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    1. Monday, November 4

      by , 11-06-2019 at 10:46 PM
      I am outside somewhere, walking. The area feels like a small residential area outside of town. The properties here are large and out of place in the modernity of the rest of the town. This is not detrimental, and they seem completely self functioning. I notice large, wood residences. I am walking through a lot, the ground completely covered in small pieces of wood (maybe 6-8 inches long and 3 inches in diameter). The wood looks slightly old/rotted, one section especially so. I’m taking care with each step, aware and respectful of the fact that this is someone’s property. I am now walking under what seems like a huge, high deck. I notice the vast amount of wood comprising it. This wood too looks old and weathered. Now, I seem to be on a road with just enough elevation to give me a view of all the properties around. It is dim to dark out. There’s a wide and languid river and a large, castle-looking residence on a hill. I take a picture, capturing the moonlit water and the silhouette of the place.
    2. Tuesday, August 13

      by , 09-09-2019 at 11:08 PM
      I am with Melissa in Virginia City at a brewpub or something similar. We’ve parked along the side of the road and it seemed like more of a steep incline, like the road around Tahoe. We walk up and take seats at the counter. The waitress seems a little younger, nice, and laid back. I look at the beer menu and the double door beer fridge. The fridge seems to have a better selection, and I decide on picking something from it. An older lady walks up to it and grabs a Black Butte Porter. I notice a ceramic, 11oz bottle of Delirium Tremens. I also notice, at the very bottom, what looks like ceramic, 2 L sized containers of Delirium on their sides. I wonder the price of each and then go grab one of the small bottles. I sit back down and think we’re going to order food also. The waitress is talking about something going on, but has to explain it because it’s our first time here. I now pour my beer into a regular pint glass. I realize it is not Delirium Tremens, but rather Delirium ‘Trem’ or ‘Tremen’, which I assume is a different style of beer from the same brewery. I think it is a saison. It is a very nice hazy light orange, and it tastes very good. I notice that Melissa has a tulip shaped glass with a little bit of water in it; I think about stealing it to use instead of the regular pint glass. I also think this beer is closer to 4% than the 8% of the Tremens. I think about being responsible since I’m driving, but I also think about how it’s nice up here and how we could just not worry about going back and go to a few more places.

      I’m driving to Carson City, and the freeway seems more straight ahead and lower in elevation. It is sunset, and the sunset is beautiful. The clouds are thick and heavy and dark, full of dark orange and red and spots of purple. I see the backyards of houses to my right. I know they’re close to the freeway, but they still seem nice. The yards are small and close together, most with a good assortment of trees, some with string lights. I think about living out here since it’s smaller, thinking the drive might be worth it if I worked out south and/or mainly stayed out here. I think that it would be closer to Tahoe.
    3. Working for Awareness

      by , 07-17-2019 at 01:21 AM
      I woke up with my second alarm and went straight back to lying down attempting to MILD again. I must have dozed off for a little bit as I come back to awareness with a bright white rectangle close to my face. I imagine it as a computer screen and sure enough, I start to focus on the URL at the top of the screen repeating to myself that I am dreaming. I feel my body start to enter sleep paralysis and I hear some strange noises. I try to wake myself up out of panic by trying to think of my bedroom, but I can only think about work and sitting at my desk looking at my computer screen. I let it happen and suddenly pop into the dream by WILD

      It's difficult to move at first, but I get out of the office chair I'm sitting in and do a reality check. My fingers pass easily through my hand and I feel that I am already more aware because of WILDing instead of DILDing. I want to get outside so I walk to the stairwell and find it blocked by a vending machine. It swings out of the way without effort, though, and I walk down. The stairs get very narrow with more blockages along the way, but I finally make it out into a grassy hill. In front of me are mountains with many homes built around the base. To my left it looks like some plains with a dust devil or small tornado. I sit down cross legged in the grass to boost my awareness. I once again perform a reality check which I do easily. I then say out loud, "Clarity now", in a calm but commanding voice and my vision becomes pixelated-like for a split second and a sound like a high pitched ring occurs. It subsides leaving me with a much clearer vision and more awareness, and I'm stunned for a minute that it worked so well. I decide I want to talk to my subconscious so I start walking down a street with houses on both sides. I imagine a bench on the left side while looking at my hands and sure enough, I look up and a bench is there, although a little lopsided. I sit down and ask to speak with my subconscious. Out of the right side of my vision, a blonde girl walks towards the house that I'm facing. She greets me and walks in some side entrance to open the front door for me. I thank her and walk inside. She starts talking to me but I'm trying to focus on staying aware and I tell her this. I remark that I need to work on making my awareness - boosting routine get my awareness in the dream to last longer. When I finally sit down, she starts talking to me again, but the dream fades out quickly.
    4. Friday, June 15

      by , 07-21-2018 at 09:05 PM
      I have driven out to Kelli and Carl’s. It looks like nobody is home, but I also knock on the door. Nobody answer, so I go in. I call out ‘hello’ and get no answer, but I round a corner and see Carl. i continue into the room (doesn’t really look like their house) and Kelli and another girl on a black couch come into view. They’re watching something on the larger TV that is loud and probably why they didn’t hear me. I give Carl a hug and then a handshake. He offers me a margarita (I see one out - it’s in a green can that’s fairly tall: a Lime-a-Rita?) and I pause and think briefly before accepting. He goes to get one and chuckles, saying maybe I can have another or more and stay here. I am now on the couch and watching this movie with them. I am pretty sure the girl on the couch is Kelli Ann. I am not sure which can on the square coffee table is mine, but I feel pretty safe picking up the heaviest one. This film seems to be in the opening sequence - short clips of sea animals and people? with cool color tones and drab music, if any at all. Scenes keep repeating, so much so that we think there is something going wrong. After a repetition, however, there is new content, so we realize this was a purposeful stylization. I think about how that is very dream-like.
    5. Tuesday, June 12

      by , 07-21-2018 at 08:58 PM
      I am hanging out in a house with Melissa, Daylen, and one other. I am not sure whose house it is. I am sitting a little ways from them, and Daylen is trying to be alone with Melissa. I am not sure why they need to be alone right now, and I’m not really angry, but it does make me feel a little weird. I look up and they are gone. I stay here for a bit, eating one of those glazed chocolate pies as well as one other sweet, but then decide to go outside and find them. This neighborhood consists of similar houses, one street that I can see, and an abundance of lush lawn. It is almost labyrinthine. I start walking along a narrow section of lawn between the houses and spot the three walking along the street up ahead. I crouch-run up to a chain link fence and get down behind it. Melissa is either in front or behind, not too near either of the other guys i now know they are trying to catch Katydids. In fact, two different ones fly up and land on my arms before flying off again. I now head back to the house, and these passages of lawn are now inside. This ‘inside’ seems to be a corridor (with walls of a house?) with the lawn as the floor. It does not proceed straight ahead, but turns slightly in both directions. There are openings along the walls, either to rooms or to full houses. I think that the floor being grass is for fire protection. I imagine a fire coming through here.
    6. Monday, June 11

      by , 07-21-2018 at 08:56 PM
      I am outside somewhere that looks very familiar - very similar to Frenchmans. There are three lines of people, with about 20 or less in the largest line. I get into the ‘Lovebug’ line and none of the people my age in it look familiar. Someone clarifies that we have ‘moved up’ to Fireflies, so I move over. The lines now proceed up a moderate hill on an old, overgrown dirt road. I am wearing pants and long socks. The socks are kind of annoying on my ankles and the pants are hot and not giving me as much flexibility as I’d like. Someone walking with me makes a comment about them taking us on a strenuous walk. I don’t think it’s bad, but as I look at the incline and overgrowth, I could see how it would be for someone not used to it. We’re now reaching a crest in the hill and a building up here. I end up in this building - a bar and grill or something - with Dad. We’re seated at a table close to the corner and the bar, and we’re going to try a beer here. A lady comes over, I think we need a little longer, then it takes a while for her to come back. Looking out the window, I think about how there’s still a little ways to go. I am now back outside and walking. I’m with Jon, and we’re on more flat but forested terrain. It is greener and almost more inviting. The air is cooler and it is more dim and not as exposed. There is also a small river up here. I think there may also be a house, as Jon is saying and keeps saying something about ‘Jim’. He also keeps saying something about a spider (the image in my head is a large, black one, maybe a black widow). There are multiple wooden bridges across this river as we move onward. They are dark wood pieces placed parallel with the river, creating a flat bridge with supports every few pieces. When I watch Jon walk over some of them, the pieces move, swiveling, like a bead on a necklace. He’s been fine so far, but when he jumps onto one of the bridges, quite a ways from the bank, the pieces give way, causing his legs to slip through and him to be caught on one of the supports. He does have a grasp, but appears mostly stuck. I end up by him (in the water?) and am going to help him up. He places a small, circular, water-logged piece of meat onto the wood and then proceeds to clamber out of the water that seems turgid and turbulent yet somehow still.

      I am outside somewhere that seems like a college campus or some other communal area. It seems slightly dim out. I have a pack of cigarettes and am smoking one. Others here are doing the same. I hold it between my middle and index fingers, noticing that everyone else does too. I think Niki is here. This carton is overly large and light blue. The inside slides open, revealing the cigarettes that also seem too large and like they’re made of plastic. I smoke one down, self conscious of my aggressive in and exhales, and want another, ashamedly. I think I smoked it too far? and it felt like the soft plastic piece sort of broke off when I got to the end. I think I now go somewhere with Niki - though it feels not as if we’re going together - but simply to the same place at the same time. Chelsea is here. It is brought up how she’s all but kicked a heroin habit, but is about to take it up again. We try to dissuade her, but she is blank, resolute, inconsolable. It is brought up where she would find the substance, and they say you need only follow this street. My gaze follows it down. It’s well known that it’s not the best place, and must be known for a prevalence of the drug. I think it’s residential, though it seems dirty and desolate out here.

      I am outside and moving through some dirt trail between houses in a fairly rural neighborhood (almost like Dad’s). It seems I cover a lot of ground too quickly, almost like I’m watching it happen, instead of actually walking or running. I come to a straight-away that ends in a left turn that dead ends at the side of a house. On top of the path is a dilapidated train track. It follows the straight-away but is a few feet/a body’s height off the ground when it rounds the corner. I wonder how I am going to move along this, as it twists right before the house and may be incomplete in a section. The wall that the track runs into is a neutral color (light blue/grey?) and is slightly aged and worn and bare except for one large window. Through the window I see a partially drawn curtain and two chairs. I can hear people moving about talking inside, and these people are moving out of this house. It’ already pretty bare, but I start moving cups and other everyday items off a shelf. I think the people here don’t know that I am here? I now start moving stacks of DVDs (the ones we have at Mom’s, I’m pretty sure).


      Later today, I go on a walk with Mom, on which we seem to come to some realizations about the first and third dreams from last night. What prompts these realizations is the sighting of a small bridge being constructed in a front yard. I find this significant, as the bridge as of yet only consists of the support pieces. I liken this to the recounting of my dream bridge and its support pieces and other swiveling pieces. I tell Mom that this dream involved multiple bridges over water and Jon jumping onto one, only to become stuck and in need of my assistance. I find it necessary to detail the background to this dream having any significance, that being me viewing the movie Hereditary on Saturday night and consequently contemplating a séance of my own with a plausible intention being contact with Opa. mom and I agree on the bridges, water, Jon, and my helping Jon all being symbolic in strict relation to Opa and his passing. Mom is the one what mentions that Jon was the one not present and therefore behind in coping with the situation. I seem to be helping Jon in this process and to me it seems to be because of my recent inclinations towards the idea of performing a séance to contact Opa. i believe the bridges are direct symbols of the ‘bridge’ to the ‘other side’. As I write this I begin to experience chills when contemplating the ‘turgid and turbulent yet somehow still” water, probably because it represents what the symbolic bridge physically bridges. Is probably significant that Jon surmounts the bridge. I am unsure of the piece of meat, as well as any meanings ‘Jim’s house’. During a pause in writing this, currently being unsure of the presence of ‘Jim’ and the spider, I go to the garage. Kneeling down by the fridge (which is right where the Black Widow used to be) I get a pre-recorded phone call in which the voice tells me his name is Jim. i immediately think it’s odd that it’s a Jim, but it isn’t until I’m recounting to Mom that I got a phone call from a Jim that it hits me that it was right by where we had the black widow, the one from the dream. Later on, still unfinished with this analysis, I text Kat telling her briefly what happened and asking if she’s had anything happen that has to do with Opa. She tells me a little while ago she had a dream of him in a silver Subaru, then she mentions how he is probably wishing he could’ve been at the graduation. It then hits me that the very beginning of the dream is probably a representation of the graduation. In it, I say ‘moved up’, which directly relates to Opa, while the whole scene can stand for Makayla’s graduation. As of now, it seems that the annoyance of my long socks and pants is the only part without apparent symbolism. As Mom and I started discussing the bridges, I realized that the train track in the third dream bears much resemblance to this image of a track or some sort of conveyance with missing or otherwise inoperable pieces. I believe this represents the contact or attempt at contact with Opa. The train tracks are an overt reference to Opa’s involvement with the V&T as well as a visual metaphor. The neighborhood is significant as well. I also feel that the tracks dead-ending in the house seems to be significant, as the house is another symbol for Opa or for the ‘other side’. The window conveys pretty much the same meaning, and the two empty chairs do not feel arbitrary. Mom mentions the two chairs that were always in Opa and Oma’s living room, and though that is true, the chairs in this dream were wooden and straight-backed, facing each other slightly, seemingly symbolizing conversation. I think it is symbolic that I never really see the people but only hear them (an image of the ‘spirit world’ or the impression of people contacting it) and also that they are moving out of this house. After all of this, I am left with the feeling that these dreams did not by chance occur so noteworthy and significant-seeming directly after my inclination towards conducting a seance. I with impressed with their impression, considering my lack of detailed dreams for quite a while, and believe that alone makes them significant. And then the sighting of the partially constructed bridge was the conduit for the deeper, real meaning. Every association produced varying levels of chills, which is enough for me to know that I have found the dream’s real ‘meaning’. I believe the dreams were some spiritual connection to Opa or an affirmation towards the idea of contact, with the same feeling of knowing I had about the dream in which he came into Starbucks when I was working, though not quite as understated.
    7. Wednesday, June 6

      by , 06-07-2018 at 05:32 AM
      I am driving my Subaru on what feels like a Californian freeway. The lanes seem small, as well as the freeway itself. It may be only a few lanes wide. There are also other, similar freeways traveling in all directions around this one. The resulting surrounding is one of complexity and crowdedness, as well as one of depth - a literal spaghetti bowl of freeway. I am down towards the bottom, where a portion of the sunlight cannot reach. Outside my window, there is a view of the complex concrete in dim lighting that I think would constitute an intriguing and captivating photograph. The proximity and near standstill of traffic allows me to hear a woman in a car somewhere above me cough. Now, as I drive up a slight incline, I realize that my car is not even started. There are no lights on on the display. I turn the key to start it, but it only chokes. Still, the car is accelerating and braking, albeit less than in a fully functioning manner; stepping forcefully on the accelerators seems to give the car less power than it has while climbing a steep hill. I've now parked somewhere out here (there seems to be nothing else around) and watch a few people walk by. I must've stopped to try and resolve my vehicle issue, as I spot a couple standing around that I decide to approach for assistance. The man is perhaps in his late 20s or early 30s, wearing a sleeveless tank top that contributes to his stereotypically redneck appearance. He is accompanied by a cliché blonde girlfriend. I approach and relay my situation, asking if he can help, saying I have my own jumper cables. He coolly and impassively tells me he can help, telling me he too has his own cables, instructing me to bring my car around. I am grateful, though I hadn't expected a decline, as it really is quick and isn't a major inconvenience. Ignoring his unnecessary addition about his own cables, I go to get my vehicle. As I drive back, I am unable to find the man again. There are three tiny and partially filled parking lots on this uneven terrain, and I drive through all of them to no avail.

      I am in some building with the cousins. This place feels like an arcade or some type of attraction. It is large, dim, and airy. We pass through a large something that seems like a bounce house when I realize they have left me behind. It produces a bitter sadness, neither of the two components outweighing the other, the combination resulting in an ambivalent resolution. I think I end up talking with some others, though not entirely in an attempt to fill the transient void. Now, I am crawling out of an entrance to this structure. The material does not give like inflated vinyl should - it is hard and slick. There is a small wall on which one must down climb, and this is a sort of game. There is something similar to a jump rope that the climber draws taut across their body, resulting in the removal of their body below that line. The climber must then attempt to climb up/down. I position this rope to have it cut my legs off first, wanting to save my arms. After the line is positioned, the inferior body parts then dissipate, like the common conception of something disappearing by magic.

      (fragment) I am in an opulent house, in which there is a room occupying a large corner. There may or may not be a bath tub. There is a bed, with sheets of white and very light hues. The space is very minimal, aiding in its elegance. I think that I am staying here and that this is my room. I think I am showing it to my girlfriend Melissa. It feels like this is downstairs.
    8. The First Bit of Lucidity in a While

      by , 08-13-2017 at 10:57 AM
      Fluffy cats are curling up together on the other side of a wooden fence while my boyfriend and I watch. The man who owns the land gives a signal and many animals start to run around the yard, including a gray horse and a brown horse. A young man tells me that his dog has been over there for a while now. All the lost animals like to congregate in the man's yard for some reason but my cat is not there.

      My parents have driven all the way to Colorado and are in the process of buying a house here that is not far from my apartment. The house is currently a house and a restaurant and the people are still there serving breakfast. My parents are wanting me to move in there. I start to walk back to my apartment using Google Maps but I get lost anyway. I wander through a warehouse with trucks and truck parts in it and I wander through a school and I wash some dishes in the park and other strange stuff happens and I become lucid. I want to jump off a balcony but am afraid I may have awoken. It's night and the stars are sparkling and really pretty so I try to fly to them by flapping my arms. I'm really high up but not into the starts yet so I try to get there by flying up on top of a nearby building first. I can't get to the building and then next I am no longer outside, but am inside my parents' former house banging my head against the ceiling because I am still trying to get to the stars. I am afraid I will wake up my parents so I stop and start trying to walk back to my apartment.

      I've lost lucidity and am lost still. I accidentally walk through portal things that transform me into cartoon animals so I change my path but end up back at the house my parents are buying in Colorado. I lost my cat somewhere along the way but I call his name and he is running back to me now.

      I am at my apartment on the balcony. A man says he is chopping down a tree and needs to get on my balcony. He climbs on the balcony. Then a bunch of neighbors are on the balcony and two men are fighting while the other neighbors watch. An old woman tries to discourage them from fighting. Another is chanting "Fight, fight." My boyfriend cracks open the door and tells everyone to come to the front door if they need anything and to never climb onto the balcony again.
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. Part 2 of today- SP/possible shared dream experience/another house

      by , 10-15-2016 at 05:49 AM
      I accidentally erased my first entries for the day & left the fact about my grand children being here. But they just went to sleep so I'm going to try again.

      D1: Mike & I were in my childhood home. It was dark & the twins were babies for some reason even though they were only there via the bond I felt. We both heard something. I knew it wasn't only me who heard this "something". We were moving & fumbling around the living room in darkness, around "it". Mike says, "We shouldn't have come here." And I said, "I told YOU we shouldn't come here." I awake & he is staring at me next to me. I'm in complete sleep paralysis & freaked out because I'm thinking we had a shared dream. He doesn't remember the dream, but he rarely does. And he doesn't remember looking at me. When I can move I go to pee, left bewildered. I tried to get back in the dream but no dice. This was definately memorable. I should have woke him up right then & asked him what he was dreaming about. But he just got done working 60 hrs this week & couldn't screw him out of his sleep. I should've manned up so to speak & said damn the torpedoes cuz this could have been a game changer. I've heard of it being done & my husband & I are very in sync w/ each other on a deeper level than most. Now I'll always wonder what it was. But then again I can now have a glass full kind of attitude. "If it happened once, it couldn't certainly happen again." Optimism, I like that.

      D2: Dream sign. Damn shambled house again but w/ a lot of family around. Lots & lots of rooms per usual. And I keep thinking, "It's along a road which seems creepy but it's near a small town which is good." So odd.

      Maybe I'll get lucky & the kids will go to sleep before midnight tomorrow night too. It's hard to predict w/ these 2 younger ones. My other set of 2 are just at home here so it's not anything out of the norm. But I have been making progress w/ these 2 this time around. I've prayed about it quite a lot.
    10. A Date in the Neighborhood

      by , 09-21-2016 at 06:12 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      This batch of dreams was remembered sort of all at once this morning!
      I was on a date with a random dream character, and we were spending time at a house I didn't really recognize. A lot of the time consisted of binge-watching episodes of Steven Universe (and wouldn't you know it, I watched that the night before). Eventually we grew tired of watching that and instead began to... kiss.

      ... After that we sort of explored the surrounding neighborhood, though it was hard to see, as it was surrounded by tons and tons of trees. We ended up stumbling upon an abandoned house somewhere. The interior looked kind of like the house I lived in for most of my life, but much larger. We proceeded to play some games and then, you guessed it, kissed some more. Not sure what can be taken from this dream, but it wasn't terrifying or weird like some others I've recalled, so that's nice.

      The second dream:
      I was in a computer room (it kind of looked like a computer lab that my high school would've had), and using the computers were a group of four YouTubers I watch called the Best Friends. They were playing games and recording commentary, and me, I was just sort of beside myself, trying not to annoy them but amazed that I got to meet them. Suddenly, something distracted my attention: a commotion out in the connecting hallway. I remember exiting the room to go see what it was, but the recall drops there.
    11. Time Travel in my Neighborhood

      by , 12-22-2015 at 08:45 PM (The Dream Cauldron)
      (Unconnected dreams indicated by a *. Connected dreams indicated by a •. )

      * I am in my neighborhood. Apparently, I've travelled back to 1987. I am accompanied by a DC, and we go explore the end of the cul de sac. I apporach this grey house with a very steep driveway and a sign on the front door. The sign says that any person who wants to live in this house must eat dinner after dark.I try to read the rest but I get too dizzy. There are signs on other doors but we don't bother to read them because the driveways are too steep and one house requires you to climb a ladder before you can get in.

      NOTE: I tried FILD and I saw a "dream jumble" (basically a bunch of dreamlets spinning like clothes in a clothes dryer).
    12. 7/28/2014

      by , 08-31-2014 at 10:29 PM

      I was with a group of people driving to Santa Rosa to visit the Blue Hole. I counted my fingers and looked at my watch, which was going crazy, and realized I was dreaming. My car was parked and I went into a small office-like building and got a blowjob from one of the girls. After a few seconds, I kept going through the office, exploring it. Many times I said "When I open this door, I'll be at the bottom of the blue hole!" but it didn't work. I left the office and decided to look for water and try and find the meaning of it. I flew and came upon a park with kids playing. The park reminded me of Anna Becker Park in Belen. Still flying, I was able to control my elevation and rise and lower at will. I asked a guy where I could find lakes, rivers, or the ocean but he replied "Oceans" as in 'There is non in NM' I got mad and before I flew away, I used water magic on his legs to hopefully trip him. I flew out of the town, which still looked like Belen, and flew over some houses, looking for water. The further I went, the more the wind started to pick up. Eventually, it was not possible to keep flying forward because the wind was too powerful. I still tried flying forward and made note of how pretty the houses were. The powerful wind caused me to turn around and I saw a big, flat mountain with torches lighting up a dirt road/trail. There was a man jogging on it and I thought the mountain looked awesome, but kept looking for water.
      Eventually, the wind got too strong and I thought it'd be easier to walk than to fly. I went into a house and was teleported back to the office I had first gone in to. This time, the office was filled with children. I asked a girl "What does the water in my dreams represent" and she looked at her handkerchief and then back at me and said "Alex and Christa". She walked away and I followed, asking "What about them?" She was about to tell me something but I woke up.
    13. Dec 9 Dream Journal: Train and trailer women

      by , 12-09-2013 at 07:30 PM
      I'm in front of a pretty decent house in the suburbs with a slanted driveway and a manicured front yard. It's getting to be the evening or so, and as I'm walking down the street on the sidewalk, what looks like a middle-aged addict wants me to go with her. She's dressed in a style that would not be out of place in a trailer park summer BBQ. I don't recall her face, though, but I "know" it's the face of a casino-lounging smoker. I politely decline and keep walking.

      After walking some more, I turn around and get a view of the street I just walked, and it is indeed a picturesque sub-urban neighborhood filled with relatively upscale houses and good looking yards -- suburbia hell, basically.

      I see a younger, short, and slightly overweight blonde, just as "down home" style as the addict above. Again, can't see her face, but I "know" she has on way too much make-up. She asks me to marry her so she can have children, but asked in a way that's so sad that I think she's being forced. I politely decline, and tell her about adopting foster kids. She has never heard of this concept, and leaves very excited. She disappears into the back of the crowded train.

      Yes, somehow, I'm on a pretty swank looking train now. People are dressed in formal-casual wear, except in a 20's style. It's well-lit, and way more spacious than a train. If not for Dream Knowledge that I'm on a train, I'd think I'm on a cruise ship or something. Oddly, all the vendors here use a point system to sell their things. Bottled water is worth something like 15-1600 points. Egg(s), though, costs a ridiculous 9999999 points on a big deli board menu in the middle of the train.

      I spot C and Z, friends from high school i haven't seen since, in benches or pews on the train. I hop over some benches to go say hi, along the way seeing the younger woman again, only now she looks like Clara from Back to the Future III, complete with hair-color change. She seems happier. Don't know if she adopted her baby, though.
    14. Tri tagoj kaj sep fragmentoj

      by , 09-25-2013 at 04:21 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Still going, but my period started and it's been rough. Stress/moodiness, tiredness, waking up too early and not being able to focus on recall, etc. :/ Still doing DILD stuff as I can.


      1. Walking up to a strange house

      2. Some kind of contest where everyone is given something to use. The last person got cement and poured in on top of the other people’s stuff into a ziplock snack bag. She did that so she’d have some advantage.

      3. Being chased through a house, I make it to a basement (at grandma’s?) (chased by Annie from SnK?),

      Inspiration: Watched a certain episode of SnK with Annie.


      Something about a girl.


      1. Someone who looked like Cher but that I just ‘knew’ wasn’t was singing a song that I thought was out of her usual genre.

      2. People getting kidnapped, including Jenna ‘Brown’ from my childhood. Rane was in disguise as she talked to the Mansons, Jenna’s family.

      3. Pouring chicken noodles over the singing scene. There were so many we only filled a few white containers full and left the rest for others,

      Inspiration: #3 probably comes from me thinking about chicken & dumplings since they’re so tightly linked in my head.
    15. It's a creepy day in the neighborhood...

      by , 08-26-2013 at 10:40 PM
      Date: August 26, 2013
      Method: WBTB & DILD
      Total Hours Sleep: 8-9

      I was in a neighborhood looking at houses for sale. All the houses had a strange component…for every house being sold, something terribly scary went wrong in that home. How did I know? I was shown immediately (by vision or ghost) upon arrival to the house. Once I walked up the driveway, I saw a human being hanging from the door (like the person committed suicide by hanging). I would go to take a look at the next house for sale and see (by vision) that an explosion had taken place at the house, but the current sellers were always trying to cover up what had taken place. We went to another home and saw another ghost like figure giving me the ‘eye’ as to say, “Do you know that I’m haunting this home your thinking about buying?” I should have become lucid from all of this, but I was so wrapped up in what I was seeing…I was afraid and I woke up.

      Note: This was one of my most vivid dreams...I don’t ever have nightmares, so this is one of my new dreamsign.

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