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    1. xcv.

      by , 03-06-2020 at 05:28 PM
      Woke up at around 6:30 in the morning from a dream. Had other dreams later but was too tired to make even small mental notes of the details, so no recall for those dreams.

      Dream and awakening:

      I woke up in the dream, I was apparently sleeping on a bed with dad. It looked like some version of my bedroom in the old place but it looked like my parent's room a bit too. I was too hot and the covers, the bed, etc, everything felt too hot. I got up and saw this big red fan heater H has, it was on the floor next to the bed.

      I woke dad up and asked him why the heater was here and why it was on. I thought of turning it off but for some reason didn't. I concluded from looking at the heater or something else that the room was at 49C. I felt particularly unwell and remember shortly walking about the dream room before I woke up in reality. I don't remember sweating, just exhaustion really.

      In reality H was pressed a bit too much against me and I felt that the bed was far too hot. I thought we might have left the heated blanket on through the night, but seemingly it was off. I went for a wee that I didn't realise I really needed, after H also got up because of the noise I had made stumbling around.


      - This type of dream is very typical for when I need to wake up for some biological reason, in this case needing a wee.
      - Being in the same bed as dad was common when I was a child; I'd often get into bed with my parents in the middle of the night, usually sleeping between them. But I can't really remember why I did that anymore or what made me wake up in the first place. I don't recall any negative emotions from back then.
    2. Dream - Flaming Fire Fury (+ Side Note)

      by , 09-13-2017 at 02:23 PM
      I didn't post on here for ages. I'm studying a diploma qualification at the moment and the last weeks of term are always so busy when it comes to any type of studying. The schedule has really messed up the quality of my dreams but now that I have a three week holiday... Hopefully the opportunity arises to get my dreams and contact with my Dream Guide back on track. Just wanted to tell you where I was in case anyone was wondering for the past month or so:

      Date of Dream: THU 24 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 184 - Flaming Fire Fury

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember; my family, JO and JH were getting ready to go out somewhere. Some family friends were over at my house and so I was keen to show them the dress that I was wearing. The dream scene went to me looking in my bedroom mirror. I was wearing a short, light blue dress with black straps and some lavender coloured jewellery.

      Then there was a different dream scene altogether, in a different location. It was in some random garage-like room and I was wanting to change into a lavender dress to match the jewellery. Interestingly enough, the dress was going to be in the exact same style, just in a different colour. So I was taking off my light blue dress when this random silhouette of a lady appears on the other side of the curtained window... The voice is constantly yelling at me to hurry up.

      She yells at me so often that I eventually forced to stop what I am doing and so therefore, find myself continuing a portion of the dream naked, or as I felt it, at least top half naked. I go to the other side of this garage room, where the door to the outside is. As it opens, the lady that was yelling at me comes forth from outside. I ended up getting really cross with her and telling her off for what she had done. I find that my temper is actually getting higher and higher and I soon also get hot. I clearly stated, in anger, that I was going to let out the most awful fire fury.

      I end up taking a deep breath in and literally, I see flames blasting out of my mouth at the lady. The flames had really affected her but I wasn't done. I shifted my elemental powers to only a bit of ice, which was not ice itself but rather really cold air... It had paralysed her movements, made her helpless and shoved her out the door. I then turned around and noticed that some invisible wall was up to where I planned to go back to. I whispered to myself “the room now seems to be guarded by fire” and then I said to the invisible barrier, something like “allow us access, do not deny us”.

      I felt this energy as if the fire barrier was letting me through. When I got to the other side, my assumption of fire guarding the room became true as I got extremely hot and started to sweat. All throughout the dream, I did manage to find some time for Easter egg hunts and in this room, I found a whole heap of Easter eggs laying in a bowl. I thought that there were the eggs that my little cousin collected and beat me to. I tried to remove the wrapper off one of the eggs but it was melted from the heat that the excess of the fire element was creating. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Snowed In (use your ice abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Paralysed the lady with a blast of cold air and then shot her out the door.
      - Burnt To A Crisp (use your fire abilities in 1 dream)
      >> Breathed fire on the lady and afterwards, the room became surrounded by the remaining energy of this element.
    3. Scorched earth

      by , 07-25-2016 at 06:07 PM
      D1 - needing to see a solicitor
      D2 - Walking through gardens in the baking heat, back garden is natural and covered with vines. At the front of the house my brother is standing on a well kept lawn. I talk to him about something to do with houses and gardens.

      D3 - I am with a survivor colony, we are somewhere very barren looking. The earth is blackened, maybe volcanic. I then go down into a cavern which is open wide the surface. We are all in rags and are discussing how to survive.
    4. False London

      by , 06-12-2016 at 01:26 PM
      I was in an apartment on holiday and had just got out of bed. I went downstairs into a brown brick stairwell.
      On exciting the block I saw a man who was dressed with a long flowing cloak and headress. He was sneaking somewhere with his children and unbeknown to him I had seen him. It was a hilly desert region with small houses built into rock sides.
      I reentered block not sure what to do. I found I was trapped in the stairwell so I called for my daughter to let me in.
      Even though she was only small in the dream I knew she had super powers and could help me out.
      She made the door appear again and came with me downstairs.
      When we exited the apartment, we appeared to be in London, loads of people in the street. And Red london buses going up and down.
      I was sure there was something wrong with this and kept asking is this really London as it did not seem right.
      I found it hard to believe the DCs and was perplexed as to what had happened.
    5. Treasure at the bottom of the pool

      by , 12-15-2015 at 07:01 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm at a long, one story house with a terrace and a low roof. The sun is hot and the light has orange undertones; the garden is dusty and the trees and bushes are darkened and leaveless. I'm here to baby-sit three kids: a girl in here late teen, a boy slightly yonger and a girl barely out of toddlerhood. All three are dark-haired and rather cheeky. I take them to the pool behind the house to cool everyone off. The father, an whale of a man with a walrus moustache, makes a rude comment about the contents of my bathing suit and I dive into the pool. The water is warm and murky, the bottom of it full of slurge. My hair obscures my vision and when I wave them out I see that a whole wooden boat is embedded in the thick slurge of the bottom of the pool. I resurface and swim to the side to get out of the water. It runs down my body, making dark puddles on the stone terrace. I tells the family about the boat and the father is very excited about it, making it sound like there is a treasure in there somewhere. I have to keep the children from trying to explore it, and I'm annoyed with the rude father not thinking about their safety and oogling me.
    6. It's too hot so stop watching me

      by , 03-06-2015 at 08:57 PM
      2:00PM - 2:30PM nap
      I'm at home, and it has just become spring. The temperature rises quickly, and I sweat. A lot.
      "It's spring, but it feels like summer! I shouldn't have to be dealing with this right now!" I say, in vain. Sweat rolls down my face and drips off my chin.
      I look down to see a pattern of blue eyes, six of them in three rows, that have been painted on the lower part of the wall. The black pupils are in the shape of hearts, and the eyes themselves are rimmed in black, with long black eyelashes.
      Then, I wake up.
      I know the nap was only 30 minutes, but it felt like it went on for hours.
    7. Stocking Dairy at 95 F

      by , 07-11-2014 at 03:57 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Literally dripping with sweat, wearing a sweat soaked T-Shirt, I am stocking the dairy cooler at work. I feel ridiculously warm, but also much relief from grabbing cold cartons of milk and other items. Feeling the wet condensation on the bottles, I let it cool me down as I work. I notice there is an attractive co-worker nearby working in the produce section. It's hard not to notice her, and I am aware of her presence. Mostly just enjoying her company, I try to fit everything from the cart into the coolers in the appropriate spot.

      Waking up, it is 95 degrees F (35C) in my room and I am literally dripping with sweat... It was nicer in the dream working with the coolers.
      Tags: dairy, girl, hot, stocking, work
    8. Hot guys fighting

      by , 01-15-2014 at 04:01 PM
      I remember being somewhere outdoors and there being an evil hot guy and a hot good guy. The good guy was my boyfriend and i remember i kept kissing him. You k now when someone is about to say something but you shut them up with a kiss? Well something like that. I remember i was doing that because he kept telling me i couldn't crown me and him as the queen and king of whatever party we were at so i kissed him to shut him up and then asked him " Were you saying something?". Then he shut up. Then i was taking a walk and the hot evil guy picked me up bridal style and was carrying me away. Then he challenged my boyfriend to a sword fight like in the old days and who ever wins gets me. Then i don't remember what happened

      But also i remember having a dream later that night about me being in a hotel and i was resurrecting a doll into a real girl. Then after that i remember eating and there was a huge open bouffett and there was a lot of amazing food. I remember i was really creeped out. It had an over all creepy vibe to it. Also i remember there was a lot of pollution they were throwing in the water so i went up to the thing collecting pollution and i made sure it didn't go in the water. Then i don't really remember much.
    9. Old places rehashed

      by , 05-22-2013 at 08:38 PM
      Date: 21 May

      Pre bed: 120 mg gingko, WBTB: 2x peppermint oil capsules

      Sleep quality, dream contents & recall: fantastic sleep quality, more or less realistic dreams with some exception, very positive mood upon wake, quite bad recall for the vividness.

      Fragment1: Thinking of a friend

      Fragment2: Received a text message from a relative I was recently thinking about

      Fragment3: An actor that asks people about his origin, I am the only one to correctly guess it

      Fragment4: With a classmate on a street in my hometown, she has a blue bike

      Fragment5: I am on another street nearby, this time a dog transforms into some kind of mutant creature – a mix between a dog and hulk, dark grey bluish color and is after us. I decide to run towards school because there are more people there, so it will attack them first.

      Fragment6: I am in a store I know, looking to buy some tea mugs, or dishes. It looks like the sale is over. The lady on the cashier gives me some stuff I have apparently purchased, including a jacket. Another DC woman takes the bag and I run after her, explaining those things are mine.

      Dream7: I am in my hometown again, controlling the movement of trams. I am meeting my bf, so I direct the tram forwards, but then I go back again. I am then on the street, and it is extremely hot. I notice the way I am dressed, same as always, but my belt is about to fall and my jeans are a bit loose. It is so realistic that I struggle moving in this heat. I look to my side and see grandma, dressed the way she always did. Some feeling of lucidity that quickly evaporates. I pay attention to the shops nearby, there is one where they sell natural remedies and I see a huge pack of gingko biloba, I wonder if I should buy something from the shop. I continue on my way, a DC tells me that someone has died. The women have been dreaming about it and told him but he didn’t want to listen.
    10. Desert :P

      by , 08-15-2012 at 01:36 PM (Dimension X)
      Now this one was very strange... I was with my parents in a desert, close to a house. It was daytime, and I remember them saying they had to go somewhere. So when they left, I was all alone. But there was something in the desert I wanted to go and check out while they were gone. It was like some kinda huge dirt ball, or pile, or something like that... It was weird. I started walking there but then my parents came back, so I had to walk back pretty soon. I wonder what it was that I was going to see... Oh well... Still kind of a short dream.
    11. Finally lucid again :)

      by , 07-14-2012 at 09:49 AM (Lucid dreaming with Rauwz)
      Finally lucid again (MILD)


      ***This post will have some spelling errors, since I'm writing it at 5:00, and I'm very tired. Sorry about that, please ignore ***
      I haven't been trying to get lucid for a good 3 weeks now, because of lack of motivation. I think this might be the motivation I need .

      I was in a relaxing room in my school, together with some friends. We were just fucking around, chilling, running and stuff like that. At one point, I think to mylsef, that I'd better get in the real classroom again. I then look for my friend, give him a highfive, and go towards the door. Halfway to the door, I feel this extreme amount of pressure on my body, and I fall down to the floor. The weird thing was, that I fell like a peice of paper, and not a sack of potatoes.
      When I got to the door, I raised myself up again, and walked out the door. When I walked out the door, I got a shock. I was on the highest floor, and I didn't remember how or when I got up there. I was standing outside the door, looking out in the hall. It was all white, and some guy was standing there, and painting the other side of it. For a second I was afraid he was going to do something to me, but I thought to myself that it was a silly thought.
      When I got to the stairs, it finnally hit me, this is a dream!

      The stair steps was really close together, and the staircase was bending and twisting, and looking nothing like the normal stair we have at school at all. All the way down the stairs, I was thinking to myself "I'm litteraly going through my biggest dream-sign right now. I decided to wait until I was all the way down the stairs to do the reality check.
      Counted my fingers, and to my surprise, they didn't look weird! So I looked away, and then at them again, and sure enough, my pinky was bend in a 90degree angle.
      I jumped up, as far as i could, and twisted my body until i was laying vertically in the air, and let myself drop. Right towards the floor, with all my weight.

      I plopped through the ground, just like I expected. Suddenly, it was black. I fell for about 5 seconds, before opening my eyes, and realizing I was laying on the floor in another classroom, filled up with my friends.

      I was laying on the floor, with a pillow under my head, and my arm under the pillow, while they where all sitting at their desks, on their chairs. When I got up, everyone cheered. They were like "oh my god dude, you did it! You are lucid! congratulations!!" I scouted the classroom, and saw all the people in the classroom. For a second I thought about jumping out the window and fly around for a bit, but I decided to do sexy times instead. I picked one of the hottest girls, and told her I wanted to talk to her. She said ok, and went with me out in the hall. I told her that she was beautiful, and started kissing her. When I was taking off her top, I also remembered we were standing in the middle of the hall, with people all around. So we decided to find a more quiet room. We found a room, with a single person in it. So I was like "You're out buddy", and he was like "okay.jpg".

      Boom, woke up.

      I woke up in my bed, and thought about how cool it was that I finnally got another lucid dream. I turned on my computer, and started writing my dream down. after awhile...

      Boom, woke up.

      So yes, I was actually writing down my dream, INSIDE my dream..
      It's not the first time it has happend to me, but it's just as weird as the other times!

      writing the dream out like that, also made me realize some of the mistakes I did. For example:
      1. I only did one reality check, should have done two.
      2. I didn't do reality checks after waking up, which is one of the most importent things to do.
      3. I didn't stabilize the dream, clarify the dream or anything like that, which I should've done.
      4. I wasn't focused enough. I should've looked at my surrounding more, instead of just wanting to get some .

      Happy dreaming!

    12. A very strange set of dreams.

      by , 05-26-2012 at 02:42 PM
      Ok, so this was a really weird nights's sleep.

      I can't remember going to sleep, but it was some time around 1am. I had not been drnking, and have never done drugs; so it wasn't either of those. It was, however, extremely hot. reams that I can remember, and tonnes of short seconds-long dreams.

      So it started with me at some kind of dock late at night, there was a woman in chinease attire (red) and a strong looking guy with typical film-set style fighting gear on. Me and him were fighting; and it became apparent that this man and woman were the bad guys. I had a team of people around my age, late teens, behind me; a girl, a guy with short hair and somebody else. The docks themselves were long and made of stone, but did not extend into the sea very far, there was metal scaffholding and crates and barrels and tarpooling everywhere. I eventually either won, or the guy got away. The girl on our team told me that I had to get into thier lare, as it was strange that I should win (I obviously couldn't have.), and the short-haird guy (who was in a comms-van) agrees, so I am sent into the bad-people's lare. I walk along the dockside and down a slope into a tunnel which leads to the lare. Once inside I find that it's more like a maze of high-up platforms, walkways and gas pipes. I reach a bit where the walkways spiral down a massive shaft, of about 50m in diameter, and some kind of piping system leading down the righthand side. Instead of walking down the pathways, I shimmied down the pipe system. on my way down I reallised that the pipes were covered in spiders (not very nice :/) but I continued anyway. once at the bottom, it became evident that the floor was made of lava or something like that, which explains the heat I thought. At this point I stopped and looked around the walls. I started to notice that there were lots of skectchs pinned to the walls around the pipes (obviously somebody had been down here before), and these sketches were fan-mail or character-sketches of everyone I had seen in this dream. At this point the girl who had been talking to me earlier started talking to me again (she was either on the comms or had followed me, I can't remember). I told her what I could see and she said: "hhmm... but that just doesn't make any sense, what's so important about those?" I told her, rather scared now, that I thought that actually it seems like we were all inside some kind of webcomic, and this is what the creator has drawn/recieved. She started to cry and then everything went fuzzy.

      I then woke up in real life (I think, although I'm pretty sure it was real life) to find that I still had my shirt on, which I struggled to take of, then put on the floor beside my bed. Shortly later I drifted into dreams focusing on why I had my shirt on and what if someone had come into my room or perhaps I was drunk, but no, that didn't make sense either because I don't drink. Well perhaps it's just hot. These thoughts swirled around as abstract dreams for what I presume to be about half an hour. At which point I wake up again to realise I still have my pants on (I sleep nude), so this was really quite strange for me. After that I drifted back to sleep.

      [The next dream was weird, very weird.]
      I was at my computer, playing MineCraft. When I reallise that there is an option I've never seen before; one to make 'structures' generate. I click it to see what happens, then the whole world starts to transform into an ice biome (for those who don't play minecraft, it's a randomly-generated cold area of the game, with hills and such). But this was a strange one, because there was a giant semi-opaqe black cubiod, in which these domes started to be built using leave-blocks, stone and spawning a golden apple in the center. Many of these spawned within the box, at may different sizes. By this time I was actually in the game (to be expected for a dream), and rand for cover as I thought that the generation engine had broken and was going to fill the entire area with stone and leave, so I went and hid under a pile of ice blocks, peering out to the world [apon looking back, I realise that here I may have actually died in the dream, but I din't realise]. I saw a penguin, and then it flashed forward to a later date. I was in a tunnel that was extremely long, but squre with twists; like a mineshaft. I was at the end of this and talking to my brother and step-father. It turns out that the reason for this shaft is to hose a very long set of instructions written on signs for someone to make something. It was some kind of robotic drilling apparatus with a buit in Artificial Intelligence. My brother says he needs something, so we go to the start of the mine (not sure how so quickly, that thing was *huge*). Apon ariving there everyone else goes about thier own buissness [here's where it starts going wierd]. I then go out of the main semi-circular igloo part (description: big, about 30m in diameter, animal-skin rug on the floor, stone furnace at one side, to entrance to cave at the back with a small washing area on the right of that (as if you were looking at it), with an entrance and hat-stand at the opposite side, which lead to a small corridor that ran around the front half of the main igloo with a door about 1m to the left of the main igloo's door that lead to the outside), and see that there are two penguins. That quickly turn into daleks. They're scared and ask me to keep them safe if they'll defend the igloo from the other daleks. This seems like a good idea to me. But looking around that the rest of my family in the igloo, I realsise that they are walking without using thier legs, so must be daleks in disguise. I look at the two dalek-penguins, that tell me to run. I turn and run down the corridoor to a small wooden-door, which I enter. After going throught the door I end up in a small wooden office, with a gas-lamp and meet an old-woman (a proffessor at a university, I think) leaning over some old-looking books. I ask her how she got here, she says to to me that it is I who got into her place, and continues to tell me that theis place makes no sense, and that I must run to get out. I thank her for her words and walk through another door in her office. This door brings me out on about floor 10 of a 50-story 1960s style office-block. I can't go up without entering certian rooms. I enter the first and inside is someone [around here my memory gets bad], how asks me questions and gets me to talk; I ultimatly leave with this peice of paper that is part of the puzzel, and move up a level. This repeats itself about 14 times. I then go to the next door, which I can see through the gap into before I go in. I see a teacher at a black-board and a helper at a desk to the right reading some sort of old books. I walk in and tell them (quite angrly) that I kow that thier going to ask me to answer questions or perform some kind of test to let me get whatever it was I needed to find. The woman (teacher) tells me I should know better than to shout at a teacher, at which point I loose it and tell her that actually, seeing as we're all dead (but this point I'd worked out I was dead and thought that these people were other ghosts) I died after her, and thus was in a time when education was better (her books looked like they were from the 1900s), so I was clever enough, and didn't need her test, then said: "so, where is it that I need?" A little boy of about 11 put his hand up and told me that I needed to take him upstairs. I walked over, took his hand and started walking to the door with him (he seemed happy). The two teachers just looked at me dissapointedly, asking me to take this test or I'd never understand the ways of this realm, when I refused they just looked sad. I eventually took this boy out of the class and back into the '60s sky-scraper. At which piont he said that I had completed the final challange and was free (or something like that, he seemed happy). I walked off and saw a door that I thought was the exit. I walked through it and out onto the street, where there were other people. It was at this point that a large grinder-support fell on me and killed me again. As I was drifting into darkness someone told me that I was dreaming. "darn." I thought, then woke up.
    13. The Dragon Friend and the Desert

      by , 04-11-2012 at 05:09 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      Dream Type: Non-Lucid, Memorable.
      Dream Mood: Excited, Fun, Exhausting.
      Dream Setting: Nature, A Warehouse, Some Desert.
      Dream Characters: A Dragon-Person, Comic-book Characters.

      I have not quite been able to remember the beginning of the most recent dreams I have been having, and despite the fact that this was a nap, it was much the same.

      I don't remember how the dream began, though it had to do with me being in some mountainous area that had a few tribal tents of some sort, though each one had a different more or less psychedelic pattern. For some reason, I took interest into a more natural looking patterned tent. It contained a dragon girl inside of it, like, a girl who had the shape of a human (save for the feet, they were like hind-legs) though had scales and a muzzle of sort. It perplexed me for some reason or another, and so I tried to visit her every now and then, though she was seldom there. The times I did meet her though, we seemed to get together quite nicely.

      Next, I was actually sleeping in my dream when I was sleeping (sleepception?)! I was in a warehouse, and there were others there, but I didn't seem to recognize who they were, and so I went to sleep. It seemed black for the most part, though I'd wake up and seemed to think I was going to some convention of some sort that morning, and I was not wearing anything but my boxer briefs, until I got up and everyone started laughing. I was suddenly in a pink tightsuit and so I pulled down the pants part of it to reveal that my inner-thighs were covered in water and shaving cream. I freaked out and wiped all of the cream off and put on some jeans and a black t-shirt, and we set off. I was with a few other people, though they were all characters from comics or manga books. One of them that I remember the most was Monkey D. Loofy from the manga One Piece. We walked outside, and it was suddenly really hot with a decent breeze as well. It was a desert, and so we began walking, in the distance was a sort of town. About half way through, we stopped and we were asked if we wanted a sort of popsickle or something. We all babbled on about who had the money for it, though soon enough, the dream ended.
    14. Dream Girl

      by , 12-27-2011 at 08:08 PM (Ultra-Rad Dreamage Supreme)
      This dream started out in the halls of the high school I graduated from. I was in my current body, not my high school body, so I was a lot more in shape and confident than I was back then. I was just dawdling about in the hall when a girl caught my eye. She was actually an inch or so taller than me, which is usually a turn off for me. She had a fit body, blue eyes, and short champagne blonde hair just above the shoulders. Usually I'm not attracted to the short, super light blonde hair either, but the way she was wearing it made it very appealing to me.

      I went up to her and started walking/talking with her down the hall. Her name was Eileen, a name I've barely ever heard in my life, but a pretty name none the less. We decided we should go drive around and hang out, and I was ballsy enough to put my arm around her as we exited the school.

      It was evening and we drove around for a while, talking. It's crazy how in depth dream characters can be and how much you can learn about them. She was a midwestern girl, same age as me, and had moved out here with her parents. She loved rock/alternative rock/folk/indie and was into climbing/hiking/skiing; all the same outdoor activities I was into. She was super nice and very down to earth.

      This is the cool part. We somehow made it into a house and she said something to the effect of "You haven't forgotten those promises you made to me, have you?" "Of course not," I said, "I have them all right here so I don't forget." I pulled out my phone (the same one I have in real life) and went to my notes. There was a page titled 'Promises Made to Eileen' with a short list jotted down below. I was confused on how the list got there, as I thought I was meeting this dream character for the first time.

      I then realized that this was not my first time meeting Eileen! I had a revelation that I had met her in a previous dream that I had now forgotten. She smiled at me, extremely happy in my remembrance of meeting her before. We shared a great kiss, said our goodbyes and then I woke up.

      This is one of the first times I've remembered a reoccurring character in a dream, and I must say I am very pleased with her. Now if only I could meet the real life version...
    15. At the train station - Portugal

      by , 10-17-2011 at 09:30 PM (Quantiq's Progress Journal!)
      My recall was terrible last night so I only remember a short fragment which is too bad. But I think in general it is getting a lot better. (3 months ago I couldn't even remember any dreams.)

      I'm still at only 1 lucid but all day awareness and RCs are definitely helping, I actually ended up doing an RC in one of my dreams the other night but I never became lucid.

      Anyway, still practising. My goal is to achieve lucids almost everyday, which would be amazing. Definitely trying to make it happen.

      Anyway, that's it for today!


      October 17, 2011 - At the train station - Portugal

      Vividness: 5/10
      lucid: No.
      # of Dreams Recalled: 1 Fragment
      Dream Time: ~30minutes


      [-] Lucid
      [-] Non - Lucid
      [-] DC talk
      [-] Notes

      Fragment 1
      I’m in a train station bathroom in Portugal with a guy named Sandro. We had to wait for the train so we used the bathroom in the meantime. The bathroom looked very dark. I remember being really hot and dry so I took off my shirt and put it underneath the tap. Sandro asked what I was doing but we soon realised the train was here so we rushed out of the bathroom and got on this red – looking, double decked bus; Similar to the ones seen in London.
      I had a glasses case with me on the station platform just before we got on. The glasses case held our tickets. Sandro just rushed on the tram heading upstairs while I showed the woman who was driving our tickets. Sandro looked quite surprised. I guess he was surprised that I actually still held the tickets because he thought I lost them.

      When we get off the tram, we are at the beach. I see one of my friends from school, Alex and say hi to him. The station we get off at looks very much like a beach area. I remember it being sunny and quite busy.

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