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    1. House of dread

      by , 07-21-2010 at 06:43 PM
      God. Dear god. I don't normally have nightmares, but this is a fucking whopper. I honestly have to get this out of my system. And don't think I'm overreacting, because while you may be able to read this, you'll never be able to read it.

      To understand why I don't become lucid, this is my logic: I'm watching horror movies on TV. That's all. But I can't help but be pulled into them as if they're reality. But that's not the real problem, because I really am becoming part of it. Now carry on.
      It's starts off innocently enough. A nightmare, to be fair, but nothing like what's to come. I'm a kid in this weird sort of daycare that seems to be in the middle of a desert on the outskirts of town. Suddenly, bombs (assisted by parachutes) slowly start drifting towards the ground. I can only crawl, but I have to get away. The bombs only blow up enough to kill one person within about a foot of it when it touches down, but there's plenty of em. I scream for everyone to get away, but no one listens. You'll come to realize in this dream no one ever listens. One kid, my best childhood friend in real life, dies. Thus the scarring begins. There's something dangerous outside. I take refuge (now I'm my normal age, late 14) in a hospital/bank/mansion called "Eurao" (it only holds that name as a bank, as a hospital or mansion it is nameless). This will come to be my life's worst decision. For there can be no escape from Eurao.

      Our responsibility (placed upon us by some boss, as at this point we're working for some reason) is to rescue all the people of this hospital. Me and a more informed buddy of mine were working on people in the second floor. He was telling about who I was assigned to. He said they were called throaters, people who for whatever reason want to be in the hospital so bad they totally wreck their trachea. There are two staircases to the second floor. I'm on one, and I notice the other is strange looking. When I investigate it, I discover that each step is actually a movable slab, used for housing morgue drawers. I then come to find everyone on the second floor is dead. And the third. I wished with all my heart I could save the poor kids in the surgery floors and intensive care, but there was no way. The second and third floor residents were now zombies, and they chased us back to the first floor. The mansion. Now try not to get lost, because my memory mostly falls apart here.

      What I do know: The house (or spirit of the house) is alive and malevolent. I also know it is testing us in scenes. Meaning there is one distinctive enemy or threat at a time, and never do threats overlap. And there is ever so slightly time between scenes to regroup. Now I don't remember much of this part. I believe someone died by the zombies. But then came Hook. His own little scene in himself, he wasn't what you'd expect of a dangerous killer. He looked homeless. HE wore a big brown robe made from some large sack. His hair was oily, orange, short, and in dread locks. He had one tool with him. A small toy scythe, maybe with a two inch blade. But it was razor sharp. How he worked: He would only kill one person. He would cut off a body part. He offered them the choice of what he should cut off, but no matter what it was you died. One more of my group died, and I had the horror of being in their POV at the time.

      Next thing I remember, I was isolated at the end of the house in one large room, home to the morgue stairs. I don't remember what happened, but it was big. After the scene, I ran to the other end of the mansion to the room where my friend was, alone. We were now the only ones alive. His POV. In this final scene, the house itself possesses a ceiling fan and wires. Only the ceiling fan could kill anyone it hit, and the wires were like tendrils, looking to strangle anything they could find. Now my friend had a gun. The only way he could stop this thing, kill the house, and save our lives was to shoot out the five lights attached to the fan. Which with five bullets, a faulty pistol, and the rapid movement of the fan, was very tough. But, coming to a very close call, he did it. He survived. We heard people coming in. We locked the doors (always the threat of zombies) and looked out the windows. They were family and friends, come to celebrate the end of whatever catastrophe had been occurring outside. As we turned around to greet them, a tendril shot across the room and pierced straight through my friend's head.

      I couldn't celebrate. Everyone but me had died. The house was still a threat but no one believed anything had really happened there. There is no greater stress than having knowledge that could save everyone's lives and not having them let you. I even got five of my closest friends into a car at one point and floored it, but I couldn't get away fast enough from the house. I pulled over to have an emotional breakdown and another person took the wheel. Ten minutes later we were back. But there was one person in the house I couldn't let stay. My sister. I made her promise me she'd get in her car and drive away, as far away as she could. I guaranteed her she would die today if she stayed. But her word was broken, just as everyone else's was. Then came Hook. He was back for round two. Now facing me. But I knew his tricks, his moves. I knew him now. I ended up pulling away in just the right time and stole the scythe and killed Hook. To my joy, my sister finally understood and left for good. To my dismay, no one else did.

      I come back inside, wandering a light-less corridor where I could swear we had night-lights to guide the way. I come to the main living area at the end of the hall and see a family friend there. But she's the only one, and eventually leaves. The TV comes on, and I know the face I see. It's the face of the house. After surviving once, the house knew it had to rid the world of the one that got away. I run to my bedroom. The lights go out and I hear movement. I break the window to the next room and jump through. I land in an impossible room, housing a machine of death made by the house. It was very Rube Goldberg, and almost resembled the game mousetrap. I knew there was nothing I could do, so I prayed. and right before I was crushed, the machine malfunctioned, then collapsed, then disappeared from existence. I'm now in the large room parallel to my bedroom, lights and all on. I hear a person coming down the hallway and lock the door. It's my mom. This is our house. My sister's fine and well in the next room. I've been watching too many horror movies...
    2. Minotaur army and random stuff

      by , 07-15-2010 at 03:20 AM
      Writing this down now more than 12 hours after I woke up so I might have lost some details.

      It started out with me and some friends in some house. We were making dinner. I was cutting cucumbers and salad and I noticed that the cucumbers got bad really fast. They became all soft and squishy while I was cutting them.

      At the same time there was like a party night or something outside and there were drunk people everywhere. After a while they started to invade our house for some reason xD. They were exactly like zombies. I fled to the attic of the house in which there was a ladder going up through a square hole in the roof. I knew that that was a special hole that let to another world and I climbed up.

      It became somewhat like a game. Me and some others were collecting items at a beach and the other people was nice. This part is really blurry but somehow I ended up being chased by some hunters tribe. They chased me to a house that was fugly. It was like 0.5*2 meters wide and broad while it was maybe 20 meters high. Imagine the shape you would get if you stacked like 1000 mattresses on each other. It had a rope on the outer wall hanging from the roof and I climbed it all the way up. Then I clinged to the roof while the tribe threw rocks at me. The rocks somehow caused the house to sway back and forth in wide slow movements as if it was made of something soft. It swayed so much that they could almost reach me in the extreme positions.

      I knew that a minotaur army was approaching the land. I took the opportunity to sneak away from the house to the place where the minotaurs flooded forth. They rushed along some castle wall and I lured them to the same place as the tribe to make the minotaurs attack the tribe (all of this I didn't really do physically. It was more like that I thought it and it made it happen while I was watching kinda). After this action I knew that people thought I died when I disappeared from the roof. I went to the beach and someone who looked like gandalf was there lol.
    3. 07/08/10 More Dream Fragments

      by , 07-10-2010 at 10:19 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Tonight I really don't remember anything other than some fragments. My WILD successfully went to another training session with Vegeta, although the one difference here was that MoSh came with me. There were also a few other fragments, but they seemed pretty nonsensical and they were also non-lucid, but here is what I remember.

      *Vegeta's Class*
      My WILD started with me in my inner world. Instead of going directly to Vegeta's class, however, I opened a portal and stepped through into MoSh's inner world where I found myself looking at yet another unfamiliar house.

      I wondered if the house really keeps changing or if my perception of it is screwed up for some reason. I paused to look at the different house for only a short time before going up to the front door and knocking on it. I surveyed the surrounding area while waiting for MoSh or Asuka to come to the door, noting that the rest of the area seemed to remain mostly consistent from one visit to the next one. The door opened and MoSh came out, he appeared ready to go. The big question was whether or not he was lucid and if he would remember any of this dream. Looking at the house one more time, I asked MoSh why his house kept changing. MoSh gave me a strange look as if he thought I was completely mental. I decided not to pursue the matter any further and opened a portal to my inner world just outside of Vegeta and Serena's house. Vegeta approached MoSh and me as soon as we exited the portal, seeming to survey both of us as we entered. He took a closer look at MoSh before saying we should get to training, he knew the exact thing MoSh needed to work on. As I have indicated, I don't remember the training itself very clearly, which Vegeta doesn't seem to see as a problem.

      *Computer Fish*
      I was at a computer store browsing various laptops that were on display. It wasn't myself that I was looking at laptops for, I was looking at the laptops for a friend, though I no longer remember the name of the friend. I poked around at a few laptops that I didn't think could be used for much more than paperweights, they were just too old and slow to be used for anything worthwhile. Even the internet would run at a snail's pace on one of those. I wondered why the computer store I was in even bothered keeping those old dinosaurs on display at all. After searching for what seemed like forever I finally found one computer hidden in the back corner that looked like it was at least somewhat decent. I knew the friend I was shopping for didn't need a top of the line model, but he did want to be able to surf the internet at a decent rate and maybe have a couple other applications running at the same time without crashing the whole system. The computer was password protected, so I started entering guesses until a salesperson came over and gave me the correct code. But now the computer was stuck at a fish screen saver…

      The screen saver was teeming with fish of all colors and sizes; I quickly became distracted from my computer shopping as I manipulated the screen saver to produce more and more outrageous fish on the screen. The salesperson came back and said the computer was for serious customers only and asked me to leave. I knew how to modify the screen saver now, so I thought I could continue playing with it on my home computer.

      I was walking with my friend Alicia down a dark and creepy alley. A light on the back of a building flickered and went out as Alicia and I passed it; I couldn't help but wonder what we were coming this way for at all. The alley way wasn't really much of a shortcut, shaving only a very short distance off of our trip, and it was very creepy.

      We were near the end of the alley when several big thugs stepped out of the shadows and boxed Alicia and me in. Alicia was hiding behind me and whimpering, clearly afraid of what the goons might have in mind. The dim light from the moon reflected off of a blade that one of the men was holding up to show us. He said if we handed over all of our money and jewelry then no one would get hurt. One of the other goons stepped forward and accepted Alicia's purse as she willingly handed it over. Checking my pockets, I realized I didn't have any money or any valuables at all on me. My purse was at home on my bed where I had forgotten to pick it up before leaving to meet Alicia at the park. When I told the thugs this, however, they didn't seem to believe me. The look on the face of the goon in front of me could have curdled milk as he came forward and said he would have either my money or my blood. When I told him I didn't have any money he motioned to the other goons who grabbed my arms while he drove his blade into my stomach all the way up to the hilt. I reflexively doubled over in anticipation of pain, but the pain didn't come. The thug did a double take at the confused look I gave him and stabbed me several more times. No pain, no weakness, no nothing. I started laughing at the man, asking him if that was really the best he could do. He stabbed me in the chest several times, then proceeded to stab his buddy on my right as if thinking somehow the knife wasn't working properly. His buddy fell over, bleeding with a shocked look on his face, bleeding out right in front of us. A look of terror crossed the thug's face as he turned his back and ran down the alley screaming like a little girl, leaving his other buddy still looking perplexed.
    4. No luck with WILD

      by , 07-10-2010 at 05:52 PM
      I went to bed around 730 ( I was high really hungry with no food and it was hot) and was woken up with a call from my bff around 1030. We both decided we would wake up at 430 with an alarm and a call from him to each state the intent. I did not remember my dream from when he woke me up even though I recalled it and stated it back to him. So the dream when I woke up from this morning goes as follows:
      I was competing with my sisters for the approval of my parents although I do not remember ever seeing my parents. The setting was this land where it was almost a huge atrium. We were doing supernatural stuff trying to get these guys or warlocks caught and of course I was doing everything wrong in the eyes of my older sister:cheeky:. I remember one of the guys the one I was going after was the badass from Raising Arizona the movie. I also remember making the atrium with my mind and changing how it looked. I did this also when I was on the freeway and one of the freeways had traffic and the other was all clear. I had seen this house in the dream that was the same one from another dream. It was high up and the only time I have seen it would be looking directly up at it in the sky because it was so high up. It was a little shotty bungalow rambler and I remember both times trying to think what the views must have been like. The views were similiar in both dreams but the latest one was a tad different. I also remember feeling very free in the dream, and then at other points feeling like I was being chased.
      I also remember being in a modern and clean hospital/library sort of building and being in the restricted zones, I am not sure if I was lost, or trying to run from someone or trying to catch something.
    5. The Dream of the Post-Apocalyptic World, the Race and the Closed-Off Town

      by , 06-22-2010 at 09:20 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)


      I was in a post-apocalyptic world, except, shortly after the apocalypse. It was a zone with many shops spread in a desertic land. I knew it was past the apocalypse because: 1) most of the population had disappeared and 2) the country wasn't that desertic normally.
      However, the buildings were still standing and in a good shape.
      In the beginning, I was alone. Soon, I noticed 3 Black men running and I challenged them to a race along the empty shops. Surprisingly, I beat them all so they were in awe. I think one of them offered me ammo.
      Then I was with a group of other survivors, among whom a beautiful woman
      possibly inspired by Lara Croft or Megan Fox. We were looking beyond a highway bridge (definitely inspired by FallOut 3, we haven't got those here) where a giant set of Mikado sticks were. And by giant, I mean, several dozen feet long.
      We even consider using them as spears to defend ourselves.
      Then, Lara-Megan says she knows of a big city where we will be safe. She takes us to the entrance of the city, whose guards have ridiculous uniforms reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.
      We're told that to be let into the city, we need to pass a test of trust that is also a sort of inner conscience journey or stuff.
      Practically, it means being held down flat on a convector belt that takes us through the city and exposes us to different scenes of the city life for a day or two.
      Then we're into the city and I am with 3 childhood friends, twins: Gur (a boy) and Mad (a girl) and their older sister Soa. They're in their early teens again.
      I take them up a road, under a bridge, and up to my house which is on the left side of the road, hanging over a cliff.
      On the door there is a sign saying "Ande" followed by my name, Ande being a deformation of my mother's middle name, Andrée, and her father's name, André. Under it there is my own name.
      We get in the house, which is all in length: an entrance hall, a small kitchen, a tiny living-room and the bedroom.
      In the bedroom there is a big bouncy king-size bed (
      actually my grandmother's former bed) and a small one person bed to its left. I tell my 3 friends I'll take the small bed and they can sleep in the big bed. I start taking blankets for them.
    6. Save The Sun Man!

      by , 06-21-2010 at 03:03 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Location: My house/basement

      I was walking in my living room when suddenly i heard a loud scream coming from a guy that sounded like he was downstairs. I decided to check it out an walked down the stairs to my basement. I turned left and immediately noticed a man tied to a chair in the corner by an old wood stove we never use anymore. I walked over to him, and he started saying some incoherent nonsense about the sun ans how it was in danger (something like that) He asked me to help him and I replied, "Okay, but I have to go check with my mom and sister."

      I walked back upstairs, even though I could have just cut him loose down there. I told my mom and sister about what the man had said and where he was, and she told me to go in through the window. Not questioning her at all, I walked out to our backyard and looked down at one of the windows that leads to our basement. I thought to myself, "How the heck am I going to fit down there?" But I heard the man screaming even louder so I decided to just go for it.

      I removed the window and tried to squeeze through. I made it and grabbed a bar that was there and stood up in a narrow corridor with small pebbles instead of the normal concrete. It was about 5 feet wide and 8 feet tall. I looked down each way and saw nothing but black. In waking life I would have been standing in my basement. I noticed a small hole in the bottom of the wall in front of me. Thinking I could fit through it, I decided to squeeze through.

      I made it, at least to my waist, but there was nothing to swing down on to, and the floor was about 8 feet below me. I twisted around in the hole so that my back was facing down to the floor. I slowly slid out using my legs to stop me from falling strait through. After I had made it through that I met up with my sister who was standing there cutting the man free.

      Once he was out we walked out the door into what was my sister's friend's backyard. I hadn't been there since her graduation party a year ago. We walked through the fence and the man looked at me and said, "Thank you so much. You have saved the sun and it will repay you, I promise." I agreed with the man and then
      woke up.
    7. On to the new. And Brooms.

      by , 06-16-2010 at 09:25 PM
      First post in my new DJ. God, I hope I'm using this right.

      Flying Broomsticks. (DILD)


      Wow. I need to start writing my DJ as soon as I wake up. No matter.

      After doing something inside of a house, I leave to go outside. There is something about Harry Potter going on. I grab my broom and try to fly away. I fail. Soon somebody comes to watch me. They doubt I can actually fly. I jump up, and land on top of a fence. "Watch this" I say. I jump off the fence, I don''t quite fly but I manage to glide down slowly. The person is amazed. Suddenly I remember how to fly. The same way I fly in most of my flying dreams, including the ones from my childhood. I get a nice fast running start and jump up. I go soaring into a gray-white sky. Behind my the house shrinks very rapidly, the areas around it are misty and vague. I try to turn around but I can't. I become lucid for a reason I have yet to find out. Without RCing I turn my broom around and head back towards the house. I land, and think of a dream goal to accomplish. I decide to try to go through an object. I go up to the car parked at the house and try to put my hand through it. Bump. I remind myself that this is a dream, and that I can do anything. I concentrate and push my hand against the metal. I get woken up by thunder. Darn, because I was thinking pretty nicely in that dream. Oh well.

      And another more personal dream I wont be sharing
    8. False Awakening and Flying!

      by , 06-14-2010 at 10:06 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      Two lucids last night! Yay!

      The first was very dark. I was walking down a dark street and simply knew it was a dream. I think beforehand I had been looking for my dogs leash, or rather, a dog leash somewhere. I then realized that I was holding the leash and walking her down the street.

      Anyway, I realize I'm dreaming and decided that I wanted to fly into space and explore another planet. I started drifting upwards, and then saw my dog still on the leash. For some reason I couldn't come back down and unleash her, so I decided to use my mind to do it. I made the leash unhook from up in the air and she came catapulting up next to me. The sky was beautiful, and I started to penetrate into space, everything was blue and cloudy... wispy. The dream ended.


      I'm in my room, and I wake up. I feel like something is off. Everything feels really weird. D is there and is yelling about something. I feel like this must be a dream. I look at my hands and count my fingers to do a reality check. I could about 8 fingers on my left hand. I know I'm dreaming, but this feels too real. I think, maybe I can fly through the ceiling since it's a lucid dream. I jump and hit my head on the ceiling, I can't penetrate it. I feel like I spent a really long time knowing I was dreaming but was somewhat overwhelmed about being wrong that I was dreaming. I ended up catapulting myself through the window.

      I lost lucidity shortly after. I remember inheriting a house and having the neighbors yell at me because there was an anarchy sign on the side of the house. It was very small. I also remember driving down some jenky road that I wasn't supposed to.
    9. Ninjas at my Aunt's house.

      by , 01-10-2010 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I can only remember this dream in fragments.

      I am in a house that is of my Aunt Estelle's house. The house is dark, but full of people like there is a party going on or something. I cannot recognize any of the people because of the darkness and I keep bumping into them. There is something about going to the bathroom on the first floor several times.

      I gain control of my actions in the dream but do not become aware that it is a dream.

      Still in my aunt's house there is suddenly less people walking around in the dark but suddenly we are all dressed like Ninjas and are weilding Samurai swords. I have the longest one. While the others attack me they cannot damage me because their swords are too short to reach me. I cut, slash and kill my opponents, which shocks Moordryd Paynn and his Dragoneyes Crew who are suddenly watching from nearby.

      I cannot remember the middle of the dream but near the end I am walking across a field, chasing a man who is my target. Still armed with my samaurai sword, I know I have to kill this man. Obstacles like bushes and small tress keep rapidly growing in front of me to hinder my progress. I am slowed down by having to cut away at the rapidly growing plants with my sword. The sky is yellow ochre coloured and suddenly floating dots or bubbles fill air and surround me, multiplying like cell osmosis. This doesn't impede my pregress but is really trippy to watch.

      I find the man I have to kill near a shell of a burnt out brick house in the middle of the field. The man clambers up a large oak tree to get away from me. As I approach the tree I realize that I am unable to reach the man even though he is sitting on the lowest branch of the tree which is not that far from the ground. I have suddenly shrunk in size for some reason and cannot complete my goal.
    10. Mystical dream house

      by , 04-10-2009 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off in a well organized, modern looking house that has an open concept kitchen/dinig room/living room combo. There are two old ladies having tea and an a man who looks like Tommy Chong who has the front of his shirt rolled inwardly half way up his abdomen. They are sitting in the living room part and I watch them with amusement because their behaviour is silly and spacey as if they were high on drugs or something. The old man gets up and leaves and the two old ladies go into the kitchen area which is elevated from the living room and dining areas.

      I follow them and notice that the kitchen counters are covered with weather worn peices of driftwood, many of which are flat like serving trays. Upon the driftwood trays are an assortment of natual objects: bleached animal skulls and bones, pine cones, sea shells, dried flowers and feathers, and other such things. At the far end of the counter is a picture frame that has been decorated with leis an flower petals. The image in the picture is a smiling man who looks like a East Indian guru.

      One of the old ladies take a white, ashy substance and smears three verticle lines on her forehead and then starts chanting in what sounds like Hindu and begins dancing wildly around the kitchen. I retreat down into the dining area to give her space but continue watching. The chanting old lady goes over to the other old lady (who is keeping pace with the chanting my clapping her hands) and blesses or shares energy with her with a sweeping motion from the front of her face to the top of her head and then down over the shoulders.

      I turn my attention away from the old ladies for a moment and notice a coffee table upon which are many hand-blown glass ornaments. I turn my attention to back to the dancing and chanting old lady and try to make sense of what she is saying. She is repeating "Nahm Devali, Om Devali" over and over again. As she is chanting she takes the white ashy substance and smears a vertical line on the other old lady's forehead.

      Suddenly the living room and dining room area is full of people, dancing and socalizing casually. Since the wild dancing has stopped I go back up into the kitchen to the first old lady who has been chanting, but I have to squeeze by many of the people who have appeared. The old lady is waiting for me with a big smile on her face. Before I can say anything she introduced herself as a Jody with a "y." I tell her that my name is also Jodie, but it is spelled with an "ie." She laughs and says "Isn't that cool!?"

      More people come into the house and I turn around to leave the kitchen, because it is becoming quite crowded, and see my mother at the bottom of the stairs, smiling at me. She looks very peaceful and content, but doesn't say anything. I wander around the crowded living area observing all the people and eventually notice an elderly North American indian man dressed as a Plains Indian Chief. I ask him if he can teach me how to bleach animal bones and he kindly and amusingly replies "Why don't you teach yourself?"

      I understand that he means that I should not be afraid to try things out for myself and I thank him to which he responds with a big smile.

      The dream ends there.
    11. Haunted House

      by , 01-15-2009 at 05:33 AM

      Another stupid "haunted house" dream. How boring. I mean, it was terrifying at the time, and I knew something was in the house (the attic, I guess) and I had stuff written in Satanic script on my forehead (much to my horror) and I was terrified during the dream, but haunted house dreams seem to be pretty common for me, so... boring.

      Other dream:
      I was half-asleep and heard little running foot-steps, like those of a child, and then a child's voice whispered loudly in my ear, "Hey!" I woke up and looked around, but didn't see anything. I then went back to sleep.
    12. Vivid but Fragmented

      by , 01-09-2009 at 05:18 AM
      I had another dream last night that I know was very vivid, unfortunately I can't remember any of it beyond the fact that there was some sort of house, and my mother and brother were involved. It's noteworthy that although I think the house may have been run-down, it wasn't haunted or scary. I also have fragmented impressions of lots of greenery (lots of plants and trees, perhaps in a greenhouse) and maybe a short man in a suit. I know that I didn't want to wake up this morning because there was something in the dream I needed to resolve. Also, something about traveling along a highway in a car, and the highway may have been near the sea.

      More fragments may come back, sometimes fragments of dreams I've 'forgotten' have resurfaced after a while.
    13. Drowning and Countryside

      by , 01-07-2009 at 05:17 AM
      I haven't documented my dreams for a while, so I lost a few. Here are the ones I remember (from while on vacation and afterward):

      Dreamed that I had to go get my grandfather (grandpa M) and bring him somewhere - a party, or something. It was sort of important. Along the way, we got dumped into a (freezing) river. He sank to the bottom, and I had to dive down and search around for him and drag him back up, worried it was too late. Every time we got to the surface, he got dragged back down again and I had to fetch him. Amazingly, none of this killed him, and we got to the other side.

      Dreamed that I lived in a house - sort of decrepit, or maybe more like a trailer, or cobbled together, but anyway, it didn't have enough walls, some parts were just... open. I knew that there were dangerous things and people living in the hills and was constantly worried, especially since the house was so exposed in the parts that didn't have walls.

      Dreamed that I had a little brother/cousin/kid/whatever, a toddler, only I was unable to take care of him, so a former classmate of mine took custody of him. I felt like shit since the main reason I couldn't take care of him was that I didn't have a good enough job. Even so, the place they lived in was very bare, almost no furniture, and not very safe. There was a part on an upstairs landing with no rail at all, period (for some reason, I knew a giant planter was supposed to go there, but there wasn't there and that's why there was just a drop with no railing).
    14. Dead Rabbits

      by , 07-06-2008 at 12:09 AM
      Original dream dated July 04, 2008:
      Dreamed that Reese and I were trying to get home from an airport called Mariana airport, and we couldn't. Mom was supposed to pick us up, but never showed up, so we took the bus instead. Somewhere along the line, it turned into Reese driving her jeep, and we got stuck in traffic on the Interstate. It turned out that Mom had never planned on picking us up and there had been a miscommunication. For some reason, we lived in a 2-story white house.

      I had a dream that my pet rabbit had a heart attack and was dying, so I wrapped her up in a purple towel and cried while she groomed my head.

      Original dream dated July 05, 2008:
      I had a dream that I was working on rules for a D20 game, and they turned into rules for the world...

      Somewhere along the way, we got invaded by alien wasps that climbed up your nose and replaced your brain, stealing your soul. It happened to me, and I wasn't technically supposed to get another 'chance' at working things out in the world, but for some reason, I was given one. I had to abide by the rules I'd written, though, which stated that if you lost then it would rain forever and everything would be covered by 500 feet of soil over the next few thousand years. I escaped from the original area (which was quite dangerous) with some friends of mine, including a tall brown-haired man. We got to a coffee shop and tried to figure out what to do. We were sort of stuck in there, at least one of us was covered in blood, and I realized that we were all doomed unless I recovered the book I'd been working on and revised the rule set. The brown haired guy offered to run through the rain for several miles to get it, but it was very dangerous out there and there were zombies, and I argued that if he died it was permanent but I could revive myself... the dream left off there.
    15. Sewing Machines, Watery Platforms, MUDs

      by , 06-12-2008 at 02:59 AM
      (original post dated 06/11/2008):

      Dreamed that my aunt S was using my sewing machine to knit with, somehow. I wanted to remove the yarn in order to do some sewing, but didn't know if she was done with it yet, and my cousin Jenny wasn't much help because she didn't know. I had gotten a new pair of pants that, at first, looked really cool, but they were falling apart and had holes in them, which I had not realized when I bought them - hence the need to sew them up. Once I put them on, I was chagrined to discover that they were actually tacky snow-pants with a bright orange camouflage pattern on them.

      Then, I was an imp cleaning up someone's house. And then, for some reason, we were also putting on this show, where we jumped from a platform into a lake below us, and I was an imp but also myself. Something about my swimsuit, I don't remember. I was debating a graceful dive vs. a back-flop (more in character for an imp) when the platform abruptly descended. The guy working it was asian and looked familiar but I couldn't make out who he was, and suddenly I was underwater and swimming back up to the platform before it ascended again.

      Then I was playing a text-based MUD, and was debating whether to be a Paladin or a Monk, and decided to be a Paladin but specialize in unarmed combat and fist-weapons.
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