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    1. Dream Journal Entry #4: A Teaching Moment, From Hockey to Football, and a Decaying World! +Fragments

      by , 06-04-2018 at 07:09 PM
      Dream: I was watching kids play ball hockey in what seemed to be my grades book gym. I must have been the coach because one of my kids scored to win the game so I ran into the court, picked up him up side ways and pretended to ram him through the rest of the players like an battering ram. All the kids were laughing. Our team was gathered together celebrating the win when I noticed a kid weeping. The rest of the team noticed as well and the mood changed from happy to sad. I asked him why he was upset and he said something like he didn’t feel included. I took him outside the gym to talk so he wouldn’t be embarrassed. I gave him some words of comfort and said something along the 'swearing is fun' to cheer him up. He laughed so I picked him up but he was heavy which I told him and threw him in the snow. Now that he was all cheered up we walked back to the gym.

      As I enter the gym I notice it is an ice hockey arena with grown men playing hockey. I can see their faces clearly when suddenly everything transforms into a football game. The players play as though it’s rugby rules with constant lateral passes.

      The surrounding area now turns into a tropical beach with the outskirts of a big city and an ocean a few yards after a small cliff and a rock plateau. I noticed my friends were gone. I also noticed at least somethings moving along the plateau a large (they turned out to be crabs) rabid man ran to the front of the pack and snatched one to eat. I turn back and realise I don’t know anybody. There’s a man sharpening a knife under a long tarp near the street. I can tell he’s bad. I offer him something to look through like a telescope or binoculars but when he opens the casing to look through his face his shot with this thick beige mold like really thick oatmeal which I hope kills him. He starts laughing maniacally. I realize I had gotten that strange material from my friends who were trapped under the surface of the ground but had turn to zombies with purple and blue shiny eyes. My attention returns to the man sharpening his knife, but now he’s crawling on his stomach as if he has lost the use of his lower body. He’s purple, silver, and shining. I’m trying to walk away but it feels hard to do so. I run into the city which is decaying except a place possibly called “Waysayckers”. I ask the guy if I could train martial arts there 24/7 but he tells me there’s no way he’d let that happen. I see a kid with small stickers or patches polka dotting across his go doing front kicks.

      Fragment: Moving into a house with roommates from my 3rd year of university and partying, smoking weed, drinking.

      Fragment: Sleeping in the same bed as Steve, looking at photos of me cut-out and dressed in real cloth.

      Fragment: Preparing soup lunches on the floor for my family

      Dream Sign Count
      Inner Awareness = 1
      Action = 0
      Form = 3
      Context = 1

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/4 = 0%

      Please comment and let me know if you think I missed some dream sign classifications in the journal entry!
    2. School/ Hockey at Soccer Field

      by , 12-18-2014 at 04:31 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      Dream 1 - I'm eating sea food soup with rice in it. The soup is really good. There is squid, and maybe some clams in it. I eat shrimp. Tastes so good.

      Dream 2 - I'm at school. The background and every desk and chair were from my elementary school, but the kids are mixed from it and my college. Some are strangers I've never seen. The girl I didn't like at college starts bitching about something. I don't really recall well from this place.

      Then it's at night, I walk home from school. The background is in the city, though there's barely anything that looks like NYC. I see my one guy friend I had in the elementary school in front of me walking. I think we catch up each other and go to a store nearby together.

      I see the cashier/ owner who looks like typical tall, skinny Korean guy with wacky fashion. He's wearing glasses. He's nice though.
      There's a huge coffee machine in the middle of store with various flavor. I pick a black plastic cup and press the thingy so the coffee water comes down from the machine. If I remember some of the flavor were orange, banana, pineapple? etc, something fruit related. I think mine is banana. I take a sip of it, and the mix of coffee and banana scent is really beautiful, warm and tasty. I try other one with orange, but it tastes sour and weird. "ugh, I'm gonna get the old one I picked before" so I threw the cup away, meanwhile my friend is already buying the coffee.

      I hurry up, and pay at the cashier. For some reasons he gave me changes that are 'lentils'. Yeah, you read it, it's not money but lentils and beans. I never think that's weird, instead I get frustrated saying "what the hell is this?!" but I just put them in my wallet. The cashier guy looks chill while I'm getting obnoxious, though I'm not that serious.

      At this point I pass out I think, and I'm with every DC I've met so far playing hockey, but at a soccer field wearing normal shoes, in a big stadium with full of crowd.
      That girl who bitched, my guy friend, the Korean cashier, other kids at school, etc.

      My point of view is bird eye at the top like in every sports live, but my dream body is in my team's every player - whenever they receive a puck, my body would then switch into that player so I'm not just only 'one' player, receiving it for only 3-4 times during the game.

      It's like playing a sports video game but your physical body is in the player so you can fully experience the game in 4D state.

      We are wearing very unique helmets and uniforms. They are mostly white, but the jersey is striped with some colors - my team has blue and red, while the enemy has black and white. Our pants are not that baggy though, but not too tight at the same time. Also we're wearing some kind of plastic shoulder armors. Our sticks are made of woods.

      I can 'feel' how my every defense and attack units move along to form a better strategy. When we try to attack, I hit the puck as hard as I can to pass it down to farther attack unit and the other units behind me run towards the enemy net to get the score. For some time it's hard to get the score, every time we shoot it into the net, the goal keeper is so good he always blocks it. But I can still enjoy the game.

      The enemy team has chances to get the score as well, when they have the puck , I quickly gather the defense units surrounding our net. Now the view is snapped to get closer to the net, like how in sports live(eg, World Cup) they zoom onto the players when they are close to the corner/ net.
      Bunch of players are cluttered up to block the enemies, and they are trying to hard to not get their puck stolen. Our goal keeper is very alerted, and the enemies eventually shoot the puck to distant player and escape from the corner. Then that enemy shoots the puck into the net. It hits the bar of the net so they miss the score. Another enemy immediately gets the puck and shoots it again, but it went too high in the air and misses. It happens again but the keeper finally gets the puck.

      That was little intense. My old adrenaline rush comes back from watching World Cup IRL, since it's been a long time I lost interest to it.
      Our keeper shoots the puck so far away, passing down to my player. Finally the attack units manage to get a score, even though it was a little difficult. We claim 'yes!' and continue playing the game.

      Now we've wore roller blades instead of shoes, on the grass field which is weird but we can slide on it smoothly. As we can run fast, the game has gotten more intense. At the bird view the players are moving so fast and the physical interaction between players got stronger as well.

      At this point I switch into first person view in my own body playing defense unit. I pass the puck to the attack unit and they carry it towards the enemy's net. Now I'm kinda chilling at the field, to defend my position. As I'm becoming almost lucid, I try to remember the details of the dream. When the enemies approach our net, I closely look at the uniforms to recognize the name. The enemy has, I don't remember quite well, but their name consists of simple number and alphabets. Something like 8-KOHP ? And my team name is like 2-ATC. On the jersey next to the name we have our own animal mascot icon. I think ours is tiger and the enemy is eagle.

      The puck rockets in the air higher than before. We get the puck almost into our net by the enemy again. Maybe they get a score as well but I don't really remember.
      (This dream was too long I wasn't able to recall all that detail. Try to remember all movements that each player makes during a World Cup game for 45 minutes, can you?)

      And then just for fun, we change the location of our nets so the game can be more intensified. Our nets is at the same place, but the enemy's net is so close to ours, turned in 90 degree. Ahh!! The players are so mad they fight so hard to get the puck in xD

      Then I think of putting the nets in the corner so we're playing the game diagonally. Now I'm in bird view again and the nets are in the corner, which is nicer.
      I switch my dream body between every player to experience the game fully again.

      At some point the game was going too long, I start doubting as a dream. Now all the players are gathered up in a corner. Some players put their helmets off, I see that girl who bitched before, my guy friend, Korean cashier, other guys, and Emma Watson for some reasons. (what??)

      I ask them,
      "Do you guys know that you're dreaming?"
      I then ask this,
      "Do you guys remember how you got to this field?"

      Almost everyone can't answer. Some say they don't remember as well, and they don't know how we got here. I try to remember as much as I can, and all I remember is that I walked home from school and bought a coffee from the store. I try hard to remember this dream in detail since it's lasting for too long.

      Then eventually we exit the field and now we're at some resting place. We're still wearing jerseys, without helmets and armors.
      The room is filled up with light yellow color, with some benches and small cafeteria.

      I play with my guy friend a little. He does electricity bend, slightly shooting purple-tinted lightning out of his hand.
      "Woah, how do you do that?" I ask him.

      I try to copy him as much as possible, and I gather energy in my palm like how I do with kundalini. I can feel the energy but I don't see the lightnings.
      My hands get zapped a little with slight pain. I shoot small purple lightnings like how my friend did. "Woah, I just did it! It works!"

      I go to the cafeteria and for some reasons Mr. Herbert from Family Guy is sitting there, eating some kind of fruit jam salad. I realize he was one of our hockey players.

      And then weird happy music starts playing in the air, and Herbert tries to grab my hand to dance together. I flinch back trying not to dance with him. He keeps following me smiling with funny face. Omg, I don't like him, get away from me!

      Then suddenly the place starts flooding, and everyone runs out side. But I see a girl who's not capable of escaping, so I grab her and carry her to higher window by flying. We escape, and I finally wake up here....

      This dream lasted at least for 45 minutes.

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    3. The river! and a deerdog

      by , 09-01-2014 at 06:22 PM
      Earliest dream I can remember was some sort of steam punk dream where I was on a platform by the ocean and this guy was working on a car. In the next dream I was hanging out with my parents and my dad said that I could NOT watch hockey because it would mess something up. What the hell do I care, I don't want to watch hockey. I went in another room and there was a deer/dog there. It was enormous and it made me feel a little uncomfortable. I think I ended up watching hockey anyways. Don't know why. After a minute or two I had a feeling it was a dream and I tried to move stuff with my mind, wasn't working at first but then a door flew open really fast. I remember trying to fly and use powers but they weren't working. The next part that I remember, I had just had a false awakening in a kitchen from a lucid dream. I went looking for some paper to write a couple words down when I realized I was still dreaming. The two words I wrote down about the lucid dream were "Balloon Fight". The pen didn't work so I just etched the words into paper to help me remember, but now I only remember the words and not the dream .

      After that I went outside to look for something to do. I flew up a little bit then jumped in a river but the river had gone dry. There was nothing there but mud. So I pretended there was water flowing and I let it carry me for a while until water started to actually appear. I felt like I was on a water park ride. I was going around sharp turns and through tunnels and then I went off a waterfall cliff and the dream ended.

      Another dream started back in the kitchen. There was some sexy girl standing near me, completely naked, and she had the most beautiful ass. I bent her over the counter and fucked her for a good several minutes before the creepy deer/dog from my previous NL dream came up beside me and stared at me. Made me really comfortable, I wonder what that was all about. We both stared back at the strange creature. I went outside and was determined to enjoy a calm and peaceful dream. I jumped into the same river, but there was water this time. The sun was a lot warmer as well (in color and sensation). The trees and grass around me also radiated light. Reminded me of an HD texture pack in minecraft. I floated down stream for awhile, feeling content. I had a warm, peaceful sensation in my chest. The river took me to the ocean where I sat on the water and stared off into the distance. The sky was painted with streaks of orange, red, yellow, and purple. Pretty sunset. I had one of those feelings that bring me out of meditation, a split second of doubt in myself. A giant water appeared on the horizon. I got excited and felt adventurous so I charged towards the wave and crashed into it just to teach it a lesson. Dream ended.

      I waited for awhile and another dream started at a giant rec center. I was in an olympic sized pool area, sitting maybe 40 feet above the water on a platform. There was an obstacle course up there which I tried to complete for maybe 5 seconds before I fell into the water. Everything went dark but I could still feel the water around me. I swam to the surface and lept through the air like a dolphin, then back into the water. I was afraid I would get lost in the water since it was so dark. I found the bottom then pushed off and got out of the pool. There was a DC waiting for me that was clearly my dream GF. She had dark skin and beautiful brown eyes. She gave me head for what felt like 10 minutes. I can't control myself . Then I picked her up and held her against the wall while we fucked. Dream eventually ended.

      Another dream started in a podcast room with Adam Levine and some other music people. I sat down on the couch across from his desk with all the sound equipment. This sexy punk looking girl was sitting next to Adam, I made her stand up and get naked with my mind powers. She had a penis. I said to her, "why must you have a penis my dear?" She just shrugged and walked over to the couch, still naked. She gave me and this other guy that I was sitting next to bags filled with..spray paint? I would never do such a thing while awake. But I thought, why the hell not it's just a dream. My bag's spraypaint was silver, the girl's was gold, and the other guy's was lime green. I put the bag up to my mouth and breathed deeply. I started to feel dizzy. We all made jokes and talked and laughed and enjoyed ourselves for awhile until I woke up.
    4. Everyone Goes Psycho

      by , 07-15-2012 at 06:28 AM
      Non-Dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      My dad goes completely psycho. We are watching someone's wedding to get ideas for mine and he starts playing really loud music on some kind of device. He continues to do similar things to disturb the wedding and I am very embarrassed. It gets so bad that my mom wants to divorce him.

      Then my fiance goes psycho at a fair with my cousin LG, her husband CG, their friends and some co-workers (now that I think about it this dream might have taken place at my work, not a fair). We have TONS of weed. My fiance totally embarrasses me by being rude to everyone, always saying the wrong things and she even crashed her car into 4 other people.

      Then we are at a party at my cousin LG's house and there is a huge slip n slide with boats going around it. They laid some kind of paste down on the slip n slide to make the boats stick to the path.

      Then I am taking all of these people to the airport. My fiance's co-workers are there talking mad shit on my fiance - saying "she likes drama, she likes gossiping," some other stuff and that "this time she went too far." i have to pay everyone for the damage she has caused and I think they forgive her. One of my best friend's (AC) brother, NC, starts giving me a ton of shit too. He starts talking shit on my fiance and my mom. He wants to fight my mom for something really minor and stupid. I calm everything down again
      (common theme - in all these dreams I am resolving problems).

      Dream 2:

      I am REALLY good and hockey and soccer. I am playing a game that is a combo of 1/2 hockey and 1/2 soccer. I score 14 goals in one game.

      I don't play these sports in real life so it was kinda fun.

      Dream 3:

      I am visiting a college and they are having some kind of baseball all-star event. Chone Figgins is there (location looks like the small science quad by Charles Young Hall at UCLA) and he is on the Colorado Rockies. I am hanging out with some cool kids and they trick me into doing a bunch of weird stuff. They get me to do some sort of ritual - I eat a large bowl of what they call bread (it was really just pretzels and some other snacks) then I go to a public shower and put water over my head. This ritual is supposed to turn all of the water into blood (not sure why we wanted to do this). It doesn't work. I am very pissed off because they have wasted 1/2 a day of my vacation to humiliate me. I laugh it off, pretending it didn't bother me, but then I punch one of the guys in the throat (hard, I can rarely throw punches in dreams so this was also cool). I tell him that if he ever pulled shit like that again I would kill him.

      He apologizes and later comes up to me scared shitless and says "we can just keep this between us, right?" I say "no problem." I walk around until I find the all-stars again. They are swimming or something. I move on to the all-star football game where the kick-off almost makes it out of the stadium. I almost start playing in the game but I wake up.

      Note - Before the shower incident i am running around trying to find the shower and some chick is running next to me, late for class or something. She is very cute. She thinks I am a weirdo for running next to her so I pretended to be racing her in a funny way. I look back at her and say something clever (I am very witty at this moment). It is obvious that she thinks I am cute and says "oh, well hello" seductively. Unfortunately I am in a rush to get to the shower so I just say "hello" back. I have the feeling that it was enough to score with her later.

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    5. 10/10/11 Monday 4:00am-6:00am - Hockey Frustration

      by , 10-13-2011 at 05:06 AM

      I was at a shop on a cliff next to a beach. My hockey coach, Emma, and hockey manager, Kristina, was there. My close friend Amsie was with me. We were testing a certain dark brown perfume but we spilt it and had to go through this huge process of putting it back in the bottle by switching the liquid from lid to bottle. We lost much of the liquid down the drain of a bath that we were using for accidental spills. Everybody else had left the shop besides us and the coaches because we were so slow. Eventually we had to pay for the perfume, but we got a discount because there was not much left.

      I had bought a huge bowl of candy at the shop. I offered some of it to two old ladies when I sat down outside the shop, and they took some. I willed them not to take a specific piece of candy that I wanted, but they took it anyway. I hurried away because I had a hockey game. But when I got there I found I was dressed in my red stockings and sneakers. I ran down to the far end of the dark carpark outside the hockey place until I reached my parent’s car. They were there and listened patiently as I explained the situation. Luckily when I opened my school bag that was in the boot of the car, I found my yellow hockey socks.

      Time jumped. I was late for hockey again. This time I must have left my socks at the car and the car was no longer there. I decided to stick my bare feet in my shoes without socks.

      The scene changed. I was in a house and my friend D was there. He said he felt lonely. Strangely, I went in to kiss him, but he turned away.

      “I didn’t mean it. I know you’re gay,” I said hurriedly.

      Side notes: In real life, I only like D as a friend. He is certainly gay, and I only had feelings for him four years ago when I first met him and thought he was straight. So I am not going to make a big deal about the strange things I dream about. I had this dream/dreams after WBTB when I woke up at 4:00 am and went back to sleep. Haven’t achieved any lucids so far since joining, but I will keep trying :D
    6. 9/10/11 Sunday Afternoon Nap - Mansion adventures

      by , 10-13-2011 at 04:37 AM

      I was camping in a tent with my dad, mum and grandma. Visitors had just begun to arrive. I am not sure if they were human or not. I went outside with one of the visitors, and when I came back in it seemed that the people inside had aged significantly. I could see the lines in grandma’s face and I believe that their clothes had also changed.

      “How many years has it been?” I asked in wonder. My mother replied, “1.(9?) days.”

      The scene changed. I went to some kind of mansion place with my sister and her allocated visitor. It was constantly raining. Even when we were inside it was raining on top of us. I decided to travel up the flight of stairs that lay in the middle of the entrance hall. I travelled up the stairs with Sarah (one of my very good friends), and was afraid of her getting left behind because it took her a little bit of time to get up the stairs. When I reached the second top level there seemed to be gummy bears lined in a row, but I ignored these and went straight to the top. At the top I thought there would be another flight of stairs to climb, but much to my surprise, I had reached the very top. When I reached the top Ashleigh, a girl from my school, was there with some other people. The other people were rocking the stairs which had somehow turned into some kind of hot air balloon, but I had to remind myself that they were still stairs. Ashleigh was sitting on the floor because she hated it when they rocked the balloon or jumped up and down. I felt the same as her. When the others wanted me to lean over the edge, I just wanted to sit down next to Ashleigh out of fear of falling.

      “Good logic,” Ashleigh said.

      I went back down one flight of stairs and realised that I had missed my friends on the way up. I chatted for a little to my close friends, Emily and Amsie. I was annoyed at the rain, and wondered why it was raining even though I was inside. I waved it off however, completely forgetting that I had set my iPod to rain music before I fell asleep.

      At the mansion there was this strange ride. At first it seated many other people, but I ended up on my own in some sort of baby seat that was attached to and travelled along on a wire above my head. I must have dropped something out of my flimsy bag and pockets because I forced the ride to stop by gripping onto the white banister on the side as I picked up my phone and other belongings (including a white material bag with two tight pockets and a top that didn’t close; my grey jacket with brown buttons; my old blonde curly wig that my Aunt Rosemary gave to me). In this time, a teacher had come up behind me, but I willed her away. I put my belongings in my seat.

      I had finished the ride and it was time for the small group activity. Me, a boy, a teacher and another girl was in a group. We all had bicycles and our mission was to coat the path in as much chocolate brown looking liquid as possible. I was travelling up the front with the boy in front of me. The girl and teacher were far behind us because they didn’t have much skill in riding a bike. However, I supposed they had trouble because the path was slippery as it was coated in the brown liquid that we had rolled on it.

      When I was waiting for the people behind us to catch up, I saw a large group of kids and a ranger. The ranger had auburn dreadlocks with a touch of leopard patterns, a blue crumpled uniform with brown boots and a stern face. She was ordering the kids to play with hockey sticks and balls. One kid lost their ball in the bush and scrambled to retrieve it, but the ranger/teacher figure did not take much notice and made no attempt to help or scold the child.

      Note: Everybody else in my dream mansion seemed to be very happy, but I didn’t feel happy. This may be reference to Uglies and Pretties by Scott Westerfeld because Tally lives in a world with mansions and everybody is unnaturally happy whilst she does not share their happiness.

      False Awakening:
      I woke up in my bed to find that the wall behind me did not exist and sunlight was streaming through into my eyes. However, there were workmen and women and my family that were all removing my furniture from my room and putting it outside leaning against my bed. They took away my three pillows, one of my pillows having things inside it like the things I put in my pillow when I go camping. I was outraged by all of this, but it was not within my power to stop them.

      Side note: I was attempting WILD in my nap at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. However, I was constantly being disturbed by other family members so I gave up WILD and just fell asleep as I normally would. I put on a rain/storm track on my IPod whilst I fell asleep. At first it was an anchor for WILD, but eventually I just used it to lull me to sleep. Funnily enough, it actually passed into my dream. I may use this in future. Sadly I could only recall the dream from my afternoon nap on Sunday. I did not remember having any dreams in the night. This made me pretty frustrated, but there is not much else I can do but keep writing down as much as I can remember.

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    7. hockey priest

      by , 09-14-2011 at 12:02 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a huge building like a church. The building was actually made up of a few different kinds of buildings, all joined together. Some of the sections may actually have been more like a school building. But the part I was in was like a huge, dim sanctuary in a church.

      There were other people in the sanctuary, but only a few. I was at a distance from most of them. A priest was also in the sanctuary.

      I was concerned because a girl (possibly H, though at least at certain points in the dream she may have been a blonde woman) was really upset about something. The woman was at the very other end of the building. But I knew she was so upset that she was planning on leaving this building, and the neighborhood it was in, altogether.

      I knew I needed to stop her. But I didn't know how I could. I knew I'd have a chance to stop her: she'd have to walk past this end of the building as she ran away. I imagined the woman in a gauzy dress, almost as fancy and long as a wedding dress, running away through a mostly barren ball field that was just outside the sanctuary. A door in the sanctuary was actually open to this ball field right now.

      Everybody seemed to be concerned about the woman. The priest told me, "Well you just have her come outside to meet me. I'll play some sports with her, and that'll get her to stay."

      I thought the priest was being kind of stupid. I thought to my experience with people professed to be "analysts" in the business world. I thought how they always thought they had such great solutions to problems. But, really, I reflected, they just messed things up even more than they had previously been messed up. The priest kind of reminded me of an analyst. So I didn't want to trust him.

      Soon the woman (who may now definitely have been H) went running through the ball field. I ran out and stopped her. For some reason, H, the priest, and I all started playing something like hockey in the ball field.

      The three of us at first just seemed to be knocking the puck back and forth to each other. Then it eventually seemed like we were playing against each other, as if each of us were a separate team.

      We each had a hockey stick made out of some kind of metal, like the metal on doors or coverings for sidewalks, with criss-crossings of metal nubs all along the surface. The sticks were painted red and blue. At some point, the sticks may have been made out of something like very thin balsa wood.

      The priest, H, and I were all in a kind of fun scuffle, trying to get at the puck. I didn't feel like I was being brave enough about getting into the middle of things. So I worked my way in even more. The priest said, "What are you doing in the middle of things like this? You aren't supposed to be out here like this. You're a goalie!"

      I realized the priest was right. I was a little ashamed of myself. I walked over to some area that I now designated the goal. I figured when ----- (I don't know which of the two) shot, I'd stay brave and do my best to catch the puck, no matter how hard the puck was or how much it hurt my hands. I also figured I'd stick my hand in amongst the fighting sticks to grab the puck, even if the sticks hurt my hands.

      I looked behind myself. I may have seen a beige curtain of heavy, velvety material. The curtain seemed to be as big as the curtain for a big theatre.
    8. Museum Gallery and Fragments for July 27 2011

      by , 07-29-2011 at 12:17 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I go to the Cincinnati Art Museum with L.H. and Clinton McK. We're there for a special gallery that I've already visited. It contains primarily works by Normal Rockwell, but there are also cases filled with intricate old clocks. The centerpiece is an installation called the "Wall of Memories," which is comprised of hundreds of small video screens. Sometimes they each show a different scene, but the most impressive moments are when all screens act in unison to create a larger picture. An idyllic country scene starts to play as we leave the gallery.

      Clinton stays behind as L.H. and I head out. Unexpectedly, she breaks out into a run, and I have to move very fast to catch her. My movement is like a gliding run, almost a skating motion, but I am only wearing shoes. When we reach obstacles and stairs I vault over them, eventually ending up in an auditorium like that from a previous dream about the Cincinnati Museum Center. I recognize this and go very semi-lucid; sensations are more real but I lack control. For whatever reason I start eating a delicious hunk of Cheddar cheese.

      2. I go with L.H. as my date, to a grade school reunion, which ends badly. I distinctly remember myself saying, "These people made me the neurotic wreck I am today," but little else.

      3. I'm watching ice hockey, and the goalie is making a series of incredible saves.
    9. Lucid Dream 244: Yoshi, The Young Phenom

      by , 07-14-2011 at 06:40 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      June 19, 2011
      Lucid Dream 244: Yoshi, The Young Phenom
      Series: Star Power, Episode 2

      I was in a locker room getting ready for the upcoming hockey game. I was on the Tampa Bay Lightning. My friend Diddy was also on the team and we were sitting on the locker room bench beside each other. Our coach, Denzel Washington, entered the locker room and told us it was time to roll. We all got up and marched out through the hallway. Our skates were tapping the ground in unison as we walked out of the locker room and down a long hallway. I lead a chant to the beat of our skates tapping the concrete..."Everywhere we go-OOO....people want to kno-OOW...who we ar-RRRE...so we tell them...we are the LIGHTNING....the mighty, mighty LIGHTNING." We reached the end of the hallway and stepped onto the ice. Some skated to the bench and the rest of us skated to the center of the rink.

      I can't remember the very start of the match, but it was a finals game against the Rangers (which isn't even possible ...both are in the Eastern Conference). I noticed Diddy break on a pass by the Rangers, so I streaked down the right side of the rink. Diddy stole the pass and made an absolutely beautiful pass to me as I approached the net. I one-timed it for the first goal of the match. Instead of a face-off, the referee just threw another puck into the rink. The previous puck simply vanished. One of the Ranger players retrieved the puck and started heading toward us. I read his move and stole it from him and streaked down the center of the rink, all alone. I faked a slapshot and did a quick "flick of the wrist" shot in the vacant part of the goal (the goalie fell for the slapshot fake). The game carried on and I can't recall everything that happened, but the first period had ended and we were up 4-0. I had all 4 goals in the first period, but my skates had broken. I took off to the locker room to find some more and I suddenly became lucid for no apparent reason.

      I couldn't wait to get back out on the ice whilst lucid, so I searched the locker room for an extra pair of skates. I a pair of old boxing boots/sneakers. The ones that almost lace up to the knee. I put them on and just acted like they were skates. As I stepped back into the hallway, I heard the familiar clank of metal on concrete. I looked down and noticed they now had blades on the bottom and had changed color from a dusty brown to a lime green. I skated on the concrete and toward the rink. As I stepped out onto the ice, the entire crowd erupted with cheers. It was an amazing feeling to have that many people going crazy for you.

      There was a faceoff this time and as we were lining up for it, I could hear the broadcasters talking. "The Lightning has found themselves a player to build this franchise around." The other broadcaster responded. "This Reed kid can really play. Once these playoffs are concluded, the coach and GM are going to be working out a long term deal for sure." I was skating around getting a feel for the rink. It felt much like the dreams where I have skated around with my tennis shoes. I started skating backwards as the Ranger with the puck approached. He quickly passed it over to his teammate who started his slapshot. I skated over in front of him and allowed the puck to slam off my chest. I then kicked it out in front of me and took off. I was zig-zagging defenders as I made my way toward the net. I lifted the puck into the air with my mind and then swung at it like a baseball. The puck zoomed at light speed, ripped a whole in the net, and tore a hole in the rink wall. The goalie didn't even have time to react. I was even surprised at how fast it flew. They called timeout for people to come repair the whole in the wall and I lost lucidity at this time.

      We resumed play and we ended up winning 7-0. In the locker room we were partying. Everyone was popping open the champagne battles and we started playing champagne pong. Me and Diddy were dominating. I woke up sometime during this party, but I can't remember exactly when it was.

      Series Details
      "I thought I told ya...I'm a STAR...you see that ice...you see them cars...." In the dream series, "Star Power," I take on some of the most glorified positions in the world. Living the life of the rich & the famous. A movie star, nfl star, rock star...you never know what I will be next,so stay tuned for more entries to the series!
    10. Hockey Dream (First one I ever remembered)

      by , 06-05-2011 at 09:51 AM
      Tonight I dreamt about hockey.
      It all started off on the hockey field, mostly on our part of the field. So my team was defending.
      I was the only one there, the other members in the team weren't close enough to help me defend.
      So, I was defending by myself, and I was already in a crappy situation, but when I looked down to my hands, I was holding a pencil!
      And I actually managed to defend with the pencil! So I took over the ball, and went to offence solo style.
      Still using the pencil, I was running, but running was incredibly hard, I felt sort of disabled. Yet eventually I convinced my mind to make me run,
      I ran faster and faster, flying past everyone (Even members of my team, I didn't pass the ball at all, and I scored!
      Then I was tired and I just walked off the field, and strangely enough I noticed half of my team followed me...
      It was kinda cool, they saw me as a leader
      After like 10 minutes of relaxing, I felt like it was time to get back into the game and score again.
      I ran onto the field (Struggling to run yet again) but I took control over the ball again, running was a lot easier this time!
      I noticed I didn't have a pencil anymore, but a playing card!
      I kinda bent it, shoved it half under the ball, and sort of shot it, but like in a curving motion, going up and falling down again.
      And it was a horrible shot, but I scored yet again!
      I felt awesome, and from there I don't remember anything from the hockey part.

      The next thing I remember is me being in my backyard, at the pond.
      I remember thinking about the hockey match, and being like, how could that have possibly been real? Am I dreaming? I was really hoping I was, because I have been trying to lucid dream for a while. And it's not been working out so far.
      I did a reality check, but it failed. I pressed the fingers of my right hand into the palm of my left hand, not really expecting it to work I guess.
      And it failed. So I was very disapointed. From there my dream also ends.

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    11. 1 of 3 - May 10, 2011

      by , 05-10-2011 at 08:18 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The first of three dreams on May 10th, 2011:

      I am with my parents in a distorted version of the city I was raised in. It is a very hot summer and we are going to a swimming center to cool off. When we get there the swimming center has three pools in different rooms. The first room has a pool that has been converted to an ice rink, even though are are many pillars throughout, and there are hockey players in black and grey jerseys practicing on it. The second pool is huge and looks like two olympic sized pools stuck together. The thid pool in the last room is an indoor wave pool but it is closed for repairs.

      My parents go to the second pool, but I go into the first room to watch the hockey. The game is just ending and workers come out and do something to the ice which makes it melt right away. Some of the players take off their hockey gear and strip down to bathing suits and jump into the icy water. I stick my feet in but am not brave enough to get in the freezing water. Soon the workers return and begin draining the pool of the water. Tables are set up around the pillars in the pool and the tables are set for eating. A catering table is brought out and set up along one side of the pool and along the farthest end (in the shallow end) many tables are set up and hundreds of soapstone sculptures are put on display.

      Many people come into the first room from the other pool and begin eating. I am fascinated by the range of sculptures and ignore everything else to look closely at and admire them. There are two young men also looking at the sculpures, one middle eastern man and a caucasian man who is very handsome. I catch the eye of the caucasian man and blush and turn my attention back to the sculptures, pretending not to have been looking at the handsome man. I recognize some of the soapstone sculptures as famous one or ones that I have made myself. Some also look farmiliar though I cannot remember where I have seen them before.

      Time is warped somehow. I can feel myself moving slowing and everything around me is moving very fast. People come and go for their food in a blur and soon it is nighttime and the place is empty save for a few of the hockey players and the two young men I had seen before. They invite me over to the tables around the pillars to eat and I am excited to find that sushi is being served in abundance. Time seems to warp again and seen the hockey players are gone and only the two young men and I are left. We eat as much of the leftover sushi as we can because we don't want to see it thrown away and wasted.

      After we have eaten our fill I go back to the soapstone sculptures and continue admiring them. There are two peices that I am really attracted to and the handome causasian man comes over to tell me that he created those. I am speechless with awe and embarassed to recieve his attention and say nothing, but he comes and stands very close to me and shows me with great detail and intimacy how he created his work. I just stand there with my head and heart spinning and blush.

      There is an explosion outside. The middle eastern man comes running inside with some people I think are his family. There are more explosions and gunfire to be heard but none of us seem to know what is going on. Suddenly soldiers in black uniforms come barging in and seperate the middle wastern people from the causasian man and I. We try to tell the soldiers that they are our friends and innocent of anything, but they will not listen to us. The sounds of fighting continure outside and soon a commander dressed in American fatigues comes in and orders the middle eastern people arrested for terrorism. Again our pleas that they are innocent are ignored and they are carted away outside.

      Most of the soldiers follow the commander out, except for two, who are left to keep guard over the handsome caucasian man and I as we are placed uder house arrest and cannot leave the pool area. We huddle and shiver in fear together.
    12. A fun and rather successful lucid

      by , 03-03-2011 at 09:39 PM
      I remember becoming lucid in some strange house. I can't remember what triggered me. I felt the textures of the wall paper. I looked closely at my hands and was amazed at the realistic detail. A few simple math equations and reality checks later, and I was stable.

      I explored the house a bit and attempted to shoot lightning from my finger, but then decided to spin. I ended up in some strange mall. I grabbed some new clothes and put them on. I have an idea when I'm in the change room that I want to ask one of the DCs that I saw in the store about their thoughts on God or something interesting like that, but when I got out of the change room, the dream had changed to some hockey arena with a game going on. One of the players who was out on a penalty was a bit scary and was trying to intimidate me, but the great thing about being lucid is that you aren't afraid at all. I hadn't managed lightening from my finger tip yet, but I was able to give him a little zap, which seemed to shut him up.

      I started to spin I ended up in the backyard of my place, but it was different than normal. My friend was there and I didn't mention that I was dreaming for a while. Then I had an idea that maybe she was dreaming too and this was also part of her dream, so I asked her what other dreams she has had tonight so that I could talk to her about it when awake. Suddenly her eyes lit up and she said “this is a dream?!”. She didn't remember the other dreams she's had though. I remember her looking around and saying “what is this place? It's like home, but it's different". I said I didn't know, the dream world was strange. I pointed out that it is march in the waking world, but in the dream world it was clearly autumn. Also the backyard was much like ours, but nicer. Maybe it was what I wished it could be like or something. We talked about the dream for a while and I showed her how I can put my finger through my palm. I practiced shooting a lightning bolt through my finger a bit more. I couldn't do it at first, but then I got the hang of it.

      She asked something about dream characters, and I said that you could talk to them easily while lucid. We walk across the street to the park and I point to all the people there. A few of them aren't even people, but strange creatures. We go up to one of these creatures and say hello. He is like a large potato with legs, covered in brown fur. He says he is all stuffed up and needs cold medicine.

      We go back to the house to get some, but get distracted by trying to fly. I have problems at first, because every time I jump up and into the air, I just land on my stomach. I have to keep reassuring myself that it is a dream and I can fly with practice. Finally I'm able to let go and trust the dream, and I don't fall on my belly. I lift up and fly up to the trees in my back yard. My friend gets a hang of it too. The trees are frosty and covered in ice all of a sudden, and the sky is red and gray. After floating around for a bit I start to lose my lucidity and then I wake up.
    13. Habs dream

      by , 02-09-2011 at 07:35 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am outside of a building that looks like a college or something. It is winter and there are many young people about with backpacks and books. There is a circular fountain between two buildings that seems to be the center of the campus where many people meet and hang out. I am not there to attend classes and came to see a special store that is in one of the buildings. I can hear many of the people talking around me and they are all speaking french, so I think I am somewhere in Quebec. I talk with some people and find that I am able to speak fluent french, even though I cannot do so in waking life.

      I go inside the largest building and find a vaulted lobby that leads down the hall to a store selling Montreal Canadiens merchandise. In my dream this store is the only place in Canada to get authetic Habs memorabilia. There is a large glass case displaying rare items and many hockey cards. On either side of the case are two semi-circle staircases which lead up to a sort of indoor amphitheater. There are store entrances on both levels and I go in the one on the ground floor after seeing that the current best selling hockey card is going to be replaced with an newer one. The card has a smiling Brian Gionta (current captain of the Habs) on it, leaning on his hockey stick, but the name on the card says "Caberlay" or "Camerlay" or something like that and the number on the guys shirt is "8." I think this is odd because I am a big Habs fan and there are no players on the current roster wearing the number 8.

      They are selling old copies of the old card and I buy one. When I take it out of its sheath the vendor notices that it is damaged and offers to allow me to exchange it. I say no because I think it gives the card character. The vendor tells me that if I hang around for a little while, the new card is going to be revealed in the amphitheater in a few hours by the Canadiens team and they will be giving away free ones to anyone who shows up.

      Later I find my way to the amphitheater and find it crowded with people vying for spots near the front. I find a spot in the back corner of the room and hunker down, just glad that I found a place to sit. There is no one around me and I assume that it is because it is the very back row and no one else wants to sit there. The room is very full by the time the unveiling ceremony starts and many people are still cramming near the front for a good view. When the Montreal Canadiens team comes in the room they have to sit at the back because there are no other spots.

      Some hockey players from some other teams arrive to watch, and also have to sit or stand on the sidelines because of lack of space. In the end I have Scott Gomez sitting on my right and Jerome Iginla standing to my left. I am really exciting but I try not to show it and keep my facade stoic.
      The dream ends when Gomez gives me one of the new cards and Iginla gives me an autographed card of his.

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    14. The goal of Hockey

      by , 01-02-2011 at 10:33 PM
      I went to class with one of my friends. I was not signed up for the class, but just went for one day. I did not have any of the materials needed. I sat down with my friend, we all sat cross legged on the ground, facing the female teacher. Once she begun class, everyone opened up their books. I remember the text being a light blue on white. I did not have the book so I looked at the person's next to me. I was rather confused and had no idea what was going on, and decided to leave the class and wait outside for my friend.

      Later I was walking with my boyfriend and a friend down a road. They mentioned a Hockey game being played on Tuesday night at 8pm. I then remembered...I am on the hockey team, and we have a game this morning at 7:30! I asked them what time it was, and they said 7:36. I being run down another road, wondering if I am going to get kicked off the team for not showing up to our game. Somehow, I managed to get to the game before it started. I was in my pads, white and green, very similar to the Star's white jersey. I sat on the bench with my hockey stick, a guy telling me to look at the big tv as I was on it. I didn't look, instead tried to play it cool. I noticed I was the only girl on the team. I wondered if the other team would treat me the same as the other guys, or be more gentle. It was then I noticed the other team, in white, blue, and red. There were two girls on their team also. Soon I was on the ice. I was able to steal the puck from a player and shoot it along the edge, and another player of mine gained control of it. I needed to block some players on the other side, and did successfully. The player on my team with the puck attempted to make a goal, but the goalie seemed to stop it. But they had not, and I barely tapped it in as they flung themselves on the ice in an attempt to block it. It seemed to go so slowly as it went it, but surely enough we scored. I remember looking at the coach, telling me I needed to switch with another player and rest on the bench. I attempted to skate over, but didn't seem to go very far. I was suddenly unable to skate, and the dream ended
      Tags: hockey
    15. Semi-lucid Hockey dream.

      by , 12-19-2010 at 10:48 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I drifted off to a very light sleep just after Coach's Corner with Don Cherry and Ron McClaine at the first intermission of a Toronto Maple Leafs at Vancouver Canucks game. Although there was much imagery and happening that made it obvious I was in a dream, the hockey commentary could be heard the whole time and was not garbled or altered by the dream state.

      The dream starts off with me in a small hockey arena skating around the rink and batting hockey pucks thrown at me by my teammates like baseballs into the net. A couple of visiting hockey coaches asked me how I knew how to do that so accurately and I told them that my paternal grandfather taught me how. My coaches took me out to a secluded road out in the country side that was covered in ice. The coach tied a rope around my waist and pulled me behind a truck while I tried to throw pucks into hockey nets along the side of the road. This unusual practice lasted until early afternoon when the coaches returned to the arena and told the team that practice was over and we were invited to watch the Toronto at Vancouver game on another ice rink within the same arena.

      I wandered though the halls of the arena and found myself in a changing room lined with portopotties and small cubicles where professional hockey players were changing. I did not see anyone I recognized until the last minute when I saw Canucks lead goalie Roberto Luongo sitting in his gear, looking at me with a wry and amused smile on his face but I was then escorted out by a security guard and directed to the rink where the hockey game had started. I was in the second of three seating levels and thought it has weird that the game was playing in such a small arena and that there were not very many spectators there for an offical NHL game. For some reason I had no jacket but a large and very warm brown blanket which I wrapped around me like a cloak.

      The game was in the first intermission so I got up and explored the arena and by the hallways and the layout I believed I was in a high school of some sort. The hallways began changing and the layout became confusing and I believed that the arena was changing shape at random since I could not find my was back to the second level seating area, which was very frustrating but understandable because I know that my dreams frequently do stuff like that. When the game started again I could hear the hockey commentary as clear as day, so I was aware that the game was on but I could not find my way back to the ice rink. I found several rooms where people were watching the game on small television sets or just sitting listening to the commentaty and staring at the walls but I could not find the ice rink no matter where I looked. Even though I could hear the Toronto/Vancouver game the images on the television sets were of Toronto Maple Leafs vs. the Montreal Canadiens game. I went up a set of stairs and found the nosebleed section (third level seating) of an ice rink but I found that it overlooked a basketball court where small children were playing with random non hockey related toys.

      I wandered around the arena some more before I found my way to a small area behind the arena that looked like a garden admist fall where some more small children were playing in the fallen leaves. I wrapped the blanket tightly around me and walked through the garden and into a narrow alleyway at the side of the arena. There was a large man standing in the dark in the lonely alley and when I got closer I realized that it was Roberto Luongo, still in his full hockey gear (minus his helmet), and who seemed to be waiting for me. I was all embarassed at first and did not know what to say but he broke the silence by asking my who my favourite hockey team was and I sheepishly responded that the Montreal Canadiens were my favourite and that my second favourite team was a toss up between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks. Luongo just laughed in response though it seemed to me that he was a bit disappointed that I had not mentioned his team as my favourite -- though I did make a point of mentioning afterwards that even though the Montreal Canadiens were my favourite team that he was my favourite goalie currently playing in the NHL and that Carrie Price (lead goalie of the Canadiens) was my second, which made Luongo very happy. Every time he smiled at me I felt my heart stir and started to believe that I was falling in love with him even though I was vaguly aware that I was in a dream and was not really talking to Roberto Luongo but an aspect of my subconscious that had taken his form.

      We talked about hockey for a while but our conversation soon became more intellectual and we were talking about these deep universal things which were very personal and spiritual and I was surprised that we shared many beliefs and agreed on a lot of things. Unfortunately I cannot remember any of the details of that conversation because even though I was talking to him I was still hearing the Toronto/Vancouver game loud and clear as if I was right there at the game. I was just going to ask Mr. Luongo how he could be there talking with me while he was at the same time playing goalie in the game when suddenly the hockey commentators said that Toronto finally scored early in the third period after trailing by 2-0. I was very happy and excited and my light sleep faded and I woke up to see the game still playing and indeed Toronto had just scored early in the third period after trailing 2-0. This convinced me that my mind was still focused on listening to the game even though I was dreaming.

      I later watched the replay of the game a few hours later and everything I had heard from the hockey commentators in my dream had indeed been said during the gameplay and I thought that was really cool because I have never simutaneously listened to something happening outside of my subconscious and dreamed at the same time.
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