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    1. From Drinking to the Gym

      by , 09-22-2018 at 04:56 PM
      I'm at a bar with several friends I know. We are laughing and having a good time right outside the doors when a cop car shows up. It's just pulled up on the street watching everyone, and doesn't have any lights on, yet. One of the guys and I don't like being here with the cop and we can't get back through the doors right behind us so we decide to pretend like we're gay and hold hands while walking around to the other side of the building (don't know why that was the best idea in my head). As we begin walking, we can hear the cop car behind us slowly following. I get really annoyed at this as why would he need to follow us? Eventually, as we round a corner, the cop stops and turns back around and we make it to the other side to head back in. Inside is a new atmosphere from when we were first here. Now, everything's quiet, and a group of people is arguing over some contract. I walk downstairs to find that a lot of people are sitting quietly all over the floor, like they're hiding from the people upstairs. As I keep walking down a hallway, I emerge in a large gym. a group of guys I don't know is testing out some of the equipment. I walk over as they are testing the floor mats which look to be memory foam. A guy drops a heavy weight from shoulder height and it lands with a highly muffled boom, like the sound of a cannon firing from outside the building. This is a good sound, though, meaning the foam dispersed the shock of the weight really well.
    2. Melt My Heart, Why Don't You

      by , 10-10-2016 at 09:22 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I am with my dad, at a bookstore in Thailand. My dad picks a large volume, "I was looking to buy this one for you" he says. I do not remember the title or the topic of the tome.

      There are vague interactions between me and a boy who looks like one of those kids from Mr. Osomatsu. I haven't seen that anime. He is drawn in anime style, but nobody seems to notice or care. He is cute, as in my dream has decided that I should find him cute. His behavior is endearing. He holds my hand a lot. I am a big sucker for that, I admit.

      My dream transitions to me being on Facebook, which I don't go on that much in real life. I add the boy (who I'm going to refer to as "Osomatsu") on Facebook. Then I invite him toe Hentai Group. I'm serious. I don't recall much interactions with him about the Hentai Group, but I recall the Hentai Group discussing everything except Hentai, and that's why this dream's title doesn't have an NSFW warning.

      We interact somehow, I don't rememebr what it is that we do together, but we do them in my boarding school's "Gala Day" event. He is very small. He is in a MEKA (from Overwatch) and he reminds me of gremlin D.va (it's an Overwatch meme)

      I play a game similar to Dark Souls or Bloodborne, with another person who is likely not Osomatsu. An enemy warrior chases me. I don't recall much, except that they are female, and her face is covered with her helmet. She reminds me of a valkyrie, maybe. Or a harlequin. I think she wields two curved blades, or they might be fused into her. She is unkillable, her health regenerates rapidly and I can't kill her. I ran to find my friend working on an incredibly cryptic but engaging puzzle (some colored tiles on the floor). I ask him to help me pool together damage to kill the Valkyrie.

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    3. 8/7/16 - Fingers and Hands

      by , 08-07-2016 at 08:12 PM
      I'm sitting in some kind of school gym/multi-purpose room. There's tons of students and parents. Everyone is sitting in rows on the floor, facing a stage, but nothing's really happening. Everyone is talking happily so the room is pretty loud. I'm sitting in the very back row. Sitting next to me is Lay, and sitting next to Lay is Chanyeol. We're friends and talking and laughing, but I notice Chanyeol keeps staring at me a lot, which I ignore. I hardly make eye contact with him. Jin shows up and is walking up and down each row, checking on everybody. As I look up he looks down and smiles at me. I grab his hand as he starts a conversation with someone in the row in front of me. He stays in the same place as he talks. Without getting up I reach for his hand and we hold hands the whole time. Occasionally he moves a bit forward, so I end up only being able to hold his fingers, but the whole time he's talking we never lose contact. Finally, after Jin's done talking, he smiles at me again so I release his hand and he leaves to check the other rows. I watch him go. I look down at my hands and notice that I feel Chanyeol staring at me again. Without looking up, I grab Lay's hand and pull it to my lap. I look up to see his reaction and he seems shocked but happy. I smile to myself and look back up towards the stage, waiting for something to happen. I start to play with Lay's fingers and without thinking much of it, I pull his fingers to my lips and kiss them. I then take his pointer finger into my mouth and start sucking on it. I turn and look at him and he's blushing but not stopping me. I pull his fingers out of my mouth but keep them close and continue to kiss them. After a dozen or so kisses, I pull his hand back onto my lap and hold his hand. I can feel him smiling and he squeezes my hand in return.
    4. 12/10/15 - Jimin and I in a School Hallway

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:49 PM
      Jimin is leading me by the hand down a dim school hallway. We walk for awhile. There are a few people here and there that pass us by, but I don't think anyone is looking at us. Suddenly he stops walking and turns around to face me, taking both my hands in his. He smiles sadly and says to me, "You know they'll never want us, right?".
    5. 8/1/13 - Of Screaming And Freeways

      by , 08-01-2013 at 04:25 PM
      Dream Fragment 1: I'm standing nowhere, screaming at the top of my lungs. I don't know how long I scream but when I stop, I realize that someone is standing next to me. I suddenly find myself looking up and into the face of Stiles. He looks worried. I look down and notice that he's holding my hands. I look back up at his face and squeeze his hands in mine.

      Dream Fragment 2: I'm sitting in the passenger's seat of a car. Mom is driving. We are on the freeway. I'm looking at the other side of the freeway, which is at a complete stop. There are a ton of people on the other side just walking around and doing nothing. I turn to Mom and ask her why they are doing that.