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    1. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:34 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      I think it's only fair to state in advance I left out an important detail in this dream. Here's hoping Raven can remember it and fill it in.

      Enter Raven (DEILD)

      Woke up again. I just couldn't seem to stay in these dreams for longer than 5 minutes. I decided to try again.

      I stayed perfectly still and soon enough I felt the onset of SP. After what seemed like mere seconds someone or something started piling covers on top of me.

      I RC, and sure enough, I'm dreaming. I start to get out of bed, but whatever was piling those covers on top of me jumps on my back weighing me down. Standard Flight wasn't gonna cut it, so I pulled upon my archetypes from Heroes and the Matrix to allow me to fly at high speeds while still carrying weight.

      I shatter through the sliding glass door onto the balcony. Twisting in the air, shaking off whatever it was as I came to a hover 50 feet above the resort's pool. Everything was so clear and vivid. The green grass of the golf course behind us complemented the blue haze of the mountains in the distance. The blue waters of the pool shimmered and rippled in the warm beating sunlight. There were people everywhere, enjoying their vacation.

      I fly to the front of the resort, trying to remember what it was I wanted to do. I know! Let's attempt some shared dreaming!
      I wonder how to go about something like that for a moment, and choose to try a method Raven Knight frequently uses. But what song to use? I try to think of a good Portugal. The Man song that would be most conducive to a task such as this. For some reason I decide upon "Elephants."

      Sure enough, what I believe to be the song starts playing in the background. While I'm oblivious to the fact that the song playing is, in fact, not "Elephants," and is closer to "Gold Fronts," but I really don't care. You see, the song, the beat, the lyrical styling, all culminated into an overwhelming feeling of pure bliss, happiness, and power. I twirl and flit about in the air, just letting the music flow over me. I'm on top of the world. There is nothing I can't do.

      I attempt to rip open a portal with my hands in the air in front of me. No good. A few more experiments end in failure before I come up with a new plan. Hovering over to a nearby street lamp/pole thingy (it was fairly wide), I push my hands into the solid metal and pull it apart. To my surprise, a hole had formed, behind which I could easily make out what appeared to be the streets of a small town of sorts. I step through and find myself in a scene reminiscent of an old European village.

      Dirt roads wind through the colorful wooden buildings, the architecture of which is very square and practical. I follow one of them to an open building where I see two people, one male, one female. I call up to them, asking, "Raven?" the girl leans over the rafters, knocking down a bit of hay as she does so, saying, "Not here." I turn back, walking only a little while further, before running into another pair of people, again a male and female. The female looks a lot like Raven's Skype picture, except much slimmer. The guy has longish hair and what seemed to be odd dreadlocks. "Raven? Is that you?" I ask the woman.

      She looks at me quizzically. "Who. . ?"

      "It's me!" I state, excitedly. She seems very cautious of me as does the man she was talking to.

      "Wait. . . Are you. . ?" It looks as if she gains a sudden realization, so I reach out my hand for a handshake, but it turns into a hug. However, I feel the dream start to fade due to an overabundance of excitement.

      I didn't get to say goodbye.
    2. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:33 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Practice Makes Perfect (DILD)

      2 Lucids last night. The first one only lasted a minute or two and nothing really interesting happened. The second was much better. I'll cut out a lot of the boring intro stuff.

      I had just gotten off the ride. It was some kind of weird water slide that defied the laws of physics and had a story that changed each time you went on it, or something. After getting off, the girl running it tried to give me this sticker/ID/Ticket saying I had agreed to buy it for $17.95. I said "screw you" and kept walking. She followed, trying to convince me to buy it. I refused until she gave it to me for free. It was a ticket to go see The Hiphopopotamus and The Rhymenoceros in concert.

      I stuck it in my pocket and went on my way, headed to the Resort's Hotel. Indoors now, I pass by a restaurant where a comedy routine is being done. The subject matter is The Brady Bunch.

      I keep going. Things are just getting more and more deserted. I'm starting to worry, but that little voice goes off in my head to remind me that I am, in fact, dreaming.

      Well, would you look at that. I keep moving further into the hotel/mall. Things get more and more desolate. Eventually, I come upon a huge room. This seems like a perfect place to practice some lucid skillz. First up, a bit of practice. I look down at my hands and watch as blue lightning starts to form. I can feel the electricity pulsating down my arm.

      I stretch out my arms quickly, releasing a torrent of blue bolts into the nearby wall. I run at the wall, and when I reach it I start to run up it. When I am content with my height I push off and start to fall slowly. I decide to spin in midair, releasing bolts of electricity as I fell.

      When I reached the ground, characters from the DBZ universe started to appear, as did Superman. I figured I'd try making some fireballs, but the best I can make are little licks of flame that make a small explosion on impact. I hurl a bunch of these at Superman, but it doesn't do anything. An Energy Blast seems like the way to go. So, I start up a kamehameha, since I always fail at normal blasts. To my surprise and delight, it works, and I'm able to sustain it, even increase its size and change its direction. I use it to essentially vaporize Krillin.

      They're pretty upset with me now, even after I explain they can just wish him back to life like they do everyone else. "It's no big deal." At that, they surround me. Goku holds me down and pokes my side, thinking that has something to do with me having lucidity. I told him it doesn't work like that and they eventually let off. For some reason, I am now on DV on some random thread.

      And then I woke up?
    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:03 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Hamburger in Paradise (DILD)

      'Twas an Epic LD, lots of fighting, but I can't remember too many of the details; it was a long one.

      It started out partway into things. I was staying in this odd hotel. It was very large and sprawled out instead of up. The room I was staying in was like any old guest room you'd fine in someone's house, except it was about twice as large. and could fit at least 5 people comfortably. However I was the only one staying there.

      Some things happen that I have difficulty recalling in detail, but it involves further developing the area we are in. It turns out the hotel is part of this crappy public school and gang violence is on the rise. I decide I need to leave since this isn't even my school, and half the people here don't even know the school's alma mater. I leave with the counselor, but we are followed by this kid in a red jacket. As we enter the car he pulls out a switchblade and tries to mug us and take the car.

      All the while he had been following us I had been fingering the butterfly knife in my pocket and watching his shadow follow ours. I whipped it out and flipped it open, lunging at him. He's much more experience than I am and gets a solid cut across my arm, while I just nick his shoulder. I manage a few wrist cuts, but his form is much better than mine and he tears up my arm and neck, spilling blood everywhere. Not one to give up so easily, I manage to subdue him, and, with several stabs to the head later, he dies.

      He turns into a ghost and wonders why I can see him. I explain to him my role in helping people cross over, and give him a stereotypical speel on how he has to scare people in order to gain more energy. It's really dumb, but I don't think so at the time.

      I'm back in the hotel room, trying to lie down to sleep. Stuff happens that eventually has me with an old teacher and my brother at the arcade/casino of the hotel. There are some odd games there, one particular game they were playing was like a crane game, but with false gold and odd shaped things inside. They were playing that one for awhile. I told them how dumb it was and how worthless the prizes were, but my old teacher told me to stop spoiling the fun.

      At this point, my Chick-Fil-A and Burger King meals were ready, so I took them and started walking away. I wonder how I'm going to eat all this food, but a voice in my head blurts in, saying relax it's a dream, eat away.

      Yeah, you're right, it is a dream, I think strolling on as if nothing drastic had really changed. I make my way back to the front doors where this guy shouts, pulls out an uzi, and shouts something along the lines of "Everyone down, unless you want to volunteer to let us have some fun with you." I'm getting a kick out of all the people screaming and dropping to the ground. I just walk up to the guy, bags of food still in my right hand. I say to him, "Yeah, sure I'll volunteer," raising my other hand like you would to volunteer for something in a classroom. He looks at me weird, tells me to stay right there, and then runs back outside where he starts assembling his cohorts. There's a lot of them.

      Well, crap, now how am I gonna enjoy my meal. There's no way I can fight that many with only one hand. So I run away. At first they're hot on my tail, but a few short range TPs put enough distance between us for a little more comfort, not that I was worried. The TPs destabilized things a bit, due to the sudden and forcible change in scenery. I stabilized by rubbing my hands together and focusing on the room I was now in. White walls, and lots of people on little white cots. I go into the corner, behind a white shelf that blocks most of the room from view, and pull out the Whopper. I take a bite. I normally don't eat in lucids, but maybe I should, because god this was delicious. The evil dudes were still looking for me and even came into the room and kidnapped a few kids and threw them onto crosses and into cramped coffin like boxes. But, I was chill, knowing it was just a dream, so I just kept eating my burger. It was moist and hot and meaty, with crunchy toppings like cold lettuce and sweet onions and pickles, can't forget those pickles.

      At the time I didn't even know I was completing the basic task. *facepalm*

      When I was satisfied, I got up and decided to go help those kids from earlier. I needed some more practice, so I did a few more short range TPs until I reached this large archway, with a few henchmen a little further in. I looked at my hand and decided to try out some close range energy blasts, since I suck at them. I start to build up a charge in my right hand and rushed at the closest guard. When they see me, a few random DCs think I'm one of their favorite super heroes and call out what they think is my name. Dumb DCs distract me and all I end up doing is forcibly grabbing the dude's face. To follow up, I punch him in the kidney, bringing my leg behind his, and twist my body, pummeling his head down into the cement ground, creating a big indent in it. With him down, I move onto his friends.

      I figure I wouldn't do anything fancy here. Just brute strength and martial arts. A spinning jump hook kick to the head takes out one guy, and the other dude backs off, so I ignore him. Another group of henchmen go scrambling as I approach them. Before they can all get away I grab one by the collar and fling him violently downward, making my way to the carriages that housed the kids, on their crosses, in their coffin-like boxes.

      I find myself back in bed.

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    4. Gangrape nightmare

      by , 12-22-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

      I am in a ruined and abandoned building that looks like it used to be an office or conference center of some sort. I am hiding on the inside from "bad people" on the outside who I fear will try and force their way in if they see me. I scavenge materials from around the building to create a shelter for myself in the front of the building in a room that looks as if it was once a lobby. Most of the material is an old ripped up tent or peice of canvas that is coloured yellow, which I throw over a table that is leaning to one side.

      I hide myself inside my makeshift shelter to get away from three stray dogs that have suddenly appeared and are sniffing around and will not leave me alone. The biggest of the dogs, a black lab, forces its way into the tent and starts ripping it to shreads. The dog does not attack or threaten me in anyway but I grab it by the scruff of the neck and force it into a submissive position laying on its side. The dogs leave me alone after that and soon disappear.

      Now that the tent is completely destroyed I gather together chairs and small tables to hide under even though I am aware that if anyone looks inside the building through the lobby windows that why will be able to see me. I notice shadows and shapes of people moving near or past the windows and freeze in terror. Then it happens. A man in a blue military uniform passes by a window and looks in. I try to hide myself behind a pile of furniture but he sees me and starts trying to bust the front door down, which I tried to barracade with a few chairs.

      The man marches in and beelines to where I am hiding. He grabs me and ties me to a support pillar in the middle of the room. He uses a large bowie knife to cut off my shirt. He then foddles my breasts before raping me. A line of similarily dressed military men file into the building and do the same, one after another. They all ignore my screams of protest and terror.

      A lone soldier dressed in green suddenly appears in the door way, weilding two handguns, and with lightning speed shoots all of the blue military men before they have a chance to retailiate. He then gently removes my shackles and carries me out of there. I do not know how long or how far we walked but he takes me into a lavish suite in a ritzy hotel and lays me on the bed. The hotel apparently has its own hospital and the soldier summons the hotel doctors to come and care for me. He dutifully waits outside my door on guard and carefully scrutinizes everyone who comes to the room. The soldier does not hesitate to kill anyone who he thinks is suspicious and the people he does kill happen to have blue military uniforms hidden under their doctor coats.

      After a while the medical staff leaves and the soldier and I are alone. Despite being horribly brutalized I feel extremely grateful towards him and I lead him to the bed and we make passionate love to each other. The next day he is gone and I cannot find him even though I search every floor of the hotel. Indeed the hotel iteself is now devoid of all people and staff, even though all the lights are on and it looks as if it should be full of activity. I am alone and feel confused and abandoned.

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    5. The Serial Killer and the Pleasure Hotel

      by , 07-06-2006 at 07:23 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I was in some sort of futuristic train station. I vaguely remember getting on the train to escape a serial killer who was stalking me. I disembarked at one terminal and wandered down some stairs which eventually led to a basement room that was wrapped in saran wrap. The saran wrap was wound around the room like a spider web.

      I heard someone coming and I panicked, thinking it was the serial killer. I forced my way through the saran wrap and went through a heavy warehouse door that led outside into the daylight. I ran for a while down a cobblestone road that followed a river. As the sun set I came across a some sort of ritzy amusement park with a large casino hotel in the center. It was VIP membership only, but I found a pass in my pocket and I was let through the gate.

      The ushers and waiters in the casino hotel were very realistic looking androids, mostly male, and they were dressed up as slaves or superheroes. One such android, dressed as superman, led me through the casino to the reception desk where I found out that I had a reservation for a private luxury suite in the hotel. I had a full pass for everything in the amusement park and my hotel room had everything I would ever need and more, including my own "pleasure" android, alcohol and drugs!

      I unpacked my stuff and changed and went down into the casino, which was like a nonstop party. I met a group of people who were having lots of fun and joining them in a drunken people parade around the building. The dream gets fuzzy here but eventually morning comes and I leave the casino by a Venetian boat that goes down the river. I cannot see the face of the man paddling the boat.
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