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    1. Fever dreams | [18.06.2019]

      by , 06-18-2019 at 04:13 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Side note: I was really sick when dreaming these and the dreams I get when I'm sick are often very vivid so I usually recall them easier than my other dreams. I seem to have forgotten a lot about these dreams, though.

      Slenderman survival w/ a friend
      I'm outside along with a friend. We own a mansion for shelter which is in the middle of the forest with paths leading around from the mansion through the forest. The next thing I remember is that we see static and start sprinting into any direction in the forest. As the static grows more intense, I remark that I don't want to play this 'game' anymore and that I don't like horror like this, before the slenderman popped out in front of me. I ran back towards the mansion, going in before my friend closes both doors, then swearing and quickly turning on the lights in the entrance hall. It's night now. We wait and I am scared of the fact that the slenderman can come out of the darkness and that the mansion is mostly dark.

      Next day, I go out wandering for some reason, before later on my way back hearing strong breathing coming closer. I don't know what it is, but luckily it's staying in the bushes for now. Shortly before the entrance to the mansion, my friend tells me that what I heard is something which has a generic male name which I don't remember.

      Skip to the monster running towards the house now. I run to the front door and quickly close it in third person view, using a cursor to close the doors. It's lagging so it's hard for me to hit the door, but I manage to do it, relieved as the breathing is right in front of the door but nothing came through. Though then I remember the side door left of me and also try to close that, but this time, it's lagging too much so I back away to a small table with a light on it. I think about going upstairs to hide, but it was too late. The breathing reveals itself to be a creepy dog-like creature which suddenly storms towards me, then I wake up. Soon after this, though, I fall asleep again. I don't remember the dream I got then, but when I woke up from that, I fell asleep once again and I remember that dream in many fragments.

      Fake lucidity, false awakening
      The next thing I remember is that I am in a strange place, a tiny bit of water seemingly flowing between two sidewalks, surrounded by brick walls running along very far. I do a reality check with my hand which doesn't work, so I try a nose reality check and I breathe through my pinched nose. Though, for some reason, I don't get lucid, I just dream about being lucid. I try controlling the dream, but nothing happened. Then I get a false awakening, before reentering the previous dream scene. I see another person who tells me something, while I try to control the dream again. I then end up in a sort of Subnautica scene, and then I don't remember anything else.
    2. Melachim

      by , 05-21-2018 at 11:19 AM (Break the code, break the node)
      I was in some sort of a surreal game with a group of people
      We were placed into a place and we didn't know what to do
      There was several levels
      The first one was called moama and everyone died, it was some sort of island but then men and women dressed in red and black came, they had an empty look or smile on their faces and just stood here I heard weird noises and suddenly everyone started to die Like of they're being scrapped into bloody pieces
      Then we got respawned at another place, it was a forest and in the middle of it, a hill, we took shelter there
      We didn't understand wtf is going on, in the end we agreed to avoid those ppl called the melachim, we named them that cuz we thought they're the ones organising this game
      The next time they came, we saw them emerging from the hill we hid with haste I think some of us died but most of us survived and we actually won this game
      So we came to the conclusion that in order to win we must avoid contact with the melachim at all cost
      That's how we can survive
      The thing is that when they came they usually came from a great distance and they walked really fast, also a weird drum or music or noise could be heard when they were near and electronics Got Jammed
      In anther instance I was traveling in a subway when they turned up, I was standing in front of a little corridor between two wagons
      That's where they appeared as those persons who check the tickets at a train
      Me and a few ppl hid by the window shitting bricks, the door to the corridor saved my ass cuz it hid me from the melachim
      But as they came I knew I will have to go to anotger room and so I did just when the humanoid was about to enter through the corridor I stepped through anther door and sat down among ppl and pretended to be npc
      It worked but when the melachim was just behind me cuz they also entered this place looking for us I got super dizzy but I survived
      And won the match
      Next time I was watching other ppl doing this game on YouTube and somehow i got into one of the games
      There was an empty city
      Youth were having fun it was teenager kids walking around, the lights were on and it was sunset
      Then they found a
      Shopping cart
      And there was a kids face in it
      A fat kids face in a cube like shape in it
      I told the kids that is possibly not a good idea to play with this since it's a surreal object probably placed there by the melachim, but they didn't mind it, they started to roll down the street by riding it
      Then it happened
      I heard an electric noise, then the majority of the citys lights got turned off
      We was like holy shit
      We then knew they're there
      We went on to hide, a young guy said it's OK cuz he still got his phones light, I argued its use saying the complete darkness is better cuz we have to hide
      And then I think I woke up
    3. Bloody Morning

      by , 01-26-2017 at 07:55 PM
      I was walking around a house I used to live in during my senior year of high school. My parents were moving out (as they had done in real life a year ago) and I was to help them finish cleaning before they fully departed.

      After what seemed to be a full day's worth of work in just mere moments (kinda like a montage) we had finished. I drove back to my house, but on the way stopped by a Dairy Queen and got nothing. Just kinda sat in my car. (Which was the other way, in the town I lived in. But the weirdest part was the fact that it was another town's DQ) I returned to the place I was living at the time of my parent's move and found everything was destroyed within the home. Trash had piled up and even the floor tiles were cracked. I entered and went towards where my old room was located and was in another location. I was staying at my older brother's house (Although I've never been there myself) and was playing a very fast pace game when suddenly I paused and rushed to the restroom. (Sudden enough to drop and break his wireless mouse) After I reached the sink, I started feeling ill. I coughed and to my surprise, blood had slipped through between my hands and stained the white sink. I kept coughing up more and more until it was steadily just oozing from my mouth. My brother knocked on the door and asked if I were okay. I spat what I could out in order to tell him I'm fine and that he shouldn't worry about me. Not even a second after, I began drooling more blood from a seemingly never-ending supply. I forced myself to close my mouth and abruptly awoke to a mouthful of spit with no drool/slobber around.
    4. Bloody Morning

      by , 01-26-2017 at 07:55 PM
      I was walking around a house I used to live in during my senior year of high school. My parents were moving out (as they had done in real life a year ago) and I was to help them finish cleaning before they fully departed.

      After what seemed to be a full day's worth of work in just mere moments (kinda like a montage) we had finished. I drove back to my house, but on the way stopped by a Dairy Queen and got nothing. Just kinda sat in my car. (Which was the other way, in the town I lived in. But the weirdest part was the fact that it was another town's DQ) I returned to the place I was living at the time of my parent's move and found everything was destroyed within the home. Trash had piled up and even the floor tiles were cracked. I entered and went towards where my old room was located and was in another location. I was staying at my older brother's house (Although I've never been there myself) and was playing a very fast pace game when suddenly I paused and rushed to the restroom. (Sudden enough to drop and break his wireless mouse) After I reached the sink, I started feeling ill. I coughed and to my surprise, blood had slipped through between my hands and stained the white sink. I kept coughing up more and more until it was steadily just oozing from my mouth. My brother knocked on the door and asked if I were okay. I spat what I could out in order to tell him I'm fine and that he shouldn't worry about me. Not even a second after, I began drooling more blood from a seemingly never-ending supply. I forced myself to close my mouth and abruptly awoke to a mouthful of spit with no drool/slobber around.
    5. 16-10-02 Possessed Children

      by , 10-03-2016 at 12:58 AM
      I found myself in a bedroom. The floor was covered in blood. So were the walls. Something felt very, very wrong. I was freaked out, and wanted to get out of the room. I tried to open the door, but it was locked. I was afraid something would jump out at me now, that it was a trap, that they were waiting for me to try and escape. Luckily, I could unlock the door and exit into a corridor. To my horror, the rest of the house looked much the same. The floors covered entirely in blood. The walls covered in "blood" as well. I use quotation marks, because the blood on the walls resembled moss a little bit, reminiscent of the red weed from 'The War of the Worlds' (no surprise, I read something related to tWotW the night before). I got out of the house, and realized something bad was happening everywhere. It was night. I noticed the house was located in a typical suburban neighborhood. At another house across the street, I noticed a woman and her two kids. Little kids, aged approximately 5 or 6 years old. I "knew" they were possessed. The mother too, probably. The kids ran towards me, and I knew they would try to kill me. One of them threw rocks (or shot them at me with a catapult). The other tried to set me on fire using a kind of highly flammable liquid. I was forced to use extreme force. I held the kid in a stranglehold, and said that if he torched me, he would burn too. I don't remember what happened next, but I think I either simply knocked them out, or killed them. I woke up, remembering what horrors I had just committed to survive.

      There was another dream, which I forgot.
    6. [06-05-2016]

      by , 05-06-2016 at 08:14 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my house. It was late evening, I was working on a history essay til midnight. Next day in school, that crone of history teacher didn't even wanted to check our essays and wanted to make an exam instead.

      Second dream

      I was a writer, writing a story for a horror movie. I've written about a zoo with deadly, mutated animals. The complex has closed down for some reason and nobody was able to leave. The only way led through crocodile pens. A group tried to escape, while manager stayed to wait until the way is open again. The group was eaten quickly by mutants, while manager was still inside, playing hide and seek with them. As I was writing, I could see everything like in a movie.

      Third dream

      Dark late evening. With my sister we were carving something in vegetables for a big party that she was organizing. I carved out some letters, as she wasn't able to carve properly. Then we were out of fruits and vegetables, so she left to get some. I waited and waited, a few people entered the house and told me about some horrors incoming. I noticed that doors were taken out of their hinges. I went outside and stood on stairs, watching as ominous fog was getting closer. I decided to put doors back on their hinges, but when I touched them, bought turned into day and fog disappeared. Them sister came back with others and I had to help them bring furniture inside. Next day I was working with father in his workshop, but then siblings with pals and a girl from Finland that once stayed with us when I was in a student exchange a few years ago. We were talking and laughing.

      Fourth dream

      I was wandering a city, heading to hospital to get some important papers from doctor. I noticed a woman really similar to my previous teacher, and she was heading to hospital too. Crossing the road I heard someone calling me, it was my sister with her classmates. We went to hospital, but there was enormous crowd and no one was able to get to a doctor. I decided to take my car and drive to her house. It was raining, doctor lived in a village inside a jungle and had a cottage made of bamboo. I entered it as doors were open and looked at a desk. At first I looked at ringing phone and saw that my mother was calling. Then I found my papers on bamboo desk. Research showed that I'm not a male, but a female. My body started shifting and I woke up.


      I was back at drivers license course, driving around a city. I talked with someone who said that I have only an hour of driving left.
    7. #235 - Horror

      by , 04-27-2016 at 07:14 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I haven't got much time to write this up, but I basically had a horror movie dream.

      I remember heading over to a 'friends' place who was another kid that lived in the neighbourhood. I was also a kid (not me, since it was a movie/story) and I had decided to buy some magic pickles or something. I coated the pickle things in this enchanted jelly stuff and tried swallowing them whole, it apparently would enhance my powers or something. I thought to myself that nothing happened, god damn it what a scam! I head back to find that 'friend' but he's no where to be seen. Hmm, odd. I decide I'll try another day, so I head home again. When I arrive I spot that the door is opened by a crack, through the crack I can see what looks like an eyeball attached to the wall with a trail of blood flowing down it to the floor. What the hell... My curiosity piqued, I edge closer and look inside.. There's blood and guts everywhere, I instantly know what happened. I had apparently killed the friend, the pickles had made me go mindless and my memory had been blank as it awakened some demon that resided within my family bloodline. My 'father' is standing there trying to clean up the mess, he apologizes profusely saying 'it's not what it looks like'. On his hands are claws like freddy krougar, I assume he has been cutting the friend of mine up into smaller pieces to make him easier to dispose of. Also I should mention that it was like a 3rd person view of the reaction of 'me' and then some intense imagery flashed before my eyes in some kind of attempt to 'shock' the audience.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    8. Pilot

      by , 03-13-2016 at 02:19 AM
      I was viewing the dream from the 3rd person, like a movie. A fleet of space cruisers was leaving to regroup with more ships, because they realized they would need more ships for their mission. So they get back to a planet (I think Earth) and a giant ship opens up the bottom of it's hull and the three ships dock inside it. Somehow, now the ships are small and are inside of the hull of a modern fighter jet. I forgot why, but the pilot takes a jar of tiny flying insects and lets them loose inside of his plane where the other ships are still docked, then closed the hull back up.

      The dream changes to 1st person now and I'm looking at the pilot and another Air Force Officer standing next to me. The pilot was standing in the cockpit of his jet when we look over into the distance and see a nuclear explosion go off about 3-5 miles away. The sky becomes cloudy and turns black and red. I can see the fiery mushroom cloud and the shockwave approaching from the distance. The wind started to pick up and the officer standing next to me died. Then the shockwave reached us and the pilot looked at me and screamed in pain as his skin was peeled off from his head, then his muscles, and then his blood until he was just a skeleton in a pilot's outfit. My teeth felt loose and weird, so I hunched over. Then two of my teeth feel out, one of them had a filling.

      And then I woke up.

      Updated 03-13-2016 at 02:25 AM by 50595

      nightmare , memorable
    9. Parkour on the Train Tracks

      by , 11-25-2015 at 10:26 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a house/apartment. I was looking for something. I was supposed to just stay there temporarily. I think it was after the death of the owner, an old man. I'm not sure how I'm related to him. It was night, and I was looking for the bathroom. For some reason, I can't find it. Then there were ghostly apparitions and then a vampire-like monster. I was able to turn it "off," as if a game, although I wasn't scared. More like annoyed and frustrated for not getting to a bathroom.

      I was able to visit a friend (who?) and I used their bathroom. The water was warm. Then I'm not sure whether I was peeing in the right area. It might be their sink, but it was made of solid cement.

      I was looking at a small representation of some hills and a lake. It acted like a game map. I saw lines and arrows of where I'm supposed to go but it keeps changing and mixing because I'm "clicking" all over the place.

      I went outside our building. I climbed up to the train station, but not through the stairs. I climbed up, easily, through the walls and to the elevated tracks. A train just passed by but it was going the opposite direction (south) of where I was going (north). I was thinking whether I should walk to the station (a bit north). I decided to run on the tracks instead. I parkoured my way over obstacles. It felt liberating, especially when I saw how high I was able to jump up and landed precisely on a small ledge. There was a nice background music playing while I was doing this, which made it even more awesome. Not quite opera voice, and there were background instruments.

      I arrived near my destination (SM Megamall though it doesn't like anything like it). I got a little lost first but quickly found my way. I was in an area where there are some construction going on. I arrived at the area where they have sci-fi human-art installation. Basically, there were monks/priests and nuns and KOAs, and they were "attached" to sci-fi art (spaceships?) that are, in turn, attached to the ceiling/trees. One monk was even moving a bit, and the person holding him doesn't seem to be making an effort.


      - I was tired and sleepy. I was also hungry, but my sleepiness and tiredness overpowered me before I slept.
      - I slept around 3pm. I had instant coffee around 10am though.
      - Last night, I slept a good 7 hours.
      - I took Bioflu (paracetamol + phenelephrine) around noon coz I felt like I was going to get sick. Might have caused the sleepiness.
    10. Without Eyes; The Game Palace

      by , 11-20-2015 at 05:44 PM (Visual Space)
      It started out as a horror dream where I was watching from a spectator perspective. I was watching a girl run away from another girl who had no eyes and appeared to be a phantom. Her skin was super pale, had long black hair, and wore a tattered white dress. The young girl kept running away whilst whenever the phantom got close, a jumpscare would occur where my perspective would close in on the phantom's face and a loud dubstep mechanical noise come forth.

      What was interesting was the RPG format. Scenes changing by fading out whenever doors would open, and the girl would run in a 4 way lane. Soon afterwards the girl gets trapped in the corner by the phantom girl, but all she wanted was to fix the dress the girl was wearing, which the phantom use to wear when alive. After that whole thing, I was plopped in the dream scene; the house. The girl I was watching looked anime-esque, like a CGI but more realistic (which from my many non-lucids, seems to be happening all the time, so I guess its going to be a thing now lol) she had blond hair and green eyes, and the dress was the exact replica of the phantom's. she walked upstairs and I began to look at the house. hardwood floors, white washed walls, and narrow hallways with many staircases.

      Soon, 2 girls, and my real friend Aaron appeared in the front door. I don't remember what the girl wanted, but me and Aaron wanted to go somewhere so we went outside, which looked like a street called Dixwell. We were walking to the bus stop in the dead of night and a ghost who looked like a complete black and white drawing of a girl chased us for a while before vanishing. later we get in the city bus with people having and acting according to their costumes. there were even cartoon characters on this bus such as foghorn leghorn, bugs bunny, and some reason cat people.

      A feminine looking boy who was wearing a yellow and red costume had a fake gun that made loud popping noises. Everyone got annoyed to the point of ganging up on him. While the bus was moving, albeit, very slowly, Aaron and this short guy got off the bus with the boy to hit him in the face. Eventually they ran back on the bus with the kid crying, talking about his mid-life crisis.

      We were what appeared to be a west haven area and soon stopped. I hopped out the bus and I looked at the cloudless sky to see small spaceships shooting at each other in a team style deathmatch, mind you the sky use to be dark. I noticed some ships were sleek and smooth looking, while others were jagged and pointy looking. smooth ships vs. jagged ships? they were small to the point where you can hold them, some the size of a basketball or shoes. They were also pretty close to our bus just shooting lasers at each other. I began to look for a bathroom and someone yelled and pointed toward the north to see giant EVE ships in the distance, moving as a fleet. Soon afterwards everything was murky, can only remember the bathroom.
    11. Non-Lucid Nightmare 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

      by , 07-08-2015 at 09:21 AM
      I was trying to trigger a lucid dream in which I'd re-encounter my dream guide, but instead I got a non-lucid nightmare.


      Dream Two non-lucid

      I had a dream I could see Mittens (my cat who passed away) every once and a while and Mom finally took a video of it and the girl from the ring was appeared in it, with this horrifying music, and eventually I couldn't shut it off...

      I liked the music. It was very beautiful. But in its context it was horrifying.

      The whole time I was thinking, could I edit out the part with Sadako, or will it just revert back to the normal video?

      The video started off with me petting Mittens. Then, she went behind the counter to chase a spider and Sadako's hair was under the dishwasher. Suddenly, you could see her face peer out *shudders*. Then, the video skipped to this scene in the sky? I don't remember. Then back to Sadako, with her getting closer and closer to the camera. Originally I refused to watch the entire video, but when I finally did I couldn't turn it off anymore.

      I felt bad because at the end of the dream, when I couldn't shut off the video, I handed it to my mom or brother for him or her to deal with whatever curse it brings. I was showing it to my brother, but I think at the last moment it was my mom holding the camera.

      Dream One non-lucid

      There was this online course, but it happened on a device like a Pokewalker. So all the text for the course was on this small device, one line at a time. I just thought it was the most ridiculous thing and complained.

      I wasn't enrolled in the course. I think my sister-in-law was looking at schools and saw the course.
    12. (April 8, 2015) Scary stuff

      by , 04-09-2015 at 05:20 AM
      Late entry, but late is better than never.

      first dream i was in some sort of tall building out on a balcony, scenery resembled old town from the game dying light. I look across about 100 yards away from the balcony, a small concrete bunker on a cliffside. I tell the group of people i am with i want to go there to meditate to improve my dream abilities and they laugh at me but i go anyway. I go into the bunker down an open hatch on the roof, down a all concrete staircase into a all concrete room with some yard supplies. i forget wy i am there and I grab a wheel barrow and collect some things. i go deeper into the bunker and end up in the finished basement of my old house, but it is dark. It is a room with the staircase in the middle dividing it into two sections of room. one with carpet and one with tile, and "tongue and groove" wood walls. I feel fear for some reason and leave. i go out the basement, back up the concrete stair entrance leaving the wheel barrow at the base of the stairs. i turn for a moment and stare at it, and it suddenly get thrashed, flipping over spilling all its contents, like something from a ghost movie and i very quickly run away from there. i am now all the way down the mountain on the road, with no transition between the two. I am talking to my friend somewhat frantically about the incident.

      I wake up, throat dry so i grab the water next to me. forgot to do at least a basic wbtb.

      This dream below would have been more complete had i wrote it down this morning.

      I am in a classroom. its dark colored, faded wallpaper, really run down. The teacher decides to showcase a video of what i had done earlier in the dream, except instead of watching it the dream changes and I am now living this scene. I am in a very dark house, or asylum, or building, not quite sure but go with the flow. There are a series of long long dark hallways and the power is out. It is storming outside and lighting lights the room every once in a while. I see the silhouette of a ghost in one of the flashes, wait a minute and walk down the hallway to see it. now my family appears with me, but quickly disappears when i look down the next hallway. i assume the ghost did something. I see old t-shirts on the ground and pick them up thinking i may need them. The lightning flashes again, i see the ghost again at the end of the hallway and i start to run straight for it this time, it goes down the next hallway 90 degrees to it. there is another shirt at the intersection and i pick it up, look up to see the ghost flying at me. I have no time to react and it stops me. it is a pale older woman, wearing all gray dull clothing. she has no pupils, the dead eyes completely white. then the dream ends

      usually dreams of horror themes never bother, gotta say these two in a row made me a bit skittish in my dreams. they usually help me become lucid, resizing this isnt real, but not this time!
    13. Kidnapped

      by , 03-14-2015 at 07:55 PM
      As a new member, I'm going to put up some older lucid-based dreams on here. I have been recording for my own amusement since 2001, and a few random lucid moments occurred during that time. I will put up the lucid dreams I had thus far.

      I just had THE most realistic dream ever. I am wide awake and I have to write this down.

      I was drifting off to sleep. It hasn't happened in a while, but when I was in college I used to have alot of out of body experience-type things. Usually it involved mostly movement and sensations. In these type of dreams, for some reason I can't always see what is going on. I am not entirely positive it was an OOB experience. If its instead a lucid dream, and you are convinced in the dream world that its an OOB, is it an actual OOB or part of the dream? Anyways. I'll write what I remember.

      I felt myself, first off, drifting out of my body. More like wrenching myself out of my body in a good effort. I remember reaching my hands outwards because I really wanted to get out. Once I was free of myself, I floated above me a little bit in the same laying position as I was when sleeping. Then I slowly felt myself turn, in this same position, with my head facing where my feet had been and vice versa. It felt like someone was guiding me into this. The laying position then lifted up like a rocket preparing to launch, and I was flying off. I now remember seeing the walls around me zooming by as I went through them.

      The first sensation I felt after that was sound. What sounded like a steady car-driving sound, or the highway. I heard cars zoom past me and I wondered what I was experiencing. I couldn't move, and like I said I sometimes I can't see anything in these types of dreams. I was still in a laying position. I assumed I was in someone's car. I felt someone brushing my hair or moving their hands through it to clean it. They were trying to keep me looking neat, I guess. The wind in the car kept whipping my hair around a smidge, and they wanted to keep it nice and neat. I also felt at one point them lifting my bangs in an attempt to cut them short. Or maybe they lifted them but didn't cut them. I also remember someone pulling some of my own hair that was stuck in between my teeth out, as if they got stuck up in my gums pretty good. This part was odd. There was alot of hair stuck in-between the right side of my teeth, and they pulled them out with some effort. It reminded me of dental work.

      Next I remember being in a room and hearing people talking. I think I saw the room, I'm not sure. This part is blurry.

      Anyways, this "laying-still-while-someone-brushes-my-hair-while-in-a-moving-car" thing was going on for a while, and dream/spirit-me was getting really bored. I was hoping for something a little more interesting and this wasn't cutting it. I wanted to wake up and get back into another dream. I tried opening my eyes, because in the past opening them has wakened me from these types of dreams. This time I had opened them, and I saw instead slight glimpses of the environment around me. I *thought* that I was waking up, but then suddenly I was afraid of opening them again. Like I was unsure of what to do about the opening-eyes thing. So, I stayed in the dream.

      Suddenly I felt fingertips on the middle of my back, and then a strong person picking me up from my laying position. I thought it was an angel pulling me out of the dream. I was saying in my head "Thank you God!" over and over because I was sure this creepy kidnapping dream was going to end. It was starting to frighten me! Whoever was carrying me was reassuring me, saying it was alright. Also I recall a glimpse of me being carried through the threshold.
      But then, I felt someone cleaning my skin.

      Like every inch of my skin, cleaning something off of it. I still thought this was a process of leaving the dream so I still had hope. I thought then I was safely set in my bed/body again and I would wake up to reality.

      When I opened my eyes, I was in shock. Instead of the familiar darkness of my bedroom, and the sensation of being awake, what met my eyes was a bathroom.

      A yellow and white tiled bathroom. it was tiled in small yellow and white tiles so that it made a checkered pattern. They were really tiny ones, like mosaic sized, and they came up the wall halfway like some bathrooms have them. The walls were yellow. I stood in the middle of the room. To my right and parallel to where I stood was a smudgy, dirty mirror, like the kind in older junky hair salons. To my right, infront of me, was I think a sink. Directly infront of me was a tiny window, closer to the ceiling, with white curtains and yellow pattern on it. To the left and center was a toilet. To the left and parallel to where I stood was a counter or sink. It was an alright sized bathroom. Medium sized I guess. It reminded me of an old ladies bathroom. Someone who had done the decor in the 60s and then totally kept it that way through the rest of their life. It was nice for an outdated shitty bathroom.

      So, I was in total and complete shock, and I began repeating to myself "this isn't my house this isn't my house!" all scared. I started looking around frantically at the setting. I darted to the window but didn't look through or attempt to open it. I looked at the dirty mirror, and kind of saw me. It looked a little like me, but two long, inch wide strands of bangs were covering my eyes. They seemed lighter than the rest of my hair, which was cut kind of similar. I couldn't tell so much because the mirror was too high for me to see past my forehead. Also I was afraid to look. I didn't immediately see eyes so I freaked out. Dream-mirror-looking is never fun. D: I didn't want to stare long enough to see I didn't have eyes or something dumb like that. Also I think I was wearing one of the nightgowns I actually own.

      Anyways, I was immediately determined to get the fuck out of there. I opened the door, it wasn't locked. I knew there had to be someone downstairs waiting for me. As soon as I exited the bathroom, to my immediate left, was a staircase going downstairs. I took it. At the end of the stairs, to my right, across from a large, dark sitting room, was the living room. It had a curved entry-way that sectioned the room off from the other parts of the house. Inside this room it was also brighter. I saw two fat people sitting there. One was a woman and she was watching TV. Another was a man in a brown-tan shirt and he was reaching behind the sofa for something. He was crouched the other way.

      I tried to silently sneak out. The guy saw or heard me and ran after me. I took something metal and smacked him over the head with it. I went to run again for the door, but every time I tried running my head began to swim and I'd get really dizzy. Like the action was taking alot out of me. It was a struggle. Once again I had to turn back as the guy tried to approach me. This time I grabbed a long metal standing lamp that was set by the door and smacked him over the head with it. That really got him, and he fell to the ground. I debated going at him again with the lamp and getting him for good, but I was afraid of the other person in the next room getting up and helping the guy out. Also he wasn't knocked out. He crawled for something that was on the floor a little ways beyond the door to the outside. I didn't wait to find out what it was he was grabbing for.

      This time I walked slowly to the door. I knew running wouldn't work out well for me. I thought to myself: "Sometimes when you rush things you don't get anything done correctly." So I took my time and walked there. I was mere inches from the door. There was something small blocking it. Like a trunk or something. Something I could hop over easily.


      Its not that I am afraid (although I went to check if the door was locked lol), just amazed. Surprised. "What the fuck!?" and so on. I wonder whether it was a dream or something else. And I wonder if the girl was supposed to be me or another girl who was never so lucky to escape. I just don't understand. I am confused!

      I also feel like I'm never going back to sleep, Siigh



      Scary as it was at the time, the complete realism I experienced when I opened my eyes and looked at that bathroom was amazing. I might as well had been in a real bathroom, in a real house. I sort of began to lose the lucid feeling in the living room, as I was smacking the guy in the head and attempting to run. But the majority of the experience was so so real. It didn't even feel like a dream, up until the end part.

      I wonder, was this a WILD? Obviously the first part was a little SP. Being in my body, struggling to get out, etc. Some of my SPs in the past had involved me floating above my body as I slept like how I did here. I feel like I kind of worked my way through this SP, and got myself a nice reward for doing so.

      Anyways, hope you enjoyed c:
      lucid , memorable
    14. Fragments, anthro penguins eat chocolate

      by , 03-11-2015 at 01:38 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)

      1. A horror story type dream with a group of people. Some of them have to be sacrificed. When ‘I’ realize that one of them is going to be next, I say ‘I’m sorry’ to her. She bleeds down her body and the blood goes to someone else. There was a skeleton? And a man in poor condition ends up being healed. Then he goes in a room with someone?

      2. Something about a group of people, one of them named Caerwyn

      DST and waking up an hour early messed me up.


      Anime-style dream with anthropomorphism. The style was kind of moe.

      Two girls are on an ‘island’, but it’s like a desert area. They’re talking about how people throw the wrong kind of chocolate out for the girl on the right because they don’t realize she can only eat the softer kind that has ‘LOVE’ written on the colorful little wrappings.

      A third girl lands/appears and walks close enough to hear them. She hears mention of the word ‘penguin’ and thinks they’re talking about her. She seems like a tsundere type in the way she acts. She angrily dives into the conversation asking why they’re talking about her, until she realizes (is told?) that the girl on the right is a penguin too.

      Inspirations: Been reading a webtoon about anthropomorphic animals. It doesn’t have any penguins in it though!

      Updated 03-12-2015 at 01:43 AM by 20026

      non-lucid , side notes
    15. The Possessed Children

      by , 09-14-2014 at 03:16 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      9:53 a.m.

      I was in some sort of town or place. It's starting to get overrun by gangsters made up of mainly teenagers and some even prepubescent boys. I was walking along the street when I saw one group. They were fighting. It's a mix of adults and young boys, but the latter made up most of the group. I either "tiptoe" all around the place while they fight (they seem to ignore me) or I run away at the sight of them. The latter became more common after a while. There are afternoon and night times.

      At some point, I tried hiding in dorm houses (or just plain houses) only to find that some were already there or some were looking for people with keys to dorm houses so they can get inside. It started getting "scarier" at that point. The kids are no longer just gangster kids. They were possessed. The more they "kill" or do something with, the more they spread out. Like a virus. Almost like a zombie movie, except that they seem conscious. Maybe a Las Plagas zombie.

      Some people are starting to move to the "next town", and I joined in the exodus. But along the way, we encounter death and destruction caused by the possessed. It was very much like a zombie apocalypse, with ruined buildings and deserted cities.

      Somehow, I and the group I was with, ended up in a hotel-like place. I saw some horrific scents where a person is... I'm not sure how to describe it, but some horror/thriller games show it pretty well... a living person "nailed" by a huge nail to a humanoid monstrosity through her private part, people ripped apart by possessed humans, and all of this within the confines of probably someplace that looks like Amnesia or Silent Hill buildings, with a bloody hospital-like setting. Or a dirty morgue. At some parts, I was avoiding them, while at other parts, I was kind of jumping around (tiptoeing?) around the creatures. Also, that human nailed to the monster was the girlfriend of one of our companions. I have the idea that we were slowly getting killed as we traverse the area but I don't really recall.

      At one point, I discovered the "nest" of the main possessed being (or maybe just a really strong monster). I was alone then. The being was "sleeping" in a room filled with clothing or sheets. It was under those sheets so I couldn't see it but I knew it was there and I could hear it breathing. I decided that what safer place to be in than the room of the big monster? No smaller monster will try to harass the thing, and me as well.

      The view shifted somehow and I was with other in a room with... stuff. Not a room, I guess, but more of a warehouse. We found the "egg" that started the horror. But somebody (me?) cracked it accidentally and will now attempt to spread the horror (maybe this was the first part?). The guy who was raped by a demon (I think) and produced that egg lamented that it shouldn't be allowed to "wake up".


      - slept at around 5 a.m.
      - I felt more of a lack of breath while jumping around but not much of horror.
      - I was reading some true-story thrillers before sleeping.
      - I took out my keys while in the elevator and corridor and worried someone might duplicate them somehow and invade our place.
      - I saw the salty egg in the kitchen earlier and wondered if it's still good.
      - This would be interesting to interpret.
      - I seem to have tried doing parkour moves somewhere in the dream, but I could remember clearly.
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