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    1. [Red Root, A Lawn of Cartidges, and an Evil God]

      by , 10-30-2012 at 09:19 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Tuesday, October 30th, 2012]

      I was disguised into a group of thugs and baddies or just unfamiliar druggies. We sat in their red van as they talked
      about a type of drug they smoked and grew. It was a red root or weed kind of plant that would grow anywhere. We
      sat and talked for awhile, and then I decided I needed to use the bathroom. I got out of the car walked down the
      plaza street until I arrived at a bathroom.

      WHOA. I remember a dream before this. I came to this same bathroom, when I told my Mom I needed to use it
      before. I walked into the bathroom and flushed the toilet water it since it was yellow already. I sat down on it,
      went pee, but couldn't go number 2. So I flushed the toilet and left. The room was a comfortable, out-of-sight
      bathroom with Hawaiian tropical theme. I walked back outside, the whole ISLAND plaza was island themed.
      There was a bay of water to the left, close to where the drug van was parked, and the sunset reflected a beautiful
      orange and maroon just perfectly off the water.

      I walked back up to the van, and got in and began to excuse myself. They told me to look at the plant one more
      time before I left. It was growing underneath the passengers seat. I leaned down and put my face close, and... sure
      enough, a red sprout was sitting in the middle, right underneath her seat. I instantly began to thieve.

      I saw a stem that looked weak and dry, like it would crack off. I distracted the two people in the front seat.
      "So this is it?" I bent the stem back and forth, in hopes that I could snap it off. "You guys just started growing this,
      didn't you?"

      They answered that I was right. I picked a piece off and grasped it tightly in my palm.
      "Alright guys, I really am sorry. I'm not feeling so hot, I'm gonna head out now." I really did have to go to the
      bathroom again still.

      I opened the door and said my politries, then shut it behind me.
      "Phew, I did it." I thought silently as I snuck off into the everdarkening evening.

      I passed into an enclosed grassy area- it kind of reminds me of a flag pole area at the entrance to a school or hotel,
      but with highwalls to surround it. The path of brick or stone cut right through the grass to the other side. I
      continued casually, but slowed down when I saw a perfectly good SD card. Then another. And another. I stopped.
      "Whoa." I looped around, still trying to remain casual looking. I picked up an SD card, and all of the ones I found.
      Then I noticed there was more than just memory sticks. There's DS games, Gameboy games, Nintendo 64 games!

      All kinds of cartridges! Scattered across the grassy yard. I got excited and began to pick them up into a stack.
      "HEY!" A large tomboyish female called me out. She must have had blonde hair and a cap to cover it- because I
      get that impression. "What are you doing?"

      In a second, I told the truth, which is unusual for a circumstance like this.
      "I found a bunch of video game cartridges on the ground! I mainly just want the Gameboy ones, but you can take
      some if you find something you like too." It felt nice to share. I DIDN'T need all of these, anyways.
      She stared at me with an annoyed inquisitive gaze... then it lightened.

      "Okay!" She was suddenly friendly and full of love.
      We bent down and worked together, sorting through all of them, stacking them in piles.
      I would check hers to see if she found anything I liked, and likewise.
      I liked her. (It's too bad I didn't ask for a name.)

      <My dream faded as I woke up.>
      <I rolled over and went back to sleep.>

      I'm now inside the Hotel that was to my immediate right in the previous dream, after walking into that grassy
      entrance. I'm not sure how, but I was a fighter. A bunch happened that I don't remember. But I do remember the
      current circumstances I was thrown into. I had a Master who was helping me to stop the summoning of an evil
      God. We could see him, but he was powerless to harm us yet. He wore what looked like a red samurai mask. An
      evil idiot villian and his short alien-looking psychic sidekick were summoning him. My Master was keeping him at

      I had a staff in my hand and I got impatient. I charged my staff and pointed the end at the evil God and a blue
      light sparked out and glowed. It pushed the evil God away but then he smiled at me. My Master intervened and
      told me to be patient. I knew it was a powerful attack, but why didn't it banish him? He was REALLY powerful.

      Just then, the evil idiot villain emerged from the bathroom and told his sidekick,
      "Don't worry. When we win, I'll give you levatation powers."
      "That fucking idiot." I let out. The evil villain turned his head so fast and was in my face. He shouted and screamed
      and spit and seemed like he was going insane. His face went dark red and he looked like he was in pain almost.

      The evil God grinned, as if he had a chance to strike, THROUGH him.
      "CALM DOWN." I grabbed his head in my hands. "Look at me! Caaaalm dooowwn."
      "It's oookaaaayy. It's okay." His face resembled my best friend Nathan. I hugged him.

      <My dream faded and I woke up.>
      (I'll also add that I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad when I woke up. xD Explains why I had to keep using it in my dreams.)
    2. h1nchm4n's Dream Journal

      by , 10-17-2012 at 10:58 PM
      October 17, 2012 (NAP TIME!)

      Some pre-knowledge: I got very little sleep last night (about 4 hours.) After I had class, I came back to my apartment and took a nap. I left the lights on, fan going, etc. It was noisy. I took a short 20-30 minute nap then woke back up. Then, I tried the WILD technique (For the first time in about a year.) This time though, I was more focused on visualizing than my body. I went straight into the dream instead of rolling out of bed.

      THE DREAM:

      It started in my house. I tend to stay lucid, but let my mind wander, and don’t take too much control. My dad kept trying to figure out which TV went best in each room. They were huge. This part was very short.

      We went on a family trip to some group of islands. We drove on this bridge that kept tipping back and forth. We got out of the car and tried to navigate it ourselves. It was hard to walk on. I wanted to try to move up the bridge, but I was too afraid I would fall. Keep in mind this bridge was a couple hundred yards above water. We couldn’t move along the bridge because it was so wobbly. There were a ton of people on the bridge. So many you couldn’t move.

      What happened next was very weird. I saw a stage above us and got much immersed in it. Someone was on trapeze. They fell into the net below, but the net didn’t stay in place. This net thing fell in a hole on the bridge. I guess there was a huge gap in the bridge from it breaking when I got distracted by the stage. There was someone in the center of the net, in the center of the hole. The net fell through and we went down the bridge by ropes. I ran along the water. My friend Connor threw me a rope and pulled me to shore. I looked back at the huge bridge. It was collapsing as people climbed off of it. I walked around the city to explore. I met this blonde girl. We got to know each other really well. I followed along with her. My parents and sister went off and did their own thing.

      I followed her back to her house. It was a small room: One door, A few windows, Kitchen, and a kitchen table in the middle. I was standing up. She sat down. We talked. While we were talking, her eyes widened for some reason. She said “Oh! ______ is coming over! He might ask me on a date!” I don’t remember his name, but I let it go by.

      After some conversation, I heard a knock on the door. A guy came in. He was pretty built, douchebag haircut, blonde. I shook his hand. “Where you from?” “I’m from the USA.” I guess this was a foreign country. But it looked very Nordic based upon the buildings. A couple other guys showed up. Some of them knew pretty good English, a few didn’t. We all stood around the table. The girl was sitting down. Her eyes were still wide with excitement.

      We talked about how some of the guys’ friends went to American colleges and how you need an American college education to succeed. I noticed one of those flatbeds outside that can hold like 14 cars drive by. Then I saw a ton of American brand stores and stuff outside the window that I didn’t notice before.

      After some not really understood conversation, the main blonde guy asked the girl on a date. She was overjoyed! That is when I lost it. He was now my enemy. I yelled in my deepest loudest voice “NO! THIS IS MY DREAM!” I lit up with flames and threw the guy into the wall. The wall broke and he went through. I then turned my arm into a very long sword and slashed the other guys in half all around me. The girl didn’t really react. We started talking again and it started getting frisky. We had sex on the table.

      Afterwards, I was worried about where my family was. I reached in my pocket for my phone, but it turned out to be a gps-type thing. The map was of the islands that we were on. I remembered my dad had a boat, and for some reason, it was a giant pirate ship. There was an avatar of a pirate ship, towing a car behind it across the screen. I told the ship to come to where I was. It drove through all the islands insanely fast, went through land, and stopped in front of the house. I told my family that I was in this house, and they went off.

      It’s very vague as to where it went from there, but the next thing I remember was that we were in another house, this time much bigger. There were a ton of beds, and the lighting was kind of creepy. A few of my friends were there along with the same girl from before. It looked a lot like a GIANT hotel room. As I said, this is where it got hard to remember. There were monsters in all the beds and they were sitting on the couches, standing around, talking, some of them doing other business. They were ugly. They looked like zombies.

      I grew the flames for a second time, and started hacking away at these creatures. I killed a majority of them, they disappeared when they died. There were a few very fat ones sitting on the couches that just wouldn’t take a blow. I walked passed. My friends and the girl followed. One of the monsters sitting down had a face that looked like a suction cup. The girl pulled the suction cup off of its face. It was a hole. There was nothing behind it. It was emptiness. One of my friends said to put it back.

      We walked through a door into the next room. Once everyone was through the door, I turned around and reached into my pocket. I pulled out a frag grenade, tossed it under the couch where the fat ones were sitting, and it went off. When the smoke cleared, everything was the same, but the creatures disappeared. I turned and went back through the door which my friends went through. It was a room exactly the same as the one before, maroon beds, a couch, and a kitchen. My friends were gone. I shut the door behind me and the girl. It was empty.

      These two creatures came in some other door that I hadn’t noticed. They were NOT LIKE the zombies from before. They had very weird arms and legs. They had the head of what looked like the Arbiter from Halo (Four pronged mouth with sharp teeth.) They had no hands, and were black and grey. Their arms looked like giant, strong, muscular tentacles (See picture/attachment.) They didn’t attack me. At this point I was still on fire. One of them, whom I think was the more dominant leader, pointed at me and said “I hope you had your fun tonight!” in a very creepy mischievous way. They both walked back out the door. I pulled a curtain back to look out the window.

      I noticed it was night time now, and we were on a hill. In the driveway, there was one of those car carrier things from before. I got a glimpse of the two creatures as they got into the flatbed and started it up. On the flatbed was my 1999 red Ford Explorer. Some of the windows were gone, the paint was messed up, a tire was missing, and there were dummies sitting in the driver, passenger, and back right seat. They were sitting straight up, and buckled in. The flatbed drove away.
      I said to myself “I’m tired of all this crap.” And I woke up.

      Based upon passed Lucid experiences and this one, the whole mood-swingy control happens often. I am very passive in the beginning (as I like to observe dreams,) and then when something bothered me, I took full control. You may have noticed underlining. I underline important events, places, and objects in my journaling.

      It is very hard to interpret the bridge scene in the beginning. The only thing that really speaks to me is my friend Connor. I've only hungout with him twice, and he isn't very social.
      -I think it might be a sign I need to be more friendly to the people who need it the most.

      The night I got four hours of sleep, I went over to this girl's house. We've been friends with benefits for awhile. Her roommate was trying on outfits to go on a date. Her roommate said "We're going on a date." I assumed that included both of them, as if it was a double date. I got kind of aggravated. Then we got into an argument about how she doesn't really want to have sex anymore.
      -I believe this EXACTLY reflects what happened in my dream. This might also be why he had no name in my dream. I met the girl, got mad about some guy asking her on a date, killed them all, and then had sex with her.

      The hotel room part is confusing. A few nights ago I watched a horror movie, called VHS, where a few guys brought girls back to their hotel rooms to have sex with them and film it. One of the girls, from the start, looked VERY creepy. They stripped her down, and she had messed up feet. She turned into a demon, and killed them all, spilling guts everywhere. Later in the movie, there was another scene in a hotel room, where a woman murdered her husband in his sleep.
      -I think my viewing of the movie may have influenced that scene.

      Recently, I visited my friend at another college. I left my car at his dorm for about four days as we visited another university to see what the party scene is like. The whole weekend I was bothered about my car getting towed.
      -This may be a link to the flatbed truck in my dream and the quote "You had your fun."

      Overall, this one of the weirdest dreams I've had. Most of my other Lucid experience is peaceful, as I'm very passive, and let things happen.

      The image attached is a character from an anime called Casshern Sins. The character whom is mutated, seeks eternal life and beauty. But is tricked, and turns into that creature.
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    3. [The Violet Keeper of the Hotel]

      by , 10-10-2012 at 11:32 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Tuesday, October 9th, 2012]
      Alex was talking to her Aunt, who was pulled up in a car- her Aunt was PISSED because while we had stayed at a hotel- Alex had used all of the telephone's minutes to call someone, and it had costed her Aunt. About 47 minutes of time. I told her to follow me, and that I would pay for it, and I grabbed her by the hand and we headed back up the stairs to the strange hotel. On the way up, Alex explained to me that I couldn't or something like that, but I was stubborn. We walked inside, and once there, we headed to the second floor, walking past a man in violet, playing the piano in a flurry. We waltzed up the stairs out of the lobby and to the owner's office. The office was empty- and a few other people waited there as well. We joined them in waiting.

      The man on the piano stood up, and looked around him as if he were being attacked by demons! He stared wide-eyed up at us, over the railing
      seperating us from the first floor and began to lose his temperment! He shouted and cursed and banished us from existence. He banished us from
      this hotel- for risk of losing something valuable of his. We all slowly exited down the stairs and out of the hotel. On the way out, I snatched a purple box off a table, that belonged to Nathan. Or maybe it WAS Nathan? I turned around and looked him dead in the eye-

      "Well, let me at least take my FRIEND NATHAN..." I was meaning the box- as if I knew Nathan was inside.
      He reared back in confusion and disgust.
      "My best friend, the bartimus, (bartolameu) might suck the soul out of you~" I laughed with the last part sounding ghostly but sarcastically mocking.

      The man squinted his eyes at me, but when I finished the last sentence, his eyes opened as if he had realized what I meant by it, and then he
      clasped his hands as if he knew what I was talking about. He wasn't pleased exactly, but he appreciated my humor somehow.
      I walked out the door and <my dream ended>.

      (The man, now that I think about it, closely resembled the Warden from Super Jail.)
    4. September 8, 2012 - "Hide Under the Stars"

      by , 09-30-2012 at 01:25 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      September 8, 2012

      I am with people. A hotel. A desert. Burning? I am falling. The Tower. I raise my hand and point up. The power of The Star. I stand. Running. Someone summoned a demon. H-A-B-R-A-T-O-S? I am running away? People are running away from it. In a house. I hide under the stairs. A woman was looking for me. I don't want her to find me. I wanted her away. If I am with her, the demon might find me as well. She sounded desperate. I just want her to go away.

      NOTE: Ghaddar. Marbas.
    5. Hotel Alarm, Albino Rats Floating, Apartment With No Bed, Jumping Out of Windows (SDE Day 22)

      by , 09-05-2012 at 02:31 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Hotel Alarm (Non-lucid)


      It's very dark at night, and I need to find a place to stay in, and I forget who tells me this, but there's only one hotel available, and it has what I needed to get. I go inside of the hotel, and there's a lady in front, assuming she's the one who gives out cards to go into hotel rooms and all that. She's wearing the preset secretary type of outfit, dark blue dress with a white long sleeve shirt underneath, and she was fairly tall.

      I could barely see her face at all.....she was literally that tall, or maybe my perspective of being able to look up was very limited. I walk around the hotel a bit, and I open a door slowly, and I see that this much be the kitchen, or the dining area of the hotel. The floor was a black and white checkered floor.

      I think I saw a white microwave, those really big ones that huge a lot of energy, but heats things faster than the regular ones. I thought that I would be able to go inside of the kitchen/dining area, but then an alarm triggers.

      It sounded a lot like the alarm I was going to use to wake me up, and it made a strong beep and faded it, but it was still really loud. I look over and found the alarm, it was white, had a small black screen on top, and I saw some green numbers and/or font glowing. I call the lady, and she quickly comes, and I said that the alarm triggered.

      This moment felt weird to me, I felt like it was supposed to be my fault, but the lady didn't mind setting the alarm off at all. She does some weird motion with her hands pressing the buttons that was underneath the covering that moved downwards.

      She comes back to me,
      and that's all I remember.

      Making Albino Rats Float and Die (Non-lucid)


      So I'm on top of a black metal building, and I believe I'm with a male that's sitting down on the A/C fan. He's wearing a white shirt, dark pants, but I'm not sure if that's him or if this was just me looking at myself, and then shifting back into the perspective of the person sitting down.

      Anyway, I have in my hand an Albino Lab rat, cute little thing, too bad it's going to die. I get a very strong urge to see this thing eradicated. I forget hot it dies exactly, but I do know some kind of crushing was involved. After one rat is gone, I remember another one showing up on my hand, except this time, I'm making it float move my hand. It looks at me, and it's just as cute as the one before.

      I think some electricity surges out to my hand, and I probably killed the little guy right there, but I don't recall actual experiences of seeing it die.
      Apartment with No Bed (Non-lucid)


      I remember going up an elevator that was white, and I'm following some girl to the right of me. She looks familiar, but I'm not paying too much on how she looks like. The elevator finally reaches the destination, we both get out and turn to the right.

      She mentions that we're close to the room now, and I believe the levels in this floor was in the 400s. I look to my right, counting the rooms we're passing, and after 2-3 doors, she opens the door I'm supposed to go in, though I don't know why I need to go in. I believe she's wearing a white sweater that's faded a bit.

      I look down on the floor, and to my left, I see a gray carpet layer on top of the dark brown and shiny wood flooring. To the front of me was a window, it was closed, but it was the main thing that enticed me in this dream. It was so nice outside, calm, a few gray skies, and I would presume that it was fairly windy instead of it being hot as hell here in waking life.

      The girl disappears, probably went to the bathroom, but then again, everything was so enclosed, it's like this place would be perfect for those who want to have an efficient lifestyle with minimal distance to get to where they needed to go. There was a sink to the left of me as soon as you entered the room, I think, and the toilet was just a little bit further.

      I'm wondering where the hell is the bed in this place, and I assumed that the gray carpet layer was a spot where a previous bed was on top of before.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Jumping out of Windows (Non-lucid)


      This dream was a sudden rush, you either get out as quickly as possible, or die. I don't know what the hell is happening in this dream, but a random dream character in some kind of dark outfit tells me to come quickly and get near the window. I wonder why, but the moment I hear some noises in front of me, I could sense that a lot of entities would be coming it, so I take immediately catapult through the window.

      I believe this dream resets itself a few more times,
      that's all I remember.

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    6. College

      by , 09-04-2012 at 02:37 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had a dream that I was going to college. It was like a graduation ceremony, though, except it was for the new students. They started by calling the names of the students who'd earned scholarships, then went on to call everyone else, one by one. There were seats in the front of the room, behind the official people calling names, facing the back, for all the students whose names had already been called. They were also higher up; the room was like an auditorium, where it's slanted, except the front of the room was higher up). It was really exciting when they called my name.

      After I'd been called, though, I remembered that I still had another year of high school... but then I just assumed this ceremony was for the students who'd been accepted and would be starting college next fall.

      In the next dream, my family and I had moved to a hotel in North Carolina, but I really didn't want to be there. The hotel was not very good, and I assumed the rest of the state was the same.

      I woke up from that dream and started writing in my dream journal. I'd written almost one page when I heard my mom call from the dining room to say that breakfast was ready. I told her I'd be out in just a moment and continued writing.

      ...then I woke up.
    7. Band Sleepover Frag, and The Murderer

      by , 09-01-2012 at 04:10 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in marching band again. We were having some sort of sleepover. It was nighttime, and we were in a house. Next to me was this girl that looked like someone who was in band with me in waking life, Nancy. She was a freshman and I was an upperclassman. For whatever reason, I had taken her under my wing, so to speak.

      She asked me to pull a wedgie for her? I said ok, and she leaned forward, exposing the top of her panties. I noticed she was wearing two pairs of underwear, one peachy/skin-toned, and the other a bluish-green.
      "This one?" I asked as I tugged the peachy one.
      I pulled on it.

      More happened in this dream, but I can't recall what right now.


      I was in bed with JP. It was nighttime. We were in what looked like a hotel, but it was supposed to be at a school. We were both students. I'm not sure why we were in the same bed, there was another bed in the room but it was occupied I believe. I suppose it was like a dorm or something. The bed was next to a big window, with J being on the window side and I on the other. The window showed that we were on a higher floor, I think, and you could see trees and lights from buildings.

      As we were laying in bed, he was saying something about my birthday being the next night, and how he was going to give me "birthday sex". I don't remember what I said. I wasn't really thrilled at the prospect, but this guy was scary (and is in waking life as well).

      The next night, on my birthday apparently, I stayed in another part of the dorm/hotel. I was worried that JP would get upset because of this, but I didn't want to stay there with him. I then had this huge "flashback" of the college years ago, when a dead woman was found in an indoor pool, stabbed to death. They had to remove the body before they had a funeral service. I then made the terrible connection: JP was the killer from years ago. He was assuming a fake name at the college, the name James Holmes (the Batman movie killer from Colorado).

      I knew I couldn't stay. I was in him and I's room, and the light was dim; nighttime again, but there was a lamp that was on on the nightstand. Someone called him and angered him. When he got off the phone, we were then in the living area, and a man appeared from a doorway, looking panicked and concerned. JP went and stabbed a man in the chest. I was sitting on the couch, watching in horror. He came to me then, and carefully chose a short, fat knife from the many knives that he had, all the while talking to me in a cool, calculated, heartless manner. I tried to back away, but he had me. He stabbed me in the lower left chest, but not too deeply, since I was resisting. I felt the pain as he cut me.

      Then, it was like the scene was being replayed, only differently. We were in the room again, and his phone started to ring. I spotted a brown spider crawling on the floor with spindly, long legs. I got up to leave the room, and JP said
      "You better not leave, this phone call may make me angry." I left anyway as he got on the phone.

      I went to the living area and across the room to another door. I barged in and my parents were asleep in the bed there. My mom's head was facing the head of the bed, but my dad was sleeping opposite of her, with his head at the foot of the bed. I shook my dad first saying "Wake up! Wake up!" as I moved on to shake my mother. My mom woke up, and I frantically explained the situation. In the back of my mind, though, I knew we were doomed. She got out of bed, I'm not sure if she said anything. My dad was the only one of us there with the means to defend, and I could not wake him up. I kept trying, but to no avail. I then left the room and ran out the front door as fast as I could. I could run to the lights of the city, or the sparse, dim lights of some homes to my left. I went towards the homes, figuring he wouldn't be able to see me with the dim light. I tried to frantically think of what to do. Should I head to a house and try to knock until someone answered? Or should I run out to the woods? Either way, I felt doomed.

      I awoke this morning being quite afraid still, the feelings carrying over from the dream to my waking self. I'm still calming down, and it's been over an hour since I woke up.

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    8. Amazon River - 75,000 dollars for a room - Uncontrollable Driving

      by , 08-30-2012 at 04:37 PM
      Commentary non-lucid lucid

      Last night was pretty good for dream recall. I was told in a dream before I started my journal not to go to sleep at my girlfriend's house anymore. This was told to me by a "dream expert." When I woke up, I didn't want to take him seriously but the truth is, my recall is much better when I'm not with her in bed. Still I can't say I would sacrifice the relationship so that I can get better at dream recall and eventually lucidity.

      Amazon River
      I was camped out on this river in the Amazon close to the city of Iquitos (This is where a former love interest now lives and interestingly it is the largest city in the world which can only be reached by boat or airplane). There were only a few people there in the camp but many people in the city and many people conducting their lives on the river. Many people were busy but I was bored. I tried to escape by going down the river but I turned back because I was a little scared. My friend caught me and suggested that I take a class in the city to learn how to speak Spanish.

      75,000 dollars for a room (table)
      Waiting in line to go to a concert maybe. It turns out that we are going to have to stay the night in line or the tickets are sold out and we can't go home. We need a place to stay. Inside there are all of these rooms that people are staying in with people waiting outside of the rooms hoping that they're leave so that they can stay there instead. Looked like lines at a port-o-potty at a concert. I didn't think it was worth waiting outside of these because the people would likely stay in their room the whole night. Outside there were empty spaces including cafeteria tables and chairs to stay in. My dad,mom, and sister are there and we all need a place to stay. I go up to my dad and tell him that we should take one of them. There is a Japanese man selling them for the night. He takes me to one of the cafeteria tables and offers it to me for the night for 75,000 dollars. I am incredulous. I go to my dad and ask, "how much would you spend for this at the maximum?" He says 3500. I tell him the real price. We try to get in touch with the Japanese man to make our offer but can't find him. Then I awaken.

      Former friend, Office, Uncontrollable Driving
      I see a former friend (MS) outside of a cafe. We exchange greetings for the first time in months. This is a guy who I haven't really talked to civilly since April. He's often in my dreams because in a way I miss him but I no longer trust him and he's incredibly angry at me. I tell him I have to leave, but on my way to my house I see a girl at a cafe table and I start talking to her because I know her. He comes and joins us.

      Somewhere in all of that, we make a data for a basketball game. We met in the office where I work. It was on one of my "days off" but in reality I'm full time. There were all of these new interns and part-timers getting trained and doing work (including in my desk). I felt that my job was being threatened. I didn't talk to many of them, but one was cute and she was eyeing me. When I got into the office, i noticed there was no place to play basketball. I was looking for MS but he was really not to be found. I thought that I couldn't wait for him forever and that he's probably gone so I decided to leave. Then my high school friend (JR) arrives and walks me out to his car through the back door of the building. As he's driving, we are catching up. It turns out that he was involved in a movie, fiction, a story with themes of a particular conservative political philosopher named Le Fume (he doesn't exist, I googled it). I was impressed but didn't want to ask about the details of it because I didn't want to get into a political discussion. As we are driving, he gets out while the car is still going. I'm holding the wheel from the passenger seat to stay in the lane. Then I realize I need to stop because we're going down a hill and I don't want to speed up too fast. I jump into the drivers seat but it is manual (I'm used to an automatic). I try to apply the brake anyway, but the clutch isn't working. I slow down enough to pull into a parking lot and come to a stop as my tires hit a curb. It is a lot for a park and there is a lake. I'm still wondering where JR is. He should be arriving soon. There are many people there, some who I recognized and they have kayaks. They belong to a kayak club. I get into my bathing suit. My underwear are uncomfortable and I try to take them off in public but someone warns me against it. I get a name-tag hung around my neck with just my name and no summary of who I am. Somebody else gets a tag around their neck with a chicken leg bone tied to it. Then I wake up.
    9. 14 Aug: Assassins and radioactive meteorites

      by , 08-15-2012 at 04:12 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      his dream seems a crossover of Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction. I'm part of some female elite assassins' gang. Apparently one of the girls did some shit and another one beats her up until she looks dead. She wants to throw her body in the river. I don't agree with any of this and I check if the other girl is still alive. She is and I convince my colleague that we should spare her life. Then out of nowhere comes our boss, who is none other than Samuel L. Jackson. He asks why we haven't finished her up and when we say we didn't think it was necessary, he decides we're getting soft and shoots at us. He kills the other two and I barely escape. Then begins a long chase with gun fights. I start confident that I will beat him, but after a while I feel that he might manage to kill me. We have a last chase at a crowded hotel with glass elevators and emergency staircases. I jump from a window, enter the hotel again and cross the kitchen in a last attempt to lose him. When I'm out of ideas, a huge earthquake shakes the whole building and I decide to run to outside. Stuff collapses behind me and he gets trapped inside. I feel relief, but then outside I encounter mayhem. The earthquake is caused by the fall of what seem to be meteorites, but instead of making large impact craters, they explode like nuclear bombs and radioactive clouds form in the sky. Everybody is running for their lives and I look for some good shelter. I find it at an old monumental church with heavy wooden doors which I lock behind me. I inform the people inside about what's happening outside and we try as much as possible to insulate doors and windows. Magically we survive in there for some time until I decide to get outside and I find that we've been protected from radiation by huge transparent domes over the city.
    10. The Lazy River and Monster

      by , 08-04-2012 at 01:43 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      The Lazy River and Monster (Non-lucid)


      I remember being at some sort of beach resort. We came to a strip of small stores and houses that occupied the back side of the stores, well the other side. I was with Ken and her friend, Beth.

      We walked down the little strip of stores looking for something to do. We found some sort of water carnival thing at the end of the strip. Once we got inside, it was suddenly nighttime. The inside of the building that hosted it looked like the inside of a space shuttle, only bigger. One man sat at a chair as we walked in. He had a control panel sitting on his left, our right. He greeted us and asked us to wait in line. Now that we looked, there was a pretty long line of about 20 kids our ages.

      The man got up and told us that we could get in the water now. Not even changing, everyone walked down the steps into the cool water, and we followed everyone else. Once everyone was in the water, the man pressed a button on his control panel. Suddenly, a large wall lifted itself up in front of us, causing all of the water to be sucked out, including everyone else. We found ourselves floating down a deep stream of water, like a lazy river, only much faster. And I had the interpretation that we would get lost out at sea.

      Looking on both sides of the water we were floating down, I saw some orange walls. I guess to keep the water and everyone else in. But I still didn't feel safe.

      I lost hold of Ken and Beth along the way, so I swam along trying to find them. I bumped into random people trying to find my way, since it was dark. I accidentally grabbed onto the wrong person once. He looked familiar though.

      I finally found Beth. I held on to her trying to keep balance. She laughed.

      Somehow, the lazy river came back to the same entrance we left at. Everyone got out and left. I was the last to get out, and had trouble finding the exit.

      Soon I found myself back with Beth and Ken. We went into some kind of Walmart or something. I Was walking past the microwave isle when a mean looking old lady hollered at me to bring her a drink from the fountain. I looked to my left. Sure enough there was a small fountain.

      I grabbed a half full cup without thinking and filled it with some more water. I then looked inside and noticed a couple of strange orange pieces of something. I passed up the thought of taking them out, they were probably for taste or something. I then walked over to the lady and handed the drink to her. "Here you go, ma'am." I said. "Thanks." she said gruffly, and took it.

      The dream sped forward. There was a neighborhood beside the strip of stores, and in the neighborhood were hotels and small houses. Somehow my friend Mike came along with me. We were walking down the road, checking the hotels. We had heard a story earlier about the woman in which I had given the drink to. She turned into some sort of monster from the orange things that were in her drink, however the police were unsure of this so they were going to check up on "her" later.

      We decided to go see her to see if she was still untransformed. But if she was, we had to take action. We found the hotel she was staying in. We went up and found her room. Before we got any closer, Mike pulled out 3 knifes from the sheaths beside him. "Here, take one," He whispered. "For protection." I smiled at him. He put the two remaining knives in his left and right hand. He
      nodded to me, and motioned me to get on top of the table beside her door. I did, and he followed, standing to my right on the table. Our backs were up against the wall, knives in hand. "Knock." he whispered.

      I slowly knocked with a shaking hand. After a couple of seconds, we heard the doorknob turn. The door opened just a little. Then it opened a bit wider as if she was looking around. I caught a glimpse of her, but she hadn't seen me yet. She looked much more paler than before, and she looked way older than when I saw her in the store. Then she saw us, and retreated inside, and closed the door.
      "Wait! Ma'am!" Mike yelled, jumping off the table. "We haven't come to hurt you. We just wanted to ask you a couple of questions."

      Then the dream ended.
    11. The Heist + Frag

      by , 07-20-2012 at 07:34 PM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)
      Took melatonin and a b vitamin before bed, for the first time. I had three dreams or so, because I woke up briefly then fell back asleep, but didn't take notes or anything, so I can only remember a bit of one dream, and several parts from the other, but not how they fit together and I KNOW there's a bunch of stuff I forgot to those two. The third is completely gone, as are the rest (if any). The b vitamin didn't really have enough B6 to make a huge difference, but it was there, and the melatonin of course made the dream feel much more stable overall.

      The Heist

      The first thing I clearly remember, was "observing" some villian setting a trap in the form of a briefcase he would trick us into stealing. I know a BUNCH of stuff happened before this, but I can only recall walking around a mall/hotel like building and climbing through some type of funhouse. After the observing scene, I was standing on a nearby rooftop with three other people, one of which may have been Dean from Supernatural, and I may have been Sam, but I'm not sure. One of the other people was a (rather attractive) girl, but I can't remember details, and I remember nothing at all about the third person. We were arguing about if we should try to steal this briefcase, and how we should do it. Eventually, Dean said something along the lines of, "No, I can't do this! This is your thing," referring to the complicated computer hacking I would have to do. I think we jumped down to the ground floor of the building with the briefcase, went in the lobby (which felt more like a hospital waiting room than the lobby of a bank), and climbed through the air ducts into a bedroom a few floors up. And I just remembered another part where I was a girl (possibly the other girl in the group), trying to trick some lady in a hotel lobby (which looked like the inside of a department store), but I don't remember why or how, or when this fit into the timeline. After we got into the bedroom, apparently Dean and I had to trick two bisexual girls into thinking that we were also bisexual. I can't remember if this actually had something to do with the briefcase, or if we completely forgot about it and were just lying to try to get in their pants. I believe it was the former. I don't remember any specific images or details, but at some point me and the girl were arguing about some kind of transformation.

      Dream Frag

      I was on an island somewhere, which had a very video game-ish feel to it, as if it were something out of a Mario level. There was a part where someone told me "not to do it." Apparently he was referring to some kind of tunnel through the water, which had floating rings (like inside Clanker on Banjo-Kazooie) and a shark in it, that chased me when I went into it. I think I may have flown briefly around the island beforehand.
    12. July 15, 2012 - Royal Hotel Parade/Dance

      by , 07-16-2012 at 04:54 AM
      This is my first dream journal entry! All I can really remember is being at this location that looked very similar to the hotel Chatou Frontinac in Quebec, Canada (I have been there before once). The surroundings were not at all like what they are in real life - everything around was flat and there were some structures that were smaller versions of the hotel, they also had green roofs. I remember being behind this group of people in this long hall of arches outdoors - the posts of arches stretched about 100 meters. It looked like a parade or some sort of dance - I distinctly remember a group of girls in spandex (light green and red, like neon colors) in a cheerleading type form a couple of meters ahead of me. Then, I am touching this big object to my left ( it was either a big shiny ball like a marble or an instrument like a drum) that was in wheels. Someone ahead of me was pulling the object with a rope. Then, I remember these stairs that looked very rich and royal - white and thick rock). I think I saw some of my friends but I am not sure entirely.

      This was not a lucid dream, although there were a lot of clues that gave the fact that it was a dream away. I hope to get better at recognizing that I am dreaming and hopefully lucid dream after getting a few more entries.

      I just recently got interested in lucid dreaming and I find all of this extremely fascinating. I wish I could someday experience what some people on this website have!
    13. 27.06.2012 - 3 x non lucid dreams

      by , 06-28-2012 at 11:31 AM
      Date: 27/06/2012
      Place: My own bed
      Time of getting into bed: 12.48am

      Dream 1 - non lucid - 2.24am
      Me and my partner, 'N,' are getting motorbike lessons. N falls off the bike and hurts his foot quite badly. The teacher is nice to me, but very strict and uncaring with N. There is a small child nearby, and suddenly he / she clings to my arms, and will not let go. I try gently to remove the child, but the child won't budge.

      Dream 2 - non lucid - 8.52am
      My notes here are terrible, I can barely read them!
      We are at a music concert / festival in the middle of a field. The field is empty apart from us and a small group of people, we are 'waiting' for something. I do remember waiting for an awfully long time. The feeling is that we don't know what we are waiting for, but it is supposed to be big. Like a famous person or something. Suddenly a few people are running towards a makeshift hut, which has queues leading in. There are star wars posters around and people start saying it is an actor from star wars appearing. My friend S is running towards the hut, as she is huge star wars fan (and in the dream she is wearing a star wars Tshirt) I stay where I am. Then, a giant inflatable slide appears in the shape of a tongue, at the top of the tongue where the mouth should be, a big inflatable gorilla head pops out, and from it's mouth lots of people start emerging, and sliding down the slide. The people are all good looking, wearing very little amounts of clothing, and what they are wearing is neon pink. They all slide down to join us, who are cheering, but then nothing happens. They just sort of hang around and wait with us. I notice I am wearing a neon pink babygro, and start to take it off. However I am naked underneath so put it back on.

      Dream 2 - non lucid - 10.08am
      I considered WILDing, but my partner kept snoring so I got angry and just went to sleep.
      I am in a low budget hotel room. I am laying in the single bed, alone. A dog comes in, which I seem to recognise. It is a HUGE dog, maybe a rottweiler? It jumps on the bed on top of me, and licks my face. Although it is scarily massive, it is very friendly and I stroke it for some time. I vaguely remember someone disturbing me by coming into the room??

      I consider this all one dream, although it could have been several;

      Next I am back in one of my old childhood bedrooms. My little sister is with me, as is my partner N. I am taking some tablets to get high. As I am taking them, I find some other tablets which are a different colour. I decide to try one of these too to see what it does. I take 1 of each. I try to put the remaining tablets into a pill box, but it hard to get them to fit, so I have to squeeze them in. (I'm sure Freud would have something to say about this ) For some reason, I decide to put some in my mouth, but not eat them, just store them there. One of the tablets splits in my mouth, and the insides pour into my mouth. I know worry that I've had too much and will OD. I try to scrape out the stuff that has spilt into my mouth, but I am not doing so well. I decide to flush it out with water, so I find a 2 litre bottle that has water in it, and I pour it into my mouth, rinse, and then spit it out the window. I panic that my mum, who is in the living room below, will see the water going past the window and come up to check on me. However I have no choice, so I keep spitting. I also wash my hands clean with the last of the water.
      Eventually we decide to leave, and go to our hotel room. Due to the fact I have been messing around with water and tablets I haven't had chance to get a shower or get changed, so I set off in my PJ's, and decide I will get a shower when I get there. N tells me we are going to a different hotel room this time, as we have been upgraded to the posh bit. We walk there, me with a heavy backpack on. We notice the change between the 'budget' side of the hotel and the 'posh' side. Suddenly everything is blue, clean and very nicely decorated. There is a bar along the left, with ashtrays on it. I tell my sister to put out her cigarette because we are in the posh bit now, she argues at first but after seeing how posh the place is, she agrees and puts it out in one of the ashtrays. We walk past a lounge area, with footstools and sofas, and lights in the floor. We turn right, past a blue pool table and through a door to the hotel rooms.

      I have riden a scooter type bike for a few years now
      When N tried riding my bike in waking life a year or so ago, he did actually fall off, but wasn't hurt
      Dream sign appears again
      Don't know is S really likes Starwars or not
      Im not a huge starwars fan, but it's ok
      I occasionally take a pill at parties with friends
    14. Let's Just Be Friends

      by , 06-26-2012 at 04:24 PM
      I'm in a hotel room somewhere in the inner city. I'm with a few people. Their names were Eric, Leah, and some other guy who I didn't know. I always chatted with them on Facebook but not too much in real life. For some reason, I was in love with Leah in this dream. I felt the same way I did about Quynh about Leah. I talked to Leah and tried to become only friends with her. She knew I liked her. He accepted me as a friend only. While I was in this hotel room, I couldn't help but think that being only friends can be fun but I still have some love for her. Sometimes Leah's figure would change and become one of the other people I met back when I was in a hospital. She was very pretty. Me and her friends were talking about going somewhere like a party or event. I forgot exactly what it was but I decided to go. Even though Leah wasn't going, I still went with a rapper named Pitbull. I'm not sure why it wasn't Eminem instead. Eric wasn't coming, so I went alone out of all the 3 people who were in the hotel room with me. Sometimes I would go in to that hotel room and think about how much I loved Leah, but tried my best not to take it too far. I tried to be grateful for having her as a friend.
    15. Meeting with friends at the beach

      by , 06-14-2012 at 04:37 PM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      I had nice recall that morning, so I thought I'd post some dreams.

      [COLOR="#483d8b"]I was in my old hometown, thinking of this meeting in the beach on Saturday. I think it was the beginning of the week. All I planned on taking with me, was my DJ.
      So, Saturday came and we went for a walk with a few of my family members. It was sunny, but it had just stopped raining, I remember seeing the drops of water on the park benches. There was this old man, he couldn't sit down cause the benches were wet :D.
      We were walking in the shade, there were big trees blocking the sunshine. I told mom that I'm going to that meeting now and she gave me a bus ticket that can be used 35 times. I took the bus to the beach and I went inside this dark, wooden hotel. The place felt really familiar, like I've been there thousands of times.
      Three wooden steps went into the sand from the back door of the hotel, I wasn't wearing any shoes and the sand felt warm and nice. I saw a table in the middle of nothing, nobody was there. I walked to the table and thought that I really should've taken other things than the DJ as well.[/COLOR]

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