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    1. Sewing Machines, Watery Platforms, MUDs

      by , 06-12-2008 at 02:59 AM
      (original post dated 06/11/2008):

      Dreamed that my aunt S was using my sewing machine to knit with, somehow. I wanted to remove the yarn in order to do some sewing, but didn't know if she was done with it yet, and my cousin Jenny wasn't much help because she didn't know. I had gotten a new pair of pants that, at first, looked really cool, but they were falling apart and had holes in them, which I had not realized when I bought them - hence the need to sew them up. Once I put them on, I was chagrined to discover that they were actually tacky snow-pants with a bright orange camouflage pattern on them.

      Then, I was an imp cleaning up someone's house. And then, for some reason, we were also putting on this show, where we jumped from a platform into a lake below us, and I was an imp but also myself. Something about my swimsuit, I don't remember. I was debating a graceful dive vs. a back-flop (more in character for an imp) when the platform abruptly descended. The guy working it was asian and looked familiar but I couldn't make out who he was, and suddenly I was underwater and swimming back up to the platform before it ascended again.

      Then I was playing a text-based MUD, and was debating whether to be a Paladin or a Monk, and decided to be a Paladin but specialize in unarmed combat and fist-weapons.
    2. Baby bottles and the river styx

      by , 01-29-2008 at 02:40 AM
      Original dreams date to Jan. 27th and Jan. 28th, 2008:

      I had a dream that I bought some shelf space in a department store - the way things worked in the dream, you pretty much rented shelf space like property and oversaw the placing of products there. I decided that I needed to fill it, so I bought a baby bottle and formula factory, but for some reason I couldn't manage to get past the legal hurdles and difficulties involved in getting the factory up and running and placing the products on the shelves. I was very confused by the whole process, and it frustrated me, and I was worried about it causing some serious problems with my taxes.

      Some real world information on the next dream: my friend, Mrs. Y____, passed away the day before. It was some very sad news, but she was a very old lady, and I was glad that she had at least simply passed in her sleep rather than suffering through a long illness. She was a very sweet old woman, so I will miss her. I didn't get a chance to call her before she died (I had moved to another city), which means this dream makes slightly more sense.

      I dreamed that I went to visit Mrs. Y___, but she had moved somewhere else, which required me riding on a boat across a sea. The boat was sort of like a cross between a cruise ship and a Navy ship. I spent some time talking to the second in command, who was a very nice young man with brown hair and appeared to be in his late twenties, but the Captain was nowhere to be seen. Once I reached my destination, I had a little bit of trouble finding Mrs. Y___ because I wasn't quite sure where she lived. The place actually looked almost like a tourist town - sort of like International Drive in Orlando.

      When I finally found her, she was living in a sort of out of the way place, it looked like an old white house surrounded by thick forest - more like swampy forest, though, mangroves and such - down a dirt road. As I walked down the dirt road through the forest to Mrs. Y___'s mansion, I was surprised to see several black futon bed frames fly by, although they had no obvious method of locomotion. It later turned out that one of my friends had rigged a tiny motor to them so that they could roll on their wheels to their destination, which made moving them around easier. I was worried that it would wear the wheels down too fast, since they weren't designed for such heavy or high-speed usage, but he assured me that futon wheels were cheap and it didn't do them any real harm.

      The house looked slightly run-down, but in a welcoming way - if it had been more polished-up, it wouldn't have seemed very homey, and this way it seemed more comfortable and lived-in - and Mrs. Y___ actually seemed to prefer this.

      We chatted for a bit, although I don't remember most of it. It was the usual "how are you" and then one of her favorite subjects, which was her home country, and her usual argument that I really ought to visit there because she thought that I would like it and want to stay and live there. I fell back on my usual argument (that I wouldn't fit in very well), which she dismissed like she usually did. I promised her that I would visit it at some point in the future, when my finances allowed, and this seemed to make her happy.

      Back in the main city, there were quite a few theme parks, which Mrs. Y___ and I explored. One of them was autumn-themed and had a lot of very cool areas filled with colorful buildings and lights, there were mostly children there since it was aimed at children but neat enough for more than a few adults to check it out. We went up into one building which was a staircase that rose into the air, covered in orange balls of light, and the building was shaped like a giant pumpkin sitting in a tree. I don't remember, but it may have been a restaurant.

      In any case, after visiting for a while, I had to leave. After returning back home, I found out that my mother had had to move, and had given my cat - whom I had left with her - up for adoption. It was implied that he had been adopted by another family. I don't own a cat in real life. The cat in question was a very friendly fat orange tabby tom-cat named Halloween, and I was heartbroken. My friend M___ and I went searching for Halloween - it was autumn in my dream now, and went driving down a dirt road on an ATV. We wound up at a place that looked a lot like the theme park that Mrs. Y___ and I visited while I was visiting her, only it was decrepit and abandoned. I never found my cat.

      The dream then changed. I was upset, so I went to visit my aunt L___, who had moved into a very large and old Victorian-style house. I began planting plants all over the house, in pots, in the yard, even inside between the floorboards, and the plants began to grow. My aunt was very pleased, although a little bit worried that the roots might do damage to the floorboards, so I pulled some of the larger ones. The plants began flowering, and the flowers were all very exotic looking, so that there were sprays of tiny blue flowers coming up from the floorboards and all sorts of gigantic tropical orange and purple and green flowers covering the building. When I stamped on the floorboards, they had turned hollow and become filled with plant roots rather than wood.

      I woke up for a while, and then as I was falling asleep again, I began to dream about voices (only voices). I was still half-awake so it might have freaked me out if I weren't used to this happening. There were two male voices, one older and one younger, they sounded prophetic (which, again, is fairly normal in some of my stranger dreams). They were talking about history or something, although I forgot what they were saying, except for a line or two here or there, something about beasts. I then fell asleep.
    3. Dream house stripped bare (lucid)

      by , 01-08-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      For many years a particular house has appeared in my dreams. It does not look like any house I know in waking life, yet it looks the same whenever I dream about it, which is approximately every two or three years since childhood. In all dreams previous, the house was full of furniture and appliances and looked as if it has recently been lived in, but empty of people. This dream is slightly different though because, while still abandoned, most of the furniture and appliances were removed, much of the plaster on the walls had been knocked out and the electrical wires, insulation and wooden supports were showing.

      The house sits at the bottom of a hill, close to water on a bay on an unnamed lake. The bay is choked with docks and boats and only narrow passages lead to open water. The area around the house is hilly and full of large houses, many of which have wooden stairs and walkways leading down to the dock. My dream house itself consists of three levels and a basement, and a secret staircase and room that connects the first and third floors. The outside is white clapboard and the roof is light grey shingles. Each floor of the house is long and narrow with low ceilings and all of the windows throughout are small and do not let in much light. The first floor consists of the kitchen, living room and a sewing room. The second floor has a large den, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The third floor is an open space, like an attic, and is always a toyroom in the dream. The basement has a bedroom, a bathroom, a large den, a tool room and a laundry room to the rear.

      I do not remember the beginning of the dream, or entering the house, but I find myself in the laundry room in the basement, and though it is stripped bare of any living comforts, I immediately recognize the place where I am. Despite just coming to awareness in the basement, I know that I am the only one in the house. Because it is a place I know I only ever see in my dreams, I become lucid. I do not try to force any control over the dream and am content to explore the house because I am curious as to why it seems empty except for the outer walls.

      The first thing I notice is that the ceiling seems higher than normal and the windows far out of reach overhead. Actually everything about the laundry room seems oversized. I feel that everything is as a child would see it, though I appear at my current age in the dream. The next thing I notice is that the pipes that once connected to the washer is still pumping out water. The hose from which the water is gushing pours into a bucket on what looks like the burnt out shell of the dryer. The bucket is leaning slightly towards the back wall and is overflowing onto a slanted, beveled concrete trough which directs the water to a drain that carries the water under the house and out to the lake. I also notice at this point that the lights are still on.

      I walk into the next room which also seems oversized, though mostly everything but the counters and wooden supports are gone. I walk towards the hall which leads to the den, but the lights are out and I cannot see where the doorway is. I stretch my arm forward and fumble in the dimly lit hall for the light switch but end up almost sticking my finger in an uncovered electrical socket. I eventually find the two switches for the lights for the large den area on the wooded support to my right and flick them on. When I enter the den I look up and it seems that the ceiling is three or four storeys high. It is only when I look towards the eastern wall that I realize why - I can see the secret stairs and room in its entirety. All of the floors up the the third have been completely removed, expect for the secret passage embedded in the eastern wall. There is no indication that there were any floors above, no debris or any indication of demolition whatsoever, except that I recognize the placement of the windows which correspond to the layout of each floor as I remember it.

      I can see the ochre coloured furniture in the secret room that has always been there, and except for the wall that usually hides the secret room and stairs being missing, everything else looks the same. The furniture is Victorian era style and there are many black and white photographs pinned to the far wall. There is even the single white candle burning on the small mahogany end table which is the only source of illumination for the narrow, windowless room. I am excited that the secret room is the same, and want to go to it, but the entrance to the lower secret stairs is only accessable by the main floor of the house, which is now missing. I start walking towards the easten wall anyway and trip over a pile of toys and clothing and various household items that I did not see until now. I recognize some of the toys as items that used to be in the toyroom on the third floor and pick up some for a closer look.

      I walk over to a black waist high bookcase and find several multicoloured and metallic dinky cars which I recognize from waking life which used to belong to my brother, though in the dream I thought to myself that they belonged to my cousin Keelan. I also found an black and silver flashlight that I used to own years ago and when I switched it on the beam was dim and fading. At the same time an LCD flashlight rolled off of one of the bookshelf ledged and right into my hand. Also at the same time the row of basement lights on the western wall beging to flick on and off seemingly by themselves. I stand up and walk into the middle of the room, trying to see down the north hall in case anyone is there, but I can see no one and both rows of lights on the western and easten wall flicker a few times and go out. It is dark outside so the many windows provide no illumination and it is completely pitch black in the house, save for the small candle in the secret room, though it obviously does not provide much light. I attempt some dream control by saying "lights on" and try to will it to happen, but nothing does. I can hear thumping above me, as if the main floor still exists and someone is walking back and forth across it. I start to feel scared, but the knowledge that I am in a dream does not fade. I also remind myself that I do not believe in ghosts and there really is no reason to be scared because it is only a dream. The thumping continues and though I cannot see anything, I feel the "presence" of something in the hall by the light switches. The terror in me grows, but so does anger and I scream at the invisible presence "TURN THE LIGHTS BACK ON RIGHT NOW!"

      There is no answer and I stand in the dark for a short time before the terror overwhelms me and I awake in a cold sweat. Or maybe I willed myself awake? I can't remember now.

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    4. The old Victorian house

      by , 10-30-2006 at 09:01 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in a old Victorian style looking house looking down a long hallway with many old wooden doors. There was something about a dark-haired man in a red checkered shirt in one of the rooms off to the left, but I cannot remember the significance. There was also something about a rocking chair and a fireplace but the significance of that is also lost to me. Despite the old Victorian appearance of the house, it had a very modern looking bathroom, though I only remember seeing it while I went down the hall towards the room with the man in the red checkered shirt.
    5. Flying between Toronto and London, Ont.

      by , 10-28-2006 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There is a large three story house on the side of a dark hill (I don't know why the hill was dark, it just was). People are vigorously running from room to room and from floor to floor. I cannot remember why now but it had something to do with music, (like musical chairs except on a house-wide scale or something?) I kept seeing several boys from my past (including a boy I used to call Rob "Pigwater") and some men that I like now, regardless if they are real or fiction. I did not feel really connected to anyone, like they just saw through me and I was just watching from a distance.

      Before all of the music and running around started, I begged my parents for my own room, because I had to share one with two people I don't know or like on the third floor. There is a small room on the third floor that is empty and hardly used and I wanted it. When I finally get the room, I do not keep it clean and this leads to a house-wide hide-and-seek or something, though I can no longer remember how.

      I tire of the noise and craziness going on inside, and especially of a dark, unidentifiable man who was following me through the house, and I crawl out of the tiny window in my new room and onto the roof. I suddenly realize that I am not in my hometown of London, Ontario and I need to get back there so I can attend my theapy session when the morning comes. It is dark out and there is several hours before the sun will rise, so I am confident that I will make it.

      Large, flowing white wings srpout from my back and am excited to have them, but my parents appear in a window and tell me that they don't think I'll make it and that I am wasting my time. I spread my wings and jump from the roof. While I can fly, I have trouble staying at a certain hight. I cannot seem to get above the powerlines, not because of the lines themselves, but because of an invisible force that keeps pushing me down when I try to fly at a certain hight. I am also disoriented at first and have trouble figuring out which way is west.

      I try to fly so that no one sees me, but that becomes impossible when the sky begins to lighten as dawn approaches and I have to to ignore anyone who stares or hollers at me. Not long after people start to notice me flying through the air, I sense a sinister force behind me and I am forced to land in a field that has a large hole in it. I dive into the hole hoping to lose my pursuer. There is an extensive underground cave system and I run into Vincent Valentine (from FF7) while trying to navigate it. Vincent attaches something to his belt or penis (I cannot remember which now) and asks for oral sex, saying that it will give him the power to defeat the sinister presence that is chasing me.

      Somewhat unsettled, I leave the cave without providing requested service and fly away. The sinister presence seems to be gone for now so I just try to enjoy gliding through the sky and feel the morning chill in the air as the sun begins to rise. Even though I am facing west as I fly, the sun is rising directly infront of me though I think nothing of it in the dream. As the sun rises, I begin to feel heavy. It becomes very difficult to fly without intense concentration on flapping my wings. I can do it, but I also become very disoriented direction wise, and because facing the sun all the time is blinding me.

      I see a tall building made of golden coloured glass ahead of me. It has a very gothic, yet modern design. I sense the sinister presence getting close behind me again so I fly to the building and land on a ledge. I try to move around on the glass surface discreately, but only end up drawing more attention to myself. The people on the inside of the building gather and stare at me. Feeling uncomfortable, I fly away from there and continue towards London, though I am forced to look down a lot because the rising sun is directly in my eyes. It is at this point that I suddenly realize that the sun is rising in the wrong place. I know that I am heading in the correct direction but I am perplexed as to why the sun is rising in the west and not the east, like it is supposed to.

      I finally reach London but because I am very tired, I can only fly a few metres above the ground. I end up flying underneath a steel bridge that is painted bright red, trying to avoid pedestrians and cars. Somehow I have aquired a red hardhat, though it is conveinient because I kept bumping my head on the bottom of the steel bridge.

      I do not make it to the hospital for my therapy session because I am suddenly back in Toronto laying on the bed in my new room. I am trying to explain to my dad that I am going to attend my session through astral projection and I will write everything down when I return to my body, or something.
    6. Old Dream: Breaking A Curse

      by , 07-22-2003 at 04:02 AM
      Original entry dated July 21, 2003:

      First, I dreamed there was a fire in Tucson, Arizona, and this woman was trying to beat back the flames and save her house, and she wound up getting horribly burned.
      Then the dream changed and we lived on the plains in Africa, or it was in Australia, and there were all of these fires, and animals were running away, etc. and as soon as we thought we'd put them out the fire would come back again...

      And there were these reservoirs/waterholes... made of concrete, or something... that used to serve some sort of purpose, but now people just swam in them.
      Then we were driving through the country in this horribly beaten up truck and stayed in this house... the houses were like 10 miles apart and most were deserted anyway... anyway, the one guy's great grandmother was dying, and they were sure she was gonna go tonight. I'd been being pestered/tormented by ghosts and spirits and stuff and the house itself was actually particularly bad in that respect, but he said to go in and talk to her before she died, about some sort of ritual that was supposed to help me, where I walked down an aisle with my head down and the priest prayed for me... or whatever... I don't remember the specifics, only that it was done a certain way and she knew the right way.
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