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    1. Dream about climbing on roof of hotel where I was staying

      by , 01-13-2020 at 12:52 AM
      This weekend, I was leading a retreat for the rest of the leadership team for an large event that I will be running this summer. We were staying in a hotel that was in an old art deco building downtown in a city a few hours away. I was staying in the penthouse suite where we held our meeting and planning sessions.

      I had a dream last night where the rest of the team and I were opening the windows and walking on the ledges outside which were 17 stories over the street. We walked all the way around the outside of the building and then we scaled the building and climbed up to the roof before repelling back down to the 17th floor where my suite was. I vividly recall a strong wind, hearing the traffic on the street below, and seeing the other buildings downtown light-up as the sun set and we went from late afternoon to night. I do not have any recollection of why we decided to climb out to the ledge and then scale the building to the roof, but all of the details were very vidid and when I woke-up, I actually go of out bed and checked all of the windows to see if we really did go out of the roof. All windows were latched, so i guess it was all a very vivid dream.
    2. 16-11-12 Scissors Kill, Electrocuting *REDACTED*, Strange Hotel Rooms

      by , 11-15-2016 at 04:54 AM
      I was Googling REDACTED with my mind (a controllable hypnagogic hallucination), to find out who REDACTED's significant other is. I only found the (useless) Dutch version of Wikipedia, which didn't have what I wanted to know.

      In another scene, I'm in the middle of a fight between two rival groups of super-powered mutants. One group of mutants even had tails (!!). At some point, I forced a guy to the ground, and stabbed him in the face and forehead a pair of scissors. It went through his skull. I was furious, and kept stabbing him again and again, and again... even after he was obviously dead.

      I'm with REDACTED in an outdoors area, like a park. There's a long (white?), wooden gazebo, which is where I was standing. I faced REDACTED (who was on the grass), picked up two ends of electrical wire, and brought the two ends together. I was electrocuted, the electricity traveled through the ground (was it wet?) and also electrocuted REDACTED. He was knocked to the ground. I approached him. Suddenly (still on the ground), he pulled his gun on me. I was glad, because this was a sign his memory was returning (he had forgotten everything, who he was, and that he had a gun). The camera moved elsewhere, and the sound of gunshots sounded throughout the park. I knew he was just popping off a few shots in the air, not at me.

      I'm in some kind of hotel room, or rather "hotel apartment", because it had several small rooms linked by a corridor. I was watching REDACTED on TV, and immediately noticed how gorgeous she looked. Like I do in real life, I REDACTED it. I didn't watch much, I had to turn off the device I was watching it on, because it had to recharge. There was another electrical device already recharging (my PS Vita?). Bored, I tried to think of something to do to pass the time. I went to the "TV room". Something else in that room was making a lot of noise (a radio?), and combined with the TV it drove me nuts. So I turned it off.
    3. 8/18/16 - Fixing My Wings

      by , 08-18-2016 at 11:41 PM
      I'm standing in a large hotel room. It must be a suite because there's multiple rooms. I'm in the center of the sitting room, maybe. I'm wearing jeans, but I'm not wearing a shirt or bra and I'm not ashamed or trying to cover myself up in any way. A man is standing behind me, touching and examining my back. He asks me what I want to be done about it. I tell him that if there's anything he thinks he can do, to please do it. I then start telling him about how I got my tattoo. And I tell him about how it looks nothing like the art I originally wanted, that my dad completely fucked up and did a horrible job. He hummed in agreement and said that he was sure he could fix it. He then walked to stand in front of me and said that we should get started. I smiled and nodded happily. The man smiled back.
    4. 7/18/13 - vegas/water

      by , 07-17-2013 at 11:14 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      My mom tells me that we're going back to Vegas, even though we went last month. She say we're going today and that we need to pack now. I go in my room and get distracted by something, next thing I know me my sister and my mom are in the car driving through Nevada desert. When we get there I get out of the car and realize that I am in my pajamas, I panic because then I realize I didn't pack anything at all! I have no clothes to change into and I'm not even wearing any socks or shoes. I tell my mom this and ask her if we can go back home so I can pack things, my mom says no and that it was a 7 hour drive, but my grandma over hears and says she'll take me back home to get clothes and my mom says okay. next thing I know I'm at my grandmas house, we're entering the front door, she tells me to go and pack everything I need and that she'll cook us some dinner real quick so I go, but I go into the bathroom and get distracted, a cat is licking water that is overflowing from the bathtub, i think someone left the water running on accident so I try to find how to turn it off, the switches are strange, but I finally see an on/off switch and flick it then the water turns off. I leave the bathroom, but then for some reason turn around and go back in, this time my little dog is drinking from the toilet water, it is overflowing, I figure i must've done something to it, so I run and tell my grandma and she fixes it. Again I leave the bathroom and remember I should be packing and we'll be leaving soon, but when I get to the back bedroom I see water leaking in, from a trail that leads back to the bathroom, so I follow it and see it is the sink overflowing with water, but i don't seem to know what to do, I just stare at it until my grandma walks in, she says she'll take care of it and tells me to go pack so I go back to the room and grab a back pack, I throw on some clothes and for some reason decide not to wear my usual shoes, I put on one black vans slip on and then walk out the room and bring the back pack, but then I freak out when I realize I only have one shoe on and go back to the back room and dig through other peoples shoes trying to find my other match. When I find it i go to the kitchen and we eat meat and soup. Then we decide to head back to Vegas. Next thing I know we are in Vegas in a hotel room, I open my backpack and see that everything is dirty, all the clothes, but I'm happy that i have clothes anyway, but i try to hide the clothes so no one see's that they are dirty, but everyone in the room starts to look in and i zip my backpack and put it next to my feet so that they can't get at it and look at it.

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    5. Lucid status menthol dream

      by , 05-11-2013 at 05:02 PM
      Total sleep time: 5 hrs

      Pre bed: 3 mg mel

      WBTB1 natural: 2x peppermint oil tablets

      WBTB2 alarm: 1/2 cup of green tea + analytical thoughts + noise = insomnia

      Vividness: Extreme

      Dream1: Me and my parents are in a hotel, I have just had some supplements and am preparing for sleep. I look at a graph with bar that shows progress towards lucidity that depends on the amount of menthol I took. The status bar is not completely full, about 70 percent to lucid, so I am contemplating whether I should take another tablet or just risk falling asleep and see what happens. I ask my mom if she plans to take a shower now, so that I can shower before her and go to bed. She is watching/listening to something and has three sets of headphones, two of which I identify as mine, and get a bit upset to see she has left a very realistically looking earwax on one of them.
      mood: task oriented - become lucid

      Fragment2: The toilet seat in grandma's place, and a big mess of poo. Will give no further descriptions, although I remember it in quite a detail. ( Sorry, this was very vivid so had to mention it,lol!)
      mood: wondering

      Fragment3: I am in a bus, and I am observing and being told the story of a man and a woman. They were supposed to meet here at that bus, be together, but one of them changes something, and the other one gets off the bus before this happens. I am thinking perhaps another time.
      mood: interested, positive

      Comments: Oh, well, went a bit over the edge here, but at least I stuck to my plan to do a WBTB. Lol!

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      dream fragment , non-lucid , false awakening
    6. Clusterf*&k Pt. II

      by , 10-12-2012 at 11:14 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      Suzette tries to snatch up my bag for me. Christa M. is there. She is laughing. We realize that it is out of reach. Lakeside. Riverside. It is on a counter in the bathroom of the hotel room. I though Brian was sleeping so I have a cigarette. H says to me calmly, “I though you quit smoking?” I proceed to explain that I have but make a list of reasons to justify my slips. All I want is a soda back at Suzette's house. All I can find is beer. Maya and I leave Laura and Brian at the house, while we go either to the garage or a small store. On the “familiar departure” I remember being lucid enough to realize it's familiarity and also talk myself into opening my eyes for the fast decent downward which otherwise I am too afraid to experience. I feel my stomach jump. I think that it's only a dream. Laura C. and I decide to take a set at a tall round table with stools. Mildly aware that there are at least two people with us. One, a boy, really wants to sit by me. At an intersection we find Laura M. broken down/stuck in her white Jeep and one one seems to be helping her. I also hesitate.
    7. First small LD!

      by , 07-29-2012 at 07:10 AM (The Piggy Bank)
      This happened over a week ago, but I'm recording it here now.

      I remember very little, but I remember several fragments of different dreams. The first dream repeated twice, and I know because after the second time, I knew what somebody was going to say before they said it-- I'd heard it before. I realized that I'd seen all of this happen before. I was sitting in a hotel room, I stood up and shouted, "I'm lucid dreaming!", and the the dream faded to black. I "woke up" in a similar hotel room with my brother sitting across the room. I told him, "I just lucid dreamed!!", then that faded to another dream. It was strange, because I remember thinking back to and recalling my few seconds of lucidity, while I was in the next dream. I don't remember the dream, but that while it happened, I kept thinking back, like, "wow, I finally LD'd!". That is all.
      Tags: hotel room, lucid
      lucid , dream fragment
    8. Airport Sushi, Sinoblak, Cookieh and Oblivious Searching, One-Fifth Monster

      by , 07-19-2012 at 06:12 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Airport Sushi (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside preparing myself to go inside one of the planes in an Airport area. There are a few people going on the plane as well. The sky is light gray, feels like it's either going to rain, or maybe it's early morning.

      I follow along with the group of dream characters, just to make I don't miss my flight that's right there in front of me. An elderly man that looks a lot like a tennis coach I used to have is here to direct us inside the plane I believe.

      He had gray hair, wore one of those safety vests on top of his long-sleeved shirt, wore long pants, and was Caucasian. He didn't really talk much, and I can only recall him using hand gestures. Before we follow his instructions, a gust of wind hits me and everyone else all over, and I realized that this must be generated by the plane that's actually being operated at the moment.

      I ignored how dangerous that was, and then finally went inside some small building to get ready to go on the plane. I go inside, and the building feels empty. The building's composition is glass all over, even for most of the doors. There are escalators both going down and up, and I follow the dream character instead of waiting for the others to respond.

      It seemed the path we're going to would lead to boarding on the plane. I knew who the person was that I'm following. I only saw the back of his body, but his hair alone was enough for me to know.

      He had blonde hair, slightly dirty blonde hair, wore a fancy black polo shirt, and khaki or a really light gray long pants. He probably wore a light brown or black dress shoe. Oh, and let's call him Con.

      As I'm waiting for the escalator to send me all the way up, Con wastes no time to start skipping, even when there's no rush to reach the boarding area. I start to do the same, and then we have to walk a little before going down on an escalator.

      I didn't wait for this one to carry me down either, I just started skipping the steps and finally reached the bottom.

      I hear two females talking to each other, and I believe they're wondering how they are going to find their seats or something, I just assumed they were completely clueless based on the tone of their voices.

      I think the dream shifts to where I'm finally on the plane, but for me, this feels like I'm in a mini-hotel or something. Instead of analyzing the environment around me, I just take advantage of the bed or chair I'm sitting on and just relax.

      There's a female asking us if we would like something to eat, because they have a lot of food to offer. I didn't want to go at first, but I finally got up and followed the lady to the right on my right. The flooring is mostly dark red carpet, and maybe dark blue at some other rooms as well.

      Things felt luxurious for me when I saw all of the food on the table. The foods that caught my attention the most were various Sushi and chopped up chicken breasts. I get a bowl, and I believe it's a red ceramic bowl.

      I guess it makes sense for me that it's red, especially since I used a red ceramic bowl for eating cereal yesterday.

      I don't hesitate at all while I'm adding stuff to the bowl, I took a lot of what looks like the Sushi and the chopped up (and cooked) chicken breasts. The chicken breasts had a very light brown color.

      I most likely went back to my fancy room, still not cognizant on whether it's a hotel, airplane, or even both at the time.

      I think I'm called again if I would like more food, and I think I follow another lady for more to eat.

      Sinoblak (Non-lucid)


      I'm talking to Sinoblak on the Dream Views forums, something related to our dreams. All I was paying attention was her avatar and name, everything else went out of focus for me.

      Except when she posted about shifts or something in our dreams or something like that.

      Cookieh and Oblivious Searching (Non-lucid)


      I did a WBTB before I recalled these sets of dreams, which is why my recall for everything right now is okay.

      I'm waiting for a train to come, and while I'm being passive in paying attention for it to come, the train is already halfway through. I still have a little distance to make one final dash.

      I tried doing a curved dash, like moving away from the plane while running, and then turning to the right to leap and hopefully get a grip on the bar on the back of the train, but I failed.

      I had some feeling that I shouldn't be on the tracks, but I saw at least one person walking near the tracks to go up the stairs somewhere. And the actual tracks themselves, I thought it would be dangerous to step on them because I thought it would be an electrical hazard.

      I step over the tracks, nothing bad happens. I get out of the train station, and randomly walk around, trying to find some place to go. I don't know why I wanted to take the train I just missed, but now that I'm in a huge conflict with not knowing where it was going in the first place, it's very hard to find any kind of guidance in the dream.

      I think I run a little bit, looking over to my right at the skies. I think I see some huge city skyscrapers, and decided that I should find a way to head over there. While I'm running, or just power walking, I think I'm going into a section with various warehouses and storage garages.

      There are a few teenagers, maybe around the ages of 16-18, and they look like Skater posers or something, based on how they dressed themselves, and how most of them are practically skinny.

      But this was a rushed rationalization based on what I saw from my peripheral vision, or at least when taking a 1 second glance at them approaching my direction, but not necessarily to talk to me or anything.

      I started to develop a fear that they were coming after me though, since I'm all alone in a random section with warehouses and storage garages outside, I just couldn't help it. I ran a little bit faster, and then the feelings of fear eventually faded away.

      I don't know where I ran, but now it seemed I'm finally in an area with some people to start asking questionings too. The first person I talk to is red-headed. Her hair is somewhat long, almost reaching her shoulders.

      I assume this person is Cookieh, just because of other features I've noticed that matched the real one.
      (And I mean that in a non-creepy way).

      I asked the Cookieh look-a-like a question, most likely relating to where the hell I am at the moment. She looked a little depressed for some reason, and I asked her if she can give me a ride to somewhere that I can't remember. She's still looking down, and I guess I just take that as a "no."

      I don't think she wanted to talk to anyone with the state she was in. I open a glass door to go into a building, and I get some kind of mental flash that someone posted a picture of a nipple on the Dream Views forum.

      And because of that, I had some reflex that basically made me think, "YOU CAN'T POST NIPPLES ON DREAM VIEWS!!!!!"

      I take a look at the animated nipple in my mind, and it's oozing out so much breast milk, and the fact that it's not attached to anyone's body freaks me out a bit. After that random episode, I think I ask someone else for directions.

      I can't remember if it was a male or female, but they pointed to the sky. I look up, and they mentioned about how I could go to some big company to get more information on what to do next. The same finger that was pointing up was geared towards some huge building being held by some large machine crane, ready to drop it at its new location.

      Seeing a building lifted up like that was pretty cool, but also scary because with dream logic and all, it could end up pretty bad if it fell somewhere else.

      The dream shifts to where my perspective changes to where I see myself walking to someone.

      While I'm in this spectator first person view, I see gray hair to my left, and then realize it's an old lady, and apparently, she's the owner of whatever section I'm in. I shift my perspective back to the dream body of myself that I was previous contained in, and the lady continues to declare that I could go anywhere but near her and her daughter.

      I don't know what she thought I was going to do to her daughter, but I think I remember seeing the daughter at some point in the dream. She was hot, but it's not like I was going to sexually assault her or something.

      After the old lady gave me the freedom to walk around this city, and by the looks of where I am, either the city is just naturally dark, or maybe it's night time in the city.

      I don't remember what I do next though.

      One-Fifth Monster (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much, but I think I'm fighting, or getting close to fighting a random monster. I don't know its name, but someone declares that it gives 1/5 Retribution or something like that.

      Guess it was some kind of RPG-esque kind of dream.

    9. 27.06.2012 - 3 x non lucid dreams

      by , 06-28-2012 at 11:31 AM
      Date: 27/06/2012
      Place: My own bed
      Time of getting into bed: 12.48am

      Dream 1 - non lucid - 2.24am
      Me and my partner, 'N,' are getting motorbike lessons. N falls off the bike and hurts his foot quite badly. The teacher is nice to me, but very strict and uncaring with N. There is a small child nearby, and suddenly he / she clings to my arms, and will not let go. I try gently to remove the child, but the child won't budge.

      Dream 2 - non lucid - 8.52am
      My notes here are terrible, I can barely read them!
      We are at a music concert / festival in the middle of a field. The field is empty apart from us and a small group of people, we are 'waiting' for something. I do remember waiting for an awfully long time. The feeling is that we don't know what we are waiting for, but it is supposed to be big. Like a famous person or something. Suddenly a few people are running towards a makeshift hut, which has queues leading in. There are star wars posters around and people start saying it is an actor from star wars appearing. My friend S is running towards the hut, as she is huge star wars fan (and in the dream she is wearing a star wars Tshirt) I stay where I am. Then, a giant inflatable slide appears in the shape of a tongue, at the top of the tongue where the mouth should be, a big inflatable gorilla head pops out, and from it's mouth lots of people start emerging, and sliding down the slide. The people are all good looking, wearing very little amounts of clothing, and what they are wearing is neon pink. They all slide down to join us, who are cheering, but then nothing happens. They just sort of hang around and wait with us. I notice I am wearing a neon pink babygro, and start to take it off. However I am naked underneath so put it back on.

      Dream 2 - non lucid - 10.08am
      I considered WILDing, but my partner kept snoring so I got angry and just went to sleep.
      I am in a low budget hotel room. I am laying in the single bed, alone. A dog comes in, which I seem to recognise. It is a HUGE dog, maybe a rottweiler? It jumps on the bed on top of me, and licks my face. Although it is scarily massive, it is very friendly and I stroke it for some time. I vaguely remember someone disturbing me by coming into the room??

      I consider this all one dream, although it could have been several;

      Next I am back in one of my old childhood bedrooms. My little sister is with me, as is my partner N. I am taking some tablets to get high. As I am taking them, I find some other tablets which are a different colour. I decide to try one of these too to see what it does. I take 1 of each. I try to put the remaining tablets into a pill box, but it hard to get them to fit, so I have to squeeze them in. (I'm sure Freud would have something to say about this ) For some reason, I decide to put some in my mouth, but not eat them, just store them there. One of the tablets splits in my mouth, and the insides pour into my mouth. I know worry that I've had too much and will OD. I try to scrape out the stuff that has spilt into my mouth, but I am not doing so well. I decide to flush it out with water, so I find a 2 litre bottle that has water in it, and I pour it into my mouth, rinse, and then spit it out the window. I panic that my mum, who is in the living room below, will see the water going past the window and come up to check on me. However I have no choice, so I keep spitting. I also wash my hands clean with the last of the water.
      Eventually we decide to leave, and go to our hotel room. Due to the fact I have been messing around with water and tablets I haven't had chance to get a shower or get changed, so I set off in my PJ's, and decide I will get a shower when I get there. N tells me we are going to a different hotel room this time, as we have been upgraded to the posh bit. We walk there, me with a heavy backpack on. We notice the change between the 'budget' side of the hotel and the 'posh' side. Suddenly everything is blue, clean and very nicely decorated. There is a bar along the left, with ashtrays on it. I tell my sister to put out her cigarette because we are in the posh bit now, she argues at first but after seeing how posh the place is, she agrees and puts it out in one of the ashtrays. We walk past a lounge area, with footstools and sofas, and lights in the floor. We turn right, past a blue pool table and through a door to the hotel rooms.

      I have riden a scooter type bike for a few years now
      When N tried riding my bike in waking life a year or so ago, he did actually fall off, but wasn't hurt
      Dream sign appears again
      Don't know is S really likes Starwars or not
      Im not a huge starwars fan, but it's ok
      I occasionally take a pill at parties with friends
    10. Goin' to Mexico

      by , 03-01-2012 at 01:13 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in Mexico. I was moving there. At first there was some problem, but then it seemed to be working out OK.

      I ran through some mud that went up my ankle a little higher than ankle socks. Then I was spitting mud out of my mouth. I kept spitting out more and more.

      Eventually I was in a building trying to get out. Twice I ended up looking into someone's hotel room, but it was as though everything was connected, so I just passed their room that I was half way in, as I was trying to find an exit.

      A couple times I wondered why I was in Mexico in the first place.
    11. Friday, December 2, 2011

      by , 12-03-2011 at 08:20 PM (A Tangled Thread Inside my Head)
      I was in a hotel with a guy friend and my parents. We all went to the reception area and checked in before heading up to our room.
      This was a room with two king sized beds with dark green bed spreads.
      My parents both suddenly got very tired and went to bed immediately. Me and my friend said we were going to the hotel's pool. They approved and we headed out of the door in our swimsuits.
      However, when we were in the hall heading to the elevator, we both agreed that we didn't want to go to the pool.
      Instead, we decided to go have sex back in the room.
      We crept in as sneakily as we possibly could as not to wake my parents, then we settled on the floor between the sliding glass door onto the balcony and the second bed that my parents were not sleeping in.
      We looked at each other awkwardly for a second before I leaned in and kissed his neck. He closed his eyes and grabbed me. We stretched out on the floor and started to strip each other. I reached down for his swim trunks and shimmied them off his hips as he did the same with my bikini.
      We then made love on the floor of the hotel and even though we were loud, my parents didn't wake up.
    12. In Pain and My Drunk Family

      by , 05-24-2011 at 11:30 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Didn't sleep much last night, but still managed to have a dream.

      I was staying in a hotel room by myself for some reason. I remember brushing my teeth with extremely minty toothpaste. The area by the sink was covered in my things.

      I then remember my parents and brother coming home from vacation (my mom and bro just came back today in waking life). I was trying to tell them about how much pain I was in (I'm in a lot of pain right now in waking life for some unknown reason). They were all very drunk, and didn't care about what I had to say. I kept getting really frustrated with them, trying to tell them, but they were just laughing and carrying on about who knows what, pretty much completely ignoring me.

      I remember then being in my parents' room at my house. My whole family was in there, and Dakota was there too. They were still very drunk. My mom pulled out a pack of Marlboro Menthols (mom doesn't smoke in waking life, she hates that I do it). She asked me if I wanted a cigarette and that we could talk. I got mad at her for smoking, and didn't want to talk anymore because she didn't listen the first time.

      I then remember standing outside my hotel room. The wall was knocked out of it, so I could see inside. I was puzzled for a minute, wondering why it was this way...I was very close to lucidity, but I have no idea what got me out of it. I remember seeing a bunch of my stuff everywhere, like folded up pairs of pants and stuff. It was a mess. I hoped no one stole anything out of there. I also remember seeing my mom with the cigarettes again. She was a little more sober this time.
      Tags: hotel room, pain
    13. Struggle for the handgun.

      by , 09-30-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream I had was long but because I did not write it down when I awoke I have forgotten most of it. The part that I do remember took place somewhere in between the middle and the end.

      A lean, young man with frizzy brown hair and I are in a small hotel room. The door is to my right, the bed in front of me and a narrow window to my left. There is a wooden nightstand with a small white lamp on one side of the bed but other than that the room is empty. The translucent sheer curtains of the window are pulled back and tied in a knot to keep them open. The carpet is a garish lime green and the bed's duvet is a dark green with pale yellow sheets underneath. Everything appears clean and orderly.

      The young man is not someone I recognize from waking life and for some reason we are standing near the window having an argument. I cannot remember what the argument was about but I turn my back on him out of frustration. Before I can go anywhere the guy pulls a gun out of his pants, grabs me in a headlock with his right arm and holds the gun the my left temple. He screams and spits in my ear (but I cannot remember about what) and I am too startled to move. He stops yelling for a moment and his grasp slackens just enough that I can squirm out of the headlock. The young man does not make any attempt to stop me from doing so and lowers his weapon. He silently stares out of the window and I stare at him for a while.

      I make a move to leave but the young man turns around and points the gun at me again, saying that I "can never leave". I was not afraid that he was going to shoot me, rather that he was going to hurt himself in some way. I sat down on the end of the bed and asked him to give me the gun, which he had again lowered to his side. He shakes his head, refuses to hand it over, leans against the window frame, crosses his arms and stares at the carpet. For a while the young man does not talk to me or even look at me and I sit on the edge of the bed, feeling frustrated and bored.

      The young man suddenly begins pacing back and forth in front of the window, waving the gun around wildly and yelling at the top of his lungs about whatever is upsetting him. Since he does not address me or look at me as he rages I think for a moment that he has forgotten about my presence. I contemplate making a break for the door but the desire to take the guy's gun is stronger than wanting to leave for some reason. I edge myself to the end of the bed, closest to the window, and watch the young man's movements carefully.

      I stand up slowly and ask him if there is anything I can do for him. He does not answer but he stops yelling and waving the gun but continues to pace back and forth. His eyes are opened wide and he sweating. When I see my chance I grab his left wrist (of which hand is holding the gun) with my left hand and pin it against the wall with all my bodyweight. The young man could have easily punched me or grabbed me in a headlock with his free hand, but he does not. Instead he uses his right hand to grab the wrist of my left hand (that has his left hand pinned) and tries to pull himself free of my grasp.

      Wrapping my right hand around the barrel of the gun I succeed in wiggling it from his grasp when I dig the nails of my left hand as hard as I can into his wrist. The guy backs off to the far corner of the room, crosses his arms protectively across his chest and sulks. I toss the gun on the bed and leave the hotel room. The young man does not try to come after me.