pulling a cord (the pin) at the base of the handle. Anyway... I pushed forward while my allies held the line, but then more baddies showed up from the right. My allies retreated, and I was left behind. Cut off. I headed in a different tunnel, which was a dead end. I went prone behind a barrel or crate, and stayed very still. Hoping they wouldn't see me if I stayed very still and in cover. Some Germans showed up to inspect the tunnel where I was hiding, but they didn't check very thoroughly and didn't see me. There was a Springfield 1903 sniper rifle in the mud next to me, so I grabbed it and peered through the scope to observe the enemy. I was far behind enemy lines at this point. The German soldiers looked relaxed. More officers showed up, and then I saw him. Hitler himself. Having him in the sights of my sniper rifle gave me the idea of shooting him, but I realized that I'd be killed instantly. I was backed in a little corner by loads of enemies. I decided to wait, hoping I'd get a better shot and chance to escape after. This did not happen. I don't recall how it happened, but my cover was blown and I was being shot at from all sides. I was running around like crazy, occasionally shooting Germans with the rifle. Sometimes even from pretty close up, looking through the scope. Almost impossible to do in real life. Luckily, being the dreamer, the baddies all had stormtrooper aim. Eventually, I was disarmed when the rifle was knocked from my hands, and I was forced to surrender. I was more annoyed I blew this chance to assassinate Hitler.
    2. 1/16/17 | Celestia, MacGyver, Hitler, Kidnapping

      by , 01-16-2017 at 10:51 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-I was in a field with about 20 random teens. The sun was at a 9:00am position. The environment was a grassy field. Trees acted as portions of its border. Beyond them, there were implied buildings. At one point, I accidentally inspired a minor historical event. Also, this scene took place in the recent past.

      I felt human, but the dream labeled me as my unicorn OC. (For all intents and purposes, I wasn’t human at all.) I wanted to use magic to take care of an enemy, but there was a serious problem—if I were to use it, there was a high risk of becoming ‘integrated’ with a certain artificial system, trapping me in something or somewhere. For about a full minute, thoughts were going back and forth. If I used magic, the biggest threat would be eliminated. On the other hand (hoof?), I’d be trapped.

      Suddenly, a yellow ball with a similar appearance to the sun (but dim enough to look at directly) appeared north relative to the sun, and in a 7:30am position. It turned out that Princess Celestia was behind it (not literally), proven by her studio-quality voice.
      Celestia: “Look at me as if I were not a threat.” (‘threat’ referring to the ball’s high brightness)
      “Use your powers to defeat the evil in your world!” she continued.

      Then, it clicked. I decided to use magic to take out whatever antagonist there was. I forgot what it was.

      -2-I was inside my house, watching MacGyver with my family. The episode started with a camera panning to the right over a quiet, lit, residential street. The light was white, as was the supercar parked on the side of the road. Then, I found myself along with everyone else in church, watching MacGyver from the pews. I was reading a newspaper. (what? I never read those)

      -3-In my house, the staircase was completely blocked by presents. Nearby, Adolf Hitler was discussing something trivial with a subordinate. There was a horizontal Nazi banner on the wall near the floor.

      -4-Four kids were kidnapped and placed in a building. When I found theme, they seemed almost bored with their attitude. They were aged around 5 or 6. I asked a boy where my sister and my mom were taken, and he told me, “The apartment building.” He pointed at it. I then left the kids behind in the room.

      Eventually, I and a friend snuck inside that building, and made our way undetected to a room on the ground floor. Here, we knocked out a guard by hitting him with a soft blanket. Later, a female guard spotted us, so we did the same thing to her. We hid both their bodies in the closet. I also looked out the window to find my mum. She noticed me, so I put a finger on my mouth. However, she didn’t give a crap, so she walked up to a window and tried to talk to me, somehow not getting caught. Her voice was inaudible from where I was.

      Right then, the now four unconscious guards in the closet woke up at the same time, and they were all wearing tuxedos, except for the woman, who wore a generic black set of clothes. We were kind of screwed, but it wasn’t of much consequence. The ex-guards seemed pretty nonchalant about everything.

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    3. 16-09-30 Hostile Plant, Butchering Nazi Command

      by , 09-30-2016 at 02:55 PM
      I'm in a gloomy house with a bunch of other people (15 of them, give or take). I think they were all family. They had a bit of a "Russian" vibe. Someone rang the doorbell, and an older man dressed in a hooded raincoat (?) went to open the door. I think it was another family member, as he embraced them and let them in. I think I was wearing a mask as I embraced someone else, possibly because there was some kind of "plague" going around? At some point we're all walking through the garden, on a wooden boardwalk. I notice a large, odd plant. It had large flowers, but looked ominous. Suddenly it starts shooting spikes made of bone from the flowers. I yell "down, down!" but some people are impaled by the spikes and badly hurt. There was this "prophecy", that the entire family would be killed somehow. I figured this had to be the beginning.

      I was (once again) with a bunch of other people, this time somewhere on the streets, fighting the Nazis. I think we were in some kind of cage? Or a kind of open, rectangular structure, anyway. We had AKs, but there were just too many Nazis, so we had no choice but to surrender and lay flat on the ground. In the next scene, we were all seated at a large rectangular table. We were all pretty depressed, as the Nazi chiefs were reading a list of our offences and made it clear we would be executed. But suddenly, something 'clicked' in my head. I figured we were as good as dead anyway, so what was stopping me from trying something? And another realization came to me. I remembered being here before. I somehow felt that they could not hurt me. Once again, a faux-lucid episode. I managed to break free from the ropes they'd used to tie me up (mind over matter, 'there is no rope') and get up. Then, I attacked the Nazi generals one by one. I grabbed their heads and snapped their necks, actually. Some were easy, some took a bit of force. Hitler himself (played by a very pale 'actor' who didn't really look like Hitler at all) even mocked me while I was trying to wrench his head off. I got them eventually, I think. I started freeing the others. Their arms were restrained with rope in impossibly complicated knots, but using my 'dream powers', I could easily undo them without looking, by pure force of will. One of them was a really pretty girl I instantly liked. But they seemed "distant", perhaps shocked? Afraid? I did just single-handedly butcher all of Nazi high command.

      I remember a creepy and disturbing scene of a woman who was to be executed. She was naked, and very small, only about a foot tall. She was tossed in a bucket along with some other garbage (rags?), and then corrosive fluid was poured into the bucket. Afterwards, I went through the bucket to find her remains. All I found was red liquid everywhere. She'd been liquefied.

      Hard to explain. We were in a classroom, only the floor was water. Yes, imagine a giant swimming pool with floating chairs and desks. Our whole class from my senior year in HS (9 years ago) was there, attending class. I think they were messing around and teasing me again, throwing pieces of paper, things like that. Later on, we were playing a game of 'the floor is made of lava'. There were this floating obstacles and stuff in the water, and you had to traverse the room without falling into the water. At some point I had on walk on two very thin ropes, and I almost fell. I could barely hold onto them, and keep from falling into the water entirely.

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    4. Hitler is Here. Now We're F--ked.

      by , 09-27-2016 at 11:34 PM
      I was at a retail store. I do not remember my purpose there but shit got real real fast. I was told of a plan orchestrated by an underground organization to resurrect Adolf Hitler and unleash his reign of terror over America. The goal was to incite fear among the American people so that they would be vulnerable to propaganda and fear mongering. They had already succeeded in raising Hitler from the dead now they were ready to send him to America. The plan was to have him swim across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to The United States. Once here he would be free to terrorize the American people. We had to stop him but it was too late. There was a stream the flowed through the store and connected to major rivers that flowed directly into the sea. As we moved to try and stop Hitler from getting here I saw him swimming up the stream singing what sounded like and old German tune.

      Now what were we to do? Hitler was here and now he was free to unleash his reign of terror. I watched as he swam up the stream and attacked a woman like a shark. It was brutal. This was without a shadow of a doubt the greatest threat to national security. We had to do something. I would never get a chance though. I woke up before I could stop him.
    5. 16-07-22 Return to LA, Nazi Holocaust

      by , 07-22-2016 at 07:53 PM
      I was back in Los Angeles. I've been there on holiday a few months ago. My brother was there was well. For a moment, I thought how weird it was that I could afford this. I have lost my job since then. Anyway, I was playing a console game in my room. My brother was going out to meet someone, and I think have dinner as well. He suggested I come with him. I didn't feel like it. We squabbled over this, he said I was a lazy bum and stuff like that. He eventually left by himself. He told me the street address of the place, something something Avenue. Left alone, I started to feel regret for not coming with him. I considering going after him, but his car was already out of view.

      I was in a room with a bunch of other people. The Nazi's were going around and killing people everywhere. I remember seeing a pile of people, stacked up and then shot dead. Blood everywhere. It was gruesome. I hid, hoping the SS guys wouldn't see me. At some point they did find me. I ran outside, bashing past the Nazi's outside and fleeing through the city streets. I reached the "city gates", where I saw a strange monument. I heard the voice of the Führer, saying that if "he did not appreciate his new world, he should leave and never return", or something like that. Clearly referring to me.

      I think the next scene was at a gas station (I think) outside the city (continuing the previous dream). I saw two older women, driving a bizarre kind of buggy. They were seated one in front of the other, like on a motorcycle, but almost laying down instead of seated. Weird. They were pretty oddly dressed, too. I almost suspected them of being trannies. The one in the rear had this weird "mutation" coming out of her chest. A small appendage, almost like a tiny arm. She was very self-conscious about this, but we nervously laughed it off. I asked for a ride, and they motioned that I had to sit on the rear one's lap. We drove back to the city. I remember the car having some kind of pole (?) sticking out (straight up) of the vehicle, and struggling to drive through a tunner or door (!). For a moment, I wondered why on Earth I wanted to go back to the city. It was Nazi-infested after all.

      A half-dream, half-hallucination right before waking. I saw Nazi's violently forcing people (Mexicans?) into concrete rooms - gas showers.

      I saw Jupiter, Mars, and Earth in one shot - obviously not to scale. Only Mars wasn't the barren red planet we know - it looked terraformed. I think I saw a continent on Mars, that looked like the Americas.

      More fragments/forgotten dream.
    6. 16-06-27

      by , 06-27-2016 at 03:55 PM
      This dream took place in the Heroes-universe, between the last volume, and Heroes: Reborn. Noah looked far more muscly than I remembered, almost like a bodybuilder. The longer I looked, the less I recognized him. I don't recall why I was there exactly, but I can imagine it had something to do with his daughter.

      There was a dream in which I was in some kind of military/research installation. I was in the part that still had some people roaming around, but most of the facility was abandoned, I think. I ignored this and wandered off deep in the bowels of the base. At some point I entered a large, cavern-like hall, almost like a grotto, where I was attacked by demons (the Doom 2 variety). I failed miserably the first time (got caught in massive crossfire), but I got to "try" again and handled the situation differently. I shot the imps by the entrance with a machine gun, and picked off demons one by one (several manchubi), avoiding the trigger that released the cyberdemon until last. Then I handled him with a rocket launcher. Then I ran off through some other room.

      In this part I was in some kind of "war room", facing a wall where several factions had set up TV screens showing war data (or something like it). There were the Germans, and I think the Allies, but the Nazi's were a separate faction who did not have a space of their own, and roamed around between the other factions. I approached two guards on the opposite wall, who were guarding something like a fuse box attached to said wall. They wore modern battlesuits and helmets that obscured their faces. I fought them with the combat mechanics of the game Mirror's Edge Catalyst (fists, slide-kicks, jump-kicks), but especially the guard on the left was tough as hell and didn't take a lot of damage. At some point I got a combat knife somehow. I dispatched the weaker guard on the right (or did I beat him and *then* take his knife?) with ease, and started viciously stabbing the stronger guard, who was soon whimpering and at very low health. Suddenly, the guard had no helmet on anymore, and I saw it was a girl. A pretty one, too. I ignored it, jabbing the knife in her stomach (which was now bare for some reason, I noticed she had a navel ring) and jerking the knife upwards, attempting to disembowel her. But then, I felt sorry for what I was doing. I caressed her face in consolation, and noticed that everywhere I touched her, her body was dripping wet with some kind of oil - which was weird. I recall kind of hugging and kissing her, and perhaps eventually having sex with her right there. *REDACTED DETAILS* Anyway, I was interrupted by Hitler who was coming my way. I stood a few meters away from the fuse box thing, next to my fellow operative Benedict Cumberbatch (later I started to doubt, thinking he was Michael Fassbender instead). I asked him if he spoke German. He answered "a little". Hitler looked at us, saying something in German. I just stood there smiling like an idiot, hoping my mate would say something, anything. He did not, but we got away with it.

      I vaguely remember driving a car, and pulling into a narrow alley onto a parking lot. There were a lot of cops, so I turned around and left again. It's possible I'm confusing reality (memory) with fiction at the moment.
    7. September 18th to October 9th 2015 Learning to Play

      by , 10-10-2015 at 02:39 AM
      I may only add text descriptions by request since I don't really have any interaction in my DJ lately and the pictures are all I really need in order to quickly remember the dreams...and it is a lot of work.

      C RRC C I S RC



      (10/08/15)............................................... ..................(12/22/13)



      (2nd LD)






      Above for LD's #383-391
    8. Hitler gets blown up!

      by , 09-17-2013 at 07:20 PM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      9/17/2013, 10:05-5:55

      Meditated last night. Same mantra as last time.

      Dream 1:

      I was on a battlefield as a soldier. I looked to the right and saw a destroyed building. There was the body of Hitler next to it, a piece of the building, and a crushed military tank. I also saw a fence in front of me with a trench. In the trench was a bipod-ed sniper rifle aimed at the building. Also, everything was on top of a sheet of ice.

      I then recall being in a war room. Someone was pointing to a map of the world toward where Australia should be. There was ice on the map in place of the over-sized island. There was some everywhere on the map, actually. I guess it represented the world in an Ice Age. The guy pointing then pointed to Africa and said something about "them" being in Africa, but also in the "Home Depot" of the world, as he pointed to Asia. (WTH Asia is Home Depot?) The dream then ended.

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    9. Ponies and Spies

      by , 04-19-2013 at 04:04 PM
      Had a dream, kinda... Austin Powers style, I guess? But I don't remember much.

      Then I was part of a group of spies who were trying to infiltrate an office. We got seen by someone there but they assumed I was a supervisor (I was one person and a group of people at the same time). Then their boss called a meeting and we were recognized as spies. And the boss turned out to be... Hitler. No kidding. I was going to try to kill him, but...

      Then it shifted to a group of people trying to infiltrate a place, and they were trying to infiltrate a blood elf camp or something. I was subconsciously changing the buildings because they did not look blood elfy enough. There were several members, and one of them was kind of a ladies' man who was embarrassed that it got found out that he'd set up a date with a superior officer's daughter, who was somehow also Rarity from My Little Pony (yes... a pony).

      After that, I was running out of some sort of office complex, only it was more like an industrial building, lots of concrete. I then fully realized that I was dreaming, but it was dark and rainy outside where I was. I looked at my hands, rubbed them together, tried running them along a concrete pillar... I wanted to do a scene change (I was trying to get to an Inn) so I tried to see a light in the distance, but then everything went black. I tried closing and opening my dream-eyes, but it was still black. I began flailing my arms around and every time I moved I heard a sound like the bell on a cat collar. Then I lapsed back into non-lucidity.
    10. Boring long LD and weird dream

      , 12-19-2012 at 01:47 PM
      I go to bed at 22.00 pm with an extra strong melatonin supplement and an aspirin (500 mg). I ran 3 miles that evening like always. I take a Temazepam (20 mg) at 23.00 pm.

      I walk around town, I see a car. For some odd reason I feel I need to check reality. So I look at my fingers, and see, I have 6! I stabilize, because I used to forget stabilizing a lot and I would wake up or have a very weak dream. I decide I want to go to the moon, so I do that. It is very dark there and it gives me the creeps, so instead I decide I want to go somewhere serene, perhaps a nice field with some water. I try to make a scenery, but fail the first time. It is a boring, cold, wet little park in the middle of town. I try again, and there it is, a beautiful place, with flowers and a river flowing gently through it. It is warm and nice, a perfect place to meditate. I decide to meditate, and for some reason my body flies up in the air while I am lying down. I decide that it's normal, because I am dreaming and these things happen in even the most stable dreams. I keep meditating for a while because I was tired, even too tired to do much while SLEEPING, I know it sounds odd, and I also thought it was kinda weird to be honest. I decide I want to take a walk, at the time I felt the lucidity slipping and my control getting even shakier than it was before. For some odd reason there is an ugly, rusty, old, blue car standing in my scenery. I want to get rid of it because it is ugly. I try to make it disappear, but I only succeed in cramming it into a sort of wrinkled lump of iron. I get frustrated and feel the vividity slipping FAST now, I try to stabilize, but it is too late.
      I wake up. It is 5.30 am.

      I'm standing in line for a doctor's appointment with my friend/sort-of-complicated-person. The assistant at the desk picks up a strange looking, khaki trench coat and a grey scarf, and says they used to belong to Hitler. My friend puts it on and it changes colour to red and becomes longer. I say he looks like a vampire and that it looks cool. Never once do I find the situation odd in any way.
      My alarm goes off and I wake up. It is 7.00 am.

      Something about being pregnant and trying to get an abortion, but the fetus surviving. Presumingly right before waking or just after falling asleep.

      The dream that turned lucid was surprisingly normal, almost exactly like real life. The non-lucid dreams were much weirder and more random.
    11. [The Owl (Host of Strange)]

      by , 09-02-2012 at 02:08 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Wednesday, August 29th, 2012]
      (Three dreams. My dad was in some of them. But overall failed recall.)
      (EDIT: I just remember one of the dreams. It was a nightmare.)

      The entire dream was me trying to complete some strange paranormal competition event. There were thousands of participants. It consisted of a number of phases and it was spread out over an open scene with changing environments. For instance, most of the land was forest, but just up north, there was a line that seperated icy wasteland from it, and to the south; desert.

      The earliest stage I really "remember" was Phase 6: We were transported back in time to World War II and were in front of an enormous cathedral. I walked in with a group of 3-4 other RM's, us being way behind the rest of the crowd. There were no guards in the first room, in fact there wasn't anyone. The rest were all in the next room with the pupit in front and the benches facing it. Everyone had crowded in there for some reason, and Hitler was giving a speech to them. I remember hearing screams and suddenly there was growls and gunfire. (I was so thankful for being slow.) We turned to the left and followed a short hallway to a few joint-bedrooms where we discussed what to do next. For SOME odd reason, the rest of the group came up with the BRILLIANT idea that two of them would have sex in the bed as if it would solve anything. I went with their plan. I was to have guard duty outside in the hallway. The man who was going to have sex with one of the women asked me if it was okay that he was doing this, as if this woman was my lover or something. I shrugged; I didn't know any of them. They were all unrecognizable DC's. They started and I walked out of the room and sat down in the hallway with my back to the wall and waited.

      The next thing I know, we WON. We advanced to the next round, and I wasn't even sure how. Maybe all we had to do was survive. Our group somehow also aquired a map that was coded that didn't help us in any observable way.

      Onto Phase 7. The host (who happened to be an Owl-being) told us that we would have to find the next area on our own. At this time we were standing by an old rotting two-story house and the forest around us was in just of bad condition. Spooky. But the house was locked all around. 4 ninjas (probably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too.) seperate from our group, walked past and I overheard them trying to figure out what to do next. They were stumped like us. Once they were gone, I climbed the building to the roof and climbed in through the belltower's window on top. The rest of my group followed suit. Once in, a few more people leaked in, but there had to be less than 10 total. When our group reached a familiar hallway that resembled my old home's hall, we all split up and took a different room. The room I had was my old bed room. There were two others in the room with me. We were tearing it up looking for a clue... a treasure... anything. Suddenly, a loud buzzing noise erupted from outside the room. I ran out to hear screams and laughter and my heart skipped a few beats as I listened. Everyone in my group was already dead. The two people in the room I had just been in had vanished. I was alone. I heard a sick laugh again and suddenly the darkest music began to play and I heard someone screaming, "TATTOOS AND CLOWNS. TATTOOS AND CLOWNS." It was a fucking demon clown. He was coming for ME. I thought about hiding behind a propped up mattress, but scurried to the doorless-closet instead. There was a small bit of wall to hide behind at least there. Back to the wall and out of sight, I waited in silence. My heart began to race faster and faster and faster until I couldn't take it anymore. I woke up; my heart still beating out of control.
    12. Hitler

      by , 03-15-2012 at 06:49 PM
      There are a bunch of people that I know as well as a couple that I do not in a roman building except that there was no closed off part just pillars all the way around and ~10 stone church pews inside.

      Everyone seems very innocent. We are playing dead and Hitler walks between the pews and grabs a man behind me and shoves a grenade in his mouth. All at once we rush him and hold him hostage.
    13. Hitler, dogs, and dead policemen

      by , 02-18-2011 at 09:01 AM (Struggle for Lucidity)
      I had a dream I was watching a program about Hitler still being alive in a small house in England. The dream took place in 1997, which I somehow knew, and I saw Hitler's basement as a poorly looked after wine cell with evil Nazi technology inside it. The program went along going on about Hitler being evil and then cut to what I guess was an advert selling some dog called cookie or something, which became famous on the internet.

      Skip a bit, there was a policeman riding along on his bike, and then several people said 'fucking cops' and rode past on their bikes and shot him off. Another policeman screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". Then, yet another policeman came along the pavement and cracked a joke along the lines of "Gor, £830 a week for that!". This part of the dream took place in something remniscent of an area in downtown Bournemouth, where there's a KFC and some bushes. It was all 1997-ized and looked more 'Londonish' though.

      This dream was at roughly 7:20am, because I was fading in and out of sleep.
      non-lucid , memorable