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    1. 14 Aug: Assassins and radioactive meteorites

      by , 08-15-2012 at 04:12 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      his dream seems a crossover of Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction. I'm part of some female elite assassins' gang. Apparently one of the girls did some shit and another one beats her up until she looks dead. She wants to throw her body in the river. I don't agree with any of this and I check if the other girl is still alive. She is and I convince my colleague that we should spare her life. Then out of nowhere comes our boss, who is none other than Samuel L. Jackson. He asks why we haven't finished her up and when we say we didn't think it was necessary, he decides we're getting soft and shoots at us. He kills the other two and I barely escape. Then begins a long chase with gun fights. I start confident that I will beat him, but after a while I feel that he might manage to kill me. We have a last chase at a crowded hotel with glass elevators and emergency staircases. I jump from a window, enter the hotel again and cross the kitchen in a last attempt to lose him. When I'm out of ideas, a huge earthquake shakes the whole building and I decide to run to outside. Stuff collapses behind me and he gets trapped inside. I feel relief, but then outside I encounter mayhem. The earthquake is caused by the fall of what seem to be meteorites, but instead of making large impact craters, they explode like nuclear bombs and radioactive clouds form in the sky. Everybody is running for their lives and I look for some good shelter. I find it at an old monumental church with heavy wooden doors which I lock behind me. I inform the people inside about what's happening outside and we try as much as possible to insulate doors and windows. Magically we survive in there for some time until I decide to get outside and I find that we've been protected from radiation by huge transparent domes over the city.
    2. The Lazy River and Monster

      by , 08-04-2012 at 01:43 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      The Lazy River and Monster (Non-lucid)


      I remember being at some sort of beach resort. We came to a strip of small stores and houses that occupied the back side of the stores, well the other side. I was with Ken and her friend, Beth.

      We walked down the little strip of stores looking for something to do. We found some sort of water carnival thing at the end of the strip. Once we got inside, it was suddenly nighttime. The inside of the building that hosted it looked like the inside of a space shuttle, only bigger. One man sat at a chair as we walked in. He had a control panel sitting on his left, our right. He greeted us and asked us to wait in line. Now that we looked, there was a pretty long line of about 20 kids our ages.

      The man got up and told us that we could get in the water now. Not even changing, everyone walked down the steps into the cool water, and we followed everyone else. Once everyone was in the water, the man pressed a button on his control panel. Suddenly, a large wall lifted itself up in front of us, causing all of the water to be sucked out, including everyone else. We found ourselves floating down a deep stream of water, like a lazy river, only much faster. And I had the interpretation that we would get lost out at sea.

      Looking on both sides of the water we were floating down, I saw some orange walls. I guess to keep the water and everyone else in. But I still didn't feel safe.

      I lost hold of Ken and Beth along the way, so I swam along trying to find them. I bumped into random people trying to find my way, since it was dark. I accidentally grabbed onto the wrong person once. He looked familiar though.

      I finally found Beth. I held on to her trying to keep balance. She laughed.

      Somehow, the lazy river came back to the same entrance we left at. Everyone got out and left. I was the last to get out, and had trouble finding the exit.

      Soon I found myself back with Beth and Ken. We went into some kind of Walmart or something. I Was walking past the microwave isle when a mean looking old lady hollered at me to bring her a drink from the fountain. I looked to my left. Sure enough there was a small fountain.

      I grabbed a half full cup without thinking and filled it with some more water. I then looked inside and noticed a couple of strange orange pieces of something. I passed up the thought of taking them out, they were probably for taste or something. I then walked over to the lady and handed the drink to her. "Here you go, ma'am." I said. "Thanks." she said gruffly, and took it.

      The dream sped forward. There was a neighborhood beside the strip of stores, and in the neighborhood were hotels and small houses. Somehow my friend Mike came along with me. We were walking down the road, checking the hotels. We had heard a story earlier about the woman in which I had given the drink to. She turned into some sort of monster from the orange things that were in her drink, however the police were unsure of this so they were going to check up on "her" later.

      We decided to go see her to see if she was still untransformed. But if she was, we had to take action. We found the hotel she was staying in. We went up and found her room. Before we got any closer, Mike pulled out 3 knifes from the sheaths beside him. "Here, take one," He whispered. "For protection." I smiled at him. He put the two remaining knives in his left and right hand. He
      nodded to me, and motioned me to get on top of the table beside her door. I did, and he followed, standing to my right on the table. Our backs were up against the wall, knives in hand. "Knock." he whispered.

      I slowly knocked with a shaking hand. After a couple of seconds, we heard the doorknob turn. The door opened just a little. Then it opened a bit wider as if she was looking around. I caught a glimpse of her, but she hadn't seen me yet. She looked much more paler than before, and she looked way older than when I saw her in the store. Then she saw us, and retreated inside, and closed the door.
      "Wait! Ma'am!" Mike yelled, jumping off the table. "We haven't come to hurt you. We just wanted to ask you a couple of questions."

      Then the dream ended.
    3. The Heist + Frag

      by , 07-20-2012 at 07:34 PM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)
      Took melatonin and a b vitamin before bed, for the first time. I had three dreams or so, because I woke up briefly then fell back asleep, but didn't take notes or anything, so I can only remember a bit of one dream, and several parts from the other, but not how they fit together and I KNOW there's a bunch of stuff I forgot to those two. The third is completely gone, as are the rest (if any). The b vitamin didn't really have enough B6 to make a huge difference, but it was there, and the melatonin of course made the dream feel much more stable overall.

      The Heist

      The first thing I clearly remember, was "observing" some villian setting a trap in the form of a briefcase he would trick us into stealing. I know a BUNCH of stuff happened before this, but I can only recall walking around a mall/hotel like building and climbing through some type of funhouse. After the observing scene, I was standing on a nearby rooftop with three other people, one of which may have been Dean from Supernatural, and I may have been Sam, but I'm not sure. One of the other people was a (rather attractive) girl, but I can't remember details, and I remember nothing at all about the third person. We were arguing about if we should try to steal this briefcase, and how we should do it. Eventually, Dean said something along the lines of, "No, I can't do this! This is your thing," referring to the complicated computer hacking I would have to do. I think we jumped down to the ground floor of the building with the briefcase, went in the lobby (which felt more like a hospital waiting room than the lobby of a bank), and climbed through the air ducts into a bedroom a few floors up. And I just remembered another part where I was a girl (possibly the other girl in the group), trying to trick some lady in a hotel lobby (which looked like the inside of a department store), but I don't remember why or how, or when this fit into the timeline. After we got into the bedroom, apparently Dean and I had to trick two bisexual girls into thinking that we were also bisexual. I can't remember if this actually had something to do with the briefcase, or if we completely forgot about it and were just lying to try to get in their pants. I believe it was the former. I don't remember any specific images or details, but at some point me and the girl were arguing about some kind of transformation.

      Dream Frag

      I was on an island somewhere, which had a very video game-ish feel to it, as if it were something out of a Mario level. There was a part where someone told me "not to do it." Apparently he was referring to some kind of tunnel through the water, which had floating rings (like inside Clanker on Banjo-Kazooie) and a shark in it, that chased me when I went into it. I think I may have flown briefly around the island beforehand.
    4. July 15, 2012 - Royal Hotel Parade/Dance

      by , 07-16-2012 at 04:54 AM
      This is my first dream journal entry! All I can really remember is being at this location that looked very similar to the hotel Chatou Frontinac in Quebec, Canada (I have been there before once). The surroundings were not at all like what they are in real life - everything around was flat and there were some structures that were smaller versions of the hotel, they also had green roofs. I remember being behind this group of people in this long hall of arches outdoors - the posts of arches stretched about 100 meters. It looked like a parade or some sort of dance - I distinctly remember a group of girls in spandex (light green and red, like neon colors) in a cheerleading type form a couple of meters ahead of me. Then, I am touching this big object to my left ( it was either a big shiny ball like a marble or an instrument like a drum) that was in wheels. Someone ahead of me was pulling the object with a rope. Then, I remember these stairs that looked very rich and royal - white and thick rock). I think I saw some of my friends but I am not sure entirely.

      This was not a lucid dream, although there were a lot of clues that gave the fact that it was a dream away. I hope to get better at recognizing that I am dreaming and hopefully lucid dream after getting a few more entries.

      I just recently got interested in lucid dreaming and I find all of this extremely fascinating. I wish I could someday experience what some people on this website have!
    5. 27.06.2012 - 3 x non lucid dreams

      by , 06-28-2012 at 11:31 AM
      Date: 27/06/2012
      Place: My own bed
      Time of getting into bed: 12.48am

      Dream 1 - non lucid - 2.24am
      Me and my partner, 'N,' are getting motorbike lessons. N falls off the bike and hurts his foot quite badly. The teacher is nice to me, but very strict and uncaring with N. There is a small child nearby, and suddenly he / she clings to my arms, and will not let go. I try gently to remove the child, but the child won't budge.

      Dream 2 - non lucid - 8.52am
      My notes here are terrible, I can barely read them!
      We are at a music concert / festival in the middle of a field. The field is empty apart from us and a small group of people, we are 'waiting' for something. I do remember waiting for an awfully long time. The feeling is that we don't know what we are waiting for, but it is supposed to be big. Like a famous person or something. Suddenly a few people are running towards a makeshift hut, which has queues leading in. There are star wars posters around and people start saying it is an actor from star wars appearing. My friend S is running towards the hut, as she is huge star wars fan (and in the dream she is wearing a star wars Tshirt) I stay where I am. Then, a giant inflatable slide appears in the shape of a tongue, at the top of the tongue where the mouth should be, a big inflatable gorilla head pops out, and from it's mouth lots of people start emerging, and sliding down the slide. The people are all good looking, wearing very little amounts of clothing, and what they are wearing is neon pink. They all slide down to join us, who are cheering, but then nothing happens. They just sort of hang around and wait with us. I notice I am wearing a neon pink babygro, and start to take it off. However I am naked underneath so put it back on.

      Dream 2 - non lucid - 10.08am
      I considered WILDing, but my partner kept snoring so I got angry and just went to sleep.
      I am in a low budget hotel room. I am laying in the single bed, alone. A dog comes in, which I seem to recognise. It is a HUGE dog, maybe a rottweiler? It jumps on the bed on top of me, and licks my face. Although it is scarily massive, it is very friendly and I stroke it for some time. I vaguely remember someone disturbing me by coming into the room??

      I consider this all one dream, although it could have been several;

      Next I am back in one of my old childhood bedrooms. My little sister is with me, as is my partner N. I am taking some tablets to get high. As I am taking them, I find some other tablets which are a different colour. I decide to try one of these too to see what it does. I take 1 of each. I try to put the remaining tablets into a pill box, but it hard to get them to fit, so I have to squeeze them in. (I'm sure Freud would have something to say about this ) For some reason, I decide to put some in my mouth, but not eat them, just store them there. One of the tablets splits in my mouth, and the insides pour into my mouth. I know worry that I've had too much and will OD. I try to scrape out the stuff that has spilt into my mouth, but I am not doing so well. I decide to flush it out with water, so I find a 2 litre bottle that has water in it, and I pour it into my mouth, rinse, and then spit it out the window. I panic that my mum, who is in the living room below, will see the water going past the window and come up to check on me. However I have no choice, so I keep spitting. I also wash my hands clean with the last of the water.
      Eventually we decide to leave, and go to our hotel room. Due to the fact I have been messing around with water and tablets I haven't had chance to get a shower or get changed, so I set off in my PJ's, and decide I will get a shower when I get there. N tells me we are going to a different hotel room this time, as we have been upgraded to the posh bit. We walk there, me with a heavy backpack on. We notice the change between the 'budget' side of the hotel and the 'posh' side. Suddenly everything is blue, clean and very nicely decorated. There is a bar along the left, with ashtrays on it. I tell my sister to put out her cigarette because we are in the posh bit now, she argues at first but after seeing how posh the place is, she agrees and puts it out in one of the ashtrays. We walk past a lounge area, with footstools and sofas, and lights in the floor. We turn right, past a blue pool table and through a door to the hotel rooms.

      I have riden a scooter type bike for a few years now
      When N tried riding my bike in waking life a year or so ago, he did actually fall off, but wasn't hurt
      Dream sign appears again
      Don't know is S really likes Starwars or not
      Im not a huge starwars fan, but it's ok
      I occasionally take a pill at parties with friends
    6. Let's Just Be Friends

      by , 06-26-2012 at 04:24 PM
      I'm in a hotel room somewhere in the inner city. I'm with a few people. Their names were Eric, Leah, and some other guy who I didn't know. I always chatted with them on Facebook but not too much in real life. For some reason, I was in love with Leah in this dream. I felt the same way I did about Quynh about Leah. I talked to Leah and tried to become only friends with her. She knew I liked her. He accepted me as a friend only. While I was in this hotel room, I couldn't help but think that being only friends can be fun but I still have some love for her. Sometimes Leah's figure would change and become one of the other people I met back when I was in a hospital. She was very pretty. Me and her friends were talking about going somewhere like a party or event. I forgot exactly what it was but I decided to go. Even though Leah wasn't going, I still went with a rapper named Pitbull. I'm not sure why it wasn't Eminem instead. Eric wasn't coming, so I went alone out of all the 3 people who were in the hotel room with me. Sometimes I would go in to that hotel room and think about how much I loved Leah, but tried my best not to take it too far. I tried to be grateful for having her as a friend.
    7. Meeting with friends at the beach

      by , 06-14-2012 at 04:37 PM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      I had nice recall that morning, so I thought I'd post some dreams.

      [COLOR="#483d8b"]I was in my old hometown, thinking of this meeting in the beach on Saturday. I think it was the beginning of the week. All I planned on taking with me, was my DJ.
      So, Saturday came and we went for a walk with a few of my family members. It was sunny, but it had just stopped raining, I remember seeing the drops of water on the park benches. There was this old man, he couldn't sit down cause the benches were wet :D.
      We were walking in the shade, there were big trees blocking the sunshine. I told mom that I'm going to that meeting now and she gave me a bus ticket that can be used 35 times. I took the bus to the beach and I went inside this dark, wooden hotel. The place felt really familiar, like I've been there thousands of times.
      Three wooden steps went into the sand from the back door of the hotel, I wasn't wearing any shoes and the sand felt warm and nice. I saw a table in the middle of nothing, nobody was there. I walked to the table and thought that I really should've taken other things than the DJ as well.[/COLOR]

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    8. My common themes: work, food and travel

      by , 06-01-2012 at 04:24 AM
      1. I was at work, and one of my patients was having problems and had come in for some testing. He was first in line which a lot of people behind him. In the meantime, I was running the test on Dr. D. C, an echo tech, had another patient on the table next to Dr. D, and she was showing me how to hook someone up. It was similar to doing an EKG but more complicated with extra leads. I had to attach both an orange lead and a blue lead at each location. The blue leads were shaped like monkeys. Part of the test was to see if the patient developed a certain taste in his mouth.

      2. My husband was leaving for work and taking the minivan, which was parked across the street. I had to take the kids somewhere, but I hadn't driven in awhile and had to find where I had parked the other car. [This situation should have tipped me off since we always keep the cars in the garage & I drive daily] I thought I saw the car parked down the street so I sent the kids to check it out. While they did that, I went inside to grab a snack. I looked in my nightstand, but it mainly contained food I don't like: packaged cookies, canned asparagus and tubes of herb paste. I found one tiny packet of airplane peanuts. My bedroom looked right but the house itself was a small bungelow unlike any place I have lived. The neighborhood had small older homes with no garages. Then my coworker, L, and her husband gave me a ride in their van. We talked about sleeping in the back of the van. They had a mattress back there because L's husband works out of town and travels back & forth a lot.

      3. My husband, T, Mom & I were in Toronto staying at a nice hotel. We were in the lobby and I saw someone that I had met at an investigator mtg last year in Montreal. He was standing by the pool table talking about how much he likes to travel on business, but he had mixed feelings about his next trip since he always drinks too much. So of course we all hung out at the bar and I introduced him to T & Mom. He said that we should all come back to Toronto in a few months and meet him there, and Mom said she was already planning another Toronto trip anyway.
    9. Doomsday with Lava

      by , 05-29-2012 at 11:54 AM
      Alright, today I'd a dream! Also yesterday evening I was ordering L-theanin, so I'll get it probably tomorrow or thursday.

      Bedtime: 2am
      First wakeup: around 9am?
      -dream occur-
      Final wakeup: 11:30am
      Supplaments: 2 of B75

      The dream:

      I was in a hotel with my dad and probably more people. My dad had a air rifle that I tried out.
      Then when I'd got bored of it, I walked around in the hotel, I walked upstairs and met kids that spoke spanish.
      Then suddenly I heard somebody say that lava is coming. So I watched out the window and saw lava coming.
      I started to run higher up on the hotel as I also started to write my last tweet on Twitter.

      That's it
    10. Lucid Canadian Hotel, and Where Are The Boys? - 05232012

      by , 05-25-2012 at 02:05 AM
      This dream ranks among the most detailed dreams I've had, especially the lucid moments playing with the water. I've left out plenty of descriptive details that I just don't have enough time for, but I've tried to preserve the scenes and imagery. The color blue is still pervasive. This is a long dream.

      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]The scene takes place in the house I grew up in, a houselocated atop a tree-covered ridge with a row of back windows that face west. Iloved that house and especially that yard, but in this dream the house issuddenly located in Canada. Iíve never actually been to Canada but it must haveseemed like a good place to be for a dream.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]A storm is coming, a sight not unusual for west-facingwindows, but this one is particularly large. The winds of the storm areswirling like a hurricane, or perhaps oversized tornado, and have a blue tintto many of the swirls. I connect this to ice and a severe storm, as well asthoughts of being in Canada. Despite this some part of me knows this storm isimpossible, whether Iím in Canada or not.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]Something tells me that I need to be on the lookout for apair of kids with broken arms, injuries recently sustained while escaping thestorm possibly. I donít remember a phone call or message but somehow I justknow. As I think about them the stormsuddenly throws out several bolts of lightning indicating it is close enough toreally be a potential threat very soon.[/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I suddenly turn to the room Iím in, occupied by a couple ofother people, and say, ďWhy havenít we taken the kids to the hospital yet?!Ē [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I walk from the room and outside to the car, a cross betweenmy SUV, a car, and some kind of large toy. Driving the vehicle is an actualchallenge as it seems to be solely operated by the steering wheel. I swerve allover the road and as I reach the end of the block Iím lucky to make the turnwithout crashing into the rock wall that lines the outer edge of one personísproperty. Whatís especially weird is that Iím I Canada yet my childhoodneighborhood is perfectly preserved in my mind, right down to the dust on theroad at the corner.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]The lighting of the scene is that of early morning, and Idecide it must be six A.M. Iím approaching an intersection with a cross-streetand I have to stop, though my vehicle is very slow to respond. Ahead of meseveral children are approaching the intersection from the side and one is evencrossing with his bike right in front of me, prompting me to slam on the brake.The car slows with a frightening lag and I become scared Iím going to hit theyoung boy on his way to the bus stop, but as the motion ceases I get mad andwonder why in hell he would be going to school at six in the morning.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]On the cross-street a grey cube-car, initially headedtowards the same intersection, abruptly turns around and heads back the way itcame. This seems suspicious to me, and I turn to follow it. I have to stopshort as the car is moving at a very slow speed, and my suspicions disappear asmy displeasure with their speed rises. I have kids to get to the hospital afterall.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]In front of the slow cube-car is another vehicle goingequally slow, and I canít wait any longer. I zoom around both cars as weapproach a bend in the road, and as I am about to move back over into the laneI am brought face-to-face with an oncoming car. I swerve violently and my carmoves out of the way of the approaching vehicle, but I overcompensate andswerve back across the road after they pass. This time luck has deserted me andI crash into the curb, running into the grass of a house I visited as a teen.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]After standing there with my hands on my hips for a fewminutes just staring at the wrecked car I decide to head back to the hotel. Iskip over the return trip and find myself already experiencing the luxury ofthe hotel Iím booked in for a conference Iím attending, and still in Canada. Myfriends are waiting on me.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]In the hotel room the atmosphere is quite sedate compared tomy earlier location. The room is spacious, with white walls and curtains andseems large enough for a dozen people or more to share. I seem to be on somekind of tour, and Iíve been led into the spacious and relaxing bathroom. Awoman is taking a bath but she gets up as we enter, allowing me to see the trueluxury of this hotel.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]The bath itself is situated like a mountain stream. Thebather sits in a slanted trough with a rest at their back containing the watercontrols. Their body below mid-thigh rests on a slope with polished river rocksforming the bottom of the tub, the water diffusing down through the rockssomewhere near the end of the tub instead of a traditional drain. The rate ofthe water going out of the tub is the same as the water coming in, and thisallows the water to fill the tub and seem to remain still without appearinglike it is in constant motion.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I bring my face closer to the water surface and the termartesian well enters my mind. This is the true luxury of this hotel, wellbeyond any of the other amenities, and I canít wait to bathe in it. The view ofthe water brings me to lucidity and I spend the next several minutes simplystaring at the water and the rocks below, watching light shimmer and reflectalong the bottom of the tub. Few sights have ever brought me as much pleasureas watching a flowing stream, something I associate with the Pisces in me. Idip my hands in the water and watch as the ripples trail from my fingers, adazzle of light that is truly captivating. The water was warm when I enteredthe room but as I play in it the water becomes cool and clear, just the way Iwant it.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]The room is open to the west, and oddly I never see anyglass. The sun is low in the western sky and the pretty colors are starting tocome out, something you can only truly appreciate from a high vantage pointlike the hill this hotel sits on. Itís this view that puts the finishing touchon the luxury of this bathroom.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I stand and walk back into the main part of the hotel room.I see a couple of my friends but something is nagging at the back of my mind.With a puzzled look on my face I say, ďWhere are those kids?Ē No one sitting inthe room seems to know but they start getting up to look for them as thoughthey were lost keys hidden in the room. I turn to the curtains behind me andpart them, revealing a sliding glass door which leads to an interior patio usedfor seating and watching the outside without having to experience the heat orcold. Here I find the boys, lying on sleeping bags, and apparently their brokenarms have been taken care of with casts, though they still look severelyinjured.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Some movement catches my eye in the darkened room and as myfocus adjusts I see a pair of raccoons has invaded the room through the openexternal patio door. They appear to be digging for snacks the boys have left aroundin the room, the remainders of a night of recovery from their injuries. Myentrance has startled them, and a third raccoon on the external patio isalready scurrying away.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]The raccoons run through the open door and I give chase.From the patio-deck they jump onto a low roof and around the corner of thehotel. It appears dark outside but as I come around the corner I see it is justa deep shadow created by the setting sun. The trio of raccoons has become afamily, and they scurry along the roof to the edge of the building where theyjump to an outcropping of rock. Limestone hills surround the hotel and leadtowards a small meadow at the edge of the property. The raccoons run throughthis meadow and jump off a cliff to some nearby trees. It looks dangerous and Iwonder if they sustain injury doing this, but they seem to reach the bottomjust fine. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]My attention turns to the view of the sunset, fading colorslike fire dying in the sky. Itís a beautiful scene, and I wish I could linger,but I really need to get back to the hotel room, and in particular I need toget off the roof before it gets dark. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Climbing out onto the roof had been easy, a mere walk/runonto the gently sloped surface. Going back was not so smooth. I watched myfriend who I donít remember being on the roof at all climb from the level Iímstanding on to a higher level that leads back to the room. The other roof isabout five feet above where I am and I donít feel confident that I can make it,especially with the spiny cactus that has slid into place right in my path. Iknow Iím going to have to hold onto this cactus to get up but the tiny spinesare too difficult to grab onto comfortably, and I give up. I decide the bestcourse of action is to jump down to the ground floor below.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I land in the back of the building, a parking lot/loadingarea for the hotelís restaurant. Immediately a Greek man walks up to me andasks me if I want to order breakfast. I feel a little surprised at hisforwardness, having never ordered breakfast from the loading area before. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]ďWell, I am hungryÖĒ [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Before I have even had a chance to talk about what I wouldlike to eat the man is calling out to someone to prepare another breakfast itemfor me. I have to hastily stop him before he can complete the sentence.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]ďHold on. I donít even know if Iím going to like what it is.Ē[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]He leads me further into the kitchen loading area where foodis stacked on high wheeled carts and shelves. His breakfast offering islikewise filling shelves on a cart, and it looks a little greener than Iusually care for in a breakfast item. The appearance is something like a smalltomato cake with jalapeno seeds and cabbage, a description that defiesimagination but seems to be very Greek in appearance. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]ďCan I try it?Ē[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]He wonít give me a whole one to try but instead hands me asmall piece of the green leafy substance that surrounds the outer part of the Greekcake wheel. Itís bitter and creamy for aleaf, an unusual combination that he seems enthralled with but I just donítcare for it. I thank him and walk back to the room, still hungry but happy Ididnít let him push his odd food on me.[/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]In the room I sit down on the bed. My friends have left theroom to enjoy the night, and Iím alone with only the glow of a couple lamps tokeep me company. A few feet away a fax machine sits on a small table and it isspewing out a rather long document. I assume itís printing out a message fromDream Views and I ignore it at first, walking over to sit at the nearby writingtable to do a little work. When I look again at the fax a moment later Irealize itís printing out my entire address book of contacts, including privateinformation that I have notated with each name. I can only presume this wasgenerated by a computer error and I feel glad I was in the room when thishappened. If I had been out enjoying myself still I would have missed the printand sensitive information would have fallen into the wrong hands. Iím onlystaying in the hotel for one night and if this had occurred the next nightanother guest would have found this treasure-trove of a document.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I continue writing at the desk for a minute or two and whenIím finished I sit back down on the bed. Since no one is around this seems likea good time to touch myself, and I slip down my shorts to my ankles. It doesníttake me long to get lost in the activity.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Iíve had my eyes closed while I enjoy myself, ignoring mysurroundings, but when I open my eyes I see that the deckchairs outside thewindow which I presumed were unoccupied actually had people lying on them. Ihad not been able to see the people because the backs of the chairs faced thewindow, and now Iím sitting here on the bed touching myself and completelyvisible. Even worse, one of the people is standing and I recognize him.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I utter a small scream and duck down behind the bed. In fullview of me and my self-pleasure is the hotel manager, standing next to one ofthe deck chairs and talking to a woman. He is dressed casually, a whitebutton-down loosely flowing in the breeze over a wife-beater t-shirt. Heís abalding man, likely in his fifties, with beady eyes and glasses that tend topeer down over his slight belly. The woman with him is clearly not his wife.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Iím doing my best to become invisible behind the bed, evengoing so far as to hold up a small towel over my face. My legs seem to besticking out past the end of the bed and I canít pull them up any closer. Ipeek out from behind my rag as one of the staff members comes up to the man andtalks with him in a hurried manner. Iím pretty sure the man has seen me,judging by the look on his face and his continuous peeking in my direction. Icanít tell what theyíre actually saying but it is enough to draw the manageraway from his date. I feel that he told the staff member that he saw me and heísunhappy about it, while the staff member probably said if he knows whatís goodfor him heíll forget he saw me because I could expose him and his mistress tohis wife.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Whatever is said the man leaves without confronting me and Ican finally get up. My friends are sitting nearby on different beds and two ofthem are laughing at me and the situation, knowing I almost got caught twice.Thankfully I have escaped the uncomfortable events and all seems well.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]And then I wake up.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
    11. The Immortality Olympics

      by , 05-20-2012 at 07:33 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Not one of my more interesting dreams, but I'll log it in here anyways.
      Me and and large group of friends I know from school headed to this big event that was comparable to real life Olympics. The prize for winning it was being granted immortality. We had to go and practice that day, in order to prepare. Our group leader was some bald man who looked very familar to me, but I can't quite place who he was. I think he's this guy from church I met, like, 6 years ago. Haven't seen the guy since, so that's probably why I had trouble figuring out who he was at first.
      The man (although I recognized him now, didn't know his name) ordered us to get dressed and ready. We all bought out this large hotel where we each got our own room, and I went in mine, the silence becoming almost creepy. I changed my clothes which were actually the same clothes I was wearing the previous day IRL and went outside to look at the city, feeling anxious about all these upcoming events. The city was large, and somewhat blurry in the distance. The sun wasn't out that day, it instead being very cloudy, so a gloomy hue colored the atmosphere, fitting my anxious emotions.
      We practiced that day
      though I can't recall what we actually did and we got to go home to our families. I went to my grandma's, and my friend Aaron came over so we could play a videogame together. As we were playing, I told him about the upcoming 'Olympics', and told him I had to run for a very long time, and that I was extremely nervous.
      That's all I remember. I do recall the dream continuing for a bit after I talked to Aaron, but I don't remember what happened.
    12. 4/29/2012

      by , 04-30-2012 at 05:35 AM (Adventures in Dreamland)
      I was at an anime convention, walking through a hotel

      I'm out in a forest, walking with a group of people. I think my irl sister is with me. We're trying to find a place to hide because a storm is coming. There is this old guy traveling with us, and he knows what to do. We find a sort of nature-house (out of like branches and stuff) that a lady is living in. She has a sign to repel cats on the door, but our cat ignores it and walks in anyway.

      I'm at my grandmother's old house, and she's out in the pasture working. I'm looking for her, but my sister lets me know where she is.
    13. My Return to Dreaming, The Army's Betrayal and The New West.

      by , 04-28-2012 at 09:42 PM (The Realm of the Child)
      Well, it's been a while, but I finally remember a dream that I had last night.

      Dream Type: Non-Lucid, Memorable.
      Dream Mood: Shocking, Cool.
      Dream Setting: In a Hotel, Near a Boat, In the Desert.
      Dream Characters: My Friends, The Marines, Russian Military and Robots.

      I don't remember how it began, but I was a U.S. Military Marine, or a Spy of some sort. I don't quite recall, but I had done missions before. I had my outfit on, and I was told to escort these little girls into this hotel of sorts, which had all the lights off and was dark due to the night sky that blue-lit the room. I was told to shoot down these enemies that would come into the room to try and take the girls. And so I hid behind the bed, while the girls hid in other areas around the hotel, like behind a couch or in the closet, though two girls hid with me behind the bed. I held my gun, which was an assault rifle with a scope and red dot sight, over the bed, waiting. To be honest, I was terrified, though I acted brave. Suddenly, an alarm went off. Granted, I knew that it was too soon for them to be here, and so I waited past the alarm. Eventually, an Enemy would bust through the door and the girls would scream. Coincidentally, I had my aim right on him, and killed him instantly. Next, I heard them coming towards the balcony of the hotel, where there were more of the bastards. I shot down the first wave, raid drenching me as I looked to my left to find that the balcony was over an ocean, and a boat of sorts was almost directly under it. Suddenly, a few others walked casually my way, though I tried shooting them, but nothing happened. Instead, they held some other Marines, and they all looked knocked out or dead. Still, I noticed that these were of Russian descent, and that one of them was my friend Dylan! That betraying bastard then tossed one of the U.S. Marines over the balcony and into the water. I didn't know what to do, and so I stayed put.

      This next part of the dream was quite far apart from the latter one. Instead, I started out in a dome of sorts, one that looked aged and old, covered in hanging vines and moss. It stood in a desert area, and I was in some sort of super-suit, which had a vest that was fit for my muscles, a helmet that looked very furturistic, and the rest to match such a theme. Still, I didn't pay much mind it would seem, and so I walked around, though suddenly, a large robot came from nowhere, and I knew that I had to fight this thing. Granted, I haven't a clue if I won that battle or not, though judging by what happened next, I'm assuming that I lost. I now had no armor, and was simply in some shoes, jeans, and a coat; stranded in the desert as just a normal civilian of sorts. I was in a creek, wondering where to go. I just laid on the ground, and waited a while, before then getting up and heading in the other direction. Soon enough, I was in a destroyed town that reminded me of a sort of old Spaghetti Western, though there were two or three random people there, I instead decided to just walk around and free-run. I believe that was the end of that.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    14. John Travolta and Blonde Girl, Room Hotel 200+, Luisa Gets Married...

      by , 04-27-2012 at 04:08 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      John Travolta and Blonde Girl (Non-lucid)


      The John Travolta look-alike doesn't appear until later on.

      I'm inside a house, and I'm near the dining room, and it's one of those fancy wooden tables with a shine to it. It had a white table cloth on it, and there's this wierd machine that looks a little bit like a mini-space shuttle machine with legs extending and landing on several sections of the table.

      It's white, with black parts that attaches it to make it whole, and its feet are triangular. Me and some random DCs are supposed to use it to spread out the white table cloth.

      We managed to spread it half-way, and I wondered why the table isn't being covered completely. I go to the right side where one of the DCs were sitting at, and a huge portion of the cloth was on the floor.

      I go back to the left side of the table, and because the machine was still on top of the table with the cloth stuck underneath it, I have to pull the cloth as hard as I can.

      After that's taken care of, there's another shift.

      John Travolta is out in the backyard somewhere. The place is mostly just green grass being bored by brown fences on all sides. There's one part of the fence that you can flip to go to another backyard, and Travolta is trying to hide that same spot to prevent a girl from finding out.

      The blonde girl is maybe 4-6 years old based on how tall she was, maybe 3-4 feet tall....and she wore a black or dark green dress.

      The girl asks him some question that I can't remember exactly, but he makes some random and lame excuse that he went to school or something.

      The girl is completely clueless, and falls for it, and declares in an adorable cute voice of a young child,

      "Oh okay....I never seen you in school before though..."

      and she leaves.
      Room Hotel 200+ (Non-lucid)


      I put the title as Hotel 200+ because I can't remember the exact room number I was in later on in the dream...and some parts may be a bit jumpy, since I have some lapses with my dream recall, so I'll just assume I had dream shifts here.

      I believe I was inside in my apartment before the Hotel, and I wanted to eat the rest of the tortilla chips with the spinach dip that was inside the fridge. There's this feeling in my stomach, like it's growling and that signals that I'm hungry, which is why I had the sudden urge to find the food and pig out on it.

      It's day time in the dream, and I'm busy fiddling around with doing something in my apartment. I think I kept the entrance to the apartment unlocked, and it was slightly open too.

      I saw my laptop was near the white wooden table cabinet I normally put my laptop on, and it had the same background screen in waking life of showing only the top area of Eva wearing a black bra.

      (My laptop is on a chair near my bed, not on the cabinet in waking life....that could've been a time to RC if I was aware )

      Then I realized someone is coming in the apartment, and I'm surprised that they randomly just opened the door and came in.

      It was a blonde girl, her face is slightly cheeky, she's wearing a gray shirt and dark blue jeans I believe, and she says "Hi" to me in a cheerful voice.

      It seems she found out about the background photo of Eva on my laptop, or maybe I was the one worried as assumed she found out.

      I mean, the laptop was open, and any person with sight can obviously see Eva in the laptop as a background picture. But I don't think she was surprised too much by it, and I told her she can come in.

      The dream shifts a little, and I think some guy is doing some kind of filtering with my trash can or something like that. He gets a transparent trash bag, uses some weird machinery that's supposed to decompress the contents in it I guess, and then he's finally done.

      It smells like chicken strips with that weird spicy smell where the meat has that dark orange type of flour or batter to it pre-cooked and frozen.

      I asked him what he did with my trashcan, and I forget the exact word he declared to me, but when I asked him what the word was, he's like,

      "You know? De-Oxidized? You do know what that is right?"

      It takes me a while,

      "De-Oxidized?....Yeah...yeah, I know."

      He leaves and the blonde female, I'm not sure where she went lol.

      The dream shifts where outside, and I'm maybe 10-30 feet away from my apartment here, and apparently, I just have my underwear on.

      I'm aware of this
      (not aware that I am dreaming unfortunately) and I try to cover up my body with the clothes I have on my arms. Instead of actually wearing the damn clothes, I just try to cover it up as if I only had a leaf to cover my private parts.

      Then the dream shifts again to where I'm inside some fancy building, it looks like a hotel, or maybe even a college dorm area. There's some people looking at me, but it's just them glancing for a few seconds, and I think I have clothes on this time.

      I see a long leg extending all the way on the floor. Whoever it is, they wore blue jeans and a sneaker, so I jumped over their leg instead of posssibly tripping over it.

      Then it appears again, I walk over it........

      Then again...................I do the same thing....

      and it shows up one more time I believe.

      (I wonder if that was Kaomea trying to trip me or something...LOL) You did say you and GypsyKiss would do pranks to wake people up in their dreams >.>

      I continue walking, looking to my right and see rooms over 260+ in their numbers, and I had a feeling that isn't where I'm supposed to go, so I turn left, and see rooms around 220+ in room numbers on the doors.

      I head that way and I forget what I did after that.
      Luisa is Married.......... (Non-lucid)
      I'm on the Swiftkit IRC Client, so I guess I was planning to play Runescape, or at least see if any of the channels I used to be a part of are still alive.

      I go to a channel called #Integrity-PC, I'm assuming I'm in it because some of the members' names show up, but I rather not post them seeing as I'll probably forget them all anyway.

      One person that used to be Voice as now an OP rank, and he tells me Luisa, one of the girls I drew in waking life, is married to someone, but I don't know who

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    15. Oceans and Arguments

      by , 04-12-2012 at 07:13 PM (Night Time Musings of Shadowclaw)
      Dream # 1:

      I was in my house, walking down the hall. My mother was talking on the phone loudly. She was arguing with someone. I walked into the kitchen, and she had some papers in front of her on the counter. She was talking about a warranty. I figured that it must be the warranty for our driveway. She angrily hung up the phone, and I asked her if they were going to honor the warranty. Then I woke up.

      Dream # 2:

      I was at the ocean, and it was night time. The moon was full and provided plenty of light for me. I walked along the coast line, and the waves rolled in and out. There was a tall cliff face to my left, several hundred feet away from the water line. There were also buildings along the shore, mostly houses. One building in particular was a small guesthouse.

      I walked into the guesthouse, and I saw a mirror in the hallway. I noticed that I was wearing my bathing suit. For some reason, I turned on the light. I could see someone stirring in bed in the next room, so I quickly turned the light off. I walked into the room, and I saw two queen-sized beds pushed up next to each other, probably to save space, because it was a small room.

      There was one person in each bed. I could see that Curly from the Three Stooges was in the left bed, and an unknown person was in the right bed. So I climbed into the right bed and snuggled up close to the person in it. I fell asleep.

      Next thing I remember, it is morning, and Curly is gone. One of my biology professors was walking around the room. He was the one in the bed with me during the night. When he noticed I was awake, he told me, "Good Morning." His hair was a mess and he was in his pajamas. He left the room and was gone for maybe five minutes. When he returned, he was dressed for the day and his hair was neatly combed. He also brought breakfast with him. We talked for a little while, but I don't remember what we talked about. At this point I woke up.

      Dream # 3:

      I returned to the previous dream at the ocean. I was still with my biology professor, but we were leaving a mall. He had a bag full of purchases, but I don't know what they were. Outside, we met one of my chemistry professors. He told us that he was excited about going to Belize.

      The three of us walked back to the guesthouse, and we all had suitcases waiting for us. They were black, and the kind with wheels. We took our suitcases and walked outside. There was a sidewalk now, and we walked along it with our suitcases trailing behind us. We eventually came to a large van, and several students were loading their luggage into the back. I recognized a few of them that had gone to Belize with me (IRL), but there were several I had never seen before. I counted the students and realized that there wasn't room for me, and that I must not have signed up for the trip.

      I asked my professor if the roster was full. He said, "Yes, but even if it wasn't, how would come up with the money in so short a time?" I stood to the side and watched everyone get into the van. Another student I had traveled with was standing with me. I guess he didn't remember to sign up, either. I was angry that I didn't get to go, and I wondered how I missed signing up. Then I woke up.
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