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    1. Family Ties

      by , 10-18-2013 at 03:58 PM
      i'm watching a girl's story. there is a gas station on the street. she steals a car? or parks it wrongly in the median. something falls apart--- finally her cheating and her lying caches up with her and the truth is revealed. we learn the truth, she was not supposed to have her car there, probably not supposed to have that car at all. she was selling things from it and making her way, as a ticking time bomb. you could tell she was resigned to her fate, just trying to manage while she could. maybe she had also retended to be a teacher, and all the deception ws being revealed. i think it was only revealed when she died on that street.
      i'm with a group of people. watching the story unfold. this other girl has a family. two families come together. something terrible had happened in the past to her family. they had all been murdered by the Dothraki....the new family she was becoming a part of brought her in under their wind to comfort her, to be her new family, and to also honor the pain she came from and to bring some sort of retribution to the past pain and injustice.

      Comments: i have watched the Game of Thrones series a ton and read the books, so family, honor and death are parts of that, as well as the Dothraki, the feeling of having a clan, and the loyalty of family.
      I am currently with a new baby. At this time of my life, I have reconnected with my mother, grandmother and brother SO much, and have been considering their role in my life, and mine in theirs... how much i really want to be part of their lives, and have them in mine. in one way, it's so nice to feel lke a tight knit family again...and also, it is very unsustainable, and i woke up thinking about how everyone could dies very soon...my grandma is 92 and could go any day. my mother is 65, so she will only see this baby to 20 or 30 years old, at the max. and my brother is very sick, and i don't know if he's gonna start getting better and live a long life, or if he will give up on this round. so, i could be without this clan very soon.

      maybe this dream is about me losing my family and having a new one take me in. but it almost feels like the new people taking me in could represent my blood family, because they are taking such good care of me right now, when i feel like i can barely take care of myself, let alone a new life.
      it could mean to really appreciate family, and to have loyalty to them while i am part of them. to remember to appreciate them while i have them, because they are mine and i am theirs and we won't be around forvever. but also, i can trust that no matter what the next chapter it, and whatever pain i suffer losing my family, i will have a new life, a new family and be held and have my life continue to be supported by community and tribe.
    2. Crown, Angel, Theif, Honorable Man

      by , 01-31-2013 at 02:58 PM
      I don't remember much of this one.
      The whole city cast in gray, but not that weird purple gray from the Saja dream. Still, it feels familiar. Bare. Like everything is covered in a thin shell of concrete. I'm standing in front of a two foot wide lamp post. Sitting by my feet is a hat box with no lid, also gray. Inside is a crown. It is tarnished gold with a laced pattern, but thick and heavy. I'm supposed to hold it until the angel comes.
      I see the angel a ways down the street, he's a blurry and indistinct figure dressed in a black trench coat and tie. I blink and he's 10 feet closer. I stifle a stab of fear and raise my hand in greeting.
      When I turn around there's a tall brown haired man standing behind me. He's wearing a sleeveless leather jerkin and no shirt underneath. He puts me on edge, he feels like a threat.
      "You waitin' for someone, darlin'?"
      "What makes you think I'm waiting for someone?"
      He looks amused.
      When I glance around the back of the lamp post, checking to see if he's alone, I find a man there dressed all in black and gray. I know he's an honorable man, I know he isn't here with the thief
      "Well?" He asks.
      "Who would I be waiting for, my husband?" I say this, knowing I'm trying to imply I'm married even though I'm not, just in case he gets the wrong idea. He grins at me, understanding perfectly. He's pretending not to notice the box on the ground. He saunters past it, and I almost miss the motion...he does some sort of fancy trick with his leg. It's quick, and far more stealthy than if he had leaned down to pick up the crown. Still, the motion draws my attention and when I catch a glimpse of the box, the crown is gone.
      "Hey, you can't take that!"
      He has his body turned to face the sidewalk, so the arm holding the crown like an over-sized bracelet is hidden from view. I reach past him and grab it. He catches a hold of it and we both tug on it for a minute. He lets go when the damn thing becomes warped from the pulling. I look at it, feeling sick. What did he do? Will the angel still take it? Where IS the angel, anyway?
      "Fine, you can have the bloody thing. I'm not gonna wrestle a girl over a fake artifact."
      "What do you mean? It's not fake..."
      Tags: angel, crown, honor, thief
    3. Mt. Ka Pt. II

      by , 10-12-2012 at 11:01 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      I am at work. In a cubicle or cash register. Either way, I feel I am in a smaller space within a much larger space at my place of work. Mandy S. is my coworker and there are other employees around maybe two or three. I am being honored in some way by higher management but I get a feeling of jealousy or envy somewhere in the group of four or five. Not necessarily from Mandy S. I am very feminine in this dream. A heart breaker and I wear a lot of make up. Eyelashes are particularly emphasized as I recall. I sense something taboo happening concerning a bathrobe and possibly my dream ego. Outside of this work place seems to be the base of Mt.Ka. A facility wraps around that is our work place. There is a mound that we sit on. I cannot recall if this was a sort of break time or an evacuation, but we sit on the hill. Ryland B. is here. He is not happy. He is very aggravated and I think it has very much to do with me and my opinion of an outcome.

      We sit below the cracked mountain that appears so often to my dream ego, Mt.Ka, on a grassy mound outside of our place of work as it begins to rain black tar. There is no instant fear or panic but I sense that we all got up and fled to one of two doors equally far apart. I do not believe I was able to get inside the large gray door. Nor did I try the other door. What takes place after that I cannot recall.

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    4. 1 Lucid, 3 Dreams (December 18, 2011)

      by , 12-20-2011 at 03:48 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      I had a dream character appear as a buddy in all my dreams. I don't think he ever said his name, but I named him Chris and he responded to it.

      Nightmare Tunnel

      I was running through some place we called a "nightmare tunnel" with a dream buddy. The walls of the tunnel were odd swirling shades of yellow. We were running along a bridge/platform from zombies. A trap door then opened in our path and I fell in. I was in a dark room now and I walked down the hall towards the light.

      Now I was in an arena like room with high walls that prevented me from getting back to Chris. Suddenly vents opened and thousands of spiders poured out of them.
      As they surrounded me I suddenly realized that if it was a "nightmare tunnel" then that means I'm in a dream. I slowed down time and did a high jump before they could start crawling on me. While I was in the air a few of them tried jumping at me from the walls. I teleported out of the way to a wall with out spiders and then leaped over the arena to get out.

      I found myself alongside Chris again and now running from zombies, ghosts, swordsmen, and spiders. The bridge suddenly ended and below was just a bottomless pit. Chris turned around to face the monsters and prepared to fight them. I decided to take the easy way out and push him off the bridge. I then jumped down into the pit myself.

      I saw a bright flash of light and I found myself laying in a field. I got up off the ground and found Chris. I explained to him that it was a dream and we could do anything. So we both got the idea to play around with the low gravity. We did a few jumps and flips before quickly becoming bored with that.

      "There's nothing to do in this field." Chris said.
      "Sure there is!" I said as I summoned a slinky.
      "What are you going to do with that?" He asked.
      "You'll see."

      I placed it between my hands and then magically expanded it to the size of a house. We then jumped on top of the slinky and I made it fly high in the air. I then added some spins and spirals to the flight to make it fun. Once we got past the clouds I decided to let the slinky fall and jump off. I was now happily free falling through the sky. I completely forgot about the landing part though and I hit the ground hard. I immediately got right back up full of energy.

      "Ouch, that hurt a little." I said with my hand over my side.
      "You just fell 1000 feet and you're okay with that?" Chris asked me surprised.
      "Ha ha, if this was real life that would be a broken rib." I said laughing.

      Sadly the dream started to fade away at this point. More things may have happened, but I can't remember.

      A Grim Future

      I was inside an old rundown building. It was abandoned and looked like no one had lived there in years. Chris from the last dream was by my side again and was exploring with me. As we moved around the house I started to notice that it looked a lot like my home. We were on the second floor but didn't find anything interesting. I fallowed Chris down the stairs and into one of the larger rooms. I recognized it as my living room and realized that it was my home. I then shined my flash light near the couch. In the light I saw the two dead bodies of my parents.

      "What the hell is happening here?" I thought out loud.
      "You time traveled, remember?" Chris answered.
      "How far did I go?" I asked him.
      "About a few years I think." He said.

      Through out the house I found more dead bodies of family members. I also found several animal bodies of pets I've had through my life. I woke up shortly after.

      The Honor Code

      I was in the living room of a very nice house. That's all I can really it say, it was fancified. I found Chris sleeping on the floor.

      "Chris, get off the floor." I said.
      "I was sleeping" He said annoyed.
      "Look outside." I said while pointing to the window.

      We walked to the window and looked outside. The ground was covered in a thick layer of snow and there were gray clouds covering the sky. We looked to see a caravan sinking into a pond and a many people drowning. Medieval soldiers soon arrived and worked hard to get them out of the water.

      "Shouldn't we go help them?" I asked.
      "Not unless we're in the army." He said.
      "Seriously? We can't help people unless we're soldiers?" I asked in disappointment.
      "I heard they're offering a 3 day trial period. That should be long enough for us." He said.
      "Well then let's go!" I said excitedly.

      I turned away from the window and saw a man of about my age in the living room. Looking at his clothes I could tell he was associated with the military but only a squire. He was messing with a few statues and antiques in the room.

      "Can I help you?" I asked him.

      I startled him and he dropped the small vase he was holding. We both looked at it as it fell to the ground and shattered. He looked up and smiled sheepishly.

      "It's not mine but you're paying for it." I told the squire.
      "I was sent to help you find the barracks." He said.
      "Okay..." I said expecting him to explain more.
      "We must go there for you to sign the honor code." Chris explained.
      "Lead the way." I said.

      We walked outside into the snowy weather and the squire pulled out a map. I tried reading it, but I couldn't make sense out of it. He pointed down the road leading to the village and we followed him. Unfortunately the dream kind of skipped straight past the village and into the barracks.

      The squire pulled a golden tablet out from a desk drawer. He motioned me forward and handed me a quill. He started rambling a bunch of nonsense that I kind of ignored until he mentioned magic.

      "This golden tablet is the honor code. It is magical device that will decide if you're with or with out honor. Just sign right here." He instructed me.

      I took the quill and signed the tablet, but it was more like random scribbles. I then stepped aside so Chris could sign. Neither of us blew up or anything so I figured we passed. The squire then scribbled something on a scroll and said we passed.

      The next thing I know I'm at a fair with rides and stuff in chainmail armor. I knew my job was to watch for crime and keep peace at the event. Despite this, I walked up and down the street trying to find Chris.

      "Chris! Where are you?!" I shouted into the crowd of people.
      "Right here." He said as he walked up to me.
      "Where the hell did you go?" I asked.
      "Rollercoaster." He replied.
      "I see you also got cotton candy..." I said staring at the bag of pink fluff strapped to his side.
      "Want some?" He asked.
      "Yup!" I said happily.

      So we spent the rest of the dream just sitting on a bench and eating cotton candy. As with all cotton candy, it was tasty.


      It was a bright sunny day and I was riding a rubber raft in the ocean. My sister and a weasel were also in the raft with me. I saw Chris in the water working hard to push the raft.

      "Why did we bring a weasel?" I asked Chris.
      "New dream law." He said.
      "And it's a law because...?" I asked confused.
      "There's been a lot of dragon sightings around here lately. Everyone is now ordered to have a weasel at sea. It will protect us from the dragon." He explained to me.

      I then saw a large white dragon leap out of the water nearby. It wasn't aggressive and it swam away. I noticed that me and my sister were wearing colorful electronic knee and elbow pads. I read the screen on my elbow pad (impossible in real life) and it showed 1000 points. I figured this referred to power points and could be used for defensive abilities and magical attacks. I placed my elbow on my sister's knee and gave her half of my points to add to her defenses. Thanks to our training from the last dream, me and Chris knew much more about fighting dragons than her and I was worried that the dragon could still attack. It appeared a few times, but luckily we never got in a fight.

      We started to approach an island with slides and swing sets. It looked exactly like the playground I usually visit in dreams except it was surrounded by water and sandy. We got off the raft and stepped onto the beach. Unfortunately Chris said he had more rafts to deliver. The whole island was essentially the playing field of a game. There were many children there wearing colored knee and elbow pads like us. I noticed many of my family members sitting on the beach, but I didn't bother to greet them. I kid then ran by me at a super speed and smacked my elbow with his elbow.

      "Ha Ha!" he taunted.
      "Fricking pointjacker!" I yelled at him.

      He had taken 35 points or so from me. I couldn't ask my sister for any of my points back because I felt that would be dishonorable. I also knew she would need them more because these guys were hardcore. I wasn't interested in taking power points from other kids either as that was like stealing money to me. I just wanted to play around like I usually do on the playground.

      I saw a wooden toy intended for climbing on past the swing sets. As I walked over there I stayed close to the swing sets where these gamers were too busy swinging. I got too close though and took a foot to the face and fell to the ground. I turned onto my back and saw a fat kid get off the swing in front of me. I stood up to face him eye to eye (sadly I was a foot shorter in this dream). It was the kid that accidentally kicked me in the face.

      "You tryin' to steal my points?" He said in an attempt to intimidate me.
      "No." I said firmly.
      "I thinks you are." He said smugly.
      "Just passing by." I said.

      I had already started walking towards the wooden toy again before he could get out another word. I wasn't in the mood for dealing people like him. So I started climbing multiple platforms and layers inside the structure. I stopped when I heard footsteps coming from the ground below me. I snuck to a position where I could remain hidden and observe. I saw the same kid from before wandering around below trying to find me. I jumped down and tackled him to the ground. I held him down until I had absorbed all of his power points.

      "Please go away now." I said irritated.
      "Mommy!!!" He cried and ran off.
      "Finally." I said to myself.

      I walked over to my family sitting on the beach and just looked out into the ocean. The dream faded away after this.


      Chris seems to be a much better dream character than most. He just makes things more fun. Unfortunately I didn't take his hints that I was dreaming. I hope to see him in more of my dreams.