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    1. Only Fragments 8-(

      by , 08-29-2012 at 03:24 PM
      08-29-2012 -- Fragments, nothing but fragments. I don't know what is going on with my dreams. A bunch of nights of incredible dreams of length and clarity and great storylines, and then nothing but fragments. And I can't see anything different about what I have been doing to prepare for sleep on the different nights. Oh well. I don't usually bother noting fragments, but a few of these struck me as interesting, so ...

      Something in a hotel, may or may not have been working security. Big, fancy hotel. Lots of time between floors in elevator or on escalators. Stop by fancy restaurant inside. All I can remember.


      In my 2nd bedroom in the Hickory house, staring at a phone wire running about five feet between two spots on the wall. Somehow that phone wire is a train route in Railroad Tycoon (guess what I've been playing a lot over the last few days) and since the phone wire is a double line wrapped together, but only a single wire of it is being used, I am pulling the ends of the second wire free, and then attaching them to the same screws as the first wire. This gives me two train lines between the same cities, doubling the load capability, and therefore increasing the inheritance somebody is going to get from this train route. (Am also afraid I am going to electrocute myself.)


      I'm in a classroom somewhere, sitting at desks and somehow working on some sort of science project. One of the people here is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And there are a couple of nerds presenting ideas they've come up with. Their ideas do some great theorizing about a wide range of scientific theories, but get nowhere and accomplish nothing in the real world.

      Somehow I am a super genius, and take each of these ideas, and string them all together to make things that will change the world. Amazing stuff. We're building working models of things, and one of them somehow ejects something at high speed and force, and suddenly one of the nerds has a hole in his chest. I manage to convince him it is not important, and that his body will heal it without any trouble, and to just keep working.

      By this time it is a big, fancy business, and not a school room, and we are just getting ready to leave for the day when we're attacked by crooks who want to steal our ideas. We're fighting for our lives, and me, Buffy, and another tough guy (probably a vampire) are easily fighting them off, but they decide to pick on one of the nerds. They shoot at him, and I try to throw myself in front of the bullet, since it won't do me much harm, but I'm too late. He's dying. I think we have to turn him to save him.


      Somehow I am at the beach, out swimming in the ocean (Atlantic, not Pacific) and I've been swimming for some time. I'm coming up on a lifeguard tower about a half a mile out, where there are some buoys stretched out to mark the limits of how far people are allowed to go, and a life guard stationed there to enforce, and rescue those who need it.

      I'm not quite there, and I am getting tired, so I swim over to one of the ropes stretching out from the shore to the buoy, and just start pulling myself along it. About this time, I notice my feet touching the ground, and I'm thinking to myself, I'm a half mile out, here. No way I should be able to touch the ground. And I start thinking about the hurricanes, and suddenly realize there must be a tidal wave coming. I start hurrying for shore as quickly as I can.


      I'm in a bedroom, no idea where this one is. I am naked, and crouched by an unblocked window that is very low in the wall, so I am barely covered. The window opens out onto the street, and it is broad daylight, so this is probably not a good thing. Doesn't bother me too much, though. There's an attractive girl here who is also wearing nothing, and I am enjoying the view. A guy walks in, and he is wearing only a shirt, and an I glance down, he seems to have the lower body of a woman. That isn't right! So I take a firm look, and good, the dangly bits that should be there, are there. He takes this to mean I am coming on to him, and he seems to like it and is approaching me, so I have to quickly explain.

      Somehow I seem to be watching a cartoon, except it is happening here in the room, instead of on a screen. There is a green and yellow polka-dotted blob-like creature that is trying to rob a filing cabinet in the middle of a building late at night. To see where he is going, he opens his mouth and a beam of light comes out of it. On the wall, you can see shadow outlines of a creature in his stomach (squirrel, weasel, maybe ferret) holding the flashlight. He opens one of the filing cabinets and a mermaid pops out and lands on the ground. She can't speak, and she is using her hands to cover her breasts, so she can't really do anything except glare at the strange creature. For some reason, I think it is J.K. Rowling.

      Meanwhile the guy in only a shirt is trying to read my dream journal, and I am trying to stop him. I suddenly realize this is very odd, since I am usually annoyed because there aren't enough people reading my dreams on the computer, yet I don't want him reading them here in real life. He is commenting on how he doesn't want to read the dreams about the Vatican (don't think I have ever dreamed about the Vatican, not being Catholic), and is trying to find a piece of blank paper. I don't have any in my dream journal, so I think I may have to grab some from the printer.
    2. Working Hotel and Being Chased by Hell Stallion

      by , 08-13-2012 at 09:09 PM
      8-13-2012 -- Very fragmentory. There was a lot more to this, but all I can pull out of my memory is bits. A few of those bits were interesting enough to make it worth posting, however. (Same thing all night long. Three dreams, but only parts, and all over the place.)

      I think there was something about a wrestling company, and somebody complaining about how they were being held back, and threatening the bosses, until they remind him that's just his character, and he's actually too nice a guy to follow through on something like that. Also some hint about vampires, but can't remember anything more than that.

      Soon I seem to be kind of working in a hotel, sort of, and being sent all over the place. Somebody has asked if I can make a Chinese omelet, and I have no idea how, but I say I'll figure it out, and will ask one of the two friends online who have been helping me with stuff. I see a French guy wandering by, and he somehow sounds slightly familiar, so I ask him if he is Pierre, and explain I think he is a friend of mine from on-line. He tells me he doesn't know me, never heard of me, and please get away from him.

      One of my bosses seems to be Umbridge, and she is yelling at me, and trying to trap me and/or a dog in a sort of tall crate, but I move too quickly, and have somehow locked her in, instead. Think there was more to this, but it is gone now.

      Something about trying to hook up, or rehook some computers together for a possible girl friend, and then I suddenly find myself in the Buena Park Mall, somewhere near Waldenbooks, and am helping an attractive blonde with something. We're heading toward either May Co or the exit on La Palma near it, but she says she wants an Orange Julius, and I point out that shop is in the other direction. She decides it isn't important.

      Soon we're being chased by something up and down narrow stairways, but we don't really know what it is that is chasing us. Some guy hands me a high-pressure spray paint can that can shoot 20 or 30 feet, and I start spraying it around to prove there isn't anything there, and instead I find I am highlighting some sort of hell horse or evil centaur that was invisible, and now I can actually see it to try and get away from it.

      Was a cool dream, wish I could remember it better.

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    3. Entry #2 [NonLUCID]

      by , 07-19-2011 at 04:20 AM

      Dream #1Okay, it started as a false awakening, some people were coming in through our front door giving my aunt some things that appeared to look like tickets, and my aunt would hand them money in return. Idk, it was a really odd dream but, that's all I remember from it, xD.

      Dream #2Well, I was in this nice hotel. It was just me and my mom. She went off to do something and I went upstairs to the indoor pool (Yea, upstairs, odd place to put an indoor pool in a hotel.) and it was a big open room with a huge pool and a bunch of water slides. No one else was there though, just the manager dude inside the booth, and the towel guy. I remember swimming for a very long time and then for some reason I remember the manager guy coming out of his booth and escorting me out and yelling at me. He was telling me about how I broke the rules or something.. I met up with my mom and then the dream ended.. :/ Odd dreams, for sure. Haha.
    4. 001: Pantsless in Winter

      by , 04-13-2011 at 10:39 AM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 13, 2011

      Went to bed at midnight, woke up at 5:30 am. Got up too quickly, forgot dream, started to get ready, remembered dream again in shower. Another dream about my dog Riley who is back at home with my grandparents until we move back. Motifs of rain, cold, unwanted responsibility, failure, strange adventures and travel. Typical dream for me.

      Entry 001
      I am in a classroom, but really it is more like a kitchen than anything. Big industrial sinks line one wall of the room, big floor length windows line the other. Despite all the windows, it is unusually dark, and no one seems inclined to turn on the lights. One half of the room, the one I stand in now, is the one with all the sinks and the other half is just bookshelves and an assortment of pillows and beanbags scattered over a large, plush area rug. There is an old fashioned type blackboard at the far end of the room. The bell rings. Burell comes to me and tells me I'm not to go to the pillows/beanbags part of the room today because, since I'm a good student, he has a special task for me. Some other students drag in two big plastic storage containers. The first one is filled with grey, soapy water and the second is filled with... naked mole rats.

      Burell tells me they're class pets and he's trusting me and the other students to wash them and get them settled. I start to wash them in the soapy water, but for some reason that hairless skin becomes incredibly slippery when wet. Several slip out of my hands and fly across the room, scuttling behind desks and disappearing forever. I'm disappointing Burell. Feeling ashamed at my performance, I go to catch some of the loose ones. They all evade me but for one which actually jumps into my waiting arms.

      I leave the school. My mom has Riley, my dog, with her. After enduring months in some horrible kennel for pets being sent overseas, she's finally with me. I take her up in my arms and we go "home". Home turns out to be a hotel. We're travelling again, and my parents are away on some other business trip, leaving me and Riley the hotel room to ourselves. The hotel is grand, with victorian decor and distinctive red striped wallpaper.

      With Riley still in my arms I walk though the store in the hotel's lobby, but I'm only doing this out of courtesy. I'm bored. It's already late, but I don't care. I take Riley with me and, against the advice of the concierge, leave. There's this truck outside towing this kind of large metallic cage. Apparently this is some kind of bus/temporary shelter for homeless and impoverished people. I get inside with my dog. It's freezing. I feel depressed. I bring my big blue jacket in close and zip Riley inside with me, her head laying on my chest. I pull up the fur hood, sit down on the floor and rest my head against the bars of the cage, watching the world pass by. I realize half way through that, for some reason, I have no pants on. The cold is biting.

      By the time I get off back at the hotel, it's very late. As soon as I enter the hotel I'm scolded by the head concierge, a severe looking woman in black pencil skirt, matching blazer and tight bun that I've acted inappropriately and that the police are coming to give me a fine. If I don't pay, I will be arrested. Somehow, I'm apathetic. I go to the parlor, curl up on an old armchair and watch the grey sky outside pour down in sheets.

      I awaken.

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